MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Joe Gorga “Sick Ward”!!… Crooks Ayers “New JOB”!!…Brandi Glanville “Adopt ME”… Gretchen Rossi “Charity Case”… Phaedra Parks “Donkey Booty” Exercise WORKS!!!… Kyle Richards On Cheating “Just Don’t Tell”!!

As you are all well aware, lil JoeyMarco Gorga was stricken with flu-like symptoms a few days ago… JoGo was in the SICK WARD!!!!

joe gorga flu pg

Everyone would love to be in Lisa Vanderpump’s atmosphere… even if it’s to press “start” on the dishwasher at VillaBlanca!!

lisav brooks pg

Note to Crooksy:  There is a VERY important guy in Virginia looking for someone with similar attributes to run as his Lieutenant Governor!  Ya might want to look into that!

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida’s “DonkeyBooty” video has been out for a month… which is plenty of time for Amazon to have a collection of reviews.    All which have been overly favorable… Hmmmmm!

phaedra apollo donkey booty dvd

Apparently, Phaedra’s exercise video works!!!

andy booty pg




The answer to poor, single mother Brandi… just get Ken and Lisa to adopt you!  It worked for a while with Cedric!

lisav ken brandi adopt me pg

Wretched Christine **BLEEEEECH!!** Rossi is doing her “charity” work!  Wretched is sellin’ a “special edition” iPad case!   Wonder how much of that $45 will go to charity?  AND… all these Housewives have caught on to the additional “fee” trick!  Before the shipping, handling and fee is added, you must fill out all your information… including credit card info!

gretchen ipad case

kyle book

From last January 26, 2012… Kyle Richards stopped by TheVIEW to discuss her VERY important book… and her VERY controversial view re cheating spouses!