MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Joe Gorga “Sick Ward”!!… Crooks Ayers “New JOB”!!…Brandi Glanville “Adopt ME”… Gretchen Rossi “Charity Case”… Phaedra Parks “Donkey Booty” Exercise WORKS!!!… Kyle Richards On Cheating “Just Don’t Tell”!!

As you are all well aware, lil JoeyMarco Gorga was stricken with flu-like symptoms a few days ago… JoGo was in the SICK WARD!!!!

joe gorga flu pg

Everyone would love to be in Lisa Vanderpump’s atmosphere… even if it’s to press “start” on the dishwasher at VillaBlanca!!

lisav brooks pg

Note to Crooksy:  There is a VERY important guy in Virginia looking for someone with similar attributes to run as his Lieutenant Governor!  Ya might want to look into that!

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida’s “DonkeyBooty” video has been out for a month… which is plenty of time for Amazon to have a collection of reviews.    All which have been overly favorable… Hmmmmm!

phaedra apollo donkey booty dvd

Apparently, Phaedra’s exercise video works!!!

andy booty pg




The answer to poor, single mother Brandi… just get Ken and Lisa to adopt you!  It worked for a while with Cedric!

lisav ken brandi adopt me pg

Wretched Christine **BLEEEEECH!!** Rossi is doing her “charity” work!  Wretched is sellin’ a “special edition” iPad case!   Wonder how much of that $45 will go to charity?  AND… all these Housewives have caught on to the additional “fee” trick!  Before the shipping, handling and fee is added, you must fill out all your information… including credit card info!

gretchen ipad case

kyle book

From last January 26, 2012… Kyle Richards stopped by TheVIEW to discuss her VERY important book… and her VERY controversial view re cheating spouses!

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  1. Ms SH, just what is crooksy doing for a living, and where’s he living nowadays? Maybe he can be a towel boy at Tamball and Ellie’s “studio.” I live in South OC and could do some snoopin’.


        • Tee hee. I was mesmerized by this movie. I tell ya I didnt move a muscle the entire time it was on and usually I am up and about when I watch tv. But this one… had me dumbfounded, confounded and astounded.


          • They are an intriguing family to say the least. Sue bob is in prison now, I can’t remember what for and the blonde one who lost the baby is back In prison as well but it’s because she surrendered herself to custody. It’s a great movie, I am always fascinated by that region of the US. If you like that movie there is one called “white lightening” on Netflix. It’s about jesco white, it stars Carrie fisher. It’s a bit on the gory side and over the top but its supposed to be about his life. :)


            • I am definitely gonna have to watch that. I seen a blurb I think it was in our local penny paper that Jesco was gonna be appearing at a bar or sumpin close by this month. Something very very sinister about him. Beyond the gas sniffin brain damage stuff sumpin evil. I found an interview that was conducted with him last time he came to town at a hole in da wall kind of place and I cant get over the way people treat him like hes a dadburn hero or sumpin. Chilling. He might as well be on the HW circut.


          • @made Thank you for opening my eyes to this family…I’ve watching clips on youtube…fascinating…now I can’t stop looking for more clips! lol I’ve got to see the documentary!


            • You’re welcome. Its like watching those pimple popping videos or watching these housewives shows. Extremely gross but I just cant help myself. I want to watch that White Lightin movie too.


        • I saw the uncle (or was it brother – or maybe both?) when he was on POV (PBS) years ago…he felt he could channel Elvis or something like that. It was real intersting to me. He would dance on a piece of plywood, like his daddy before him. His dad was shot in the street and he inherited his “dancing” shoes.


  2. I feel sorry for the staff and patients that had the misfortune of being in the sick ward with that unholy plague known as Joe Gorga. Both he and that Braille dot between his legs deserved to be in quarantine. Kyle’s a moron – the void between her ears gets bigger every time she opens her piehole. I’m lovin’ the christening of Brandi’s boobs, those two words sum her up perfectly.


  3. Oh crap yall. Someone opened pandora’s box.

    amber milton ‏@amberdawn25

    @REALAmyHanley you should reach out to #RHONJ @JacLaurita she does a lot to raise awareness 4 #autism since her son is autistic too😉


    • Amy Hanley ‏@REALAmyHanley

      @amberdawn25 @jaclaurita I will do that! I am going 2 NYC in Feb w @noraschweihs n I will reach out then. #MobDolls in #NYC uh oh it’s #real


      • MP: Oh, My, Gawd! The ex-but-still-wanna-be-reality-show-stars are all meetin’ up in NYC!? I’m SURE BubbaJax will be there! WOW… now THAT should be a chatfest no one would want to miss! LOL!! TFC!! SH


        • Can you imagine? I shudder at the thought of it for sure. Amy trying to convince the Manzos that she is ALL mob and the Manzo/Laurita faction trying to deny that they are(allegedly) all the while both parties trying to figure out how best to use their childrens’ conditions to .. um.. “raise awareness” gag a maggot.


          • MP: Oh, Amy’s gonna hop on that autism train real quick! She’s prolly tweetin’ about autism right now! Just so glad that Amy was “found” and that she finally got to meet up with the other EX “reality star” Nora! Whew! That’s a load offa my mind… worryin’ about poor Amy driving all by herself from LV to LA… in the dark!! LOL!!! TFC!! SH


            • Oh yeah she tweeted this
              Amy Hanley ‏@REALAmyHanley

              @Brunettegurlxo just not this 1. Oh what I love bout life is heritage n history is big right now! Just ask @noraschweihs 2013 is our yr!

              I watched the latest episode of SCR on and she dropped her purse and camera panned in real long and hard as the spilled contents so you can imagine the road they were fixin to go down with her. She was accusing Lana’s sister of, get this, contacting her ex-husband and feeding him info to get her to lose custody of her kids(sound familiar?) Also apparently he got a temporary restraining order on her.
              I wonder if Amy and Jax go way back ifn ya know what I mean given the line of work her momma was in in Vegas and the fact that Amy’s daddy “ran the town” while casino bigwig Poppa Grippe arranged convention dates for his single mother daughter. Oh the similarities.


  4. This 1 star review by Sasha summed it up “This video was very cheaply made and Phaedra was not professional as a fitness instructor.It looked really tacky.There are a lot of reviews here on the
    13th of December but the video came out on the 12…. How did they get the video so fast Hmmmmm! Anyways,the exercises were ok, but nothing great, lots of squats but you can do those for free.”


  5. Lol , anything for Crooksy to stay on the show. Sounds ’bout right. How dumb a remark for man with outstanding child support problems. “Love your children as if they were my own.” Like some kind of weird backwards joke. & still Vicki wanted him on the show , some folks never learn.


  6. madepiley, I love the Whites and that documentary. Thanks for the reminder, I need to watch it again. More class there that in the HW shows any day.


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