KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s New Hair Product… Are YOU “Underappreciated… Sad…Overworked”?… Take One Of Kyle’s Hair Pills And It Will All Go Away!!!

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Our very favorite splits-maker and hair-tossin’ Beverly Hills Housewife, HagfaceKyle Richards, is now the OFFICIAL spokesperson for her hair product, Nourage!

Per Nourage, your HAIR tells all!!

“Our hair says a lot about who we are. Happy. Sad. Overworked. Underappreciated. And with all of the coloring, straightening, curling and perming, our hair can start to rebel, leaving brittle, thinning and lackluster locks.

Much like our bodies and minds, when low on nurturance, our hair becomes lifeless and lacking in confidence. This, in turn, affects how we feel from the inside out.”

NOTE:  Throw away all that information to get in touch with your psychics, card readers and mystics! Get rid of all your evil eye paraphernalia… and cancel all those appointments to your endocrinologist!   All you have to do is BUY somma what HagfaceKyle is sellin’… you will no longer be sad, overworked or underappreciated!!

ONLY $59.95 for a bottle of this amazing product!!


There IS that “fee” attached to any Housewives product… the “handling and shipping” fee for Kyle’s hair stuff is approximately $8.00.  Hmmmm…. $8.00 to ship a bottle of pills?  DAMN!  The approximate shipping price for a t-shirt is $2.50!  That “fee” which is always a part of any Housewives product is really where they get ya!

NOTE:   Very coincidentally, just received a package from Smashbox cosmetics earlier today, so checked to see what the cost was for shipping… then remembered that Smashbox was offering free shipping!  If you have never tried Smashbox cosmetics, highly recommend their foundation primer!  This has been an un-paid, very objective plug for Smashbox stuff!!   And, while we’re on the subject, if you’re looking for nail polish that doesn’t chip and stays on until you decide to take it off… you may want to give YSL nail polish a try!   AND… just one more little shopping tip:  only buy at stores which have free shipping.  Those shipping fees can be deal breakers!

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Kyle ‘splains how wonderful her product is!!

Kyle also explained her involvement in this wonder-pill company back in November… from SH November 7 2o12:

I just use a pharmacy product like Pantene. I don’t spend a lot of money on my shampoo. I use a hair care vitamin called Nourage. It used to be called something else; it was a horrible name. Thank God they changed the name. I used to have to buy it from my friend’s mom, who was a rep. I would drive to the house, we would wait outside… It was like a shady drug deal! Now It’s available online. So, now there’s no more shady transactions.

It’s so funny because I’ve always been asked ‘What shampoo?’  Fans started asking me about different things, and I started talking about Nourage. My friend ended up buying the company because her mom was making so much money selling it out of her house. Now they’re like, ‘Do you want to be our spokesperson?’ It’s funny.

NOTE:  Any time there is the opportunity for HagfaceKyle to whip her hair, she takes it!   The most recent was the Monday episode of the RHOBH… in the Moroccan restaurant.  Kyle just can’t help herself!   Kyle’s dream of being a spokesperson for that cheap drugstore Pantene shampoo will never happen… now that she’s made it clear that to get hair just like hers, all ya gotta do is pop a pill!

From Brandi’s MalibuBeachHouse Par-tay… December 2011…

kyle splits rhobh recap

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64 comments on “KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s New Hair Product… Are YOU “Underappreciated… Sad…Overworked”?… Take One Of Kyle’s Hair Pills And It Will All Go Away!!!

  1. I wouldn’t take her damn pills if my life depended on it…I would be too afraid my face would end up looking like hers. And fans? She actually has fans out there? ewwwww

  2. Her 10 favorite things on that show was Pantene.But you never saw it displayed in her bathroom when she was in there or on her dressing table.Now she is hawking the $60 pills.I have always used shampoos that cost $5 or less and my hair is great too.Snake oil from the venimous HW hag of BH.PAID spokesperson for sure.Bet you wont see those pills in her dressing room either unless she is comped a few for display purposes only.Might even be empty bottles to boot.

    • Oh yeah Kyle SOOOO wanted that Pantene endorsement. Perhaps she can market her own brand Ratene. It can be marketed as a unisex shampoo so her and her equally ratty husband can both endorse. Target audience: those that need to wash the scumbaggyness right outa their hair.

  3. She needs to cut that witchy poo hair. I use to have hair that long and now it’s Lisa’s length. After I got it cut, I look way younger and get lots of compliments. It is very hard to look good with hair that long in your 40′s. She will never cut it though because she is insecure and hides behind it.

  4. What da heck does an unappreciated hair do look like? What about an underpaid hairdo? What about for days when you feel a lil batchit? Kyle so silly

  5. I hear tell if you share a bed with a mouthy docuhey dirtball it will cause your hair to fall out. Kyle might want to heck into that.

  6. I have menopause and my hair is really falling off, I have a bald spot but I will never, ever take her pills. I rather go bald.

  7. Is there something wrong with her neck? Does she have a neck? Why does she always look bizarre in posed photos and the opening sequence of the show. I know this has nothing to do with her hair, or maybe it does. Thanks everyone.

    • All dat hair prolly does weight her neck down. I had to go to the weird part of YouTube to find this one .

      • Omg mp, you know that guy drives me nuts! Wth is his problem? Remember his hair brushing video he did in a meadow somewhere. I want to hide his brush from him and his car keys so he can’t buy another one.

        • Oh yeah that’s right I remember now. He would flip da heck out. I get a feeling those videos of him playing with his hair are supposed to be fetish videos. He is serious.
          Here’s a blast from da past just for you my dear

          • I forgot how flippin cornified this video was. I was a hairdresser and never ever had all men taking up all the dryers. I call bullcrap. bahahahahahahahaha

          • Omg, those are fetish videos?! I thought he was just some huge dork that was reeeeeeeally into his long, dumb hair and trying to get a part in a movie about… Hell, I don’t know. I didn’t get that far.

  8. I looked this up a while ago and found that the active ingredient is very dangerous. And has the side effect of thickening your skin. Thick skin may be good in this big bad world, but on your face, not so much.

    • I don’t know if this is true or not, but someone told me if you think your hair could benefit from hair supplements, to take “prenatal vitamins?

      • True from what I know, also a green liquid called e3live is excellent for skin hair nail growth. High in vitamins and minerals. Nourage is BS! But if there is a serious issue, a dermatologist is needed

        • Biotin works well also. My hair shed really bad after I had my son, so I got back on Prenatal Vites and started taking Biotin and my hair is growing nicely now.

        • i take hair,skin,nails vitamins from drugstore i think it has biotin in it and it keeps my hair thick,and yes i’m 47 with long hair,AND I LOVE IT

  9. I think they made a typo…that N in Nourage should be replaced with a C. I think you need Courage to take ANYTHING hagface is selling.

  10. Daaaamn – that is pretty expensive for a bottle of pills – wonder what the ingrediences are. Bet they have biotin, etc., that good hair products/pills already have. Some will be gullable enough to buy these stupid pills – but – I don’t see her getting rich off these. She is about 2years too late and her price is greedy and stupid. She is blessed with good hair – not from these silly azz pills. I wouldn’t buy a stamp from her or Ms Morricio….they are desperate get rich to be somebody, materialistic theives. Give Kim her house back asswipes!

  11. I have long blonde hair (I use hair color to lighten the top – as I’m a Dirty Blonde!) and don’t buy all of this crap to make my hair beautiful. I brush it A LOT and don’t style it too much. The heat styling and blow drying is what kills your hair. So find a good product to protect your hair if you style frequently. I love BioSilk Silk Therapy leave in hair protectant. Been using the stuff for 10 years now. It’s the best detangler and is a must if you have “processed” hair. It smells great too! I like Smashbox cosmetics, too, but prefer Bare Minerals Bare Essentuals because I have sensitive skin anddon’t like heavy make up – heavy make up makes me look old.

  12. Kyle’s Kreepy Hair Cair…ew.

    I have nothing else to add, except I did purchase a bottle of generic Biotin about a month ago ($7) and its the best stuff ever, IMO.

  13. Kyle is trying to be the crystal gayle of her generation! Or she might like getting her hair yanked! She’s just an idiot that thinks she is going to be a real actress! She better quit the splits! I’m sure the floor got infected!

  14. Sorry, but she does not have great hair. It’s just long, and has too much product in it. It’s not thick, it’s uneven at the bottom (aka spit ends). I will say it again, she does not have great hair!

  15. Really the best new hair product out there, imo, is the WEN hair care products. My mom got everybody two bottles for Christmas, and we are still praising it! It is kinda expensive (about $20/ bottle) and you can only order it online, but let me tell you, its totally worth it. My hair has never looked better, and I get compliments on it, which never use to happen. Okay, Im done now :)

    • Weii i’m glad Wen worked for you,but for me it made my hair shed soo much,i googled it to find out if anyone else had that problem and there were a lot of women with the same problem.But if it works for you great.

    • I used it for a while, and at first my hair was awesome, but after a while it got greasy and limp. I still use a tiny bit as a leave in conditioner only on my ends, Suave Daily Clarifying truly works the best for me and it’s only $2.19 at Target!

      • hmmmm…Im thinking maybe I should alternate it with a clarifying shampoo. I have to wash it everyday with WEN or it starts to look greasy where normally I can go a couple days without washing and save some cash.

        • I think you’d be smart to do that. It does tend to weigh your hair down, plus it’s expensive and I have so much hair I had to use a LOT of it every day,

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