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Hi everyone! I hope you had a great week and are getting back into the swing of things and ready to tackle 2013 head-on.

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Thanks for all your well wishes; I am on day 40 of my IV antibiotic treatments with hopefully only 30 more to go. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and hoping to get back to my normal life sooner than later. I have a new respect and sympathy for any of you out there battling a chronic and/or debilitating disease.

I have been enjoying the blog process because I am fascinated with the different perspectives on our stories. Like I say every week, I am just giving my view, but, as my husband pointed out, a point of view by definition can often seem judgmental. But in my heart, I’m always trying to help, not hurt. I am also learning that since English is not my first language I sometimes don’t use the correct words and some things definitely get lost in translation.

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It was so much easier to do my Dutch show where I got to think and speak in my own language. However, I will continue to try and do better.

I wasn’t going to spend any more time and energy on the Scheana-Eddie story. Of course, there are so many cheaters in this town — well in this world to be exact! It just infuriates me to think he cheated on Brandi while she was pregnant with his child. It’s just even more unconscionable and really shows that this man has no moral compass either. Again,  Brandi is so lucky to be far away from him and his dysfunctional ways. . .

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Seeing Lisa and Brandi is emotional and very endearing. That’s what our relationships with girlfriends should be like, shouldn’t it?  Lisa has been a great support system for Brandi and she is lucky to have her as a friend. Hopefully viewers realize that even here in Beverly Hills, where our lives seem so perfect and glamorous from the outside (with the big houses, champagne and red carpets), in reality, we are all dealing with similar life problems. Trust me, at the end of the day, we all put our pants on one leg at a time.

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I was happy to see Kyle and finally get some one-on-one time with her. We were able to connect and I could share the best side of me. . .The bee hives, lemon trees, and gardens, which is where I feel most comfortable.

RHOBH Kyle Yolanda

It’s always hard to get to know new friends intimately within a big group and I appreciated her coming all the way to Malibu. I rarely go to Beverly Hills to have lunch or shop with the girls, so I am not a great girlfriend that way but I do enjoy sharing health, fitness, and life experiences with them. Even though the Master Cleanse is not for everyone (please consult your doctor first) it made such a big impact in my life  so I am always so excited to share this with others.

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I really pushed for Kim to come over, but unfortunately that never happened. I have no idea why she doesn’t remember planning our day together, but hopefully we can still do it some other time when she is ready to commit.  Commitment seems to be a reoccurring problem with Kim. I felt Kyle to be very sincere when talking about Kim being her hero growing up and how magic she was. You can tell there is a lot of love but also a lot of pain there. Ultimately though, everyone is responsible for their own actions.

I agree with the life coach: Kim looks amazing and I am pulling for her. There is some deep-rooted stuff going on that we on the outside world will never truly understand. I wish Kim and Kyle would choose to go to therapy together to try to heal these wounds and move on to a relationship their mom would have been proud of. It is time to look forward and forget about the past. With every sunrise there is a promise of a new and better day!   NOTE:  PLEEEEEZE… no more “therapy” sessions with Dr. NoSocks!

I love watching Lisa at work. She truly is a solid business woman with a fabulous sense of style.

LisaV Divine Turkey

OK, let’s talk about Ken.  How adorable is he? It’s nice to see him wanting to reconnect with Lisa in such a special way. . .A pink swing with ribbons and a heart shaped flower garden planted with his own bare hands! Now that’s romance  at its best! You know I am all about romance, so Ken is a man after my own heart. I say, “Get wise, keep your romance alive.” I loved seeing Lisa on the swing; it’s great to see the playful little girl in her.

RHOBH LisaV swing

Dinner at the Moroccan restaurant was another public drama. Kim has a knack for bringing up ultra-sensitive issues at inappropriate times. I do think that the conversation is extremely important for them to have, but not so sure a Moroccan restaurant amongst belly dancers is the best venue.  I wish Kim would have just phoned me to say it is not a good time for her to do a cleanse, rather than act as if we never made a plan.  I did not have any expectations from her, other than her showing up! I was only trying to offer her friendship and support.

Being at the Moroccan restaurant and the belly dancers brought back happy memories in my past because they were present at many family celebrations during my previous life when I was married to Mohamed. The Arab culture, like so many other cultures, is rich in traditions and I’m so thankful that I got to experience it.

Taylor. . .really?  Please stop drinking — it makes you aggressive and it’s so unattractive.  I am concerned that she has not taken enough time to properly mourn the death of her husband.  The alcohol only adds poison to her open wounds. Maybe being home with her beautiful little angel is a better and safer place to get through this tough and unthinkable time of her life.

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We keep going back and forth on this whole lawyer situation, here is the deal; Adrienne  is using her money to intimidate Brandi with a lawsuit because she does not have the chops or communication skills to work this out like normal people do.    NOTE:  There has been no lawsuit filed.  

As we have previously discussed, and Mauricio tries to point out, Brandi hit below the belt. She was wrong and an apology is in order to Adrienne — but if she doesn’t acknowledge Brandi’s phone calls, and surrounds herself with a barrier of lawyers, then this will never get resolved because Brandi does not have the money to defend herself.

brandi white trash pg

Ken makes an valid point; Brandi does not have the support of a man at her side, and she is fairly defenseless, other than cussing like a sailor when backed into a corner and provoked. But I can tell you one thing: she is honest, she speaks without a filter and she does not stab people in the back so for that I love and support her!!!

Until next week, be happy and enjoy your health!

Much love and a big hug,

NOTE:  Agree with YoFo on this!


ALSO… Where was John Turturro’s “ignore your lawyers” advice during his WhiteParty? John and Kyle protected Camille Grammer because her lawyers told her to have NO contact with Russell (RIP) and Shana!

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76 comments on “YOLANDA FOSTER: Yolanda’s BravoBlog… Helping With Her Words, Not Hurting… Kim Richards “Come On Over!”… Shana “Stop Drinking”!

  1. Well, although I am not white I suppose I qualify as White Trash, since I would have told each and every person who continues to bring this mess up to STFU! LOL!

    • I don’t think Brandi is white trash. I would have done exactly the same. Maybe I’m white trash. I never saw myself like that but I would prefer that than a stuck up BH idiot.

      • Brandi needs a sign w/a handle that says, “STFU.” It could be like fans churches gave out before air conditioning. It’d make things easier and she’d shut people down faster.

  2. I appreciate anyone who gives Swine a piece of her mind. Side note: I did the master cleanse for 7 days a few years back. It is TOUGH but I did feel amazing afterwards.

    • I did it too, about 2 years ago. The tough part was that you had to stay near a bathroom. I wasn’t hungry and I followed it to a tee. As I said before, you could only do a cleanse once or twice a year or you risk serious medical side effects. You have to be careful to introduce foods slowly when you’re done. It’s a pretty dangerous thing to do.

  3. The look on Brandi & Camille’s face when Trailor was embarrassing herself saying they are strong single women was priceless. They knew she was drink but didn’t say anything.

    • Brandi kept turning away to continue her conversation, and Taylor kept pulling her back. I think the funniest part was that Taylor kept calling Lisa, Louisa or something like that. Lisa said “why do you keep calling me that?” It was priceless!

  4. For some reason I do not like this woman. And I am enjoying the fact that Kim is speaking her mind a little bit this season. I love that she threw that jab at Taylor. No matter what the subject, Taylor turns it around and makes it all about her. Mauricio is absolutely right, although i know I stand alone in this and others are suspicious of his loyalties. If Brandi were genuinely sorry, which she is not (she is only sorry that they are suing her) she could call or go there and say so.
    There is no restraining order. Mauricio is right. All she has to do is pick up the phone and say she is sorry. She can leave a message if they don’t pick up. She can write a letter. She has the power to make this litigation go away. It is minor litigation. But then again, she would not have such a front and center storyline, which she cherishes. And the idiotic assumption that a woman needs a man to protect her? Are you kidding me? Brandi is no damsel in distress. Give me a break. all of a sudden she is a delicate flower that needs protection. Yolanda, stfu. Myob.
    I don’t like you. i must say I like the other new housewive though. Zanuck.

    • You have to admit though, Maurice wouldn’t go after her if she had a man (or was rich). He’s a salesman – so his allegiance is to money and those that have it. He’s no better than Faye at this point. Bottom line is this – he really should’ve minded his own business – they ALL should. The problem is between Brandy and Adrienne. Two grown women. Let them handle it. The only reason he inserted his opinion into the situation (ala Caroline Manzo) is because his gossipy wife filled him in on everything. And how does HE know Brandy didn’t try to call Maude? It’s easy to ignore a phone call or delete a text or voicemail from someone you don’t like. Side note – ITA with you about Taylor, she needs to take several seats. HO SIT DOWN!

      • I still find it telling that Mo had no comment when Brandi first made the statement, since he was sitting right next to his wife at the time, but now finds it to be the worst thing she could ever have said, and believes it is his place not only to call her out, but to basically call her a liar when she said she said she did try to call. Mo is a hypocrite.

    • Brandi said she tried to call Adrienne, but that she didn’t answer the phone. Unless someone looks at her phone records, it will remain a she said, she said type of thing. Being sorry for saying something doesn’t always mean running back and licking the boots of the person you said it about, especially if there are other things going on in the relationship that were already bad. It is odd to me that people are making presumptions about whether or not Brandi is “genuinely sorry”, when we don’t know the full story of what happened between these two people. Then again, Adrienne was clearly not sorry for making an accusation against Lisa that was publicly proven to be false, since she didn’t bother to apologize until the cameras were rolling, months later. So I suppose what is good for one, can’t be good for the other?

      • IA. And why isn’t anyone taking Kyle to task for continuing to spread what Brandy said about Maude? She told Rancid and her husband and who knows who else. My first guess is because what Brandy said is true and the big secret was common knowledge. Why didn’t Maude serve Kyle with a C and D order? And didn’t Kim say that she tried to call Maude and Pauline to alert them to what Brandi and they didn’t answer? Apparently they don’t like answering their phone but want to complain about no one contacting them. lol

    • I also don’t like cyborg Yolanda good to see I’m not the only one. This is the only blog she hasn’t gone after Kyle which I’m surprised at. She’s OBSESSED with Kyle. Yolanda we all know Kyle sucks stop bringing her up every chance you can. It’s annoying and not “lady-like” which you constantly try to portray while you eat with your dirty azz feet on the counter which people eat on. I loved when Camille called her out when Yolanda complained about the girls being so Beverly Hills as Yolanda steps out of her private jet Hermes bag in tow. And everyone hates Taylor on this site apparently but they are replacing her with Faye lmao. Lets see how this goes. Idk why they don’t just take Taylor and Faye out and replace them with nene. Also why is everyone defending Adrienne BUT Adrienne? Ugh. Oh and Kim was clearly on drugs not an alcoholic they just claim that because alcoholism gets more sympathy than a drug addict.

      • I don’t care WHO they replace Taylor with as long as they replace her. I’ll worry about who it is later. As much as I can’t stand Faye, no one compares to Taylor in my book. Bravo better not change their mind about phasing her out. She’s on too much this year if you ask me.

        • I think the plan was to phase Faye in, since her picture is still one of the cast photos. I truly hope they’ve changed their minds, and I too think that Taylor needs to go somewhere else and get her life together.

      • I agree about Kim and the drugs. She looked like someone who was stoned on Xanax or similar, not drunk on alcohol.

    • I still think she should just send a very tasteful log arrangement like the Loch Ness flower Sponge Bob Square Pants forest, that MaloofHoof sent Lisa.

  5. Now, I love Yolanda but I have to call this out. The thing she said about speaking English and her other show. hmmm, how do I put this? That was just a segway into mentioning she was on another show. I think she felt that it was relevant to reveal that so people wouldn’t jump up later and point it out and make her look like a fame whore. Why do I say this? Because in The Netherlands, English is the second national language. Everywhere you go things are in Dutch and English. Everyone learns English in school and if you vacation in The Netherlands and don’t speak Dutch you will be perfectly fine talking to any citizen with the exception of maybe someone’s Great Granny. Yolanda’s English is superb, really better than Brandi’s. Yolanda’s ex was Middle Eastern and would not have known any Dutch so I am sure they spoke in English together at all times.

    • Even though my mother spoke English she always thought in German. I can’t tell you how many times I had to tell interpret what she meant instead of what she said. English has so many words with the same meaning it’s more complicated than other languages.

      • Exactly. I’ve been around a number of people including one of my daughter’s friends, who speak english, but think in another language. Their words can easily come out differently then what they intended, and can sound rude unintentionally. I would think it would be no different if I moved to another country and spoke the language. I would still be thinking in english, and wouldn’t necessarily understand dialect differences from one region of a country to another. What I like best about Yolanda is her willingness to admit that her words might be misconstrued and is willing to try to help us to understand her better.

        • I think maybe I have a different perspective about it than most. I too am constanly speaking outside of my native tounge and I understand what most of you are saying but it is a little different with Dutch and English. English is spoken in the Netherlands almost as much as Dutch, I have never heard Yolanda say a single thing that was not clear and concise. I notice when we go home my husband sometimes struggles for Dutch words because he has been speaking so much English while we are in the states with friends and buisness. I will say this in regards to what Cyn said about her Grandmother, you always count in your native tounge. lol

    • Well Isnt Teresa (yea i brought her name into this) given a free pass for being stupid because she spoke Italian first and learned Engliah when she started school.

    • Yup, Yolanda’s English is great, especially for a non-native speaker. I actually understand her English, whereas when I listen to the NJ housewives, I just hear a lot of gibberish–those ignoramuses really butcher English.

  6. Yolanda lives inside her head. She doesn’t appear to understand the complex nature of people and situations. She hides behind her money and cultured lifestyle and her “lemons.” Her Dutch nationality differences are more than just the words she chooses. I believe her when she means no harm but she has a hard time walking in someone else’s shoes. Not sure if she would make a good girlfriend.

    • Yeah, I don’t get that about her at all. I think she’s a very down to earth person, who doesn’t spend her time thinking about what other people think of her, but instead does her best to live the best life she can, while living with some very difficult and debilitating medical conditions. If I had broken my back during labor, I’m not sure I’d be up and around, let alone working out regularly and trying to live the healthiest life possible. My hat is off to her, and she gets my respect. By the way, Yolanda was not raised with wealth, and does know that she is truly blessed for the things she has, and says so. Check out her website.

    • I relate to YoFo. I too am at an age where I don’t have to concern my self about the day to day things most people have to deal with. My home has everything I needs, a Gym, art studio, a lake, garden and Grounds to wander. There is very little I have to venture out for and don’t have the desire too. I have created my own peaceful little place and invite those I appreciate to share it with me. I’m sure like me Yolanda has walked in those shoes but has chosen to kick them off for what she feels is important. That doesn’t make her bad just content.

      • I kinda live like that too, but on a MUCH smaller scale (my “gym” is also my living room) and although I sometimes miss a structured routine, I am very CONTENT to stay home and cross-stitch or garden. I think Yo would make a wonderful friend and be a great (calming) influence to have around.

        • Unfortunately I have a real gym and it’s been really hard trying to avoid it lately since the hot tubs in the same room. Can’t wait for summer so I can get my exercise swimming. Hubby built me a waterfall to swim under last year and I haven’t got to try it yet. Being older and retired is so much better than being young, gorgeous and working your butt off.

          • You forgot wiser. It makes me laugh when people accuse others of being jealous of someone because “they’re younger.” First off, the older one has already experienced being younger and the younger one will not be young for long. But more importantly, I sure as heck don’t want to go backwards! I wouldn’t want to be in my 30s again or even my 40s again. Been there, done that. I think of all the things I learned only through aging. I don’t want to unlearn them. I have all the memories to look back on if I want to “relive” something. That’s the only way I want to do it. I worked hard to get to my age and I’ll be thankful for whatever time I have left and put all that I learned to use along the way.

  7. Yolanda, first of all, I hope you feel much better really soon and that your antibiotics are working. I LOVE you so much. The only people on the show I care about or am interested in are you, Lisa, Ken and Brandi. I don’t care to ever see any of the others again. I’m done with them. Yes, Lisa and Brandi do have a special relationship. I think it’s really sweet and honest. Agree with you wholeheartedly about Taylor. She truly is a train wreck and on her way to alcoholism…if she’s not already there. She needs to forget her 15 min of fame and just try and lead a normal life with her daughter…stop demanding all the attention, stop playing the victim and get off tv for heaven’s sake. I don’t know what you see in Kyle…watch your back. I believe she is untrustworthy, manipulative and instigates many, many bad situations. She is bad news in my opinion. Someone who talks behind her own sisters back saying she doesn’t think Kim will stay sober is despicable. She WANTS her sister to fail, period. Kim needs to open her eyes and really start standing up to Kyle.

    • I believe Taylor is an alcoholic. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s into other substances as well. Doesn’t really matter because she is evil 100% of the time.

  8. I love it when Yolanda gives it to SWINE. How far is Malibu from Beverly hills? How long does the trip take? I am just trying to wrap my head around the “all the way to Malibu” thing. Camille has said similar thing so I would like to know how long it takes to get there and why everyone considers it to be such an imposition.

    • I think it’s more the traffic then the actual distance, but that didn’t stop her from visiting Camille a few times last season. Kyle has a way of throwing in digs with everyone she doesn’t really like.

    • I live in LA and without traffic it is not a bad drive but I would not want to drive from Malibu to BH for all their damn drama. Then, if there is traffic it could take a clear hour. I live near BH, just two miles East really, and the people are assholes. JMO.

      • Thanks Tiffanie. I like in a boonbocks area so we dont care to drive an hour to go visitin. But like you said no one wants to travel for drama. My niece decided to move here permanently from Philly and at the time didn’t have a license or a car. Up there is not really a priority to get license right away like it is down here. So she was dang near twenty and hadn’t had the need till she got down here. First order of business was she HAD to get a car and license to live here. It aint like the big cities were you can just walk to wherever you want to go or ride that metro thing.

      • I was born and raised in West LA & my sister lives in Malibu. She(sister) lives on Broad Beach and that is way out by the county line. So if Yolanda is out that way,we are talking about a drive that can take an hour and a half or more on certain days and at certain hours. Not fun so maybe Yolanda should hitch a ride on that private jet!

    • Southern Ca. is very spread out. People talk about how long it takes to get from, point A to Point B, never in miles. The traffic is notoriously BAD. So, to most people , the distance would not seem that much, but in SoCal it is horrible.

    • Wow, those chicks should try living in the metro Washington, DC (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area and then maybe they’ll have the right to complain about traffic, etc. I’ve lived in a lot of places, but it’s brutal here. It can take FOREVER to go just a few miles. I can’t wait to move away.

  9. To me, Mauricio seemed to be a little bit hammered. Maybe I just “read” him wrong. No matter, he was completrly out of line with Brandi. Not his problem, so stay out of it.

  10. Regarding being older, I agree with you all above. Would not like to go back. To me the best way to try and teach people younger is this, “I have been your age, you have not been miine.” Try this out on the kids (in my case, my grandchildren who are now almost in their twneties – Yikes) it can at times, make them stop and think rather that thinking that they know it all.

  11. Mauricio was behaving like a she-devil at the Moroccan restaurant–a really over the top bitchy-bitch. I wonder if his real estate agency is failing, and he’s intentionally causing drama to try to produce publicity to keep his name in the media. I say this because he has never been this vicious and tenacious until this episode. I have NEVER witnessed either my spouse or my male friends sticking their noses into other women’s disputes like he did. He and Paul are cut from the same cloth.

  12. Yolanda and Ken, please shut up with your comments about a woman without a man being unprotected or defenseless. Retro 1950s attitude, much? Terribly insulting to the intelligence of women. Shame on you.

    • He didn’t say defenseless, but men should protect women, whether or not they have an intimate relationship with them or are related to them. Mo had no business speaking to Brandi like that, and should have simply allowed his wife to handle it. He was attempting to intimidate her, and Ken knew it an was calling him out on it. For that matter, I’d like to see men go back to some 1950’s respect, although I’m not all that sure they were all that respectful then. If they did then perhaps they wouldn’t treat women as badly as they do. Besides, I’m one that believes that if Brandi had a man by her side, Mo wouldn’t have responded the way he did to her.

      • Mauricio fearlessly attacking Brandi had nothing to do with her not having a man by her side. It happened because Mauricio (correctly) sensed that Brandi is inarticulate, less than intelligent, and has zero impulse control (hence her resorting to “STFU” when she feels cornered, instead of countering with some smart and sharp comments). Like shooting fish in a barrel. The solution is to become educated (formally or informally) so that you can fight your own battles, without a man to do it for you.

        • Mmmmm, I’ve been single for a very long time and it ain’t no picnic. Just trying to hire someone to do anything is a major ordeal and usually means getting ripped-off. Through the years I have noticed how much more respect an attached woman gets in our society, as opposed to a single one.

          • I’ve been single most of my adult life (married some of it). I remember back in the 70s when I was a little kid, and my stay-at-home Mom (a brilliant assertive woman) had a guy come to give her a quote on new windows. He told her to call him back with an answer “after she had talked to her husband.” She replied that SHE, not my Dad (a busy physician) made all the house/financial decisions (my Dad wasn’t good with money), so SHE would be making the decision. I’ll never forget that–one of the best messages a Mother could teach a daughter–that she can make her own informed decisions. By the way, most men get ripped off just as much as women, unless they are experts in home/auto repairs. I’m 48, and I couldn’t be bothered with anyone’s lack of respect for me because I’m divorced.

        • Inarticulate? I’ve never seen any indication that Brandi has any issues putting words together. As for the rest of your post, we are just going to have to agree to disagree, as I sit her wondering what the heck you would think of me? LOL! Jeez!

        • I’m sorry, but I can’t stop laughing saying STFU means that someone is “unintelligent” and “inarticulate”! Wow! I hope I never get to the point in my life when I am judging anyone by such ridiculous standards.

          • I think Brandi has shouted “STFU” now at 2 different dinners. I don’t think she’s a bad-hearted person, but that behavior is utterly vulgar and lacking in intelligence. Even if someone antagonizes you at a dinner party or elsewhere, any expression involving the F word is completely inexcusable. Until I started watching these “reality” shows, I had no idea that people actually used such vile language at social gatherings. Gross, just gross. She should learn to express herself in a more cogent and coherent fashion. She does herself no favors by mouthing off indiscriminately. It’s hardly ridiculous to expect that a person would not shout curse words in public.

            • Check out this. Loads of horrificness but not one F word. He censored himself when it came to the eff word. Maybe he thinks its gross? :)

            • Here’s the thing. If pushed into a corner, that and a number of other words are likely to come out of my mouth. Not so much since I’ve had intensive therapy for my issues with PTSD (Domestic Violence related), but if I get mad enough, I will most definitely let ‘er rip. Personally, I don’t feel I am lacking in the intelligence department, but having spent a few years on active duty back in the 80’s, cursing can at times become second nature. So, while I understand that some folks choose not to use certain words that are part of the English language for whatever reason, I think it is beyond judgmental to think that anyone who does use said words is somehow unintelligent. I can be cogent and coherent while at the same time cursing like a sailor on shore leave. My 2 cents.

        • I get your point. He my think she’s stupid, but I think she’s an easy target for him-not swimming in money, lacks impulse control, has confidence issues. He wanted to catch her off guard and intimidate her with questions she wouldn’t want to answer.
          He would never have pulled this mess with Lisa or Adrienne-women who would’ve cleaned his clock without putting down a fork.

  13. I love Yolanda, Lisa,Brandi and Kim this year. Half of what Yolanda says I wish they would elaborate as it sounds interesting and informative. If I learned nothing else this season I learned I want a cool refrigerator. And maybe a bigger kitchen and house to put it in. ha ha.

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