A SH detour is called for… a detour down the road and away from all these moronic Housewives!

Well, to be perfectly honest, there are categories of Housewives!

  • Housewives who are perfectly moronic,
  • then some who are just plain moronic,
  • then some who don’t know the meaning of moronic…
  • then there are a handful of Housewives who are extremely smart human beings, who realize the part that they play on the Housewives franchises are just that, a part!
  • These are the Housewives who know how to play the Housewives “game”… these Housewives do not take themselves too seriously; know that they are playing a “part” on a “reality” show and know that their “reality” is planned by the producers.
  • In other words, these Housewives know that they are playing characters of themselves!

Who are these intelligent, very aware Housewives???  Let’s just say that these Housewives are located on both coasts.   We’ll save them for another day and time… right now, it’s time for a SH detour!

BUT… first, extremely important Housewives news!!!  Lisa Vanderpump’s co-star, Giggy, got a hair cut!!

RHOBH Giggy haircut Ken pg



After an elderly man plowed through the front doors of his favorite pizza place… he still proceeded to place his order for pizza!    From the Nebraska JournalStar...

The driver ordered a pizza while he was trapped in his car, a good sign, Benes said, because it signaled that he was alert after the crash.


Many people are trying to stretch their hard-earned dollars… just some ideas for re-purposing things which may have been thrown away!   If you are having any difficulty in figuring out some of the re-purposed items, all are explained below!



image027-1 image026

image025 image024 image023 image022-1 image021 image020-1 image019-2 image018-2 image017-1 image016-2 image015-2 image014-2 image013-1 image012-2 image011-2 image010-2 image009-1 image008-2 image007-1 image006-2 image005-3 image004-3 image003-4 image002-2 image001-1Repurpose Old Barrels Into a Drum Set

Repurpose a Card Catalogue Into a Mini Bar

Use Old Books as Shelves 

Turn an Old Bike Into a Bathroom Counter

Reuse Ketchup Bottles as a Pancake Squirter

Repurpose Old CD Holders Into A Bagel Storage Device

Fill a Box With Skewers and it Becomes an All-Purpose Knife Block

Turn an Old Door Frame Into a Coffee Table

Transform a Chair into a Towel Rack and Shelf

Turn An Old Bathtub Into a Love Seat

Use Old Lego Pieces As a Key Holder

Use Your Old Computer Tower as a Mail Box

Reuse Old Kleenex Boxes as Bag Dispensers

Turn an Old Mini Fridge Into a TV Stand and Storage Unit

Upcycle Old Light Bulbs Into Candles

Repurpose an Old Suitcase Into a Medicine Cabinet

Use Paperclips to Organize Your Cables

Use An Old Hanging Shoe Rack to Organize Your Pantry

Use Old Books to Create a Desk

Turn Old Bulletin Boards into a Jewellery Organizer (OR Tell Your Girlfriend To)

Turn Old Tennis Rackets Into Mirrors

Turn Old Credit Cards Into Guitar Picks

Create a Window Cover Using Old Picture Slides

Turn Old Suitcases Into Side Tables

Turn Old Wrenches Into Wall Hooks

Use Old CD Cases to Store and Organize Cables

Upcycle Old Mugs, Bottles and Bowls Into Light Fixtures

Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls to Organize Cables and Chords

Use Old Picture Frame Corners Like Tiles

Use a Pipe with Valves as a Coat Rack



  1. Lol’d at the bagel in the CD case. The old slides made into a curtain is fantastic. These ideas are really creative.


  2. I love these ideas. I have to reign myself in because my husband hates when I get it in my head to duplicate stuff like this. I cant even pick a favorite. I live them all. The cords in the toilet paper rolls looks especially useful I cant tell you the magnitude of the cord problem that we have here at this house.


  3. I am thankful that I stopped my mother from driving when I realized she was impaired, and before she could hurt anyone. At one point she did put my daughter and I through a scare but we got her keys and then sold her car.


    • Thats hard to go through that Karen, the day when you have to take the keys away but it has to be done sometimes.


  4. Wow, some of them are great ideas!!!!! I’m gonna do the plastic bags in a tissue box one! I keep them aside for the cat litter scoopings.


      • True, AD! I have a handful of bags under 1 bag that lines my kitty litter basket, and I usually wind up using 2 bags because of holes. Still, I like reusing the bags so that I don’t add to the landfills too easily. My husband ran the Dept of Recycling in NJ for a few years, so I’m mindful of garbage!


    • Each plastic bag from the supermarket comes with a prepunched hole in the bottom.

      I can’t tell you how many runny messes of every foul description I trailed from the kitchen to my front door. I thought I had bad luck, or that my particular market was to blame.

      Now you’re telling me it’s a country wide issue. I feel strangely better. Comforted even, that’s it’s not just me.


      • Have you noticed that they’ve now come out with a kitty litter genie (like the diaper genie) ? I saw the ad and almost dropped my teeth. I’m too cheap to spring for it, so I’ll keep using up my bags.


    • I want to find a use for all these old CD jewel cases laying around out in my garage. I am thinking I can put buttons,ribbons and sewing stuff in them and then use velro strips to hang them up in the garage. Maybe make a lil craft or package wrapping area out there.


      • All really neat ideas…loved them! I’ve seen the old doors turned into a table and some come out really beautiful, especially the old solid wood doors.


        • We have an old table(turn of the century) from the church that used to be on the families property from way back. Anyway its the table I reckon they used up front when the invitation was called and such.. Ya know the “softly and tenderly Jesus is calling part?” Anyway it was super distressed as you can imagine. We sanded it a bit and refinished it. Fits perfectly under my picture window. Lots of history in that piece.


          • Beautiful piece made! I also enjoy sanding down certain wood pieces and bringing them back to life. I can imagine what a beautiful table that is! The old churches used some beautiful types of wood. One of my favorite woods is that cherry wood, or cherry oak wood, I think it’s called. Sounds like you may have a blessed table.


            • I do feel like it is blessed and it was the first piece of furniture we brought into this house. The whole family had a hand in refinishing it too.


            • Having ‘puter trouble…UGH!
              It’s so nice to hear your whole family was a part of it. I believe those tables are anointed with Holy oil, or are blessed. That’s a special blessing, so it is a gift to have it your home.


          • Brings back memories Made. What a beautiful idea and such a sweet and thoughtful use. My grandaddy had an old schoolhouse on his ranch dates from the early 1900s. The old slate type chalkboards withe the ABCs and The Lords Prayer were fixed to adjoining walls. My SIL removed them intact when the schoolhouse was close to tumbling down. They covered a great deal of surface and were heavy but when they built their new house she put them in their den. They look very cool and the grandkids love them.


            • That is SOOOO cool. Old timey one room schoolhouses are so neat. And the Lord’s prayer being in the school too is super cool.


            • That is such a beautiful idea Aint! I’ve never gotten to see one of those old school house “types” except watching the “Little House on the Prairie.”.


            • We grew up playing in that old school house and it was always the center of family picnics and reunions. I was sad to see it crumbling and always hoped to see it restored.
              My brother owns the ranch and really isn’t all that interested in the property. I don’t fault my brother because owning a ranch is purely a wealthy man’s hobby anymore. Grandad actually built the schoolhouse so local kids , farmers and ranchers could send their children to a nearby school and not drive the 30 miles into town. The hitching posts/rail was still intact when I was a kid , plus the cistern and the well where they drew water. The ten commandments were written on the third wall on the same slate but it was crumbling into dust.


  5. The jewelry corkboard is something I have done for years. I have a huge one in my bathroom (Really need two).. In fact that looks like mine except not so neat. Here’s a hint though. Most people, like in the picture, use push pins. They totally suck. They fall off and dont’ handle large bulky necklaces too well. I substituted cup hooks instead. They go in easy and never fall off like the push pins. And they hold everything much better.


    • @Lobstah, i did the same thing but one day found a gorgeous old wooden frame at a tag sale. I couldn’t resist the 50 cent price tag and when I got home it fit perfectly over my corkboard. Looks gorgeous now almost like art. Ive done about a dozen more for friends and family since then. I buy al my supplies at garage sales, flea markets and estate sales. Re-purpose re-use.


        • Love them Candace.I am fascinated by how fols live -LOL! I love bargains too. I am pretty picky and am shocked at what disposable society we have become.


  6. I love it, thanks for the great ideas, and for putting a smile on our faces… Nice to do a detour once in awhile…


  7. I love DIY`s! Its an addiction ;)
    The ceiling in one one the first pic…wow…I could lay and stare at that for like forever :O


    • Miles: Here are some suggestions for your shooter: use the salad shooter, then send it as a re-gift to one of your friends! Kinda like the “wandering flamingo” trick… you know, where you place a plastic pink flamingo on someone’s lawn and then they’re responsible for placing the pink flamingo on someone else’s lawn… and so on, and so on! Just do the same thing with the salad shooter!! Fun times!!! TFC!! SH


      • Good idea about re-gifting the salad shooter. Just so you know, I started the plastic pink flamingo thing many years ago as a birthday gag and it took off from there.


        • I came home one day to find 10 pink flamingos in my yard. I bout wrecked my car! I recycled them in front of a lawyer’s office who is a well-known jerk in our town. He probably would have sued me if he found out it was me. That still makes me grin. :)


    • Send it to me Miles. I’ll put croutons in it and scare da piss outa them Jehovah Witnesses next time they come a callin.


  8. My sister gave me an old embroidery hoop with solft window screening pulled tightly inside it so I could hang my loop earrings on it. Works great and you can “dress” up the hoop to match your design style. The hoops come in so many sizes that you can make a collage of them if you happen to own a lot of french loop earrings.


  9. SIDENOTE TO ALL OF MY NJ PEEPS: The murder trial of my husband’s nephew began today. He was killed by his wife. It’s already making me sick to read inconsistencies. I pray that the jury will find her guilty and not take pity on her because she’s “in a wheelchair, with M.S.” (She’s capable of driving to the liquor store and to drive to get herself cigarettes!!! She’s also quite capable of standing and apparently she’s capable of murdering her 6’3″ husband). :(


    • Hi done: Again I am so sorry about your husbands nephew. Could you give me the general area of this so that I may look it up and follow the trial. I will understand completely if you wish to keep it private. Again, I’m so sorry.


      • Done I am so sorry for your loss and cannot imagine what a painful time this must be for you. What a tragedy …..Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as well. Will also pray for justice to be done.


    • I will be looking for it in the star ledger. That’s odd to have an all female jury. I hope it turns out in your favor.


        • @done: Hi done, I just saw all of this! I missed this thread yesterday. I was only able to peak in, here and there, on SH and kind of late last night. Missed you coming on.
          I’m So sorry done, you’ll be in my prayers. Can’t get over that there is an all female jury…that’s friggin crazy! I can’t imagine what you and DH have gone thru over this. How heart breaking. I’m going to check out a couple of links put up here. I’m here if you want to talk. kt


          • Thanks, ktgirl. I was in direct contact with the lead prosecutor on the case today and a detective, so I feel better. I wanted to get our opinion and our thoughts across as far as the inconsistencies. I’m also astounded that they haven’t called us to testify. We’ll pray for the best.


            • done, my computer is hanging by a thread so I have trouble off & on with it. Would have gotten back sooner. Glad to hear you spoke with the lead prosecutor today. It’s got to be frustrating not being up there :(. Any answers on how it is the jury could be all female? You know, you may get called yet. It might depend on the length of the trial.
              It just breaks my heart to think that he was your hubbys nephew :(.


            • kt: He was more of a son to my hubby than a nephew. He was to be our Best Man in our wedding too……… It’s all horrifically tragic. I don’t know HOW the entire jury could be comprised of women (even the alternates). Seem strange. If we’re called for anything they could do it via video since my hubby needs to be here for cancer-related appointments this month. We’re on standby though, to help the prosecution any way we could. Thanks for your good thoughts.


  10. Wow, those are awesome ideas! I’m a huge repurposer/upcycler/whatever you’d call it and I hadn’t seen some of those before! I’m obsessed with the suitcase medicine cabinet now. Thanks for posting those!


  11. SH-thanks for the break! And those ideas have really inspired me! Being disabled I am limited as to what I can do but I can-and will-use some of those imaginative and utilitarian idea. :)


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