REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS preview: Mauricio Umansky STILL Havin’ Words With Brandi Glanville… John Turturro Brings Booze Bottle As MakeUp Olive Branch for Ken Todd At ART GALLERY! … Shana’s BravoBlog

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The VERY unnecessary John Turturro/Brandi Glanville tussle continues!!


John Turturro tries to make up with Ken by bringin’ him a bottle of booze… at an art gallery!   How awkward and out of place is this whole contrived scene!?

Apparently, John Turturro does not take his own advice… that is to pick up the phone and call someone if you’re having issues with them!  Instead, John waltzes into another producer-induced set up taking place in an art gallery and TRIES to hand Ken a bottle of “great tasting” gin, which would look great in Ken’s bar!

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Ken does not see the “graciousness” of John’s feeble attempt… Ken probably suspects that John, more than likely, picked up the bottle driving on the way to the art gallery!

Doesn’t John KNOW that Ken and Lisa have TWO bars in their restaurants and prolly have cases of this special gin?  Yep… definite product placement!!

John Turturro doesn’t even have the decency or the manners to wrap the bottle!  It’s like… “Here, Ken!  Here’s the producer-induced product placement, which we are now required to do on our show.  This week it’s this very special-tastin’ booze.”


NOTE:  Yes, we do have problems with the obvious producer-incuded advice “just pick up the phone and call the lawyers who are suing you” and your legal problems just go away… according to John Turturro!   Ken Todd is correct… it don’t work that way.  Even John Turturro knows this!  

Otherwise, WHY would John have protected his guest at his last season’s WhiteParty, Camille Grammer, against “sue happy” Russell (RIP) and Shana?  WHY didn’t John Turturro whack Camille with the very same advice he is now giving Brandi?  Just call up those lawyers, Camille… do some smooth talkin’ and it will all go away!   Camille was instructed by her attorneys to not have any contact with the Armstrongs and like any intelligent person, Camille listens to her legal counsel.

AGAIN… the question is WHY didn’t John spout off the same idiotic “advice” to Camille as he did to Brandi?   Did the RHOBH producers think that what happened at da Umansky’s WhiteParty would have been forgotten?  If so, the RHOBH producers do not think very highly of viewers!




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This was a good spot in which to include Shana’s **BLEEEEEECH!** BravoBlog… this is her entire blog:

I don’t have much to say about this episode.

There is clearly a division in our group of friends regarding the Brandi vs. Paul and Adrienne scenario. I have mixed emotions. I don’t agree with Brandi’s decision to air such a sensitive secret about their family. And I don’t agree with Paul and Adrienne having an attorney send a letter to Brandi threatening a lawsuit.   NOTE:  Just like last season’s RHOBH… it’s a “threat” to sue.  All these Housewives shows LOVE the word “threaten”!

This seems like deja vu to me. When Russell threatened Camille with a lawsuit in an email last year, (with no attorney involved) Paul and Adrienne were leading the charge to have us kicked out of the white party and banned from the Hawaii trip. I didn’t agree with what Russell did, but the hypocrisy is disturbing. It’s all different when the shoe is in the other foot.

“Friends don’t sue friends” was the line that resonated most with me from last year and I agree.   NOTE:  Unlike Brandi’s “lawsuit”… Shana’s came about because she blabbed to all the Housewives about her personal issues with Russell (RIP)!  Big difference there, Shana!  Shana is simply hookin’ her “threatening” lawsuit on to Brandi’s “threatening” lawsuit to get some unwarranted sympathy.  It ain’t workin’, Shana!



Answer to HagfaceKyle’s question about the HouseHusbands… BOOT ‘EM!  Boot them all!  No one wants to see any of the HouseHusbands!!   Especially those NewJersey “livin’ offa my wife as a Bravo Housewife” HouseHusbands!

Well, maybe except for “What’s for dessert” Dean Zanuck… and maybe we’ll keep Ken Todd around, too… and almost forgot about David Foster!!