REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS preview: Mauricio Umansky STILL Havin’ Words With Brandi Glanville… John Turturro Brings Booze Bottle As MakeUp Olive Branch for Ken Todd At ART GALLERY! … Shana’s BravoBlog

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The VERY unnecessary John Turturro/Brandi Glanville tussle continues!!


John Turturro tries to make up with Ken by bringin’ him a bottle of booze… at an art gallery!   How awkward and out of place is this whole contrived scene!?

Apparently, John Turturro does not take his own advice… that is to pick up the phone and call someone if you’re having issues with them!  Instead, John waltzes into another producer-induced set up taking place in an art gallery and TRIES to hand Ken a bottle of “great tasting” gin, which would look great in Ken’s bar!

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Ken does not see the “graciousness” of John’s feeble attempt… Ken probably suspects that John, more than likely, picked up the bottle driving on the way to the art gallery!

Doesn’t John KNOW that Ken and Lisa have TWO bars in their restaurants and prolly have cases of this special gin?  Yep… definite product placement!!

John Turturro doesn’t even have the decency or the manners to wrap the bottle!  It’s like… “Here, Ken!  Here’s the producer-induced product placement, which we are now required to do on our show.  This week it’s this very special-tastin’ booze.”


NOTE:  Yes, we do have problems with the obvious producer-incuded advice “just pick up the phone and call the lawyers who are suing you” and your legal problems just go away… according to John Turturro!   Ken Todd is correct… it don’t work that way.  Even John Turturro knows this!  

Otherwise, WHY would John have protected his guest at his last season’s WhiteParty, Camille Grammer, against “sue happy” Russell (RIP) and Shana?  WHY didn’t John Turturro whack Camille with the very same advice he is now giving Brandi?  Just call up those lawyers, Camille… do some smooth talkin’ and it will all go away!   Camille was instructed by her attorneys to not have any contact with the Armstrongs and like any intelligent person, Camille listens to her legal counsel.

AGAIN… the question is WHY didn’t John spout off the same idiotic “advice” to Camille as he did to Brandi?   Did the RHOBH producers think that what happened at da Umansky’s WhiteParty would have been forgotten?  If so, the RHOBH producers do not think very highly of viewers!




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This was a good spot in which to include Shana’s **BLEEEEEECH!** BravoBlog… this is her entire blog:

I don’t have much to say about this episode.

There is clearly a division in our group of friends regarding the Brandi vs. Paul and Adrienne scenario. I have mixed emotions. I don’t agree with Brandi’s decision to air such a sensitive secret about their family. And I don’t agree with Paul and Adrienne having an attorney send a letter to Brandi threatening a lawsuit.   NOTE:  Just like last season’s RHOBH… it’s a “threat” to sue.  All these Housewives shows LOVE the word “threaten”!

This seems like deja vu to me. When Russell threatened Camille with a lawsuit in an email last year, (with no attorney involved) Paul and Adrienne were leading the charge to have us kicked out of the white party and banned from the Hawaii trip. I didn’t agree with what Russell did, but the hypocrisy is disturbing. It’s all different when the shoe is in the other foot.

“Friends don’t sue friends” was the line that resonated most with me from last year and I agree.   NOTE:  Unlike Brandi’s “lawsuit”… Shana’s came about because she blabbed to all the Housewives about her personal issues with Russell (RIP)!  Big difference there, Shana!  Shana is simply hookin’ her “threatening” lawsuit on to Brandi’s “threatening” lawsuit to get some unwarranted sympathy.  It ain’t workin’, Shana!



Answer to HagfaceKyle’s question about the HouseHusbands… BOOT ‘EM!  Boot them all!  No one wants to see any of the HouseHusbands!!   Especially those NewJersey “livin’ offa my wife as a Bravo Housewife” HouseHusbands!

Well, maybe except for “What’s for dessert” Dean Zanuck… and maybe we’ll keep Ken Todd around, too… and almost forgot about David Foster!!

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201 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS preview: Mauricio Umansky STILL Havin’ Words With Brandi Glanville… John Turturro Brings Booze Bottle As MakeUp Olive Branch for Ken Todd At ART GALLERY! … Shana’s BravoBlog

  1. Does anyone else here have the impression that Maybe moreece has the hots for Brandi and she’s not giving him the time of day so he’s lashing out at her even more??………….ass

      • Kylee must be in super duper major denial about that man she is married to or else she would not abide SWINE’s new married bo. At least Brandi accepts that she was married to a dirt all and fully admits that this misfortune causes her to detest with ever fiber of her being women who mess around with married folk. ‘corse when Eddie did it, it didnt line Brandi’s pockets or her shoe closet. So theres that.

        • Well Kyle’s mama always taught her to do what you gotta do. When you get that meal ticket… then he started talkin outta school at dinner parties and wanting her pretty friends. Hmmm

  2. Not me, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he’d hit up on her before, but I’d come more thinking that he’s afraid she knows some things on him to tell and is more worried about that than wanting to go with her. he’s way too angry to be interested in her.imo

    • A man without balls can get that angry when he’s secretly looking to get witha woman. Brandi wouldnt go w a married man, so…….
      I wouldn’t put it past moreece to get soo fired up, just look at the expression in his eyes such hate , but first and foremost it’s always about the buck with moreece so that’s the real issue for him, he’s condescending and smug more so because of Brandi’s lack of and no man to protect her just like ken said.

  3. Ken upfront told Maury that he “didn’t like it” when Maury was gushing how amazing and unbelievable the gin was. It either went over Maury’s head or he had to ignore it to save face. I love Ken for that.

    • @ Slaen Everyone (except Mo-rice) knows a proper British gentleman drinks Boodles gin or nothing! No Johnny-come-lately fancy bottle sewer swill…

  4. At least Hagface got to do her amazzzzzzzzzzzzing horse hair tail swing around her head deal again last night….if she knew how stupid she looked, she’d stop doing that.

    • She’s gotta keep the flies off some way. You know they’re majorly attracted to some serious sh*t and when you’re the biggest pile in the room….

  5. Ya know I am not impressed one bit with Mo-reece’s overbearing sales tactics. Ya know the more aggressive ones will willfully turn of the thing in their brain that helps them detect normal human cues that people who are just not interested give off. Its an art actually be a salesman that doesn’t tune this out but tunes into it and adjusts accordingly. Mo-Reece’s schtick would be more fitting at a used car lot or selling timeshare.. oh wait..

    • His success as a real estate broker is not due to skill or instinct or intellect, just sheer greed, aggressiveness, and his embarrassing sycophantic behavior. It’s obvious he had a lot of support and luck. He’s not a skilled broker at all, so many others with finesse and intellect who are better able to read ppl.

  6. Did anyone else notice the girls ( Camille and Brandi ) rolling their eyes when swine was talking about how hard it was to be single and wanted to start dating…

    • @ Lizaroo I noticed that Brandy almost had an aneurysm holding back a massive eye roll. Camille, on the other hand, disgusted me by saying Russell (RIP) was “selfish” for committing suicide. Made my stomach turn. She is a pig and will never be redeemed in my eyes.

      • I had a boss who committed suicide – it’s a very common belief that it’s a “selfish” act. I didn’t realize it myself until talking to a woman who knew my boss, and asked how I was. Her own brother had done the same, and it was she who told me it was a “selfish” act. Camille likely has read/heard the same thing. It’s a very complicated – and a bit of a platitude response

        • From what I have read of survivors of an attempted suicide. They are ill and an in a very dark place and they feel that removing themselves from their loved ones is all that they have to give. Suicide is the outcome of an illness nothing more nothing less.

          • I can only speak of my experence but when i was suicidial i had a failing marriage, i thought i was a horrible mother and wife and bad human being I was in a deep deep hole I thought everyone would be much better without me and wouldnt miss me at all, I had made a plan and all that was waiting for me is to do it. I was going crash my car into a big tree that was on the road to where we lived I figured everyoen would just assume i lost control of the car evertime i approached i would tell myself ok this is the day just do it.
            And you are right CYN when you are that deep in the hole you ar eonly thinking that everyone would be better off without you to this day I dont know know why I didnt go through with it looking back with a well mind i guess i saw just a sliver of hope and that kept me from going through with it. so that is why I have soft spots for those who commit suicide and the families they leave behindI HATE THE SELFISH LINE

            • I’m so glad that you and that tree never met up and your here. I’m sure you know now that the world is a better place with you in it. They say that if you can just get past that one moment when you are surrounded by darkness and sorrow you will be alright and continue on . Unfortunately there are those that can’t. It is a subject that should provoke compassion no disdain.

            • I know, I have struggled with mild depression for yrs since but it always something that came and went with mild symtoms my last bad time was when i adopted Piggers I have to say he has been a big help.

            • And there is always all of us. It truly says something about how precious you are when strangers see how wonderful you are and how much you bring to their lives.
              You have a purpose even if it is to share your thoughts and feelings among us. Lets not forget about the hit pig. I could have used him once or twice in the past.

            • Thanks for your kind words..Its funny I tell you guiys things people who know me face to face dont know.

      • I agree Audios that was just too much for me to take. Camile will never recover from that in my eyes either. .. no matter how many Cosco pictures she sends to Ms SH.

        • I also agree. A person is in a very dark and painful place if they are contemplating suicide. I personally believe that a person probably does think, I can’t do this to my loved ones etc., at some point, but eventually feels that taking their life would be “all they had left to give” as cyn said.
          It was a reckless comment by Camille. A bit of a peek back into the window of the selfish side of her from season 1.
          The one comment that bothered me most by Camile in S1 was “I must have a Jesus complex.” Seriously, comparing your self to Jesus? I think Jesus would have a very different view from Camille on suicide.

          • Oh yes KT I had forgot about that. And yes it was very reckless comment for Camille to make. What could she possibly hope to gain from that?

            • I don’t know made? When Camille said that during the episode I was thinking to myself “Oh God…she didn’t just say that.” I just shook my head. I lost a friend who to this day, never knew, never will know, if it was an accidental overdose or intentional suicide. I couldn’t bear to think it was intentional, but a part of me was never really sure :(. One thing I DO know for SURE is, if it was intentional, it was NOT done to be selfish!!!
              With Russell (RIP) we know he did commit suicide. There’s not even a question. I had started to kind of like Camile. How though, does she go from believing Traylor is lying and sticking up for Russel, to telling SWINE that he was selfish?? Mind boggling. .

            • How you ask? She’s able to behave this badly so easily because that’s her true nature, she truly is not much different than traylortrash. What we saw during the first season is the very essence of Camille Donatacci rt down to her fake accent which slips every so often.

            • If that’s true girlfriend then that’s just SAD. You know in S1 she really rubbed me the wrong way. My radar was up! It wasn’t that I was bothered by the things brought up by blavo, it was the things that blavo did NOT address about Camille that bothered me.
              I hoped she had a genuine awakening, so to speak. Maybe, she’s just better at playing the game then I thought!

            • It makes my blood boil when people say its selfish to commit suicide..Its the one thing that makes my head explode I want to scream FIND ANOTHER WORD TO USE JUST NOT SELFISH.

            • Me too Lisa. It just goes to show they have NO clue what they’re talking about, nor do they want to. ITA, using the word “selfish” with suicide…..just sickens me. Some people just want to go on about their daily lives and NOT think about what someone was going through. SO sad.

  7. I tend to agree with all of the commenters on this page; however, I go completely against the grain with all of you on this particular topic. Brandi has a big mouth and needs to learn to shut it. Brandi is always proud of her negative comments and she shouldn’t be afraid of the consequences. Brandi and Adrienne were NEVER friends so the addage of ‘friends don’t sue friends’ has no place in this conversation. I do believe Brandi is Lisa’s mouthpiece and that Lisa is ridiculous for holding so many grudges over the whole you sold stories to the tabloids issue. I’m just saying!

    • If someone I worked with accused me of selling stories, and on top of that, called me a liar to boot, can kiss my lily white arse from here on out. I never thought any of these women were really good friends to start with, just co workers trying to work together like any one else who works with people. The way Ad done it, yep, she could call herself not a friend from here on out unless she gave me a very sincere apology…..which Ad never done, that log she sent was an insult, and the apology was like pulling a tooth out of her mouth, she didn’t mean a word of it. Then to think Lisa owed her an apology was pathetic. Considering Lisa even pretends to be nice to her is kind of Lisa imo. I think maybe in the very beginning, Lisa and Vyle may have had a shot at being friends, but then Hag got all jealous of Lisa and that ended. Now their all just co workers.

  8. Did anyone notice Maricio clutching his chest and looking hurt when Brandi told him to STFU? With that pained puppy-dog look that said: Who? Moi? What did he expect? A medal?
    Go suck an egg Buddy. You were a jerk.
    Now all you have to do is pick up the phone and apologize and send flowers and all will be well. Isn’t that the advise you and Faye gave Brandi?
    Instead you tried to give a bottle of booze to a man with 2 bars! As though Ken can be bought after you insulted both Brandi AND his wife.
    I don’t think Ken gives a “sheet” about you anymore. Way to go genius!

    • I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Hagface, Mo’rancid Unibrowski and Faye Rancid gather together to commiserate and whine about the great unwashed public ripping them all a new one over their behavior.

      • Boy Aunt, I would, too! I do believe Fayke, Vyle and MoRancid may be commenting on the blog…especially Fayke…some of them sound just like her!
        Moreece sounded like a nut saying in the video when he was talking about maybe Ken had hard feelings about their argument…then went on to say something about ‘kicking Ken’s ass’…..I’m sure that’s really gonna endure Moreece to Ken! Moreece must have been dipping in the same stuff Kim dips in when he unloaded on Brandi with Ken there….has he forgotten all the rich people Ken, Yolanda, and Marisa know??? Marisa’s hubby didn’t look too happy about that little outburst of Maury’s either. I sure wish I could read lips so I would know what he was saying to Brandi while the room was arguing.

      • Idiot moreece thinks we’re all morons for our skewed perception of the show, and that we shouldn’t comment without seeing and knowing everything. Well, where I come from just seeing moreece dig into Brandi was enough and completely deplorable, what else do we need to see? it’s NEVER acceptable for a man, let alone a married man to attack and berate a single mother, end of story.

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