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Hi everyone! I hope you all had a nice week. The kids and I are happy that Dean is back home. He was away shooting a movie with Matt Damon and oblivious to all the drama happening in Beverly Hills. LOL. This episode annoyed me so I’ll just get right into it…. Tonight we saw Brandi’s vulnerable side behind her strength. Brandi has been through a lot and it is great that she can be so open and honest with all of us. I think Brandi and Lisa are very cute together and it is nice to see this side of both of them.

Kyle and I decided to set up a dinner to break up the monotony of all the drama.  I also wanted to get to know the ladies a bit more. It seemed like a good idea to make it a Moroccan themed dinner to add a fun element to it. Everyone was invited, including the men because the hope was that this would be a fun and easygoing evening. Little did I know that with this group, that is almost impossible. . .

In walks Brandi looking so damn gorgeous as always, I cant stand it! Brandi announces that Adrienne is suing her! WTF! Kyle and I are shocked! I didn’t get into it because again, this issue doesn’t involve me, but that didn’t stop everyone else from jumping right in.

Let’s talk about Taylor; she seems to be a walking contradiction. Honestly, how does Taylor tell Lisa to find her a man in one breath and then in the other she starts playing the victim, talking about how she feels guilty dating, etc.? I think it B.S.

Yolanda then makes the mistake of asking Lisa about what’s going on with Brandi and Adrienne and the fire is now fueled. Brandi admitted that she shouldn’t have said it, but unfortunately Mauricio starts to ask questions and then all hell breaks loose. I don’t blame Brandi for yelling at Mauricio; I would have done the same LOL!

Then whom do we hear from again? You guessed it, none other than Taylor, who is so desperate to get some attention on herself that she starts sticking up for Brandi and starts yelling that they are both are single women and need to stick together, and how her husband is dead and she’s left with a mountain of finances, etc. . .yada, yada, yada. Who cares??? So over her!

What the hell! After all the yelling has subsided, my husband, like always has to make a joke! So he asks what we want for desert. I think that sums this up.

As I get to know these ladies more I am taking this drama less seriously, honestly some of it is so over-the-top you have to laugh at the end. If nothing else, at least we are entertained.


NOTE:  It is pretty clear that Marisa was brought into the mix on the RHOBH to be the one “Housewife” who will take Shana down a peg or two… Welcome, Marisa!!!


Marisa’s personal photos…  absolutely LOVE Marisa’s wedding dress!

marisa marisa marisa-zanuck-photo-diary-01 marisa-zanuck-photo-diary-02 marisa-zanuck-photo-diary-03 marisa-zanuck-photo-diary-06

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44 comments on “MARISA ZANUCK: Marisa’s BravoBlog… Marisa Goes After Shana… Again…

  1. Memo: Marisa
    Regarding: Project Infiltrate
    The parameters have been set. Help Taylor implode by commenting on her self destruction and idiocy and her blonde “fake do-nothing of whoville” spot can be replaced and turned into a blonde real housewife of beverly hills one once again.
    P.S. Become friends with Brandi first and watch her head explode for bonus points.

    • Oh, come on. In a few episodes we will have a staged “intervention” and Kyle will be able to take Taylor back under her wing and treat her better then she did her sister. Taylor will be back in everyone’s good gracious and will be right in the world.

      • I don’t care what type of intervention happened. It obviously didn’t do a lick of good. She’s as much of a drunk as she ever was. Like I said before, that’s not even her worst problem… she’s SWINE – a con artist, liar, evil to the core. When she drinks she’s a drunk SWINE, a drunk con artist, a drunk liar and is still evil to the core.

  2. I like Marisa way more than Yolanda. Yolanda is a bore fest. Marisa should be a part of the cast.

    • I think Yolanda’s husband is the more interesting in that couple. Rehearsing with Barbra Streisand while the wife squeezes lemons and cleanses.

    • I love Yolanda and think she’s pretty darn cool because she’s not so much like the other ladies, although she and Lisa have known each other for awhile. It’s hard to believe that Marisa is Kyle’s friend though, and expect to see some friction between the two.

  3. I didn’t care for Marisa initially (before the show started) because she was so opinionated and ran her mouth about the other housewives (and I’m certain she doesn’t personally know them yet) but I have to admit… I like her candor. She’s not afraid to say anything she’s thinking or feeling and she’s not afraid to take up a cause that has been abandoned by everyone else. This makes it more laughable when, in the beginning, some reporter told Kyle that Marisa was talking crap in some interview. So Kyle said she’d have a talk with her. Yeah, RIGHT you will Kyle. That woman will eat you alive, and then throw you back up to feed the remains to your sissy husband.

    • I agree. I would love to be a fly on the wall for the convo Kyle has with her after reading this blog. Can you imagine? Marisa dared to come up hard against Kyle’s beloved alkie SWINE. bahahahaha. And then when SWINE calls Kyle to get her to go after Marisa… shew laws I bet Kyle will be so mixed up she wont know whether to wind her butt of scratch her watch.

      • Oh, don’t you worry about Kyle making choices…Marisa is rich, with a glamorous husband (“shooting with Matt Damon”: it’s cute she still brags about it… a little lack of confidence maybe?)

        • Eww… I agree Romo! I wanted to smack her. She’s well into her 40s isn’t she? We’ve talked about this in the past… I’m not one who believes 40 year old women need to act or dress matronly, but at some point you’ve got to stop acting like an idiot. The splits and hair dance…? Stop it Kyle

        • Hah! The hair dance. Does she think she is Willow Smith? Is she gonna start singing ‘Whip My Hair’?

          • The whole time she was twirling her hair (gone with the wind fabulous twirl) I thought, oh no don’t lift a leg to do the splits. There isn’t enough room for the splits.

      • Oh yeah, Go ahead Kyle and Mary… attack this one. Bet she has more money than Adrienne. So let’s get this straight.. you alienate the Fosters, the Zanuck (and her hubby) and the Vanderpumps…. was it really worth it? Plus… add in the rest of America…. You’re doing just great. Keep up the good work. (eyeroll)

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking…that woman will eat you alive. Beware ladies: Marisa has arrived and I believe she is the new Alpha Female. She squashed Shana’s drama like a bug, then gave Brandi a pass. Then she calls Brandi and Lisa’s friendship “cute.” Now that appears to be a backhanded compliment if there ever was one! She put Maurice in his place and therefor Kyle and Kim in their places by default. Yolanda and her lemon trees are not are not a threat. Loved the “my husband was off making a movie with Matt Damon”—-Oh snap!

  4. Marisa has to be the new housewife to take Taylor the train wreck’s place once she is fired…I hope!! Now if they will only get rid of everyone else on the show other than Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda. I keep bringing this up only because I want to see a major shake up on this show. 15 min of fame has gone to so many heads and I am over it. Back to Taylor, I pity whomever she marries next because she will always play the victim card and drive the man insane.

  5. People, I’m with you,to like Marisa is very tempting. I do feel like she is the clean up man. I think Bravo wants to ditch SWINE and can not do it straight out because her husband died at Bravo’s hands and they are afraid of backlash. They clearly read these blogs and know they must address the SWINE issue. In comes housewife hitman, Marisa Zanuck, to “take out the trash”. Through her, editing and a steady stream of alcohol Bravo will address all of SWINES issues. Buy the time Marisa is done even the SWINE fans will want her tarred and feathered and Bravo walks away with clean hands. They even let Marisa support Brandi because the fans love her and that will make her even more rightous in her attacks on SWINE so she doesn’t look like a bully. I’m not saying don’t like Marisa, what I am saying is don’t let Bravo manipulate your brain.

  6. LOVE that Marisa’s thang is to take Traylor trash down! When will they bring one in the punch MoReese in the face? It needs to happen soon. He says “amaaaaazing!” and “That’s just the reality of the situation.” way too much and he’s a douche on wheels.

    • LOL! I knew that bothered me, Romo, but couldn’t put a finger on it until you just said it. You’re just amaaaazing, and that’s the reality of the situation!

    • OH MY GOD YES!! And my skin crawls when he starts with the: “How are you doing my brother?” “Do you want a drink my brother?” “Hello honey. How are you my love, honey”

      He is Karent level annoying.

  7. I’m liking this lady more and more. She’s just as ” tell it like it is” as Brandi, she just omits the F bombs! I also hope her husband and David Foster (being true BH power players) rise up and beat the hell out of Maurice!!!

  8. LOVE that Marisa has Taylor’s number. Of course it’s bs. Before he even killed himself they were separated and she was seeing someone else. It had only been a “hot minute.” More like a hot second.

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