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Hello everybody! This week seems to have whizzed by. I have been in NY and now safely back home, but life has been hectic. My new years resolutions are also completely done for. . . Oh well there is always next year.

And so the story unfolds, as we recommence with Brandi still reeling from the confrontation with Scheana. It had been a precarious meeting, one that could have gone either way. Scheana had initiated it. I, with a certain amount of anxiety, had facilitated it, after Brandi decided that it was much needed.   NOTE:  Lisa says it right… it IS a story!  A story made up in the minds of the producers!

Many have questioned my judgement in continuing to employ Scheana, but understand this, she had been working at Villa Blanca for almost four years and often picking up shifts in Sur. She had always been a reliable and good waitress. I had only been friends with Brandi a few months, or so at that time. One: legally I could not terminate her employment. And two: morally I wouldn’t. It was a personal situation, that until now, had been none of my business.

I do believe that often the thought and the unknown is always more intimidating. If you face things head on, I think you are often surprised by the outcome.

If there is one result that has transpired out of this uncomfortable situation that is the fact that both women now don’t dread the possibility of running into each other at the restaurant. They have some sort of closure — and so forwards we go.

I am absolutely fascinated by the dynamic between the sisters, the path they have taken and the growth and strength that Kim displays. It seems to be an incredibly complicated relationship that is almost impossible to understand. I identify with the fact that if somebody hurts you, how can you forget it? Is it possible for one to rewind the clock, cast aside the feelings of betrayal, the tears, and humiliation in this case? I conclude that possibly when the relationship and history is as strong as theirs, that there will always be room, and some potential to mend their fences. I hope so.

RHOBH LisaV swing

I spend time in my restaurant, sampling food, fiddling with flowers, then head on home. I hate surprises, but thought when Ken ordered me to close my eyes, I wondered if it was a new puppy. So when I saw the swing, covered in roses, and the heart-shaped flower bed it touched me. Just the thought behind it! That is what is the most important — when somebody you love tries to make you happy. It is never a monetary thing, or if it is it shouldn’t be. Mmany times Ken has overwhelmed me with ridiculously extravagant gifts. I have loved and appreciated them, but a sentimental gift, an act of love, will always trump that! (Ken if you are reading this, it doesn’t mean you are finished buying me jewelry!) Anyway, it was only a couple of months before our 30th wedding anniversary. . .Ken had wanted to renew our vows on our 25th. I wriggled out of that one! We had taken a few days alone on Lake Como. I would prefer it to be just between ourselves, that is where we differ. But after that sentimental gesture, how could I refuse?

So back to our group. . .We are all meeting at a Moroccan restaurant, sans Adrienne and Paul. I had heard that they had removed themselves temporarily from our group. I had no idea where the individual relationships stood. I wondered if Kim would be hauled over the coals for not having Chad’s birthday at the Palms, but maybe she had a pass! I knew  Kyle had contact with them, but as far as I could gather they had withdrawn from the circle.


All seems to be going reasonably well, until the subject of the legal letter that was sent from Adrienne’s lawyer to Brandi. I am flabbergasted that it had come to this. I hadn’t been at Mauricio’s event and was unaware that Brandi had been called a drug addict and a terrible mother, but doesn’t that warrant a reciprocal letter? Should I have sued after the reunion for defamation and slander too?   NOTE:  Does anyone have this “legal letter” sent to Brandi???   Has anyone ever seen this letter?  

All I know is that Brandi lives pretty frugally, paying her rent and struggling on a minuscule amount of alimony — with no extra for the luxury of litigious letters to friends who have crossed the line. Thankfully with this show and her book, things are beginning to flourish financially. The conversation starts to intensify, with once again, Brandi being the centre of the escalating discussion.   NOTE: RIIIIIIIIGHT!   Brandi is just a poor,  single divorcee… just struggling along!  Get the hell outta here!  Brandi has herself a golden ticket Bravo contract and is paid for each appearance she attends!  Lisa also forgot about Brandi’s clothing line!

Now as I remarked before in my previous blog, Ken will jump to the defense of a woman in need. Brandi was again under attack. Mauricio was chastising Brandi, and Ken was having none of it. That is a reason why I love him — that he will always be a protector and never let someone be intimidated, especially a woman.

This saga continues, engulfing us all,the group divided and nobody at this point seeing any perfect way of resolving these issues. . .

So till next week, keep warm as it has been almost like winter in England here! That is something we don’t expect. So I will close off now and remind myself to always expect the unexpected!   NOTE:  Yes… it’s been a bone-numbing 47 degrees in CA!  What would the RHOBH ever do in Alaska?!

Love to you all.


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48 comments on “LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa’s BravoBlog…

  1. First, Lisa is not in England; as you know Lisa lives in Los Angeles; and it has been soooo cold here. Therefore, she may have been using an illustration to describle the weather in Los Angeles.

    Now, as for Maurico …used to like him…but, for him to call Brandi a gossip is the most amusing statement utered. He is sleeping withn the biggest DRAMA starter on the show – Kyle. I could go on but, the point is….do not like Kyle or Maurico or Kim for that matter.

    Kim, now come on…you don’t like Brandi, but, she was on the money about you having an addiction; although it wasn’t drugs…you were addicted. But, you need as well as Kyle is take OWNERSHIP in how you two treated Brandi; and you two have not done that….the two of you LOVE blaming Brandi for thngs…..It’s as if you ladies have not watch the show! COME ON! I did not like the way Kim was dismissive of Brandi when she said that it was KIM and KYLE started on Brandi first…meaning it was Brandi’s REACTION to Kim and Kyle’s ACTIONS. IMO, I believe the sisters are jealous of Brandi and her popularity.

    • I agree! But the problem is Kim hasn’t watched the “game night” episode. She says she can’t watch that season because of what she was going through and it’s too hard to watch herself. While I had some sympathy for her it is starting to erode really quickly ’cause I don’t think she has the right to keep throwing that crap in Brandi’s face if Kim can’t “woman up” enough to watch that episode first. Plus, I firmly believe Kim was mixing something with that alcohol by her actions that whole season. Brandi just got the name wrong.

      • I also think it was more then just booze. She was going in the bathroom too much, IMO that is either coke or some other substance that you have to hide while doing it. Kyle checked her coffee cup at one point and said it was just coffee, so the jig is up Kim. It’s like except for Shanna and Lisa all these women seem to forget that they have outed each others dirty little secrets true or untrue at some point in this show. Adrianne said friends dont sure friends and Lisa pointed it out, there is no going back on that statement. Kyle pulling up camille’s soft core porn movie was a real class act and no that wasnt to start drama? So shut the fuck up Muricio and clean up your own backyard before commenting on someone elses.

        • I think she was snorting pain pills…my ex did that and acted just like she did. It makes you seem drunk when you haven’t had an ounce. It’s pretty disgusting to be around.

          • I totally agree it wasn’t (just) liquor. Remember when she was crawling on her hands and knees, face practically on the floor in the hotel room with Ken2? What was she searching for–the bottle opener???? PLEEEZZZZ.

      • Every time. I found it disgusting that Mo wouldn’t let it go when Ken was trying to get him to. No matter what it is not his beef. He didn’t stand up for Lisa, even though he knows that if someone made the same accusation to him, he would have had a fit since it would have effected his business. He’s a hypocrite who refuses to see that his wife is just as guilty of spilling the tea as anyone else is.

  2. I am sick of Brandi and her whining. Didn’t Adrienne bring her on the show. I dont care how upset you get with a friend you don’t spill their “deep dark secret” when you get mad. Especially sick of her favorite mode of defense being STFU while having dinner. Maybe Lisa can have some influence on her. Why is Trailer still on the show?

    • I personally love her STFU…. There are many times in life one wants to say that and doesn’t for one reason or another. This woman (Brandi) has no filter and let’s it roll. Doesn’t matter who it is, if they deserve it, they get it.

      I don’t think she and Adrienne were friends outside of Bravo. Although I’ll give Adrienne credit last season for being fair to her, she’s taken that credit and defaulted on the loan due to her behavior at the reunion (to Lisa) and to Brandi since. If it was THAT personal, they wouldn’t all have the inside scoop. Even more ridiculous is know that everyone knows your secret and yet inventing a complete story/lie around it IN FRONT OF THEM. That’s just weird.

    • Yes, Adrienne did bring Brandi on the show. She brought her there to Spite Lisa b/c (producer induced) her one time run in with Cedric. Don’t you remember all that? LOL

    • I gotta admit I cringed when I heard the STFU coming out of her mouth again in the previews for last nights show and was dreading hearing it in the show. But it ended up not bothering me nearly as much while watching the whole scene. Brandi does have room for improvement, everybody does. But I only like 3 housewives in all the shows/cities anyway, so I gotta say I really appreciate her presence in the face of so many I find absolutely disgusting/deplorable while getting why others may not, lol!

    • If it’s such a ‘deep dark secret” then why in the heck did Ken say it was true (before being told my Lisa to watch his words)? Please! Adrienne is a business woman, and knows better then to tell something that she doesn’t want on the streets. Brandi is unfiltered, but if you ask me, she’s a better person then Adrienne will ever be.

      • Lol! For me anyway, it wasn’t the cursing that was the problem, it was just that it was the exact same curse used so recently at the other dinner party. And when over-used they don’t pack the same punch (or with the idjits on this show more like it “over-packs”) and it can distract from the point trying to be made. ‘Course that’s just to my ear, lol! I just didn’t want Brandi to give those @sses an excuse to focus on that crap again for their usual deflection game :-)

        • It’s the same curse because it has a tendency to work. It took Mo aback, and that was what she was going for.

          • Thanks ever so much bsbfankaren, I’m sure I wouldn’t have caught that without you! Did you catch that I’d said “For me anyway”,and “Course that’s just to my ear?’ It means for me anyway and ‘course that’s just to my ear. You know, just my opinion. Fortunately, (especially when I like someone as I do Brandi) I don’t get upset when my opinion is wrong. I’m one of those weird people who’s ego isn’t all tied up in believing they’re right about everything and taking up lots of time and space trying to prove it to everyone. Please don’t use up anymore of your valuable time posting back, I won’t see it. I’m here simply for fun, sorry!

            • bsbfankaren, I owe you the hugest apology and was hoping you’d come back. I don’t expect you to accept it or believe it for that matter lol, but I swear to you I mistook you for someone else. Someone else that posted to a couple of other posters, which of course was none of my business anyway, but I was gunning for bear and just hoping they’d post to me so I’d have an excuse to well, make the @ss out of myself that I did. But it would’ve been to right person, so I wouldn’t have cared lol! Look, I don’t think I’m being cute or anything, just nervous because you deserved to be treated in the same way I’ve been treated on this board by all these people. They’ve pretty much treated me like a dear friend or relative, and gone way beyond the call of duty with love and affection for someone they didn’t even know. And I repaid them and you by getting stupid with a perfectly cool lady. I know that because I went back and read your posts thinking I was reading the other persons. I know you’re way beyond “together” enough that you couldn’t care less what I said, as far as it affecting you in any kind of bad way, because your post made me laugh even through my embarrassment. But that doesn’t change the fact that I owe you the apology just the same. Take care, and again I am sorry bsbfankaren

            • It’s all good and there is no need to apologize. I got virtually kicked off another blog for disagreeing with the bloggers favored people, so I take it all in stride. It’s a discussion. We won’t always agree with each other, but I’ve noticed that everyone here is respectful and that works for me. Take care!

            • Lol, people here disagree all the time, but they don’t get kicked off for that ever! And I hope I didn’t imply I was favored in some way, everyone here is treated like I am, just adjusted to suit each personality. Really, it’s different from any blog I’ve ever seen! Everybody truly cares about each other here. And nobody else would have made the mistake I did today, they would have made sure they knew who they were talking to lol!!! Anyway, thanks for being so very gracious and cool, hope to “see” you all over the board, I think you’re really gonna like it here! And yeah, I owed you that apology and more girl <3

          • Or was Mo’s goal to get Brandi fired up enough so she’d show her azz again? These people or so calculating.

            • Yep.That’s why when I heard the “STFU” in the previews it made me cringe, I didn’t want Brandi to give them the pleasure of knowing they’d rattled her. Or in being rattled not give them the opportunity to play the “she’s just a one-trick-pony anyway” card when they ripped on her later. But I realized I got too bogged down in the tiny details lol, and Brandi will hold her own just fine. The combination of her own fierceness and Lisa, Ken and possibly YoFo’s (if they’re hanging out together) friendships will help her regain the confidence she needs to truly not give a f*ck what those people ever say, think or do anymore, ever, into infinity, lol!

            • Yes, but he had to know that Lisa would support her. Surely his wife clued him in to that. As I recall after Kim told Adrienne and Paul what Brandi said, one of the first things out of their mouths was something like “who was involved”, then they said something that indicated Lisa, without saying her name. Whether or not they official throw Lisa under the bus for this, and that still remains to be seen, I think they all know that Lisa is Brandi’s friend and will stand up for her., although I’m not sure Mo calculated that Ken would. That appeared to be a calculation error on his part.

  3. Yeah I know- what the hell is the secret but still it was a low blow by Brandi. It must be my age that finds STFU at dinner offensive. I a sure my daughter would find it amusing. I feel kind of bad for Adrienne because she was the voice of reason in earlier shows and did stick up for Kim with Kyle being such a biaatch.

    • It was no more of a “low blow” then what Adrienne said about Lisa. Seems someone can dish it out, but can’t take it. Besides, Adrienne hasn’t been the voice of reason since the first season. After that her need to attack Lisa took over. She was even mentioning her in scenes she wasn’t involved in. Have we been watching the same show?

  4. Brandi has several screws loose. The “perfect dimwit” to cast on these shows.

    When she is not engaged in a Twitter war with LeeAnn (where neither one has any empathy for what these young boys are having to endure as their parents “expose” family secrets for all the world to see) she is “outing” another cast mate and inviting everybody within hearing distance to “STFU!”

    It might make sense if Brandi got a job to fill up the time she spends genuflecting at Lisa’s knee rather than running all over BH whining about her misery. Her ignorance was evident when she agreed with the Bravo producers to have a “sit down” with airhead waitress Scheana as an introduction to Lisa’s idiotic show involving her restaurant.

    With Taylor moaning about domestic violence and former scams, apparently Brandi will spend most of her time “confronting” her cheating husband’s former girlfriends and future wives.

    Each of them needs to get a real job doing something beyond weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth and consider the harm they are putting their children in instead of lashing out. Been there, done that with Camille.

    • Wow! I see you really have no use for Brandi, but “genuflecting at Lisa’s knee”? Is it not possible that they are actually friends?

      And so what is the secret Adrienne’s boys must endure? And what does it have to do with “outing”, something I’ve come to equate with someone’s sexual orientation and “coming out of the closet”! Do you know something here?

      It’s funny how to some, people aren’t allowed to have any real issues in their lives, or be anything less then perfect, but I suppose that is how life is. We don’t want to see ourselves in the people we view on television, or we do, and therefore decide to exercise our own demons by verbally thrashing these characters. By the way, Brandi does have a job. She’s getting paid to be on this show, just as everyone else is.

      • Those “friendships” are strictly for the camera.

        These “characters” sign a contract, no one forces them to behave this outrageously unless they are being paid. And they all are.

        Brandi has agreed to being this season’s “big mouth” when last season it was all about “domestic abuse”.

        Kim should never subject herself to this characterization unless the offer from Bravo is paying for the privilege. They are.

        Brandi is also trying to “sell a book” which in time her own kids will read and regardless if Eddie Cibiran is the biggest jerk on the planet he is still their father.

        As for Traylor Trash, she admits in her opening that she is not about to leave BH willingly thus the search for a new man to support her lifestyle without having to earn it. Never mind that he happens to be still married.

        Disintegrating marriages, floundering “friendships”, out of control kids, bankruptcy filings, business losses, nothing prevents these women from trotting it all out there then whining about public reaction.

        They can’t live without that camera. Camille is one who does not need the money yet she is back for another season hoping that the audience will conveniently forget her behavior from Season 1 when she “graduated” as the most hated housewife on that series.

        Lisa and Brandi as BFFs? Not buying it. Brandi needs an “ally” this time around. Lisa just happens to be the only one left she has not told to “STFU”. So far anyway.

        • LOL! O.K. It’s all for the cameras, no one is actually anyone’s friend, and I’m sure Lisa will be the next to her “STFU” since outrages behavior is what it’s all about. I got it. Thanks.

  5. I saw Charlie Sheen on Letterman last night and IMO Kim and him have the same after effects with moving around a lot and eye rolling, so I guess Kim was on more than just booze. She just doesn’t come across as an xalcohlic, there’s a lot more going on with her and it’s a shame she put herself back on the show so soon, she still has a lot of issues to fix. To me it’s like Bravo is highlightnig her downfall again.

    • Yeah, while Kim looks a lot better know, there are few people who have seen her on screen who believe she was only drinking. I’ve lived with an alcoholic, and while some of the things Kim did were classic, there were other things (like the infamous bathroom trips) that point to other substances.

      • I’m agreeing with you both. I’ve also lived with an alcoholic a time or two and trust me… those bathroom trips are usually drunken trips with the door hanging open. Not top secret nervousness and jittery hands. There were other substances involved and that’s another ‘secret’ we all know.

        • I would agree with that. She never struck me as strictly a drinker and I’ve known a few alcoholics in my time and a few druggies and a few who excelled at both mediums.

  6. i seem to remember the scean at paul’s office where the girls were getting ( i guess free) cosmetic treatments. she (kim) told paul all what she was taking rx wise. he said then that she shouldn’t be mixing those pills and that was causing all that behavour(? spelling not my strong suit). what paul didn’t know was she was drinking and mixing. and if she didn’t like brandi or kyle calling out her bad, she shouldn’t behaive bed in public or on tv.

  7. Lisa, you’re full of sh-t. Remember how cruelly Ken treated woman in need Taylor when she said she was going to therapy to deal w/ her abusive husband? How soon we forget.

    • Yeah, how soon we forget that he didn’t believe Taylor’s story, his wife wasn’t buying it, and neither were Adrienne and Paul at the time.

    • And when it comes down to it, I still don’t believe the abuse story. Too much doesn’t add up, and it all just seemed far too convenient giving the financial house of cards that was about to fall down at the time, and likely not for the first time.

    • He wasnt cruel to her to the lying shank, he gave his opinion on therapy thats all
      a lot of people think going to therapy is hogwash eps peoplefrom Ken generation.
      And when was Taylor abused all i know about is the lies she told about being abused.

      • Most of what came out of her mouth smelled like fresh cow pie to me and with all the booze she was imbibing, she could not keep her stories straight. Trailor Skank’s a succubus for drama and on each and every occasion, she tries to draw it back to herself.

  8. Exactly. If you watched the shows from last season, we were all thinking, Brandi just got to say it. And, you can’t sue someone for saying something that is true, ADRIENNE! I love Brandi and Lisa. Lisa is the only reason I watch this show. HATE KYLE, KIM AND NOW ESPECIALLY MAURICO or however you spell it. He needs to give that lecture to his wife and apologize to Brandi. Truth hurts, but it’s still the truth. Even if what he said was true, he shouldn’t browbeat a woman and get involved, he was acting like a girl.

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