KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s BravoBlog… Still Explains NOTHING About The Adrienne/Brandi Boondoggle…


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This week’s episode was very intense. SO much going on and emotions running so high.

yolanda lemon garden

Let’s start at Yolanda’s.  The camera really doesn’t do her lemon orchard justice. Those lemons go on for DAYS! I have never seen so many lemons in my life. In front of the house, in the back, on the side. . .LOTS of lemons.

kyle yolanda

Yolanda invited me over and was going to show me how to do the Master Cleanse. I have a lot of friends that have done it, but I have a hard time with the idea of not eating for days. I want to be healthy, and I do eat healthy, but I also allow myself to indulge when I really want to. It didn’t taste bad at all — but I just couldn’t get myself to stick with it. I have always battled my weight and have tried EVERY diet imaginable. I’m just at a point in my life where being thin is not a priority. I’m willing to eat right and exercise, but not starve.

I am so happy and relieved to see my sister Kim strong and sober. She went through a lot over the years and I truly believe she is stronger than ever. It hurt me to hear her say to her life coach, “If you love someone, don’t you pull them aside in private and tell them they need help?” My family and I had done that for many years. Always in private. However, I understand her anger about that night in the back of the limo.

It’s hard watching the show sometimes, especially since Kim and I are in such a great place right now. We are happy and finally able to be sisters again. We have to remind ourselves that things we have each said and done were in the past when we were both still angry, and to not let it affect where we are today. I will do everything in my power to keep it this way.

Later at the dinner party when Kim wanted to get into a serious conversation, my first thought was “Oh, no. Not here” I wanted to keep things “light” (as if that’s possible these days). But I was happy to hear what Kim was saying and know we needed to have those conversations, as uncomfortable as they can make me sometimes. It is difficult bringing up the past, and I am grateful we are at point today where we can have these discussions without arguing. We both understand each other more today than we ever have.

marisa kyle

I wanted Marisa to know the girls and I really can all have fun and (believe it or not) usually do. Things have been so bad lately because of the Adrienne and Brandi fight. It really is so sad. Unfortunately, the viewers don’t know what Brandi said. If they did AND Adrienne hadn’t hired a lawyer, people would see this in a very different light. A lot of people comment that others shouldn’t get involved. EVERYONE is involved in this mess. Just like everyone has been involved in all the problems that we have gone through these last three years of following our lives.   NOTE:  Will ONE of these BH Housewives SPILL it about what was actually said?!  Either spill it or just stop talkin’ about it!



We thought a night out on neutral ground would be fun and lighten things up. Brandi and I were fine and in a good place. I had already expressed my feelings when this first happened and then wanted to move forward. However, the subject is still too hot. It keeps coming up over and over again. Each time it gets brought up, more people get involved and more relationships are put to the test.


I have NEVER seen Mauricio like we all saw him in last night’s episode. He is always the calm one in any situation. However, he felt strongly about the subject matter. Adrienne and Paul stopped socializing with the group after what Brandi said. Mauricio and Paul are good friends and he was hearing from Paul the pain that they were going through. Mauricio felt that a phone call would benefit Paul, Adrienne, AND Brandi. That is how he deals with problems — directly.

It would be almost impossible for all of us to get together and not have the Adrienne/Brandi issue come up. So we either don’t get together at all or we do and try not to discuss it. Since this is what is going on in their daily lives, it inevitably comes up,
everyone starts chiming in and we have another disaster dinner.

Lisa and Ken were no longer friends with Adrienne and Paul and Mauricio was not friends with Brandi. It’s natural they would each want to protect the people that they are friends with. It was upsetting on so many levels. I wanted Mauricio and Ken to stop because they are also friends and usually the voice of reason when we are having problems.

Our dinner continues next week.

Until then. . .


On next week’s RHOBH…

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150 comments on “KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s BravoBlog… Still Explains NOTHING About The Adrienne/Brandi Boondoggle…

  1. Strange that Kyle/Vyle has the same green dress that Marisa had on at the dinner party. Little less on the bling bling around collar but same style and color.

        • It looked better on Marisa. Something about that style of dress on a woman with long black hair just seems so dated. I did, however, like Kyle’s black jumpsuit from her dinner party as well as what she had on at the Moroccan dinner. It was flattering on her. But how was that for phoning it in in terms of hosting an event? Just book a room and show up 5 minutes before your guest with namecards? Okie Doke Kyle.

  2. Just noticed in the last part of clip where Mauricia gives Ken the bottle of gin, SWINE is holding on to that bottle for dear life :) She was hoping to take it home with her I presume..

  3. Betcha deep down Kyle is glad Maury is taking the hits instead of her this week. Betcha Taylor was hoping Ken would forget the amazing, unbelievable bottle of gin so she could have scooped it up herself, then she could have had an amazing, unbelievable drunken good time once again.

  4. Let me be the first one to say, I can’t stand hag and her man… Maurice knew that he stepped over the line.. And Ken let him have it… Bringing fine gin to make it go away, I don’t think so Maurice, your going to have to kiss ass a bit more… :)

  5. Interesting how Kyle says, “Things were fine until ______________(<——— insert a houswife's name here) and ____________(<———– insert another name here) situation, fight, whatever started." She forgets to remember she was the catalyst who escalated the situation of not the impetus who started the whole hot mess.

    • Exactly. I hope she is reminded of that come reunion time and if she tries to wiggle out of it then its roll that beautiful bean footage time… with that little “oh crap” cam focused in on her face in the left hand corner of the screen.

  6. You can explain away until you are blue in the face Kyle, but it’s too late. You have done so much damage with the ladies on this show. You instigate confrontations (you are extremely aggressive and confrontational yourself), you manipulate and you are very arrogant. No matter what you say about your sister, you want her to fail. To talk behind her back is disgusting and I have no doubt she will be very hurt when she sees what you have said. You should be telling her how proud you are of her and giving her your full support. Kim has come a long way in a short period of time and is turning her life around. Good for her and she looks radiant now! You and your husband deserve one another. He is a fool for acting the way he does and forcing himself into situations that are none of his business.

    • I agree. Kyle never seemed supportive of Kim’s recovery. She seemed like she was expecting Kim to fail. What a horrible sister.

      • I wonder if Kyle participated in Kim’s Rehab. Usually it’s a part of the process. IMO Kyle has never liked being thought of as Kim’s little sister in the film and TV industry! Grow up Kyle!

        • Kyle was there to see Kim while she was doing her recovery. Once she got out, it seemed like Kyle wasn’t as supportive. Kyle is the sick, passive-aggressive type who is happier to see her sister in a bad place because she has more of a handle on her. Recovered Kim is too scary to Kyle!

          • Thanks LOL! To those few people who gave my shite for telling y’all to “do a search on SH” before asking questions, I’m eating some crow right now:P

        • Good point pjbottoms! Our family (from my generation up-thank God the story is different with our kids on down, fingers always crossed) has been decimated from the addiction thing, both drugs and alcohol. From a once very, very large family all that remains are 2 cousins, myself, one cousin’s child & grandchild and my own kids. It’s why I’ve always been so extremely careful w/the meds after surgeries etc.and don’t drink, pure unadulterated fear (I have nothing against people that do, truth is I envy people who can drink socially lol!) Anyway, although the many rehab stays with various family members involved many different treatment facilities and treatment plans, the one constant was the encouragement of family members participation, even if only a one time 1 hour meeting. With Kyle’s heavy involvement in Kim’s life, and all the acrimony/pain Kim’s dealt with due to their relationship I don’t believe there’s any way in h*ll Kim’s treatment team didn’t try to involve Kyle.Yet Vyle doesn’t seem to have the knowledge of someone who’s watched a PSA on TV. She doesn’t give a rat’s @ss about Kim as a human being, just a “thing” she can use for “poor me, look what I have to deal with” type attention. Cannot stand her!!!

          • I’m watchin’ the mail for my award for biggest @ss to ever hit a board MsSH, (and for how many consecutive days now???) but better hurry, I’ve already broken through the floorboards and walls– I’m gonna have to move to an open meadow soon. The best part for you? I don’t have a laptop and don’t own nearly enough extension cords for the ol’ desk top to reach! :-/

              • Aw Made, have I told ya lately that I adore ya? How do you always know the right thing to say and the perfect song to play??? Thanks for being the kinda friend that tells a girl what she needs to hear, even when you don’t know if she wants to hear it <3 Getting off the meds let me know I just started posting too soon. My sister passed away 2 days before I wrote that first post to you, after 28 years of being on crack. Somehow I let myself regress to about age 5, lose all confidence and do a lot of transference about family too. Yeah, I can hear the duuuuh, ya thinks so's??? :-) (You guys really are like the family I never had though, lol!) And if I HAD to lose my d@mned mind, I was very lucky to have found such a soft place to crash, and I really want to thank EVERYBODY for that <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Wanna know what other good deed you did, Made? My 17 yr old daughter just got her heart broken for the first time last night (boyfriend/girlfriend for 2 yrs). That's why I didn't find your post until now. Anyway, she's at the stage where when she wakes up, she thinks it was all a dream, and a few seconds later when it hits her, her hearts breaks fresh again :-( So I came on here when she goes upstairs, find this song and after listening to it the first time, crank the speakers up full blast (just a pray'in that she'll get it and it'll soothe her a little, insteada thinkin' I'm made of ice, ya never know with them teens!) And girl, this heartbroke child danced all the way down the stairs into the living room, tried to crank it louder, and laughed and spun through 5 playin's of it!!! And that's a beginning! And that's all a person needs. So Raise Your Glass Made, 'cause you got the Magic!!! You're a hoot and a big ol' heart and a true friend. Thank Ya Girl. Linda

              • Yeah, the first is always the worst whatever the cause may be, and I gotta say I’m right proud of her fightin’ spirit. Thanks again for the perfect song to get her going, and thanks for reminding me (I know you tried before, but I couldn’t hear ya yet) that I gotta get the h*ll over myself (I can spell self-absorption, just couldn’t see it ewwww!!!) and gonna just laugh through the stoopid, ’cause that one ain’t goin’ anywhere for reelz.. Okay,LET IT ALL GO and have a ball with it all! Got it this time. Thanks for not quittin’ on me ’til it sank in Made. And to think I broke through lurkdom hoping to help you through a hard time. Batchit craaazy!!! See ya later alligator :-)

              • Don’t you worry none about it Lynda. In this big ole traffic jam of life even the most lighthearted seeming amongst us hurts so kind words are never wrong.

  7. This is getting as bad as NJ. These people are suppose to be the upper crust of society….yea right, I wonder what the lower crust is like. No person of priviledge acts like this, no wonder Kathy doesnt hang around them. They are all acting like a bunch of irrelevent idiots. Gossip gossip gossip. Looks like I’m done with this show.

      • Hi Shana, Kathy is Vyle and Kim’s older sister (and imho no better than Vyle). She married into the Hilton family and also holds the dubious honor of being the mother of Paris Hilton. But what can we expect to come of the blending of Hilton DNA and and Richardson girl’s mama from hell, apparently the gift that keeps on giving throughout the generations. Although I do admit I have heard some good things (comparatively speaking anyway) about Paris’ sister Nicky as well.

  8. No Lyle “EVERYONE” most certainly does NOT have to be involved in whatever it is that Brandi said.

  9. Im amazed that Kylie could get her finger out of her *BIPPP* long enough to write a freaking blog….just disapointed that she obviusly still lives in Never Never land and still cant except any responsibility for anything…still uses the same BS, moves, lines and deflecting as any other time she gets in trouble for her behaviur. But it is obvious that she is much more careful and walks on a fine line to minimize the damage. She cant say im sorry or I was wrong and in the same time she cant stand by herself…that must be hell to live that life, in such a prison created by yourself.

    • Yeah you’ll notice that whenever she discusses the issues between her and Brandi last season, it’s always Brandi’s fault. Never her’s and Kim’s.

  10. Does this vyle woman actually expect us to believe that moreecio never once blew his top before? That he’s so pure hearted and kind…..really? FYI lady you’re married to a major douche, tshirt and blazer and all. All he needs to do is roll up his sleeves. Vyle You married a douche cuz you are a vicious skank and the worst hostess in the history of life itself

    • She always says that after the first (and second and third an so on….) blowUp. Remember after her fight in the limo with Kim. She said that they never ever had a fight like that before, (like she has claimed that they used to be sooo close) and now in this episode, suddenly her and Kim have been fighting like crazies since childhood. She used the same line about her and Kim after gamenight.
      We cant trust a word kyle says, cause her reality changes with what could benefit her the most. If I had a nickel for everytime that woman has majorly contradicted herself….

    • Omgosh she is the worst hostess! Wth happened back there? Did she spend 2 years to decorate one room just to blow it on her first dinner party? Yes
      Oh right and MoReese is a mega douche ball.

  11. So Kyle thinks if everyone knew what Brandi said, we’d be bashing Brandi along with her, Faye, Kim and Mo. Til the bitter end that woman defends her position. Apparently she is too stupid to know that everyone actually owns a computer and we know what google is. Duh. Kyle, we know what was said. Anyone who bought US Magazine two weeks ago saw the piece where Adrienne confirmed what Brandi said and also confirmed that it was true. Does she live inside a paper bag? Does she only buy US when she’s in it?

    And as far as her assessment “everyone is involved” – well, that’s only because she got everyone involved, right? We know who was at the table. Faye wasn’t. Mo wasn’t. And yet they are involved in a very large way. In fact, none of the ladies have confronted Brandi as far as I can tell. Just Faye and Mo. Now…let me think…what do they have in common?

    Sure, the big bang did happen at Mo’s event, but honestly, a MAN would just let it go. You know – it’s done. It’s past. It’s over. Next. But not Mo. He needs to rub it in. Just because he hasn’t had the chance to lay into Brandi while Faye got her chance – what’s the fairness of that?

    Frankly, and finally, I cannot imagine a world where Paul Nassif would tell Mo whatever-his-last-name-is on the phone that he’s in so much pain. I tried to play that scene out in my brain. My brain laughed at me and asked for Kit Kat bars.

  12. Here’s my response to her blog. Who knows if it’ll make it past Bravo’s post patrol:

    I could not disagree with you more, Kyle. First you make sure we all know that you are not believing that you sister’s sobriety is real, then you sit there for the second time while someone close to you attacks Brandi, bringing up memories of the way you treated Brandi again and again last season. If the truth were really told, there is no one statement that Brandi could have made that would caused Paul or Adrienne that much pain, since all they had to do was deny it, speak to Brandi directly, then let it go. Instead you have all chosen….I repeat CHOSEN…to carry this nonsense from episode to episode leading the viewers to believe that this is all either scripted, or none of you have a life. What Adrienne said to Lisa at the end of last season, that we all heard, was extremely hurtful and yet we’ve never seen you or your husband take her side even once. I’m sorry, but your husband is a bully and like Allison Dubois said about you two seasons ago, you are a mean girl.

    • I have often wondered by Lisa has not confronted Kyle about attending the Adrienne hosted meeting prior to the reunion show – that meeting where the agenda was “let’s rip Lisa a new one.” I would have liked to see how Kyle handled that. Although, knowing her, I’d think she would say something, “I didn’t know that’s what the meeting was about.”

  13. Thank you for these first 16 comments where people make SENSE. I can never read through the Bravo comments (they always seem to crash my computer…even the one at work which has killer memory space.) But here, at least people see that Vile Richards and her husband, The Great Meddler, are getting involved in something they should STAY OUT OF. A few times in my marriage I’ve had some lady-arguements where I looked at my husband and asked, “What do you think? Are you on my side??” And though dear husband-unit is always supportive in everything I do, when it comes to arguments between friends he says, “This is your call, not my business.” And I am glad he says that; he should not be involved and I am being a baby in asking he give me an opinion on the friend-arguements.
    Maurice should NOT be involved in this. And attacking Brandi: COWARDLY. Maurice, mind your own beeswax. You only did it to kiss the rich butts of Adrienne’s group so you COULD SELL THEIR HOUSE when the divorce came. I am so damn glad Ken and Lisa snubbed you in that clip. Meddler. Cry baby. Go scratch!

  14. Also, need we forget that Liar Richards is P-Hilton’s aunt?The original family of FameWhores and Liars who spawned the Karwhoriens?

  15. Thank you for these first 16 comments where people make SENSE. I can never read through the Bravo comments (they always seem to crash my computer…even the one at work which has killer memory space.) But here, at least people see that Vile Richards and her husband, The Great Meddler, are getting involved in something they should STAY OUT OF. A few times in my marriage I’ve had some lady-arguements where I looked at my husband and asked, “What do you think? Are you on my side??” And though dear husband-unit is always supportive in everything I do, when it comes to arguements between friends he says, “This is your call, not my business.” And I am glad he says that; he should not be involved and I am being a baby in asking he give me an opinion on the friend-arguements.
    Maurice should NOT be involved in this. And attacking Brandi: COWARDLY. Maurice, mind your own beeswax. You only did it to kiss the rich butts of Adrienne’s group so you COULD SELL THEIR HOUSE when the divorce came. I am so damn glad Ken and Lisa snubbed you in that clip. Meddler. Cry baby. Go scratch!

  16. Morris is an ammmmaaaazzzziiiinnnnggg transparent jerk. He is only sucking up to Ken because he handle the thought of losing Ken as a prospective buyer. If Brandi had money, he would tell her that she was “ammmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzziiiingggg” for revealing private information about Adrienne and Paul.

    I wonder if Adrienne’s secret is that she wanted Brandi to donate her eggs or to even to be a surrogate?

    • I hope Brandi lands herself some seriously rich guy, just so she could flip mocheezio the bird, and find herself some smooth talking broker drop $20million, and then watch mocheezio run home and jump on his bed and start wailing….babhhhhabahabababaab.!LOL!

        • He’s soooo DOUCHE I think he’d side step Brandi and give it to her fabulously rich man and their broker. DOUCHE!

      • I find myself wishing she wins the powerball ! I think this is a big set up so Brandi is the one Adrianne can blame the divorce on.

    • No if we’re playing the game of Clue, I still say it’s Chef Bernie in the petri dish with MaloofHoof and not Fred Flintstone. That’s the big secret.

  17. Kyle should be embarassed, Mauricio looked a little drunk and ranted on and on. I’m sorry Kyle, a drunken rude man does not need to be debating lady issues. He didn’t know Brandi’s side or what Adrienne had done to her, he didn’t need to be dominating the conversation like an angry little boy. And when Ken, his superior in class and restraint, told him to lay off, he needed to STFU.

  18. If Mo is so concerned with Paul, Ad and world peace why didn’t he offer to help Brandi contact them or at least relay a message. Because he’s a snake.

    • He’s amaaaaazzzzzzing, he’s got a law degree from WalMart. That’s how come he can hand out free legal advice and all. Brandi should take it, after all he got his dental degree there too and did his own lumineers.

      • Too bad he didn’t get his ENT medical degree there at walmart too, and fix that stuffy nose of his as well.

  19. Tonight, Cat, from RHODC, tweeted about Adrienne having 2 much work done (plastic surgery) & then said “Why in the **** is TRAYLOR still on #RHOBH” AND YES,she called her TRAYLOR-Wonder where she got that from…Hmmm ;) On another note, Im not mad Mauricio said what he did to Brandi..IK most of u are…But I like him & the excuse Ken gave about Brandi not having a husband/bf to support her (defend her) is crap-IMO! M didnt raise his voice or scream at B, he told her his opinion, whether it was right or wrong in viewers eyes. I’m a divorced mother of 3 & I dont need any man 2 defend me & I do perfectly fine if a touchy subject or disagreement arises-but thats me. In Brandi’s blog, she mentioned something about not putting her nose in M’s business & he should follow suit..I guess hindsight is 20/20 huh? Ive liked B in the past but her saying STFU & F Off to any1, when she gets upset or gets her cage rattled, is ridiculous. I mean, its not a solution, its just unbecoming to her-Suck it up&apologize&Move ON!

    • Faye didn’t scream at Brandy either, but she was still wrong for coming at her sideways when it was none of her business. Mo put on a full display of bitchassness by doing the same thing. He should have stayed in his lane and shut up. Yeah, Brandy shouldn’t have put Maude’s business in the street (even though allegedly it was already out there), but everybody needed to back off and let Maude and Brandy handle it.

      • Faye kept on & on..was very rude. M basically said Call her, apologize & drop it (In a nutshell). M got heated with Ken. I still don’t think M was out of line…This is a reality show & there is a storyline & some of it’s scripted…M usually doesn’t say anything so IMO, this was scripted, too.

        • IA, it is a little unusual that all of a sudden Mo is being confrontational. I can see the producers telling him to turn it up a couple notches to keep his spot on the show.

        • I agree neutral, fake came at her out of left field. She kept it up, Brandi was stunned, then she excused herself, and that woman still kept it up…if she thought she was getting brownie points, she was wrong… Remember when fake asked hag if she was mad at her… I bey hag wished she would have said YES now… The viewers have turned on her and her side kick fur-ball…

      • Faye didn’t yell, it’s true. But she was nonetheless confrontational, condescending and relentless. It’s still an attack even if there was no yelling.

    • I think ken meant that when a woman is single she is viewed as weaker and more vulnerable because of her circumstances not necessarily by how she might actually feel, and financially she is in dire straits, piggish men and lesser mortals see it as an opportunity to flex their muscles and kick someone when their down. These are the sad facts of life. It’s still and always Will be a mans world,GOD set it up that way spiritually.This has nothing to do with women’s capabilities or intelligence or when we have one as president of USA.
      Our fathers are coverings than our husbands so we will be safe, never to live single worried or exposed to the MOCHEEZIOs of the world. I like Ken even more for understanding the most important foundation of life, and did the right thing and gave Brandi an olive branch

  20. Also, Mauricio WASNT at the dinner when B spilled the beans on A..whatever it was. Also, as some may have noticed, I’m always pulling 4 the underdog..sometimes..It appears I am on the side of the ppl who most of the comments are against. Now if some1 is 100% is wrong, whether I like them or not, I wont support’em..period. Thats what makes the world go round. :) I respect all ppls opinions & POV. Maybe soon, I can dish on some1 else I was very adamant about a few wks ago…Im sure a few rem that & its 1st hand knowledge ;)

    • I get your point about Brandi. I think brandi’s like Teresa when it comes to arguing with people. She gets to a point in the arguement where she just loses it and snaps on people. She looks like an a*shole because she loses her cool. I think Kyle sets her up to blow a fuse to make her look like a trashy overgrown teenager. Melissa loves to pull the same crap on Teresa.

      • True, I can see B being the Teresa of Beverly Hills…Plus, I don’t think Brandi can get her thoughts out the way she wants them…Her anger takes over & she blurts…especially STFU lol. Kyle definitely started the episode at Sur! Brandi just didn’t know when to shut up.

        • IA, Kyle baited her and she gave her exactly what she (and the producers) wanted. If Brandy had just replied “That’s between me and Maude.” when Kyle asked what was going on, we’d have nothing to talk about now. They’re exploiting Brandy’s no-filteration for the show’s benefit.

    • Mauricio most definitely was at the SUR tasting where Brandi spilled the beans. Watch it again. He sat there silently, and I don’t even remember him acting shocked at the time.

      • Yea, he was there, I just watched the episode again…The camera didn’t even show him except part of the side of his head, during & after Brandi’s rant about Adrienne-When they all were leaving the table, he was no where around. No1 said anything to her because IF & that’s IF it truly is a “secret” & considered character assassination then I’d say they really didn’t have time to take it all in because all their talking heads seem to show how shocked they were at the time B said whatever she said…also, there’s that editing again-Bravo seems to leave out things that would make a difference in the story line so they can mold & shape the show like they want.

        • How do you watch old episodes? I don’t have a DVR and Bravo doesn’t seem to have full episodes up on their site – is there a link hidden somewhere?

  21. U remember who I have defended 4 quite a while on SH..against a couple family members…I’ll find the right link above & try to put all of what I WAS TOLD (from the horse’s mouth-YES! Directly from her on New Years Eve). Like I’ve said, I pull for the under dog but if they R wrong, they’re wrong & I can’t defend’em…If things don’t match up, then I call bull$hI+ Maybe I shouldnt always take people at their word..I try 2 see the good in every1 but if some1 is ALWAYS negative & never has a kind word to say about any1-including Reality stars OR if I sense they R exaggerating and/or flat out lying, then I wash my hands of them. I’m not saying everything that was told to me was BS…I just found out more details about the entire situation, including some details about the Family members.

  22. I thought…as everyone did..that Allison Dubois was such a crazy biache…But now – wow, I feel completely differently. I think she was correct on many many points. I want to go back and watch that episode again. I bet everything she said was pretty much dead on.

    • I agree with you nancya. I’m telling you that Allison was spot on about mancow Kyle.And everyone thought allison was a nut yeah she is but a smart one

    • Didn’t Allison say that Maurice would or will not be faithful… Something like that… Perhaps he has his eye on the money, Adrienne… That would be funny… Just a joke everyone…

    • Perhaps ms SH could post that clip of Dubois telling vyle how miserable her life will be…..muuuuuuaaaaawwwwwwhhhhhhh

        • Thanx MP,
          “he will never emotionally fulfill you” not surprised, but it could have been Camille too. Funny how dummy Kyle said”helloooooo, have you seen my husband”. Idiot what does your perception of moreeces looks have to do with emotional fulfillment? Well I always thought he was douchey looking w sex appeal not my type, but my advice to you Kyle if your basing your relationship on your husbands looks I can see why your so desperate cuz that means your both at ZERO, so wake up loser.

    • Nancy, I rewatched that episode and was blown away by the differences between S1 & S2. I hated that woman the first time I watched.( Allison) After seeing the real Kyle in S2, the Dinner from Hell episode was an eye opener. Allison Dubois hit the nail on the head with Kyle and others. Even Camille didn’t seem so rotten the second time around. Lol. It’s definitely worth watching again, especially with different eyes!! Ahhh, the difference one season can make. :)

  23. Kyle started this mess. Then she hosts dinners where the game of the evening is let’s attack Brandi. She sits back with a smirk on her face. Mauricio is just as guilty. Two wonderful host peas-in-a-pod. I don’t think Yolanda would ever allow that at a party she hosted.
    I used to like Kyle but now I see her for what she really is. Two faced. Imagine if someone attacked her daughter like they do Brandi. Hypocritical as well.

    • Its not and never was. Its all because it was a woman. Remember his wife’s white party? Even though that still was not his problem or issue he was still very very mealymouthed when the “problem” directly in front of him has a penis. Just took the vodka bottle, tucked his tail and went back in the house. He is a girly man douche and he prolly smells funny too.

  24. I don’t believe there is any big secret Brandi revealed. This is just like that dude from Norte Dames dead girlfriend…bulls..t.

    • I agree. When the truth is finally revealed, we’ll all shrug our shoulders and say, “big woo!” Per usual, it is much ado about nothing. The entire first season revolved around one sentence uttered from Vyle’s mouth, “Oh, you’re going alone to Hawaii?” to Camille. I thought THAT was over inflated as an issue to confront. Ironically, in the last scene of the last episode, it was Vyle who screamed out at Kim, “You’re an alcoholic and are just SO sick!” That opened up a giant can of worms and left the audience scratching their heads as to why a sister would say that. I guess when Kyle reveals a deep dark secret, she’s immune from rebuttal. But, when Brandi candidly answered Kyle’s stupid question, it is open season on her hide.

  25. if the big secret is that adrienne had surrogates then why isn’t camille angry too? camille used surrogates. that this is the horrible secret makes it seem like this is a horrible thing to do. when you dish adrienne about that, then you are also dishing camille, and camille doesn’t seem to be upset. if i were camille, i would be very angry that some think this is a horrible thing to do and it must be kept secret. how stupid!!!!

    • Good point. Especially since Adrienne called it “character assassination.” It has got to be something else. I swan when Adrienne mentioned her father’s integrity in her last blog I think that is a clue.

      • Adrienne throws that word around all the time. She engages in it frequently. She has made the word completely meaningless..It is the surrogate issue. Camille knows that Adrienne adn Paul did not tell their kids. She told her kids. She has remained silent probably because she doesn’t think surrogacy is a big deal. She knows Adrienne was previously bullying Brandi to say negative things about Lisa, because she was asked to join tha tmeeting with Kyle and Traylor Trash prior to the reunion where Adrienne got everyone she could to gang up on Lisa. Camille had declined to go. Camille is quiet because she knows Adrienne is a bully, after Lisa, now after Brandi because Brandi would not side with her against Lisa. She also doesn’t think it is a big deal That’s my assessment and I am sticking to it.

  26. Check out Mo’s twitter feed. You won’t see it in Brandi’s for some reason – but she has forgiven him. He says it wasn’t is intention to be mean – he just wanted to HELP her. I don’t actually remember her asking for his opinion or advise or help – but “whatever.”

  27. Hey, Vyle! The funniest part of the Moroccan Mistake-Night was when your slightly better half went all Jack Nicholson on Brandi and you kept to your feeding schedule by continuing to eat your supper. Nothing comes between you and your food, I guess. Even your proselytizing husband while he delivered his uninformed opinions on a matter that didn’t concern him had no effect on you while you stuffed your face.

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