BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi’s BravoBlog… Brandi Thinks Lisa’s New Swing is “Sexual”… And Thinks Shana Is A “Hot AGGRESSIVE Mess”


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First lets put “Mistress Gate” behind us. So glad that is over and am looking forward  to some peace on that front. And yes I do believe in love very much and look forward to having lots of fun on my road to discovering it again.

So heading into this next dinner party, I have a lot on my plate having just been served with papers from Adrienne Maloof’s high-powered lawyer who asked me to either never have an opinion on or defend myself against Adrinenne and Paul again or to prepare for a court battle. I’m still unclear why it is OK for Adrienne (or her cook) to come after me and my family, but the second I fight back I’m served with lawyer papers. At this point most of the ladies don’t know the entire story of what went on between Adrienne, and but as we watch further they will see it unfold.

Watching Kyle continuously doubt Kim’s ability to stay sober  is very very hard for me. I have quite a few sober friends and know that they need and rely on the support of there family and friends almost more then anything. It seems that Kyle is almost assuming Kim will fail and in an odd way the idea of that seems to please her.

RHOBH LisaV swing

Moving on to Lisa and Ken’s “swinging” it seemed so sexual to me. . .did anyone else get that vibe?   NOTE:  Uh… NO… NO ONE got that vibe, especially not, it seems, KEN!  Anyhow I think it was the most romantic thing ever for my boyfriend Ken to do that for his beautiful wife.


I  love me some YoYo but there is no way in hell I could not eat for 10 days. One day might even be a stretch but God bless her for being so strong.

Taylor. . .what can I say I feel bad for her but she was a hot aggressive mess.


Dinner party from Beverly Hells!! I really enjoyed talking to Marisa, her brother Paul, and her husband Dean. They are all very likable people. All was good in the hood, until Mauricio decided to come after me for something that has absolutely nothing to do with him. He didn’t nearly have all the information and in what world does a married man and a father of four daughters have a go at a single mother at a dinner party? Thank you to Ken and Lisa for stepping in and trying to put a stop to it all. I so very appreciate it, but as we have learned many of times before I can and do defend myself!

Oh and listen up “Mo” no one is perfect — not even you — but you don’t see me coming after you!  Maybe it’s just not my business to attack you for something that has NOTHING to do with me.  NOTE:  Oh, Brandi!!  Do go after John Turturro… pleeeeze!?

Well what my “amazing brain” is telling me to do is to stay out of it. Man up and follow suit.


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56 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi’s BravoBlog… Brandi Thinks Lisa’s New Swing is “Sexual”… And Thinks Shana Is A “Hot AGGRESSIVE Mess”

  1. I realize im probably going to take some hits for this.

    However having your friends back is speaking up for them when they are not there to speak on thier own behalf. He should have said his piece and dropped it.

    • That would be great if you had someone more reliable for the facts other than Kyle. I have noticed over the last few seasons her reality doesn’t always match up with the real thing.

    • He was at lunch when all this was said and ur sweet man said nothing until told by Kyle and some home needed.2 be sold and bought oh so you get it now, keep watching even Paul has said on Twitter he is sorry and no hard feelings he was not aware of some information until they divorced so now u have something 2 think about, BRANDI said she should not have said it but didn’t lie

  2. Being lied to for so long by someone you threw your entire heart into and had a family with is always hard. I watched my mom get cheated on by my dad and her world crumbled. She was the strongest most beautiful woman but everyone is susceptible to heartbreak. I could only imagine if he was flaunting his relationship in public or had the power to do that. Sociopaths love that stuff, so I’m sure for him it would be a thrill and for my mom would have broken her in ways I can only imagine. I feel for Brandi. She is making a living on a show that offered her a “voice” throughout all of the pain. I think she thought it would bring closure in some warped way but ended up opening a pandora’s box of insecurities and emotions that these kind of reality shows feed off of. I hope one day she looks in the mirror and sees how beautiful she is instead of clinging to the idea that she was only as beautiful as Eddie told her she was or his leaving meant she no longer was. It doesn’t bother me when she says things like STFU. I say that to my t.v. every time Kyle, Faye, Taylor, Adrienne, Melissa, Jax, Caroline, or anyone else who puts themselves on an undeserved pedestal to judge others starts ranting about what someone else should do with their life or handle a situation. I would never spill a family secret, but who am I to judge someone who did. Everyone has their share of skeletons…some people just wear the bones instead of leaving them in their proverbial closets. I like Brandi even if I don’t love everything she does.

    • I think the friendship she has with Lisa and now Yolanda is helping with that. They are both such strong secure women who will be able to pass on their years of life experience to her, and help her to move on both emotionally and hopefully financially. While they will not be paying her bills, they will help her to make contacts that can help her to get her back on her feet.

    • Right on! The STFU doesn’t bother me any either. These women act like their lilly white when Brandi *gasp* says the F word… but just look at the things THEY’VE said and done. I just wish Kyle would say something to Brandi about it so Brandi can say right then and there… “Shut the F**k up Camille”! These women… ALL of them everywhere… need to be put on the spot about their hypocrisy. Drives me friggin nuts!

    • Also, little sluts like Brandi, often end up with the friend’s husband….WHOSE will it be. So far, Lisa and Kyle have to watch their backs……and, who is that slimey joker who seems to be with Brandi lately????

  3. She is so right about vile manhands wanting Kim to fail. She is so evil. Kim should stay the hell away from that witch. Did anyone catch manhands squeezing the lemons how she had dirt under her nails.?

    • OMG, yes, how can you not notice the hands! I am sorry to say this, but I wonder if Kyle is so jealous of Kim, she would sabotage her? What chills me is they are blood and I have never really seen Kyle truly be there for her; I have blogged many times the best thing for Kim is to distant herself and business away from Kyle. BTW Brandi needs to prioritize her life and let the Eddie thing go and focus on her children, making a living, buy a bra and stop being mean!

      • Kim and Kyle will be close so long as Kim tows Kyle’s line. I cannot imagine saying the things about Kim’s sobriety Kyle did, but Kyle is a very self centered person who enjoys having the upper hand in their relationship. I don’t see Brandi as mean, I’m sure she owns a bra, and as far as I know, she does a pretty good job with her kids. However, if a woman posted a tweet that she was meeting “her boys” and they were actually children I gave birth to, there would be hell to pay.

        • Agree and agree. I guess when Kyle found out that Kim couldn’t really “perform magic” it was the beginning of the end. Actually I think Kyle thought SHE deserved to be the star instead of Kim. Now that she has the chance to “right the wrong” she’s going to make sure there’s no doubt that SHE is now the bigger star. Hmmmm sounds like someone else we know *cough* Teresa and Melissa “ahem.”

    • I didn’t notice! Will look for it next week…I was looking at her HUGE UGLY rings, I guess it’s a ploy to take your attention from her hands (which to be fair, she can’t do anything about)

    • While not a fan of Kyle, I am wondering just how many “on the wagons” she has had to support, how many rehab visits? I am not condoning her attitude but I certainly can understand being wary of an alcoholic’s promises to quit drinking.

  4. maurico has to stick up for adrienne; she just might be selling that house, now that she is divorced. or maybe paul needs new digs. just saying. however i do like adrienne, no matter what anyone says. she is going thru a tough time. does brandi think she is the only one who can hurt? someone divorced her we get it. as long as her kids are well, she should just sit down and shut up. she is the new trailor. second verse, same as the first.

    • Well maybe if Adrienne wasn’t a complete and total biotch to her husband it would have lasted. I can’t have sympathy for Adrienne after the crap she’s pulled since last season. It’s obvious to me that she’s not a nice person. But to each her own.

      You do make a point about Mauricio wanted to secure the business, however, he didn’t have to completely insert himself in the situation like he did to “prove” his loyalty. Paul and Adrienne weren’t even at the dinner last night and it wouldn’t have been aired if there was no drama.

  5. I am really starting to hate Maurico. I now see that he is a controlling jerk. Kyle basically says nothing while her arrogant douche bag hubby goes after a woman. Yeah Brandi has a big mouth and loves the f word but give me a break. Kyle is no friend to her. Klye is a gold digging mindless twit. How much you want to bet Maurico has had more than a few girlfriends on the side while married to the hag. That probably why she popped out the last kid. She needs that threat of child support.

    • You may be right about the girlfriends but I wouldn’t go as far as betting on it. There’s just as much a chance that he hasn’t. I know looks can be deceiving, but they seem to have a pretty solid relationship and he doesn’t seem the type. That’s just an opinion and I could be 100% wrong… obviously I only know what they portray to us… don’t know ‘em personally… thank God.

  6. For the most part I agree w/ what Brandi says in the blogs but I cannot get behind her shouting out peoples’ most private secrets. Kim was already severely damaged and Brandi’s accusations to Kim, a mother of 4 teens, was beyond disgusting. I don’t care if Kim had addiction issues. It is just not how you behave as a grown ass woman.

    Also, Brandi is a fool re: the lawsuit. She should’ve threatened Adrienne and Paul back over Adrienne’s accusations Brandi sleeps til 3pm etc.

    • Unfortunately, to do anything back to them costs money which Brandi doesn’t have. Sux when the foe has the upper hand to the nth degree.

      • Let me just say what makes Adrienne all the more cruel for bringing on this vicious lawsuit… Brandi is a struggling single mother. She’s not just taking from Brandi, she’s taking from those precious little boys too. If Brandi said something about Adrienne that was actually true (and I believe that’s the case), Adrienne doesn’t even have a chance to winning. Doesn’t mean she can’t try and sue Brandi and make her pay money to defend herself. Worse yet… I’m sure Adrienne knows this and is only doing this to Brandi to cause her stress and money. What a witch… especially when she did almost the same thing to Lisa… the difference was Lisa WOULD have had a case.

        • If Brandi needs money so bad, she should go get a job. Plus, she is not a “housewife” I do not see her relevance on the show. IMO, she is so desperate for this paycheck that all she is doing is relying on uncouth behavior and foul language to make a name for herself. I’m not defending Adrienne but it was in NO WAY Brandi’s place to air dirty laundry. I believe ahe only did it for a story line. And as much as she talks about her kids, one would think she would be a better role model for behavior. Like I said it’s my opinion.

    • Oh boo, boo about Kimmie and the suggestion she was a tweaker. Wrong substance maybe. She spend the whole evening back and forth in the bathroom and I was wondering was illicit substance she was popping. About the Bitchard sisters behaviour towards Brandi on game night, she get’s a pass from me for blurting that little barb out at the end of an evening of unbelievable behavior from two adult women towards someone who hadn’t done a damn thing to them.

  7. Ok, should Brandi tell people to STFU? No of course not. Do I delight when she does it to narcisistic ass*e…? Yes, I do. I think Brandi is one of the few to call it like she sees it. I applaud her honesty about Kyle’s lack of support for Kim as well as her bluntness regarding SWINE. Kyle needs Kim to be sick so she can feel like she’s still top dog. Swine still needs everything to be about her and if it’s not, she gets pissed.

  8. I have to say I LOVE BRANDI. She is the best!! I love the f bombs, love her attitude and she is funny in a crass way which is my favorite kind of funny. I was so frustrated when Mauricio started to talk shit about her like she wasn’t even there. He is a lowlife waiting for a Maloof paycheck. I got so irritated by him and as I’ve stated many times he has been putting this fasade on of being the perfect loving friendly guy and you could see it in his face what a cruel asshole he really is. I love Brandi for telling him to go fuck himself, it was what needed to be said.

    Kyle expecting Kim to fail was atrocious to me!!! It was so hard to see that imagine being Kim and seeing your sister doubt your entire exsistence. My brother could be doing crysthal meth for a decade and if he went to rehab I wouldn’t doubt his sobriety for a second and even if I would I would N E V E R say it out loud. Kyle and Mauricio deserve each other. And the funny thing is at the beginning of this episode Kyle was sort of likable.

    • I agree, Morris puts on a “perfect husband, perfect dad” act with his “Honey, I’m home!” B.S. Gag me with a spoon. After seeing his true colors, I really believe he assisted his lovely wife in stealing “Kim’s G. Damn house” (lol). I wouldnt put it past those two slithery snakes for one minute. If I had a sister like Vyle, so cold, judgemental, condescending, mean, gossipy, fake, and obviously JEALOUS I would stay the f- away from her.

      Morris & Vyle deserve each other.

  9. Brandi, I love you on this show and I have to say, I am becoming more and more proud of you for how you are handling things, so you keep it up. I am always happy to see the very special relationship you have with Lisa. I love her so much and I believe you have a life long great friend in her. Always nurture friendships like that because they don’t come along that often in life. Agree 100& about Kyle. For her to speak about Kim’s sobriety the way she does makes me sick. She WANTS Kim to fail and will take great pleasure in it if she does. My only hope is that Kim will open her eyes and start standing up to Kyle. Kim looks great now and she can keep this up. She needs to remove herself from people who want to see her fail. Kyle is the only person that I can see who wants to see her do exactly that. Adrienne is a pig…with bad skin. You do what you feel is best however, I wouldn’t apologize to her for squat. She openly said horrible things about you too the night of Morris the ahole’s party and you aren’t suing her. Hang in there beautiful girl.

    • Brandi saying that Kyle wants Kim to fail, is the kind of comment she should keep to herself. Remember when she told Kim that in Ojai–that all of the women were hoping that she would fail. I like Brandi, but she’s a mess.

      • Why? It’s already being broadcast as loudly as that old SNL parody The Nightly News for the Deaf, that Kim has no faith in Twitch.

        • Whoops, meant Vyle… mind is on stink bugs. Obviously that was a fraudulent slip. Hoping the forecast of snow will kill them dead.

  10. Somebody should hold a workshop to teach these women about spelling and grammar. There, their, and they’re – not interchangeable!! UGH!

  11. Oh please. We all get Turturro. He attacked Brandi because he knows how his bread is buttered. (How much did he make on the sale of Adrienne’s and Paul’s $20+ million home again?) Making a spectacle of himself on national tv to ingratiate himself to rich people sure explains why Mauricio and Kyle were so friendly with the Armstrongs. Birds of a Feather.

    Good for Lisa and Ken sticking up for Brandi. They knew exactly what Mauricio was doing.

    • ITA. Carti. I was wishing for a minute Brandi would’ve won the lottery during the taping of this season (only because it’s the quickest way for her to have bundles of cash, if the least realistic), until I realized I was wishing her own death on her. ‘Cause Mauricio would be spinning around so fast and sucking up to her so hard, she’d be literally nothing but bones within minutes :-(

  12. Kim has come a long way but has much more to go. It’s so sad to see how awkward she is in a social setting. She needs to stay away from Vyle and concentrate more on herself. I agree that Brandi needs to stop with the Eddie thing. It’s old already otherwise I do like her. Let’s not even talk about Traylor Trash. OMG that woman needs help. When she opens her mouth she could swallow the cast. Ugh she’s ugly inside and out.

    • Kim is in a no win situation. It’s obvious she tries to stay away from Kyle but it’s difficult to do since they’re both on the show. We all see how Kyle reacts when Kim doesn’t show up for something… so Kim gets criticized either way. Add to that how Kyle has no confidence in Kim staying sober so if Kim stays away, Kyle makes insinuations.

      It’s sad too that in all probability Kim’s kids don’t want to be around Kyle either. They didn’t come to Porsha’s b-day party and they “forgot” to invite her to Las Vegas for Kim’s son’s b-day.

  13. Brandi comments at the end about Mary (formerly the man Mauricio) sound vaguely threatening. Like, “you wanna be next? keep on pushing me.” Apparently, so slow learning crowd. Here’s the lesson: Don’t push Brandi. Don’t push Brandi. Don’t push Brandi especially if you have something to hide. Three pushes and she’ll push back. Hard. And you won’t like it. You’ve been warned, Mary.

  14. Be next for what? I doubt Brandi knows anything about Mauricio that no one else does. I would imagine she means something along the lines that if you mess with her she won’t sit back and take it and will fight back. Honestly, I shouldn’t even say because I didn’t hear her say that… I’ll have to re-watch it and hear how and when she said it. I like Brandi and I like that she doesn’t let these people push her around and bow down to their “power and wealth”… lmao

    • Next for a torrent of F bombs and then the boo hooing, because her husband cheated and everybody is so mean to Brandi.

    • It was in her blog – she didn’t say :) I’ve heard he has “strayed” if you know what I mean.

    • I like her, too. Don’t get me wrong. I’m the same way – don’t push me, ’cause I push back. I think being a single woman on your own in the world helps foster that.

  15. I love her usage of “amazing.” Everyone is now catching on to that. Ken was funny in his gin video. “Oh, Amazing, really”. The real funny thing is that Maurice probably can’t stop saying it as he says it all the time.

    • Mo needs a new word. I can hardly hear “amazing” no matter who says it wihtout wanting to puke. He’s such a sandy panties.

  16. I’ve got to take Brandi to task. It’s damn obvious that swing is in no way sexual. There’s no hole in it. Ask me chi, chi, chi.

    • I;ve got news for you. You don’t need a hole in the wing to do the deed! With age comes experience!

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