SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: EX-HouseHusband For Governor…flipit/Ronnie’s BS of the Day!… Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Faye Resnick “Free Stuff”… Kim and Kyle Richards “Early Years”… Nene Leakes, Adrienne Maloof “GoldenGlobes”

messy tarmac

With the influx of HouseHusbands appearing on these moronic Housewives shows, finally ONE ex-HouseHusband is doing something great… not only for himself, but for the betterment of our great nation!


Phony “MS-inflicted” Messy Salami’s hubbend, Tarmac, is running for Governor from the state of Virginia.  This isn’t really NEW news, as Tarmac announced his gubernatorial ambitions last April.  What is NEW is that fact that Tarmac is now running for Governor NOT as a Republican, as he originally planned, but as an Independent candidate.

WHY the change in political parties?  It looks like money is the key reason!

Going that route [as an Independent] allows Salahi to avoid the voluntary $25,000 filing fee he’d be asked to provide to participate in the Republican convention; there is no candidate filing fee for an independent bid.

NOTE:  Wouldn’t $25 grand be a drop in the bucket for Tarmac since he “settled” his lawsuit against Neil Schon for scoopin’ his wife, Messy Salami?  The absolute burglar balls of Tarmac to even put himself in the running for the position of a political position!  OOOOOPS… totally forgot!  Tarmac will be filming all of this and will be using his run for Guvner as a pilot to present to various networks for his very own… what else… REALITY show!

Let’s hope these two don’t get any ideas from Tarmac!!

Ken Brooks Crooks pg


Ma boo… “flipit/Ronnie’s” from TVGasm BS of the Day!!


Speaking of money… guess which Housewives took advantage of the Golden Globes freebies ’cause we want you to wear our stuff and tell all your friends “gifting suite”?

FayeR arrow kyle arrow

LisaV arrow

NOTE:  Kinda expected HagfaceKyle Richards and Faye Rancid Resnick to swoop in for all the free items that they could cart away… but Lisa Vanderpump?  Oh, Lisa… we’re surprised and somewhat disappointed!!  

AND… NayNay made the GoldenGlobes “Worst-Dressed” List!   Adrienne Maloof SHOULD have made it on some “Dressed” list!   Note to Adrienne:  We love you, Adrienne… but, you should fire whoever dressed you!

Adrienne arrow


andy on kelly

While on the subject of HagfaceKyle Richards… we came across some super-secret very old footage of the early years of Kyle and her sister, Kim Richards!!  Well, we didn’t exactly “come across” the footage… while we were visiting MissAndy up in his aerie on the 46th floor of 30 Rock, his secretary, Donna, was purging MissAndy’s office of all MissAndy’s old Snoopy dolls, his Kelly Ripa/Mark Consuelos photos and his shrine to Diana Ross.  There was an old film reel, which Donna had no idea what REAL film was and it was offered to us… and it turned out to be the early years of Kim and Kyle Richards!!

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33 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: EX-HouseHusband For Governor…flipit/Ronnie’s BS of the Day!… Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Faye Resnick “Free Stuff”… Kim and Kyle Richards “Early Years”… Nene Leakes, Adrienne Maloof “GoldenGlobes”

  1. Hey remember now, the wealthy stay that way because they take advantage of every opportunity to not spend their own money. Of course, they now have to pay taxes on those nifty gift suite grabs, so I hope they are being very, very choosy about what they decide to take home.

    • Yup, his name is mud up here in northern Virginia. He’s pathetic, and his ex “Messy” equally so–both a waste of oxygen.

      • You are in NoVa, Stacy- Awesome :) I was one of the few that liked RHODC. Messy and Tarmac were prolly amongst the top liars in RH history…that’s quite an accomplishment. I liked many of the other ladies though.

      • I think of Tarmac often when I drive by the kudzu covered gates of Oasis Vineyard in Hume. Ah, the Salamis, they’ve given us so much here in Fauquier county.

  2. I was actually starting to think that Adrienne’s dress was pretty…and then I scrolled down…WHOA!!! That dress was entirely too short, needed to be a long dress. It made her look very odd…but it did make me lol!

  3. Adrienne wearing those black opaque tights with her one-shouldered dress is just so WRONG–it actually hurt my eyes to look at her. I’m no fan of NeNe, but I actually thought her Globes outfit was pretty and flattered her.

    • Here’s the thing – it’s been flippin’ cold here this past week and gets down to the 30s at night. I think she wanted to keep warm, so tossed on some tights under her dress – which is a great solution if you’re 15 years old. If you’re going to a GG party and are loaded (cough), then it would be sensible to change your outfit to something more suitable -

  4. Speaking of Adrienne, her nose job is atrocious–it’s completely misshapen and asymmetrical. It reminds me of an anteater’s snout, seriously. Is that Paul’s work?

    • Don’t think so Stacy, on one show she stated that because he was her husband he never did any work on her. But, I bet that didn’t include Botox.

  5. Boy, Adrienne looks particularly “manly” in that closed-up shot. I actually imagined a man’s voice coming out of her mouth and it freaked me out a little.

  6. Adrienne needs to dress age appropriately for a 55 yr old or whatever. The super short dress didn’t do her thick tree trunk legs any favor either.

  7. HaHa!!!!!!!!! What ever happened to Baby Jane? is one of my favorite films of all times! I have often thought that the Richard sisters fit the bill.

    • Tarmac’s been decorating the pages of the Fauquier County Democrat for years. You trying to deprive us of our buffoonery? Oasis Vineyard had been riling the neighbors for years. He and his mama’s lawsuits was prime entertainment. I was over the moon when he and Messy appeared on RHODC.

      • I bet. He is coated in crazy for sure. What’s perplexing(or maybe not-here comes my conspiracy brain) that he as been a democrat supporter for all these years and NOW when he decided to throw his tomfoolary into the ring he is all da sudden a republican and when they smacked him down he calls himself an independent. I am sure the liberals are behind him 100% breaking out the popcorn and all dat

          • He is very odd duck. I am still pissed that Andy had him sitting on the couch after Lynda said she didnt want him on the couch unless the other ladies could have their men. Also think Diane Diamond’s biography of them was infuriating. She actually stated that the problem people had and have always had her whole life with Messy is that they are jealous. Ok Diane whatevs.

            • Messy thought she found the gravy train with Tarmac, she should have done a little more research, like the back issues of the Fauquier County Democrat!

            • Oh yes I can image. And now that we know what we know what we know about how these production companies set stuff up… Backyard KNEW they were crashing and they facilitated it. I am convinced of this.

  8. Oh my God Ms SH…The What Ever Happened to Baby Jane…I could see that movie being the Richards sisters…lol YOU AMAZE ME!!!!

  9. Ronnie’s BS of the day is just too funny. I kept rewinding the “that takes some balls… well actually I guess it doesnt” part about a hunnert times. too cute.

  10. I live in northern VA and I laughed out loud when I read that Mr. Phony Vineyards was running for governor. My puppy, Cody, is a much better, more honest and intelligent candidate.

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