ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Adrienne Thanks John Turturro… Says She Never Heard From Brandi… Just A Buncha BS!


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I want to sincerely thank Mauricia for stepping in on my behalf. I admire his sensibility and his level headedness. Mauricio has always been a gentleman and the voice of reason amongst the husbands.   NOTE:  This is bullsh*t.  Doesn’t anyone remember that during last season of the RHOBH John Turturro “protected” Camille Grammer at the Umansky’s WhiteParty because Camille’s attorney told her to have no contact with the Russell (RIP) or Shana!   Why didn’t John get in Camille’s face and tell her to NOT listen to her attorneys????

I’ve heard from others that Brandi is sorry for what she said, but I have yet to hear it from her directly. If anyone should be upset in this situation, it should be me.   NOTE:  If anyone should be upset, it should be all the RHOBH VIEWERS who have been left in the dark about this whole “Brandi said somethin’ about Adrienne” mystery. 

During this episode, I was in New York on business and once again, all of the talking went on behind my back. . .it’s hurtful.  NOTE:  More bullsh*t!  The Housewives are sent copies of the upcoming episode around five days before the episode airs.  It’s very easy for Bravo to send Adrienne her copy of the episode anywhere she’s staying in NY.

Mauricio thank you so much for having my back. . .Like my father, you are man of integrity.

As always thank you to my fans for your support.


NOTE:  Is Adrienne REALLY writing this BS???