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I want to sincerely thank Mauricia for stepping in on my behalf. I admire his sensibility and his level headedness. Mauricio has always been a gentleman and the voice of reason amongst the husbands.   NOTE:  This is bullsh*t.  Doesn’t anyone remember that during last season of the RHOBH John Turturro “protected” Camille Grammer at the Umansky’s WhiteParty because Camille’s attorney told her to have no contact with the Russell (RIP) or Shana!   Why didn’t John get in Camille’s face and tell her to NOT listen to her attorneys????

I’ve heard from others that Brandi is sorry for what she said, but I have yet to hear it from her directly. If anyone should be upset in this situation, it should be me.   NOTE:  If anyone should be upset, it should be all the RHOBH VIEWERS who have been left in the dark about this whole “Brandi said somethin’ about Adrienne” mystery. 

During this episode, I was in New York on business and once again, all of the talking went on behind my back. . .it’s hurtful.  NOTE:  More bullsh*t!  The Housewives are sent copies of the upcoming episode around five days before the episode airs.  It’s very easy for Bravo to send Adrienne her copy of the episode anywhere she’s staying in NY.

Mauricio thank you so much for having my back. . .Like my father, you are man of integrity.

As always thank you to my fans for your support.


NOTE:  Is Adrienne REALLY writing this BS???

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85 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Adrienne Thanks John Turturro… Says She Never Heard From Brandi… Just A Buncha BS!

  1. And daddy Maloof would never have agreed for his daughter to participate in this BS! Family came first, and Adrienne is doing nothing but making the family look bad!

  2. I have lost all respect for Adrienne this season.She has changed in so many ways and not for the good.Her appearance is different too.She looks more run down and bitter.The big secret is probably fake too like the whole show.Maurice is a suck ass like his hag face wife Vyle.They are on the side of the $$ or power.Maurice is a whipped dog and Vyle tries to act like she is not about the drama when she is fueling it behind the scenes.Lot of pot stirring goes on in that house before the scripted scene is taped.

    • Brandi brought this on herself. LIke Mauricio said, she was trying to start something by making the comment in the first place. I think he wa a little hard on her, but his advice to call Adrienne and work it out was right.

      • I agree. What a big to do about nothing really. I think Brandi drinks too much and runs her mouth without thinking about it first.

      • Bravo started this and used Brandi as the messenger, imo. They are making Brandi pay to play with the BH Housewives.

      • He’s playing CYA for his wife who – ON CAMERA – asked Brandy what the deal is between her and The Hoof…

        • Right? I agree! I think that is why she keeps getting involved, so she can continue to deflect things to Brandi, which is why Mauricio got involved in the nasty. He is protecting Kyle and if everyone is pointing the finger at Brandi, no one will be looking at Kyle=).

        • That she did, fake Faye at that luncheon… She was gossiping… It was her big mouth that actually gave this show a little push…. All at Brandi’s expense again… I think,they should be paying Brandi the most on this show… If it weren’t for her, where would the rest be… Personally I think Kim looks good, but she is still on something… She act out of it still… Something’s not right with her… It’s like she is in slow-mo… Her mind is not up with her mouth or the other way around.. Can’t put my finger on it…

    • Paul and Maurice haven’t been the same since they wore those high heels! Let this be a lesson to all you married ladies out there, never let your husband wear your heels, even for funnies!!!!!

      • LOL! If Maurice admits to PMS-ing then maybe I’d give him a pass, but just for tonight for about 2 minutes. I think he has no clue how large his mangina is. I think Vyle Kyle married him because he makes her look good…and there is nothing good about Vyle.

  3. YoFo looks like Brigette Nielson that was married to Sylvester Stallone.She talked about her daughter being a lesbian if she played sports.Mom looks very manly in the face herself.Lost some respect for her too.She is a rich entitled wife that lives off her ex’s money and the new hubbend.

    • I’ve got news for you Susie. Being married for 15 years , caring for you husband and raising your children and running his home is a free ride. If in the divorce she received a small portion of what income they made over that time isn’t a gift it was earned. Before you make a smart remark live it first.

      • Well said, Originalcyn1! When a couple decides one of them should stay home with the kids, it is years when that spouse isn’t making money, earning towards retirement and yet working just as hard (and often harder) than the actual wage earner. Most divorces recognize that, especially when there’s more lucrative assets involved. Although, Susie was (hopefully) just being snide and commenting on YoFo’s situation.

      • She also broke her back giving birth to her and her ex-husband’s son. His appreciation and gratitude for this, was cheating with a cheap, ugly, slut.

        • I just don’t see how anyone can “break their back” giving birth . those contractions must have been strong . yeah, right.

            • @ Sandra Agreed, especially if you have the beginnings of osteoporosis. She is caucasian, thin, a lifetime dieter, and should never be doing that crazy cleanse. The only thing it is good for is depleting your muscle mass, it is essentially a near-starvation diet, it doesn’t “cleanse” anything. There is absolutely no science to back up ANY of these so-called cleanses. Junk “science” at it’s worst.

      • ITA Cyn. Her first marriage, in which she had three children, fell apart when he cheated. She works hard at her marriage, which is admirable. Lord knows I should put in more effort in mine!

    • Yolanda was also a successful model, so I don’t think she;s had to rely on just what she got in her divorce. I like Yolanda, she says she has trouble with our language, and I believe her. I don’t think she intentionally says anything to be mean, and I like that she’s honest. I think she messes up sometimes because of the difference in the meanings of our language and her native language, but I don’t think she means any harm by it.

      I’m liking Marisa speaking up, too.

    • She actually was a successful model – she’s not like Kyle who’s only worked a few days of her life on a couple of sets.

  4. Ya, because a “man of integrity” repeatedly and ad nauseum attacks a woman publicly. A “man of integrity” dispenses unsolicited legal advice at a get together. By attacking Brandi, Mauricio just kept Adrienne’s big awful secret up for discussion, and made the whole thing stupider. Apparently Adrienne has no compass for integrity.

  5. I really liked Mauricio until tonight! What a jerk! The girl said she was sorry and is being sued for something that is “CLEARLY” true, otherwise, it would not be making everyone so uncomfortable. What is wrong with Adrianne? She acts so big and tough and like she is some big bad force to be reckoned with, but I don’t see how she lasts one day in the big bad world being that sensetive! Camille was right (as much as it pains me to admit that because she has not always been the most reasonable person herself) it was a major problem for Adrinne when the shoe was on the other foot and it was Russell threating to sue Lisa and since Adrinne was Lisa’s friend at the time she was very vocal about how disgusted she was about suing friends. Glass houses anyone? I don’t see how Brandy does it. Everytime she goes somewhere with these crazys they use her as a punching bag and cause her to leave in tears and as a woman I find it gets harder and harder to watch. The one thing these ladies could learn from Brandy is to own up. She may not always be right and may say things she shouldn’t, but she never hides it and almost always says she is sorry. I would not call Adrinne either if she has a lawyer and is suing her! That is the first rule in a situation like this…once a lawyer is involved stop communication and let your lawyer handle it. I mean, an insurance company will no longer have a rep speak to you if you even mention the word lawyer. You would think Mauricio would know that since he claims to be a businessman! Now, I know this was about Adrinne and Paul’s children and that is wrong but, I get so sick of these women going on these shows and then saying don’t talk about my kids. Ummm, hello, this is a show about your life, that you agreed to go on, so you can’t be angry and sue everyone for commenting about your life! Especially, if you are lying about something that everyone knows to be true. Brandy may have been wrong to say what she said, but she did try to say sorry and you can look at her and see how horrible she feels. Is it really Kyle, Kim, Mauricio, Faye, or anyone elses job to beat this girl up for it everytime they see her? What a bunch of punks! What really gets under my skin is how Kyle and Mauricio have treated Kim and the horrible things they have said to her on camera (much more horrible than this seems to be) and now they act as if Brandy is a piece of crap for calling Adrinne out on something she said that she claims isn’t even true. I loved Kyle the first couple of seasons and it looks as if now, it has all gone to her head. Just my thoughts=)

    • Brandi was trying to start trouble by making the comment about Adrienne in the first place. She wasn’t coming from a good place, and then she played victim by whining about the lawsuit. Mauricio was right when he told her to call Adrienne to apologize. I like Brandi, but she is waaay past the age where she can just blurt out inappropriate things and get away with it. She is the powerless one in this situation, but she’s too dumb to see it.

      • I agree. Although I think she was somewhat baited into making the statement in the first place. By the time someone is 40yrs old, they should have SOME wisdom and know better.

      • I see your point for sure! However, I think Brandy saying whatever it was she said was in responce to Adrinne saying things about her behind her back as well. That is what she said at the dinner anyway and no one seemed to disagree so, I think there is more to that part of it. I think it was a fight fire with fire sort of thing. That dosen’t make it right, but I see how Brandy might feel the need to try to take control of the situation and deflect. This is a housewife show, so it is what they do lol=).

  6. I think Maurice is trying to get Brandi into more trouble, seems to me like a c and d letter would state not to have any type contact with the person, and if Brandi calls Ad she’d be in more trouble. Boy, Maurice didn’t like Ken taking up for Brandi at all, he must think he’s the only one allowed to have an opinion.

  7. I don’t know, but I think when Adrienne said during this episode she was NY she didn’t mean when the show aired, but rather when it was filmed … when the group was at the restaurant. At least that is how I read it.
    I thought Lisa bringing up the friends don’t sue friends comment was silly. At her tea party what Camille said to Taylor was something discussed by Taylor with all the women. It did seem that Taylor wanted someone to bring up the subject and when Camille fell for it and did exactly that she did so not in a mean spirited way. There was affection behind her comment. Or maybe it was just STFU, you want the world to know you are abused so here goes … are you happy now? Who knows? BUT what Camille said was said to Tayor’s face. When Brandi said what she did (whatever that might be?) about Ardienne, Adrienne was not in the room so it was not said to Adrienne’s face. Camille was friends with Taylor at that time. Lisa and Taylor tried to make it all about them, Brandi is the one being sued, not either of them. If Lisa was so upset about the story selling story then she should have sued. It’s obvious she and Adrienne are not friends just as it’s obvious that Brandi and Adrienne are not friends. So the friends don’t sue friends comment just does not apply.
    I don’t blame Adrienne for seeking legal measures to shut Brandi up. Adrienne doesn’t want Brandi’s money, she wants Brandi to STFU. Brandi obviously says what she wants then thinks saying opps, sorry should appease the ones she offends. And her aplogies are never sincere (UGH, I’m sounding like Caroline now) What I mean is Brandi never owns her comments, she says oh, I shouldn’t have said that BUT … That is not a sincere apology. She saiys she said what she said about Kim because Kim was being mean. And heaven knows what Adrienne did to her but she obviously feels justified in making the comment she made about Adrienne. So not really sorry.
    Maurice and Ken getting involved was weird. I think Maurice made a valid point it was stupid for them to even talk about it. Yet he did. Then he asked why did she say it? To be nice or to cause sh*t. She admitted it was not to be nice. So that is why Brandi made that comment and the one about about Kim (more than once) and she even kind of stood by her comment during tonight’s episode. She makes comments to stir things up, to make herself relivant, than says sorry, but … followed by hey, I’m honest. And she always manages to throw her kids into the mix. Adrienne is not sueing her kids. They will be fine. They have a dad and a stepmom, they will not starve. Reign it in, drama queen. Brandi dishes it out, but she can’t take it.

    • Oh Jillybean, how wrong you are. Brandi is a person who reacts. By that I mean if you attack her, she attacks back. Going back to last year, Kim and Kyle acted like absolute idiots concerning Brandi. When Brandi hurled the accusation at Kim about being a “meth-head.” it was after an evening of being abused by Kim and Kyle. Kim spent the whole night running in and out of the bathroom and acting erractic. Kim cops to alcohol but the whole world knows there was something else going on there. So maybe Brandi was on the right train but the wrong track. As for poor little Adrienne, Brandi notes that Ad was talking trash about her as a Mother and tried to line her up against Lisa. Something I can see Miss Maloof doing. So, she hurt back by telling the story of Ad’s use of a surrogate. (if all the whispers are to be believed.) Was it nice? No, but she was lashing out.. a hurt for a hurt. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but Adrienne Maloof is not an innocent victm. This attack did not come out of the sky.

  8. I think you misunderstood Adrienne’s last comment about being in New York. I’m pretty sure she meant that during the filming of this episode, she was in New York, not that she didn’t get an advance copy of the tape. LOL.

  9. Brandi is so blunt I feel like I need to set her on fire and inhale her. She shouldn’t have said anything, but when provoked people have done a lot more for a lot less. It happens. A secret spilled about a kid…ok…Bravo wouldn’t even air it and if everyone just STFU about it, it would have been perceived as a comment made in the heat of a moment and untrue by anyone who it may have concerned. Their constant badgering proves it is true, and that isn’t Brandi’s fault. Is she blameless? Of course not, but damn it’s said, there are no take backs and some people need to just nut up and deal with that. You can’t control what people say about you, but you can control how you react to a rumor. They reacted like a bunch of immature bullies and took that snippet of anger and blew it up to this MASSIVE ACCUSATION THAT IS DESTROYING THE FAMILY, PAUL BEATS ME, WE ARE GETTING DIVORCED…. just kidding he doesn’t beat me…but Brandi is a bitch. When you are being attacked with guns you search for all the ammunition you can when all you have to combat tag teams i.e. Kim and Kyle and Paul and Adrienne is a knife. She threw everything she could…eventually she had to throw the kitchen sink…I don’t blame her. I might feel different if Adrienne had any sort of redeeming qualities. At least Brandi is honest, no matter how harsh that may be. I’ll take brash and blunt accountability over pompous redirection any day!

    • She wants to thank “all her fans” for their support? I think she should change that to fan. Very few of the viewers are in her corner this season.

  10. Speaking of the High Heels charity walk, isn’t it ironic that both Paul and Morris, both participants of this domestic violence awareness event, have BOTH gotten verbally aggressive with a woman on national TV this season? Paul more so than Morris but Morris was obviously just attacking Brandi like that to humiliate her in front of a large group of people and make her feel like sh-t. Basically kicking her when she was down, like the coward he is.

      • Made, I remember your views on men getting into women’s business. I’d die of embarrassment if my husband behaved like Mauricia!!!!!

    • Im sorry to disagree. I feel like maruicio was a dog with a bone but i dont feel like he was agressive. His body language was very relaxed.

      • I suppose you are right about his body language. However i felt that his constantly jabbing at her, “calling her out,” in front of all those people, about something that was none of his concern, was aggressive. I think Ken did too which is why he stepped in to back her up.

  11. Last night on WWHL I thought it was funny that Tom Arnold asked was it true what Brandi said… then we get Kim choking on her words to say essentially that the truth doesn’t matter. Well I reckon not anymore. For shame for shame.

    • And remember how apechit the nutless wonder Lance Armstrong went over people daring to imply he was on steroid? well…. The truth is the truth all day long no matter how uncomfortable it is for some.

        • Yeah she is a little hard to read. But I gotta give it too her even when she trips over words sober its not near as bad as she was drunk. Weird thing is I can sorta see how her social anxiety could have lead her to think that drinking would make it easier for her to talk to people as opposed to reading a script. She freaks the fudge out when there is no script.

        • What was the poll question, I couldn’t stand to watch another minute of Kim… And what was the poll results?

  12. My boyfriend came in on the part where vyle was juicing the lemons and saw her hands and thought it was a drag queen I laughed so hard I spit out my drink all over the rug

  13. I don’t understand what Adrienne did to Brandi that was so awful. She never says, but it seems that what Brandi said about Adrienne is vicious and could break up Adrienne’s family. Why does everyone hate Adrienne? I must have missed something in the show.

    • A. She had a surrogate. B. She made up this ridiculous birth story with everyone knowing she had a surrogate. C. Brandi said she had a surrogate and wasn’t spreading a rumor. Everyone knew it. How can it be a vicious attack if everyone already knew. D. Bravo didn’t even show what everyone already knew so no one knows but everyone who already knew to begin with. E. Because she is a delusional wannabe that puts herself above others and thinks she is relevant because she says she is. She attacked Lisa because of insecurities and attacked Brandi because Lisa was the big fish and all she could go up against was a guppy.

    • Brandi was pissed that Adrienne threatened her when she refused to be on Adriene’s side during last year’s reunion and attack Lisa for her. That was their falling out, or at least it is from what I understand

    • MaloofHoof is now 51. Her oldest son is 9, her twins are 6. Simple math. She went into details about her “pregnancies.”

  14. Maurice showed he is the bitchiest housewife & I was disgusted by how he attacked her. He is a vile little man who would never have attacked Brandi if he could make a commision selling her a property.

  15. Man of integrity? That is so BSSSSSSSSS. It is call PR realtor. “Mauricia” only protects people who are buying or selling a home. Moreover, best if they are going through a divorce, as he did with Camille last season and now with Adrianne..

  16. I LOVE Brandi on the show and so glad she is there now. Morris the ego inflated bitch needs to just disappear. Adrienne you are a lying, manipulative, aggressive, arrogant pig with bad skin. I almost choked when I saw that you were attempting to start a skin care line, omg. If you use that stuff, I don’t want to go anywhere near it.

  17. I think there is a difference between talking behind your back and talking to each other because that’s what people are paid to do even if you aren’t there. Ya snooze ya lose, girlfriend.

  18. adrienne acted childish (this was unusual behavior for adrienne) at the dinner when she mentioned that kim was crying. however, there was no need for brandi to tell her to stfu. she could easily have said that she and kim were sharing a moment together. as for what brandi said to the women, we don’t know what it is. adrienne is not stupid. i doubt she would sue if what was said was true. if it was a lie then it was slander and she would have a right to sue. my feeling is that brandi only got a threatening letter from an attorney to scare and intimidate her. this may have been adrienne’s way of shutting up brandi. clearly, brandi has no filter between her brain and her mouth. as for mauricio, this was a discussion and he was giving his opinion. i agree with his opinion to just speak to adrienne and paul and apologize for being such an ass. as for friends suing friends, i do not feel that adrienne thinks of brandi as a friend. i know that lisa is not happy with adrienne these days, but i think if what brandi said is so bad, why is lisa sticking up for her? kim was right. whether true or not true, it (whatever “it” is) should not have been said.

  19. Could it be that Adri told Brandi she was divorcing Paul and this is why Maurice is trying to stay in the Maloof/Nassif good graces, you know commissions and all? Perhaps Paul did not know what Adri was up to so he was upset when Kim spilled the beans.

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