ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s Palms Casino And Basketball Team… The Palms Fined For Drugs/Prostitutes… Sacramento Kings Looking To Be Sold To Seattle!… None Adrienne’s Doing!


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On the heels of the news that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’s Adrienne Maloof’s basketball team, the Sacramento Kings, is leaving sunny Sacramento for rainy Seattle.   Seattle wants their “Sonics” back … well, the NAME anyway!…

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…comes the news that the barely-owned-by-the-Maloofs Palms Casino is being fined $1 million in an ongoing series of undercover drugs/prostitution stings.

From APNews:

The company that owns the Palms Casino Resort said Friday it will pay $1 million in fines after employees of casino nightclubs accepted payments to supply prostitutes, cocaine and pain pills in a series of stings last year.


Among other offenses, the complaint said employees of NM Ventures LLC and NM Ventures II LLC, which operates the nightclubs, offered to sell undercover agents ecstasy, the prescription painkiller oxycodone, and $18,000 worth of cocaine last March.

In one sting, a bottle runner at Rain nightclub agreed to track down prostitutes for a patron. After failing to find the women, the runner reached into a front pocket and produced $100 of cocaine for the undercover agent.

The commission worked with Metro Police on the stings. Police held off on making arrests during the operation, but some are now imminent, according to Lt. Dave Logue of the department’s criminal intelligence section.

Authorities said they targeted the Palms because they suspected its nightclubs. The last comparable operation took place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino three years ago, Logue said.

NOTE:  Keep in mind that Adrienne and her brothers’ ownership in the Palms Casino is barely 2%… also keep in mind that Adrienne is not directly involved in any of the stings which took place at the Palms nor is Adrienne actively involved in the Palms.  

Also keep in mind that the Palms is probably NOT the only Las Vegas hotel which provide these types of “concierge services”!

The Maloofs sold their shares of the Palms back in June 2011… according to the SacramentoBee. 

We are also very sorry to hear all this re Adrienne, as Adrienne and/or her PR people have been most courteous, kind and efficient in dealings with SH.  With that said… YO, Adrienne… howz about spillin’ that big secret!?

(Thanks to SH readers “MissA” “PDM” and “Jozy”!!!)