ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s Palms Casino And Basketball Team… The Palms Fined For Drugs/Prostitutes… Sacramento Kings Looking To Be Sold To Seattle!… None Adrienne’s Doing!


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On the heels of the news that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’s Adrienne Maloof’s basketball team, the Sacramento Kings, is leaving sunny Sacramento for rainy Seattle.   Seattle wants their “Sonics” back … well, the NAME anyway!…

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…comes the news that the barely-owned-by-the-Maloofs Palms Casino is being fined $1 million in an ongoing series of undercover drugs/prostitution stings.

From APNews:

The company that owns the Palms Casino Resort said Friday it will pay $1 million in fines after employees of casino nightclubs accepted payments to supply prostitutes, cocaine and pain pills in a series of stings last year.


Among other offenses, the complaint said employees of NM Ventures LLC and NM Ventures II LLC, which operates the nightclubs, offered to sell undercover agents ecstasy, the prescription painkiller oxycodone, and $18,000 worth of cocaine last March.

In one sting, a bottle runner at Rain nightclub agreed to track down prostitutes for a patron. After failing to find the women, the runner reached into a front pocket and produced $100 of cocaine for the undercover agent.

The commission worked with Metro Police on the stings. Police held off on making arrests during the operation, but some are now imminent, according to Lt. Dave Logue of the department’s criminal intelligence section.

Authorities said they targeted the Palms because they suspected its nightclubs. The last comparable operation took place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino three years ago, Logue said.

NOTE:  Keep in mind that Adrienne and her brothers’ ownership in the Palms Casino is barely 2%… also keep in mind that Adrienne is not directly involved in any of the stings which took place at the Palms nor is Adrienne actively involved in the Palms.  

Also keep in mind that the Palms is probably NOT the only Las Vegas hotel which provide these types of “concierge services”!

The Maloofs sold their shares of the Palms back in June 2011… according to the SacramentoBee. 

We are also very sorry to hear all this re Adrienne, as Adrienne and/or her PR people have been most courteous, kind and efficient in dealings with SH.  With that said… YO, Adrienne… howz about spillin’ that big secret!?

(Thanks to SH readers “MissA” “PDM” and “Jozy”!!!)

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63 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s Palms Casino And Basketball Team… The Palms Fined For Drugs/Prostitutes… Sacramento Kings Looking To Be Sold To Seattle!… None Adrienne’s Doing!

    • I will guess that we are ALL well educated people here & we can think this out let’s say If what BRANDI said was “A LIE” per Adrienne & Paul then why not say what it she has lied about that said we can all agree that if in fact it is not a lie all we have is that its the truth I say BRANDI is telling the truth & Adrienne DID NOT GIVE BIRTH 2 her Boy’s I say who the flip cares, I think the only one is Adrienne as I saw the Tweet from Paul 2 BRANDI & they have made up ~ The cover up is always worse that the crime ~ This should be a BIG F/you 2 Camille I believe that this is a gift from god & 2 hide, lie & make it seem as if it is dirty or bad then that tells us what Adrienne thinks of Camille, Thoughts?????

  1. What da heck? Ya mean ta tell me they is STILL sin going on in sin city even after that geriatric mechanic father of Amy’s done gone and kicked da bucket? And her momma is past her hookin self-life? bahahahahahahaa

  2. so sorry to hear any negatives re: adrienne. i think she has had a tough year or two; i can’t understand any woman, wishing ill for another woman. unless she harmed your children.
    being on bravo, sure has ruined a lot of lives.

    • You have a big heart Katek, always a good thing. Imho Adrienne could learn from you though. I feel like she is a bully from waaaay back. It came too easily to her to pull the Lisa accusations at the reunion, the abuse accusations against Paul (I’ve got a major prob with people using that when not true (obviously, lol!) or being true, changing your mind weeks later about it being all fine and dandy to be around the kids all of a sudden) and the suing Brandi thing when not so long ago Adrienne was so shocked and amazed that one person from the group would even think of suing another. Of course she was the one the suit was threatened against at the time. I think this is Adrienne’s major way of dealing with life/people period. She is just too quick to plunge the knife.for it to be any other way in my book. I think you are right Katek about the ill-wishing, absolutely. But I think there’s a fine line sometimes between true ill-wishing and a person standing up against people like that. And I think men and women should be treated and thought of the same when they are up to no good. This is truely just a rant against Adrienne Katek, I don’t mean for it to sound like anything else :-) And yes, I agree with you, being on Bravo has ruined a lot of lives. But I do have a feeling that most of them are the type that will bounce back quickly!

  3. JMO, but I bet this is pretty common in ALL Vegas establisments. I wonder why they targeted the Palms, though.

    • I’m a long time Nevadan. worked as a cook at a legal brothel. Illegal stiil in Clark county,(legal in some counties) it continues. Discretion is a factor, becoming a nuisance ( bad hookers, bad drugs) is a factor. Like anywhere else if you cause notice you will get the heat.

      • Tnnv, I believe that. Tell me if I’m wrong as I haven’t been to Vegas in more than 10 yrs, but isn’t the Palms one of the older skeevier properties out there? Just curious because I could swear it was older when I used to go with my husband all the time, or am I thinking of the Sands that was torn down?

        • The Palms is newer. The Maloof’s own less than 2 percent of the Palms now and it seems that the board of directors removed all the Maloofs from any positions of power. You are correct in that there is legalized prostitution in all counties but Clark (Las Vegas) and Washoe (Reno). The casinos always have those employees who will sell the casinos down the river for money involved in the prostitution and drugs. Heck, the prostitutes walk the sidewalk right in front of the casinos. Too bad Clark and Washoe counties just don’t legalize it and make alot of money on the houses rather than try to control the prostitutes and the massive amounts of drugs that go with them.

          • You’re right about the prostitutes in front of the casinos, including so-called “family-friendly” ones like the one my family has been staying at for years. One time we were coming down at 5:30 am to check out, and here’s a guy coming up the elevator with a ho! We could tell by the way she was dressed and what they were talking about, like 2 people on a first date. We reported it when we were able to find a security guard, who should have been right there by the elevators. One of my major pet peeves about LV.

    • Because she brought her quite family into the spot light now the casino that Lisa’s friend owns was named 3 years ago, so does anyone even remember that, NO IT’S BIG NEWS oh I hope that the family is happy with Sister now and they only have 2% that’s not what Ma. Malone acted like oh people BRAVO will end ur life for ratings…

  4. It was my understanding via the brothers that both Adrianne and her mother have nothing to do with the day to day business dealing of the companies. This would be a reflection of her her brothers and the times. It would also shine a light on the fact that Adrianne was never the tough business woman she lead people to believe. I know that sounds mean but then again I am someone that with her husband built something from nothing and risked everything to do it. Something the Maloofs wouldn’t know anything about!

  5. I’m shocked, shocked to find that prostitution and drugging is going on in Las Vegas. Hey, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Right? Unless you are Chris Manzo. What’s the difference between Jacaloon and a Las Vegas public toilet? The toilet doesn’t follow you home after you use it.

  6. Have to feel sad somewhat for Adrienne with a really rough year. RHOBH has placed a huge spotlight on her and she is probably regretting it. It will be interesting to see if she continues because she certainly seems to want privacy.

  7. It’s not a done deal yet. That team has no marque players, and they want to build a brand new stadium in an area that already has a ton of traffic issues. I hope the team does not come here, and I know there is some opposition to the plan, so we will have to wait and see.

  8. Funny, I was watching a documentry awhile back on NatGeo on drugs in Vegas. There were people working in the hotels doing just want the Palms got busted for. There was a man who said he had hookups all over the city for all different kinds of drugs including perscription. He had high profile clients that he provided for so that they didn’t have to take a risk. I wonder which came first, the police investigation or the drug documentry?

    • I saw that National Geographic, I also saw the current tv one on prostitution and it goes on and will continue.

  9. maybe they focus the sting operations on bigger llc’s that just look at the fines as part of doing business and staying open

  10. Vyle has the same vacant constipated look in every photo. She must have the same posing coach as MeGo.

  11. The Palms is really nice and their nightclubs are hot spots. My girlfriends and I go to Vegas every year and 2 years ago we hit The Palms, ate at Nine and went to Rain and Ghostbar. Lisa’s friend doesn’t own the Hard Rock, he owns Planet Hollywood, which ironically we stayed at on that trip. The only problem with The Palms is that it’s off the strip. Planet Hollywood is on the strip and we like to be on the strip to casino and club hop.

  12. Drugs and Hookers in a Vegas Hotel, oh my! Every other hotel in Vegas is always under survellence; people just doing their jobs; this is ever going in Vegas, when I lived in LA, Vegas was LA’s back yard. I now live here in FL, same difference with South Beach and half the casino’s here.

    • Agree, agree. If the cops arrested all of them, there would be others standing in line to take their corner. The jails would be so full they’d have to open a little town just for them to occupy. As long as people pay for something, it will be there…demand and supply LOL!

  13. So, what, exactly does Adrienne do for a living? Does she just get a monthly check and attend to whatever her brothers ask her? They have nothing to do with the hotel, it doesn’t seem they are in Sac much to attend to the Kings…does she just run “herself”?

    • I’ve wondered that myself. In the last show, at Paul’s office she mentioned being busy and only having 1/2 an hour to talk to him, or something like that. I can’t imagine what she would be doing besides driving her kids to school and their activities.

      • I guess setting up deals to take advantage of her insane popularity – shoes, skincare line (as if I would buy that!), book deal….next up: really ugly dresses and hair extensions??

  14. Correct me if I am wrong but don’t the Maloof’s only own a small percentage of each establishment (Palms and Kings) anyway? I’m sure I read somewhere that they had to sell alot of their assets and shares to try to keep their finances in the black?!

    Second observation, I wonder if Adrienne wrote that card to Lisa herself? It reminds me of silly times where I’ve tried to write by putting a biro between my toes (oh c’mon, we’ve all done it!!).

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