JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax’ Psychic… How Could Tia NOT Know This?… The Psychic That “Blew BubbaJax’ Mind” Is Bein’ Booted

Bravo just LOVES their psychics… and tarot card readers, palm readers, mystics, air cleaners… whatever you choose to call them!

But, exactly how accurate are these “foreseers” of the future?

RHONJ psychic tia

BubbaJax’ very favorite “psychic” Tia… which BubbaJax raved about in her RHONJ season three BravoBlog

“I never used to fully believe in psychics. It started off as a fun, silly girl thing to do with my friends, but when I met Tia at The Craft in Midland Park, New Jersey that all changed. Of course some things that Tia says are general, but she has also has predicted several events down to the detail which she has been right about. It totally blew my mind.

She has told me things that she couldn’t have known or that I could have ever predicted.

She has predicted the same for some of my family members and friends. It’s a gift that she has.

Just when I thought Teresa had survived it all, now Tia tells me that Teresa has daggers coming at her from all angles and that this will be going on for some time. How much can one woman handle? Teresa has amazing strength, but she’s still human for godsake. Time to sage Teresa’s house. I get my protection bracelets from Tia. I suggested to Teresa that she get some too. (Actually, she wore some the last time she was on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Livewith me.) Tia’s website is”

… didn’t see her OWN future!

Tia rents her office space in a building which is being foreclosed on… and the tenants are being asked to find other places in which to do their bizness!   We heard that Tia was shocked when she heard the request to leave the premises at 555 Preakness Avenue!

rhonj jax psychic

The REALLY bad/sad thing about Tia bein’ booted outta her space is that she was in the middle of filming a pilot for HER very own brand new “reality” show!   Yes, ANOTHER damn “reality” show!  ANOTHER derivation of “LongIslandMedium”… New Jersey style! Just what the television viewing public wanted…

Couldn’t Tia SEE all this happening???

rhonj greg arrow

Maybe Tia could move into the same office building where da Manzoids make all that black water stuff happen!   Now that BigGayGreggy is leavin’… there will be an empty lounge chair for Tia!

25 comments on “JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax’ Psychic… How Could Tia NOT Know This?… The Psychic That “Blew BubbaJax’ Mind” Is Bein’ Booted

  1. The Bubster is on twitter 24/7 how hard can it be to divine what she thinks, expects and what her concerns are….Gullible much Bubba?


  2. I believe Tia is a one of those charlotans who make people who really have the Gift look bad, Its clear she is not a Santoria Priestess and just a faker. I hate people like her.


  3. Hmn, how funny that the daggers came from Jax and co. later on….maybe this wasn’t so much psychic as it was drunken Bubba spilling the future plotline…


  4. Blk water is sold at the Earth Fare in Asheville NC. Saw it there on Wednesday this week and was tempted to buy it to see if my husband wanted to try it. His name is Mike and you may remember the commercial with Life cereal where they get him to try it because he will try anything. Well, my husband is that way. “Hey, Mikey, he likes it”.

    Well, I didn’t look at the price they were selling it for, I admit I was surprised to see it in the store in front of me where I live. But then I struggled with whether I should buy it for my husband to try and then what if he didn’t like it, I mean I wouldn’t drink it. My oldest son who would likely try it was 2 hours away at school. My youngest son wouldn’t try it, he is like me.

    The point of this rambling, Blk water was not interesting enough to spend a few dollars on to see if it was any good, even knowing I had a family member who would be willing to try it.


  5. I’m a psychic, it’s what I do for a living. When you read someone as messed up as Jaqoholic all you see is a jumble of crap with a bad cloud over it all. You have to work too hard to make sense of it. It’s not worth the effort as troubled people hear only what they want to anyway. They take your words and twist them to fit their needs. She’s fodder for charletons.


  6. Funny…no one else was asked to leave that office building and there are PLENTY of other business running their companies from that building…


    • Kelli: Funny? Funny how? From what was heard, no one else was asked to leave because they cooperated in entering into leases with the new owners, the BANK. Tia ignored bank’s request to sign lease… what psychic abilities she has!! SH


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