SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: flipit/Ronnie’s “BS of the Day”… New Jersey’s MOST Eligible Bachelor!!!… AndyCoop Contest… Someone Gave NayNay and Her Shadow Some Bad Advice!

The very latest addiction from Lisa VanderpumpRump’s “DivineAddiction” is her love of garlic knots!   That lone leaf of basil makes the dish come together… don’t it?

lisav garlic knots


The irony in this screenshot!

Shana birkin arrow


RHONJ Manzoid pg

PrinceAlbie is scheduled to be Hoboken’s “Most Eligible Bachelor”… 2025!  That’s how long it will take him to separate from DonCaro!

time cover


Are you obsessed with MissAndy’s almost boyfriend… and BFF… MissAndyCoop?  If you ARE, you could possibly be rewarded for your obsession!

MissAndyCoop is running a contest over at his soon-to-be-ditched-talk-show.  You must submit YOUR creation of MissAndyCoop to enter the contest.  AndyCoop is calling his obsessive fans’ creations of him “AndersonArt”…

anderson art

If you are the artistic type, AndyCoop needs some free artwork to cover the bare walls in his apartment!  The winner of the “AndersonArt” contest gets a HP notebook and printer!


dwight rhoa

Who the hell told these Atlanta chicks that those glasses looked good on them… WHO???   ‘Cause those glasses are all kinda D-wrong!

NeNe Leakes leaving Barney's

cynthia glasses


“flipit” Ronnie’s “BS of the Day”… from TVGasm!!


Don’t know what Sonja… with a “J”… is doin’, but PT Housewife should be beggin’ Sonja for some skin care tips!  Sonja is looking quite lovely!



Some Housewives photos in no particular order… including the Real Housewives of Vancouver’s Mary Zilba…

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63 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: flipit/Ronnie’s “BS of the Day”… New Jersey’s MOST Eligible Bachelor!!!… AndyCoop Contest… Someone Gave NayNay and Her Shadow Some Bad Advice!

  1. Meanwhile MissAnderson will get a cool piece of work from some starving artist out there, and the prize is a notebook and a printer? Don’t get me wrong, I’d take it, but seems like he could have coughed up a round trip to NYC with accommodations. He could have had them at his show to fill up one of the empty seats too.


    • Cynthia is gorgeous and those glasses do nothing for her either. To each his/her own I guess, but I’m giving the glasses a big thumbs DOWN.

      I wonder if it’s true that NeNe is wearing wigs and that’s she’s actually bald.


      • I like the glasses. I think they’re nerdy and make a statement. They have have to fit your face, though, and I think Cynthia’s are a bit overpowering.


    • They used to issue those exact kind of glasses to all military personnel (male and female)back in the 80’s (maybe they still do, don’t know); my husband was issued a pair just like those things. We laughed and called them “birth control glasses”, meaning no one, male or female, would go near anyone wearing those homely things so they were safe from unwanted pregnancies.


            • @ Aunt They sure don’t – I don’t know if it’s because I am so freakin’ old but these new “heart-throbs” all look like little toads to me! I have read that the combination of the “shrinking” of leading ladies ie the emaciated little girl look, and the wide use of birth control, has contributed to the effeminate look of today’s leading men. Supposedly the hormones contained in the pill has women preferring a more feminine look to their men. I shit you not… And Cyn, Gregory was no slouch either!


            • I use to see him around town (La Jolla) growing up and couldn’t even speak once to say thank you when he opened a door for me. The movie Gentleman’s agreement made the biggest impression on me. If you notice most of his movies had a moral message to send
              Do movies even do that anymore?.


            • Can’t boycotting Woody Allen. Haven’t seen a thing he’s done since he molested and married his wife’s daughter. Can’t think of anything worse than being cheated on and losing your partner and your daughter at the same time. Rant, Rant, Rant!


            • I hear you, Cyn, and I totally agree about what he did, but I still can’t resist his movies because they bring me so much pleasure.


            • They were both hot and also Cary Grant. My friend was a sorority sister of his daughter’s. I wonder what it’s like to be the daughter of someone like that?


    • The glasses are the least of the problems in that NeNe outfit. How do you spend that much on clothes & plastic vanity surgery and still look as if you didn’t care at all? Bizarre!


  2. Those glasses are awful.Even Kandi’s daughter Riley is sporting a pair.I figure she really needs glasses.Cynthia and Ne Ne are more of a fashion statement,Ne Ne looks like Ru Paul without all her drag queen makeup.


  3. What the hell is Joanna Krupa wearing? She looks terrible.I know that these housewives are not going to step out in one shoulder tafata dresses every time but …come on!


  4. I’m sorry everyone but this use to be a humorous web site but it is not entertaining at all anymore, just like the shows. The only thing you can come up with is a critique on a pair of glasses? I thought picking on the the kids was off limits on this site? Best of luck to you all, I’m politely exiting.


  5. I agree Bill, I think kids should be off limits…
    Unless the kids are douchebags who are over 21 – drawing a paycheck from BRAVO and walking each day on earth like they are God’s gift to the world. Anyway – sorry to see you go… I respect your thoughts, but I don’t share your opinion. Thanks again for stopping by. (By the way – if you posted something like this on a BRAVO blog it would be deleted) This site posts lets people express their feelings.


    • The less BBGreggy the better.
      *It’s hard to think of anything more narcissistic than encouraging fan-artwork of one’s self. Miss Cooper has fallen from grace in my eyes. Hard to take his political commentary and social views seriously since he’s been featured in Miss Andy’s clubhouse and now runs a chick-chat show. I therefore think Ricky Lake should be given a news program on CNN. Same difference.


  6. Okay, I had to go and look. The garlic knots are Pandorka’s addiction. But only 4 measly leaves of basil in the recipe with an additional one for garnish. I’d be more inclined to toss the garnish in as well, and lattice that sucker with bacon. They do look good, though.


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