SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: flipit/Ronnie’s “BS of the Day”… New Jersey’s MOST Eligible Bachelor!!!… AndyCoop Contest… Someone Gave NayNay and Her Shadow Some Bad Advice!

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The very latest addiction from Lisa VanderpumpRump’s “DivineAddiction” is her love of garlic knots!   That lone leaf of basil makes the dish come together… don’t it?

lisav garlic knots


The irony in this screenshot!

Shana birkin arrow


RHONJ Manzoid pg

PrinceAlbie is scheduled to be Hoboken’s “Most Eligible Bachelor”… 2025!  That’s how long it will take him to separate from DonCaro!

time cover


Are you obsessed with MissAndy’s almost boyfriend… and BFF… MissAndyCoop?  If you ARE, you could possibly be rewarded for your obsession!

MissAndyCoop is running a contest over at his soon-to-be-ditched-talk-show.  You must submit YOUR creation of MissAndyCoop to enter the contest.  AndyCoop is calling his obsessive fans’ creations of him “AndersonArt”…

anderson art

If you are the artistic type, AndyCoop needs some free artwork to cover the bare walls in his apartment!  The winner of the “AndersonArt” contest gets a HP notebook and printer!


dwight rhoa

Who the hell told these Atlanta chicks that those glasses looked good on them… WHO???   ‘Cause those glasses are all kinda D-wrong!

NeNe Leakes leaving Barney's

cynthia glasses


“flipit” Ronnie’s “BS of the Day”… from TVGasm!!


Don’t know what Sonja… with a “J”… is doin’, but PT Housewife should be beggin’ Sonja for some skin care tips!  Sonja is looking quite lovely!



Some Housewives photos in no particular order… including the Real Housewives of Vancouver’s Mary Zilba…