ANDY COHEN: Top Secret SH **Exclusive**… For SH Readers ONLY!… Andy Reveals What “Jackhole” REALLY Means!

Andy jackhole Jillz pg

As you are all aware, MissAndy took the word “jackhole” from Jimmy Kimmel… and was too dumb to even realize that Jimmy Kimmel had used the word first.

“Jackhole” is the name of Jimmy Kimmel’s production company and Jimmy Kimmel had been using the word for years before MissAndy sat in his Bravo Clubhouse chair.

BUT… that is just a little background info… just in case you didn’t know that!

The REAL news here is that someone called SH earlier today… someone located in NYC!  More specifically, someone located right in 30 Rock!  Even more specifically, someone from MissAndy’s office on the 46th floor at 30 Rock!  ‘Cause that’s what the called ID said… “MissAndy’s office; 46th floor; 30 Rock”!

In very hushed tones, they said that they would be sendin’ SH an email which would contain a very TOP SECRET picture which would explain everything about  MissAndy’s version of “Jackhole”!  So, SH has been waitin’ on this email ALL DAMN DAY!

Here’s what was sent:

RHONJ Jax jackhole pg



23 comments on “ANDY COHEN: Top Secret SH **Exclusive**… For SH Readers ONLY!… Andy Reveals What “Jackhole” REALLY Means!

  1. Miss Mandy and his Merry cohorts must Really live in la la land! Jac-a-loon may be Miss Mandy’s Jackhole, but Miss Mandy IS the one sportin’ the Jackhole Crown! Wonder which genius over at his office wasted Ms.SH’s time with this tidbit? We knew, Ms. Sh knew, and Jimmy Kimmel certainly knew Miss Mandy hijacked Jackhole straight from Jimmy Kimmel. Just goes to show Miss Mandy is surrounded by a bunch of puppets. What do they do all day, sit around going “yeah, yeah Miss Mandy do that, say that, that’ll be funny?!” While they simultaneously all nod there heads :).
    SOooo happy to see Jimmy Kimmel moved to 11:30…Great Show last night!


  2. Ms.SH: A commercial is on and I just wanted to say, I didn’t notice that clip of “Nick Kroll” earlier so I wanted to thank you for that. I’m looking forward to his new show….he’s a funny guy.


  3. Just noticed “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” @12:30/12:36 is New “30 Rock” cast members Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin,Tracy Morgan Jane & Jack. I’m a happy camper…This should be Good!


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