REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: What You May Have Missed… Yolanda Foster, Marisa Zanuck, Brandi Glanville, Shana’s Psychic

Just somma the things which you may have missed on Monday’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode!

  • Yolanda Foster has been causing a bit of controversy when she said that she thought her daughter, Gigi, might have been a lesbian back in third grade.  IMO, Yolanda’s honest thoughts about her daughter are just that… honest thoughts.  Seriously, does every word which comes outta someone’s mouth have to be filtered through the PC thought police before they’re said?


We like Yolanda and her straightforward opinions… even if she goes all European with her underarms!

yolanda armpit arrow I yolanda armpit arrow


NEXT is Marisa Zanuck!

  • Marisa doesn’t get full highlights… Marisa only goes for the more “cost conscience” partial head highlights!

Marisa hair arrow

ON TO Brandi Glanville…

  • Brandi had a “shopping” meeting with Lisa Vanderpump… and did NOT go to HagfaceKyle’s new store OR Kyle’s sister’s used dress shop!

brandi entering store arrow


Hilton Store

  • Brandi is also STILL carryin’ around that last season StellaMcCartney duffel bag!  That is a crap bag… you can’t find a thing in it; everything is just dumped into the bag and ya gotta play “treasure hunt” when you wanna find what you’re lookin’ for!

brandi purse lisa arrow



NEXT UP is HagfaceKyle Richards!  

  • A picture says a thousand words…

kyle plastic surgery arrow



Shana psychic arrrow

  • Shana’s Phony Baloney Spasmodic “Psychic”… try your best to ignore the “psychic’s” client!!


  • Shana’s “psychic” stole Elaine Benes’ moves…


  • Shana’s new boyfriend and her attorney, John Beuller… yeah, his name is really Bhuler, but Beuller is easier to remember!

shana john arrow

  • Shana does somma her patented “sob-talkin” and “shaking”… while on the phone with her married, with four kids, boyfriend.

HELLO!  Brandi!!  Instead of wastin’ your time and the viewers viewing time chit-chattin’ with that SUR waste of time waitress, why don’t you go after Shana!  Now THAT we would look forward to watching!


NEXT UP … HagfaceKyle again!

  • HagfaceKyle talks about seein’ Lisa’s butt.  Will Bravo now be showin’ all the Housewives butts instead of just all the HouseHusbands butts?

Prolly to stay on the show, Shana had to allow her butt to be filmed!

RHOBH Butt Shot

John Turturro’s butt…




And, please don’t forget… Kyle’s ADOPTED!!!!


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83 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: What You May Have Missed… Yolanda Foster, Marisa Zanuck, Brandi Glanville, Shana’s Psychic

  1. SH, totally agree with you about the YoFo/lesbian comment. Really sick of the PC police. Also agree with you about those cavernous purses where just lays in a pile at the bottom.

    • I thought it was pretty funny, especially since her daughter looked so annoyed. I think people need to take a step back and realize that the comment really wasn’t a big deal, and she wasn’t saying that she thought it would be a bad thing, as I’ve heard some folks say, she was simply making an observation.

      • If you’re the parent of a teenager and you can’t manage to annoy your kid from time to time, you’re missing out on a lot of fun.

      • I hear what you say about keeping things private, but the daughter brought up how she wore boyish clothing to school every day, and I really took YoFo’s comment as a joke or just casual observation. The girl didn’t look upset.

        • Her daughter prolly dressed that way to get under her mom’s skin (teens are good at that) as it seemed like it was a bone of contention for YoFo.

          My son rarely shaves and has this nasty, scruffy beard thing going. It grosses me out. I can’t stand facial hair. It’s not hair if it ain’t on your head. It’s fur, for crying out loud. I call him The American Taliban and tell him to shave.

            • Nah. He won’t even wear a jacket when it is cold out. He does it to annoy me, I am sure. And don’t get me started on his hair. It is a battle getting him to cut it. I don’t mind long hair, but he has this awful curly hair that gets big and bushy, like an overgrown hedge (he didn’t get it from me). He thinks I am an overly concerned (I think the word he uses is “obsessed”) with looks and cultivating an unkempt appearance is his passive aggressive way of getting back at me.

            • It might be, or a way of asserting his independance
              like all teens do. I joined the army to assert mine(and to get away from my overly controlling mother. )

          • And I get that. My kids don’t always dress the way I want, but I’ve learned to pick my battles. I’ve noticed that quite a few of the older boys in our extended family are sportin’ the fur too lately. I guess it’s the style? In our house, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you’ll never survive.

    • I thought the comment was hilarious, it was not obnoxious. It was a mom talking to her daughter. I would say that in conversation to my daughter in a heartbeat. I have a best friend who is gay and she loved the comment and laughed.

    • I thought YoFo’s comment was funny, actually. Can’t a mother have a personal conversation with her daughter without people’s over sensitivity getting in the mix? In former times,when meeting a hunk, my friends would lament, “The cute ones are either taken or gay”. In today’s world, is THAT comment considered politically incorrect?

    • Agreed Its still thought by some that if a girl does non feminine things or is very athletic she is a lesbian I was never a girly girl still not I am sure people think i am a lesbian I dont know why everyone is so up in arms about what she said.

      • Shoot, folks thought I was a lesbian just because I wasn’t trying to have sex with the guys I worked with at a hotel.

      • Plus, I’m sure she was just joking. The kid went through a tomboy phase, is all. People need to lighten up.

        • Yeah, ok, but she said that on camera, to her young girl, and I still think it show lack of empathy. What if her daughter really was gay or in the process of experimenting, can you imagine how that would have made her feel?

          • No, I really can’t, because I don’t see why/how YoFo said anything wrong. If she’s a lesbian, then her mom called it right. If she’s not, then she’s not.

            • I agree, she just said “I thought she was a lesbian”. She didn’t say “oh my God, I thought she was a lesbian, oh the horror!” It did not sound derogotory to me just matter of fact.

            • I wasn’t offended, either. I took it to mean that her daughter has already chosen to go the model route, and Yolanda is trying to keep her focused on how to keep getting jobs and making all the money she can while she is young. Also, along with playing volleyball also comes practicing, and time away from doing things that are model inspired. I thought nothing about her saying the lesbian comment, and I’m sure if her daughter has any signs of being one, her mom has picked up on it. I knew my son was gay long before he told me….I’m sure it annoys the daughter, though, that her Mom was in the modeling business and keeps such a close eye on helping her daughter stay focused. I think she should just let the daughter have some fun playing volleyball with her friends, and she’ll either outgrow it soon, or decide maybe modeling is not the career she really wants to pursue. Also, no telling how much money has been spent toward the ‘career’ the daughter chose, so she has every right to tell the daughter that it’s hurting her chances of being a model.

            • I agree, and lets face it, there is only so many years you can model and for GiGi they are right now. She can play vollyball in a couple of years when she is to old for the runways.

  2. Oh as for swine I hope if Russell spirit was hanging around the sage sent him to a better place Poor man shouldnt have to endure that Idiot moron in his afterlife to well unless he haunts her in her dreams everynight and appears as she is screwing her married boyfiend I would pay money to see

    • Can you imagine the new BF introducing Swine to his poor kids? “Daddy, why does your new girlfriend look like that?

            • Sad thing unlike mama Elsa she can reverse the freak show, but she chooses to look this way………sicko actually thinks she looks good

            • Maybe Mama Elsa is hoping her bff Andy will work it into the story, and foot the bill for her surgery…..I’ve always wondered where the heck her and Marysol get the money to live so lavish. Andy definitely likes Elsa, and wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she has a new face if the show continues.

            • Correcting a bad facelift is possible for Elsa, but I think like Mickey rourke she has silicone in her face, that’s not reversible, it’s permanent and can be scarring in their cases. So sad, and of course swine chooses to look like a freak.

            • Same thing with Priscilla Presley. Her face is a mess. I’m not sure Shana’s lips can be fixed either if she did the same thing as Lisa Rinna. Lisa’s lips keep getting bigger and building scar tissue.

      • I wonder what his wife is saying about it all now, initially she denied an affair, saying that
        Traylor was a friend of the family.

    • Does anyone believe that phony psycho (er, psychic) sprayed anything other than air freshener in the room? That woman was absolutely ridiculous. I could say those things and have the same result. Her “predictions” had a 50% shot at being true. Traylor-Park and her laughably bad acting (quivering into the phone while shedding no tears) doesn’t rise above elementary school theatrics. Meanwhile, she is caught on camera with her cheating beau going out on the town. I hope his wife takes him for all he’s worth.

    • She’s a total crackpot and a fraud, and Swine’s a bigger crackpot for believing in her hogwash. I wonder who/what she’s praying to — it can’t be the God of the Bible, because He prohibits the occult.

    • You are so right! Asking the” father” a question and then being thrown left and right, back and forward. Now I wasn’t sure if she was asking The Father, or father with a small f. Either way, who ever pulled the strings on her was having a ball with the answers.

    • Yea she was weird…. Havent Californians figured out thats why the rest of the nation makes fun of them? Oh, has anyone seen the SNL skit called The Californians? Funny!

      • I’m a Californian, and yes there are a lot of crackpots here. I’ve seen that skit (thanks to Made). It’s hilarious and spot on!

        • @Hers The SNL skit of “The Californians” is hysterical, but we know it’s just a skit-parody of a stereo-typical California “type.” It’s like SNL doing skits on everyone from New Jersey being in the mafia or as our sweet “made” has pointed out the stereotype in the movie “Slingblade.”
          My favorite part of “The Californians” is the freeway directions and side road options. When I first moved there it use to drive me crazy :).

          • You’re right, Ktgirl, that traffic stuff in the Californians skit is totally true, at least for Westside LA.

            • When I first moved here directions drove me crazy! Everyone said how far away something was in miles not minutes and N S W W instead of left or right. Thank God for GPS.

            • I don’t think they had GPS when I first moved there. I use to go with mapquest. By the time GPS was available I pretty much new my way around. It use to make me crazy though, L.A gives a whole new meaning to “road rage.” :). If I ever move back I’ll be getting it! You’re right cyn…I forgot about the N S W E thing. It was never right or left.

            • Hers: I know. right?!! I can still remember my head spinning as people would say ” you get on the 10 to the 405 get off on the 101 go straight make a left then a quick right, NO wait it’s the 2nd right If you hit the 5 you’ve gone to far GO BACK!. You do NOT want to end up there! LOL! I use to date a guy in the valley and traffic was a nightmare. You learn as you go…as you know. I use to get off and take Sepulveda or PCH I guess it was, at that point, and go home that way sometimes. It was slower and longer but the ride was a little nicer and felt safer.
              BTW, I got to watch part of the movie “The Office” today, ever seen? One of my favorite parts is in the beginning when EVERYONE is stuck on the 101, or maybe it’s the 405, and you see what’s going on in everyone’s head as they move inch by inch. One of the funniest scenes is a guy with the name “Michael Bolton.” Poor Guy. The scene where he is blasting rap music on the 101 acting like one of the “bad boyz'” singing…. until some guy selling oranges comes around LOL, and he turns down the radio really low and hides his had as he locks his window. I Love that movie!

  3. Volleyball is not a very masculine sport. YoFo just wants her daughter to model and be around models and think only about modeling and wear high fashion which means no Lakers jerseys. Lol! Marisa’s skunk dye job and her hairstyle look like crap! She needs help there. Brandi should donate that ugly purse to Sheena Easton or whateverTH that slut’s name is that works at SUR.
    Oh, and Shana’s lawyer bf is a douche. He didn’t even pull out her chair for her at dinner. What do you expect from a guy that’s dating while he’s still married? They deserve eachother.

    • haha! I agree with every point. Yolanda’s barely restrained zeal for her daughters modeling career is funny. She wants to play it cool but she can barely control the control freak inside of her. She doesn’t want to appear as a stage mom but she really is. Don’t get me wrong, I like Yo but we got to keep it real!

      • I struggle with that issue myself. If the kids made a commitment to something do you push them to follow through or let them walk away. I’m sure that there are others involved in her modeling that would be involved (agency ad such). If you make them follow through it teaches them to be responsible and work ethic. If you don’t let the off the hook are you being controlling or will they resentful. Most the time there is a middle ground. Volleyball is a tough sport. Bragging now……. My niece was athlete of the year University of Hawaii playing Volleyball last year…………….Go Kelly!

  4. Love Yolanda but her underarms really need to be shaved that’s fine/normal for us guys to have but a woman with arm pit hair that’s just gross!

    • and Trailor’s butt is also gross. If forced, I’d rather see Yolanda’s pits than Trailor’s arse. :)

      • I agree. Tray must’ve been REALLY boozed up that nite. I wish they would’ve shown more of her MAKING an ass of herself, instead of just her ASS.

  5. It means she has hairy arm pits,it’s common for women in European countries to have hair in places women here in the US would either get waxed or shave it off.

      • It’s not common to see hairy European women, as a matter of fact Detroit born and raised Madonna once used to sport some hairy pits before she became rich and famous. It’s not a European thing it’s a grooming thing

        • Remember Julia Roberts did it. Once in a while there are some woman who does it. But not at all common :)

            • Armpit hair is just gross. I don’t know how guys deal with having hairy armpits. Sometimes I will see a guy with bits of deodorant stuck to his armpit hair like little dingleberries and I wonder how guys ever get the deodorant to the skin where it needs to be to stop the armpit funk.

      • I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know one woman that doesn’t do just as much shaving waxing and primping as women in the states do! I thought that looked like a shadow anyway and that is was a joke. If it is not then that is definately YoFo does that makes her unique. I would rather dress in a habit than let anyone see me with hairy armpits and legs!!!!!!!!!

    • I forgot Taylor wasnt the name she was born with… What was wrong with the name Shana? Not like it was Eula Mae or something… (Not that Eula Mae is bad but i could see why someone would change it)

  6. Dutch people do not cut around the bush, they cut straight to the point and say it like it is. If you thought something you will not sugar coat it. They have the definition of uplifting critic and negative critic. Being from another culture I had some problem getting used to the direct way of saying stuff. I didn’t get the uplifting critic etc. Now I do.

    In Holland everyone is like that with their children. You say what you mean, and you mean what you say. They have very good communication within a family and they are not at all homophobic. Holland is one of the countries that allows freedom of sexual preference. So anyone who wants to link her comment to PC, rather check out the great family life she has with her children. They respect her as she respects them.

    And regarding Yolanda’s armpit, I recall her having an operation on her limp nodes a few years ago. So what you see is scaring and skin folding due to the scar. It doesn’t help much that the angle of the lightning left shadows to give the impression that she did not shave.

      • Me too, however if you come from a culture where everyone was so PC that they slowly gone around the bush not to hurt your feelings, this type of communication could seem harsh at times. But it really creates respect between the parents and their children.

        • My Mom was German and yes she too had a “Say what you mean and mean what you say” way of thinking. My Mom was also very soft spoken much like Yolanda and I didn’t find her comment offensive at all. I am sure her daughter knows her Mom well enough to know that no offense was meant. That’s really all that matters.

  7. ALL OF US THAT KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT TRAYLOR TRASH, PLEASE BARRAGE THE BRAVO BLOG FOR HER WITH HER”TRUTHS”…what happened to the ford in your name traylor trash? How many people did you stiff with your Grifter ways besides the MMR lawsuit? Poor Russell’s body was not even found before you were pushing your lying trashy book about your fake abuse…and why are you ruining a family in CO, publicly dating a married man? Everyone is writting gushy stuff about her on the Bravo Blogs..I can’t stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ALL OF US THAT KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT TRAYLOR TRASH, PLEASE BARRAGE THE BRAVO BLOG FOR HER WITH HER”TRUTHS”…what happened to the ford in your name traylor trash? How many people did you stiff with your Grifter ways besides the MMR lawsuit? Poor Russell’s body was not even found before you were pushing your lying trashy book about your fake abuse…and why are you ruining a family in CO, publicly dating a married man? Everyone is writting gushy stuff about her on the Bravo Blogs..I can’t stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What bothered me more was Yoyo sitting the the island and putting her feet in the sink to eat her meal with the rest of the family …

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