REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: What You May Have Missed… Yolanda Foster, Marisa Zanuck, Brandi Glanville, Shana’s Psychic

Just somma the things which you may have missed on Monday’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode!

  • Yolanda Foster has been causing a bit of controversy when she said that she thought her daughter, Gigi, might have been a lesbian back in third grade.  IMO, Yolanda’s honest thoughts about her daughter are just that… honest thoughts.  Seriously, does every word which comes outta someone’s mouth have to be filtered through the PC thought police before they’re said?


We like Yolanda and her straightforward opinions… even if she goes all European with her underarms!

yolanda armpit arrow I yolanda armpit arrow


NEXT is Marisa Zanuck!

  • Marisa doesn’t get full highlights… Marisa only goes for the more “cost conscience” partial head highlights!

Marisa hair arrow

ON TO Brandi Glanville…

  • Brandi had a “shopping” meeting with Lisa Vanderpump… and did NOT go to HagfaceKyle’s new store OR Kyle’s sister’s used dress shop!

brandi entering store arrow


Hilton Store

  • Brandi is also STILL carryin’ around that last season StellaMcCartney duffel bag!  That is a crap bag… you can’t find a thing in it; everything is just dumped into the bag and ya gotta play “treasure hunt” when you wanna find what you’re lookin’ for!

brandi purse lisa arrow



NEXT UP is HagfaceKyle Richards!  

  • A picture says a thousand words…

kyle plastic surgery arrow



Shana psychic arrrow

  • Shana’s Phony Baloney Spasmodic “Psychic”… try your best to ignore the “psychic’s” client!!


  • Shana’s “psychic” stole Elaine Benes’ moves…


  • Shana’s new boyfriend and her attorney, John Beuller… yeah, his name is really Bhuler, but Beuller is easier to remember!

shana john arrow

  • Shana does somma her patented “sob-talkin” and “shaking”… while on the phone with her married, with four kids, boyfriend.

HELLO!  Brandi!!  Instead of wastin’ your time and the viewers viewing time chit-chattin’ with that SUR waste of time waitress, why don’t you go after Shana!  Now THAT we would look forward to watching!


NEXT UP … HagfaceKyle again!

  • HagfaceKyle talks about seein’ Lisa’s butt.  Will Bravo now be showin’ all the Housewives butts instead of just all the HouseHusbands butts?

Prolly to stay on the show, Shana had to allow her butt to be filmed!

RHOBH Butt Shot

John Turturro’s butt…




And, please don’t forget… Kyle’s ADOPTED!!!!