LISA HOCHSTEIN: Lisa’s BravoBlog… Blames AnaWhatever and Lea Black’s Battle On Blogs!… Lisa Still Don’t Know What A “Fembot” Is!…



Happy New Year, everyone! I have been in Playa del Carmen ringing in the New Year. I took a much needed vacation  NOTE:  Thank you, Lisa for NOT calling a “vacation” a “holiday”!!  after all the craziness throughout the past few months. It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions, good and bad, but memories and moments I will cherish forever.

RHOM reunio
The reunion was intense.  Unsurprisingly the arguments throughout the season came to a head.

It was a battlefield between  Joanna and Adriana, back and forth between Marysol and Lea, and Karent vs the left couch. I am now in a good place with Lea and enjoy her company.

The big shocker was the attack from Ana against Lea. I’m sure everyone was as shocked as I when Ana pulled out the file. Unless you have been following up with our blogs you probably had no idea where the unfounded, below the belt accusations came from. Watching the season the battle was not between Lea and Ana, but somehow they began to go after each other on their blogs. I believe this is what triggered this war.

I was asked how I felt about being called a fembot, and responded that I have no issues with it. Why would I? As far as I’m concerned they are hot, so who cares? I’ve been called worse things in my life! I don’t know much more about them, because I don’t remember watching the movie.


As I reported in my last blog, Daysy’s surgeries went fantastic. I posted before and after pics of her fantastic results by my husband Dr. Leonard Hochstein. She is now dating a wonderful man and could not be happier.

lisah lenny

As far as the baby making goes, since our last failed attempt a few months ago I have given my body a little break. We plan to do another IVF attempt by February and pray all goes well this time around. I would also not be opposed to implanting multiple embryos in the hopes of getting at least one! Hey, who knows, I may end up with 2 or 3! This time around we plan on modifying the medications and method in hopes of a different outcome.

lisah playboy
I revealed that Playboy for me was a regret. When you are barely 20 you don’t make the best decisions. I never imagined that these photos would follow me for the rest of my life. It is something I am embarrassed about.  I respect that there are some women out there who are glad that they did it.   I am not one of them.

lisah house rhom

As far as our home is concerned, we are in the process of getting our plans perfected and approved. Unfortunately we are fighting a group of preservationists that want the old house to be preserved. These people have never been on the property and have no idea about the bad condition the house is in, but feel they have the right to tell us what to do and have actually gone so far as to dry to designate the home historic without our consent after we had purchased it. Fortunately the city of Miami Beach is respectful of private individuals’ rights and understands our situation. Our neighbors unanimously support our new home. It just seems odd that people who don’t even live on the island would be so nasty. The names we have been called in the press for wanting to do nothing more than build our family home is disgusting. We look forward to sharing our plans in the near future.

joe francis joanna krupa pg

As far as Adriana and Joanna, my feeling is that I like them both and there is no need for me to take sides; no one should expect me to. During filing of Season 2 Joanna and I were close, but once we wrapped, we became distant. Blame it on our miles apart, our schedules, or whatever. I did however try to text and call a few times but did not feel reciprocated so I gave up. I am not one to beg or pine after friends. Adriana and I were friendly but not close during filming. Since we wrapped I have spent more time with her and Fredric, and we just get along. Lenny also adores Fredric, so it’s fun to double date.

adriana lea fredric arrow

I felt Alexia was wrong in how she handled Bimini and Karent. I didn’t like the way she spoke to me at the reunion. I will never back down to someone who wants to have an argument with me. I usually don’t argue, but when I do I make sense and I’m usually right.

rhom reunion cast

I hope all the women on this cast find happiness and peace if they have not already and I truly wish them all the best!

I hope 2013 is everyone’s best year yet! I adore and appreciate all of you so much! All of your comments, support, and love have made me a better and stronger person.

Let’s keep in touch and stay connected!

Many of you have been messaging me for more info on my Husband Dr. Leonard Hochstein AKA the “Boob God.” Please check out his website:

Dr. Leonard M. Hochstein
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Phone: (305) 931-3338

Many of you asked where I get my hair blown out, check out BDry Blow Dry Bar:

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20 comments on “LISA HOCHSTEIN: Lisa’s BravoBlog… Blames AnaWhatever and Lea Black’s Battle On Blogs!… Lisa Still Don’t Know What A “Fembot” Is!…

  1. I knew I saw a change in the relationship between Lisa and Joanna, and I’m glad Lisa chose to address it head on. Joanna’s “friendships” are for the show and when the camaras stop, she’s on to her real life. However, I have to admit I don’t read the blogs for this show, but it seems I should have. Interesting….


  2. I have grown to like Lisa more and more troughout the season. I used to think she was dumb as a bread, but I really dont think that is the case. She seems like the only one who owns up to hear mistakes in the past, who does´nt give low blows and is sincere in what she says.
    I think she was just a little nerveous in the first episodes and came out ass a blond dumbs*.
    I whish her and Lenny well and hope they have luck in making babies. I think that would add something good to her life and I also think she would be a good mum. She sure seems to care about her dogs, and that says a lot for me.


    • totally agree! She’s showing class (which was not a given at the start) and intelligence. Glad she finally saw Hoanna for what she is. And I hope Lenny really loves her and won’t move on to another younger version to have kids. But if he did, he’d be a douche, so I guess he’s not?


  3. With all due respect, I don’t know if I would take being called, a fembot, a compliment. They’re avatars, not human beings. This girl is so young to be looking like this. How much ‘external validation’ does she feel she needs at her age?????
    Her age is the best you’ll ever look in your life, and she elected to change it????? Inject crap in your face/head?…for what, right now. Also, with all due respect…..when I first saw her….I didn’t think fembot…….I thought, that her plastic surgeon husband, concocted his own personal blow up doll. Everything about her looks just like one to me, except her mouth isn’t permanently fixed in a circular position.. I’m not saying this to hurt anybody…it’s simply just what always comes to mind when I see her. She sure doesn’t look like a normal person, that’s for sure. What a shame. Different strokes for different folks I guess. Would I let her husband work on me?…not so sure.


    • Yeah, I have to agree on that too. She really messed with her looks. Insecurity will have you make the stupidest things, no matter how clever you are. Oh, humanity…


    • ITA too. Why would someone in the 20’s do what she did to her face. When she has an emotion it looks scary. In 10 years she’ll regret letting her doctor/husband screw up her face. What a shame!


  4. You know, Lisa is a pretty girl but she slow down on the botox!
    LOL, look what auto correct just did for “botox” –> boat ox <—-
    This is why I try to check before posting, LOL.


  5. I really liked this girl in the beginning of the season but now Im having second thoughts.Im starting to think her attempts to have a child are about as sincere as Adriana’s upcoming that we know shes actually been married to Frederic for 4 years(I dont buy their story about the error on their license that cancelled out its validity).I think Lisa’s IVF attempts are going to coincide with season 3 for the reason she has no other storyline.I find it hard to believe that a woman who prides herself in looking like a ‘Fembot’ is going to truly wish to put her body through a pregnancy. If her ‘attempts’ to conceive dont happen right away,I think her new friendship with Adriana is laying the ground for a backup storyline plan….Adriana/Lisa vs. Joanna!
    I also must add,the gap between Lisa’s knockers is large enough to park my Grandma’s Buick therefore I would hardly call Lenny a Boob God. Nobody with implants wants the dreaded refund gap.


    • Not to mention the weird outie of a belly button. Nothing about her makes me think she should be a mom at this time.


    • Arent a lot of “famous” or rich plastic anorectic girls using surrogates because they dont want to “destroy” their bodies with pregnancy? People like Camille Grammar…Sarah Jessica Parker, etc… What are they going to do when they get old, rent young bodies? i read a book with that premise. Freaky.


  6. I think Lisa is harmless. I hope she doesn’t mess with her face anymore! She’s gorgeous but she’s one more botox treatment away from looking way older than she is. I hope there is a season three and she’s back.
    Also, anyone else notice that Lisa seemed a little shocked when Daisy named off the list of all the plastic surgery procedures she’s had before. I don’t think she knew. I think Daisy took Lisa for a little ride on that one. I hope she isn’t letting her take advantage of her because Lisa seems like a genuinely nice person.


  7. Lisa is just not that sharp but she is “nice.” She needs to gain weight if she wants to get pregnant. She is still like a little lost girl who doesn’t know what she wants to do. There’s just not a lot of substance there. Unfortunately, she is right about her hubby; he married her for her looks and youth.


  8. Lisa won points for remaining above the fray. She kept that princess-cool vibe going, very poised + centered. I think Joanna’s biggest downfall was being so easily provoked where as Lisa was untouchable. The only thing that disracts me about her photos is that her head looks disproportionate to her body size. Ver pretty woman, great body but if she were any more underweight she’s approaching that Q-Tip look.


  9. Personally i think she wants to get pregnant so bad so that lenny won’t leave her.She doesn’t work or has a career so i’m assuming she really needs him.Maybe she really loves him idk.Also she looks about 40.I only started getting fillers now at 47 ,and i don’t look any different.So i’m trying to figure out to look thae way she does she must get tons and tons of fillers.I have spent money on fillers but i go once a year.She looks like cat lady


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