FROM THE SH ARCHIVES… SHANA “TAYLOR ARMSTRONG”: MMR Lawsuit….Shana’s Phony FAKE Birkin Bags… “FAKE Birkin Bags From A Real Housewife”!!!

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“In the end, we won’t know if Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong was a willing participant in her deceased husband’s efforts to defraud a medical records company or if he really coerced her to cooperate with his threats of violence.

But what we do know, now that the matter has been settled out of court, is that the housewife who once spent $60,000 on her daughter’s fourth birthday party is in such financial straits that not even her Hermès Birkin bags are real.

Armstrong and last month reached a settlement, which the two parties signed on May 25 and May 26, respectively, that required Armstrong to turn over “valuable” personal property to partially recompense MMR for more than $1 million the company says it lost at the hands of the Armstrongs.   We’re not talking sprawling estates, luxury sedans, or yachts here.
It’s more like an engagement ring, (yes, the one that wound up on eBay—more on that later), two designer bags (wink, wink), and a banknote.  The case was scheduled to go to trial in Los Angeles Superior Court on July 11.    “After many meetings with their side and going through various forms of settlement conversations, it became obvious that even if we won the battle, we could lose the war since collectability from Taylor at $1.5 million or more was questionable,” said Robert Lorsch, CEO of MMR, a service providing secure online access to an individual or family’s medical history.
“So…we began the process of negotiating for personal property that we were told had very high values and a note for a nominal amount of money in case we didn’t get anything we bargained for.”
The lawsuit, filed in July, alleged that Russell Armstrong, who owned 60 percent of MMR’s stock and raised investor capital for the startup, pocketed investor money with his wife’s assistance. Russell Armstrong was eventually ousted from MMR through a legal settlement in which he paid the company $250,000, relinquished all of his shares, and he and Taylor Armstrong were required to disclose every investor from whom they had received money.
When MMR discovered three investors with legitimate claims who had been left out, the company sued Russell Armstrong for $1.5 million. But he committed suicide two weeks later, leaving his wife of six years to deal with the legal mess by herself.
Armstrong declined to comment about the settlement through her personal lawyer John Bluher but maintained in court papers that she was coerced into signing the original agreement with MMR under “duress and threat of physical harm.”
In her book, Hiding From Reality—My Story of Love, Loss, and Finding the Courage Within, Armstrong describes in graphic detail the violent abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband.   As part of the lawsuit’s settlement, MMR also received a “representation” from Armstrong that she has no deals in the works or any expected sources of income of any consequence, besides her job on the Bravo hit Real Housewives, for a period of time.
“The idea was we didn’t want to sign an agreement, take the ring, buy into this poverty story, and all of a sudden find out she signed a million-dollar deal,” Lorsch said. “That to us was a substantive part of the settlement and could leave the door open for more in the future.”
So what exactly did MMR walk away with? The centerpiece is Armstrong’s 10 carat yellow stone diamond ring, which was valued at $251,000 and became tabloid fodder when MMR quickly tried to auction it on eBay and  Armstrong’s camp complained to TMZ  that Taylor Armstrong wanted to give the ring to her daughter and “feels she’s been backed into a corner because of Russell’s misdeeds.
Knowing our experience with the Armstrongs in the past, we trusted very little so we add the [banknote] at the last minute when there was no paperwork on the bags.”
Opening bid was $150,000… there were no bids!
The ring wound up with its own little story after eBay stopped the auction and closed MMR’s account, and the personal health records company found itself having to prove it did, in fact, have ownership of the ring. Eventually, eBay reinstated the account.

The listing is not live now, as MMR has decided to wait for a second appraisal of the ring to be completed.   MMR was criticized on sites  for trying to capitalize on Taylor Armstrong’s fame in the listing: “This ring has been seen on television! This is your chance to own a piece of Hollywood history!”

“We believed it was in our best interest as a publicly traded company to maximize the value of the property as quickly as possible for the benefit of shareholders,” Lorsch explained. “So we decided to put it on eBay, where anyone in America [or the world] would have a chance to buy the ring and own a piece of television history. It’s a very flashy, desirable piece of jewelry.”

In a way, MMR shouldn’t be blamed for trying to cash in as fast as possible. Already in the hole over its business dealings with at least Russell Armstrong, it didn’t take the company long to figure out that the two Hermès Birkin bags Taylor Armstrong relinquished were not what they seemed.“The Birkin bags turned out to be fakes from a real housewife,” Lorsch said.

“Knowing our experience with the Armstrongs in the past, we trusted very little so we add the [banknote] at the last minute when there was no paperwork on the bags. At the end of the day, I think we will do OK with the ring…it got the case settled. We didn’t want to go out and spend over $100,000 at trial and maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to recover [damages]. For us the chapter is closed.”

UPDATE:   The strangest part of this entire lawsuit was when Bob Lorsch popped up on Jeff Lewis’ show, InteriorTherapy… as a hoarder!

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104 comments on “FROM THE SH ARCHIVES… SHANA “TAYLOR ARMSTRONG”: MMR Lawsuit….Shana’s Phony FAKE Birkin Bags… “FAKE Birkin Bags From A Real Housewife”!!!

  1. I’m gonna tell y’all right now that woman had no plans to ever pass that ring to Kennedy.
    Know that…

  2. I wonder how many people Russell and Taylor swindled money out of to get that ring in the first place. I am sure the thing that upset Taylor the most was she thought by keeping the ring, it was like money in her bank account when everything was settled. Haha. MMR beat her to the punch. I am sure all those tears were caused by watching that ring walk out the door and seeing all those $$$$’s walking away. In my opinion, Taylor has a huge nest egg in some off shore account somewhere that will surface in a year or two after everything is settled. Does anyone else find it kind of creepy that her boyfriend is still her attorney. I would find it a huge conflict of interest.

    • I find everything about her creepy. Her lies about being related to the famous Ford family and owning her own business, when she was first introduced. Then her lies about her name change. Added to her lies about Kennedy being allergic to the Maltese puppy from Russell, only to show up with a Pomeranian on the last show. I really liked Bob Lorsch on Interior Therapy and it’s too bad he didn’t force her to liquidate everything and turn over all the money to him. (And from what I saw of Taylor’s new MARRIED boyfriend, he looks like a big creep too.)

      • I seen the dog and wondered, what the heck?? The new married boyfriend is creepy. I am sure she has no qualms about being the other woman. I would love for Brandi to call her out on that. That would be a perfect question to ask Taylor at the reunion.

          • Me too. I hope she rattle the rafters. I want to see Kyle, Taylor and Adrienne shaking in their boots. Kim is just out there, I think the years of drinking have affected her.

          • if she does, it would show she really a tell-it-like-it-is person and not playing a part on the show just to get famous. They need to start calling these ladies out on their lies and double dealings. Makes me realize that most of the women on Real Housewives are phoney baloneys who gave them a good sales pitch and dont have the $ or the credibility to back up their claims. The women who would fit the real definition of $ housewives wouldnt be caught dead on a Mandy show!

    • Lisa was right to question Taylor’s finances in the first season, and I suspect it’s because she already knew that her friend Mohammed had been dealing with Russel and that things weren’t going well, yet Taylor was spending money like it was water. Kyle smacked her down on that repeatedly, then the abuse story line cropped up, and Lisa put her concerns aside, at least on the show. Taylor and Russell were up to much more then most of us will ever know, and Taylor is going to have to deal with those issues for some time, I believe. Going on this show was probably the worst mistake they made, and I think Russell realized that pretty quickly when his financial house of cards started to implode, but Taylor’s thirst for fame apparently took precedence over common sense.

      • I forgot all about Mohammed and Russells dealings. Lisa sure didn’t like Taylor and found something to leary off. She was 100 percent correct. Kyle is not a good judge of character. Lisa deals with the public and employees, I think that she is more intune to a conartist.

          • I just completely forgot about Mohammed and Russell. I am sure both Lisa and Yolanda knew about all of that. Thanks bsbfankaren for reminding me about that. Did anyone else get the feeling that Lisa was well informed about the ring. I could see the little look in Lisas eyes like, I am going to call Taylor out on this, but she will never think she is being called out. I really dont think Lisa is really fond of Taylor either.

            • Who actually likes swine? Maybe they’ll tolerate her but that’s about it. Only a ho, creeps and other unearthly swine likes swine.

            • But now brandi and swine act like buddies either Brandi is forgiving or this is for the script

            • I get a real phoney vibe from Lisa when she’s acting concerned about Taylor. I think she has had the woman’s number from the start and just decided to play along with the “friendship” stuff. It’s kinda hard for me to believe that she changed her mind about the phoney creep so quickly.

            • SH, you took the words right out of my mouth! These women are cast members. They turn it on for the camera. BTW, will you be covering the newest reality show on Lifetime, Double Divas, about bra fitters? (Not joking.)

            • Did you catch Sisterhood last night? Remember when I told yall that one who said she was in excape? well Kandi tweeted that she was NEVER in Escape that they wanted to replace Kandi with her but it never happened or sumpin. Anyway I like Sisterhood. Lord help me but I do.
              PS Amy Hadley blogtalk interview is going on right now….if anyone is interested. She has already started off by claiming to nnever have watched relaity tv.

            • Made, I taped it but admit I’ve only watched a bit of it. It turned me off when one of the “First Ladies” took the Lord’s name in vain about 5 min into it.

      • I think at one time Russell was successful in his endevours but Ill bet the farm that was Pre Swine, she was a grifter Pre Russell one has to wonder if they hooked up and she school him in the Art of Grifting JMHO

      • Might not like Camille but she called Taylor out on the abuse talk and there basically not being evidence of it despite Taylor’s claims. No one wanted to “go there” because it would make them look bad and unsympathetic to domestic abuse sufferers…

    • Ok, so the ring is real, but the Birkins are fake? I thought the creditors would come out and say the ring was a big fake, too.

  3. I was surprised she still had the ring. Given her financial situation, i thought she would have “hawked” it a long time ago!

    • She couldn’t without risking her creditors having her accounts seized. I’m surprised she isn’t on the hook with the IRS in some way?

      • Not to get off topic here, but speaking of the IRS, I wonder this Adrienne De Morna and her husband have been filing jointly or defrauding the IRS? As for Taylor, it seems as if the viewers are buying her endless bullshit as all of the comments on her blogs are glowing. And her grifting continues. Can’t wait to see her next venture. She better lay low for a while. Bravo has such dirty hands. It makes me sick.

  4. why is that woman still living in the big-ass house? She doesn’t need that much space and she can’t afford to pretend to hire the people she claims she does to take care of it. She should scale back a tad and perhaps sign the deed over to her daughter and put any proceeds from the sale in a trust for Kennedy to protect the cash from any other people who she might have swindled.

    • As I recall, it was a rental and she has since been kicked out, reportedly so the owner could sell it. I wonder if she moved back in with Kyle?

      • Yes it was a rental, Taylor’s best bet would be to latch onto her sleazy attorney for good and marry him, she will never have any better options, she’s in the same disastrous sinking ship as PT.

        • What kind of a attorney is he, he was traveling around with her for months he must not have to many clients that need him.

        • True and that’s EXACTLY what she did, played the helpless victim, got drunk and acted inappropriately around this stupid guy and lured him in. She’s a pro. I’ll give her that.

        • Ok, so the lawyer is married – why haven’t we heard anything from his wife? Is he supposed to be separated or something? Something’s just not right about that whole situation…

          • Holy: We have heard from the wife. This is all old news, as it happened in real time at least six months ago. Just do a search on SH and lots of items re John Bhuler will pop up. If you put “Shana” in the search bar, you will have a month’s worth of reading! TFC!!! SH

          • I’m not sure what it is you want her to say. She’s not someone who’s in the media. Maybe she has not been given the opportunity or maybe she does not want the opportunity. You’re right, something isn’t right… it’s not right to be involved with a married man and one who has children to boot. Initially they both denied being involved and used the excuse of him being married as “proof” that they weren’t.

            • Okay… after reading Ms. SH’s comment I guess she did get the opportunity… lol. I’m curious, I’m definitely looking it up. I’m sure once I see it I’ll recognize it… can’t help it that I suffer from CRAFT.

  5. Does she buy her fake Hermes birkins from PT, PT could make a bundle with the HWs they all wear fakes

    • Who is PT? I want a fake birkin. We need Nene at the reunion to tell her “close your legs to married men”. Hate this woman! .

      • PT is miss SH name for aviva drescher of rhony. Aviva=viva paper towels=PT. I guess you can send PT an email via her website . LOL!!!

  6. Ya know it’s truly amazing to me that this shana attempted to pass her fake knockoff bags as the real thing, and was busted, and she seems to have no shame about it . How embarrassing cuz the HW of BH like lisa and Camille wear the real ones and now everyone sees what a wannabe she is. Personally I’d be so humiliated id hide under a rock, but then again I’m no criminal fake wannabe who’d wear a fake and then try to hawk it off as the real thing. She’s revolting

    • She had no shame about lying about abuse why would she have shame about Passing fake Birkins as real.

      • She probably didn’t give a second thought about lying about the fake bags – she thinks she’s been able to get away with all the lying about the abuse and all, so why not think she could pass off fake bags as the real deal? Don’t Birkins have a serial number or something that authenticates them?

    • I think its the only smart thing she HAS done. It always kills me to thing of women carrying an expensive bag with an empty wallet.

      • Ditto. But it would have been a show of even greater mental health to just forego the pretense and carry a normal purse.

  7. she claims that she was forced to sign on as a business partner but in the first season she kept braging about being great business partners.

    • I wonder if she was also forced to change her name to Ford? Then also forced the story out of her own mouth telling people she was from Ford motor family which she told many times. Hmm

      • She had a office next to him and was on the BOD of his company and recieved compensation for her work, dosnt sound like being forced to me in fact the day russels body was found Swine claims she was suppose to meet him at “their offices” she was goign to be there because she had work to complete. Forced my left butt cheek,.

        • Yes, forced! Also forced to get her weird lip implant so we would be forced to call her stuff like fishlips, big mouth bass, trout mouf, duck face. It’s all because she was forced I tell you. Lol!

  8. I would have went after dollar for dollar til it was all paid back.She has some stuff she could be forced to sell at auction to raise the full amount.She got off light in my mind.

    • I agree. She should’ve been forced to give up ALL jewelry, designer shoes, handbags, clothing, automobiles and the furnishings for the RENTED house she couldn’t afford. But I believe that Bob Lorsch was way too much of a gentleman to insist on it.

      • I dont htink all the furnishing were hers, maybe MS SH remembers but didnt one of Russells ex say some of the painting and rugs were hers but she let Swine and russell keep them in the house because his son visited and after Russells death Swine refused to return the items stating she wasnt recoepts to prove ownership. I bet the automoble and anything else is leased or has liens agaisnt them and Bob couldnt sieze them,

      • Probably not good pr to break the widow. I will bet there was nothing to go after, rented home, leased auto,fake bags etc….How can she still live the lifestyle? She needs to get a job and move on, away from B.H.

  9. I am so confused by people like Shana. How does she get these guys in the first place? She’s not attractive, particularly young or able to make her own money. What does she have to offer?

        • Oh lisa, my oh my, you are most likely correct, however I’d like to point out to mrs Bateman as well, SWINE did not land her self any catches did she…….Russell was a con and broke and mentally I’ll, and he killed himself, this lawyer can’t even pull out the chair at dinner for her, he looks like major TOOL…….so there you go that’s what swine catches for herself……..NOT MUCH, so do not fret ladies

          • Maybe he’s just trying to get more business, and he figures that being filmed with SWINE, his phone will start ringing.

      • True but if I were bragging to my buddies about how amazing she is and then showed them That I’m pretty sure my bragging rights would be stripped. It’s not like he’s some poor shmuck living in his mom’s basement, I would think he has options.

        • Maybe regular options, but TV options…….no. I think he is a schmuck if hes seen with swine, and maybe for him she’s the best option for now. He’s on the F list she’s on the D list that’s an upgrade. Lol! I crack myself up. Ppl are desperate and the idea of a reality tv star might be glamorous for some, an impressive man wouldn’t even look twice at her.

          • She’s not just ANY reality… cough.. cough… “star” she’s an infamous, hated, lying, cheating, conning and cunning reality… gag.. gag… “star.” He’s a schmuck to think she’s an option at all. He deserves all he has coming to him and I hope his wife doesn’t have a pre-nup and they aren’t in a 50/50 state. I feel even worse for his kids.

            • I’m sure the Banana conned him on a significant level. You could see he (RIP) was confused by some of the dialogue in the groups discussions & limo rides. She’s a mean green one that Grinch. :(

    • dont these guys want someone who doesnt just want to be with them for their money? I mean I’m sure the kinky hanky panky stops once the woman has gotten what she wants. Aside from other things, this probably why i am still single bc I dont get men. I also dont want to use someone.

      • I get the feeling just based on his “debut” that ole boy is ever bit as in love wit the camera as all the rest of the girls and most of the girly men. She deserves him because he is a huge joke. Crooksy material.

  10. it is so sad to see all the Bravo posters who don’t know her past, line up with their compliments for her. She should be behind bars…I feel so sorry for the attorney’s kids..what a sad situation for them. Shana has no feelings for them whatsoever, and how dare LIsa…my favorite, sit with Shana and that attorney, knowing full well she was cheating with him. I would have gotten up from the table and left. I will lose all respect for Brandi too, if she is friendly to Shana – swine is an insult to pigs. They are perfectly smart wonderful animals…

  11. I agree. Shame on Bravo for perpetrating her lies and not checking her out before hiring her. She should have everything sold and be behind bars. Very unfair. What about impersonating a member of the Ford family? Isnt that a type of fraud? Sick.

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