CAROLINE MANZO: Da Lil MANZOIDS Are Savin’ Hoboken!… Again!… NOT On The “Cash Donated” List… Critterfur Reveals That **GASP** There Is “Poverty” In Hoboken!

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Oh those cute lil darlings of DonCaro’s… da Manzoid BOYZ!

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The soon-to-be-thirty-year-old “BOYZ” are now adding their FamousFace clout to a gala event to “Save Hoboken”!

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You must hurry though… the ticket price of $300 is only available for the first 200 people!!

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The details:

Please join us for our Black Tie optional event with guest Celebrity Hosts, Entertainers & Presenters including CBS 2’s Katie McGee, Fox News’ Juliet Huddy, The Manzo’s from The Real Housewives of NJ…and many more. Open bar will start at 6:30pm and continue for the duration of the event. Food and dessert will be served thanks to our local restaurants. We have special guests and entertainment lined up to make the evening unforgettable.   NOTE:  The sponsorship “EXPERIENCE” details are quite interesting!

When reviewing the “Rebuilding Hoboken” site, nary a one of the Manzoids, nor any Laurita, have donated the minimal $5,000 cash to the cause!

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Da BOYZ, PrinceAlbie and Critterfur, tell Bravo’s Dish that they couldn’t get into their Hoboken home for two weeks after Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the city.   From what they discussed with Bravo’s no-questions-asked-Dish, PrinceAlbie and Critterfur were just waiting to be a part of the “right group” to get behind!

Critterfur also tells the Dish that besides there being extremely wealthy people residing in Hoboken that

“not alot of people know it, but POVERTY and LOW-INCOME housing” are in Hoboken, too!

Critterfur told “Rebuild Hoboken”…

“No matter how big or small, the Manzo and Laurita family is totally behind you.'”

Chris says that the goal of the February 2 event is to “get as many donations as possible,”  NOTE:  Really, Critterfur?

… and that he and Albie are working to get the word out to local celebrities, athletes and community figures, because as he says:

“Everyone suffered through it — it’s kind of the one thing that made everyone down to earth. You can live in the greatest, most expensive building in Hoboken, but if your lobby is flooded, nobody’s going home. It showed the greatest in people in our community. I saw Eli Manning handing out water and jackets. We really wanted to get involved.

andy hurricane partyDa Manzoids were not invited to MissAndy’s Hurricane Party!

I know that it’s probably going to be the one charity that every single penny is going to go back to the town.  It’s not just a rebuild things to what they were and slap ourselves on the back thing, it’s to build bigger and better than ever.”

NOTE:  “Probably”??  Hmmmm…. so, those other “charity” events which da Manzoid BOYZ threw themselves into to assist Hoboken were questionable?   Wonder how much money raised when da Manzoids were “Drink(ing) For A Cause” went to the charity?

Just had to add this… “HousewifeHoe’s” creation never gets old!

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