CAROLINE MANZO: Da Lil MANZOIDS Are Savin’ Hoboken!… Again!… NOT On The “Cash Donated” List… Critterfur Reveals That **GASP** There Is “Poverty” In Hoboken!

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Oh those cute lil darlings of DonCaro’s… da Manzoid BOYZ!

RHONJ Manzo Laurita pg

The soon-to-be-thirty-year-old “BOYZ” are now adding their FamousFace clout to a gala event to “Save Hoboken”!

boyz  flava flav

You must hurry though… the ticket price of $300 is only available for the first 200 people!!

 rhonj hoboken event

The details:

Please join us for our Black Tie optional event with guest Celebrity Hosts, Entertainers & Presenters including CBS 2’s Katie McGee, Fox News’ Juliet Huddy, The Manzo’s from The Real Housewives of NJ…and many more. Open bar will start at 6:30pm and continue for the duration of the event. Food and dessert will be served thanks to our local restaurants. We have special guests and entertainment lined up to make the evening unforgettable.   NOTE:  The sponsorship “EXPERIENCE” details are quite interesting!

When reviewing the “Rebuilding Hoboken” site, nary a one of the Manzoids, nor any Laurita, have donated the minimal $5,000 cash to the cause!

hoboken donations

Da BOYZ, PrinceAlbie and Critterfur, tell Bravo’s Dish that they couldn’t get into their Hoboken home for two weeks after Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the city.   From what they discussed with Bravo’s no-questions-asked-Dish, PrinceAlbie and Critterfur were just waiting to be a part of the “right group” to get behind!

Critterfur also tells the Dish that besides there being extremely wealthy people residing in Hoboken that

“not alot of people know it, but POVERTY and LOW-INCOME housing” are in Hoboken, too!

Critterfur told “Rebuild Hoboken”…

“No matter how big or small, the Manzo and Laurita family is totally behind you.'”

Chris says that the goal of the February 2 event is to “get as many donations as possible,”  NOTE:  Really, Critterfur?

… and that he and Albie are working to get the word out to local celebrities, athletes and community figures, because as he says:

“Everyone suffered through it — it’s kind of the one thing that made everyone down to earth. You can live in the greatest, most expensive building in Hoboken, but if your lobby is flooded, nobody’s going home. It showed the greatest in people in our community. I saw Eli Manning handing out water and jackets. We really wanted to get involved.

andy hurricane partyDa Manzoids were not invited to MissAndy’s Hurricane Party!

I know that it’s probably going to be the one charity that every single penny is going to go back to the town.  It’s not just a rebuild things to what they were and slap ourselves on the back thing, it’s to build bigger and better than ever.”

NOTE:  “Probably”??  Hmmmm…. so, those other “charity” events which da Manzoid BOYZ threw themselves into to assist Hoboken were questionable?   Wonder how much money raised when da Manzoids were “Drink(ing) For A Cause” went to the charity?

Just had to add this… “HousewifeHoe’s” creation never gets old!

time cover

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78 comments on “CAROLINE MANZO: Da Lil MANZOIDS Are Savin’ Hoboken!… Again!… NOT On The “Cash Donated” List… Critterfur Reveals That **GASP** There Is “Poverty” In Hoboken!

  1. The Manzoid “Boyz” come to an event free and drink and eat their weight in free food and liquor.
    They never donate a dime to the cause because they think their celebrity status cough cough is a box office gold headliner.Sad how this reality fame has went to all their heads on these scripted fake shows.

    • Speaking of BLK, I know we’ve already talked about where people have seen BLK in markets across the country. But has anyone actually seen a person carrying a BLK bottle or drinking BLK out in the real world? Has anyone heard friends/family/co-workers talk about BLK? I haven’t seen anything or heard a peep.

      • I haven’t seen it in stores, seen anyone with a bottle of it, nor heard anyone that I know talk about it. But, if Jacaloon is to be believed the BLK water is a sensation that is sweeping the nation. She is such a joke. Maybe when she goes to prison for her fraud case, they can lobby to add BLK to the prison commissary. Heck, I will even put a few dollars on the prison books for her so that she can treat herself to a bottle of the sludge water. She will need it to cure the hangover from the prison wine, pruno, that she is sure to get.

        • I saw one of those prison shows describing how they make pruno. I almost threw up listening to the description.

          • You would have to be really desperate for a drink to choke that stuff down. Drinking it would be like a dare on ‘Fear Factor’. Poor Jacaloon.

  2. caface stands for- cash and fame are certainly easy.. None of them work I mean really work for their money.

  3. They are such effin lyin POS…. as far as I have heard they live over the bar they were going to buy. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Stars….Please they are falling stars along with that hag face mother of there’s. Sorry I just can’t buy into people like that who are such cheaters. Put your freaken money where your mouth is or STFU.

  4. When I have volunteered for galas to raise money for impoverished children, we had to pay for the professional auctioneers, emcee, and musician. I wonder if the Manzo’s are getting paid for their appearance?

  5. Ms. SH, I was going to email you this but thought the Manzo fans/haters/whatever would enjoy it on this thread. Ok, my folks live in Jersey and I went into Cafface over the break because I called ahead and Lauren picked up so I knew there was a good chance I’d have at least a Lauren sighting. Not only was Lauren there but Vito was, too. It was a Friday night and they must’ve been going out later that night. Anyhow, as soon as Vito left, Lauren’s employees asked her “Does he get mad at you when you talk to him like that?” and she just laughed and said, “Yes.” Basically, she made fun of Vito for wearing a nice coat but with sweats on and asked if he was going to shower etc. It was rude. Then, as I browsed the boutique and makeup counter, I couldn’t help but overhear Lauren and her co-workers going OFF about body image. Talking about this girl is voluptuous, she has the best ass but she’s too big. Lauren talking about other girls and how their bodies are “sick” (in the cool meaning of the word). She went ON AND ON about other girls bodies and how she was so glad she never had a sister to be compared to. Then, she said she’s happy she at least has nice teeth. It was really weird. She didn’t look like she lost that much weight. She still had a chubby face and a tummy. Her employees were two girls, one petite, one larger- both pretty though- and Lauren never got off her ass to say hi, welcome, etc. The other girls kept bugging me every 2 minutes to see if I needed help. As a “voluptuous” girl myself, I wanted to buy a lipstick or something to at least support Lauren, relating to her weight struggles, but I couldn’t seeing as though she is still severely mentally scarred from her weight problems, brothers who only date hot girls and mom who is obsessed with image and making her daughter feel bad. I felt so incredibly icky. I just had to GTFO as fast as possible. Shame on you, Lauren, for still being a nasty girl. Just like Kelly Osbourne. Lose a ton of weight and complain about still not being thin enough. I wished Lena Dunham could have stormed in, flashed those girls and high-fived me on the way out!!!!!!

    • So interesting…. Thanks for sharing that. I’ve always thought she has a pretty face. Did you think so?

      • You know what? I thought so, too, but I really think beauty comes from within and she just sat around like she bashes Teresa. It made me really sad. In a weird way watching her on TV, I related to her and thought she’d be a sweet girl in person. She was nice on the phone and even said she’d stay open late for clients past their hours. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. It’s easy to gossip when friends are around. I guess more than anything, I just felt bad her body image is so deeply ingrained.

        • I feel sad about that, too, for her. I think she just has that kind of body/metabolism that will always be bigger, and it’s very hard to be around girls that don’t struggle with that. Plus, her mother doesn’t help, calling her 8 pounds of sausage stuffed in a 5 pound sack.

          • @Hers and the pic of Caroline walking in front Jax and Chris says it all. Miserable and schlumpy…. add cruel to the mix and I see a very nasty person in the ugliest sweat guacho pants I have ever seen. A smile and a pair of well fitting jeans would make a different person out of Don caro.

            • Gaucho sweat pants is right! But she only smiles when she’s flirting with an interviewer. The rest of the time she’s too busy thinking up platitudes like “Family comes first!” to solve everyone else’s problems.

    • Forgot to include: Lauren just sat on her butt while they did her makeup, too. I thought it was really unprofessional. It was like a lobotomized spoiled girl going on and on about makeup and body image. Somebody get her a subscription to the NYTimes.

        • Sadly that’s what a genuine Mommie Dearest can do to a daughter’s self esteem and body image. Who can really say they like another female primarily for her body? Seriously? We choose our friends because we love their personalities. Lauren’s way past the stage to spend so much time and energy discussing the perfect physique. She needs to work on her conversation and attend to her customers . I wish all young women realized that it’s what is between your ears that makes a person beautiful. Lauren needs to stop worrying about being a size zero and work on being proud of how God made her.

          • I wish all young women, or heck women of any age, would realize that, too, but it’s kind of hard when the media is pushing thin and perfection, and men are buying into the Playboy example of perfection. They even photoshop models that are already stick-thin to look even thinner. Aint, you’re right that we women don’t usually pick friends by size, but can we say the same about how most men (at least in Lauren’s dating pool) pick women to date?

      • Love your comment Beverly “somebody get her a subscription to the NY Times.” Thanks for the inside info. I will never understand why women starve themselves to death. One of my dear friends dieted constantly and never left the house without looking like a Vogue cover and she married the worst most verbally cruel man I have ever met. One day in the grocery store my friend saw a couple about her age. the guy was really cute in that athletic way and the girl was a buxom blonde probably a size 16-18 and very curvy. They couple was laughing. talking and generally having the time of their lives. My dear friend had a real awakening in the dairy aisle at the A&P as she watched that man who clearly adored his GF reach over and plant a kiss on the tip of her nose. She said her heart almost stopped. She left her cart in the middle of the store and walked out in tears. Being skinny guarantees nothing. Not happiness. Not a husband who adores you. Not even friends or success. My friend eventually left the dirtbag , gained weight and married the love of her life. Who really wants a spouse or a friend who loves for your dress size?

        • A friend of mine had a neighbor who was married to a gynecologist (of all things) who monitored his wife’s weight through regular weigh ins. He rewarded “good” weigh ins with gifts and stuff. A bad weigh in was punished with verbal abuse. Thinking of this misogynistic creep elbow deep in lady parts all day long bothers me still.

      • She should have gotten up to help you and encourage you to buy something instead of sitting on her ass getting her make up done. What a lazy spoiled girl. I mean, you walked out and did not buy anything!!! She should have greeted you and tried to sell you something. That store will be closed by the end of the year.

          • Hahaha totally I mean as much as I want a spray paint makeup job or spray tan. Can you say tacky?! I can put on my own makeup, thank you very much! And not spend $35+ on services. It was beyond. Like, the least they could do is offer eyebrow waxing or blowouts.

    • Thanks for the recap. What strikes me as the most unprofessional part of your visit is to have that gossipy conversation with a customer in earshot! It would make me think they would soon be talking about me/my body/my outfit the minute I walked out the door.

      I’m glad you didn’t buy anything!

      • Seriously! I was kind of worried about that TBH! Then again, Lauren never even got off her ass to see what I looked like lol

      • ITA or taking about me while I shopped . Comments about what constitutes a great figure could be taken personally by the customer. Tacky IMO but really what can be expected of Lauren when she has been handed a business without any real expectation of success and what that might constitute. It’s not as if Lauren has to worry about keeping the store open or making rent or supporting herself.

        • None of this is surprising to me. Lauren attacks people on national tv, why wouldn’t she and her employess talk that way in private? Only it wasn’t really private. It was overheard and contributes more to Lauren’s public image as an embittered, bitchy hot mess.

        • LapBand Lauren isn’t qualified to run a lemonade stand, but her mommy hands her a business to run. For the second time. She quit the first business after one day because she didn’t get the respect to which she felt entitled. Maybe people would respect her if she wasn’t absolutely unqualified to run a business. Respect is earned, LapBand, and you have never run anything but your mouth.

          • You know what, Ana. That whole business about how she quit because she didn’t get respect? She never got questioned about that. What does that even mean? I don’t think anything bad happened due to anyone else. IMO, Lauren just gave up after one day.

            If anyone had hurt Pwecious Witttle Wauren’s feelings, there would have been more out about it. There would have been charges of bullying. There would have been tweets about it. Caroline or Lauren would have laid charges publicly and it would have been all oer the net.

            Nothing happened to her. The truth is worse. She walked away after one day.

          • It was a purely face saving excuse for being a quitter.

            If anyone knows who was supposed to hae not respected (tee-hee) Lauren, come forward please!

            • You are right. How crappy of her to throw those owners of the salon where she had her first business under the bus so that she can save face. I don’t think she ever intended to stick around. The whole business was a ruse to make LapBand look better than Ashley. Oh look, Ashley is a layabout and a loser, but LapBand is a real go getter. An up and coming entrepreneur. That was the storyline that season. LapBand sucks. She does Chucky’s makeup and, dang, look at her. She looks AWFUL. Who would get their makeup done by LapBand with Chucky as a walking billboard for her work?

              Didn’t get respect. Hah! What did she expect? For them to carry her around on a litter and strew rose petals in her path?

  6. lol at the sausage links. just think jacko would be better w/ those weird deep lines on her neck from neck fat sculpting or whatever insane procedure she showed the today show lol

  7. hoboken was a ghetto when in lived in jersey 34 years ago.It was not a place you wanted to go to..still a ghetto,my son was there to help with hurricane .

    • Hoboken has been built up in years. It is not what you would call a Ghetto (Newark, Camden), it is now trendy for 20 year olds and emulates the city. A lot of new construction, bars, restaurants.

      • Agree w/ Barb. It is DEF not a ghetto. It’s where all my rich friends in Bergen County wound up because they were too spoiled to move into what they deem the ghetto- Brooklyn, Queens or even the ‘scary parts’ of Manhattan. It is a total frat bro hangout that I avoid at all costs. Maxwell’s is a really cool rock bar. Otherwise, it’s frat bros you’d see in your townie bars who watch sports all week long.

        • I agree with Barb and beverlyhills! I lived in a town bordering Hoboken, for over 3 years. The people there considered it the “mini-Manhattan”. I liked it enough. GREAT stores, great restaurants (even tho I still maintain that LI has it all over NJ!!!), etc…….. One huge downfall is the parking.

  8. I hope Christopher takes a bath and brushes his teeth…Could you imagine talking to him face to face?

  9. I thought Hoboken was a wealthy city? and Christopher is talking shit!…Or is that the smell of his breath…

  10. In that top picture where Caroline looks a complete mess (wtf with those pants?)…how come one of her boys isn’t holding her hand and walking?? How did they manage to get away?? lol

  11. I still laugh at that TIME pic. Too funny. But yeah the picture of Carowhine walking in front of Chris L & Jax , somebody’s real self is showing. Unhappy , almost pouty , & I’m sure someone else is to blame!! :D

  12. So Momma used to put the links around her neck so now Carowhine does it herself. Hehehehe sounds like her personality. It’s all ’bout fambly!!!

  13. Ok, if you are a guest of the group putting on the event, a headliner to draw in others, why would you DONATE to the event??? Thats not making alot of sense. So when Teresa is invited to an event as a headline to draw in people to come to the event, she is expected to make a donation too. Well we all know that has never happened. I will have to go back and check on all the charity work she has appeared at and charged some for the appearance, I am pretty sure she wasn’t expected to donate the fee and then donate even more but I will go back and check.

  14. Why won’t this low class good for nothing family just stop it, and go away??? They are all just trash.

  15. Team Hadley twitter account is….. well they support “are” girl. bahahahahaha
    Team Amy Hanley ‏@AmyHanleyTeam

    Unfortunately, we where suspended for a week as someone, wanted to get rid of us, but now we are back supporting are girl @REALAmyHanley

    • And whats this?.Beggin for a follow from Criss Angel? Didn’t Alicia claim to hook up with him and how many “stepdaddies” does Amy have? I dare say anyone who ever so much as held a door open for her delusional momma was an “uncle” or a ” husband”
      Amy Hanley ‏@REALAmyHanley

      @CrissAngel hey Criss it’s Amy Carl’s stepdaughter. Can I get a followback please? :)

        • I get the feeling she was just a PITA punk kid to Binion and she prolly lied to him about how bad she had it at home so he tried to help her. She repaid him with lies. I get a strong parasite vibe from her.

    • “where supsended”? LOL!

      Who would care enough to have the Team Hadley account suspended? Something smells extra fishy and it isn’t Katfish cannoli….

      • I missed that one was too focused on the “are girl” part. Maybe momma high-school drop out is manning that account?

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