SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Lisa Vanderpump Calls Faye Resnick “Pit Bull”… Vanderpump Rules Double… Adrienne Maloof “Spills The Secret”!!!… Vancouver Housewives… flipit/Ronnie’s “BS of the Day”!!… Dr. Ruth Looks At Joe Gorga

Lisa Vanderpump calls Faye Rancid Resnick a “pit bull”… NOTE:  Oh, come on, Lisa!  You’re backin’ down from a lil “pit bull” named Faye?  You get a “BOOOO!” for that!


Yes, we do have a Stassi… from “Vanderpump Rules”… double!  It’s Chelsea Clinton!!

Stassi Chelsea


Adrienne spills the big “SECRET”!!!

RHOBH Adrienne pg


Proof that EVERYONE is replaceable… especially on “Vanderpump Rules”!!

Vanderpump rules pg


Are you just waiting for the Real Housewives of Vancouver’s second season?   They will be back on February 5…


Ma boo, “flipit/Ronnie’s” BS of the Day!!


Joe Gorga’s official diagnosis from Dr. Ruth…

gorga dr ruth pg

(Thanks to SH readers “RF” “PMG” “Daizy” and “Jozy”!!!)

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  1. You know what I find funny, Traylor defends her book bc of her law suit, but days before Russell died she tweeted she was writing a book, ( yeah b/c she was so scared of Russell, what a liar) then sadly the book makes NY Best Seller; then Traylor Trash settles for a settlement. Now, Trays excuse was for the book, she had a lawsuit, so instead of PAYING MONEY SHE MADE FOR THE BOOK, SHE GIVES UP HER RING, crying crocodile tears, as if we should feel sorry for her. Ugh!

  2. What’s with Vanderpump’s fambly? They don’t look happy at all in that pic. Did someone steal one of her diamonds or summpin’?

    • Wow, Lisa wasn’t calling Faye a pitbull in the first season, why then she was just Kyle’s dear friend, she said Faye was like a panther, maybe she meant cougar.

      • My dear departed daddy used to called any rotgut “panTHURpis” which to us little kids sounded like nectar of the gods. It was only later in life we figured out he was meaning panther piss. Lisa was just being all refined like, and left off the last part.

      • It’s funny the first time someone pulls BS like Faye did. The second time it’s calculated, mean, and shouldn’t have been tolerated. When it was in Camille’s house, Camille could call the shots and as I recall it was Lisa that was the first one to stand up and say let’s get out of here. At Kyle’s house, Kyle sat there and enjoyed the entire uneven exchange, and only went to talk to Brandi when Lisa insisted she do so. Kyle keeps saying in her backhanded complementary way that she and Brandi are friends, but no friend would have allowed that to happen. Rancid Resnick and Vile Kyle are high school bullies who never grew up.

    • I think they were attempting to look sexy in that picture. They failed miserably. Looks like a promo shot for Degrassi Junior College.

  3. I couldn’t believe traylor trash cyring because she had to give her wedding ring to pay the debt. Like she loved the guy. This woman makes me so sick. …moving on to Brandi. Please stop with the Eddie storyline. It’s getting old. There was no need, except for drama, to confront an old mistress of that jerk. He is married to Leskank already. They should bring him and Leskank to the show. That would be interesting.

  4. I caught the Vanderpump show (or most of it–I dozed off!) last night. Lisa’s a BAD actress!! Did anyone catch the glances when she was trying to sip her tea and tell the dark-haired girl not to let them boss her around? Soooooooooooo fake but yet not as disgusting as the Housewives’ shows yet. I took the RHWs shows off of my dvr list, so I missed the BH show last night. Looks like I didn’t miss anything!

    • Ooh, and Chelsea Clinton is the epitome of class and elegance. This Stassi chick is just a gutter rat. Similar hair tho!

    • I couldn’t get through more than 5 mins and went to bed. I’ll erase it later. I think maybe the idea of the show about the restaurant and the reality of it, are two different things. Or maybe since I’ve already had the experience of working with my share of dramatic (and incredibly mean, backstabbing) women, it’s just not interesting to watch.

      • I could be wrong but I think the show was retooled since initially it was supposed to revolve around Lisa and not primarily her staff. Bravo is attempting to attract a younger audience, so we’ll see how it goes.

  5. I am dead excited about RHOV. It is my favourite franchise tbh. Can’t wait for Jody and her Jodyism!

  6. Don’t know how much of the ‘SUR’ show is contrived…..however….for what it’s worth…I’ve worked places like that, and nightclubs like that, here in the Miami, Ft Lauderdale area for years. Pooling tips that way??? NO WAY. I was shocked. This Stassi person, as she is portraying herself…nobody would work with her, down here. She’s a pain in the ass…hopefully, she isn’t in real life. What is true, is that certain ‘crews’ of girls, will close ranks when you’re new. I remember one club I worked…all the girls had Gucci bags. I personally don’t like Gucci…think the bags are ugly, and plus, I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on a purse, in the first place. Anyway…they would never even let me sit with them on breaks…have coffee or soda at the beginning of the evening….they did ignore me, never helped me, etc. Fortunately, most ‘crew’s are not like that.
    I’m surprised that Lisa would allow all this. Maybe it’s not real. One more thing…nice uniforms…there’s no place to put anything….and if you’re not wearing a bra, even worse finding a place. My bra is always my pocket, if I don’t have one…Lisa…how can you be sure…that the girls who’s boyfriends are behind the bar….are ringing everything. We’d never be allowed in this town…to work that closely with someone we lived with….This crew must be making a fortune. Hard to believe though, because you’re right…The good ones in the crew…drag around the lazy ones, always. Totally NOT FAIR.

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