REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Eight… “Unsolved Mistresses”


RHOBH cast

Season Three, Episode Eight… “Vanderpump Rules”

by Sandi Duffy

This episode picks up with the morally corrupt Faye Resnick going after Brandi at Kyle’s, The World’s Worst Hostess, dinner.  Brandi is done with being harassed and gets up to leave.  Lisa has to tell The World’s Worst Hostess, Kyle, to go after Brandi.  Kyle may have been “born and raised in Beverly Hills”, but she never cracked open an Emily Post book on etiquette because I’m 99% sure somewhere in there is something about not letting a dinner guest badger and bully another dinner guest.  Brandi tells Kyle she’s done and leaves.  Good for Brandi.  She doesn’t have to take that shit.

RHOBH kyle brandi
Lisa has a go at the morally corrupt Faye Resnick and Faye is undaunted by everything she just caused and goes ahead and writes a book and poses for Playboy…oh wait, wrong story.  She is undaunted by everything she caused and continues to eat her dinner.

rhobh faye pg

Next we have Trailor getting a visit from a “psychic” (please take note of the quotation marks around the word “psychic”–this is because, much like Bigfoot and alien abduction, THEY DON’T FRIGGIN’ EXIST).

Shana psychic arrrow

This broad is one hot mess and looks like she’s having a seizure rather than getting a “reading.”  She tells Trailor her lawsuit will be settled.  You know, because 99%  of all lawsuits are settled out of court, not  because she’s got any special skills.

I am laughing maniacally when Trailor gets a phone call from her Married Lawyer/Boyfriend telling her she needs to give up her wedding ring and two Hermes bags to settle the lawsuit.

 Shana Ring desc SH WM

I could give up my wedding ring and all my bags and it still wouldn’t come anywhere near 1.4 million dollars.

rhobh yolanda

I’m skipping Yolanda because she’s boring and no one cares.

rhobh kyle marisa

I’m also skipping Kyle and Marisa working out because no one cares.  I am adding that I caught Kyle and her “acting” abilities (please note the quotation marks once again) on an episode of CSI.  Let’s just say girlfriend better stick with Housewives and Diving with the Stars.  I’m not psychic, but I think I can securely predict no Emmy in her future.

Paul and Adrienne are working on a skin care line.  Boring!  Then there’s a little foreshadowing when Adrienne TTCs that whatever it is Brandi revealed, WHICH WE STILL DON’T KNOW, has put a strain on her and Paul’s marriage.

shana boyfriend kyle dinner arrow

Trailor and her Married Lawyer/Boyfriend have dinner with Maurice (minus the “o”) and Kyle  and Ken and Lisa.  I can’t understand why these women are condoning this cheating relationship.

Lisa and Brandi meet under the pretense of shopping, but it’s really so Lisa can get Brandi to meet with the Slutty McSlutser who slept with her husband so that 1.) there is a segue into Vanderpump Rules and 2.) Slutty McSlutster can try to clean up her image for above-mentioned show.

Brandi seeks advice from Camille who advises her to meet with Slutty.

RHOBH Scheana pg

So Brandi and Slutty meet at Villa Blanca, or SUR, I don’t remember which and I don’t believe a word Slutty says.  She didn’t know Eddie was married with a pregnant wife.  Really?  Ever heard of Google, honey?  All the cool kids are using it.  The meeting is even more crushing for Brandi because she learns that he was screwing her on more than Tuesdays ( and a hint to all the single ladies out there…if a man ain’t asking you out for a weekend night, he’s married), and that mutual friend whom she trusted knew.  That sucks.

And…then we have Vanderpump Rules, which I couldn’t get through.

NOTE:  Just in case you missed HagfaceKyle on CSI…

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74 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Eight… “Unsolved Mistresses”

  1. Thanks Ms. SH for sparing us once again Trash Taylor’s mug! I felt sorry for Brandi hearing details on her ex’s betrayal. Yolanda’s husband is still in awe of all the wonderful things that Yolanda does for family. I like Yolanda but don’t see a compelling story here.

  2. Bravo dropped the ball on SUR.Age demographics are not right for the viewing audience of Bravo HW hags shows.Lisa really thinks she is bankable cough cough.Braless tittieless girls waiting tables on guys and their “Miistresses” is not cute.BH was boring then to add SUR was too much.

    • Lisa is becoming very transparent and her and Brandi (cry chick) up each others crack is getting old, Brandi is taking the fall for Lisa re-Adrienne. Brandi’s story line is getting old, alright already, Eddie cheated and Brandi tweets and fights and cries all the time and puts herself on ROL and what ever rag mag that will listen. How long ago was she married to Eddie? How long ago was she a model? Need new material Bravo!

      • I think you’re wrong there about Brandi taking the fall for Lisa, unless you bring in the fact that it’s easier to go after someone with far less money and influence, then it is a probably well connected business woman. Brandi and Adrienne’s issues are their own, and shouldn’t be blamed on Lisa. I think there is genuine affection between Lisa and Brandi. Brandi’s divorce was only 2 or 3 years ago tops. She was a model in the 90′s (she’s 40 now). Hopefully talking to Sheana puts this storyline to bed, but considering the fact that Camille keeps making digs at her ex, who knows.

        Think about it, though. Eddie cheated on Brandi with Sheana and LeAnn, he cheated on Sheana with Brandi and LeAnn (if you believe the lie that she had no idea that Eddie was married), and cheated on LeAnn with Sheana before he decided to leave both Brandi and Sheana for her. Then again, maybe since LeAnn was married at the time as well, they decided to call it a wash.

  3. Brandi would take cheating Eddie douch bag back in a second “For the kids”.She is so stuck on him and needs to find a new husband.Maybe he could cheat on LeAnn with Brandi.The”pschic” sought Trailer Trash out for some media attention like they all do for a reason to come on the show.Self promoting their business.Swine should have lost alot more thant the ring and fake handbags.YoFo has nothing to offer to the show.She is taped separately alot.David with all his grammy’s and $$ comes across as another HW douche bag.That line is getting longer each episode.The longer the show goes the lower each HW hag lowers themselves.Fake phoney media whores.Tick Tick hear the clock ticking away their 15 minutes!!!

    • My take on Brandi is that she and Eddie probably had a really, really good thing going, emotionally and sexually, for awhile and she just can’t get over the memories. It’s hard enough for normal people, let alone with all the media coverage. I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes.

      • Exactly. And the one thing that really, really bugs me about Sheana is though she may nor may not have been paid for her story, the fact that she was willing to publicly talk about her affair on Extra and in whatever tabloid, makes her the lowest of the low. No matter what she knew that Eddie was married when he left both his wife and her for LeAnn Rimes. While she likely spoke out to get back at Eddie, she should have taken a moment to consider the effect of her flapping gums on his children. What’s that saying? It’s better to be a silent and be thought a fool, then to speak and remove all doubt? Yep, that seems to fit Sheana like a glove.

    • I don’t think Brandi is stuck on Eddie, she is still hurt by him, and what he did… I am sure she almost could hate him… But until she finds a man that she loves, she will not feel like a whole person… She has that Leann flaunting Eddie, her kids with that woman… And she is not in a relationship… I wish she would find a good man, with lots of money, that she loves…. I think that her and Paul should get together, and really piss off the bunch of them… I don’t understand why shana can run around with a married man, bring him to social events, and not have that thrown in her face…. She is just trash, and bravo allows this… Oh wait it’s bravo, they allow anything trashy… It’s their logo…

  4. When you say it’s hard to get over the memories, it is true. Whether by death or divorce or whatever all those memories during the years will always be alive with you. Thanks for listening.

    • Hey Barb ~ I appreciated your post. Death is death and divorce is death and either way, it’s hard and it hurts.

    • I so agree. My divorce from an abusive husband more than 10 years ago but still have memories of the early good times. And I still remember the hopes and dreams which were dashed. Time helps but it doesn’t erase.

    • I have scoured the internet over and unless you’re willing to pay, you can’t find any current Housewife episodes. Bravo is extremely stingy with their own shows. At their website, the best you can do is get the older ones. It really ticks me off too. If you don’t mind paying $1.99, I believe you can find it at Amazon (instant videos).

      • I just checked too and I couldn’t find it unless you pay. The channelcut one sent me in a loop (granted, I’m still loopy from the flu)………

        • donewithbravo ~ I was gonna say that I attempted the link provided by cr, but my computer screen went all white and I got kicked off. I just thought it was my computer though…sounds like you had trouble too. I don’t think you can get too much free stuff from Bravo. Cheapskates!

          • I’m a little late to the party but I come bearing gifts.


            Links to the private videos on Vimeo are posted in the YouTube comment sections for each episode. The necessary passwords are in the short YouTube videos. The preview epi of VPR is in Part 2 of episode 8. Password is the same for both parts. Not all episodes are available yet (YouTube deleted the first ones so then he went private on Vimeo) but I think he is trying to get them up and running again and the latest ones are posted within a day or so of the initial viewing.


  5. @donewithbravo Bravo aired it again tonight …. Taylor has a dog?! She opened the door holding one..cute white one looked like a Pomeranian…isn’t her daughter allergic and wasn’t Russell evil and ignorant for giving her one for her birthday? !

    • She is such a bish to make sure she went to the door holding that dog. Its like the souless ——- insert not nice word here—- is blatant about it. That dog had the exact same fur type that snowball did. Now when I saw that its exactly the sorta obstinate DELIBERATELY antagonistic bullcrap I was talking about that would get a heifer beat down if a man was so inclined. Stupid. So I aint saying he beat her.. but I would fully support him doing so. ignorant bish.

      • IA, Made, but how do we know that “new” dog isn’t actually Snowball, and the whole allergy business wasn’t concocted just for the show?

          • I just rewatched that scene, that definitely was not a chihuahua. A pomeranian, like someone said. And yes, Made, I agree, she definitely pushed Russell a lot.

            • Exactly. She certainly doesn’t act like an abused woman, one that is used to walking on eggshells for fear that she will set her mate off. She acts like an abusive horrid human being. She is brazen. AND she HAS to know that the viewers will notice the dog. I feel so sorry for Kennedy having to grow up with someone like that pulling stunts like that on the daily

            • Yeah she did. Is it weird that me and my daughter memorized every line to that “I am not one of your fans” dialogue and we used to act it out in its entirely around the house all the time? (fake choking of course) :) My daughter is a big thespian so she put her whole body into because I am NOT one of your FAAAAAAAANS! Bulging neck veins and all.

            • Crap that was supposed to be my daughter and I wasnt it? oops. Sorry. I will go scrub the bathroom tile now :)

            • Another great clip ‘made’ Faye Dunaway was flawless in this film! God, I pray that Kennedy does not grow up surrounded by an insane, abusive, self serving, alcoholic, media fame obsessed mother!!

            • Sadly I fear that we witnessed what a child of a deranged pathological liar turns out like with Amy Hadley.

        • It made her look like a witch taking away the one thing, actually the ONLY thing Kennedy liked about that party.

          • I remember that scene well made and yes it was heart breaking to see Swine take the puppy Russell gave Kennedy away from her. Plus that whole whining and going on & on to Russell that the Doc. said the swelling and puffy eyes Kennedy had was because of the puppy. Boy, I didn’t even think about that puppy watching Swine holding her purse dog answering the front door. I was SO disgusted just seeing her holding that dog. Now remembering the whole Kennedy B’day and Russell puppy present has me 10 times more disgusted with Swine then I already was. I didn’t think that was even possible!

      • Snowball was actually a allergi-free dog….or dont know what its called and dont remember the name, but I knew severel people who was allergic and therefore brought the same breed as snowball was.
        Since I have seen atleast 2 different dogs with her and they are not allergi-friendly breeds

      • Made
        That dog bugs the crap out of me.. Why is that dog there when that tramp made such a big deal out of the dog Russell got Kennedy for her birthday… Who was the abuser in that relationship… She has nerve… Running with a married am, that dog, and a drunk… I can’t stand her…

        • I’m thinking the original white dog was a Maltese or Bichon. Hope Miss Andy asks Trash about it on the reunion show. Hope this is Taylor’s last season.

  6. Schleaza’s has the most gratingly annoying voice, she sounds about 12 and acts like it. All of those brainless ninnies at SUR belong in a kindergarten sandbox.

  7. Remember when Kyle was freaked out over Brandi’s child peeing in a pool? Why didn’t she say anything to Fake Redneck when she was spewing her poop all over the dining table? And, then when Kyle went outside (upon Lisa’s request) to see how Brandi was doing, she was so cold.

      • Exactly Hers… Vyle enjoyed this Faye cramp to much… Do we have to see a dinner party from hell every year… Can’t they find another story line, this is getting old…

  8. Faye dropped a deuce on the dinner table? that must have happened during the 47 minutes I was sleeping.

  9. This episode was extremely boring. I don’t even want to see a rerun and I normally watch episodes over and over but not this one. It sucked!

    • Same here. It was totally boring and I started fast-forwarding thru some of it. Paul and Adrienne’s part was so weird. He seemed extremely hostile towards her and their facial expressions to what the other was saying didnt match up.

      How come rancid didn’t have anything to say about camille ambushing her at the first dinner party from hell. Really, no one got up to see brandi out. That was rude. Vyle was forced out by lisa, otherwise she couldn’t of cared less. Gotta hand it to vyle, she is very natural and relaxed on camera. Not nervous at all.

  10. It was all over the media ages ago that her Hermes bags were fake. I can’t believe Bravo never cut the Hermes mention. And god, those were crocodile tears when (insert name here) was on the phone with fame-whore-boyfriend-married-lawyer. Geez did you see him grinning for the cameras at the dinner. Then the guy throws Kyle’s sister under the bus with mention of her in some cigar room. I cringed this episode whenever it was Kyle’s or you-kow-who’s segment.

  11. Bravo is totally censoring all of the responses to Failor’s blog. I left 2 comments, and neither appeared. There are only 100 responses to her this week — almost all of them positive, which is not what the response has been to date. This is what I wrote:

    “You know what works better than house blessings and dopey faux “psychics” to rectify bad situations? Paying back the people you defrauded, promptly and in full, by any means necessary.

    It’s amazing how that brings good fortune and makes lawsuits go away.

    Get a job and pay your bills.”

    • Bravo is NOTORIOUS for screening responses. I had stopped posting there altogether a few years ago, and just started back this year. I found that my responses to Rancid Resnick appeared, but I think that’s only because 99% of the responses were negative. If they don’t screen all the bad ones out, the perform a daily sweep to make the numbers of responses smaller then they are.

      The funny thing I noticed is that Kyle did not post (at least as of yesterday) so everyone was still posting to her post from last week. Again, 99% of the responses are negative. I think she and Bravo were surprised by the Rancid/Vile backlash, and I look to seeing it addressed at the reunion, since Andy hasn’t said a thing on WWHL.

  12. do a search about why Taylor is officially off limits for this site. I can not summarize it for you because I wouldn’t do it justice.

    • pj: Thank you for answering. We really don’t like questions. If you’re not smart enough to do your own digging and find out some answers for yourself, you don’t belong on SH. AND… to ask someone to “summarize” Shana is like explaining the theory of relativity in two seconds… it just cannot be done! TFC!! SH

  13. I took a close look at that dog and I believe is is a long haired chiwahwa (sp) or possible a mini Pom although I’ve never seen a white mini Pom. Kennedy is allergic to dogs so Shana should not own a dog. There are allergy friendly dogs, but the one she was holding was not one of those. Perhaps Kennedy is taking allergy shots so Shana can have her purse dog.

      • Good point about the dog. If I remember correctly Kennedy loved the dog and it was Russell who brought the dog Snowball home as a surprise present for Kennedy. Taylor was none too pleased with (according to her interview) Russell not consulting her first. Can’t remember if Bravo showed Kennedy having allergy symptoms, but at the time, I remember feeling bad for Kennedy because she liked dogs.

  14. I agree with Sandy’s overview of this episode. It was half boring and forgettable. I have no sympathy for Traylor-Park and her ring woes. First off: if her man was such an abusive ass, then she should want no part of his gifts. Next, if selling a few possessions solves her financial problems, then sell them. Finally, she cried with no tears – what a ridiculous faker. The Brandi vs Scheana (spelling is dubious) was just a lure to introduce Lisa’s silly show. I can’t believe Lisa even cares to make sure her “waitress” feels comfortable at all. Seriously, Scheana IS a worker. She’s not paid to “feel” good around Lisa’s BFF. If it were me, I would have declined to meet that fame hungry teenie bopper.

  15. @Ingredientses…I was not in any way saying you we’re not smart. It’s just how SH works and believe me I have been told a few times to do a search….what’s worse is when I commented on something and then I got reply that it was already discussed on this forum like a year ago! Honastly, if I knew the exact post, I would have posted the link for you. I enjoy your posts btw.

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