REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS SNEAK PEEK: Brandi Talks With Lisa; Kyle Chats With Yolanda; Kim Chats With Her Life Coach…

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21 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS SNEAK PEEK: Brandi Talks With Lisa; Kyle Chats With Yolanda; Kim Chats With Her Life Coach…

  1. Kyle just annoys me. Why does she have to laugh after almost every thing she says? Yolanda was smart to give Kyle a “master cleanse” solution. She can see that Kyle is full of poop! I like Yolanda (at this point) but she should not be gossiping to Kyle about Kim.

    • Is anybody getting just a little sick of the Oh so perfect Yolanda? Let’s not forget that we could all go out in our back yards and gather the fruits of out team of gardner’s efforts, too. It’s not like she planted the garden and tends to it. We are supposed to be impressed that she made her family a bowl of spaghetti, when she could just have her servants do it. She is smug. I like the Zanuck woman better already, at least she isn’t all uptight and judgemental. As for Kyle, she did some very shitty things to her sister the biggest of which is to steal the house in Palm Springs which no doubt Kim’s wages paid for. She took advantage of the fact that her sister is messed up and she and Maurice swindled her. Kyle seems to have the character of her mother. When the mother died, Kyle took over exploiting her. In essense it was a good thing that she was screwed up because taking advantage of her was easier. Having Kim depend on Mauricio for the occasional loan, makes it even easier to twist things and make Vyle think she is helping
      her poor, screwed up sister who is such a burden, but is alas, family and makes me feel good about my self and my long suffering devotion to her. Bullshit. Put Kim back on the
      deed ,to the house as a gesture of goodwill, you bitch. You are stinking rich, it’s chump
      change. Kim will never get sober carrying around these resentments. They have to be
      hashed out. What about the fact that kim afforded you and your fat mother a lifestyle when you were growing up? Ever said thank you? No. You stabbed her in the back.

  2. Kyle’s dining room was nothing special.Coat of lavender paint/chandelier/oversized table and those God awful heavy silk/whatever curtains.NeNE had the same ones/gold in her living room with clothes on WIRE hangers when she was on the phone.NeNe’s leased house looks empty when they do street shots and no curtains on all the windows.Definately a staged home.

    • Oh my goodness I will have to watch for that next time. I bet you are right. I am surprised we dont see more of the same decor cropping up on all the shows.

  3. Kyle’s curtains are purple.Ne Ne’s are gold same heavy floor to ceiling silk/whatever fabric/super heavy/thick layered.You start noticing some of the same stuff in different shows or scenes like the gof carts.BH and Miami did the same scene with the HW hags on gold carts.

  4. There is that infamous dress that has been passed around too.Chuckie wore it in red and light blue.Then MegHo had it on in red.Then Kenyuk had it on in white at juding table with Cynthia.Then it traveled to Miami and Ana had it on in royal blue.Simple dress just made the rounds on a few shows.Chuckie had it on WWHL too/the powder blue (periwrinkle) one.She got a few compliments so I guess she kept it around.

    • It’s the “master cleanse” you can just google it, I don’t think it’s a good cleanse, but ppl seem to like it

      • I did it 2 years ago. There are so many stipulations with cleanses (as a former diet/nutritional counselor, I know what to look out for). You shouldn’t do them more than 2x per year. If you have any health issues, it’s a BAD idea (stomach, etc…). This master cleanse pretty much chains you to the bathroom for most of the 7-10 days you’re doing it!! Yup, you “feel better” and your stomach/bowels are clear after that AND you could lose about 10 lbs, but you gain it right back the nanosecond you put solid food into your mouth. Also, you have to ease back into foods–they have lists on the internet of what to begin with as far as introducing solid foods after the cleanse. You can’t dive into heavy solids or you get very sick.

  5. I am jealous of Yolanda’s yard….the lavender lemons the view….wish I could wear a tank top like that and look so thin. I’m not doing a cayenne cleanse however. I couldn’t make it past morning without food. Where’s the Raisin Bran? The occasional bag of M&Ms? I exercise a nd watch my portions but I love food. I think Yolanda and Lisa have similiar facial structure. Kind of resemble each other a bit.

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