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I’m such a crybaby!!!

This episode brought a whole lot of tears for me. Since my divorce I have taught myself to try and not show my vulnerable side to people, because I needed to be strong for the sake of my children, friends, and family.

RHOBH kyle brandi

I needed to leave Kyle’s dinner party simply because it was uncomfortable and I didn’t want to re hash old arguments with Faye, someone I didn’t even know. I hid my face when I went to leave because I don’t like it when people see me cry. For some reason I have always been this way. I feel like I have to stay strong for everyone around me because I emotionally take care of so many people in my life and don’t want anyone worrying about me.

When Kyle invited Marisa for yoga it was nice to see Marisa make her own decisions and opinions about us women and the dinner party. I think Kyle assumed because they knew each other previously that Marisa would just be another one of Kyle’s many “yes people.” Marisa is not that girl, thank God.

Seeing Yo with her beautiful family is always so cute to me and we will soon get to see a lot more of my YoYo.

Brandi LisaV

I don’t think people realize how close Lisa and I have become over the past year and a half and how incredibly awkward it is for her, myself, and even Scheana when I dine at SUR — which is far more often then you see on camera.

eddie leann

There is always some double-checking and whispers of what section Scheana is in and where we should sit and it’s made me feel bad for Lisa and just uncomfortable in general. With that said I, after much, much, much thought decided to meet with Scheana because I had known for sometime she wanted to clear the air with me.

I have mourned my 13 year relationship to Eddie at this point. He is remarried and I am in a great place in my life. That said, hearing details of the time she spent with Eddie while we were married and I was pregnant just seemed cruel and unnecessary.

RHOBH Eddie Leann Brandi pg

I believe she knew the entire time that he was married with a family. I believe it is and was just as much Eddie’s fault as hers, and I truly hope she’s learned a big lesson from her past mistakes and realizes cheating doesn’t just hurt one person — but friends and entire families as well.

I have seen her a few times since our sit down and I always say, “Hello. . .get me some coffee.” JK!

NOTE:  Brandi also said this about her meeting with the waitress:

“But at the same time, it was very uncomfortable for Lisa having to shuffle her around and she really wanted to talk with me,” B continues explaining the, um, awkward encounter. “There was this elephant in the room and I’m like, ‘Oh, damn it.’ And then I sat with her and honestly it was everything I thought it was.”

Hearing that Eddie told Scheana he was separated while the two dated was manageable, but learning about vacations together and Eddie meeting her mother? “I didn’t really need to know the small details she told me. It was kind of like [mimics being stabbed in the stomach]. It is what it is.”

On the next RHOBH…

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42 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi’s BravoBlog… Talkin’ About Bein’ A Crybaby… Talkin’ About Bein’ SoCloseToLisa…

    • And I like that Yolanda has taken her under her wing. I don’t think Vile Kyle is going to like it at all, which makes it that much better!

  1. How can Brandi stand having Swine so close to her and act like they are buddy buddy after swines drunken gossiping about her.

  2. STFU Brandi!!!God get over yourself and your ex.He has moved on/remarried and you said has cheated on you more times than with this little slut.You are not the 1st to be cheated on nor the last in this world.You are going along with whatever Bravo producers tell you to say and do for a paycheck like all the other HW hags.Bravo is your job you said it on an interview sometime back.Lisa is your ticket to stay on the show.You will kiss her ass to stay relevant and on the show.Otherwise you are a nobody.STFU is used in all the scenes.Classy trashy women you all have become or were from the start.

    • i disagree. this was her whole life that was crumbled, she was a wife and a mom and then all of a sudden her husband and children are being paraded around the internet by a complete sociopath. I think Brandi is moving forward in her life, but such major pain stays with you…and its not like this happened 10 years ago. Its only been 2-3 years. Most people’s ex’s dont remarry that quickly, and im sure its especially painful it was one of his mistresses. Brandi’s popularity speaks for itself, I dont think Lisa is keeping her relevant at all. I thought Brandi was brave and honest and I am glad she calls out in her blog she doesnt buy SM’s story of “not knowing” he was married.

      • What makes Brandi relevant is the fact that she is a very real person. She’s not super wealthy and doesn’t have some sort of charmed life, but is a damaged single mom making her way through life. I think that makes her very endearing to a lot of women, and allows us to guage our progress while following hers.

    • This is true. this meeting between the waitress and Brandi was nothing more than a contrived device to segway from one show to another. You did it because Bravo told you to. The whole set up was so silly. Fake. Phony. Lisa’s acting was especially awful.
      I watched the new show Vanderpump Rules for five min. and then turned it off. It was dreadful and boring. Bravo is getting to be so stupid. I am so tired of hearing about your divorce. It is a shame a good-looking girl like you has made an identity for herself as the wronged woman. Sad that it is your claim to fame. And now a book with more Eddie bashing coming to a store near you. So your boys can read all about it. The oldest one will be reading about it soon. It will be as alluring to him as a playboy magazine. Good job. Don’t cry to me how you want your kids to be as normal as possible. Go get another DUI and stfu.

      • I’m getting tired of that same old story myself. After learning all this new info about the double life her husband was leading (spending their $$ on other women, meeting some woman’s mother, vacations/dates–while she stayed home), she should actually be relieved to be rid of him (and I will never get what is/was so great about Eddie to begin with.) I know it hurts deeply, but really the best thing she can do is learn from it and move on.

        • Co-sign. Move on Brandi. I’m very sorry that Eddie was a stinking cheater but talking to one of his ho-bags and learning the dirty details isn’t closure …it’s picking at a wound until it’s raw. Just stop. No one is surprised but you about the depths of his indiscretions Please move on. Eddie Cibrian’s ego swells every time you speak his name.

          • ITA. This meeting was Schlutty’s oppurtunity to validate the affair. Brandi had to leave feeling worse while Miss Plentiful made it clear she more than a sometimes thing. She probably didn’t know he was married at first-did anybody until L. Rimes-but it didn’t take 2 years to find out. She didn’t want to end it or she’s an idiot.

            • I don’t think she wanted it to end. She liked the money and his notoriety. For him to screw as many people as its hinted at, she had to know at some point. Just by seeing her on the show you know shes not a dummy. She can be as shrewd as the next person. I dont think it was right for him to do that but I also think she had to know and liked the $ and lifestyle. LeAnn had her own $ and Im sure that was also appealing to him.
              I do throw up in my mouth a little every time I see him now. Hes ikky.

      • I’m not sure I agree about the meeting. I think it was something that needed to happen, and doing it in front of the cameras gave Brandi some comfort I am sure. Not meeting her and continuing to ignore her, gives her the power and that’s not cool. By meeting Brandi and agreeing to be cordial, Brandi is taking her power back and showing Sheana that what happened will not control the rest of her life. Good for Brandi.

  3. Brandi, I just love you on the show. You are a breath of fresh air among some VERY stale cast mates Personally, I would love to see Bravo clean house and fire everyone except you, Lisa and Yolanda. Kyle and Adrienne have got to go for certain! I felt very badly for you at Kyle’s dinner party from hell. You handled yourself extremely well considering the bashing you were receiving. Be proud of yourself. Fake Rancid disgusts me and I hope to never see her ugly old face again. We are defined in many ways by the friends that we choose…she is Kyle’s friend. Need I say more?
    I think you did the right thing speaking to that waitress. I can only imagine how painful and awkward that conversation was, but now you have cleared the air and can forget about her. I want 2013 to be a wonderful year for you, full of dreams and promises :)

    • Kyle is trying really hard to take the focus of the show back to her and her family, but her back stabbing two faced way makes people want to side with other’s, and they do every time. I’ve noticed that there STILL is no new Kyle blog, so everyone is posting on the one from last week. I don’t think she realized just how liked Brandi is, and that all she did in allowing rancid to do her dirty work, was make both of them look bad. Asking Brandi to stay had to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, given what had just happened. Kyle is not a nice person, and no matter how many times she flips her hair, she can’t keep the audience from seeing through her.

      • ITA. Kim is the one person who can get under her skin. I’m glad she didn’t invite her to her son’s 21st birthday. That really bothered vyle. That is vyle’s weak spot, being ignored and dismissed by kim. Kim, take note and drive her crazy.

  4. Kim’s alcohol is showing on her face with the dried/sun damaged skin and her raspy /smokers voice.Trailer Trash is just that trash.

    • I’m glad kim stayed true to her age and isn’t all botoxed and stretched upwards with eyebrows in her hairline I think she has had work done on and around her lips cuz she seems to have a severe lisp and has trouble enunciating most of her words. Probably to hide the smokers lines. Brandi has the same problem and needs to stop the botox around her mouth and lips cuz when she talks it’s distracting.

      Camille looked freshly botoxed when she was meeting with brandi. She had major chipmunk cheeks.

  5. What got me was that she said she doesn’t want Eddie to divorce LeSkank because of her kids. That takes a lot to said. I’m sure those kids have gotten close to Leskank. As much as I don’t like her as a person (great singer thought) she does treat those kids well and Brandi knows another divorce will not be good for them. I hope Brandi finds love, real love.

    • Brandi said that for a very specific reason. She prefaced it with “If he is cheating on her now..” as if that was the rumor… Imagine the scene and Eddie’s house last night when that aired
      L-what is she talking about Eddie?
      E-I swear I don’t know…..
      L-yeah right, I cant trust you…
      E-yes you can (on knees now) baby you are different, special…. I would never…
      L- you were cheating on me with scheama..taking her on the boat.. to the bar.. you promised me those were OUR special places.
      E-(just sits there lookin stewpit)
      L-and now I know I cant trust your friends either
      And on and on and on. I wager no sleep was had in the Cibian household last night.
      At the end of the day it all comes down to the frog and the scorpion… every time all day long

          • I noted that also, good for Brandi for saying that. My guess is that it doesn’t take much to press the ‘over load possession’ button on Grimes. What baffles me is that Grimes will continually state how fab her hubby is yet she was one of 3 (or more), the wife, Scheena and herself. Yet that is bypassed, so again, good for Brandi to say what she did, I have no doubt at all that Grimes tunes in on a regular basis! The claw marks in Grimes TV chair must be pretty epic by now!

      • That’s EXACTLY what I bet happened and was thinking the same thing when I watched the show this morning! HA! Loved your version MP

    • Did you see where LeSKANK was acting weird when performing with one of the Voice contestants? I wouldnt want my kids with her. Shes f*ed up. What the he** kind of person is Eddie to just stand there with his junk in his hands while his allegedly beloved wife self-destructs? And, didnt one of the boys take a laxative leskank had lying around…probably abusing them if you ask me… UGH, They are all a hot mess.

  6. It is hard for Brandi – she really loved Eddie and he is the father of her children. It is also hard for her to believe in karma but Leeann is a sick woman who will tire of Eddie not providing and will be kicking him to the curb any day. Leeann will pull a Liz Taylor and pick up another partner with an addiction at some clinic and so on and so forth….and hopefully Brandi and her children will find peace in their life away from these scumbags.

  7. Brandi acted so well on the show last night it was like a breathe of fresh air for her. She put the whore in her place but did it oh so diplomatically. I just loved it. I think the other one was so taken back she had nothing to say. Just google the name ass wipe, that’s what normal people do now a days. At least I think I’m normal and I google everyone. At least she did get a swipe in at LeAnne and what’s his name. Move on Brandi, you’re too good for any of them. Take care of those little loves of yours. One day they will learn about their father but not from you.

    • Oh please, she was dating this dude for TWO YEARS and never visited HIM at HIS home? And what about holidays? I cannot believe a stupid story like that.

  8. That Vanderpump-my-stomach show is nauseating. A bunch of spoiled self absorbed narcissistic wannabes? Gag me. Gimmie my charcoal shake please!

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