ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Another “Why Bother?”… Adrienne’s “New, Exciting Projects”… B-O-R-I-N-G…

Bravo…  NOTE:  Once again, Adrienne Maloof has given viewers of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a big pile of nuthin’ in her BravoBlog!  YO!  Adrienne!  We all know that you’re outta there, mentally anyway… and that you were pre-determined to get the bad edit this season, but if you don’t have nuthin’ to say, just don’t day nuthin’!  No one cares about your handbag ritual… or that your skincare line is about to be released!  B-O-R-I-N-G!!!  Adrienne has not been stirrin’ up the drama… especially NOT via her BravoBlog!

Adrienne drama

Happy New Year! I can’t believe the holidays are over, where does the time go? I had a very lovely holiday relaxing with my family and friends. I hope all my fans did too!

I’m sure one of the first things you notice in this episode was my reluctance to put my handbag on the floor! This comes from my Irish background; we tend to be extremely superstitious. The Irish say, if you place your handbag on the floor, you’re disrespecting your wealth and money may leave you!

Focusing on my little boys and work is very therapeutic for me. I have been developing and creating several new brands and working on some exciting new projects. I am moving forward with my own skincare line. I have been working with experts on some cutting edge technology and looking forward to launching a product that will help give every woman beautiful skin!

I needed to take a step back from the drama this episode. It’s best to give yourself time and distance from a difficult situation in order to gain perspective.   NOTE:  WHAT?!  The RHOBH was filmed six months ago… ain’t that enough time to “gain perspective?”

Until next week — wishing you all a happy and healthy 2013!


On next week’s RHOBH…

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37 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Another “Why Bother?”… Adrienne’s “New, Exciting Projects”… B-O-R-I-N-G…

    • Ya’ think the reason the Maloof family fortune is dwindling is because someone put all of Adrienne’s purses on the floor in a room with a locked door? LOL!

    • Me either, but she could do a new line of bags with little Maloof Hoofs on ‘em so they wouldn’t have to touch the dirty floor. They’d be a real money maker for her.

    • No one should ever put their purse on some one’s table. Especially in a doctors office. It has been proven that the bottoms of purses are teeming with bacteria. Why do women carry such a huge purse that it resembles a suit case? A lady either keeps her purse on her lap or on the foyer table. Oh, and Adrienne is no lady.

  1. I find it interesting that Adrienne is going to blame the issues in her marriage on Brandi, when anyone with eyes could see that marriage was doomed since season 1! Gotta say I find it interesting that there is still no Vile Kyle blog, but Adrienne puts up one after we’ve seen she and her husband working on her skin care line, knowing that they likely are not working on it together any more!

  2. The skin care line yeah right!!! You can see on your left side/forehead above your eyebrow all the needle marks from injections.Yeah your beauty cough cough is from good skincare that you created.Adrienne ‘s hai r looks really bad too this season.She took out the glitter crap and I guess all the extentions.What she has left is not good hair.She just seems to have lost her edge that she had in Season 1.She was my favorite in Season 1 but has been spiralling downhill ever since.The divorce and her bitterness towards Paul was not good T.V.Her having old $$ seems to be fading.There is alot going on with her and she just seems like she is losing what she had.The Brandi/big secret is a joke too.We all know she had her kids by surrogate.Big deal Camille did too.Just admit it/STFU and move on.

  3. Did anyone notice on the show last night, that Lisa had the dog in her arms when she went into the kitchen? I noticed that she remembered the camera’s were there and quickly gave him over to someone to take out of there. Is she nuts?? Isn’t there a health code against having an animal in a public rest. kitchen? Especially one that has a skin condition. Beleive me I love all animals and have a dog and a cat that I keep out of my own kitchen. Maybe her customers don’t care what they eat or their “Mistress’

      • I guess it must be in there in generations back, My Irish comes from a Grandparent who was a Quinn, I have french Canadian roots as well.

    • It said on Wikipedia that she’s of Irish and Lebanese descent, so I’m guessing, Lisa, that her mama must be bringing in the Irish.

  4. Yeah why did I think the Maloofs were of Middle Eastern descent? Did I make that up? Maybe her mother is Irish? My advice to Irish Maloof….keep your purse off the floor. I think you will need all the advantages you can acquire in the financial arena. Just my intuition talking there.

  5. Brace yalls selves for Adriennes next HW merchandise line….

    Actually pretty cool idea(Youre welcome Adrienne, no charge) I actually want one of these. Not becuase I am superstitious but because putting a purse on the floor gets it dirty. My purse would prolly tip it over though. Looks like these are just for dainty purse wearing folk.

  6. I think all this lawsuit business is ridiculous. They need to grow up. people say things about people. Rather it’s true or not. If it is true, you don’t have much of a case. Your honor, she told a truth about me, but she said it in front of my friends. Please. I think Adrienne needs to leave this show. Take Taylor with you.

  7. I was told never to put my purse on the floor because the floor had a lot of germs. Adrienne STFU. If your Skin Care is so good you can stop all the work on your face and show us the results of your line. Yea right. My opinion only. I dislike phoneys.

  8. I didn’t see her put her purse on the floor because I didn’t notice her.
    I’ll say it. I don’t care!!

    • She plopped that large purse on the desk where Paul was trying to show her the samples for her to try……Paul was the one to make the mistake of putting her purse in the floor!! Ad, at least when she gripped and picked it up, put it in the chair beside her. She should have never put the darn purse in the way anyhow, and you know men don’t know jack about a purse~ Well, Paul might know a little bit about purses after watching him walk in those heels!

  9. Like these people need more $$! Who the heck buys all this housewives sh**?! Cuffs, purses, shoes, jewelry, clothes, makeup, crap crap crap! Do they not know there is a recession going on?!

    • People always seem to have money for junk. I was actually shocked when I took the kids to Disney on Ice here in Los Angeles years ago, and people that looked like they might be on food stamps were lined up to buy the really expensive souvenir crap that I wouldn’t buy.

      • When I was in school (back when the wheel was square), the kids on the free lunch program had lunch tickets to get their lunch. The rest of us paid with money. Nowadays, all the kids have a lunch account that is accessed by a PIN. Anywhoo, the kids on the lunch program would get their free lunch, then reach into the pockets of their $200 Adidas track suits (hey, it was the ’80s) and pull out money to buy cookies, chips, etc. I was always left kind of scratching my head over that, going hmmmmmmm.

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