ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Another “Why Bother?”… Adrienne’s “New, Exciting Projects”… B-O-R-I-N-G…

Bravo…  NOTE:  Once again, Adrienne Maloof has given viewers of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a big pile of nuthin’ in her BravoBlog!  YO!  Adrienne!  We all know that you’re outta there, mentally anyway… and that you were pre-determined to get the bad edit this season, but if you don’t have nuthin’ to say, just don’t day nuthin’!  No one cares about your handbag ritual… or that your skincare line is about to be released!  B-O-R-I-N-G!!!  Adrienne has not been stirrin’ up the drama… especially NOT via her BravoBlog!

Adrienne drama

Happy New Year! I can’t believe the holidays are over, where does the time go? I had a very lovely holiday relaxing with my family and friends. I hope all my fans did too!

I’m sure one of the first things you notice in this episode was my reluctance to put my handbag on the floor! This comes from my Irish background; we tend to be extremely superstitious. The Irish say, if you place your handbag on the floor, you’re disrespecting your wealth and money may leave you!

Focusing on my little boys and work is very therapeutic for me. I have been developing and creating several new brands and working on some exciting new projects. I am moving forward with my own skincare line. I have been working with experts on some cutting edge technology and looking forward to launching a product that will help give every woman beautiful skin!

I needed to take a step back from the drama this episode. It’s best to give yourself time and distance from a difficult situation in order to gain perspective.   NOTE:  WHAT?!  The RHOBH was filmed six months ago… ain’t that enough time to “gain perspective?”

Until next week — wishing you all a happy and healthy 2013!


On next week’s RHOBH…