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Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2013 will be a happy, healthy, and successful year for you and your loved ones.

Thank you for all your comments and well wishes. The holiday season was a very different experience for our family this year as I was stuck to my IV pole three times a day battling endless antibiotics for Lymes disease. The good thing was, I had no stress running around buying unneeded gifts for everyone but instead really enjoyed the love and intimacy of sitting around the fire, focusing on my turkey, and watching movies with my family and close friends. David took the kids to serve meals to the homeless at the midnight mission in downtown L.A. and to them it was our best Christmas ever. I know it sounds cliché, but I guess life throws us what we can handle after all.

Anyway, on to the scoop of the day — more drama in Beverly Hills! Again, this blog is only meant to give my perspective but not to be judgmental in any way.

Nobody liked Faye when she was at Camille’s dinner party!

Kyle’s dinner party seems so uncomfortable for everyone. The minute Faye starts talking I just want to push the fast forward button. Every word that comes out of her mouth is so abrasive and feels like a violation, because as far as I know, she seems to be of no importance in this group besides being Kyle’s best friend. I don’t feel her opinion to be inspiring or motivating in any way. She is saying Lisa and Brandi are working together, but to me it seems obvious that if anyone is “working together” it’s Kyle, Faye, and Adrienne. Packs of wolves work together, girlfriends shouldn’t. It’s OK to have an opinion, but it’s not OK to be rude.

Kyle says “my girlfriends are like my sisters.” Hmm, somehow I am not feeling a true sisterhood here. If my best friend went off on anyone at a dinner party I was hosting, I would politely interfere and put an end to it. IMMEDIATELY!

I have been in turbulent times in my life where I felt so desperate for answers that I visited psychics and clairvoyants. It might seem strange, but it just gives you a sense of hope and direction at that particular moment, and I think that’s what Shana is looking for.

I am truly sorry for all Taylor has gone through. Dealing with the litigation stuff is tough, but when you sign your name on the dotted line of a legal document for your husband’s business dealings, I assume you must know what you are committing to. I would much prefer to clear my name than to have a diamond ring or a couple of Hermes bags in my closet.

Kyle and Marisa’s yoga class is a crack up — yoga is supposed to cleanse the mind, not clutter it! But on a positive note, they both look great!

I am excited for you to finally meet the rest of my gang. You all know Gigi and now get to see Bella and Anwar. Just a regular school day in our household. After school sports are big in our family but I like to keep a tight ship and serve dinner at 6:30 every night, so even if I have to go out with my husband after, at least I had that important time with the kids and I don’t feel torn between the two. I believe dinnertime is a very important time with the family; it’s a time to reconnect, communicate, and to find out what the kids’ day was like. We eat, we talk, and sometimes have big debates. David’s nightly question is always, “What did you learn in school today?” He expects a detailed answer, and the kids  have learned how to give him one.  When everyone puts their dishes away, it always leaves me with a sense of accomplishment, love, and togetherness.

As you can tell I am not a gourmet chef, but there is nothing more gratifying than having my family enjoy the meal I make them.

Bella and I were suppose to go riding after I picked her up from her job at Sun Life, but her horse was lame, so we ended up giving him a bath and some well deserved TLC.

I grew up in the barn with horses and I am so happy that I was able to give that same opportunity to my girls. Both Bella and Gigi are big horse fanatics and spent most of their free time at the barn and horse shows. Sorry to brag, but I’m the proud mother of over three hundred awards between the two of them.

Brandi and Camille’s initial conversation is a familiar subject to me and probably to so many of you as well. Blended families are difficult at the best of times, and the “new love” has extreme power to build bridges or to tear them down, especially when it comes to the children. Soon, I hope my girlfriends will not want to talk about their ex’s anymore, because the opposite of love is not hate but indifference.

Brandi meeting Sheana is a whole subject on its own…

Where do I even begin? I am not very tolerant when it comes to this subject. If it were me, I probably would have brought a picture of a family portrait and served it to her for lunch. Maybe that visual will stay ingrained in her brain and make her think twice the next time around. I don’t buy young and stupid, I realize it takes two, but in this town there’s 100,000 wannabes that will sleep with your husband for a Chanel bag! So it’s really a conscious choice made by two people.

Sorry but Sheana does not seem to have a moral compass and needs to go home to her mom to get re-educated about what’s right and wrong. At the end of the day Brandi is better off because she is a good woman, she will meet the real love of her life soon and find happiness while her ex will be paying the dues of karma for a long time to come!

It was really interesting watching Paul and Adrienne together in his office. Their body language certainly looks like the end is near… But only the upcoming episodes will be able to tell you about that so stayed tuned.
Have a great week! Much love,


On the next RHOBH:


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95 comments on “YOLANDA FOSTER: Yolanda’s BravoBlog… Faye Rancid Resnick “Not Inspiring”… Says Kyle Richards “Girlfriends Are A Pack of Wolves”…

  1. Funny that she says she wants to fast forward Faye’s part… because that’s exactly what I do when Yolanda is on the screen.

          • Well I have to admit last night her whole holistic crap for the horses and the laundry list of COMPLETELY unnecessary fru-fru crap that she insists is essential for owning a horse was a bit much. Maybe she was joking? I kept waiting for her to crack a smile after she said it. Maybe is was edited out.

            • I have a horse actually. He is an adopted American Mustang. He is not a fancy horse. He shares a pasture with a fancy horse who gets massages and goes to a horsey chiropractor.

            • Show dog,show horse I bet even show piggies get all that fuufuu stuff FUUFUU pet stuff is big business from doggie day care to animal Health insurance Heck I even saw a Guinea pig leash and a ergonomic food dish I will niether confirm not deny I have them on my Amazon wish list but
              My baby seems happy just to have his Hay bin filled.

            • You are welcome, when iw as sitting at the vet a few weeks ago they have a FUFU pet minimart I just shook my head they have animal food for ever stage and situation, dog/cat food for kidney aliments,diabetes,joint issues food for young age/mid age and old age you name it. My guess is its all the same just different packaging.

      • Hey, long-time lurker, first time poster, I apologize in advance if you don’t like what Im gonna state here but I don’t agree at all about Yolanda, here’s what I just wrote on her bravo blog page, not even sure it will meet approval…I know, it’s long, but i was soooo annoyed from I just saw… Other than that, love this site!

        Ok. You are not fooling me. From the start there was something off, you were a lil too perfect to be honest. Then I saw that the majority of people fell for it, but I just can’t. The part where you make pasta for your family is wrong on so many levels! First, your kids are not that thrilled to be there, especially the “model” one. Second, they ask you “how many times have you made pasta in your life?” which demonstrates that you staged it for the cameras (even if you do do it from time to time as your husband repeatitly pointed out. But, hey, could be twice a year for all we know! You are not even sitting all together, is that your usual dinner setting? You ‘re sitting higher than everyone, it feels weird. Seems improvised to me It might be the only thing that was improvised though) Then, the volley-ball, OMG. If she wants to play volley ball, let her! She misses it, which is a very sane “addiction” for a teenager don’t you think? If her body changes, she’ll own up to it, either she will work anyway because she will have remained true to her self and will be a sought after unique model, or she’ll become a volley ball champion and bring you lots of trophies and medals…Wouldn’t you like that, Yolanda? An olympic medalist daughter? Think about it…

        The “she eats like a boy, I thought my daughter was a lesbian”: THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. What if she was a closeted lesbian, have you thought about that? How was she supposed to feel? She’s so pretty she would never pass as a “tomboy”, your girl is gorgeous so give her a bloody break and let her be!! Also, what message is that to all the gay closeted teenagers watching? Such a lack of tolerance from someone who wishes to appear so virtuous. Such a lack of real love and empathy for your child. Sorry, but I felt deeply chocked by that scene. Open your eyes people, this woman is FAKE FAKE FAKE.

        • Malaika , welcome, I agree w you. I had hi hopes for Yolanda but always a skeptic.
          I’ve already stated several episodes ago that she had managed to get on my nerves and I was thoroughly annoyed by her, no more Yolanda for me. But she’s still great at flower arrangements and centerpieces. I also think her overly soft voice and sweetness is too much, and she never refers to David as David it’s always MY LOVE MY LOVE. As I always say stable ppl don’t go on reality Tv neither does alist, and in Hollywood none of these peeps are alist.

          • She’s always acting like she’s way above all this and better than every one, so why are you on this show, your husband is embarrassing himself.

          • Exactly, she is so so so so . so so FAKE.Why does she want her daughter to be a model so bad?Why not a great volleyball player.I am sick and tired of her saying ‘my love, my love; too.Sweetheart you are what, third wife been married for a year.I swear she is trying to hard to please him.Also I CANNOT STAND HIM.I don’t care how talented David Foster is.

        • That was a bit much. I’ve watched a lot of Olympic volleyball and none of the female players struck me as ‘roided out muscle-bound bull dykes. Watching her micro-manage her daughter’s modeling shoot and then the episode last night left a bad taste in my mouth. Her Beigeness IS a stage mother.

          • Yeah, and now that I think of it, Yolanda is a little “mannish”, let’s say she’s solidly built and maybe she is projecting her own issues on her daughter. Very selfishly so.

        • I took it to mean “how many times have you made pasta in your life” why would you let a pot boil over?

    • What’s that? I’ve seen both her daughter’s websites. While Gigi’s focuses on modeling, Bella’s says she is a model slash equestrian and lists the prizes (?) she’s won. I wanted my daughter to learn how to ride, but I could never afford it, so I like seeing girls who did have that opportunity and were good at it.

      • Most of what Her Beigeness says is rich people caca. I live in cow and horse country in Virginia and one of my sisters owns horse stables and a riding compound, and believe me YoFo is full of horse feathers. Find a nice stable and they usually offer a set of lessons that won’t break your bank. A lot of times you can exchange work for riding.

  2. YoFo needs to go on the show.She has her own/husbands $$ so why is she on this train wreck of a show.I dont get why she is there other than Muhammed ‘s ex.She does not fit in with the other HW hags.They will eat their own if Bravo.Andy tells them too.

    • Agreed. YoFo seems way too intelligent, sophisticated, and grounded for the fake wealth and chaos that is RH

      • Im wondering if maybe david foster encouraged yofo to do the show. Some people just need the world’s attention. Didn’t he do the Princes of Malibu when married to linda thompson?

        • Oh, now that’s interesting..;Being french, I didn’t know him and didn’t see Princes of Malibu, but knowing that, I definitely think they are both famewhores

    • She’s a friend of Lisa’s, and I think there were those who wanted to see some truly wealthy Bev Hills types, and not so much Taylor and Kim I suppose. And you’re right. Thanks to her divorce from Muhammad, Yolanda is a very wealthy woman in her own right. Heck at this point she probably has more then Adrienne does, since the Maloof family enterprise has been floundering in recent years.

  3. Kyle sure looks like she is aging badly. Not a pretty face when she smiles. Glad Camille called Faye out and Lisa’s comment was absurd considering the circumstances; what a phony but aren’t they all?

  4. Hag Face’s lizzard lips look so dry and not kissable.I guess this from having so much shit exiting her pie hole that is has burned her lips.

  5. YoFo is a class act, grounded and secure with genuine interest in the world around her. She stands out on BH because she feels absolutely no pressure to pack up with the rest of the wolves.
    I admire how YoFo allows her relationships to develop based on her analysis and sensitivity. I can’t imagine how long an independent thinker will last on BH.

  6. I think Yolanda is a very kind soul and it shows. I do have a problem with her looks as she seems to have bought into the whole botox Hollywood thing. But I love her idea of having dinner every night with the kids as I am a strong believer in that. I’m interested to see more of her down the road, but like many, wonder why she is on the show. What is the attraction or need for her?

    • I think she thought of it as a way to show women with physical inabilities that it’s possible to get back up and going. If I had broken my back during delivery, I’m not sure I’d be as fit and mobile as she is, plus I think she also has an auto-immune disorder. My hats off to her!

    • You hit the nail on the head when you used the word “occult”. I highly doubt if any of those ladies would consider it so, but I do too.

          • oh i am sorry, I can see why peoplewould think thats the Occult I still dont think it is but then I believe that some people have that gift to me its just another form of spiritality.

            • And strange too, that so many cultures have these same type of customs and have for centuries. Makes me think there’s something to it.

            • Some of these practices out date mainstream religions to. Dont ge tme wrong there are somethings that make my eyebrows rise but I do think there are people who have certain gifts we dont know everything about what our brains can do either.

  7. Yofo is a breath of fresh air and I agree with everything she said about Faye. Can’t stand Faye Resnick. Also, Yofo’s daughters are the real deal equestrians. They compete on a tough California circuit and are very successful. I’d love to see Yofo ride, wish we had that on video, I bet she’s very good.

  8. So very true what Yolanda says about the opposite of love is indifference. She has so much wisdom and class. I really enjoy watching her and find her life so much more interesting and inspiring than a bunch of posers getting drunk and arguing.

    • I think the cheating spouse thing really hit home for Her Beigeness, since she’s obviously been there, and she’s totally right about that little chit having no “moral compass”. I don’t buy at all that she had no clue that Eddy “Can’t Keep it in His Pants” Cibrian wasn’t married. Unless she’s really as dumb as a rock. You know she had to have googled him. I thought Brandi handled that with class. Would love to have been the proverbial fly on the wall when Miss Rimes watched that episode.

  9. Kyle says “my girlfriends are like my sisters.” By watching how Kyle treats Kim, I would never want to be her friend. She might try to steal my house.

  10. “like sisters.” Lol! That’s one of the funny things about shallow people. They realize they don’t really care but they assume their “sisters” have some unexplained powerful emotional tie to them. Despite the fact that , being shallow , they have no such feelings. I guess shallow & logical aren’t words that go together :D

  11. I haven’t been able to put my finger on just what bothers me about Yolanda. I think there is a lot more there then meets the eye. No one is that perfect. We all have an ugly side and Yolanda is hiding behind a halo. Not buying it. She doesn’t grind on my nerves like Traylor trash does but something is off with her.

    • A normal woman would have never been married to creepy Mohammed that in itself is a red flag. Who was she before him, a so so model looking to cash in, and she’s done that. She mentions women sleeping with married men for Chanel bags, me think she was on the prowl for Chanel bags w single men.

      • DITTO, about a normal woman not having married creepy Mohammed in the first place. YoFo is more relatable in a number of ways, but let’s face it, SH is right — they’re ALL stoopid HW.

  12. Prepare for a LONG comment, but I need to explain stuff to you Americans about Yolanda and the Dutch way of thinking.

    Yolanda gets a lot, a lot of hate on the Internet, as a Dutch person myself I really wanna explain some things that you guys probably don’t really see at a first glance. But remember all the comments she makes aren’t in her native tongue. I guess that’s why she doesn’t really have a filter like that (when she talked about the Chinese eyes, or her daughter being lesbian), because it’s not her mother tongue, it might get lost in translation and sound harsher too native speakers than too her. Research shows that when you talk in a different language, you act differently and say things that you wouldn’t say in your mother tongue, as the connection to your own culture and values isn’t there. Plus choices of words are heavily effected by English not being her mother tongue.

    The Korean Air language issue is good example:

    Besides in Holland those comments like saying the eyes are chinese or that she thought her daughter was a lesbian aren’t viewed upon as being controversial, because Dutch people themselves are really grounded and don’t really make a big deal out of those things, it’s not in their nature and culture. You can say anything you want on Dutch television or even show a nipple and it won’t be edited out. Dutch people are very grounded, a tad boring even and really don’t blow things outta proportions. They’re very direct and straightforward. Another thing that Dutch people really think is important is succesful and rich people still doing everyday and normal things and stay grounded and humble. ‘She stayed so normal’, is something that a lot of Dutch people say as a compliment. Famous Dutch people like Victoria’s Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes are being praised over here for staying so grounded, for doing everyday things like every normal Dutch person for example cooking and taking care of her family. This explains why Yolanda puts emphasis on this so much, in the Dutch culture it’s really important to stay the same, no matter how famous or how much money you get. People who flaunt their money and boast off are being frowned upon heavily, the same goes for people who dress in expensive clothes when doing everyday chores and errands.

    Other than that a lot of people ask why she is on the show. Yolanda was actually asked to be on the first season of RHOBH, but didn’t wanna do it because her children were too young and she was scared that they’d bully them because of it. She did the Dutch show, because it only airs in Holland. When season 3 started filming Lisa (who already knew her) told the producers to ask Yolanda again, and she agreed on doing it. So people ask why she’s on the show? Because the producers and Lisa wanted her to be, she didn’t go and audition for it or anything. She was added to bring some new dynamic. The producers wanted something new then only hbitches and drama queens on the show, she was added to show the life style aspect that makes it Beverly Hills, not for the drama. Also she was needed to be on Team Lisa and Brandi, the probably knew she’d choose Lisa’s side as she was the one who introduced the producers to Yolanda.

    As for Yolanda, she probably thought it’d be similar to the Dutch show, which is all about lifestyle, and not about drama. You can really see the similarities between her parts on RHoBH and the Dutch show. She seems really out of place and doesn’t really understand what the show is about these days, drama and catfights. She tries to compensate it with her blogs though, I bet she receives a lot of hate because people find her boring. If you look at the comments below her blog and look at the blog the next episode, you can see she’s really trying to please the viewers, as she’s a really nice person. I guess in the end she’s too nice and grounded, and too Dutch for a show this American.

    As for next season, as she’s dealing with Lyme disease and receives a lot of hate, I bet she won’t return. She’ll either quit on her own terms or Bravo is not gonna even bother asking her again. I hope you understand where she’s coming from now, I really sound like a Yolanda stan now, but as a Dutch person myself I can really understand where’s she’s coming from, she really is a typical Dutch woman actually. Sorry for the long comment, but I hope that all the haters understand her a little more.

    • Thea: First off, there are no “haters” on SH. Everyone is free to express their opinion re whichever Housewife they choose. Second, you are not the only Dutch reader/commenter on SH. Our long-time commenter, “sd,” has been sending us Dutch newspaper items re Yolanda and her Dutch reality show for years… including the wonderful “Astrid in Hollywood” reality show, which is shown in Holland. “sd” is also Dutch and visits Holland frequently. Thanks to “sd” we’re all pretty familiar with the “Dutch way” and the “Dutch mindset”… TFC!! SH

      • First of all, haters might not be the good word, I meant people who dislike her on the whole. And I didn’t mean to attack anyone on this board, I meant everyone on the entire Internet writing negative things about not just this website, so don’t feel offended! I picked this site because there are a lot of people reading it, not because I dislike you guys! This message wasn’t so much directed at this site, more to everyone lurking here that watches RHOBH and questions Yolanda’s motifs.

        Second, Astrid is actually Belgian (Flemmish) and despite it being close to the Netherlands, there’s still a huge difference in culture.

        • Howdy Thea. TFC means Thanks for Commenting. :) I totally get how somethings could be taken different based on native tongue. Most of us like YoFo more than the others but the name of the site is Stoopid Housewives so we pretty much feel like ANYONE that puts themselves on shows like this is stoopid no matter how they try to package it. Especially the ones that try to say they never watched a HW show before signing on. :)

          • Thanks for explaining. And of course you are right. It’s still a reality tv show. My goal with that post wasn’t just to defend her, but more to give the viewers of the show some information about where’s she’s coming from. But it seems like you guys over here already know!

          • So doesTeresa get a free pass for being a Moron when she speaks because English is a second language but Yolandas dosnt *wink* im just Joshing ya Mp..

    • Thanks for the insights, Thea. I love that the Dutch appreciate “normal” and dislike pretension. They sounds like my kind of people.

      • I agree. Maybe I like Yo so much because I get her personality, I have a few friends from Europe and they do seem to look at things from a different perspective. (I didn’t for one second consider the “chinese eyes” a slur nor should anyone else, considering how men go for asian women.) I find her fascinating and to me, she is a true success in all aspects of her life. Despite whatever adversity that has come her way, she gets going and doesn’t wallow in self-pity or drown her sorrows in alcohol and other substances. Just as that saying about revenge–the best is to live well yourself. And she has. TEAM YOLANDA all the way!!!!!!!

        • I love Yolanda but I do think she says things that we as Americans find odd but is perfectly ok in her culture. I like Dave Foster to , How dare he compliment his wife on how she takes care of him maybe I missed it but she seems fine with taking care of him, she dosnt seem like she is forced to do so nor is he controling her ( i cant recall if it was on this board or another that someone said he was controlling)

          • I agree. I did,, however, think it odd that Yolanda said David “expects detailed answers” of the kids (HERS not his) at the dinner table.He is a bit late in the game and too early in it to be expecting anything from near grown young people who have a father and didn’t chose to marry David. Now respect and being cordial and polite I can understand but not “expecting detailed answers” smacks of forcing dialog, and I dont care who you are that will NOT work with teens. They open up when they want to open up. But like you said it could be just the phrasing that she used presented it in an odd way.

            • @ Made They have been together 6 plus yrs. I don’t see anything wrong with a step-parent having a dialog a parent would have with the child over dinner. They seem very natural together. Not all step-parents are bastards.

            • I totally get that. And I think its a beautiful thing that the children open up to him. They seem like lovely , respectful, bright children. I think that they CHOOSE to have a meaningful relationship with David. I don’t think he FORCES it. I think it has developed naturally, as it should. What I was saying was I think her choice of the word “expects” translates into “demands” when it comes from an authority figure and I dont think that is at all what is going on at their dinner table. I think she just worded it wrong.
              Step parents aside I know I aint a bass turd but if I ask my youngin “what did you learn today” I will get a grunt or two at best. Stuff or nutin. And these are my flesh n blood. If I “expect” or “demand” details it will go to hell in handbasket pretty quickly (been there done that). I gotta just wait till they are ready to tell me and usually they eventually do.. in their own time their terms. Im ok with that.

            • @Adios and Made — I get what you’re both saying. @Adios, it’s wonderful for a step-parent to care enough about the kids to show so much interest. I’ve seen blended families in which the husband refers to the kids as “her kids” after many years of marriage, and it sounds so cold and detached to me. But, you’re also right, Made, when you say that teens need to open up in their own time.

            • @ Made I respect that. I have always expected more than a one syllable answer to my questions ( unless they were having a particularly rotten day ) and have always prodded my children for specifics, it assists them so many ways later in life to discuss and debate what their lessons were that day. I took my experience – nudging my children to dig deeper – to be what YoFo meant by his expecting more – as I always did.
              When they were having a personal issue and needed space, that is when I took a step back and waited for them to approach me. Every parent is quite different as is every child and only we know how our children best respond.

            • Yeah I understand. My mistake was always asking first thing when they get in the car. Most times they need to decompress. Especially my son.

            • @ Made I’m just like your son! I miss commuting because it was my “rewire” time, weird – I know… Now I just go straight up the stairs, shower and get in “home” clothes. I call it my “taking the day off” ritual and it has really helped me to draw the demarcation between work and home and relaxes me unbelievably! Maybe your son could benefit from a similar decompression ritual. I know what it’s like to be strung so tight you can almost burst…

            • Thats a good idea. He assorts does that now. He usually comes around about an hour after school. And the car ride home has to be nuttin but music blaring. I sorta abide by his needed rituals. Cause I cant force it.

          • That’s probably why she is good friends with Lisa, both have intact, healthy, respectful marriages. It’s very nice to watch.

            • David and the kids is a good thing, and I never took Yolanda’s Chinese or lesbian comments the wrong way, I don’t like some of the other stuff.

  13. We need to be looking for pictures of Tickle me JoHo carrying a Channel bag. Pretty sure YoLo directed that to her anyways.

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