SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Vicki Gunvalson “Takes A Header”… Peggy Tanous “New Shows”… NayNay Leakes “Marryin’ Gregg”… Cynthia Bailey “Has Wine”… Melissa Gorga “Vote For Cousin!”… Alex McCord “New Reality Show”… Kim Richards, Kyle Richards “Diving Show On Two Days From Today”… Lisa Vanderpump “Vanderpump Rules”

I could never be in a drinking contest.  I could never guzzle down a beer.  I could never compete with anyone on a drinking dare.  I have learned my lesson over the past week. I have consumed more alcohol during these last seven days that I have the entire year of 2012.  The after effects of the enjoyment of my favorite drink are simply not worth it.  Feelin’ woozy-boozy, but in a good way, is great if you have nothing else to do; however, feelin’ woozy-boozy takes up all the space in your brain.  There is no additional space for those synapses to spark between other cells in the brain to think up words; even more difficult is to find the brain space to put those sparse words which took twenty times longer than usual to find… and keep them there to thread together to form a sentence.

There has to be an inherited gene which makes one attracted to booze.  I’m convinced of it after watching the last 15 minutes of a DiscoveryHealth program yesterday.  A 27-year-old guy could not go five minutes without a drink.  He needed it to live “normally”… when he talked with a shrink to determine if he had mental problems (he self-diagnosed himself as schizophrenic), he could not sit still enough to converse with the doctor; the doctor instructed the guy’s girlfriend to go out and get the guy a bottle of booze.  The girlfriend returned with a small bottle… to the guy’s disappointment.  It was more than disappointment, the guy was kinda gettin’ in the girlfriend’s face for not bringin’ him the proper larger-size bottle.  But, the girlfriend knew that he wouldn’t be happy with the small, pocket-sized bottle and also had purchased the required big bottle of booze, which was still in the bag… the pocket-size was for him to literally carry around in his pocket to have booze conveniently on hand!  The conversation with the shrink continued and the shrink determined that the guy was not schizo, but DID need to get into a rehab facility immediately, as the guy’s organs were shutting down.  It was shocking and very sad to see this under-30-year-old guy seemingly very happy to enter rehab… and then a written blurb saying that after 17 days in rehab he died.

How is it that some people don’t care if they ever have a drink and are affected by light consumption for days… yet, there are people, like the poor under-30 guy, who needs to drink to function “normally”?  How does that happen?  Apologies for goin’ a bit OT from the moronic Housewives, but had high hopes for the alcoholic guy.


ALL of the following Housewives items can be placed in the “We Don’t Care” category!

vicki skiing

Vicki Gunvalson went to the hospital ’cause of a skiing accident.  OH, we just give Vicki a big ol’ “Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky” that she didn’t meet up with Sonny Bono and is still here on this Earth to continue her phony baloney role on the skankiest of the Housewives shows… the Real Housewives of Orange County!

vicki rhoc

Slade Slimey was sendin’ his get well wishes to Vicki… subliminal get well messages!  Seems that Slimey is not lookin’ forward to another YAWN-worthy season of the RHOC… ‘specially ’cause Tamballs stole his and Wretched’s “let’s get engaged so Bravo will pay for our honeymoon… and we’ll probably get a “watch how we live happily ever after spin off show from Bravo” story line!

slade pg


Peggy Tanous has many irons in the fire… including MORE “major” networks developin’ for her!

peggy tweet

NOTE TO PEGGY:  Take notes from KooKooKellyB… see below!


nene small  nene leakes 2008

Nay-Nay spouts of some DonCaro-like cliche… if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything… as the answer as to WHY she’s “remarrying” Gregg.  We all know (said like Phaedra) that NayNay divorced Gregg not because she fell outta luv, but it has been rumored that the divorce was necessary for very practical reasons… so now we all gotta listen to her BS about how she and Gregg “got back together”?  PUH-LEEEZE!

Not surprisingly, NayNay named the sub-human RHONJ as her favorite Housewives franchise… after her own.   Yes, NayNay said that since KimZ is gone that she feels that she OWNS the ATL franchise.  Well, NayNay can keep her show.

RHOA Nene Gregg wedding pg

Those Neilsen ratings may show that the RHOA is a winner on Sundays, but honestly don’t know anyone who categorizes the RHOA as “appointment” TV.

RHOA Cynthia Dummy arrow

AND… as for last night’s episode… now Cynthia has a wine!?  When will it stop?


KimR Kyle diving

David Chokachi, one of HagfaceKyle and Kim Richards team mates on their “Diving For Danger” or “Diving With The Stars” or “Let’s Watch ‘REALITY’ Show Hangers-On Who Will Do Anything” has said that doin’ a “reality” show is totally beneath him!

“First thing you have to know is that it’s not a reality show because that’s the last thing I wanted to do,” Chokachi, 44, told the Track. “It’s an athletic competition — it’s all real, there’s nothing fabricated or scripted.”   NOTE:  They ALL insist that it’s all REAL! 

KimR Kyle diving


lisav adrienne pg

“VanderpumpRules” premieres tonight… LisaVanderpumpRump tells RobinLeach:

Lisa Vanderpump of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” at Lavo in the Palazzowearing a glamorous evening gown, told me her spinoff “Vanderpump Rules” will be a behind-the-scenes look at her hot mess young Hollywood restaurant staff and showcases her business and matriarchal sides.

NOTE:  Did anyone make the delicious-looking bacon wrapped turkey, which was highlighted in Lisa’s last DivineAddiction newsletter lifestyle handbook?

LisaV Divine Turkey

These bacon-wrapped hot dogs shoved into hamburgers look more appetizing that Lisa’s lame “throw some bacon on that turkey” turkey!

grilled turtles with bacon


Ya just know that Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen CANNOT keep away from their “reality” TV roots!   Look for Silex starring on various “reality” shows… now that they got their mess of a marriage all fixed up when they were on whatever that VH1 show was that had Dourtney on it!   In fact, we heard that Silex was gonna be “starring” on THIS “reality” show…

RHONY alex simon pg

Alex DID have one of the best scenes ever on a “reality” show… when she stretched her acting chops to the max on the VH1 “Dourtney” show.  Alex was upset with Simon for some lame reason and told him so!   Watch how Alex collects all of her inner anger for the camera…. and watch her take a tumble!  Why is it that I just LOVE clips of people fallin’ down… especially models on the runway?


Melissa Gorga schedule pg

Melissa Gorga’s COUSIN…. the one person in the Marco fambly that can actually sing… is also lookin’ for votes to be crowned “Miss Mt. Airy Casino”!   So, hey, give her votes!  MeGo can’t be the only person in her fambly gettin’ attenshun!


sin city cast blocked arrow

What started out as so promising for several reasons:

  • this “reality” show was another produced by EvolutionMedia, who brought you the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and OC;
  • this “reality” show seemed to have some interesting “characters”;
  • story lines of this “reality” show had been “leaked” to Las Vegas media, which caught our attention (especially the leaked “IBS” story line, which was taken directly from the RHOBH… )
  • Yes, as predicted after watching ONE episode… Sin City Rules was CANCELLED.

kelly big feet

There are some “reality” people who can take their demise in stride, like boat feet KooKooKelly Bensimon… and there are some “reality” people who simply cannot… Hello, JillZ!   Really, Kelly Bensimon has been totally rational since gettin’ da Bravo boot… which only goes to show how well she was brought up (Go, KeithCountryDaySchool!) and what her “real” personality is!  That is not to say that we should not expect something out of the ordinary again from Kelly… it’s just that since her bootin,’ Kelly’s been behavin’ like a pretty normal human being!

There is one “reality” **cough, cough** “star” from SinCityRules who expected SCR to be a huge hit, but was cut off at the knees and plans for her further gettin’ fame and, of course, sellin’ all her “mob”-related merchandise was put to an abrupt STOP when TLC cancelled SCR.  This particular “star” is doing anything to get attention… and we were NOT going to participate in giving this particular “star” any further attention.

HOWEVER… as a public service to other “reality” stars who might be pinnin’ all their hopes and dreams when they jump on that “reality” train and things don’t go as they planned… is the entire staff of VanderpumpRules listening?… we present to you how NOT to go about tryin’ to get attention.

NOTE TO POTENTIAL “REALITY” STARS:  This is an example of the depths to which one “reality” star has sunk.  She is difficult to understand… ’cause she talks in circles and her ‘little-girl-squeeky’ voice is utterly annoying; leaves a lot of what she talks about unanswered… ’cause she wants the mystery to continue; and is truly pathetic.  

If you are a potential “reality” star OR if you are an already-booted “reality” star, take the high road like KooKooKelly has!  THIS is the downside of bein’ a booted “star”… there will be no further items which will include this person and she will receive no further attention on SH.  Again, this is simply to provide an example of what NOT to do!


All of the Housewives-realated items were brought to you today by the classic words of Ken!

(Thanks to SH readers “Jason” “DSP” “MikeD” “PMG” and “PDM”!!!)

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117 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Vicki Gunvalson “Takes A Header”… Peggy Tanous “New Shows”… NayNay Leakes “Marryin’ Gregg”… Cynthia Bailey “Has Wine”… Melissa Gorga “Vote For Cousin!”… Alex McCord “New Reality Show”… Kim Richards, Kyle Richards “Diving Show On Two Days From Today”… Lisa Vanderpump “Vanderpump Rules”

  1. I read the article that Amy is talking about and it had nothing to do about “her as a mother” It was about her financial situation. That has NOTHING to do with her children.
    Now we all know that Amy herself brought up the abuse allegations regarding her ex husband on here herself. So my question is, when she was “missing” her ex said he had the children. So if a judge thinks he is such a danger to them then how does that happen? Wouldn’t he have restricted visitation?
    Amy, quit pickin at your face girl. :)

    • She looks like she’s been tweeking. What the hell has that woman been doing? She makes no damn kind of sense.

      • IMO she needs help. Very very bad. I hesitate to say celebrity rehab but if that’s what it takes to get her moving in the right direction. THAT would be the best thing she could do for her children. She does appear to be highly overly medicated.

        I am so confused by this woman. She was presented with papers about her financial situation. I am assuming bankruptcy papers and she responds with the abuse story. Sounds like she is trying to use her kids as an excuse as to why she might not be a financially successful as she tried to appear?
        Now how does a REALITY tv star supposed to respond to bankruptcy documentation? Take a lesson from Tree Guidice and zip it up but don’t put it on the children. That just seems so unhealthy to me “Look kids what mommy HAD to do for you…It ruined myself financially but I put myself out FOR YOU GUYS.” Can you imagine the guilt burden that would put on them? The poor put upon mommy victim routine… and the cycle repeats.

        • I think the first clue that she was a total nutcase was the way she transformed herself from the dishwater blonde photo we saw to what she looks like now. IMO she ruined her looks. She’s way too emaciated with the huge fake boobs sticking out like a shelf, and she looks very plastic now. I felt sorry when I saw what she had done to herself. Looked like desperation to me.

        • She needs a lot of help ASAP. It’s sad and scary. Chronic pain management 101 is don’t sweat the small stuff (or anything) because anxiety and stress increases pain. She is consistently going into battle…and what for? I can’t figure her out. I cannot believe Amy’s PR “Positive blah, blah, blah” rep isn’t guiding her. That PR gal looks like a grifter! I wasn’t impressed by the website or either “interviews” put out regarding Amy. I think the grifter PR lady is enamored by Z-list celebrities, including Katfish.

          I can’t understand any of that video. She could have said what she needed to say in 2 minutes or less.

    • I have to agree with you. If my ex had been abusive to me, it would be a cold day in hell before they got to spend time with my children.

      • I know. I am sure she must have tried to stop it. Whatever footage was on that video should have been enough for a judge to prevent it if its as bad as said.

        • Read what I wrote below about the Santa Monica incident. For some judges, it’s all about parents’ rights, despite the risk of danger to kids.

          • Even if a judge orders visitation that dosnt mean the victim has to be the one who carts the kids back and forth, that can be done by a 3rd party who supervises. Im not saying its the ideal situation or even that i agree just saying its not the only option.

            • That’s true, but my point is that such a violent person should not have contact with the children, period.

            • Why would a parent film themselves abusing a child? She said for the first few minutes she was laughing along with them watching the video and then “it ” happened. What was “it?” A swat on the behind? A spanking? A rough grab of the arm if the child was reaching for something that would hurt him or one of his brothers? I just cant imagine what it could be. What would be deemed child abuse and him not wind up in jail.

            • My guess is she is lying about the kids being abused, I should have let her send me the video. She offered to send it to me in the very beginning on SH. If she allied CPS like she said, it must have ended up in front of a judge and they deemed it not abuse. Remember in the beginning on here Amy said her ex had supervised visitation, then he said he had he kids when she was missing. She is tweaking her brains out in this video, Amy should be the one with supervised visitation. Her mother should be fully ashamed, Amy is an example of Wendy’s parenting skills. I hope her Ex gets full custody and the kids have a nice. upbringing. I actually am sort if starting to feel bad for her, this is pathetic.

            • She was the one to bring up her kids on here herself. And then pitch a fit when her ex commented. Those “documents” she was presented with had ZERO to do with her kids. She is deflecting. Like them Vegas magicians do when they dont want you to watch what the other hand is doing. In court don’t they call that tactic “unresponsive?” or is it “irrelevant?” I’ve watched some court tv in my day but I get the objection reasons confucius

            • Amy screwed up last night and tagged the wrong facebook account in a picture. Well this was from her old facebook and I found this interesting post on there. It might give you a lil more insight in the complete and utter mindfluck her momma has done on her. I will copy/paste it below so the comment isnt so skinny.

            • And you know if he was arrested for it or ordered to do anger management or whatever by a judge Amy would have already let us know.

  2. That issue was brought up with Swine as well when she accused Russell(rip) of horrific abuse then
    without missing a beat says we will co parent really?? If My spouse was beating me within a inch of my life weither or not he hit the kids he would not be co parenting with me.

    as for the drinking, In my post divorce yrs I drank I could live without it but I was younger then, once i hit 40 i stopped drinking (though there are days i want to drink so bad its not funny) but It lost its allure yrs ago. Looking back i dont understand the appeal

    • Lisa, ITA about the “co-parenting” BS. An abusive spouse should not have access to the children. In Santa Monica, CA in 2002, a mother had her husband arrested for abuse. The court issued a restraining order to keep the husband away from the wife, but also ordered that the husband was still entitled to visitation with the son. When the wife took the child to the husband for their custody exchange (accompanied by a shelter advocate for protection), the husband stabbed both his wife and then himself to death in front of the Santa Monica City Hall in front of their son, the shelter advocate, and a crowd of onlookers.

    • And according to her stories, Russell was not only violent/out of control with her, but also her friends (one another man) AND a dog. I would think THAT in itself, would be reason enough to decline unsupervised visits.

  3. What an utter moron. Reality TV is a microscope twit. Your rules? You lady are a pinhead, quit moving your lips and put your money where your mouth is. “My kids are my live, blah, blah, blah….”

  4. Now, back to what’s really important. That turkey looks like a dang hernia truss. Normally anything with BACON really moves me, but that doesn’t look very tantalizing at all. Vanderpump, what were you thinking?

  5. The vodka-soaked man was on “Drugged:High on Alcohol”, on NatGeo. I was shocked about his death in rehab, as well. The whole show was very interesting and sad. He had drank so much for so long that even he did not know who he was without it. His family and friends were just as lost. I tried to find a link on their website but for some reason the alcohol show only shows up on the daily TV schedule for me.

  6. Yeah, in terms of the bacon turkey, it seems like they’re adding bacon to everything these days. Mego , blachh! I can’t believe they wanted to bring her back. But Tamara with a spin off. I doubt there are enough people interested in her for that. Plus if they can’t film her kids that just leaves her & Eddie , the Idunnobouthim guy. (If ya’ know what I mean). No way the 2 of them could carry a show, i/m/o.

  7. Love Slade in the toilet (where he belongs!) but especially love the MotherTrucker Tour 2013>>>truly LOL at first sight and then continued giggling at the details . . . Bubba Jax Truck Stop/tickets @ 800.poison1 *snort* Thanks for the laughs!

  8. Bravo has saturated the market with HW products and OMG stop with the weddings, commitment
    ceremonies. Wake up Housewives a second wedding or reaffirming vows ceremony is the dang kiss of death. Bravo should call these occasions by fitting names like the Death knell for a marriage ceremony.

    • Nene been listening to country music, that line came straight from an old country song, word for word….in fact, I think that’s the name of the song. I hope she doesn’t try to claim it as an original Nene saying. Ain’t no telling how much Bravo will have to pay for this wedding after the one they gave Kim. I’m not gonna watch, I’m so sick of those fake weddings and renewals for more air time….these people will do anything for longer camera time. I’d bet Nene’s youngest son had a lot to do with them getting back together….I feel like the son probably blamed Nene’s career on a failing marriage more than he did his dad….kids don’t like divorce, even if it’s a terrible marriage, at least mine didn’t.

  9. Yup , it’s odd. When a couple puts the marriage (so sorry for this) “On display” it tends to end quickly. Not just on HW’s shows but the Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey thing. Kate plus 8 couple, etc. I guess maybe they’re living with problems in marriage & when they bring them into the light they realize that’s not really how they want to spend their lives. Don’t know but it does seem to be the final straw for alot of them.

    • I’ve noticed that too….a couple that is so in love goes onto reality tv…it almost never ends well…sometimes I wonder if it’s the jealousy that some celebrities have when they date other celebrities (you’re more popular than me and I can’t handle it..syndrome)…or it changes them as a person (personally I think Kate loves the spotlight too much, and Jon despised it ….which also having 8 kids on top of that certainly drags 2 people apart)..but if one half of the couple changes for the cameras…I could definitely see how the other half would fall out of love…because that’s not the person they married…

  10. Note to Peggy: the plural of a noun does not require an apostrophe. As in “others” not “other’s.” Glad to be re-assured that your grasp of English grammar is no better than your taste in hair, style, clothing, jewelry, well… pretty much everything.

    • Heather is the only OC HW, past or present, who can write a grammatically correct sentence. The others, including “professionals” like Vicki and Jeana, are unbelievably ignorant.

  11. i was glad when she divorced greg. no not another ceremony please! besides nobody can out do the bachelorette party pheadra had for kandi. remember ridickulust?

  12. Nene’s short hair in that picture looks like the frosting on a cupcake. All she needs is a plastic pick that says Happy Birthday.

  13. Let me tell yall about what them sneaky lil codgers over at Bravo has done to me. I had ZERO intention of getting into Vanderpump Rules. So I never went in and programmed my DVR to record it. It was already set to record RHOBH. Well la te da, whadda ya know, Bravo has lumped the two together in a big ole block and so my DVR is gonna recorded whether I want to or not. Aint that a fine howdayado?

    Suckered me in again Bravo.

    • Me too, Made. I had no intention of watching Vanderpump Rules. I suspect Blavo was afraid that nobody was gonna watch so they did that on purpose lumping the episodes in together.

      • We won’t be watching it, either. There’s nothing about the show that looks remotely interesting or NOT annoying.

    • I also had no intention of watching it (although I like Lisa). I fell asleep within the first 20 minutes and missed the rest of it. Yeah! It seemed truly dreadful. It was very little Lisa and lot of the bratty servers who think they are on acting auditions. Horrible premise.
      RHBH was also dull. I hated watching Shana try to watch the psychic cleanse her home.

      • Yeah I feel like I am trying to catch that dang bug so I fell asleep too. I did catch the spastic psychic. soooo stoopid.

  14. I watched the special about the alcoholic kid, man I was so sad when it said he died. I was expecting to hear he fell of the wagon or something, not he died. Sad stuff :(

  15. Love the vintage NeNe pixs. The girl has come along way and it’s just not her teeth!

    • Ya know I have been thinking that this new change in NeNe’s attitude was due to her new found success. I had completely forgot that she is a Glam-ma now. When I saw her with that baby last night. It totally clicked. She is the reason. It was a very clear that that youngin is the light of her life.

        • All we need is her chunky little man hands, with those enormous rings to accentuate her stubbly little fingers, held up to her forehead. That’s my favorite pose when she’s despairing of the DRAMMER of it all. (She was an actress you know.) Maybe she’ll throw in a splits for free.

  16. I would love to see Kelly back on RHONY she made the show for me, I though she was hilarious even though it was laughing at her rather than with her she was really entertaining. Behind Carole she is my fav NYC housewife so far.

    • I still want KuKuKelly on my fantasy Survivor. I think she and PT would be terrific on a tribe together. It’s my dream.

      • Someone busted PT on twitter the other day when she tweeted she was headed back home from Miami. Asked her if her fear of flying is all cured now. Pt tweeted back that she was better now . Would LOVE to see that woman survive on survivor. I bet she wouldnt even make it to tribal council her tribe would set her a float on a raft in middle of the night.

        • BWWWWAAAAAAaaaaaHHHHHHaaaa. Somebody probably shot her in the ass with an elephant gun loaded with a tranquilizer, just to shut her up on the plane.

          • Someone here, can’t remember who, proposed casting all the HW on Survivor. Can you imagine the great ratings that would get? No makeup or lighting, no scripting, REAL reality (for a change) … Can you imagine Vyle in an elimination challenge?

  17. This is comment that Amy post on her FB from Jan 2011 announcing the cover of her mom’s book.Before it was relesed. Before she caught the mob bug. I suspect this is the last time she was honest about it:
    Amy D. Hanley It is crazy… I never knew my dad. He died when I was 3. My mom is very excited about the book coming out. We go to LA on the 21st of this month for her to go on a radio show to promote the book. I will post on the information before we go so everyone can listen. I believe they have a broadcast on internet as well. Everyone always asks me how do I feel about having a father that was a Gangster… I always tell them I never grew up in that lifestyle and it was his decision not mine… All in all I am looking forward to reading the book as there is so stuff I don’t even know about…..

      • And when she tagged this FB account one of her friends on her other FB account was trying to hint to her what she had done but she seemed oblivious.

        • Her married name started with a D, Wendy uses a lot of different names too. Wendy has another illegitimate child, she pretended she was married to that guy too. He was some news reporter up in Reno, last name Stoddard. Wendy accused him of abuse but he had the money for a good attorney and it was proven in Court she was making it up. Wish I was rich, I would have sued Amy and Wendy both already. Or at least bad them arrested for threats of bodily harm .

    • Proof from the horses mouth. Her Mother was only around for a few years too. Yet she writes and talks as if she was there the whole time starting in the 1930′s when my Uncle first went to Vegas. Amy is falling apart and she is filming herself doing it, she sure has been coached a lot too, coached on a life she wasn’t even part of. Now days she acts like she knows everything that happened. What a sad situation, I am almost starting to feel sorry or her. But then I have trouble feeling sorry for someone that goes around blaming and accusing innocent people of things she is guilty of herself. I feel bad for her ex, she has said some terrible things about him publicly. By the way, how the heck many times can you file Bankruptcy? Who buys new boobs when they have gone bankrupt? I feel so bad for her kids, Mommys nutters and Granny is a sociopath.

      • Amy’s change of tune boils down to this one fact. MobWives first aired in spring of 2011. Delusion fueled by a batchit momma. I bet the boobies coincide with that too.

        • She definitely changed her tune. That FB post is nothing like what she claims now. Amy now fills in the gaps of the story her mama tells as if Amy was hitchin up to the Caesar Palace’s fountains with her horsey.

          • If she goes in an deletes that post then we will know she is still reading. So Amy, you need to just leave it its already out there and it was your words.

          • She is tweeting about a podcast coming up tomorrow. Yall can call in live and ask questions . I cant believe she is gonna take calls like that. I bet the only caller she takes is her momma and that glass-slipper lady. But you can give it a shot. Maybe her ex husband willl call in?
            Cyrus Webb ‏@CyrusWebb

            #SinCityRules @RealAmyHanley stops by Conversations LIVE Wed. @ 8p.m. et, … @RealityWives

            • Lol, the glass slipper lady won’t let me post anything on her site, guess you have to be nice and agree with Amy. Maybe I will call and disguise my voice, I can do all kinds if different voices. Pure comedy at this point, hmmmmmmm what would I ask? And in which voice.

            • She ( big Ang) creeps me out but I am sure I can, I’m going to study a couple videos. I’m going to practice and try and call.

            • LOL!!!! You took the thoughts from my head.

              What I have noticed about Amy is: 1.) It isn’t slander if she talks sh*t about others, including calling Alicia a swinger on Twitter and saying crap about her children’s father beating the kids and her (and many other things) all over the internet. and 2.) A blog/news source is only non-biased so long as that source publishes positive information about Amy. Anything neutral is considered “slander”.

            • **meaning Amy’s perception is it isn’t slander even if calling Alicia a swinger on Twitter could ruin Alicia’s reputation and result in job loss.

            • I would say that if someone strapped Wendy up to a lie detector test she would pass it. She believes er own bull.

            • Naw, I think she knows exactly what lies she is telling, that’s why she can’t keep them straight. If she really believed them, they would be consistent.

            • Wendy, called someone toothless? I can tell you this, Wendy had some serious buck ass dangle teeth back when she was hooking herself back on Main Street in Vegas . Amy had some jacked up teeth too. I betcha Lana’s sister has never prostituted herself for drugs, I know for a fact Wendy has though. Well I guess I shouldn’t say for a fact, but the person that went with her and shared the drugs with her told me. Straight outta his mouth! One of my “distant estranged relatives I never knew” lol ;)

            • Drug abuse usually DOES mangle ones teeth. And if Wendy used to give pills and stuff to Tom’s nieces(allegedly) then I think she would prolly be the type of mother that slips her teenager a friggun muscle relaxer when she has menstrual cramps thus starting a life long problem looking for the answer in a pill. And, by the way, using that addiction to keep her in line when it comes to helping her spread this story. I can totally see how that sickness is playing out here.

            • Bwahahaha! I can’t believe the glass slipper lady thinks Amy is ready for questions. That glass slipper lady is just scamming people for money. She clearly doesn’t do what is in the best interest of her clients (the z-list celebrities). Or she advises Amy to be a nut job. Either way, glass slipper is bad at her job.

  18. It’s been like a hot minute since Silex were on Couples Therapy. When Alex landed on her bum, and hobbled off to her little room, the stage was set for Simone to go to her. Later, while they thought nobody was listening, he whispered, “I’m sorry you were hurt”. Alex’s pratfall was a true flop because it was faked to garner attention. Throughout the season, they proved that they had no concrete marital problems that required fixing. Their marital discord was as phony as their time on RHONY. Why won’t they just go away, back to obscurity and leave the acting to true thespians?

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