Bravo...   Shana needs to lighten up and not mention a “dead man”… there’s no comparison between Shana yappin’ to ALL the Housewives about her phony “abuse” and Brandi leakin’ a secret about Adrienne.  BUT…What the hell IS the damn secret???


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91 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS PREVIEW: MORE Chit-Chattin’ About Adrienne Suing Brandi…

  1. Shut your trout pout fishlips Swine everyone knows you are lying about the abuse they are just afraid to say it…

  2. If Adriene is suing Brandi for telling the truth, which according to the chef it’s true. You can’t sue someone if what they said is the truth.

    • It was actually in my US Magazine two weeks ago – Adrienne herself said it was true. She said something like she hadn’t told her children yet….don’t think this was on-line. I can’t imagine the gall (sp) of suing someone to for telling the truth -

      • Thanks for the tip, Where Doris Eats Her Oats. I dug up the story and posted what was said. It’s down on this page somewhere!

        • Wait, I missed something. What was it that Brandi said that caused all this? The surrogate thing?

          • Well, how old are her kids? Youngest are what six? Maloof Hoof is 51 now, her birthday is in September. It’s highly unlikely she was birthing any babies at the age of 46, if the twins are six. That’s a really high risk pregnancy, multiple birth and her advanced age. She would have been 43 for the first pregnancy. She must have been smoking twinkies to lie about her “pregnancies” at that dinner, or she had a uterus transplant.

          • I have been out of the loop, what is the secret she told, that was the truth? I don’t understand this…

  3. Swine makes me sick.She is a victum and we all know the abuse was not that bad.Dead people can not defend themselves.Wish Russell was still alive to call her lying ass on the carpet.This BIG secret is only for the HW hags on BH and not privey for the viewers.Another fake storyline to beat into the ground.I used to like Adrienne but she has changed.

    • I can’t imagine someone only abusing someone else every six weeks, as Mrs. Victim has said in the past. What was he doing the rest of the time, I’ve always wondered?

      • Probably working his ass off to pay for the rented house, her shopping sprees and their daughter’s lavish birthday parties?

  4. What’s annoying me about the clip, is Maurice. Who pulled his chain? Who cares what he has to say? He sits there all smug, like the godfather of the group and gives Brandi the stare down. What a little girlie man.

      • I must agree! Makes my skin crawl. And had to re-watch the last episode and his nastiness there – icky

      • I couldn’t agree with you more. He is Godfather Slade of Beverly Hills and is trying to become relevant in the show.

    • I used to like him, but that ended last season. He had his wife apologize for the shit she stirred with Camille, but allowed his wife to continue to play the victim when it came to Brandi. He saw the same episodes we did and how Kyle and her sister were the reason Brandi fought back. Mauricio takes the side of the most money, and therefore he’s just as vile as his wife!

    • Did anyone notice how he was looking at his wife during that dinner with Lisa & Swine? Swine brought her “lawyer”/married boyfriend. When Lisa was telling her “you’re not fine”. Maurice was looking at her like she was insane. It was just odd to me.

    • If he was a well-brought up commode, he’d oblige us all and flush himself (and his little wifie broom-hilda too).

    • I can’t stand Maurice… He is so slimy to me… He is always unshaven, looks like he didn’t brush his teeth…he gossips all the time… What he says about Brandi was just as bad as when Paul attacked her… I lost all respect for him this year.. Ok what little respect I had.. Anyone married to that witch is a troll anyways..

  5. The secret is that Brandi said that Adrienne had a surrogate. I knew that right away. I can’t believe that Adrienne and Paul would go on a realityshow and expect that never to come out! Also when all the girls were at the table talking about childbirth Adrienne sai I had a c-section come on who believes that No one!!!!!!!!! There is not one picture ofher pregnant either. I loved Adrienne and paul but just tell the truth Camille did

    • I just don’t get why it’s such a big deal. Everyone already knew it, and that’s why no one called Brandi out when she said it in the first place. I would think a business woman would know how to handle her affairs better then Adrienne does, and it annoys me that she is deciding to blame Brandi for the destruction of a marriage that all the viewers could see was not a good one in the first place.

    • Who cares if she had a surrogate… If she wouldn’t have gotten into that C birth and what she went through… It’s her lies that got her in this mess, not Brandi… She always blames someone for everything…. All that work she has done on her face, she looks ridiculous..she is losing… In my eyes

  6. Again with Vyle’s patented 2 “mands” up to the temples move, meant to show (false) exasperation. What a fraud she is.

  7. I’m not 100% sure that the big secret is surrogacy. I have no clue what the real secret is, but Adrienne likened whatever Brandi said as to character assassination. Does surrogacy equal character assassination? Very confusing to me.

      • Character assassination is when someone lies on you. Like Adrienne did when she accused Lisa of planting stories in rag magazines for profit. If someone tells the truth on you, then it can’t be character assassination. It can be mean and low down, but not character assassination. Maybe Adrienne just threw that out there to throw us off the scent.

        • She’s a drama queen. Look at the rash she had Bernie post on FaceBook to show how mean Paul was to her. She apparently can’t think two steps ahead, since she already showed us in Season 1 that her hands and feet were registered as lethal weapons in the State of California with her lethal Kung Fuey moves. Such a delicate flower.

  8. An excerpt from US Weekly
    December 17, 2012

    On last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif (now her ex-husband) got into a heated public fight with Brandi Glanville — exchanging harsh insults and the threat of a lawsuit over unaired comments made by Glanville, 40.

    Subsequent reports reveal that the fight began over Glanville’s comments regarding the former couple’s sons Gavin, 9, and twins Colin and Christian, 6.

    Maloof, 50, sets the record straight with Us Weekly. “From the very beginning of the show, I set parameters and made it clear that my children would not be in the storyline,” the hotel entrepreneur tells Us Weekly.

    “It is my right, as a mother, to protect the innocence of my young children on my timetable. I am shocked that Brandi, as a mother, would do something so hurtful to gain attention and relevance at the expense of other’s.”

    All right, I am officially convinced it was surrogacy. But there was no character assassination and I rest my case. Thank God and Greyhound!!!

    • No character assassination, and if Adrienne didn’t want her children in a storyline, then why did she have them on the show in the first and second season? As far as I’m concerned if the “secret” is about surrogacy, it’s not about the children about about Adrienne and her propensity to play fast and loose with the truth.

      By the way, referring to Adrienne as a “hotel entrepreneur” is truly laughable since the family only owns 2% of the Palms and no longer run it at all.

      • Ewwww, let’s start a new rumor. Since her brothers are all bachelors. Let’s say to carry on the family genes, that for each child they used some of her brother’s genetic material in the petri dish. Yeah, that’ll work. NOW we’re talking character assassination and salacious gossip!

    • Maybe the reason Adrianne is able to sue, is because it was very specific in her contract with Bravo, that her children would never be part of any story line. So perhaps it’s not Slander, but Breach of Contract. Everyone on the show must be aware of these sort of contractual agreements, and therefore, if Brandi revealed something about the Maloof children (surrogacy), while filming, then the issue may not about the validity of her statement, but that she brought the children onto the show. Now, I am in no way a fan of Adrianne, but this would make sense as to why Bravo has been so tight lipped about what Brandi said. Despite the fact they are milking it for all that it is worth.

        • They must all have some familiarity with the taboo subjects in each other’s contracts. Although maybe Brandi wasn’t, and only became aware that she had crossed a legal line afterwards. She does not have the means to sufficiently protect herself, so she has been cast to the wolves. I have been threatened with Slander before, and the case never went anywhere, as I was able to easily prove that what was said was true. End of story. For Bravo it’s a win-win. As long as they never play the actual statement they can benefit from it all day long. Adrianne has no ability to resolve conflict, she does not appear to have any close girlfriends, and I imagine she has a very stunted emotional capability to form relationships. Only creepy ones with her brothers. Her childhood friends may have been lawyers, so that’s were she turns. Plays right into Bravo’s hands, making an ass of herself in the process. Some people don’t know how to exit a bad situation, so they proceed as they started. What ever has transpired, the one thing I am sure of is that Adrianne is in no way the high powered business woman she presents herself as. She has not a clue!

      • Why would it be Brandis fault? It would be bravos…. How did Brandi know Adrienne’s contract… And if its in her contract, why did bravo allow this to happen… We know bravo only lets us see what they want… I don’t understand…

      • brandi does not care about anyone’s feelings, other than her own. she would do anyhing for the right price. like a storyline. reason maurico does not like her; she could be infringing on his or kyles importance on the show.

    • I’m still not convinced it was the surrogacy for all the reasons that you mentioned in the thread above. Didn’t she or someone also say something about Paul abusing the kids? a while back? during the divorce thing? thats another possibility and involves the kids. And I agree….I wouldn’t call that character assassination….In fact wouldn’t hiring a surrogate in order to give life a good thing? … if that was the only way to have biological children?? Making a choice to have a child, give them a good life, love and care for them are all positive things. If surrogacy is her issue than she has more serious problems than we have speculated. Sick, twisted woman

      • But, it’s pretty obvious that everybody knew the secret that Brandi revealed. And, even if they didn’t, I would think revealing that the children have been abused would elicit a much bigger reaction from the other women. I hope these women would not stay quiet about the children being abused. I really think it’s the surrogacy. Adrienne flat out lied about it, and I do think that in her warped mind, that is something to be embarrassed about.

  9. Even though I dont believe Swine myself, she has a point here…
    People maybe be loving that Kim throws a dig in here, but I dont get these woman. They only do what can be an advantage to them self and are such cowards when u think about it. If you put yourself in their shoes, no matter if they believe her or not, their actions are not understandable at all….exept for maybe Lisa, bc she seems to have believed in the abuse story since the vegastrip.
    Forexample Kyle…If she really believes her and she must have, since she have defended her so much. Then she was a reel bitch to her at her event (and talking head), just bc Taylor didnt follow her agenda. Why didnt she show any care for the woman that she so strongly felt was abused, when she reacted to Pauls screaming. (and u really have have to forget that we are talking about Swine to follow me here and think of here as the abused woman, that Kyle herself has advocated that she is.)
    And the ones that dont believe her: (maybe this one more easy to follow ;) ) Dammit speak up! A dirty look or a little dig, that dont give anything away in regards to believing the abusestory or not is not enough. Espeacially when so much time has passed and u know that Swine is hated and it therefore wont get u into trouble. If u really dont believe her, then dont let her get away with it.

  10. How can anyone form an opinion without knowing the “secret?” Brandi reminds of “a dog that will bring a bone will carry a bone.” She didn’t have to tell Lisa that Paul and Ad wanted her to side with them against Lisa. She takes care of herself and has a spinoff to prove it!! Brandi decided being friends with Lisa is more beneficial and gave her a head’s up. Time will tell, but I would be surprised if she doesn’t end up in a similar situation w/ Brandi. Lisa should know after Cedric (Brandi’s friend, whatever) how everyone won’t be eternally grateful for her guidance and friendship. This is housewive’s land so I could be surprised.
    Sober Kim is fun. Kyle and Taylor are probably trying to spike her drinks.

    • Keep in mind that Brandi was brought on the show by Adrienne to keep Cedric in the story line, which she did at the very beginning. Lisa pretty much ignored her, especially when Kyle said horrible things about her. It wasn’t until the intervention at Lisa’s house that Lisa started to see through Kyle and actually thereafter took the time to get to know Brandi and liked her. That got to Adrienne, hence the phone calls Brandi says she got from Adrienne and Paul. Adrienne is the one that decided to throw out an accusation that was disproven publicly, while Brandi made the decision that Lisa was being set up and she didn’t like it. I commend Brandi for letting Lisa know what the other cast members, especially Kyle an Adrienne, had planned for her. Even if a friendship with Lisa is beneficial to her, it’s clear there is genuine affection between the two.

  11. Amazing to me, Mauricio’s spiral into pure ugliness! He must be a master seller/manipulator bc he had so many of us fooled before letting us see this side of him. His arrogance and judgement are nauseating.
    Kyle is killing me at her theatrics and claiming one situation is unacceptable while if a “friend or herself” does the same? It’s A-OK.
    A is doing nothing but try to scare & intimidate Brandi. The evil in making someone pay because they dared go against her. The fact that Paul is fine with Brandi now while A is still sue happy sums that up.
    Lisa and Yolanda seem to be the only two that can survey a situation from every angle and use common sense.
    While Brandi, admittedly, says she shouldn’t have spoken the truth, still was the truth and the thought of her spending $2000 in one day forced to play A’s spiteful game is mind blowing!
    A needs some PR Consultants. Stat. She’s drowning herself.

    • I thought Lisa was referring to A spending $2000 in one day for her lawyer to write a letter to Brandi. It was nothing to A to do that. It would be hard for Brandi to pay a lawyer to respond, if she wanted to. And if A files a law suit, Brandi would have to pay to defend herself. Adrienne is the devil. “Just say it, you’re the devil”. What movie did that line come from…

      • Not sure but it fits! Lol
        I think A was raised or has a “condition” where she can’t fathom anyone disobeying her requests or wishes. In her mind she is queen and no one goes against her. She has no coping skills to handle such an atrocities as someone not thinking she’s the greatest, not kissing her boohind and certainly not exposing her for a liar.
        She had no problem throwing out hurtful accusations about Lisa at the last reunion and even called Lisa a liar when Lisa said the accusations weren’t true.
        She spouts off about her privacy and kids but again, when angered she said much worse about Brandi and has yet to appear to recognize her own wrong doings much less show any type of sincere regret. She is justified in her every action/word.
        Last season, she was adamant friends don’t sue friends. What she forgot to add? Cross me and you will pay dearly.
        For the record, I do believe she attempted to call a pow wow before last reunion and get everyone on the same “attack Lisa” page. I believe she feeds tabloids stories and I believe she’s behind Chef Bernie’s vile rants and posts.
        She worked hard to appear the voice of reason until she realized she wasn’t the prettiest and most well liked horse in the stable and THAT’S when we began to see the REAL A!

  12. Mauricio has always made my skin crawl. He was always so fake with all his: How are you my brother? What is going on my brother? Hello, honey I am home. Honey, you need to apologize to Camille.
    All these fake things he would say are almost on Karent’s level and I knew it was all pretend. He is as nasty as Kyle if not more and honestly these two deserve each other. They are low class and irrelevant and also delusional if they think that they are the fan-favorites. I also strongly believe that they did in fact steal Kim’s house, I would not expect anything less from them…

    • I agree. He is horrid human being. And that married man of SWINES is a close second. What was up with him blurting about Kim? Total douchebag.

    • I am still waiting for Morris aka Maurice to apologize for stealing Kim’s house!
      I feel so bad for Trailer Trash’s daughter. How cold of Trailer to refer to Russell as a “dead man.” Brrrrr.

  13. Are we all crystal clear about what was really going on with the meeting between Brandi and that eyeliner addicted twit Scheamy ? I couldn’t figure it out until Brandi uttered the words “So if he is cheating on Leann now I wouldn’t want them to divorce” That lil tidbit coupled with the comparing notes and naming names about which one of his friends knew, lightbulb moment. Leann must have been sent into orbit last night over that whole dialog. Eddie’s friends that knew about Scheamy back then also kept it from LeeAnn too. So no tellin who they are “knowing” about now. I bet Edward had a most uncomfortable night last night. Score one fore Brandi.

    • Exactly! I saw that part and was like “wow” let’s pump up Lisa’s new show and at the same time throw Eddie and LeAnn under the Semi-Truck. Note; Brandi again is the headlines on ROL today, she puts herself on there all the time! Traylor park needs to shut her mouth and if Brandi didn’t have her head up Lisa’s crack and go after Adrienne she wouldn’t have a law suit against her; Adrienne should have sued Lisa while she was at it; Lisa is playing Brandi like a fidel, puppet, control panel…….etc.

      • One more thing……If Brandi is so concerned about the kids,why is she running her mouth, you think when all these kids get older, with technology being what it is, anyone can pull this stuff up on the internet and read and see what was said, how their parents have acted and the mean accusations against everyone and this goes for all the housewives. Maybe Adrienne wanted time to explain to her kids how and why, can you imagine your kids going to school and the other kids are being mean and saying things and again that goes for the kids of these women, Brandi’s kids can be at school and other kids can say things about Brandi, how awful for these kids if the other kids make fun of their dad and even LeAnn. These ladies need to think about their kids and impact their actions will have in the present and in the future.

        • I agree but also think the Maloofs were either extremely arrogant or naive in thinking an obviously well known factoid wouldn’t come out when they signed on the line with Bravo.
          Seems no one was shocked at what was said, just that it was said.
          No one, in this day and age, can think they can keep secrets while doing Reality TV. Or think, the day will never come that their kids are subjected to things that come out on these shows.
          I’m way down south and certainly not in the entertainment field but I’ve common sense and observed enough to see the possible repercussions of signing my life over to Bravo!

  14. stoopid shana being the grift she is, probably used that ring as some sort of collateral and (rip) russell isn’t talking

  15. I like US magazine but they arent truthful all the time-quite often. I still doubt the major secret is about A using a surrogate…especially when Paul is now friends with Brandi again. They kept saying P was defending his wife (and her family??) If it had2do with surrogacy&this secret could hurt his kids, he’d still be mad at B, IMO. More 2come :)

  16. Thought is was HILARIOUS when Traylors atty called & told her her ring was in jeopardy-Her “crying” was so fake..She couldnt squeeze bt 1/10 of a super small tear out that didnt fall past her eyelashes & then the FAKE handbags! She’s a fake, always has been & always will. BTW, I thought this season, RHOBH was gonna show Traylors alcoholic meltdown :/

    • She must’ve made quite a FOOL of herself, for all of her fellow cast mates to have had a confrontation with her about it. I can only imagine.

  17. Hmmm…watching that segment about Taylor having to give up her ring and her bag…not buying her tears! They were divorcing before he died! She is probably crying because that ring was a chunk of money lying around and now she has nothing but her Bravo check.

    • AM I the only one that thought it WAS odd the way Brandi brought up the whole childbirth ‘thang’ in Ojai in the first place? Sorry, but when Brandi asked such specific questions about how the women gave birth at dinner, it was weird. At first I just thought it was a little insensitive because we knew Camille used a surrogate. It was when I felt a 2nd ‘ping’ when Brandi zoomed in on Adrienne; I knew watching that scene that something NOT good was going to follow.
      I don’t really care for Adrienne, actually it’s more about a feeling of total indifference towards her…which in pseudo-reality land is the kiss of death. I also think a lawsuit is totally ridiculous. However, my unease does surround the whole “children” issue.
      One of the things I like about Brandi is her deep love for her children and that she seems so protective of them. Her love of her children is a big part of her personality. That being said, it is difficult for me to understand why she would go ‘there’ with Adrienne? I don’t think this is just about surrogacy and if Adrienne isn’t their biological mother then Brandi did cross a line. What would make that even worse is that Brandi IS always about Protecting The Children. I’m just saying that I get Brandi was clearly angry with Adrienne and Paul but if what she said could hurt someone’s children, then that’s just sad. It would explain why Brandi feels so bad about it.
      As far as Shana/Swine/Traylor trash, I don’t have one ounce of sympathy about that ‘cough’ wedding ring. IMO, she didn’t deserve to keep the ring in the first place and I think she lucked out that her money matters were settled so easily!

      • KTgirl, you’re right. I like Brandi, but it WAS odd when Brandi brought it up and also how she zoomed in on A. I’m not watching the show anymore since Fayke joined, so I’ll be getting my updates here on SH.

        • Hers, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought that. It seemed like everybody thought that was normal when that episode aired? ITA about Fayke…UGH, can’t stand her!

        • I actually think that topic was was one of 1000 at that dinner and when they put together the story lines, that bit of dialogue was featured. Adrienne might have actually said I wouldn’t want a c section…and it was voiced over. anything is possible.

      • Swine is also pissed her “im a abused wife” lie didnt garner any sympathy with the MMR folks

  18. Sometimes sorry is NOT ENOUGH..I agree with Adrienne. Even if Ms. Thang new the secret, it is NOT her place to reveal it.

  19. I am convinced there is no secret exposed that all this mess is just a Bravo set up for ratings and drama. Having a surrogate is no secret or anything shameful Celebrities flaunt they hired a surragte how many People Magazine covers have we seen with some celeb introducing thier child born via a surragate.If Bravo feels the need to manufacture Drama they need to try harder.

  20. Please tell me I wasn’t the only that noticed during Taylor’s phony phone call from her lawyer in last night’s episode that she actually started miming the words that were yet to come out of his mouth. If you watch the segment, right after she has her badly acted crying and shaking outburst over the news of her wedding ring, right before her says they also want two Hermes bags, she silently mouths the phrase “two Hermes bags”. I watched it several times, talk about bad acting!

  21. If Ad used a surrogate and pretended out loud she had a a c-section, she set herself up. No one likes her. Sometimes people nod along when someone is lying b/c it’s easier than arguing over something trivial-especially with a known embellisher. If they all nodded along they’re all weirdos.

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