MARISA ZANUCK: Marisa’s BravoBlog… Marisa Don’t Like Shana… And Don’t Care For Sheana, Either!


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Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed your holidays! Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback, I really appreciate it. Now that we have all taken a break from the show, it seems we are back where we left off in Beverly Hills . . .

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As I watched tonight’s episode, I admit that I had to laugh when I saw the cleanser doing a ritual on SHANA’s  home. That said, I could understand where Taylor is coming from. We all go through difficult times in life and search for answers in different ways. If this is something that will work for Taylor then more power to her. I hope to see more positive things from Taylor because she seems constantly plagued by drama  and frankly that one-dimensional characterization is just getting old.

It was fun to do yoga with Kyle.  I remember leaving the dinner very surprised at all the conflict that had developed in the past few months, so it was nice to see Kyle under more relaxed circumstances. I was trying to listen  to Kyle and process what she was saying but found it hard to focus on all of the accusations and suppositions that didn’t involve me. I like to have fun and so does Kyle. I know it is hard for Kyle to be in the middle of all the drama, she is much more in her element when she is having a good time.

I don’t know about you but I was very uncomfortable watching Brandi meet with Scheana. I could never do that in a million years! I thought it was very nice of Lisa to help Brandi  attain closure on the situation by setting up the meeting. I felt that clearly illustrated that Lisa is a good friend to Brandi. Brandi was able to get answers from the horse’s mouth and hopefully move past some of the pain this has caused her by closing that chapter for good.

It was nice to see Yolanda with her daughter. We have the best intentions as parents and when dealing with our children we may struggle with what we want for our children or what we feel is best for them and what they want or what makes them happy. Yolanda is a good mother and I am sure they will resolve this as a family.

Thanks again for your warm welcome, it means a lot to me. Looking forward to continuing this journey and happy you are along for the ride!



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24 comments on “MARISA ZANUCK: Marisa’s BravoBlog… Marisa Don’t Like Shana… And Don’t Care For Sheana, Either!

  1. Her forehead is pulled too tight.She is freaky to look at in a Pricilla Presley way.Her and Hag face could not STFU while doing yoga.The instructor was plugging his ears.Yoga is to relax and they just keep the shit stirring and hot.Bravo must ove to keep fake/stupid storyline going.How can everywhere you go you keep repeating what happned over and over.Real life is NOT that way

    Trailer Trash should have lost more than a ring and a couple of purses.I would have went after stuff in her house/vehicle to pay the debt off in full.No payments to be made.

    SUR sucks with petty girls with hair that needs to be pulled back and a BRA for the itty bitty titties.
    Arm pits need to be covered too in a food business.Oh yea its a FAKE restuarant created by Bravo so no rules apply..


    • The restaurant is very real, and was not created by Bravo. It is also not unusual to see the waitstaff dressed like that in establishments that are built on sexiness.

      Also, in the restaurants I’ve worked in, hair that is shoulder length or shorter can be worn out, while hair longer must be pulled up, and the two women with longer hair did have their hair up.


  2. Actually, I dont think SUR is fake BUT the handbags Taylor had to give up along with her diamond, wedding ring…were fake!!


    • Taylor’s new married boyfriend/lawyer gives off a real creepy vibe, he looked like he was wearing lipstick, too. Why was he bringing up seeing Kim in a cigar bar? Weird.


  3. I noticed that Kyle hasn’t posted her blog yet. Guess she isn’t yet ready yet ready for all the heat she’s more then likely to get?


  4. Who is this woman and why is she on this show? She brings nothing to the show except being an advocate of flying first class. LOL


  5. STFU is the theme for this season of BH.Classy bunch of bitches for sure.Sur would NOT be a restaurant I would not go to because of how the staff dresses.Hair is always pulled back .Armpits covered bra not an option even with flat chests.When I was a waitress years ago I keep my hair tight.No way could you say a hair could be my hair if that ever had happened.No bra would be nasty and not good for a family resaurant.SUR I guess wants to encourage sex since you only take your “MISTRESS” there.Just a sexual hidaway for players/cheating husbands.Sounds like the braless waitress could be dessert for the right price.SUR is a cheap show for a select audience.


    • True, but what do you really expect when it’s right next door to The Abbey. Plus, it really turns me off when Lisa promotes it as a place to “take your mistress.” Come on!


  6. I see where Teresa missing forhead is Marisa has it………….yes I brought Teresa into this convo sue me.


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