FROM THE SH ARCHIVES…REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Adriana de Moura and Lea Black…There’s Something Happening Here… Wake Up, Lea!


What is it with Adriana and Lea from the Real Housewives of Miami?  Their relationship seems very ‘user-friendly’ on one hand by Adriana and ‘blinded-by-the-light’ on the other hand by Lea.

                                 How much is that painting of me? Well, how mush kin joo pay for it? Really, Adriana, it’s not very flattering. OK, den I gib it to joo for only $10,000, ’cause all dey res of dey paintings are $5,000, but dis is ‘special’ self-portrait an dey ‘self-portraits’ are alway more…

Has Lea researched Adriana’s claims?  You would think that being married to an attorney and one of the best in the country, Lea would have picked up some of Roy’s skeptical legal thought processes during her marriage and started asking Adriana questions before she took Adriana under her comfortable, fluffy wing, such as:

Why was Adriana living in her art space, sleeping with her son, Alex, on the floor?   What happened to the house/condo you were living in?  If the property was sold, are you not entitled to half or an equitable amount of the proceeds?  If you received those funds, have you already spent your share?  If your share was spent on a tiny art gallery, why would you have chosen that space over obtaining housing for you and your son, Alex?   Why is your ex-husband not paying child support?

Roy, I picked up a woman and her son who were sleeping in an art gallery.  Why, Lea?  Uh, she’s Brazilian.  Again, why, Lea?  She told me she’s homeless and she’s Brazilian.  Again, why…oh, never mind, we’ll talk about it later…

The last question is one that Lea has never posed to Adriana.  Lea just accepts Adriana’s statement that her ex-husband has not and does not pay child support.  Being married to Roy Black (even though he is a criminal attorney and does not specialize in family law), Lea should know that if Adriana’s ex-husband is ordered by the court to pay child support for Alex and he does not pay that support, a bench warrant can be ordered immediately for his arrest… if Adriana’s objection to filing for a bench warrant arrest is that she doesn’t have money for an attorney, Lea could poke a hole right through that excuse, as Adriana does not need an attorney to assist her in this action in family court… it’s called representing youself, or Pro Se… it’s very easy.   When the bench warrant is issued, Adriana’s ex would sit in jail until he pays an agreed-to amout of  back child support, plus bail money.

The next question:  if Adriana’s ex is not ordered by the court to pay child support, why not?  There has to be an overwhelming case brought by her ex against Adriana for the court to NOT order child support.   So, what is the overwhelming evidence brought to the court by her ex-husband?

So, what really happened between Adriana’s ‘evil’ ex-husband and Adriana on that terrible night that Adriana is repeatedly telling any magazine, website or drunk-in-the-street Miami citizen?  Her story about her ex forcing sex on Adriana while Alex was in the other room leads to more questions.  Was there a police report to document this brutal treatment that Adriana says she experienced at the hand of her ex?  If not, why not?  And, OMG!, Alex was sleeping in the other room… of course Alex would be sleeping in another room while this ‘allegedly’ took place. Where would one expect Alex to be, except in his own bedroom (the other room)… sleeping.

After watching the interaction between Lea and Adriana, it is interesting that Adriana perked up a little after Lea comforts her by telling her that no matter what, Alex’s private school tuition will be paid.  Adriana then gets a bit defensive when Lea explains to Adriana her plan to match Adriana’s boyfriend, Frederick’s $15,000 half of the tuition is via a fundraiser.  You can just see that Adriana was waiting for Lea to say that she would pay the other half of the tuition.  And that just brings up another question:  How was Adriana paying for Alex’s tuition before this year?  It’s $30,000 a year.  Who was paying for this???

Adriana’s tag line is that she ‘can speak five languages, but can get a man without speaking a word.’  Adriana, if that is true, what is your hesitation in getting rid of slimeball Frederick?

Lastly… to Lea:  Adriana is scammin’ you big time.  You better have a lil chat with Roy and ask him to have his investigators look into Adriana.  If not, shame on you and you deserve all the scammin’ by Adriana that is sure to float in your door…