FROM THE SH ARCHIVES…REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Adriana de Moura and Lea Black…There’s Something Happening Here… Wake Up, Lea!


What is it with Adriana and Lea from the Real Housewives of Miami?  Their relationship seems very ‘user-friendly’ on one hand by Adriana and ‘blinded-by-the-light’ on the other hand by Lea.

                                 How much is that painting of me? Well, how mush kin joo pay for it? Really, Adriana, it’s not very flattering. OK, den I gib it to joo for only $10,000, ’cause all dey res of dey paintings are $5,000, but dis is ‘special’ self-portrait an dey ‘self-portraits’ are alway more…

Has Lea researched Adriana’s claims?  You would think that being married to an attorney and one of the best in the country, Lea would have picked up some of Roy’s skeptical legal thought processes during her marriage and started asking Adriana questions before she took Adriana under her comfortable, fluffy wing, such as:

Why was Adriana living in her art space, sleeping with her son, Alex, on the floor?   What happened to the house/condo you were living in?  If the property was sold, are you not entitled to half or an equitable amount of the proceeds?  If you received those funds, have you already spent your share?  If your share was spent on a tiny art gallery, why would you have chosen that space over obtaining housing for you and your son, Alex?   Why is your ex-husband not paying child support?

Roy, I picked up a woman and her son who were sleeping in an art gallery.  Why, Lea?  Uh, she’s Brazilian.  Again, why, Lea?  She told me she’s homeless and she’s Brazilian.  Again, why…oh, never mind, we’ll talk about it later…

The last question is one that Lea has never posed to Adriana.  Lea just accepts Adriana’s statement that her ex-husband has not and does not pay child support.  Being married to Roy Black (even though he is a criminal attorney and does not specialize in family law), Lea should know that if Adriana’s ex-husband is ordered by the court to pay child support for Alex and he does not pay that support, a bench warrant can be ordered immediately for his arrest… if Adriana’s objection to filing for a bench warrant arrest is that she doesn’t have money for an attorney, Lea could poke a hole right through that excuse, as Adriana does not need an attorney to assist her in this action in family court… it’s called representing youself, or Pro Se… it’s very easy.   When the bench warrant is issued, Adriana’s ex would sit in jail until he pays an agreed-to amout of  back child support, plus bail money.

The next question:  if Adriana’s ex is not ordered by the court to pay child support, why not?  There has to be an overwhelming case brought by her ex against Adriana for the court to NOT order child support.   So, what is the overwhelming evidence brought to the court by her ex-husband?

So, what really happened between Adriana’s ‘evil’ ex-husband and Adriana on that terrible night that Adriana is repeatedly telling any magazine, website or drunk-in-the-street Miami citizen?  Her story about her ex forcing sex on Adriana while Alex was in the other room leads to more questions.  Was there a police report to document this brutal treatment that Adriana says she experienced at the hand of her ex?  If not, why not?  And, OMG!, Alex was sleeping in the other room… of course Alex would be sleeping in another room while this ‘allegedly’ took place. Where would one expect Alex to be, except in his own bedroom (the other room)… sleeping.

After watching the interaction between Lea and Adriana, it is interesting that Adriana perked up a little after Lea comforts her by telling her that no matter what, Alex’s private school tuition will be paid.  Adriana then gets a bit defensive when Lea explains to Adriana her plan to match Adriana’s boyfriend, Frederick’s $15,000 half of the tuition is via a fundraiser.  You can just see that Adriana was waiting for Lea to say that she would pay the other half of the tuition.  And that just brings up another question:  How was Adriana paying for Alex’s tuition before this year?  It’s $30,000 a year.  Who was paying for this???

Adriana’s tag line is that she ‘can speak five languages, but can get a man without speaking a word.’  Adriana, if that is true, what is your hesitation in getting rid of slimeball Frederick?

Lastly… to Lea:  Adriana is scammin’ you big time.  You better have a lil chat with Roy and ask him to have his investigators look into Adriana.  If not, shame on you and you deserve all the scammin’ by Adriana that is sure to float in your door…

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69 comments on “FROM THE SH ARCHIVES…REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Adriana de Moura and Lea Black…There’s Something Happening Here… Wake Up, Lea!

  1. Wow, one of Lea’s boobs is at attention, and the other has headed south for the winter. Way south. And is that a ring on her finger or a split? These new-fangled fashions…

    • Yes, she has really bad breast implants. Looks like they were placed over her chest muscles (instead of underneath), so every little ripple in the implants show. Someone please explain to me why people who have money usually seem to get the most inferior plastic surgery.

  2. Lea looks old the 1st season.She dresses old too.Adriana is a fake and needs to be called on and NOT be on next season IF there is one.I hope not!!!

    • I need to find a picture of what Roy Black looked like during the Kennedy Smith trial, because all the money in the world couldn’t attract me to even kiss the guy in his present state, let alone get into bed with him.

      • As one who used to bake myself in the sun, and now, close to 50, I’ve had to have questionable tissue removed from all over my body (nothing malignant YET), I look at Roy’s face and neck and see a walking melanoma/skin cancer victim–he has very obvious spots and discoloration. He’s either wearing makeup (foundation) or bad self-tanner in the picture with Lea.

  3. It’s nice that she wants to send her son to private school and all, but if she doesn’t have the money to pay for it, she can’t afford private school. Am I missing something here?

    • But if she sends the youngin to reg-lar skool then momma dont git ta hobnob with fire island elite. That’s the end game here. Nuttin to do with the kid at all.

      • So, are we supposed to feel sorry for her that she can’t afford the $30,000/year tuition to send her kid to a costly private school. ‘Cuz I don’t feel one ounce of pity. There are people with real financial problems. Like the Marcos who can’t even pay their electric bill.

        • There is something else going on here period! Maybe Adrianna IS/WAS flat out scammin’ Lea, but I have my doubts as to whether Lea was blinded to this. JMO. I can’t help but to wonder how Lea would of been scammed so easily? This question got me to wondering how it was Lisa V from BH was also scammed so easily by Cedric? Coincidence… maybe?!
          I have no doubt that there are good people who are taken in everyday by those that they are just trying to help… get back on their feet.
          But, two different housewives on two different shows? Wasn’t it questionable how much camera time Cedric always received? Why was Adrianne made a housewife? Maybe it’s just me, but Lea or blavo really seemed to be pushin’ the Lea is to Miami, as Lisa is to Bh., story line. Another thing, when Lisa and Cedric had their falling out…Lisa claimed Cedric threatened to expose lies about Lisa, Lisa said she called him on his bluff, or something like that and Blavo/Miss Mandy just dropped it?
          Why does this Lea and Adrianna thing seem so similar to me? I think Lea may very well have chosen to come up with this ‘saving’ someone B.S. story line OR Blavo IS a part of this pseudo-soap-opera plot. If blavo was not a part of this story and both Lea and
          Adrianna were in a mutual and private agreement on this, then THAT would explain the
          dislike that is becoming evident between the two of them while also being careful to not
          cross a certain line. After all, If they are both in on this farce then one can not blow
          the whistle on the other without exposing themselves.
          I don’t know….I just don’t buy it’s as simple as Lea being takin’ in.
          I’m so tired of all this pseudo-reality crap. I stopped watching the O.C. last year along with lost Atlantis this year and I only caught “Miami” on Demand. I have more fun on SH then I do watching most of these ‘Housewives’ shows.
          Anyway, I’m going back to watching re-runs of 30 Rock right now “Liz schedules a root canal to avoid feeling lonely on Valentine’s day etc.” :).

    • How about the brazen absurdity of hosting a fundraiser to send an art dealer’s son to a 30k per year middle school? Viewers will likely never know if Lea was scammed or in on the ruse. All I keep thinking is how creepy it would be to find out some couple you’ve befriended who claim to be engaged while the single mom laments her financial woes + romantic trust issues- turn out to be MARRIED. Gypsies, tramps and thieves………

      • I now its very hard to believe that Lea didnt know this. Or Lisa with Cedrick for that matter. However, my momma is bad to take in people like this. Last year when her and my aunt and uncle where trying to make the most of the last few months that he had, went on camping trips every chance they could. Even staying at a campground in the next town over, it didn’t matter as long as they could be together and make memories.
        Well in the course of this, they met a homeless kid(had been a foster kid and outgrew it) who was staying in a raggity ole tent right next to them. Momma n them had all the latest and nicer gear for camping except they also camped in tents. BUt when they threw themselves into this adventure they made sure to buy top of the line stuff. So they would invite this kid(apx 22 years old) over to eat with them and play cards n stuff.
        Well one thing led to another and they took the kid out to get some clothes and the decision was made between the three of them that the feller could come stay on mom’s property as she is not married and didnt really have to “clear it” with anyone in her home. Now mind you, the original plan was for him to stay in the storage shed (yes I know,you just gotta know my mom to understand this) Anyway that’s what they told themselves. Prolly even believed it.
        I knew NOTHING of this and visited my mom on a handful of occasions when he was there and had no idea someone was on the property. Needless to say, eventually that arrangement quickly morphed into him staying in the house and he was a good company for mom and he would help her out with chores and stuff. and mom was ting to help him work on getting a license and a job…ect At this point I had met him and thought he was ok too and BTW very good artist as he would just sit n sketch all day. So it came to be after a few short months that she felt comfortable enough leaving him there to house-sit when she would come to visit me sometimes for days at a time.
        The last trip to my house she came home and obviously things had been gone through, typical druggy behavior looking for stuff to pawn. So she had to ask him to leave and it was a very very painful thing she had to go through. To this day she still has guilt(gotta know my mom) for kicking him out.
        Mom has repeatedly done this type of thing with strays n such. And seeing how she keeps getting burned has sent me in a complete 180 direction. I don’t trust anyone and always on the look out for someone with an angle. I realize I need to find a balance. Just hardwired to be on the lookout. This may explain why I spend my time on here rippin on the RHs for two reasons 1) conditioned skeptic 2) much prefer to gab about bs tv people’s problems than to dwell on the real drama storm that tend to follow my mom around. This last year has been a doozy therefore my comments sometimes are doozies.
        Long story wrapping up now….sometimes smart people have a NEED in them to be a hero.Its really more about them feeling good about themselves. And con artist sniff this trait out like a fart in church and exploit it.

          • Made, your mom sounds like a very kind and person to do something like that “for the least of these.” It’s sad that acts of kindness like hers are rewarded in such a way, but I’m sure that her compassion for a stranger earned a jewel in her crown. IA that we need to protect ourselves, and she would have been better off steering him to the nearest shelter. Thank God the story didn’t have a worse ending.

            • Thank you. That should have been her red flag right there that he didn’t want no part of a shelter. And just to clarify, the “tool shed” he originally stayed in was one that mom had already converted into a lil play area for the kids complete with bed n card table and extension cord running to it for lights or a fan in the summer. So it was a pretty swell deal all the way around. Once he started sleeping in the house in a spare bedroom he would have been set. He could have stayed there forever with all his needs (food water, shelter) provided. And all the corn on the cob he could stand :)

            • I was trying to find the clip from the original movie and Jerry likes her corn. From Grey Gardens. If you have never seen that documentary, I highly recommend it.

            • Thanks, Made. I love documentaries and will look for it. I would also recommend Theremin, which almost no one has ever heard of.

            • I looked that up. We be sure to watch it. The KGB thing is interesting to me if I found the one you are talking about.

            • That’s the one. I heard about it on Siskel & Ebert and saw it in the theater. It’s really fascinating, and Gabe might also appreciate it, given his musical bent.

            • made: I DO get it, which is why I noted *there are good people that do try to help others get back on their feet. I just don’t know that I buy into TWO different housewives, both wealthy, on two different shows who had this happen. Sorry, but it seems more like a story-line to use and to capitalize on….for the sake of drama and to be portrayed a certain way. Maybe I’m wrong, but it does bring up producer involvement and/or housewives looking for a way to get their foot into the door of fame!

            • I have always figured the POP(producers for NJ and Miami) people MUST have horrific family situations seeing as how they constantly provoke and dwell on the family fights too.
              Momma Elsa/Marysol
              So its possible that they suggested such a set up as Lisa and Lea so they could play the magnanimous older friend. And when you think about it all Queen Bee types in every franchise has had their pet straggler that they help out with a place to stay n food to eat
              Kandi/Todd (wait for it)

          • Madepiley I have been a lurker here for months, always wanted to chime in but never had the balls. But your post touched me so much and am determined to push the post button. You and your life are gonna turn out fine. You have what I’ve always wanted, the backbone to step out there and be who you are and say who you are maybe even if you weren’t always sure yourself. I have had a very hard life too and raised 5 kids doing it and everyone thinks I’m a tough-arsed b. But I’m not–I did what I had to do for my kids, and had to play tough. But girl you are the real thing. Big hearted, full of good, and balls to the wall strong. This life is so different than so many of us were brought up to believe, and sometimes it feels like a constant battle just to keep our head above water. But this place and posters like you and others help us all to know we can keep it up a little longer until we get another chance to breathe for a minute. I want to thank you for that. And I hope I’m not scaring you lol, I ‘m real clumsy at this I know. Just wanted to say keep on keepin’ on–you are much admired for a reason!

            • Awe thank you sooo much Linda. Glad you took the time to post to me. I really do enjoy the bonds that we have made here and I look forward to bonding with you as well so keep on posting girl, you are my kinda people. :)

            • Wow. You girls got me crying, and trust me that is a rarity. What a lovely gift to come home to. Thanks so much Madepiley and Cherrylipgloss, this is one of the sweetest things that’s ever happened to me, no lie. And just think, it’s a permanent pick-me-up to go to anytime it’s needed! I can’t thank you both enough!!! Oh, and one more thing Madepiley, if I do start posting and the country starts coming out please don’t think it’s a Single White Female or Mego/Tre kinda thing lol. It’s just that other than a year in Hawaii (hi Lisatheirishdragon if you see this :-) ) when I was 5, and some time in Johnson City Tenn. when I was even younger, I’ve spent all but the last few years in Kentucky. Have the hardest time speaking without the “you all” especially. Anyway, thanks again so very much Cherry and Made–will stop now before I get the whole board gagging, lol!

            • No gagging here, my friend. These ladies have had me in tears a few times myself. The support is real and the empathy always genuine. Best blog on the world wide web.

            • Girl you were right up the road a piece from me when you was in Johnson City. Small world. :) We was purt near next door neighbors.

            • Omg Made and Cherry! This is too cool! Prolly you won’t even see this ’cause the thread is so old now, but just in case I wanted to say thank you again. I can now say I officially know what it feels like to be spoiled! Wish I would’ve been able to respond earlier so you’d at least know I appreciate it–my dumb@ss was carrying something down the basement steps not 20 minutes after my last post here and didn’t notice the door didn’t latch, and tripped over my cat and fell down the whole shebang. And hey, I only have 2 cats, not 30 lol! Anyway, I ended up breaking my left leg and arm (had to have surgery on the leg) and am finally back home and doing fine on some pretty strong pain meds :-) Anyway, came to this spot first to get in an even better mood and saw these posts. Thanks again you guys, you’re really something else! And don’t think I don’t know it could’ve gone totally the other way with me buttin’ in with my first post on a thread that was obviously written to the people that you know on the board Made, instead of first making some posts on other housewives threads etc. like normal people do. I really appreciate both of you for gettin’ it and being so very kind about it–take care Cherry and Made hope to see you soon on the board, and hope to someday do something, anything, to help you guys feel the way you’ve made me feel. And um, if this is all too disgusting, I’m blamin’ it on the drugs!!!

            • Oh my goodness Linda. I hope you get to feeling better soon and everything heals up nicely. On good thing about convalescing is you get more SH time :)

          • Made, your mama reminds me of mine. I grew up never knowing who might be staying in our home. Lol.. Forget stray animals..we took in people!! :)

            • I was referring to the people as strays. She manages to only have the one pet. She collects people. Hordes them really. bahahahaha She is a good person. Lunatic sometimes but solid gold heart. I love her so much. She just has ZERO discernment.

        • Thank you for sharing that MP. We’ve experienced something similar in our family with sadly, a most tragic outcome. Reading your Mom’s experience hits home, and it helps to have read your wise and heartfelt reasoning. I’m sorry for the loss of your Uncle. May God rest his soul and keep your Mom safe. How blessed she is with such a smart (and fun!) daughter.

          • I am sorry to hear you had similar experience. I gather yours was much worse than mine. Honestly, over the years, I have become the family butthole much to my chagrin Its not a role I ever sought out it just evolved thata way.Things are constantly being hidden from me for fear that I would have a dying duck fit over it. Notice how I had no idea the kid was there until he was fully entrenched, that was by design I am sure. I tell ‘em all the time now if yall are fixin to do sumpin and you THINK I might have a problem with it then that should be your indication to pump your brakes because I am well always right :) Ok ok not always. but still. I dont like being the big meany all the time. But the fact is we dont live in a land of kumbaya and I aint medicated enough to pretend that we do so… it is what it is.

            • I want to clarify so that no one thinks I would be a massive tool and not have compassion for a homeless young adult. My beef would have been that my momma’s plate at the time was more than full. The time was coming up on them very rapidly where my uncle would move into moms to live his final days as was his wish. They were twins and thats they way they both decided it would be. That in and of itsself is enough but couple that with the fact that at the time my brother was out, living with mom also and needed ZERO distractions, influences or whathaveyou to lead him down a path that would put him back in prison. So when it became appearant that this kid had demons of his own then I thought it was just too frikin much to deal with when mom had her own homegrown troubles to deal with no need in importing more.

            • Thanks MP. When it comes to strangers I strive to find a balance between being guarded and paranoid. It’s important to be aware but never afraid.
              Now when it comes to chiming in about the Bravolebrities: I don’t necessarily believe my harsh criticism makes them any less sinister. *what drew me to this website was it’s reputation for offering a refreshingly honest view. I’m glad Ms. SH allows so much diversity and candor. I’ve learned so much from reading how the viewers see the same things I do; and offer sometimes similar + often different insights.

            • Very good point. In fact I have prolly shared WAY too much on here about my life. I forget sometimes that I aint just shootin da bull with a handful of friends. :)

            • Well, most of us are friends, but that’s kind of true. You never know who else is on here. I guess I’m kind of paranoid that way.

        • Awwww Made, I feel your pain on that one. Ive taken in several people over the years since I have rental property and I have dealt with a devastating blow nearly every time. I think alot of these people start out with good intentions to be helpful and behave, to start over. Most dont accept help with the intention to rip someone off, I dont think But eventually their old issues resurface and they POP like a balloon. So all I can say to you and your mom is this….God saw her kind heart and she has stocked herself treasures in Heaven to far and above replace those she lost on earth.

          • Thank you. Sorry you had to deal with that too. I cant figure out how my momma never becomes jaded over humans behaving badly. She just keeps on keepin on.

        • Made, omg, your mom sounds like me….I have those same tendencies. I’m sure there has to be more than just me and your mom that are prone(suckers) to finding people like this! I can also see how Lea and Lisa could end up trying to help someone who needs the help. I’m sure both Lea and Lisa knew these people(especially Cedric living in Hollywood, don’t all of them living there want to be in show business?) it would help give them a chance to better themselves. Lisa would have probably been happy to give Cedric a job at her business if he hadn’t been so lazy. I’ve never minded trying to help others, but I did finally learn that they have to want to help themselves or it’s not going to work out.

          Made, is your Mom a Virgo????

  4. I just dont see any chemistry between Fred and Adriana. Not that he isnt attractive…just no chemisrtry. Seems like she was sinking and threw her attention at the first man she found to help bail her out. If Miami is renewed and Ad continues on the show..I see her new storyline as a split from him. She will make decent money from the show, maybe an appearance here and there…she wont feel as scared to be on her own.

  5. Is it just me or is everyone amazed at the digging you guys do on stoopidhousewives???
    I think Ms SH has Columbo, Sherlock Holmes, and Simon and Simon on retainer……lol

  6. IMO, ODDriana and Freddy have an “arrangement,” similar to the one Marysol and Philippe had. The exact terms of that arrangement are known only to those 2 of course. Lea just happens to be the unwitting(?) Sugar Mama suffering from some guilt complex.

    • See, I think that Adriana and Lea have some dirt on each other, so Lea likes having a very passive lap dog to back her up, and Adriana likes the entree into Miami’s social scene that Lea provides. Lea may not have the exact same back story, but I think there is some serious dirt under her carefully manicured nails, helping her to feel some empathy with Adriana.

  7. See, I am still under the belief that Lea knows Adriana’s entire story, and keeps her around for an ego boost. She knows Adriana will never say anything against her for fear of having her dirt spilled in a tabloid, and therefore has a faithful lap dog to follow her around. This is also why Adriana all but put her head in her lap and closed her eyes when Ana went after Lea, because although Ana and Adriana are friends, they both know Adriana can’t support her.

    • I think Lea knows Angriana’s entire story, also, but I also think Lea really likes her despite whatever her situation is. I think the reunion may have made Lea stop and take a second look at her friend.

      Someone is certainly wanting Lea’s story out there, has anyone besides me been reading Anas bolog comments? Sounds like Ana’s ex and kids, or perhaps co workers, are posting nonstop on her blog. It’s rather interesting, I’m surprised the comments are going through, and they may be removed now, because they were attacking the posters, not the comments on there…..and goodness gracious at the racism being thrown around there. It’s really ridiculious to me….if Ana wasn’t spouting off she is Cuban, I wouldn’t even know she was….she looks the same as me/

      • oooo….sounds like fun. I’ll head over there now.
        I know that ana and her ex were both going on and on how it was we viewers who jumped to the conclusion that she was disparaging lea’s son based on seeing him on the show. The problem with that argument is that I had never seen the show or Lea’s son or even a picture of him and I totally took it that she meant her comment as a dig towards Lea’s boy. seems she is backtracking not to look like the hideous beast that she is

  8. In defense of Andy, pronouncing her name ODDriana is the correct pronunciation (in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, etc.). AYEdrianna is an American mispronunciation. The long “A” is wrong.

  9. Lea is not stupid. She knows about whatever Adriana is pulling and sees it as an opportunity to play the supportive, philanthropic friend on tv. Screw them both. If I wanted fake stories I’d watch shows with great actors–not these dummies. This franchise is turning into Laguna Beach–all bad acting and fake “reality”.

  10. Didn’t get to read the comments yet so don’t know if it was mentioned… by the ONLY thing I can think of as to why her ex-husband was not ordered to pay child support is it’s not his child. Even that could be difficult call because if they were married when she had the baby and he’s been acting as the child’s father it’s likely he’d still have to pay. Maybe he moved out of the country. The courts couldn’t do anything in that case. That’s all I’ve got.

  11. Lea and Adriana were both in on Adriana’s sham storyline. Note the incessant blinking on both their parts, and Lea stated that she knew Adriana when she was married to her son’s father…so she would have a frame of reference for when Adriana was no longer with him and then with Frederic. Scammers.

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