SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: A Very LAZY Saturday!… Sin City Rules CANCELLED… Heather Dull-BRO

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Well, who didn’t see this one coming?

TLC’s very bad imitation of a Housewife show, “Sin City Rules,” was cancelled. SCR is produced by the same production company which produces two Bravo Housewives shows, RHOBH and RHOC.

Don’t wanna say “I toldja so”… BUT!   According to Robin Leach’s Las Vegas Sun article

Confusion reigns today over conflicting reports of the fate of “Sin City Rules.” Two of the Las Vegas cast members have said that they’ve been told TLC has canceled the brawling and boisterous reality TV series, and they have sent online announcements of the decision.

Last Tuesday’s or this Tuesday’s episode will reportedly be the last to be aired on the cable TV network, leaving the final three episodes in limbo.

However, TV cameras will still roll this week to capture footage to be edited into the series. Vegas DeLuxe has learned those remaining three episodes will air on the network’s U.S. website and also fulfill previous overseas syndication deals for the eight episodes in its entirety.

Neither the network nor the production company, Evolution Media, has made any official statement about the fate of “Sin City Rules.”

NOTE:  POOR Amy!!  Amy’s chance at hookin’ on to the last caboose of that “reality” gravy train to fame has left the station early… and poor Amy is standin’ there holdin’ that hook.  QUICK… someone tell Amy that she’s no longer needed at TLC!  

lori montoya

Since Lori Montoya now has some free time, someone should suggest to Lori that she get her eyes un-crossed. 

Amy’s obsolete!


Who could ever forget the day which Heather Paige Kent Dull-BRO was birthed?

heatherd pg

Heather Dull-BRO tells her hubbend to shut up and leave…

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56 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: A Very LAZY Saturday!… Sin City Rules CANCELLED… Heather Dull-BRO

    • I watched the first episode and didn’t really care for it. They were just too in your face. They had to remind every 5 seconds of what they thought Vegas was or who they knew. They were just too forceful and it didn’t come off as sincere, like they really knew the city. Like they were trying to make you believe they were the characters they made up in their own minds.


  1. I love the Heather clip….I hope she takes up singing again…I would love to hear her sing “Far Far Away”…I know…lame joke but – it’s the housewives…All kidding aside OC already has a singer in the cast…Golden Voiced Gretchen……I know…lame joke but – it’s the housewives


  2. Sin City.. Thank goodness they’ve cancelled it. There was to much women bashing, disrespecting, arrogance. A couple ladies forgot they were adults. Now hopefully Amy can live a peaceful life without ignorance surrounding her. Ladies wish you best of luck


  3. Eww did you photoshop the photo of heather linking to this or was she really cross eyes? (The photo on the homepage for some reason when you click to get here you don’t see the pic)


  4. I suppose it’s too much to hope that amy will crawl back in the whole from whence she came. sigh
    But at least she won’t be on TLC anymore. BTW, I looked at my guide and the show I had set to record on Tuesday night (for better ratings) isn’t listed.


    • Amy is tore out the frame over Robin Leach interviewing Alica and not her over the demise of SCR. Tore out the frame completely. And commenting under her mom’s account on the article because hers was hacked… again. And still going on about him not confirming with her that she actually sent the email to him inviting him to interview her (ya know the one she told us about????) Is she REALLY gonna try to pull that crap?
      Super sad part. Only 4 comments on the story and 3 of them come from Amy/Wendy.


      • It’s incredibly sad. Amy will try to stay relevant at any cost. The alleged Alicia and Nick thing just gets a big YAWN from me. I think it’s a lie and even if it’s the truth, I don’t care. Amy isn’t getting a story even when she begs for it with her tweets to TMZ and Playboy.

        I will miss the Capt Mohawk appearances. :(

        ….and WTH does this mean? ” Rule #1 about Amy: I will only allow you to see what I want you to perceive of me.”

        Huh? Is that some gangsta mind control?


        • I feel very sorry for Amy. She’s a child of God like the rest of us, but she’s chosen to define herself as a murderer’s daughter. I hope she can get a grip on her life for her kids’ sake, if not for her own.


          • Your a nicer person than I am. At some point in life you need to get your life together. This woman has 3 children one of which I read has challenges (I read autism). Amy went on and on about how much she loved her boys and that her live revolved around them. To date I have yet to see that or that she is anything but self absorbed. From what I have seen and read (much from Amy directly) she is a loose cannon and I hope to God she doesn’t have custody of her children.


            • Cyn, I think we agree. That’s exactly what I was saying — that she needs to get her act together for her kids’ sake, if not for her own.


    • I have been combing through vintage Vegas strip footage on youtube and I don’t see not nary one frame of hooker children on horseback hitchin a post out near a fountain.


  5. The show started out bad with that nonsensical Lana hating Alicia. Lana is ugly inside and out. I think this show just tried too hard. There was no flow. I think Evolution Media deserves the most blame. They are not in touch with really. Just throwing garbage at us. I’m glad it tanked. It was a sad, souless, desperate, boring show. Bha bye


    • Exactly. It’s as if they had to get as much drama into the first few episodes as possible as if their success depended on it. That backfired big time. No one was likable. Lana calling herself “god” was nauseating… especially because she immediately came across as evil. Her hate for Alicia right out of the gate was like you said, nonsensical. Give us a chance to get to know each of them and decide first whether Alicia deserved Lana’s hate. Shoot, they should have given themselves some time to get to know each other instead of making judgments on… on… what DID make Lana believe Alicia slept with married men? They didn’t even give us THAT much.

      They blew it with this one big time. Geez… it would have been more entertaining if they used some of the women from that Kitty Cat Ranch, or whatever that infamous brothel is called. At least Lana’s hate for a woman who slept with married men would have made some sense.


      • HaHa, @ kitty cat ranch! It’s the chicken Ranch, Amy’s MawMaw knows a little about it I’m sure. Poor Amy , maybe e can et a job at Larry’s Villa now that the show is cancelled.


  6. The clip of Madame Dubrow ordering her hubbend to the restroom forthwith for his inappropriate comment is too hilarious. I hope he practiced his skinflute whilst he was there. That’ll larn him.


    • This is exactly the way Catfish should have handled her idiot husband at her pitch at the dessert company. These guys have to resort to sex jokes because that’s all they know, you know, being jokes and all.


    • That was such a stupid, inappropriate comment for a grown man to make. Especially when you consider that it means giving “BJ’s.” What a couple of idiots those two are.


  7. Stopped watching after the first episode;found those people disgusting. No one needs to watch that stuff. Need a documentary on exposing these shady people.


  8. Ugh good riddance to Lana. I still can’t figure out why she hated Alicia sooo much nor why she kept calling her a lizard for her plastic surgery when there is nothing left on Lana’s body that looks real. Not that I really liked Alicia. I still cannot get over Lana donating that check to the charity and saying into the microphone, “I am God.”


  9. So i am poking around on the Internet when I run into this really familiar name listed as being in a debtor in Bankruptcy, not once but three separate cases in the last year. and a half….

    11-23716-lbr AMY C HANLEY 13
    12-22376-lbr AMY C HANLEY 13

    So much for women of money and power.


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