SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: A Very LAZY Saturday!… Sin City Rules CANCELLED… Heather Dull-BRO

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Well, who didn’t see this one coming?

TLC’s very bad imitation of a Housewife show, “Sin City Rules,” was cancelled. SCR is produced by the same production company which produces two Bravo Housewives shows, RHOBH and RHOC.

Don’t wanna say “I toldja so”… BUT!   According to Robin Leach’s Las Vegas Sun article

Confusion reigns today over conflicting reports of the fate of “Sin City Rules.” Two of the Las Vegas cast members have said that they’ve been told TLC has canceled the brawling and boisterous reality TV series, and they have sent online announcements of the decision.

Last Tuesday’s or this Tuesday’s episode will reportedly be the last to be aired on the cable TV network, leaving the final three episodes in limbo.

However, TV cameras will still roll this week to capture footage to be edited into the series. Vegas DeLuxe has learned those remaining three episodes will air on the network’s U.S. website and also fulfill previous overseas syndication deals for the eight episodes in its entirety.

Neither the network nor the production company, Evolution Media, has made any official statement about the fate of “Sin City Rules.”

NOTE:  POOR Amy!!  Amy’s chance at hookin’ on to the last caboose of that “reality” gravy train to fame has left the station early… and poor Amy is standin’ there holdin’ that hook.  QUICK… someone tell Amy that she’s no longer needed at TLC!  

lori montoya

Since Lori Montoya now has some free time, someone should suggest to Lori that she get her eyes un-crossed. 

Amy’s obsolete!


Who could ever forget the day which Heather Paige Kent Dull-BRO was birthed?

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Heather Dull-BRO tells her hubbend to shut up and leave…