Today IS Friday… right?  The Tuesday holiday has screwed up my mind.  For some reason  today is Wednesday; but, it’s really Friday… right?

Ma brain is still a bit fuzzy from the boozin’ done the day before yesterday… which was Tuesday or was it Wednesday?  Words and numbers are floatin’ around in ma brain like a Magic 8 Ball… or maybe a better description is jumpin’ Bingo balls.  I know the words are poppin’ around in ma brain, but they’re just not slowing down enough to string together.

But, enough about me!  Let’s move on to the moronic Housewives.


First, a SH reader took time to attend Tamballs brand new fitness biz!

cut fitness

“Lablover” had this to say about her experience:

“I was surprised at the lack of advertising, here locally and her twit & FB & Eddie’s too. Even her main page of the studio has no address or phone #.   I was not the only person driving around to find it. There were no signs, no cheesy balloons. Smaller then it looks on TV .lol.

Ryan Veith

I got there and Ryan was standing outside on his phone with a beanie and looking like he wanted to be anywhere but there.

Tamra Eddie

Eddie and his teeth were there. No Tamara. Everyone seemed to know each other/were wannabee instructors or friends chatting with Mr.Teeths. I watched out the window at Ryan going in and out of his car. Then the class started. I saw him leave. No Tamara. Then I saw her and two of her kids her kids park at that space he was in and they ran in.

eddie tamra

Dressed in black, she’s tiny. She had pony tails and a black cap. She came behind me and she and her daughter joined the class then she left to get her big huge camera to take pics. Waitiing for the pics to come up on twitter haven’t seen them. She had this “look at me, I’m the boss”, bossy and frantic. There were not Bravo cameras. I couldn’t stand being in the same room with her. I grabbed my water and walked out. Took 5 seconds to get to my car.

tamra eddie tamra eddie

There were maybe 5 people working. Eddie, Tamara (late), receptionist, some guy in a black tee and the gal doing the class. No tours, nothing about joining. I signed a formed and gave all false information. She had her youngest son there and her older daughter. Her son sat in one of the 3 chairs in the small entry room looking mad he was there. There were 20 people there. Like I said, they knew each other.

Gretchen Slade lawsuit pg

No Gretchen or Slade, no cameras. I couldn’t stand being in the same room with her and it was all wrong so I left. No way would I pay $65.00 for a day pass….her prices are outrageous and you can’t even find the place.

tamra cut fitness  Tamballs leased this building…. or part of it!

YOU can sign up to work out … or maybe just catch a glimpse of Tamballs and Ellie… at CUT Fitness!

Interesting that back in June, Tamballs had a dream… a dream of opening a fitness center/wine bar!

(Thanks to SH reader “lablover” “DSP” and “PMG”!!!!)

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51 comments on “TAMBALLS BARNEY, ELLIE JUDGE: Let’s Go To CUT Fitness!!!

  1. Now when I look at the pic of Eddie coming up the stairs behind Tamballs, all I think is “here comes Eddie and his teeth” LOL It’s so true. Thanks Lablover

        • And, like Gretchen, it also looks like he may have trouble closing his lips over the teeth. Look at the pic of him in the baseball hat. Them lips won’t close.

    • I was looking at Mister Ed’s mouth wondering wth is wrong with it then not a second later I read ‘here comes Eddie and his teeth’ LMFAO! yeah that’s it, tEEth lol hilarious!

  2. Great review Lablover!!!….
    Hey Ms SH…An invigorating workout at Cut Fitness might be the perfect cure for a two day hangover… I’ll bet that little Tamballs will be teaching her patented “BACK STAB YOUR WAY TOO BEAUTIFUL BOOTY CLASS.”
    (Yes – it should be “TO” not “TOO”…but – it’s Tamballs…lol

          • Ms. SH, trust your body. A hangover, no matter how rare, doesn’t last all day. You may have a bugger of a cold. Please take care and feel better. And if I can suggest, enjoy some hot chicken soup with matzoh balls! Love from a Jewish mother.

          • Just tryin’ to check on you, since my entire family came down with the flu during our visit with them! We caught it there and then caught the part 2 on the way back home. It’s not fun, and it lasts for a while. Feel better too!!

  3. I kinda liked Eddie when he joined the show. But the more you watch the more he seems like another phony. Can’t tell if he’s faking it for Tamara’s sake or just because he craves the attention.

    • Attention, he wants to be a star….in fact, I bet he’d rather wear the veil than see her in it. I don’t think he likes Tamball’s anymore than the rest of us. I also don’t believe a word she said about her not knowing he was going to propose, and she only did it to beat Wretched to the punch. She managed to make the entire season about her. I can’t stand Tamballs.

  4. I can’t abide Tamballs. This is a Hobby/Business (kind of like Lauren and Calfface) and I doubt she has the drive and dedication to keep it moving forward. I’m really surprised she can’t keep up the social media angle because that is key. Of course (duh!) she is the honeyboo-boo of the OC!

    • ‘Build it and they will come’ then the thought bubble popped when she realized she has to put work in. This ain’t no field of dreams where Mister Ed can graze all day honey boo boo!

  5. exactly what i was thinking too aint. the days of being the “little woman set up in a business” kind of thinking was over a few decades ago. you have to be able to turn on that inner “charm o meter” on high and court your guests. you would think lauren would have a clue as her dad is in the hospitality biz. they think “oh yes it’s just all going to happen to me because i”m on a show” so no wines by wives or any promotions going on at this opening? just seems so bizzar

      • Well it prepares you to have a bunch of your “friends” act like phonies , which some people do & some don’t bother (in the real world). But the extremes are soooo stupid sometimes. Too much drama for most of the situations that come up (or are set up). The real drama is funny (Tams when she’s stressed or Carowhine vs. Tre) but the faker stuff (Mego comes to mind) , blah, boring. It’s funny because it shows the real flaws we all see in people & then it tries to make it more interesting by setting up stuff. It would be alot more interesting if they would leave out the fake stuff. Set up the vacations (we know they’re Bravo’s idea) & a dinner now & then step back & let the real drama or comedy take place. Maybe they don’t trust the personalities they put on the show to be interesting enough. ??

  6. cyn i think it warps it. i’ve been a viewer since the 1st days of the oc show. if you remember vicki had the ins business and jena was a broker and they all worked. why i still watch? misplaced loyalties probably??

    • I’ve watched since the first OC. I enjoyed seeing women who married well, wanted to marry well or successful on their own living in a shiny place. They had fun, knew each other and viewers knew what their fights were about and people could. The scripted mess made it crappy-and it’s not fun but is fascinating the lengths people go to just to be on t.v. I watch them all-some more than others, but will watch OC until it’s over-and I can’t even stand Vicki.

  7. I know the photos of the empty studio with bare shelves and no equipment were taken before the opening, but I think the place is going to look that way again in about six months.

  8. 65 dollars for a day pass at a gym. No spa or Hair salon, just a plain bare bones gym. That’s what I have at home! I go out for the good stuff!

    • Man I have to agree. I am very lucky, I pay 65.00 a month for my gym and it has everything. Mine has a juice bar, pool, great locker rooms, massages, racketball courts, walking paths and a gym that can be used for volleyball or basketball. Why would anyone pay that much a day? Fools.

      • Especially in this economy, when everyone is looking for the biggest bang for their buck. I give this gym about 6mos at the very max, before they go out of biz.

    • No way a gym. Some free weight things and spinning class and an place for rumba classes. No treadmills, nothing. It’s a ‘studio’. Everything I can do at home.

  9. Thank you Mrs. SH for including my ‘top secret, take one for the team’ review! Did you see what she posted on FB? I’m amazing. LOL. And she the thanked everyone who stayed and gave her feedback. I did not stay nor did I give her feedback. I love how all the comments on her FB are congratulating her, so proud of her “wish I lived closer” not one “I SIGNED UP TODAY!” She must have read my postings because she commented on lack of signage and also another OPENING date 2/3.

    • I hope whoever does the signage has a better grasp of the language. Every day (as in each and every day) really is two words. Wtf is with the hyphen? Sorry. I don’t usually get picky about the HW’s poor grammar because I have to consider the source, but that is just bizarre.

    • ETA…oh, hahahaha….now they added the address and telephone number…it wasn’t there 2 hours ago! Someones reading SH :)

          • Ha. Indeed. And you get to see a See ya Next Tuesday there too. (Sorry). Wow, so after this past Thursday, they are now reducing the price “on sale”. I keep seeing her responding to tweets..when someone says gym, she responds ‘studio’. Why 187.00?

            • Tamballs is living in the delusion that bein’ a House-see-u-next-Tuesday will generate foot-traffic, hence sign-ups. I live in South OC and she ain’t nothin’ special. And her “studio” is so low-rent, just like her. There are dozens of nice gyms out here for a lot less and we don’t have to look at Ellie Mae’s horse teefs.

        • They also reduced the $65.00 one day pass to $55. Because that’s so much better. Trouble in sign up land?

  10. If they want business they’ll lower the rates, offer day passes, get people in the door. I don’t hate her but she has to know nobody is paying that much to go to a crap gymudio. If they don’t get a marketing strategy or change-the failure of Tamra and Eddie the Grill’s gym may be another storyline. Hopefully she finds a bit of success, grows kinder and gentler and leaves the show. I need to go to bed.

  11. Ryan has something in common with former Congressman Anthony Weiner. They both like to take cell phone photos of their sweaty bodies in public restroom mirrors.

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