Today IS Friday… right?  The Tuesday holiday has screwed up my mind.  For some reason  today is Wednesday; but, it’s really Friday… right?

Ma brain is still a bit fuzzy from the boozin’ done the day before yesterday… which was Tuesday or was it Wednesday?  Words and numbers are floatin’ around in ma brain like a Magic 8 Ball… or maybe a better description is jumpin’ Bingo balls.  I know the words are poppin’ around in ma brain, but they’re just not slowing down enough to string together.

But, enough about me!  Let’s move on to the moronic Housewives.


First, a SH reader took time to attend Tamballs brand new fitness biz!

cut fitness

“Lablover” had this to say about her experience:

“I was surprised at the lack of advertising, here locally and her twit & FB & Eddie’s too. Even her main page of the studio has no address or phone #.   I was not the only person driving around to find it. There were no signs, no cheesy balloons. Smaller then it looks on TV .lol.

Ryan Veith

I got there and Ryan was standing outside on his phone with a beanie and looking like he wanted to be anywhere but there.

Tamra Eddie

Eddie and his teeth were there. No Tamara. Everyone seemed to know each other/were wannabee instructors or friends chatting with Mr.Teeths. I watched out the window at Ryan going in and out of his car. Then the class started. I saw him leave. No Tamara. Then I saw her and two of her kids her kids park at that space he was in and they ran in.

eddie tamra

Dressed in black, she’s tiny. She had pony tails and a black cap. She came behind me and she and her daughter joined the class then she left to get her big huge camera to take pics. Waitiing for the pics to come up on twitter haven’t seen them. She had this “look at me, I’m the boss”, bossy and frantic. There were not Bravo cameras. I couldn’t stand being in the same room with her. I grabbed my water and walked out. Took 5 seconds to get to my car.

tamra eddie tamra eddie

There were maybe 5 people working. Eddie, Tamara (late), receptionist, some guy in a black tee and the gal doing the class. No tours, nothing about joining. I signed a formed and gave all false information. She had her youngest son there and her older daughter. Her son sat in one of the 3 chairs in the small entry room looking mad he was there. There were 20 people there. Like I said, they knew each other.

Gretchen Slade lawsuit pg

No Gretchen or Slade, no cameras. I couldn’t stand being in the same room with her and it was all wrong so I left. No way would I pay $65.00 for a day pass….her prices are outrageous and you can’t even find the place.

tamra cut fitness  Tamballs leased this building…. or part of it!

YOU can sign up to work out … or maybe just catch a glimpse of Tamballs and Ellie… at CUT Fitness!

Interesting that back in June, Tamballs had a dream… a dream of opening a fitness center/wine bar!

(Thanks to SH reader “lablover” “DSP” and “PMG”!!!!)