SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Is it Friday? ‘Cause it SHOULD Be Tuesday!… Lisa Vanderpump, Andy Cohen, Tamballs Barney, BravoTV

lisaV rules SUR

The latest issue of Lisa VanderpumpRump’s “DivineAddiction” has been released!   Excitement, excitement!

This issue raves about Lisa’s spinoff,  The Phony Skanks Who Work For Lisa Vanderpump at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant three doors down from HagfaceKyle’s brand new dress shop “VanderpumpRules“… and gives essential tips about how to relax!

Look for VR to last as long as GalleryGirls and have as much interest drummed up for it as LOLWork… seriously, a “hook up CHART”???   For “VanderpumpRules”… we’re givin’ it a big ol’ Ken!


Kim K Brooks Vicki pg

Another fringe cast member of a Housewives show has went and done somethin’ daring and dramatic and completely against his drab personality!

Crooks Ayers went skydiving… with his brother, Jayson… and as Crooks has been schooled in the ways of the Housewives, Crooks made sure to have a camera record his jump!

Feel free to fast forward through the amazing, thrilling escapades of Crooksy as he flies through the air!  However, if you choose to view Crooksy’s jump without fast forwarding, you can feel the suspense as Crooks’ descends …

  • Will he make it safely from the upper atmosphere all the way down to hit terra firma… safely?
  • Will his adventure into outerspace give him a chance to visit his second home over in CrassLand while he’s up there?
  • Will Crooksy tumble to the ground or will he make a smooth landing… as smooth as his Southern-speakin’ affirmations slide offa his devil-daring tongue ?
  • If Crooksy takes a tumble and crash lands, will his new dental work be damaged?

brooks halloween

Oh, the questions are endless… what will happen to Crooksy?   You’ll just have to watch!

Note to Crooksy:  Ya coulda just gone over to Alexass and Jimbo Bellino’s Jumpin’Palace for the very same experience!   As an added bonus to spendin’ your time and money over at Jimbo’s Jumpin’Emporium… think of how many potential ladies you could meet who would love to hear somma your affirmations!   Many ladies who spend the $457 an hour to jump at da Bellino’s place are looking for a slick Southen dude who has all those affirmations memorized!   Think of the wonderful time you would have holdin’ hands with yer honey while jumpin’ together and her hearin’ your bee-yoo-tee-ful affirmations for the first time!


rhoc tamballs pg

While over in the OC area, Tamballs is letting no grass grow under her feet or mold grow on the seats of her spin cycles!   As a true entrepreneur, Tamballs has already gotten herself ready to sell franchises of her new exercise establishment!

RHOC Tamballs trailer pg



Look who’s “engaged”… big surprise… it’s Nay-Nay Leakes.  How frickin’ boring.   Nay-Nay probably selected and bought herself one huge crass-ass ring.   OOPS… meant to say that GREGG bought that big old gaudy engagement ring!

According to BravoPR, the Atlanta franchise is drawing record numbers for Sunday evening… and Bravo has climbed up the ladder of cable networks to be named #1 for 2012.

“Bravo Media ranks as the number one cable network in primetime on Sunday, December 30 among A18-49 and A25-54 as “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was the number one cable telecast of the day and number one unscripted cable entertainment telecast of the week in all key demos. In addition, it delivered its second highest-rated episode of the season among all key demos with over 3.5 million total viewers (up 11 percent vs. prior week).”

NOTE:  “Unscripted”?… the word “reality” has not been used to describe “reality” shows since the first season of the Real Housewives of Orange County aired!


andy pg

Which of the Housewives cast members fits into the empty circle with the big question mark?

andy liberace travolta cooper pg


In further cable network news, wonder if Al Jazeera TV will be airing repeats of the Housewives franchises?   Yes, Al Gore has sold his CurrentTV network… to new owners, Al Jazeera.

PT Housewife Thanksgiving

AND… PT Housewife says she’s returning for another season of the RHONY



We love Project Runway… and our flipit/Ronnie recapped the latest episode!

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