SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Is it Friday? ‘Cause it SHOULD Be Tuesday!… Lisa Vanderpump, Andy Cohen, Tamballs Barney, BravoTV

lisaV rules SUR

The latest issue of Lisa VanderpumpRump’s “DivineAddiction” has been released!   Excitement, excitement!

This issue raves about Lisa’s spinoff,  The Phony Skanks Who Work For Lisa Vanderpump at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant three doors down from HagfaceKyle’s brand new dress shop “VanderpumpRules“… and gives essential tips about how to relax!

Look for VR to last as long as GalleryGirls and have as much interest drummed up for it as LOLWork… seriously, a “hook up CHART”???   For “VanderpumpRules”… we’re givin’ it a big ol’ Ken!


Kim K Brooks Vicki pg

Another fringe cast member of a Housewives show has went and done somethin’ daring and dramatic and completely against his drab personality!

Crooks Ayers went skydiving… with his brother, Jayson… and as Crooks has been schooled in the ways of the Housewives, Crooks made sure to have a camera record his jump!

Feel free to fast forward through the amazing, thrilling escapades of Crooksy as he flies through the air!  However, if you choose to view Crooksy’s jump without fast forwarding, you can feel the suspense as Crooks’ descends …

  • Will he make it safely from the upper atmosphere all the way down to hit terra firma… safely?
  • Will his adventure into outerspace give him a chance to visit his second home over in CrassLand while he’s up there?
  • Will Crooksy tumble to the ground or will he make a smooth landing… as smooth as his Southern-speakin’ affirmations slide offa his devil-daring tongue ?
  • If Crooksy takes a tumble and crash lands, will his new dental work be damaged?

brooks halloween

Oh, the questions are endless… what will happen to Crooksy?   You’ll just have to watch!

Note to Crooksy:  Ya coulda just gone over to Alexass and Jimbo Bellino’s Jumpin’Palace for the very same experience!   As an added bonus to spendin’ your time and money over at Jimbo’s Jumpin’Emporium… think of how many potential ladies you could meet who would love to hear somma your affirmations!   Many ladies who spend the $457 an hour to jump at da Bellino’s place are looking for a slick Southen dude who has all those affirmations memorized!   Think of the wonderful time you would have holdin’ hands with yer honey while jumpin’ together and her hearin’ your bee-yoo-tee-ful affirmations for the first time!


rhoc tamballs pg

While over in the OC area, Tamballs is letting no grass grow under her feet or mold grow on the seats of her spin cycles!   As a true entrepreneur, Tamballs has already gotten herself ready to sell franchises of her new exercise establishment!

RHOC Tamballs trailer pg



Look who’s “engaged”… big surprise… it’s Nay-Nay Leakes.  How frickin’ boring.   Nay-Nay probably selected and bought herself one huge crass-ass ring.   OOPS… meant to say that GREGG bought that big old gaudy engagement ring!

According to BravoPR, the Atlanta franchise is drawing record numbers for Sunday evening… and Bravo has climbed up the ladder of cable networks to be named #1 for 2012.

“Bravo Media ranks as the number one cable network in primetime on Sunday, December 30 among A18-49 and A25-54 as “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was the number one cable telecast of the day and number one unscripted cable entertainment telecast of the week in all key demos. In addition, it delivered its second highest-rated episode of the season among all key demos with over 3.5 million total viewers (up 11 percent vs. prior week).”

NOTE:  “Unscripted”?… the word “reality” has not been used to describe “reality” shows since the first season of the Real Housewives of Orange County aired!


andy pg

Which of the Housewives cast members fits into the empty circle with the big question mark?

andy liberace travolta cooper pg


In further cable network news, wonder if Al Jazeera TV will be airing repeats of the Housewives franchises?   Yes, Al Gore has sold his CurrentTV network… to new owners, Al Jazeera.

PT Housewife Thanksgiving

AND… PT Housewife says she’s returning for another season of the RHONY



We love Project Runway… and our flipit/Ronnie recapped the latest episode!

(Thanks to SH readers “Girlfriend” “PMG” and “CozyJozy”!!)

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70 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Is it Friday? ‘Cause it SHOULD Be Tuesday!… Lisa Vanderpump, Andy Cohen, Tamballs Barney, BravoTV

  1. How very amusing that John Travolta is in the circle with Liberace, MissAndy and Anderson Cooper. A stroke of genius!

  2. Hasn’t Ms. Andy every heard of waxing? Perhaps Lapband can hook him up at the Calf face shop.

    • I’ve been watching all these Housewives since inception (even D.C.) and Lisa is one of the few that I’ve never felt the need to diss. She’s not perfect of course, but she is able to maintain her dignity and that says a lot about her.

      • I am looking forward to the show.I worked in the food and beverage business for over 30 years. I enjoy Ken and Lisa and they are very good at what they do. I have yet to see Lisa initiate any of the drama.She handled Adrienne masterfully.

  3. OOOwwweee Ms SH….the circle question for Miss Andy….very interesting and thought provoking!!! I’d love to imagine him ending up with Richie and Rosie…lol

  4. Ms. SH — Interesting tidbit about Al Gore’s sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera. Thank you to Al Gore for bringing Al Jazeera to the US! From the story linked: “Everyone at Al Jazeera takes great pride in the independence, impartiality, professionalism and courage of our journalism. I look forward to bringing these standards to our new American audiences and working with our new colleagues at Current.” And speaking of Al Gore — he won the Nobel Peace prize in 2007, beating out Irena Sendler, the Polish woman who saved 2,500 Jewish children in the Holocaust, then was captured by the Nazis and severely tortured but never disclosed any crucial information.

  5. Flipit/Ronnie have got to do a parody of Crooks’ lil’ 4 and a half minute mini-drama! Wonder how much Crooks promised to pay his bro and those peeps for doing that skit…

  6. Ms Sh please put me outa my misery and tell me who the broke back bravo link is. Is it Sonja with a sexy J? Am I even in the right franchise? the right gender?

  7. Seriously, I don’t get it. Atlanta is highest rated. Who are these people.

    Looking forward to Vanderpump Rules. And I liked Gallery Girls but holding my breath that Bravo does another season. Hoping they ax Silicon Valley, another snoozefest and bring back those Gallery Girls.

    In case anyone over at Bravo reads here, please keep Miami.

  8. I watch ATL because I used to live there and I loved it. I had a hard time watching that last ep though. Porscha is just too dense to keep my attention. Kenya has packed her bags and flew off to cra cra-ville. That’s really all I can recall. Oh, no… that nasty strip club! Wth was that?!

  9. Okay, I’m reading here too long! I had a quick dream last night about Anderson Cooper!! (I admit, I’m really sick with the flu and barely got any sleep last night, but this dream I unfortunately recalled!). Anderson was at MY family’s Christmas party and he was crying and asking me why I hated him so much. I went thru the details of how I’ve lost respect for him b/c of the Housewives, etc., and he was crushed. I told him that he was once a respected journalist and now he’s a joke. He was very upset.

    • done: I was so sorry to read that you caught the flu while back home. I felt for you.. reading that everybody came down with it. Please feel better soon. Again, I’m glad you and dh returned home safely. Funny dream…I would have told Manderson the exact same thing!

      • ktgirl: Thanks! SLOWLY recovering!! It kinda put a dampen on our long-awaited family reunion but we tried to make the best of it. Now to get back on our feet, I’ll be grateful! By the way, I read somewhere on here that you’re 1 of 6 children. I am too. Weird, huh?

        • Hi done, I’m sorry i missed you again. I was foolishly wasting my time on another thread. Boy was that a waste of my time LOL.
          I know how hard the flu can be, I had it about 10 years ago. Oddly I got within 24 hours of the flu-shot. I haven’t gotten a shot since, nor have I had the flu since. It kicked my arse! I am thinking of getting one this year though? Hang in there done..I know that’s easier said then done. Yes, I too am 1 of 6 children :). Maybe that’s why the whole “family” thing back home struck a cord in me. Hoping you feel better soon.

          • Ha! I was the same, with the flu shot and I never got it again! After this bout, I’d double-think it b/c looking back, that “flu” after the flu shot was short-lived. This bug is lasting for over 2 weeks! My husband got the shot and his symptoms were much better than mine. Thanks for the good thoughts. Off to get my asthma meds since the flu set them off. Never ends!

            • Thanks for that flu info. done, that does make sense. Maybe I’ll pick a day next week and p/u extra house supplies so that if I do get sick from the shot, I don’t have to worry about going out. I really hate the idea of getting that shot again, but I’ve heard this flu is really hard on people. As bad as it was, you’re right it was not as long lasting as some who had gotten it. Rest well.

            • I might get i t after I recover. It’s 3 am and I’m still awake–can’t sleep, can’t get comfortable to breathe. Yup, it’s really bad!!! Thanks for your well wishes!

            • So sorry, Done!! Will be praying for a speedy recovery. When I can’t breathe like that, the only thing that helps is to prop myself up on pillows and sleep almost in a sitting position.

            • Hers: Did that! When my breathing became REALLY shallow, I woke my husband up and he took me to the E.R. last night. I got a neb treatment and steroids (+ ativan b/c I guess they thought I was panicky!!). I felt better within 30 min, but very shakey. Came home and got a little sleep. Still feel weird this morning but at least I can breathe!

          • KT–the flu host takes 2 weeks to work in your system. That’s why they say to get it early, so you don’t catch the flu within the 2-week window. I got the shot and got the flu this year, but it was much milder because I did get the shot (back in Sept.). Felt all around crappy, like a bad cold, but no high fever and caughing was at a minimum.

            • The flu shot only protects you from the 3 worse strains per yr and you can still get any of the 100 plus other strains floating around. I am certain i got the Venus strain.

            • Does this sumbishin thang start with a bad headache Lisa? Cause I got one humdinger. Right in the front of my head. But literally have been NO WHERE in the last few days except to drive the kid to school.

            • Mine started with a sore throat maybe you have the Mars virus strain it may start with a Sinus headache,

  10. Was this before her husband runned off with another woman? I am so confused. Why didnt her ex sister in law tell us about this when she was commenting on here?

  11. As far as Lisa goes how can anyone stand all those “dahling”s and air kisses? She has her dog drink out of goblet at a dinner party? This woman has class? And talk about a donkey bootie – and all that pink – pepto bismal — yick. Will not watch her show.

    • @Arcy — I like Lisa, but I see some of your points. The dog and the pink seem very gimmicky. (And I’m an animal lover who also loves pink.)

      • Oh yes, that dog —- it’s cute for about 30 seconds and then boring – like my neighbor who thinks I’m so interested in all the cute little things her dog does — it gets boring very quickly.

  12. I agree , lil’ Goe G from NJ belongs in the circle too. He rattles on too much about certain things. No way you can believe him. Some catch on some are Mego ;P

  13. Bravo must air commercials for that vanderpump rules show every 8 minutes, they must be really nervous that nobody is going to tune in. I certainly won’t! Bring back RHODC vs airing this crap! When I first learned Lisa V. was getting a spin-off, I was excited that it would be about her, not her lazy, horny & dumb employees from some overpriced tourist trap of a restaurant. I have no interest in these kids lives, and I find it rather offensive that Bravo thinks I would. This show appears to be like that Most Eligible Dallas show, a bunch of characters I knew I’d have no interest in getting to know. I wish Bravo would ease up on the scripted ‘reality’ mishegas and create some more fun stuff like Tabitha’s Salon Makeover.

    ushuthefup – with regards to who’s watching RHOA – I believe there are a lot of closeted white folk who, when asked, refuse to admit they watch it – but they do… and that’s why the ratings are high. Not to say there isn’t a HUGE black audience, Bravo is obviously gettting paid for commercial time from companies with prods catering to the black community.

    • It’s funny you say that Punky because I’m white, and my black friends think I’m nuts for watching RHOA. They think the women are craaaazy (which we know they are).

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