ANA QUICKSAND: Ana’s BravoBlog… Ana Goes After Lea Even MORE…Calls Lea “Racist”… Ana Leaves MORE Questions Unanswered… BUT, BUY HER STUFF!… LEA BLACK’S BravoBlog… Clears Up “Meeting” Roy Black… AND, BUY HER STUFF!

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Ana QuickScones  CornPone  GrabThePhone  LeaveMeAlone  LoseThatTone  IceCreamCone  InTheZone  GroanAndMoan  NeedALoan   OnTheThrone  Whatever submitted her BravoBlog and just like her “performance” on the RHOM reunion show last night, Ana makes some huge accusations, but backslides and uses the old excuse of “you didn’t see everything because of editing, so just believe what I tell you.”

One of the biggest accusations coming from Ana is that Lea Black is racist.  Ana says that Lea has only gone after the “Cuban” girls on both season of the Miami franchise.  PUH-LEEEZE!

“Is it a coincidence that every girl that Lea has attacked is a Cuban girl? Cristy Rice during Season 1, Marysol during both seasons, and me during the reunion? I think not.  She stood idly by while Alexia’s Cuban husband was being badmouthed, but stood up and defended Thomas Kramer, a misogynist who has acted in a despicable manner for many years. Yes, I was angry and reminded Lea that at her age she needs to behave and not be a disingenuous hypocrite. But, if you watched closely throughout the season, I rarely became involved in any of the petty drama.”

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IMO, Ana needs to make flaming accusations at this point to keep herself relevant and in the running for a slot in a possible NEXT season of Miami… which is doubtful.

Ana also makes it clear that she is NOT one of those Housewives who is shoving their products down her followers throats.  Pot meet kettle, as Ana makes sure that in this very last BravoBlog, she lets everyone know where and what to buy what she’s sellin’!

There were NO answers as to why Ana went after Lea, except to say that Ana heard that Lea had Ana in her sights to slaughter her at the reunion.  Well, isn’t that the typical MO for ALL the Housewives at ALL the reunions?   One Housewife is gunning for another… big deal!

“Weeks before the reunion I started hearing that Lea was boasting about town that she was “coming after me at the reunion.” I was taken aback because we had never had much conflict. I knew she was upset about my defending Marysol but there was certainly no need for retaliation of that magnitude. There is a saying in Spanish, “Guerra avisada no mata soldados.” It means that when you announce a war ahead of time you don’t get to kill any soldiers. And so I prepared. This soldier would not go down without a fight. It didn’t take very long and I didn’t resort to unethical means or ultra-sleuthing to discover anything. It was all there for the taking to anyone who spent a few minutes researching. I tucked all my findings neatly into the now infamous file folder and hoped I wouldn’t have to use it.”

Ana is using the oldest ever PR move… ask a lot of questions and don’t give any answers.  Keep everyone guessing as to what REALLY happened… even though Ana could very easily explain it all.   ‘Cause that will keep everyone begging for Miami to get the green light from Bravo for another season.

Hate to break it to Ana… but as for another Miami season, Ken said it best:

Lea Black also submitted her BravoBlog… and makes sure to explain exactly HOW she “met” her husband, Roy Black..

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“My husband and I have been together, faithful, and happy for twenty years. And no, I didn’t meet him during a trial. I did watch him in a trial though and nine months later I met him personally. He has always been an advocate for the downtrodden, the underdog, second chances and good people that made bad choices. Even though we have a very good life and lifestyle, there are countless stories of people no one ever hears about that he has helped pro bono and many people that owe their freedom to his hard work and belief in them. And many more souls that are still unfairly incarcerated that he works tirelessly for day and night, because he believes they deserve the best defense they can get.”

Lea gave her opinion about “aging”…

“I welcome aging — what’s the alternative? I always wonder why people find such glee in criticizing one’s age. I feel we are lucky every year we live a year longer. So I’ve filled my years working, trying to do the right thing, and enjoying my friends and family while working on charitable causes I believe in…”

… before letting everyone know where and how to buy her stuff!

NOTE:   Let’s see how Ana views “aging” when she reaches Lea’s age… and Lea ain’t even old!   IMO, Ana’s jabs at Lea’s age were words which Ana will regret when that ol’ Karma comes around to bite her!  Getting older is inevitable… it happens to everyone, whether we like it or not!  If you don’t believe that, just ask MamaMumbles!  IMO, ageism is in the same category as “fat” jabs.  Good thing that Lea didn’t gain two pounds… the fat attacks by Ana would have been relentless!  

Yes, aging and fat… the last two ways of being an emotional terrorist… “You’re FAT” and “You’re OLD”!!

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As for Lea “defending” her husband’s occupation as a criminal defense attorney, Roy Black certainly had to have had that battle in his brain justifying how he can defend another human being for their criminal acts… when he KNOWS they are as guilty as sin.  The same brain battle as Johnny Cochran, Alan Dershowitz, F. Lee Bailey, Mark Geragos, Leslie Abramson, Anne Bremner, Robert Shapiro… and more… have had.  But, as the cliche goes… “somebody has to do it!”

The trial in which Lea first laid eyes on Roy, and vice versa, was that of William Kennedy Smith who was charged with raping a woman in Palm Beach.  If anyone thinks that Smith would have gotten off had he been defended by a lesser criminal attorney, they are being naive about how the criminal justice system works.   You get what you pay for… and you gotta pay a LOT to get Roy Black to even review a case!

Yes, Roy and Lea Black “give back” via their Annual Gala.  How ironic is the fact that the young criminals who are the recipients of the Blacks’ benevolence each year are the very same criminals who could NEVER afford to hire Roy Black if they commit a crime later in life!   IMO, the Black’s Annual Gala should be called what it really is:

The Black’s Annual “Guilt” Gala.

And, don’t forget… BUY their stuff!!