ANA QUICKSAND: Ana’s BravoBlog… Ana Goes After Lea Even MORE…Calls Lea “Racist”… Ana Leaves MORE Questions Unanswered… BUT, BUY HER STUFF!… LEA BLACK’S BravoBlog… Clears Up “Meeting” Roy Black… AND, BUY HER STUFF!

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Ana QuickScones  CornPone  GrabThePhone  LeaveMeAlone  LoseThatTone  IceCreamCone  InTheZone  GroanAndMoan  NeedALoan   OnTheThrone  Whatever submitted her BravoBlog and just like her “performance” on the RHOM reunion show last night, Ana makes some huge accusations, but backslides and uses the old excuse of “you didn’t see everything because of editing, so just believe what I tell you.”

One of the biggest accusations coming from Ana is that Lea Black is racist.  Ana says that Lea has only gone after the “Cuban” girls on both season of the Miami franchise.  PUH-LEEEZE!

“Is it a coincidence that every girl that Lea has attacked is a Cuban girl? Cristy Rice during Season 1, Marysol during both seasons, and me during the reunion? I think not.  She stood idly by while Alexia’s Cuban husband was being badmouthed, but stood up and defended Thomas Kramer, a misogynist who has acted in a despicable manner for many years. Yes, I was angry and reminded Lea that at her age she needs to behave and not be a disingenuous hypocrite. But, if you watched closely throughout the season, I rarely became involved in any of the petty drama.”

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IMO, Ana needs to make flaming accusations at this point to keep herself relevant and in the running for a slot in a possible NEXT season of Miami… which is doubtful.

Ana also makes it clear that she is NOT one of those Housewives who is shoving their products down her followers throats.  Pot meet kettle, as Ana makes sure that in this very last BravoBlog, she lets everyone know where and what to buy what she’s sellin’!

There were NO answers as to why Ana went after Lea, except to say that Ana heard that Lea had Ana in her sights to slaughter her at the reunion.  Well, isn’t that the typical MO for ALL the Housewives at ALL the reunions?   One Housewife is gunning for another… big deal!

“Weeks before the reunion I started hearing that Lea was boasting about town that she was “coming after me at the reunion.” I was taken aback because we had never had much conflict. I knew she was upset about my defending Marysol but there was certainly no need for retaliation of that magnitude. There is a saying in Spanish, “Guerra avisada no mata soldados.” It means that when you announce a war ahead of time you don’t get to kill any soldiers. And so I prepared. This soldier would not go down without a fight. It didn’t take very long and I didn’t resort to unethical means or ultra-sleuthing to discover anything. It was all there for the taking to anyone who spent a few minutes researching. I tucked all my findings neatly into the now infamous file folder and hoped I wouldn’t have to use it.”

Ana is using the oldest ever PR move… ask a lot of questions and don’t give any answers.  Keep everyone guessing as to what REALLY happened… even though Ana could very easily explain it all.   ‘Cause that will keep everyone begging for Miami to get the green light from Bravo for another season.

Hate to break it to Ana… but as for another Miami season, Ken said it best:

Lea Black also submitted her BravoBlog… and makes sure to explain exactly HOW she “met” her husband, Roy Black..

lea black

“My husband and I have been together, faithful, and happy for twenty years. And no, I didn’t meet him during a trial. I did watch him in a trial though and nine months later I met him personally. He has always been an advocate for the downtrodden, the underdog, second chances and good people that made bad choices. Even though we have a very good life and lifestyle, there are countless stories of people no one ever hears about that he has helped pro bono and many people that owe their freedom to his hard work and belief in them. And many more souls that are still unfairly incarcerated that he works tirelessly for day and night, because he believes they deserve the best defense they can get.”

Lea gave her opinion about “aging”…

“I welcome aging — what’s the alternative? I always wonder why people find such glee in criticizing one’s age. I feel we are lucky every year we live a year longer. So I’ve filled my years working, trying to do the right thing, and enjoying my friends and family while working on charitable causes I believe in…”

… before letting everyone know where and how to buy her stuff!

NOTE:   Let’s see how Ana views “aging” when she reaches Lea’s age… and Lea ain’t even old!   IMO, Ana’s jabs at Lea’s age were words which Ana will regret when that ol’ Karma comes around to bite her!  Getting older is inevitable… it happens to everyone, whether we like it or not!  If you don’t believe that, just ask MamaMumbles!  IMO, ageism is in the same category as “fat” jabs.  Good thing that Lea didn’t gain two pounds… the fat attacks by Ana would have been relentless!  

Yes, aging and fat… the last two ways of being an emotional terrorist… “You’re FAT” and “You’re OLD”!!

lea black walker pg

As for Lea “defending” her husband’s occupation as a criminal defense attorney, Roy Black certainly had to have had that battle in his brain justifying how he can defend another human being for their criminal acts… when he KNOWS they are as guilty as sin.  The same brain battle as Johnny Cochran, Alan Dershowitz, F. Lee Bailey, Mark Geragos, Leslie Abramson, Anne Bremner, Robert Shapiro… and more… have had.  But, as the cliche goes… “somebody has to do it!”

The trial in which Lea first laid eyes on Roy, and vice versa, was that of William Kennedy Smith who was charged with raping a woman in Palm Beach.  If anyone thinks that Smith would have gotten off had he been defended by a lesser criminal attorney, they are being naive about how the criminal justice system works.   You get what you pay for… and you gotta pay a LOT to get Roy Black to even review a case!

Yes, Roy and Lea Black “give back” via their Annual Gala.  How ironic is the fact that the young criminals who are the recipients of the Blacks’ benevolence each year are the very same criminals who could NEVER afford to hire Roy Black if they commit a crime later in life!   IMO, the Black’s Annual Gala should be called what it really is:

The Black’s Annual “Guilt” Gala.

And, don’t forget… BUY their stuff!!

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239 comments on “ANA QUICKSAND: Ana’s BravoBlog… Ana Goes After Lea Even MORE…Calls Lea “Racist”… Ana Leaves MORE Questions Unanswered… BUT, BUY HER STUFF!… LEA BLACK’S BravoBlog… Clears Up “Meeting” Roy Black… AND, BUY HER STUFF!

  1. I think RHOM will get a 3rd season, just on a lower budget. I think Karent will definitely be a cut and maybe Ana. It’s kind of gross how nasty she’s being but a lot of people are on her side. Lea has something that Ana will never have: personality.

    Loved this post.

    • I agree, they are going to get rid of Karent (really have nothing) and Ana it depends. They may keep her to use her as a foil on Lea. I think Alexis is coming back for next season, thats just me. Lisa is coming back and so is Joanna and Audrianna and that is because of their good looks (I love Alexis aka cocaine barbie).

    • Lot’s of those comments on Ana’s blog seem to be written by the same person in many of them. I think her daughters are writing, and I think the lady’s on the show are on there writing comments to and for each other.

      If not for Mama Elsa, I don’t think Miami would have a chance to come back, but Andy and Kelly’s hubby(forgot his name,,,cutie pie) really liked Elsa, and neither seemed to care for Leah, especially Kelly’s hubby….CRS has hit me, I know his darn name and he is a hunka hunka!

      • Sorry, but I cant stand Kelly’s husband, Mark Ripa, I mean c’mon, talk about being relevant, if it were not for Kelly and WWHL Kelly’s husband would never be on TV, cause he sure in the hell cant act and he has the nerve to come off like he is better then everyone else!!!

    • Excuuuuuse me? I live in Miami, I watched the William Kennedy Smith trial religiously as I grew up in Palm beach and mybfamilybis still there and I distinctly remember her being a juror in that trial. They didn’t go public for many months, but why is she lying about it? She made goo goo eyes at him throughout the whole thing. Why is she lying?

      • @gessie If I recall correctly wasn’t his involvement with Lea something of a scandal at the time because she was a juror in the WKS trial? Lea openly flirted with him and people were incensed after the trial and the not guilty verdict especially after they came out as a couple. If nothing was amiss happened why is Lea whitewashing the subject all these years later?

        • I can’t stand lea . She’s shady.I also question her involvement with Roy at the time of the trial. WKS came into a restaurant I managed after the trial.An arrogant nasty kid with a real creepy vibe.Lea surrounds herself with misfits and criminals so she can feel benevolent and superior. I enjoyed Ana on the show and loved the fact that she owed nothing to Lea and gave her what shes been serving to those who feared her wrath.Lea showed her true nature jumping up and trying to point her finger while screeching her second hand lawyer speak.Lea obviously isn’t used to anyone talking back. We didn’t see the discussion related to the “folder” because of an injunction. I am sure there is much more to come on this one.

          • ITA. My former neighbor is a detective and she always said to respect the creepy vibe/intuition and that it is usually a valid response to someone who is dangerous. Natures warning signal to avoid certain predatory people and it can be anything from being creeped out or someone that makes the hair on your neck stand up or any physical response to a stranger. I wonder if Andy will be shut down by the Blacks at least in terms of future revelations.?

          • Since Ana was the one who completely kept her cool and Lea totally lost her’s and her voice hit the chicken decibel level, I’d say by counting the number of times Lea bounced up out of her seat, Ana won.

            • Bahahaha. indeed. ‘cept in Bravo HW reunion world the number if times one bounces up off the couch translates into more $ for next seasons contract. Ramoner is queen of this. And we all know how lucrative it was for Tree.

            • Yeah, but as we saw in the last New Jersey reunion, Andy was quick to tell Tree to take a seat. He wasn’t having it from her anymore.

            • LOL. She was kind to him this year. If she wanted to send that ole boy bouncing across the room she could have.

            • I know. Oh to be a fly on the wall when Daddy Cohen spoke with him over it the first time she sent him flying. You reckon Andrew did a lil extra prep for the last NJ reunion just in case?

      • There is a tinge of BS to that claim of it being an innocent meeting, because People magazine at the time mentioned that she went to the celebratory party after the trial and hugged all the defense attorneys. Then Lea’ went out to dinner with Black in Dec 1991 when he was separated from his wife. She claimed she thought he wanted to talk about the trial. At the time Lea’ was romantically involved with her business associate Al Perkins. Six months later she broke off with him and started dating Black. Black was married to his 2nd wife Naomi Morris (m. 1984) with whom he had his only child, a daughter who was 10 at the time. When they secretly married 28 Feb 1995, it was a big deal in the press, since she’d been a juror. She’d also been married and divorced.

        • Ooo, it sounds like Ana might have had some serious dirt in that folder she had, and all of this would explain why Bravo chose not to air it. Perhaps Mr. Black made a few phone calls to NBC higher ups.

          • Its very interesting. But I wonder if Roy Black has that kinda pull with NBS(and all that THAT implies) then does this mean ANA would not be returning if THAT was gonna be the storyline, the Lea vs Ana thing? See, one more reason why she needs to do a remarriage ceremony with her ex :)

            • Well ya’ gotta wonder. Even if Roy Black personally doesn’t have the pull, those that he has helped with his legalese might just. And it could mean Ana will not be back….or if Lea were truly wise, she’d allow Ana to return so that it doesn’t look like it was her fault, but possibly see that she has a more limited role. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

            • If Ana goes with the remarriage thing I have been plugging she might end up with a spin off. Robert’s strange can get a job at that Vanderpump restaurant were loose moral young peoples work… ‘cept’n I think the 30 years old gf is a bit long in da tooth for BH standards.

            • made is right. Roy Black doesn’t have that kind of pull with NBC, c’mon that’s just reaching for the stars LOL! At best there is a clause in Lea’s contract protecting personal info. from being released w/o the possibility of a a lawsuit. Then again, in typical Blavo BS fashion they may just love sellin’ that “what is it?” BS. Lea may also have had her attorney threaten a suit if info. was shared, in which case Lea should be 86’d from the show IF ( and that’s a big IF) the show returns. Of course, blavo never should of let Jac-a-loon Bubba Jax return for season 4 re: the obvious ‘gag order’ on the Laurita legal financial mess.

            • I think the HW contracts would prolly say, you cant sue us(bravo) if your personal info get leaked. But then again Roy Black is Leas husband so he could have been the only househusband on history to put ANY favorable language in the contracts that would serve to protect the interest of the HW.

            • Oh, I suspect the BH Housewives did as well, since three of them were former actors, and I suspect at least one of the NY wives did as well. Again though I don’t think that it was a contractual issue so much as someone with access to those with influence making sure that certain details were eliminated in the final editing which like happened with whatever Brandi said on the BH show.

            • It’s the old Blavo cut and edit (ala Brandi re Maloof Hoof’s secret) it’s way more exciting NOT to show something and let us wonder what the hell it was.

            • It’s not so far fetched that with the clients Roy Black has had, that he would have access to people with influence at a network. While he might have been fine with his wife appearing on a reality show, that doesn’t mean he wants anything to be said or done that would be detrimental to his business. Big business is a small world, with the a finite group of executives going from corporation to corporation. I am sure attorneys like Roy Black on the speed dial of anyone who has or may get into a sticky situation.

        • Stuff like this makes me wonder how many jury peens Casey Anthony had to suck. She is prolly still at it to this day.

        • IMO Lea saw Roy Black and she saw her future and $$$$$$$$. I remember all that mess when it went down. Thanks for confirming that she was a juror. My memory is probably faulty but didn’t she send him notes or something during trial? I could be wrong so grain of salt fellow posters. Also something about meeting him for lunch after trial was over?

    • I was surprised when Alexis was let out of the contract – I realize she had the issues with her boys but she was pretty good.

      I really, really like Ana. We all sit here and complain abuot these fake story lines, and finally here comes a real woman and people say she’s too boring. I don’t get it. My only complaint about Ana is that she isn’t super super wealthy like most of the others.

      Karent can go. Love me some Lisa, but she needs to step it up a bit. Take us shopping! Show us your stylist! Let’s go look at new homes!

      • What I found especially interesting about the reunion, was that Lisa was consistanty telling Joanna when she was wrong, and she and Joanna made some faces when Lea was responding to what Ana had to say. I think they were trying to stay out of it, but knew that much of what Ana said was the truth.

    • I love ana and she is fearless. Leah has absolutely zero personality and only cackles out insults followed by laughter. Leah pretends to have empathy, but is really an emptyj shell that is attracted to lowlifes.. However, she is necessary to the show as well as Ana. Someone has to call her on her sh*t and Ana did it so well.

      My pick to go is Lisal. Too boring and sweet. Keep Karent, those teeth are priceless and she is extremely arrogant. She must stay. Replace boring lisa with Alexia bc Alexia has balls and brings on the drama. My2cents

      • I wanted someone to check her seat for eggs. I thought that was why Lea kept jumping up and I thought it was unfair of Miss Andy to tell her to sit down. She probably didn’t want to scramble ‘em.

  2. Given all the back talking Lea did all season, it is conceivable that Lea did tell people she was going to go after Ana at the reunion, since she was the only one she didn’t use her “humor” on all season. Does attacking Lea make Ana relevant? I have no idea. I like her, thought she was the most grounded person on the show all season, and if the show does get renewed, and hope she does return and that they leave Karent out. What I found interesting at this reunion was that Karent seemed to save up her anger for Alexia, which seemed rather odd. There is more going on there then came out during the season or on the reunion, but I would sure like to know what it is.

    • That entire side of the couch came prepared for war, imo. The show hadn’t been on two minutes before Agriana started screaming at Joanna, then Ana picked up when she shut up, then Alexis did the same thing when she finally came out! Marysol even managed to work up her ballls to finally speak up just a little….I’m sure she callled an apologized the next day for it.

      Now they want to find out what was in the ‘file’ Ana had in her hand, and said it was easily gotten by anyone….I’d like to hear all the ‘hidden files’ on all these folks, not just Leas.

      • I read somewhere that she had copies of The Blacks income taxes. I’m sure Lea gets paid a nice salary for running her charity. Nothing wrong with that If she does her job but not as philanthropic as she portrays herself to be.

        • I’m being very cynical here — or maybe just realistic, but I suspect the reason so many celebs start their own charities nowadays, instead of simply working just as hard to raise money for the many well-established and reputable charities out there, is so they can draw a nice, fat salary.

          • Hers, I think you may be onto something. Not specifically Lea, but running a charity… What kind of talent is needed? No product is offered in general, so no need to be creative or industrious. Just pick a good cause and have a fundraiser or two. Contributions would likely be tax deductible so it shouldnt be too hard to get wealthier people to donate. Then of course you draw a salary from the proceeds. Now run a charity without being paid and then I wouldnt question it.

            • If it’s true Lea is accepting or taking a salary for this ‘charity’ I think that’s terrible. There is No reason for her to be doing that. Lea lives a lifestyle that more then allows for her to Not take a salary. There are people living modest lives that continue working to support their families; while remaining dedicated and passionate at working for their charity with NO salary. Isn’t that the point?

            • However, if you look at any charity, I mean ANY large successful charity, there are always people at the executive level that take a salary. If Lea is salaried, she is an employee of the charity and therefore entitled to a salary even if it is minimal.

            • I don’t dispute that it is certainly more common to see someone at an executive level accepting a salary and it is the norm, however there are a few exceptions. There are successful charities where, without a doubt, one would be entitled and deserving of accepting a salary, but chooses not to. Perhaps, if more individuals who have a charity could view their charity in the same light then the true meaning of charity would be better understood.
              Please don’t get me wrong. I understand that salaries more often then not have to be
              paid and many are deserving–although some salaries are shocking. My point is that some have a choice especially when it IS at an executive level and it is their charity.
              In Lea’s case she to has a chose and certainly does Not have to take a salary. It comes down to a conscious decision by the individual in that position. Maybe I’ve misunderstood and this is Not Lea’s charity, but one she supports. I thought she started it. Regardless, she most certainly could say No to taking a salary.

            • Many of those CEOs salaries are the only income they have… some devote more time than a full time job. Others, the salaries these “charitable” CEOs get are outrageous… I don’t care how much work they do… someone should not be getting rich and living the high life if that’s their career of choice. They also take luxury vacations, have expensive dinner parties, etc on the back of their charity. I don’t know… I’m on the fence about Lea’s charity income… I don’t know what kind of salary she draws for herself… but IMO, since she doesn’t need the money, why take a salary? It’s a CHARITY! Does she donate to her charity? If so, why take a salary? But there are too many unknown variables for me to judge her on it.

              All I know is I research a charity before donating. I have my few favs and rotate between them. I can’t afford to give much, but every little bit helps. But what I’ve found out about some of the well known, successful charities is reprehensible.

              I read that’s what Ana had in her folder. All kinds of “interesting” info about Lea’s charity. Apparently, the women were surprised about what they heard. That’s why Lea seemed so shaken up during the reunion. It was presented early on. Obviously, Lea’s attorneys made sure none of it was aired. Does have my curiosity up although not much would surprise me at this point.

            • I could go on & on about this but really the bottom line is… Lea is in a better position then most so taking a salary for this charity is Not necessary. I’m actually surprised to hear that she is, then again maybe not. What would be the purpose of her taking a salary? She certainly doesn’t need the money and If she believes in what she is doing then isn’t the ‘charity’ part enough for her?
              I guess I’m just trying to wrap my head around this. Yes I know that for some CEO’s it is their only work and their only source of income, but it still brings me back to why some of the outrageous salaries? I’m just pointing out there are exceptions. In Lea’s case I don’t get at all why she would take a salary? I don’t even know that it is true that she does.

            • Read somewhere that the implication is the party costs more than the proceeds so some kind of tax thing

      • The responses are getting really small here, so I’m going to respond this way. Let’s keep something in mind here. This isn’t a charity that helps homeless youth, or for victims of domestic violence, but is in fact for underprivileged criminals to get better legal representation! I mean come on. If Lea is getting paid to run it, I don’t think she thought anyone would care!

        • I see your point bsbfan.Clearly, I didn’t know enough about Lea’s so called ‘charity’ and I’m annoyed that it was even discussed in the category of “Charity’ work. Based on the way it has been talked about on the show, I presumed it to be something it wasn’t. You’re right. Where there are no scruples to begin with, why should any follow.

          • I think most people really didn’t hear what she said, or might have thought it was a toss off line, since the scene was cut rather strangely, perhaps to keep us from truly paying attention to what she said. After I heard it, I wasn’t at all surprised that Lil Wayne was a featured performer! LOL!

        • Is this a charity or the Blacks Foundation? I’m really curious because I know a few wealthy people who use their “foundations” as tax write offs and as a form of employment for various relatives who want to feel independent while getting family cash via a cough paycheck.

          • That’s what I’m wondering about also “Aint?” The whole Lea’s charity on the show was portrayed in a certain light. Now what I’m reading has me questioning what “it” is at all.
            All we saw was Lea throwing an event. The question now “event” for what? How and why is this being depicted as a ‘charity’? The whole salary question just brings up more questions. I wondered the same thing about the “Black” Gala.

            • The are Charitable Foundations some purchase art and donate it to museums or loan it to museums . Some donate rather large sums of money to medical research . They are perfectly legitimate but they are also a means to provide gainful employment to family members rather than just handing them a blank check. Also any donations are tax deductible. I’m not implying the Blacks aren’t on the up and up but I am questioning the extent of their charity. It may perhaps be a bit or a whole lot self serving in that Lea can cover herself in glory, be a star on the charitable circuit, rub shoulders with celebrities, party like an aged debutante while acting like Mother Teresa of Miami.

          • Ohhhhh the plot thickens. I have no idea, but I wouldn’t be surprised, given all that Lea said about her “donors”.

          • The consequences foundation. I haven’t found any ratings on the foundation so I don’t know the breakdown of things.

    • Alexis is the one who saved the gossip page for the trip to humilate Karent, I can see clearly why she doesn’t llike her. Alexis also had him on her magazine cover, so she must have thought he was fine herself, And why did Ana lie all season and say it was not her texting Rodolfo when she said it was her at the reunion…why did she lie about it?

      I didn’t like Lea at all until Ana talked about her selling makeup out of the back end of her Pinto! I can appreciate that Lea does know something about having to work and not being born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Ana attended college, but her parents paid for it, so that’s not real hard. If she’d have said she worked her way through college, I’d have thought more of her and her education. Don’t get me wrong, if parents can afford to pay for their children’s college, more power to them…but some are not that lucky and they have to have part time jobs and end up with student loans out the wahoo when they finish getting their degrees.

      • that doesn’t mean she didn’t have loans. i grew up in a very rich area and many people i grew up with have tremendous student loans to pay back thru their 40’s.

      • Ana didn’t lie. She replied to texts that came to her from Rodolpho, as anyone would when they received a text. She is saying that he initiated the contact, and not her.

      • No, see I think there’s more to it then just the gossip page. Alexis has known Rodolpho for roughly the same amount of time Karent claims to have dated him, even if it was on and off. Therefore I suspect Karent knows that Alexis more then the other’s, would be the one most likely to know if the relationship was real or total BS as has been reported all over the internet. I mean come on. The one thing Rodolpho said that made a lot of sense, was when he told the men that he had been engaged to a woman during his supposed break up from Karent…and yet every time Karent brought up marriage, he turned his head, or closed his eyes, or generally ignored what she was saying. Karent was attempting to cut Alexis off before she could say something so many already knew, and I think that’s the reason for the obvious animosity.

        • Also during the beginning of the season Alexia said she would see Rodolfo at parties by himself and he never mentioned having a gf or KarenT. I think KarenT used him for the show but she also still loved him. I think he could’ve cared less for her.

            • I just don’t see what any woman would see in this guy? Sorry, but there is nothing attractive at all about him. Hey maybe he is the missing circle on Ms.Sh’s “guess who” with Miss Mandy and Manderson Cooperson LOL?!

            • Yeah, I don’t get it either. He didn’t come across as charming in the least, an actually seemed kinda smarmy whenever he looked at the other women in the cast.

            • I gotta agree with ya on that. In fact, hold on to your socks, I know I have been hard on him over the laundry thing and his need to sup at the teet of da house of Ana but personality-wise Ana’s ex got em all beat.

            • I just wanted to clear up my comment about ” I don’t think he’s attractive or what women see in him.” My comment was actually following a comment about that ‘Rodolfo’ clown. I Just saw that somehow this convo. went back to Anna’s ex-hubby, and I wasn’t talking about him. It’s that “ruf- Rodolfo” that reminds me of a weasel and I think is unattractive.

            • I think Karent will only consider associating with those who will advance her career. Ruolpho is a somewhat “celebrity” and attractive and that was all that karent cared about. I think she thought he would kiss the ground she walked on cuz she was a self-made educated attractive woman with a good income and a great catch for him. Not like the bimbo/ettes he meets on the soap opera set. Surely he could see that, or so she thought. She was humiliated that he used her and made a joke out of her. Alexia needed to put that conceited “full of herself”, arrogant Karent in her place. She’s not so special after all and a fame-whore like the rest of them.

              Notice how, when andy asked lisa about her past in las vegas, she started talking about the ahole bf she spend 3 years with. really lisa? ya think that’s what the viewers wanted to know. she was trying to minimize talking about her career. However, I don’t care enought about her to care. bravo, if someone needs to leave to make room for alexia, please pick lisa. her overly botoxed face, blow-fish lips and chiclet teeth are getting on my last nerve.

            • Yeah and I’m thinking that’s why her husband’s mother really doesn’t think much of her. She is really an odd looking woman with all the work she’s had done, including the duck lips. It’s too bad some women don’t seem to know when to stop with the blow up doll lips.

      • Ana received Rodolfo’s texts but lied to Karent about texts he received from this other Ana by telling her they were from Miami Ana. Texts that were obviously suggesting that she was interested in him. Rodolfo lied, not Ana. Ana finally felt vindicated because texts she was accused of sending to him were from another woman with the name of Ana.

        • Exactly! I think a lot of people missed that part of the episode. The woman mentioned in the article Alexia had was named Ana!

          • I caught that. I am wondering if she is still with him since her picture was blurred out and no one could use her full name on the show I am sure its prolly someone we wouldn’t know anyways but still its like she didnt give POP permission or something.

            • I am wondering too if the anamosity between Alexis and Karunt has anything to do with Alexis not featuring Karunt in the magazine. I am sure the dentist had her PR rep contact the local mag to see about featuring her and I am assuming they turned her down? Interesting angle. And if I was POP I would have went with that instead of the horsechit that they ended up going with.

            • Ya’ gotta wonder. The moment Alexia opened her mouth, the look in Karent’s eye’s when to ice cold, so there has to be a very good reason why.

  3. I admire this woman’s husband..(I think her name is Ann something – dont remember)
    This man is with another woman – yet he has the X washin’ his clothes, payin the bills,
    cookin’ raisin’ kids….she is beyond an idiot….she’s….there is no word…

    • Do I ever agree with that! My ex would find a bucket of ashes when he come to pick up his nasty laundry if he left them at my house to wash….best bet would be to teach his young gf how to do laundry.

      • That sounds like hatred. Ana obviously still has feelings for her ex, and therefore would have no reason to burn his laundry, and according to the blog he wrote, he still has feelings for her to. 22 years is a long time for two people to be together.

        • Good then I expect him to start doing her laundry now. :) Maybe have the new girlfriend pre-treat? :) What does he do for her? ‘sides show up to eat? Serious question because I am intrigued.

          • It’s freakin’ laundry, goodness sake. If you want to know what he does for her, besides love and help to care for their shared children, you can google the blog he wrote, and ask him directly.

            • I read the blog he wrote. Still dont know what the man does ‘cept show up. I think he should do her laundry a few times. Maybe even help her pack for a romantic getaway with her new feller. Help her pick out lingerie. Ya know be useful. He’s bout as useless as tits on a boar. So sayeth the Made.

            • I don’t have to know what he does for Ana and their children. The show didn’t delve deep into their relationship, and that’s fine with me. They are living their lives in a way that suits them and makes their children happy, and that should be all that matters.

            • Agree… there were no lists provided. I don’t make lists of what I do for my bf and what he does for me. Obviously it’s enough for Ana not feeling put out by doing his laundry. Honestly, with so many divorces ending in hate and vengefulness, I credit them tremendously for being amicable and respecting one another. Being divorced myself… I wanted to be able to remain friendly but he wanted everything or nothing at all. He made it nasty and it was completely unnecessary.

            • Ana dont feel put out by it because she is USED to it. I think she deserves better. They can still be amicable without him manipulating her into still doing his crapwork. If they want to impress me then let the viewers see him show up to take the girls (his grown two) out to dinner that HE pays for or HE makes himself spending quality ALONE time with them and if he still insist on being the lovable clown I can appreciate that too so show up in a shrunken shirt. maybe bleach splattered pants….. Let the viewers watch you tell Ana and the girls you did your own laundry and aint they all so proud at your big boy attempt at living your own life n stuff. A real awe shucks moment. Have the whole family linger in the foyer for too long(because I DO enjoy their banter) and oh oh ding dong. Doorbell rings and its Ana’s new BF showing up to take her out to dinner and treat her like a queen.. And Scene.

            • Wow! I’m not sure when I said “nothing” but O.K. If that works for you, then who am I to judge? :)

            • p.s. Men dont get badges of honor of doing what the chit they ‘sposed ta be doing anyways… loving and caring for their own spawn. That’s a given. So please impress me. What does he do? Sides show up when its convenient for him and more than likely NOT convenient for the new dude.

            • Definitely agree with Made. There’s no way i would allow my ex (or whatever) to dump his dirty laundry on me while he’s out screwing around. Both of my boy’s even do their own laundry.

            • Yes, they should get badges of honor for doing what they are supposed to do, when there are far too many men who don’t, or who think that throwing money around is equal to being emotionally available for one’s family, just as women do.

            • If it works for them, that’s all that matters. I know my bf does soooo much more than my ex-husband did that I don’t feel resentful when cooking dinner, etc. and am actually happy to be able to do something for him. As far as laundry, we both do it.

            • Of course it’s confusing to two teen age girls. Probably even more so. I like Ana but her husband has all the benefits of marriage and none of the responsibility. He’s like some overgrown Frat boy chasing tail but still dragging his laundry home to Mommy. Sends a terrible message to their daughters.

            • The only part of the “responsibility” we have been led to believe he is not….performing….is sharing a bed with Ana. You don’t have to live in the same home with someone to share responsibilities.

            • Not true. Its what is supposed to be done. No one deserves a dadburn pat on the back for being a decent human being.

            • I have to concur with Made. Let’s stop glorifying men who do what women have done for centuries without praise or pay. Maybe if it was a given and expected of men as it is for women it would be more difficult for men to wriggle out of. I am all for congeniality after a divorce but this goes beyond dependency . If the ex wants his laundry done drop it off at the cleaners or hire a maid. Seriously boundaries, people, boundaries.

            • I agree. I am all for amicable but that is NOT what this is. This is taking advantage. And make no mistake those two grown young ladies re watching and taking notes. Would he want their exs to ever do this sorta thing to them? no. When you “cant do” marriage anymore then that means you dont “get to” do the comfortable things about marriage anymore either. I think ole boy is scared to death to be honest.

            • Well she is. Ole girl cries all the dang time. Just do your own dang laundry , its not that difficult.

            • I am sure you do Karen. The “you” in my comment was referring to men in general that want the comforts of home and the excitement of strange… like Ana’s ex ole whatshisname.
              When my dad and mom divorced, my dad remarried so he never had to do my laundry when I came to visit. But my momma never starched nary a shirt after the divorce for him either so… men they do gots they tricks but us girls see through that crap.
              I think it would be cute if her ex tried to do his own laundry. Lots of comedy gold in that for sure.

            • Do you think that she washes his funky sheets with sex stains from his amorous activities with the girlfriend? Blech! I hope she wears gloves when she does the laundry.

            • Maybe she wipes his behind for him, too. Remember the potty training days, “Mo-om, I need your he-elp!” coming from bathroom, after a number 2?

            • I used the term boundaries because while I admire their attempt at cordial this isn’t healthy and shows a genuine reluctance to move forward . I imagine that their daughters find this confusing. I’m not knocking Ana I find her to be a gorgeous woman, a devoted mom and kudos on the career but she deserves a mate who will cherish her and not treat her like the housemaid even after he moves out.

            • Their daughter’s are darn near grown. It’s not confusing to them. They know their parents well enough to know what is up between the two.

            • Wow! I am over thinking this? I am laughing at these women who beclown themselves by acting like fools on so called “reality” shows. I do not take these people seriously, nor do I criticize other posters for making comments about the housewives. I am here to comment about the real housewives, NOT to make editorial comments about other people posting comments on this blog. Have a nice day.

            • Oh, come on. Women are always looking for someone to pat them on the back when they work and raise children. Why shouldn’t men deserve the same?

            • Oh yes please. That’s women to a T desperate for praise and a pat on the back? Uhm…seriously? My husband and I both work equally around the house. We both raised our children. We both had demanding careers. It isn’t about praise it was about devotion to our family and doing whatever needed to be done to move our family forward and take care of their needs. It isn’t you or I it becomes us when you say those vows.

            • He doesn’t deserve praise for not doing his laundry . He doesn’t deserve praise for being a father. It’s his responsibility and to suggest otherwise is an insult to fathers everywhere.

            • I was married for thirteen years when I divorced, and I had two sons. Both boy’s were taught as soon as ex was out of the picture, that housework was a job for everyone! I worked all the hours I could, and made certain both boy’s knew how to cook and clean a house just like women do. My ex thought a ‘real’ man should never have to wash a dish…in fact, he did nothing around the house. I didn’t want my sons to grow up thinking that having a ‘wife’ was like having a ‘made’ and should they ever end up divorced like me, they’d know how to fend for themselves. My oldest son is in his early forties now, and he, his wife, and their two kids ALL do housework, and that way the house runs real smooth. Both parents work, the kids work doing house chores for their allowance. So, imo, those daughters should be doing their on laundry, and ex needs to be doing his or get his young gf to do it for him.

            • Well so we will have to agree to disagree. I do my daughter’s laundry as well as my mother’s before she passed away. Different families handle household maintenance different ways, one is no better or worse then the other.

    • I am telling you right now, that would never fly in my house. My hubby lives here and we share the cooking, cleaning, kids, clothes and every other job that comes up. We both work full time and neither of us would have it any other way. If we were separated, he best not show up on my door step with laundry.

  4. What a miserable witch! You live in Miami you have good career. These other howives are making personal appearances at flea markets to pay the mortgage.

  5. I might be the only one, but I was just waiting to see someone put Lea in her place. Her underhanded jabs and cunning laugh as fake as the grin on Karent just annoyed me. It was about time someone shook the nest for Lea as she was getting away easy like Adrienne on BH did for so long. Yes the old jokes were an only resort for Ana but I wish she used SH’s ironic point about the gala and defending the very criminals who probably could never afford Roy Black legal services or the fact that their wacky Coral Gables home was built on defending rapists and drunk drivers. That would have made for an educated debate to increase the IQ levels of Lisa and Skank-Anna. Without Ana going after her, this reunion would’ve been paint drying.

    • You aren’t the only one… I feel the same way. I think Lea’s been nothing but a hypocrite all season, and I’m glad someone told her off. Lea isn’t half as classy as she believes she is.

    • Nope, you’re not the only one. Ana was the only one that has ever managed to shut Lea up! Although I believe Ana is off base on calling Lea a racist.

    • Although Ana’s ageist comments were unfortunate, I really like Ana and want to see her come back. I believe Lea thought she was the “voice of reason” on the show when in actuality it was Ana.

      I think Lea does add a lot to the show, but I question her choice in friends. It says a lot about her character.

      Ana’s ability to stand up to Thomas was a highlight of the season for me. It was a profound momment that did not get enough coverage at the reunion.


      • And although I have mixed feelings about Mama Elsa, I was glad to hear that she hasn’t spoken to him since.

        • Was also delighted to hear that Mama Elsa has not responded to Thomas Kramer’s request for a play date.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Ana has hutzpah.

        Although I don’t know why she went all agist and accusing someone of racism all of the sudden. Both seem like tacky low blows. Ana can handle herself very well when she wants to, I found it odd that she went that route.

        Maybe its what she thought the viewers wanted? A “Prawstitution Haw” type of moment?

        • Yes, “racism” is a term being used rather loosely these days. The correct term would be ethnicism, since “Cuban” is not a separate race in and of itself, and both Ana and Lea are white as far as I know. Therefore, unless Ana is saying that Lea is against her own race, which doesn’t appear to be the case, then she really needs to take the word “racism” out of her vocabulary in this case. Then again, perhaps Ana believes Lea is bigoted and places those from certain Latin American countries above other’s? I would have no idea since I don’t know the woman, but apparently this is something important to Ana so there you have it!

            • But Cuban’s are granted exile and therefore citizenship as soon as they hit our shores, so she didn’t need to get mad about the green card thing, except that it upset her friend Marysol.

    • There a are a lot of people that have used sex to get ahead in life. Perhaps Joanna did and perhaps she did not. Does it really matter? What proof do we have? I don’t have a problem if people don’t like a housewife for their shown behavoir, but it does annoy me when we see rumor and innuendo pass for truth. Please.

        • Personally, I have no issue with a woman marrying her way into the good life, it’s the traditional way, and heck if I’d had the opportunity with the right guy, I’m not sure I wouldn’t do it myself. However, attempting to behave as if she is somehow pseudo self made, is just ridiculous. I don’t understand why she doesn’t simply celebrate your good marriage and stop acting like it’s such a bad thing by freaking out when Ana brought it up.

    • YEESSS to everything SCo said. “Her underhanded jabs and cunning laugh as fake as the grin on Karent just annoyed me”, yes, yes, yes – me too!

    • I agree with you also. I wish Ana hadn’t made some of the nasty comments, especially the age related ones, but comparatively all season Ana was the most reasonable. I love that she didn’t kiss Thomas Kramer’s a$$ and just put up, or worse, laugh at his behavior and comments. I thought, as housewives go, she was a breath of fresh air.

      • I’m not a Lea fan at all. She is devious and very adept at throwing fuel on a fire and walking away like Miss White Glove Goody Two Shoes. She loves to remind everyone of her wealth and I find that obnoxious. Good on Ana for calling her out. Ana needs to learn a bit of appropriateness when calling out others but overall I am good with her taking Lea to task. But please Ana ditch the ties to the ex and move forward.

        • I’m with you on all that. I ignored Ana’s walker comments (I like to decorate mine with ribbons and artificial flowers) and I understand that those sparklies Lea had on were borrowed anyway. Showy heifer.

          • bahahaha. Too funny. “side everybody knows when Lea needs help getting around he will have herself one of them fancy hoverround thangs

          • We have a walker her for Mil. I use it for bringing in the firewood when she’s not here. It’s a great helper!

            • I got mine doing a two-and-a half double gainer over the cats playing grab-ass. Just about done with it now. That will teach me to turn on the light. (Cats are black.)

  6. Karent has no storyline with Rodullfo out of the picture. No romance or fake upcoming wedding/engagement.Ana has not storyline with ex hubbend out of picture.There was no story there to begin with other than cooking and doing his laundry while he was having sex with a girl young enough to be his daughter.Marysol only has her mom and the fact she looks like a drag queen.Lea is the shit stirrer looking all innocent.Adriana has a fake wedding coming up.Heard her and Fredric have bee married for 4 yrs.Who knows the truth.Lisa/duck lips will bleed the pregnancy to death.She really does not want to mess up her looks or figure for a baby.Thus a surrogate.Alexia has the criminal kid that paid off the victum and the accident son to cry about and of course the GAY hubbend. JoHo is just that a hoe in denial about her past and how she got to where she is.Where ever the hell that is!!! She is annoying like Karent.Mama Elsa is there only because Mandy/Andy wants her there.

    • Good grief why is everyone obsessed with Ana doing a man’s laundry that she was married to for 22 years, or the fact that he was seeing another woman? Ana said she also was dating someone else who was unhappy that she hadn’t followed through with her divorce yet. Ana’s ex wrote a great blog defending her that I read recently, but I can’t remember where it’s posted. Ana’s a great lady who didn’t see her marriage or the man that she married, as disposable. Nothing wrong with that. Just my opinion of course.

      • I agree with you. Contrary to consensus on this board, I really like Ana. She’s strong, a straight talker and has conducted herself WITHOUT contrived drama. (Joanna/Adrianna) Ana has her own career, raised her daughters to be independent and hard working, and maintains a relationship with her ex husband (after 23 years of marriage.) It’s her choice to do his washing. She is better than ageist jokes and mean girl antics, but apart from some ill advised comments at the Reunion, I think she portrayed herself well throughout the season. Just my opinion.
        Also, I LOVE the way she stood up to Thomas Kramer.

        • I appreciated the way she stood up to creepy Thomas too. I like Ana. She should stop acting like she’s still married to her ex though, especially since he has a new girlfriend. How does SHE feel about her man being a momma’s boy with his ex wife instead of his mother?

          • See, no one talks about that part. I see laundry as something very personal, and I have a hard time having anyone outside a few family members doing my laundry. If I were in a relationship with a man who was not divorced (something I wouldn’t do anyway), I would suspect that if he is taking his laundry home, that he is also doing other things, and that would be a red flag indicating that the man I am with has not yet cut the cord.

      • I was one of the first ones on here to take up for her when the previews came out of the reunion showing her saying the “socially awkward” thing. I knew she wasnt talking about that kid. I just think Ana will be much happier when she aint saddled with that feller’s laundry no more. dats all.

  7. Ana will try to be a chef/cook in the coming season….yawning already – can’t wait to see her on Top Chef….zzzzzzzzz! She fell for the age old Bravo rumor trap – watch out so and so is coming after you at the reunion – dumb bitch went on hearsay (good lawyers work with facts). She came off as an asshat with her nasty age related attacks and looked like a BEFORE picture for DoubleDivas!

    • agreed ana was disgusting…
      seems like she is quite invested in this page, some comments are a bit to pro ana!!!

      • Perhaps because they respect her for standing her ground against Lea. No one else called Lea out.

        I think her relationship with her ex is nice and a relief from the nastiness and bitterness that comes from many divorces.

        • I am not sure why it was her duty to call lea out. where has all this putting lea in her place come from?? for what? making jokes to her close friends?
          it boggles me how anyone could respect a woman who says to another they need a walking stick, or they did their best work on their back or interrupting everyone or i have a file that is going to ruin you. the same woman who went off at a guy for not showing women the respect they deserve.

          • Points well taken. I was very bothered about the ageist comments as well. However, I think that Lea needed to be held accountable for her passive aggressive ways. She brought Joe Francis to the lingerie Party to cause trouble for Joanna. She brought James/Eileen into the picture to cause trouble with Marysol. She and her husband sat there and defended Thomas when he was belittling all the women who had no significant other with them at Thomas’s dinner party.

            So, no, Ana is far from perfect, but I will stand behind her simply for her courage at Thomas’ dinner party. I was not surprised that they did not rehash that at the reunion (just Momma Elsa’s part) because to me, it was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen on Bravo and it changed my opinion of Lea and Roy Black.

      • I wanted to like Ana bc she reminded me of a lot of my Cuban friends moms growing up here in Florida. But it got harder and harder w her OFFscreen personality of ‘If you disagree, you must be paid off’. Then at the reunion I stopped trying to like her. She made her intentions of cooking for a pay day too clear. Even if what she’s saying is correct, someone always focused on others negativity and always being condescending although she claims to be the anti-plastic one, its draining. Buzz kill!!

      • Whatever. We are all independent thinkers on SH. Please don’t insult my intelligence or opinions by insinuating that either can be bought. Ridiculous! we can disagree without using that rationale. I would never insult your opinion by claiming someone “invested” in it. Relax it’s a housewife show not the Supreme Court.

          • mmm… maybe you need to rethink the definition of the word invested – it is not always in regards to monetary terms. you have proved your own intelligence with that one!! anyway bitchiness aside let me explain.

            at no stage was i saying or thinking that anything you or anyone else on this page was ‘bought’.
            i was quite broadly referring to one particular commenter on this post whom seems to know a lot about ana and her family and what they think, feel and do etc.. ie they are heavily ‘invested’ in her defense on this page.
            i agree that everyone is entitled to their opinions, sometimes though there can be a bit of an overkill ‘of how wonderful someone is’ that it sticks out like a sore thumb.
            Thank you for letting me have my own independent thoughts.

            • @cr I can assure you that Aint Pittypat knows exactly what ‘invested’ means and does not need tutelage in the definitions of the word. She also knows when and how to use whom and who because she’s edumacated like that. But, please, do go on right having those independent thoughts.

              Go, Ana!

  8. Ana seemed to be playing Marysols savior…again. Why she had to dish out low blows about a woman aging just reflected badly back on her given she’s just divorced a man who’s happily with a much younger woman. She also seems to be jealous of Leahs ‘place’ in Miami, and it probably has to do with the fact that Roy is a much more successful attorney than she is may have also had something to do with it.

    On another note: I remember seeing Leah on WWHL and she said she had met Roy while trying to get out of serving jury duty, so not sure why she’s changing her story on how they met- but what the hell does it matter how she met the man? They appear to be a happy couple and I like Leah for her candid comments, I think she’s a funny quirky lady and she seems very dedicated to her charity work. I also like the fact that she openly admits that she loves the drama these women create and doesnt try to play the ‘I’m above all of this’ card like sooooo many of the other wives do.
    As far as her being racist- isnt Alexia Cuban? Leah seemed pretty choked up over Alexias issues with her children as a mother relating to another mother. I can recall Leah saying about Herman that she’d NEVER heard the gay rumors, that she’s never heard that about him, she has never done anything to Elsa (Cuban) and clearly they have a good relationship. Ana just seemed like a dog with a bone and was TRYING WAY TOO HARD to be ‘funny’ in her digs. In my opinion given what we know about Jonestown, and the fact that most people were in fact injected or forced to poison themselves that is on par with making jokes about other senseless acts of slaughter which would never fly- the ‘cool-aid’ business is about as funny as joking about a school-house assassin. Overall Ana showed some pretty ugly sides of herself in her overtly laborious attack on Leah. Quite frankly, Joanna deserved to be served more than any of the others IMO….

    • I don’t believe Ana is jealous of anyone. She seems like a very secure person with who she is. Drives me nuts that when anyone has a problem with anyone else is must be jealousy!

      • Agreed, Women seriously need to stop tossing that word around so freely. I don’t have to be jealous of anyone to simply not like them.

  9. Yah, I’m all set with boring, no personality Ana and permanently flared nostril Karent.

    They can both go suck huevos.

    • At the sound of the next cackle, Lea will rise up from her seat on the couch and you can check and see if she laid a fresh, free-range egg.

  10. How the hell is Lea racist? If anything, Ana is ageist, her lack of manners and respect to elders knows no bounds. Her parents must be ashamed.
    I am no Lea supporter. Ana really gets on my tits. She has this holier than thou attitude and that she is above the drama- yet she is still as famewhore-ish and as bitchy as everyone else.
    Lea- could describe Ana as shrek (that was my first thought, Bravo finally has gone beyond plastic dolls to find a shrek) but Lea didn’t.
    Lea hinted at the reason of Ana’s lack of “legal” work and why Ana is so keen in the kitchen. Something smells fishy in the culinary world of Ana. Throughout Ana was just mean monster. It is clear Ana just wants to be in s3 because really she was boring.

    • Ana’s law degree is failing her – what a limited vocabulary and nasty innuendo tossing bitch. She is very unwise to go after Lea.

      • Actually, considering the research she apparently did, I’d say her law degree is serving her needs just fine.

        • It isn’t. Making ageist comments and spouting random stuff in the hope they turn “fact” marks a bad lawyer. I have a law degree but Ana’s idea of arguing is quite poor. I hope she doesn’t represent her clients in court in the same manner.
          Her law degree has failed her.

          • The ageist comments were a result of anger, and should have had nothing to do with any degree she holds, and as far as I know, there is no charm school classes during law school, so I think her law degree has done her just fine.

            • What anger? You don’t make ageist comments. If someone said that about Ana’s mother, how would Ana feel? It is one thing to get catty, quite another to make offensive remarks.
              I am fully aware that there are no charm lectures during the law degree. Ana’s behaviour spoke volumes about her character.
              Her law degree has not done her fine rather it failed her. I am surprised that Lea did not hit back in regards to Ana’s looks and weight.

            • More than likey Ana feels a lil long in the tooth herself these days. Her ex husband is dating a younger woman(not much but still) and she was is NOT really to let go. So its possible that the age thing bothers Ana a heck of a lot more than it bothers Lea. Ana grabbed for that because it was easy and apparently at the forefront of her mind.

  11. Why was she “unwise” for going after Lea? Ana doesn’t feel the need to kiss up to anyone and isn’t intimidated by someone more “powerful” than she is. She was wrong for making some of the nasty comments she made however… but not only because it was Lea who she made them to.

    • Lea expects everyone to fall in line like sheep once the name “Lea Black” is uttered. What has Lea done besides marry well? Some of her comments are obnoxious and yet she gets away with it. Please don’t tell me her charity work is that impressive. The people she chooses as playmates are attached to her by the silky bonds of money.

  12. Dear Ana’s baby daddy,
    Its ok for you to try to be a stand alone father. You might not fail at it.. Dont be skird. Trust yourself and go out there throw yourself and be the ball. You can do it.


    • ITA Made and he needs to do it before he involves himself in a serious relationship. I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds that he benefits in ways he never imagined.

      • Exactly I was trying to find the clip of bye bye love where Randy Quaid’s character talks about the plus side of being a single dad where its just him and the kids and … In my opinion there is something very very wrong with that new girlfriend that she doesn’t mind him spending so much time at ANA’S house. Perhaps that girl is just biting her tongue and biding her time. Now she should be fine with him spending ALONE time QUALITY time with his daughters and she should ALWAYS be ok with that. But the “happy family dinner nights with his EX wife n laundry depot” thing is too much. Its reeeeeally ODD that an ATTORNEY is balking at having the new girl sign a prenup. New girl should be a-ok with that if she has pure intentions. His obligation will always be to his children first.

    • made, This was such a cute clip. How is it I never even saw this flick? I use to have THE biggest crush on Mathew Bodine!! Even had a little crush on Paul Reisner–gotta love his sense of humor! That scene with Mathew and a girl half naked–where his little boy asks “Dad what are you doing?” and his Dad awkwardly says “trying on clothes” was So..funny :). I think Rob Reiner is also a funny guy, maybe he directed it too.

    • Sorry, but “babby daddy” refers to a father who was never married to his children’s mother. I’m all for having fun at the expense of other’s, but that term is way off base in this instance.

      • No its not. He IS only a baby daddy now. He doesn’t get the PRIVILEGE of the husband title.. Thats only for the ones that stick it out and stick around. Like in a marriage.

      • Made the term baby daddy is entirely appropriate since he is the x-husband AND the father of Ana’s children. He needs to have a stronger relationship with his two daughters independent of their mother so that relationship can stand the ebb and tide of women in and out of Baby daddy’s life. Younger women can be really jealous and the ties that bind father and daughter need to be unbreakable.

        • Since both girls are moving to NYC, I am sure he is free to visit them any time he likes, and no “baby daddy” is still not appropriate, especially given that they were married 22 years. Divorce doesn’t change that.

          • They are no longer married he is no longer a husband or entitled to spousal privileges he is now relegated to baby daddy status. I don’t care where they live, plan to live, want to live , aim to live. So he visists them ? He should….. they are his children, after all.

          • The girls are Ana’s babies. Robert is and always will be their daddy. He is no longer married to their momma…. So baby daddy. Its ok, embrace it. Ana is now just his babies’ momma.
            Honk if you been waiting for me to post this one

  13. I’m a little confused. No, I would not do my ex’s laundry. But to each their own.. What I seem to be missing is that no one is perplexed or dissapointed in Ana for allowing it to continue. She’s a big girl and could say “nope, Im not doin it anymore” So if you don’t roll tat way, be dissapointed to both of them. Ana should not get a pass/

      • She’s not weak, and he isn’t taking advantage. It is the arrangement two people have who have had a relationship for decades. If it works for the two of them, more power to them. Again, if I were dating Robert, unless I simply considered him a booty call I’d be raising heck if I knew he were taking his laundry to his ex, but then again she started dating him while he was still married, so perhaps her expectations are different from mine.

        • She is a home wreckin ho and he is a whore monger. Baby daddy I reckon. and boy howdy. And Ana needs to set about extracting him from her life. Its SIMPLY not true that he MUST be part of her life forever. Convenient as that would be for him, he and his penis have forfeited that comfort. He is part of their kids life forever and that’s it.

        • Very interesting that Robert didnt include the lil tidbit of his wandering pecker in his blog about how “destroyed when my marriage to Ana ended” And that wasn’t on the show either. He doesn’t deserve his laundry to be done. He KNOWS what he deserves… and its not hateful, its cause/effect. Not convenient, I am sure, but I am sure Ana didn’t think his side piece was very convenient either..
          Yall know whats fixin to happen dont che?

          The fact that Ana is too kind/weak/doormatty to respond in this way is a GIFT to Robert, one he needs to take and slink away into the background of her life… just like ALL slutpuppy ex husbands do. And however he chooses to explain to his girls what a weak man he really is is his business. I’m sure it will be a real knee slapper.

          • I never really thought about the laundry deal until you broke it down. What’s Ana getting out of this? Who is Robert to get the best of both worlds? I will give him $15 if he asks his floozy to do his laundry. Tape it, Bravo!

            • YEEEES! They try to make out like she is such the spring chicken but ole girl is 30 years old or therebouts. She SHOULD be able to push a few buttons on a warshin machine.
              Here is the rule: You polish the knob, you pre-treat the stain.
              I dont make da rules.
              Ok well I MIGHT have just made that one up. But its one of them there precedent setting cases. We shall call it the Robert Rule O Laundry case numba 22.30

              Respect this process Robert. :)

            • .22 or .30? Ya we can go that route too but Robert don’t want that. Maybe he should cut out the lame jokes and learn to do his own darn laundry. ;-)

            • bahahahah. well here is my theory on physical violence. Sure you might WANT to kill em but if you do then they wont be around anymore to apologize and at the end of the day nuttin more gratifying than GRATUITOUS graveling….well cept FREEDOM.

            • 22 years of marriage, two years of separation and both parties seeing other people during that time. Nothing at all pissed away.

            • Ok I didnt know that. Sorry I jumped to that conclusion. Still the polish da knob/pre-treat da stain rule applies. forever and always . :)

            • Hails Bells they need to just accept that they cant live without each other and get back together then. Quit pukkyfootin around about it.What say we make season 3 the only REAL wedding. Would be a real tear jerker. The girls can get all dolled up and cry n stuff and Robert geta be da hero again. Ima dadburn genius so yalls better be listening to me. Flower girls can drop pedals made out of fabric softener sheets. Play this song at the wedding. Lets do this.

            • You sure saved his no laundry doing butt. I was just about to fly to Miami to shoot his azz but I’m a sucker for romance so 2nd wedding it is!

  14. Interestingly enough, this is what the FB page for the foundation says. With this in mind, I wonder why Lea chose to denigrate her own charity by saying…and of course I am paraphrasing…that the charity was to provide legal representation for underprivileged criminals, is beyond me. Either it’s all smoke and mirrors, or Lea realized just how bad her statement sounded right after she said it:

    After 17 years of successful fundraising through her signature event, “The Blacks’ Annual Gala” serving at-risk youth, Founder Lea Black created The Consequences Foundation in 2009 to provide educational options in lieu of incarceration for kids who are acting out or having behavioral problems.

    The Foundation’s signature program is The Consequences Curriculum, designed to teach children the consequences of their actions and inspire them to think before they act. A multimedia presentation is shown to teens going through the diversion program in the Juvenile Services Department of Miami-Dade County each year and is also available for purchase to organizations serving at-risk youth with behavioral programs.
    Funds are raised through the annual fundraiser The Blacks’ Annual Gala; through private donations and through grants.

    The Foundation is a granting foundation and has supported:

    Educate Tomorrow
    I Have A Dream Foundation
    Miami Light Project
    Barrett Green Foundation
    Juvenile Services Department Miami-Dade County

    Since it’s inception, Consequences has worked collaboratively with community based organizations to offer teens in need:

    Educational resources including scholarships to junior college; Universities and vocational schools.
    Cultural initiatives including music history and hip hop camp for career exploration in the music industry.
    Filmmaker’s boot camp to learn filmmaking techniques including script writing to improve writing skills.
    Life skills workshops to develop character-building traits and assist with conflict resolution, professional decorum, job search strategies and interview techniques.

    • Of course as you all know, FB pages can be updated at any time. Still, I would sure like to meet a kid that was taught script writing by this foundation. :)

  15. Rodolfo being a twitprick on jan 3
    Rodolfo Jimenez ‏@RodolfoJimenezM

    #RHOM B carefull when you Reject a Girl, She can Hold so much”ANGER” & will Do anything Trashy to get u down,right @Anaqooks Sorry TREPADORA

    • I lost interest in his tw REAL quick. 1st of all, he doesn’t know how to load pics. 2nd, he’s not as cute as he thinks. 3rd, pfft! I understand Spanish enough so that wasn’t it. He’s ugh…

  16. Well, Norman is a judge, and the only Jason Clarke I found through a quick Google search, is an actor.

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