THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: It Ain’t Over Yet!… Still Got That “Lost Footage” Episode!


Scenes from the never-ending Real Housewives of ***YAWN*** Miami…

How Lea picked up Frieda…


Adriana gets a movie part.  Can only say that Adriana is a much better actress than HagfaceKyle!

HagfaceKyle’s guest “starring” role as the nosy neighbor on CSI… or Law and Order… or one of those shows where HagfaceKyle got the part by a friend of a friend of the nephew of Kyle’s neighbor’s babysitter who used to go to school with one of Kim Richard’s ex-husbands…

AND… the blind leading the blind!   HagfaceKyle gives NayNay “acting” advice:

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80 comments on “THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: It Ain’t Over Yet!… Still Got That “Lost Footage” Episode!

  1. She should be good at acting…it’s not real life & apparently, neither is most of her life & the stories she tells ;)

  2. Just heard the collective sound of millions of TV remotes changing the channel at the first appearance of HagFace!

  3. Adriana looks like she’s gonna pass a stone or something. Her acting was marginally better than HagFace’s only because she didn’t have any dialogue so she could butcher the language.

  4. I wrote all this and forgot to double check it for grammar and such. LOL :D Oh well, at least it’s understandable.

    • Shoot, the only reason I watch Housewives is to bash them (and to check out their clothes and homes and whatnot). Everyone knows they are a bunch of trumped up wannabe actors that dig the limelight. Having said that, Miami is much better this season than the first. That first season was a real snoozefest, but I’ve enjoyed this season a lot more. Well, except for Elsa, and not because she’s messed her face up, but because I just think she’s weird. Really weird. I’d watch a season 3 if there is one. Unfortunately, since Bravo has decided to shove Faye Resnick down my throat, I’ll have to quit on Beverly Hills after the Reunion. It’s a bummer because they have the most dough and therefore the most sparkly stuff. I do enjoy sparkly stuff.

        • Good tune, madepiley! Shiny stuff is almost as good as sparkly stuff! I know I shouldn’t admit this, but I even liked the shiny sparkly tinsel Adrienne used to wear in her hair. I’d get a little glint of it every now and then and found it fun. Course this was before Adrienne fell off her Louboutin, hit her head and all her brains came out (this is the only explanation I can find for her behavior this season). Now there isn’t enough shiny or sparkly in the world for me to forgive her for that atrocity she sent to Lisa in the guise as a “peace offering” flower arrangement. I know I’ve brought this up several times in my rants here on SH, but the nightmare of it still lingers…lol.

        • Thank you, Made!!! Love this song!! You never fail to amaze me with your eclectic knowledge of music. Awesome!! No wonder Gabe rocks like he does!!!

            • I used to love R.E.M. and I remember the talk was that it was about the fake way of life in China and some type of propaganda poster from China. R.E.M. was very political back in the day, but hid most meanings. Orange Crush wasn’t about a soft drink, it was about Viet Nam, etc… but I digress and show my age, yet again. ugh. lol.

      • I never watched Season 1 of RHOM. A big reason I watch is Lea… she’s my favorite housewife ever for some reason and I can’t quite figure out why. LOL. I happen to like Elsa though.

        I think if they cut Karent and made one of them part-time, the show would POP. It would be amazing. I don’t know what they could do to boost the ratings though if it gets picked back up.

        Re BH, I think Faye is too much but she’s interesting though I couldn’t take more than a few episodes with her.
        I already know what’s going to happen with a lot of these shows so I’m not too excited about the rest of BH. MEH. Loved the first season though and this is better than the second.

          • Made, who are you asking? Any or all? lol….I watch them all, but I’m very tired of NJ and next season I’m probably not going to partake of anymore of their bs.

            • The recent montage posted of Don Caro’s mug reminded me how much I am truly repulsed by her. Not gonna watch NJ, no way/no how.

            • Yep, I remember when Don was all dramatic on the reunion and cryin’ and pointing her finger “you know what you did!” So dramatic and over the top. Settle down there Chucky. And it turned out that Danielle didn’t do anything to her it was to Dina. God she always has to stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong. She’s a big buttinsky.

            • Oh come on if you hurt my sister your going to have to deal with me! I don’t really even like my sister but that wouldn’t stop me.

      • I’m with you, I’m not going to watch Faye on anything, so if she’s on BH next season, I’m done with the show. Many on Hag’s blog have spoken up about not wanting Fayke on the show, so I’m hoping they’ll let her sit everything out, or put her on another show(Kathy Griffen could have her), BH was my favorite show…but I ain’t watching Fayke do anything.

        • I agree, A bunch of us were talking last night and found it funny as we looked at a pic. of Faye R., Kris Jenner, kyle R. and a few other BH elite (or so they like to think). Ya know, these women probably do think they are the sh*t, and yes, we are very aware they have money and the rich husbands but, that group, all got it (as Ana from RHOM said) on their backs. Kris Kardashian Jenner, really should be ashamed of herself and we agreed that she should also be one of the laughing stocks of the “Real Hollywood Crowds” (meaning the ones who paid their dues and worked hard) along with Kyle Richards and her husband and Faye Resnick, cause technically all of them got their “fame” and money from someone else. Kris Jenner, from her Lawyer husband in the beginning, then remarried Bruce Jenner but, basically got rich off the back (or ass) of her daughters “SEX TAPE” of all things (along with the rest of the Kardashian family). Kyle Richards, her sister was a child super-star, Kyle couldnt even remotely compare so she followed her Mommy’s instructions on “How to land a Rich Man” and since her no talent sister Kathy had already taken mothers advice and landed a Hilton, Kyle had her fix her up with a up and coming partner in her husbands family business and in turn Mauricio latched on to his bosses wifes sister in order to move up.
          Ah, now we come to (at the time) poor frumpy, “I dont want to look ethnic” Faye Resnick.
          What a shame, no man really wanted Faye, Well they wanted her for a few hours, but not to wed, so Faye latched on to Nicole Simpson and tried to land herself a pro-athlete, but it didnt work then a few years later tragedy struck and her BEST FRIEND was murdered, and what would any good friend do at a time like this, Hmmm, we here all agreed that we would have never fathomed to have done what Faye did, you know the Faye from RHOBH who prances around like she is the epitome of class and grace, yea right, we are not saying there is anything wrong with posing for Playboy, but Bravo should really do their homework. Fayes story about what happened and where she was when Nicole was murdered contradicts what the cops have. And what about the Brown family, why doesnt someone ask them what they think about Faye.

      • Some of them I like, but the ones I don’t like….I love bashing them…I’ve been bashing several on the blogs on the BH’s section, especially Hagard and Ape and Fayke until they pulled her blog! If they think it was bad for Fayke then, do they think it’s gonna get better when she joins the cast??? I’m not going to watch the show, but I will go bash her on every blog she writes.

    • Did I miss something? Who said we have to check our spelling and grammer, cause if that is the case I wont be able to post here anymore! LOL

  5. Everyone, don’t watch Miami. Oops. They don’t anyway.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Roy Black pulled a Govenor Arnold…hitting the maid?

      • How did that go? I just pulled up her twitter and I gotta say she looks like she is trying to skin Wretchen and wear her like last years versace. Did she have Wretchen hair tonight?

        • I was surprised at the lack of advertising, here locally and her twit & FB & Eddie’s too. Even her main page of the studio has no address or phone #. I was not the only person driving around to find it. There were no signs, no cheesy balloons. Smaller then it looks on TV .lol. I got there and Ryan was standing outside on his phone with a beanie and looking like he wanted to be anywhere but there. Eddie and his teeth were there. No Tamara. Everyone seemed to know each other/were wannabee instructors or friends chatting with Mr.Teeths. I watched out the window at Ryan going in and out of his car. Then the class started. I saw him leave. No Tamara. Then I saw her and two of her kids her kids park at that space he was in and they ran in. Dressed in black, she’s tiny. She had pony tails and a black cap. She came behind me and she and her daughter joined the class then she left to get her big huge camera to take pics. Waitiing for the pics to come up on twitter haven’t seen them. She had this “look at me, I’m the boss”, bossy and frantic. There were not Bravo cameras. I couldn’t stand being in the same room with her. I grabbed my water and walked out. Took 5 seconds to get to my car. There were maybe 5 people working. Eddie, Tamara (late), receptionist, some guy in a black tee and the gal doing the class. No tours, nothing about joining. I signed a formed and gave all false information. She had her youngest son there and her older daughter. Her son sat in one of the 3 chairs in the small entry room looking mad he was there. There were 20 people there. Like I said, they knew each other. No Gretchen or Slade, no cameras. I couldn’t stand being in the same room with her and it was all wrong so I left. No way would I pay $65.00 for a day pass….her prices are outrageous and you can’t even find the place.

          • wow. Thats very surprising I figured she would get Bravo cameras there. Maybe that’s why Ryan was mad? cause they didnt show up? And to be honest with you I really didn’t even know what kind of “opening” you were referring to. I had completely forgot she wanted to open a gym. Eddie and his teeth. soooo funny. I bet you really thew them for a loop by not asking for a photo or an autograph or even saying “I watch your show”” too funny. Thank you for sharing. Now we will know if Bravo tries to film a do-over “opening” bahahahahhaa

          • You should have taken in a hidden camera, TMZ style, great reporting, thanks for taking one for the team!

    • I caught the tail end of a entertainment show the other day and I was surprised to hear that Robyn Gibb had also knocked up his maid. Must be a thing. I’ll mop ma own dang floors than ye very much.

      • Lablover27 ~ Thanks for taking one for the team and reporting back. Good work! It couldn’t have been easy. It doesn’t sound like it was a warm cordial event.

  6. Glad to hear @ reunion tonight that Karent and Rodullfo were a fake BF and GF storyline like Kenyuk and Walter were.Anything to get on the show.And they say not scripted/real.Ok.

  7. Pay me a cool $200,000 a season and I will fake it til I make it on whatever storyline you give me.Always said I could do Jerry Springer too.

  8. For some reason, I dont think Karent & R’s relationship was fake-to her. I do think it was more her than him..He did appear 2 b a player. She wanted more & he led her to believe she’d have a marriage, children etc. Alexia & Ana just seemed bitter towards everything & everybody…Ana calls R a nobody & other names but she admitted 2 continually txting him for a long period of why was that? Especially, if she thought he was scum. I do feel horrible 4 Alexia & Frankie’s accident but I didnt fall for her lame excuses for her homeless man beating son. He acted like he enjoyed what he did. Adriana even made excuses for him. Disgusting.

    • I think Alexia is disgusting. “It wasn’t a punch.” We’ll it sure looked like he sucker punched a sleeping old man in the crotch to me. If that is how a 20 year old acts outs his troubles from home then he’s one twisted little $hit. Doubly messed up for filming it.

    • Neutral, if she was being in a fake romance with that guy, she fooled me, too. She’s a pretty good actress if she wasn’t really interested in him like they were claiming. I think the other women were after him themselves and just said that. Why else would Ana keep talking to him on the phone, and Alexia putting him on the magazine. If Karent hadn’t really been interested in him, she’d have played the “woe is me I’m so heartbroken” and “please put the camera on me while I cry” role….those heifers only said that because they knew how bad it made them look by doing that to her. They got called out big time on their blogs for their meaness.

    • LOL…that’s too funny! Have yall watched the guy who was on Big Brother this season doing his impersonations of the housewives???? He had some good ones, too. I loved the one he did of Kim Z singing her tardy song with a cig in one hand and a wine glass in the other….and substituting the words “I farted at your party” the more he drank,,,,and “I peepee in your potty”….it’s cute if anyone hasn’t seen it.

        • You know, when the bios of each player come out and then the dirt, Will’s videos made him look really promising for BB, alas, he didn’t live up to most of the hype while BB was filming (there WERE seriously funny moments if you purchased the 24/7 feeds), but his best youtubes were after his exit unfortunately.

          (Ever since I found this site I have wished that Ms SH would cover BB with scathing exposes and fun recaps, but it’s just a wish. It would be seriously very time consuming with their 3 shows a week, and that would take away from all of our RH obsessions, so NEVER MIND). lol. :D

          • Yeah I wasn’t so much of a Wil the player fan. Ms Sh is over the BB shows cause they are so predictable. And if you think about it really anymore the games are set up to make sure a certain player wins. I will still watch it but its kinda interesting now to watch with all the behind the scene production knowledge that we pick up here. Do you ever watch Big Rich Texas? The producer of BB also does that one. Allison G sumpin. Anyway that one is very obviously scripted.

            • I definitely agree that BB is rigged each year. There is obviously a person they ‘help’ along the way with certain golden tickets, boot and then return, tailor made challenges. I wish they would stop that crap and just let it play out, like Survivor.
              I haven’t caught BRT, but I’m running low on shows that I look forward to, so I may just watch an ep or 2.
              Yah, her last name is Grodner and she’s the suckfest of producers. There’s this one slamfest forum that I love, during the season and damn, you should see the photochops people do of her when there is a particularly obvious ‘riggage’ in play. If you watch the feeds and then watch the show, the editing is something straight out of an LSD trip sometimes. lol.

          • Della: I quit watchin’ BB after Chicken George was voted out! That was season one! LOL!! These “reality” shows are so rigged, scripted and coordinated by producers, that they are no longer fun to watch. You can plainly see the producer’s influence and direction in all of them. Hell, I’d rather watch more of the Twilight Zone marathon… give me intelligent, scripted TV any day! The next step is to just get rid of watchin’ TV altogether and just listen to radio… it does a brain good to use imagination! TFC!!! SH

  9. so you went to the gym opening lab? excellent! weird how the kids were acting. no “glad you came or nice to see you”? even my brood of criminals know that routine. eddie & his teeth has to be crazy to marry into this mess.

  10. Adriana made the comment that Alexia’s son had drank too much when he beat/assaulted the homeless man.Ugh he just turned 20 according to his mom.Too young under age to be drinking in 1st place.These HW shows all drink to promote acohol/wines too much for my taste.Blame bad behavior on liquor like JoHo does.

    • They were making excuses for that little POS. When I was 19 I was in college and I drank a lot. My father was also in the hospital dying at the time. I never punched a hobo in the nut sack for sh*ts & giggles just because I was upset about my father and I had a few drinks. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

      • I didn’t like the excuses she made for him, either. She should have just been honest and said the truth, no excuses at all for doing that to someone. Whether he’s just a mean guy, mental problems, whatever his real situations are….she should have just owned it. Most everyone has a relative, friend that has done something really rotten like that, and she would have come off better just saying what his problem really was,,,even if it meant saying he was a rich, spoiled, drugged up mean boy. I wonder how brave the POS would have been if the man had been on his feet and not laying down asleep?

    • Thanks lab, that’s interesting….just really goes to show how these people are not friends in real life like most of us already figured….or at least I didn’t think they were. If they were friends, at least a couple of them would have made a point to be there. I hope Bravo doesn’t make us watch her do an infomercial for her business…like Marcie, Hagface’s hubby’s new business. When the message board was at Bravo, everyone griped about the peddling the women were doing in the blogs and the show, so maybe Andy has cut back on letting them peddle….unless they really bring the drama, like Kim telling Adrienne so they could jump on Brandi. Maybe Honey Boo Tamball’s will trick one of the lady’s into a surprise attack for her business. I also noticed that Adriana didn’t get her big chance to sing her song on the show like the other housewives were given, so that’s sorta why I’m thinking that.

  11. I wasnt here from the beginning and I wonder if this site got any responses of any of the real housewives. Its the biggest RH site ( I think). So its impossible none of the RH read it

    • RH: ALL the Housewives read SH. Heather Dull-BRO used her real name in comments; however, many HWs have participated in the SH Q&A (Marysol Patton, Sonja Morgan, Teresa Joodice, Melissa Gorga, Vicki Gunvalson, Adrienne Maloof… there are more!) and have communicated directly via twitter and email. TFC!! SH

    • If the RH’s read Bravo’s message boards, they certainly heard of this site. SH was mentioned regularly by members there. SH, thanks, I learned a lot of interesting things that came from here…but don’t worry, they were always giving credit to where they got their info. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again, might be why there’s not a message board anymore because SH was getting credit, and I’m sure Andy wasn’t too happy about that! I still think that’s why more comments get through on the blogs there now, too…because they never let comments in before.

  12. Last nights reunion was not a complete snore fest, I think there is some life to this franchise and perhaps coming back; Mama Elsa is keeping it on life support. Real or fake, Kar-ain’t has to go, just like Ken-Yuk. Kar-ain’t seems very desparate for a man and may have some stalker tendencies within her.;when it was mentioned she went after R through his family and followed him to Mexico or something like that; desperate. Speaking of Ken-yuk, it seems HWOA the only story line is Ken-yuk and Walter, ATL is a little on the boring side this season. Bravo better get creative or hire people who can!

  13. I enjoyed the Miami HWs show but seems many did not. I think Joanna and Brandi from Bev Hills have similar ‘character’ personas (on tv at least). Yet many viewers who support Brandi (who drinks, swears, models and speaks w/out a filter) take issue with Joanna. Surprising.
    I crack up when my husband insists on speaking to me while I’m watching HW shows yet when Joanna or Lisa are on…….silence.

    • I like both Brandi and Joanna, but the other women on the Miami show were so mean that I just can’t seem to get into that show. I don’t like to see cruelty to anyone, and imo, those ladies(some of them)were just cruel. I felt like Miami and BH were alike in that the trouble was brewing before the show started, like Brandi and Adrienne talking together and being mad when the show started. I think Joanna could hear the things Adriana and the others were saying about her while she was sitting there drinking and it ended up making her look bad….even though if I heard someone saying those things about me in hearing distance, I’d speak up right then, too, drinking or not.

      I just think there are a lot of unhappy women on the show, and lots of jealousy of the new ones, and the newcomers were not wanted by the older ones who in the end, made themselves very unlikeable to me. IMO, the only reason that show might be back is because Andy likes Mama Elsa so much. Last time I liked Marysol, but this year she just plain got on my nerves.

      • I agree- it makes me cringe to watch the younger wives get mocked; makes the older ones appear very threatened. I believe the drama and feuds are fabricated or exaggerated but the envy and competition over air-time, product promotion, salary + opportunities to bask in the rays of Miss Andy’s “glory” is cut throat. Everyone wants to be Mama Mandy’s favorite.

    • You better watch a little closer meowalert, Brandi is NOTHING like Joanna. I mean c’mon, Joanna is just blah and so fake, she thinks that her looks mean she gets a free pass, but then again, Joanna did say she adores Caroline Manzo so… And as for Brandi, she has a personality, sense of humor and she just exudes a true warmth, as many of us here (in PA.) who watch agree!!!

      • Well that explains how people may perceive the two women differently. I enjoyed Brandi’s character on BH but don’t watch anymore. I disagree entirely that one woman trades off on her looks more than the other.

  14. The interior of Lea’s house is so strange. Why is there a fountain inside? I live in Miami so I’m fully aware of the mediterranean influence, especially in Coral Gables where she lives, but it’s just bizarre.

  15. I always loved Jay’s blog on (of) the RHWNJ show. Fayke could also be Ape , if you take a closer look ;P

  16. Did yall notice JoHo’s bullcrap response to the “Did you sleep with Joe Francis?” question?
    JoHo thinks we want to know about her sleeping habits. “I dont sleep.” Yeah JoHo we know. Taint no one really suggesting ANY sleeping went on. Very clever question and answer phrasing. Also very transparent.

      • Oh yeah. But remember she dont sleep…on the job that is. No ma’am I am purdy sure when she is effing her way to the middle she is all bidnus.

        • Oh yes very professional and honest. Riiiiight
          Notice how Joanna missed the opportunity to correct Lisa when she called Joanna a supermodel.

  17. Sorry, my phone rang and I hit post to quick…..Anyway the jist of my long winded comment was that I hope these women know(most of them cause I Love lisa V.) that they think they found this new fame and I’m sure they sit around laughing at we viewers, but it dawned on all of us last night that the joke is sooo entirely on them in their fame world of “Reality TV”, Do they know that the “Real Celebs” laugh at them????

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