TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: Some of These You May Have Already Seen… Some You May Not!

It’s time to take a lil detour!  

These photos have been sent to SH from several readers…. so, a big “ThankYou” to SH readers “PDM” “PMG” “cybraxis” and “Jule”!!!

ATT00302 ATT00269 ATT00284 ATT00314 ATT00290 ATT00317

gods watching RHOBH

ATT00296 ATT00278 ATT00308 ATT00305 ATT00275 ATT00299 ATT00293 ATT00287 ATT00323 ATT00272 ATT00311 Mail-15 Mail-14 Mail-13 Mail-12 Mail-11 Mail-10 Mail-9 Mail-8 Mail-7 Mail-6 Mail-5 Mail-4 Mail-3 Mail-2 Mail-1 Mail

Saving the BEST for last!!

kutcher pg

Gretchen pg