TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: Some of These You May Have Already Seen… Some You May Not!

It’s time to take a lil detour!  

These photos have been sent to SH from several readers…. so, a big “ThankYou” to SH readers “PDM” “PMG” “cybraxis” and “Jule”!!!

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gods watching RHOBH

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Saving the BEST for last!!

kutcher pg

Gretchen pg

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53 comments on “TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: Some of These You May Have Already Seen… Some You May Not!

  1. Awee I showed Clover the pictures of the Guinea pigs and the flower he said He thought he reconized the one holding the flower as his second cousin by marriage.
    and how did that Picture of SWINE in a beach chair get in the line up.

    • lisa, they really are adorable…holding on like that! I loved the flower :). Clover is a great name. Hope he isn’t still upset about the vet.

    • I loved, loved, loved this!! All of the these adorable and beautiful animals make me wonder…how is it that we (human beings) refer to our four legged friends as beasts?? There are So many cute pics and quotes, it’s hard to pick favorites?! The deer/fawns, the kitty saying “today is the day I catch that red dot” Lol, the hamsters or guinea pigs were adorable and the Alaskan malamute (I think) with her pups telling them the story of “why we chase cats” :). I even loved the little pig sleeping, and the squirrel and the kitty-so sweet. There is a great book called: Unlikely Friendships for animal lovers out there. It’s easy and great read of true stories and pictures of animals that became friends. Many of them are SOooo surprising, it’s beyond heart warming. Thanks Ms SH :).

      • I have never heard of that book. It sounds great! I love animals and can easily get caught in a youtube black hole of looking at animal videos for hours. :D

        • Oh’s such a great book. My Dad sent it to me last Christmas…he knows I love Animals! Like I said it’s called: Unlikely Friendships by JENNIFER S. HOLLAND. The author’s name is in caps. It’s a soft back, medium sized book with a picture of a baby chimp hugging a white dove on the cover. The stories and pictures are amazing….. Everything from Tigers and Orangutan babies, to a “Lion, Tiger and a Bear”, no kidding! I’m telling you Chem..this book is SOooo worth getting.The stories are short, and all about how the natural need for friendship among ALL animals.. can even over rule “the laws of nature.” The photographs will make your heart melt, and smile at the same time! Even a leopard and a cow. I know what you mean…I can get sucked in those videos for hours also Lol. Hope you pick it up, or find it at a library :).

      • I love all animals, too….down to just a Pound Dog now, neighbors must not have liked my cats leaving footprints on the vehicle’s because it disappeared…I stilll miss that cat. The most fun pet I’ve ever had was a raccoon that I nursed (with a dropper)as a newborn. I had a dog at the time, and I swear the dog and coon were in love with each other. They would take turns playing chase, wrestle around, the coon would open the dog’s mouth and look as far down her throat as he could. I so wish I’d owned a camcorder at the time, they were hilarious to watch…..then one day the Coon went looking for a woman, I guess, and I never saw him again. Coon knew how to get in and out of the house, but I never dreamed he’d one day leave and not come back! The Pound Dog I have goes almost everywhere I go, in fact, it kinda looks like she’s driving for me, she has to keep her mug at the window! Gonna cause me to get a big fat ticket one day, good thing I don’t go much.

        • I think animals are God’s way of reaching down and giving each of us a huge HUG. Couldn’t live without my pets. They add so much to my life.

          • These ASPCA commercials are heart wrenching. One came on as I was reading your comment about animals being God’s hug. I’m such a huge animal lover… all kinds, tame and wild. As a matter of fact I just “adopted” a polar bear. ;-)

            • Can’t stand those. Have to change the channel. I figure I don’t need to see them anyway, since I’m always rescuing and adopting. They’re preaching to the choir with me and many of us, I’m sure.

            • Rescue and adoption is the best way to help our furry friends. ITA Hers, Gods way of giving us a hug!! The number of animals and pets in need of our help is alarming though and places like north shore animal league, WWF and the aspca among others do help our furry friends. Maybe not as much as we would like, and maybe not as well as we would like, but they are trying. Sadly, there aren’t enough people who do adopt and rescue/ help our furry friends.

            • I hope you didn’t misunderstand me. I love any place that rescues and helps animals. I just can’t stand to watch the sad commercials. I have no ability whatsoever to tolerate hearing or seeing anything bad about animals.

            • I hear you, Hers. I always turn the channel during those commercials so I don’t get totally bummed out. I will start crying if I watch them. I can’t even hear that song by Sarah Mclachlan that they use for that ASPCA commercial without having a Pavlovian response of tearing up.

            • That song is the WORST! Everyone in my family knows to turn the channel immediately when that ad comes on.

            • Hi Hers I didn’t see this until now. No, I didn’t misunderstand you and I’m so sorry if you thought I did. Makes me feel bad that I didn’t see this until now. I totally hear you and I understand. I too am an animal lover and helping and rescuing/saving our animal friends started as a little kid for me. So many memories and cherished stories. I never use to be able to watch those commercials and I still don’t like to. One day though it just tugged and tugged at my heart and I decided to do some research and homework on various shelters and such. I know you love animals and I can tell you have a huge heart for them so again “I sorry” :(. Sometimes a message can come across wrong. Hugs to all the animal lovers out there and hugs to you Hers :).

    • @ British Bev I loved Avenue Q! Our daughter bought us tickets for Broadway along with a suite @ The London NYC ( our fav place to stay in Manhattan, we’ve been staying there since it was The Rega Royale) for our anniversary and the only description of the play she gave us was “it’s like Sesame Street for adults”. Not very enticing…
      It was a weeknight showing and we had business so we ended up leaving for NYC a slim 3 hours pre-curtain. We got into the city, checked in etc and were contemplating skipping the show. We were pooped and hungry and we were going to order room service and just chill. W/in 5 minutes we got hit with the guilts big time and decided to go. SO FREAKIN’ GLAD WE DID!!! One of the best BW shows we have ever seen. Thank you for the memories!!!

      • made, There was no where to put this so I’m just going with ‘here’ and maybe you’ll see it. Thank you SOooooo much for the Coco video. Coco and the kitty are one of the stories and pics in the book I mentioned in another thread ‘Unlikely Friendships.’ It’s truly remarkable.
        When they asked Coco what she wanted for her B’day she signed back a ‘kitty.’ They have a lot of rescue animals and baby animals that have lost their Mom, so they decided to see if it worked out. Coco fell in love, and protected and loved this little kitty just like a Mom. Sadly, the kitty got out and was killed…Coco was heartbroken….Devastated. Eventually after a long time of, I guess, depression she said yes to another kitty. At first
        she said no, I guess it hurt her to much. I just loved seeing this footage :). Isn’t it amazing
        to see such love and understanding in Coco. It has such an impact on me! Thanks
        for all your wonderful videos made.

        • Got a Mini Cooper because I’m in NYC all the time. Never regretted it. I watch cars eye a small spot and I sit and wait for them to not fit in before I zip zip zip in myself! Love it!

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