LET IT FLY SATURDAY: The REST Of The “Mystery Email”… Andy Cohen Demands “Comment Control” At BravoTV…

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This is the rest of the email which was sent to SH two months ago… from someone claiming to be a Bravo “insider.”

This email sat in the inbox waiting for another email from this phony baloney who claims that their job at Bravo is at stake…waiting to receive further “inside” info.   Well, sca-rew them!   ‘Cause after reviewing this email many times very carefully, caught several questionable items.  The wait is over… and this super-secret email is total BullSh*t!  The author really thought that SH was gonna snap on their stinky bait immediately… the author obviously does not read SH!

The first glaring incorrect item is that they state that SH uses and announces IP addresses to vet commenters.  Tracing an IP address is a tool available to anyone running a site; however, rarely does SH bother checking IP addresses and even MORE rarely is anyone’s location announced!   This “insider” also gives SH tips on IP locations.  UH, thanks so much, but we’re pretty well-versed in the many locations of ‘general’ IP addresses!   Another mistake of the author:  he/she uses the word “tea” repeatedly… SH never uses that term!

The second “UM… OK” sentence was their statement that their email can be replied to; which it cannot.


The biggest ‘OH, PUH-LEEEEZE!’ sentence in this email was the description of MissAndy as “in the closet”… MissAndy is so OUT of the closet that he keeps his clothes in straw baskets lined up in the hallway of his HamptonsHouseHideaway!    MissAndy don’t want for AndyCoop to trip over no just-washed jeans!

The next “NO KIDDING” statement was “viewers… are getting manipulated.”  Like, no kidding, Sherlock!  The author of this email very obviously is NOT a long-time SH reader!  SH readers are well aware of Bravo’s manipulation…. or their attempt at manipulating their viewers!  We have been pointing out the “realities” of “reality” TV for years!  NOTE:  The author’s sentence should have read “viewers… are BEING manipulated.”  Oh well!  

andy shark pg 

In conclusion… we are to believe, according to this “insider,” that not only does MissAndy concentrate his time on becoming a talk show host in the same league as Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Fallon (which MissAndy has vehemently denied in a tweet to SH, but we all know it’s true!), but MissAndy rules over every comment submitted to every Housewife on BravoTV.com!


NOTE:  Just for the hell of it, checked the latest tally over at Bravo for comments received for HagfaceKyle Richards last blog… it’s now over 1300.  Apparently, MissAndy ain’t carin’ that much for Kyle-ee or he has extended his Christmas vacation … he’s lettin’ the comments run rampant!

(Scenario for MissAndy’s extended Christmas vacation:  just picture MissAndy along with his NYMediaMafia* cohorts all sittin’ around MissAndy’s cozy bungalow playin’ Yahtzee!… or watching old episodes of Password trying to figure out the words distributed by Alan Ludden!  Can’t ya just hear all of MissAndy’s guests screamin’ at him to turn the channel… ’cause all those word shows on the GameShowNetwork are just TOO HARD!)

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“-Why am I (or we) emailing you?
The viewers along with everyone else, including the ones behind the scenes- “where the magic happens” are getting manipulated! This isn’t what the viewers, people who dedicate their time to covering Bravo’s Housewives or people who work for a certain self-centered, egotistical, (in the closet) flamboyant pervert signed up for! Sometimes your posts are spot on, while others; um, almost spot on or not there (yet) at all! I can’t say that I am happy with how you handle your “sources” in the past, i.e.; Announcing you traced the I.P., that type of stuff.
(Did you know if you trace a G Mail email and it comes back “Mountain View” that means; it is  Google’s I.P.)
We don’t blame you for checking your sources out,  however; if you trace this email; please keep the it to yourself ! To assure you this is the real deal; I (or we?) used our bravo tv address. No one else can monitor it but me. You can reply to this email if you have any questions regarding anything; this is a “no-reply” address; so if you create a new message; it is set up to automatically set up to email you back as an error through messaging engine. I need my job.. at least for now, so please keep the details to yourself!  With that said; I assure you that you’re no one is serving you a glass of unsweetened tea here; you got a “real source” aka “sweet tea” here! How you handle it will determine if I ( or we?) can keep serving you some “real sweet tea”! I don’t care for iced tea, I prefer to drink soda, if ordering a drink, just saying.
What is I (or we?) Is it, I (or we?) LOL! 
(Nothing above should be mentioned in your post; nothing should be copied and pasted below in to your post; you can explain verbatim; in your own words! )
Don’t you love how Miss Andy blames “interns” for comments not posting? Imagine going to school in New York, scraping pennies to get by, suddenly you land a chance to intern at NBC; to only monitor a website? Don’t imagine it; it would never happen. Not only would it never happen; it’s preposterous excuse Miss Andy uses when he is asked why some comments aren’t posted. Fact: “interns” are permitted to handle thebravo website ? For the graphic art aspect; Yes! Comments; No! If you’re on “Miss Andy’s “up my ass” list and follow his directions; AN EMPLOYEE is assigned to monitor the comments, which means; Majority of the comments that “Miss Andy” sees fit; gets posted and that employee is considered to be doing a “good job”!”

NOTE: The rest of this email was posted yesterday… it explained the deep delirious delight MissAndy gets from coordinating the biggest ever diabolical scheme against Tree Joodice!   If you have not read the downright deviousness of the devil in MissAndy, you can read it now!  

*NYMediaMafia consists of the following:  AndyCoop, WendyWilliams, Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa, the VH1 chick on Morning Buzz and others to be added later.  Just be aware of the fact that as soon as one of the Housewives is announced as a guest on WWHL, you can be sure that they will pop over to do the very same interview at other members of MissAndy’s NYMediaMafia!  

kimr pg battery
In fact, and while we’re speakin’ of HagfaceKyle Richards, here’s Kyle-ee makin’ the rounds of the NYMediaMafia.  Poor Kyle-ee had a medical life-or-death medical emergency on her hands… but STILL managed to make it to NY to make the media rounds despite lil FrontPorcha’s run-in with a battery!
Kyle-ee reprimands MissAndy… on comparing her precious FrontPorcha to TreeJoodice’s Milania!