LET IT FLY SATURDAY: The REST Of The “Mystery Email”… Andy Cohen Demands “Comment Control” At BravoTV…

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This is the rest of the email which was sent to SH two months ago… from someone claiming to be a Bravo “insider.”

This email sat in the inbox waiting for another email from this phony baloney who claims that their job at Bravo is at stake…waiting to receive further “inside” info.   Well, sca-rew them!   ‘Cause after reviewing this email many times very carefully, caught several questionable items.  The wait is over… and this super-secret email is total BullSh*t!  The author really thought that SH was gonna snap on their stinky bait immediately… the author obviously does not read SH!

The first glaring incorrect item is that they state that SH uses and announces IP addresses to vet commenters.  Tracing an IP address is a tool available to anyone running a site; however, rarely does SH bother checking IP addresses and even MORE rarely is anyone’s location announced!   This “insider” also gives SH tips on IP locations.  UH, thanks so much, but we’re pretty well-versed in the many locations of ‘general’ IP addresses!   Another mistake of the author:  he/she uses the word “tea” repeatedly… SH never uses that term!

The second “UM… OK” sentence was their statement that their email can be replied to; which it cannot.


The biggest ‘OH, PUH-LEEEEZE!’ sentence in this email was the description of MissAndy as “in the closet”… MissAndy is so OUT of the closet that he keeps his clothes in straw baskets lined up in the hallway of his HamptonsHouseHideaway!    MissAndy don’t want for AndyCoop to trip over no just-washed jeans!

The next “NO KIDDING” statement was “viewers… are getting manipulated.”  Like, no kidding, Sherlock!  The author of this email very obviously is NOT a long-time SH reader!  SH readers are well aware of Bravo’s manipulation…. or their attempt at manipulating their viewers!  We have been pointing out the “realities” of “reality” TV for years!  NOTE:  The author’s sentence should have read “viewers… are BEING manipulated.”  Oh well!  

andy shark pg 

In conclusion… we are to believe, according to this “insider,” that not only does MissAndy concentrate his time on becoming a talk show host in the same league as Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Fallon (which MissAndy has vehemently denied in a tweet to SH, but we all know it’s true!), but MissAndy rules over every comment submitted to every Housewife on!


NOTE:  Just for the hell of it, checked the latest tally over at Bravo for comments received for HagfaceKyle Richards last blog… it’s now over 1300.  Apparently, MissAndy ain’t carin’ that much for Kyle-ee or he has extended his Christmas vacation … he’s lettin’ the comments run rampant!

(Scenario for MissAndy’s extended Christmas vacation:  just picture MissAndy along with his NYMediaMafia* cohorts all sittin’ around MissAndy’s cozy bungalow playin’ Yahtzee!… or watching old episodes of Password trying to figure out the words distributed by Alan Ludden!  Can’t ya just hear all of MissAndy’s guests screamin’ at him to turn the channel… ’cause all those word shows on the GameShowNetwork are just TOO HARD!)

kyle comments arrow

“-Why am I (or we) emailing you?
The viewers along with everyone else, including the ones behind the scenes- “where the magic happens” are getting manipulated! This isn’t what the viewers, people who dedicate their time to covering Bravo’s Housewives or people who work for a certain self-centered, egotistical, (in the closet) flamboyant pervert signed up for! Sometimes your posts are spot on, while others; um, almost spot on or not there (yet) at all! I can’t say that I am happy with how you handle your “sources” in the past, i.e.; Announcing you traced the I.P., that type of stuff.
(Did you know if you trace a G Mail email and it comes back “Mountain View” that means; it is  Google’s I.P.)
We don’t blame you for checking your sources out,  however; if you trace this email; please keep the it to yourself ! To assure you this is the real deal; I (or we?) used our bravo tv address. No one else can monitor it but me. You can reply to this email if you have any questions regarding anything; this is a “no-reply” address; so if you create a new message; it is set up to automatically set up to email you back as an error through messaging engine. I need my job.. at least for now, so please keep the details to yourself!  With that said; I assure you that you’re no one is serving you a glass of unsweetened tea here; you got a “real source” aka “sweet tea” here! How you handle it will determine if I ( or we?) can keep serving you some “real sweet tea”! I don’t care for iced tea, I prefer to drink soda, if ordering a drink, just saying.
What is I (or we?) Is it, I (or we?) LOL! 
(Nothing above should be mentioned in your post; nothing should be copied and pasted below in to your post; you can explain verbatim; in your own words! )
Don’t you love how Miss Andy blames “interns” for comments not posting? Imagine going to school in New York, scraping pennies to get by, suddenly you land a chance to intern at NBC; to only monitor a website? Don’t imagine it; it would never happen. Not only would it never happen; it’s preposterous excuse Miss Andy uses when he is asked why some comments aren’t posted. Fact: “interns” are permitted to handle thebravo website ? For the graphic art aspect; Yes! Comments; No! If you’re on “Miss Andy’s “up my ass” list and follow his directions; AN EMPLOYEE is assigned to monitor the comments, which means; Majority of the comments that “Miss Andy” sees fit; gets posted and that employee is considered to be doing a “good job”!”

NOTE: The rest of this email was posted yesterday… it explained the deep delirious delight MissAndy gets from coordinating the biggest ever diabolical scheme against Tree Joodice!   If you have not read the downright deviousness of the devil in MissAndy, you can read it now!  

*NYMediaMafia consists of the following:  AndyCoop, WendyWilliams, Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa, the VH1 chick on Morning Buzz and others to be added later.  Just be aware of the fact that as soon as one of the Housewives is announced as a guest on WWHL, you can be sure that they will pop over to do the very same interview at other members of MissAndy’s NYMediaMafia!  

kimr pg battery
In fact, and while we’re speakin’ of HagfaceKyle Richards, here’s Kyle-ee makin’ the rounds of the NYMediaMafia.  Poor Kyle-ee had a medical life-or-death medical emergency on her hands… but STILL managed to make it to NY to make the media rounds despite lil FrontPorcha’s run-in with a battery!
Kyle-ee reprimands MissAndy… on comparing her precious FrontPorcha to TreeJoodice’s Milania!
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95 comments on “LET IT FLY SATURDAY: The REST Of The “Mystery Email”… Andy Cohen Demands “Comment Control” At BravoTV…

  1. Who are the big Bravo Execs that allow Andy so much power and don’t see what an ass he really is? All the hw franchises have lost viewers – newyork, etc., – and I guess because NJ gets the best viewing numbers-they feel he is doing great and do not know or care about any real details of his ugliness. I wish so bad that the Tre fans would really stop watching this damn show. Catch the reruns on hulu or where ever viewers aren’t monitored for ratings. I know in my heart though, one nice ugly lawsuit would be the one wake-up call that Andy/Bravo really needs. Until then, I only pray Andy, the Lauritas, the Manzo’s get national worthy press of their true ugliness and shade. Maybe even nat’l bad, but factual press would wake up the Bravo head execs losers as well.

        • @ Made Yes, yes he was!!! Hahahahaha. It was a pretty good movie, saw it years ago…I forgot that Maury Turturro was in it, too funny! Talk about six degrees of separation!

          • Back during the SWINE stuff I used to post a video of the last past of this movie specially when that dude says “television is gonna get us”
            Anyway I fell in love a lil bit with ralph finnes during Quizshow. Also made me want to get my hands on some of that old fashioned Geritol. What was in that stuff? Was it liquid crack for the 50s housewife? What with her “tired blood” and all? Just dont let them toddlers and tiaras kids get ahold of it. Perhaps Geritol has just been repackaged as 5 hour energy drink?? Weird to see how the menfolk have been pushing to keep us womens all cranked up for years n years…. sos we can do all the housework with nary a complaint.

            • @ Made they weren’t buying the hype back then either. From the Geritol Wiki page:
              In the early days of television, the marketing of Geritol was involved in the quiz show scandal, as the sponsor of Twenty-One. For many years after that, Geritol was largely marketed on television programs that appealed primarily to older viewers, such as The Lawrence Welk Show, What’s My Line?, Hee Haw, and Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour. Geritol was often used in the 1960s as a punch line for a joke in sitcoms or in comedy routines; comic singer Allan Sherman satirized Geritol on his 1962 album My Son, the Folk Singer, singing “Yasha got a bottle of Geritol” to the tune of “Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho”. Geritol is famous for a controversial 1973 television commercial tag line, “My wife, I think I’ll keep her.”[1] This line, brought out during the height of the Women’s Liberation Movement, was not appreciated by some women and was lambasted by the media and comedy shows alike

    • They bought their way out of the Armstrong lawsuit. It’s a shame because that would have shut up Dandy Andy once and for all.

  2. Poor Milania….always being dissed. Kyle is so far up Miss Andy’s butt that she is able to polish the backs of his teeth. Is it just me or has anyone noticed that Miss Andy looks a bit down lately?? Dare I hope someone higher up the BRAVO chain of command is very disappointed in the destruction of the “real housewives ” franchise and the botched slice and dice work/voice overs/and manipulation of timeliness or even the obvious bias against certain wives to the point of encouraging overly zealous producers to “pick a team” and give the opposing wives/wife the bad edit? I sincerely hope so because Miss Andy is ruining BRAVO’S programs.

    • I noticed awhile back now that Miss Mandy was not looking “right.” I was going to ask that myself a couple of months ago…I forgot. IMO, it wasn’t so much that I thought he looked down, as much as unhealthy. Maybe he’s drinking too much, or he is still dabbling in that pain medication he said he had to take for something….

        • made, I didn’t think it was that he looked “sick” as in ill. It seems the last few times I’ve seen him on tv, over the past few months, he did look drawn out, burned out….. It was more about a lack of “light” in his eyes. I first noticed it a few months ago. Like he was over indulging! That’s all I meant. hugs kt :).

    • I agree. I noticed about a year ago and its been getting worse. The light in his eyes is gone. I think it between the “over it” feeling (but not really because he wants to do this for the foreseeable future and loves it) and the over indulging/drinking too much/not taking care of himself. He needs to get it together.

      • If the light in Andy’s eyes is gone, it’s probably because he’s slowly realizing how destructive his HW empire has been. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? JMO

    • Hummmm WWHL staff member? Yeah I would say that s/he/it comes across as “annoying and unstable” ‘specially if its the ole haint that hung up on me…. TWICE.
      And when you consider the bullcrap that tthe staffers amused themselves with (MeMe’s disco dancing remix) then CLEARLY unstable doesn’t even begin to cove it. Asking Meryl Steep to say “the dingo killed my baby” after the mother was cleared of that? And don’t get me started on the ignoramus marry/shag/kill bullcrap. Yeah I would say anyone silly enough to put WWHL staffer on their resume is unbalanced. Also interesting to know that apparently WWHL pays in peanuts since ole boy or girl has to take a roommate. bahahahahahaha. Ok that was ugly of me. Did I mention hey hung up on we….. twice? This prolly also the mental giant that come up with the Ramona the turtle bit too. And who in that sam hjill is blowin that TSA agent? Thats what I want to know.

      • Made, Ima hafta break somethin to ya. You r so wellknown on this blog that Miss Andy and his staff at WWHL are prolly aware of you. They are soooo not okay with being called out of their crap. That being said, when u call from ur town in TN, a huge alarm goes off and red lights start aflashin in the WWHL clubhouse! Pictures featuring your avatar come outta the ceilings and the interns all yell “Its Made Piley!” Sorry, girl!

      • Tramona! That turtle was cute. Wth happened to it?! Did it crawl off into the sunset with Messy’s horse, Sparkle?
        I hope so…

            • Hey sd! How’s your father in law? I gave you a shout out on that Marissa complaining about coach post. :-) Hope y’all are having a good trip.

            • My Father in law, thank God, it doing wonderfully. I didn’t want to say all that was wrong before out of fear he would not pull through. It started two weeks ago when he was driving and he got tunnel vision and lost all peripheral vision and almost wrecked his auto. He went to the eye Dr. who sent him immedately to the emergency room because they found a tumor in his brain. They operated on the 27th and when he awoke he wss able to see (which was a big plus because loss of vision was a very real possibility) but more importantly he had his wits about him which, I think, was his biggist fear. He was so happy and maybe a little drugged after his operation that when the Dr. came in he told him he must be Bob the Builder because Bob can build anything! lol. We are so greatful that we have had such a good outcome. we are still waiting to see the extent of all the effects this kind of invasive surgery will have and I fear that we will have to address that they sell some of their properties because I don’t think he will be able to keep up like he use too. I think the sweetest part of all was that my little step son told me that he couldn’t get his Mother to take him to the bascillica to light a candle for his Grandfather (now that in itself is another story) so he lit a candle at home and that must have worked because his Grandfather is going to be ok. So sweet, it brought a tear to my eye.
              Thank you to everyone who wish us well we are very greatful.
              Happy Holidays!!!

            • Awww…. SD… I had no idea! Glad to hear your FIL pulled through everything ok! I’ve got the step family situation also… never easy – but it sounds like your little man loves his Grandfather enough to make sure what needed to happen, did. Bless you all! Happy New Year as well! I hope 2013 is a fresh start and a great year for all of you.

            • Very good news, SD! It’s amazing how resilient the human body is, and equally amazing is the human spirit under such circumstances. So happy for you and your entire family. Give that man a hug from me.

    • @ Inkpop I don’t believe any of the “inside” info is truly an insider divulging secrets; if any of these “insiders” have an IQ above 100 they would know that these sites are watched and they would be jeopardizing their jobs, paid or not. I take ALL of it with a grain of salt, I don’t believe for one hot minute Blavo would let out ANY info that they have not already given the green light to be “leaked” but, I am naturally cynical…

      As for Miss AUndy being perturbed at Teresa enough to play such a childish inside joke, well, if it’s true – how sad for him – if not – how sad for us for taking it as gospel!

      I’m beginning to believe it is ALL an elaborate game – the Blavo blogs, the “independent” blogs etc of which those of us that comment are just pawns in all of their games. Again, I am one of the most cynical people on earth so there is that to consider as well…

      Let’s all just consider this for what it is; a welcoming place to air our Blavo (and then some) grievances and have a laugh or two!

      That being said; I do wish that something could be done to make reality TV what it should be and what it presents itself to be – the truth. The are far too many people that take it for truth and are impressionable enough to hold ANY of these people up as a standard of anything even remotely close to how we as loving, caring compassionate people should conduct our lives – on or off TV.

      PSA over- commence sniping-

      • Adios–ITA. As for the phoney source…that’s why I put “insider” in quotes. However, after Made reminded me what jackholes man the lines at WWHL, maybe s/he/it really is connected with Bravo. Anyone who works there would have to be certifiable.

      • You probably made a typo, but BLAvo is right on the money! Blah, blah, blaaaahhhhVO, cuz that’s all they can produce anymore, just blaaaahhhh!

  3. What’s up with the code talk about beverages? If anyone’s interested I love my sweet tea with lotsa lemon and I prefer diet dr. Pepper to coffee….

    • When I read that part I immediately thought of another blogger who refers to her stories as “tea”. The composer of this email must have sent it to her too, as well as several others.

      • The secret e-mailer only drinks soda when ordering drinks. Its Jill Zarin! Everyone relax- mystery solved. Your welcome!

        • Richmond: Ruhroh! Susan Saunders aka Jill Zarin rises her ugly keyboard again. Check the IP address, I bet it’s Bawbies.

  4. Oh dang. Wait till ole Amy Hanley find out that Wendy Williams, Kelly Rippa, Andy n co are trying to be her and take her “legacy:” by having the audacity to use the word mafia in their name.

  5. Am I the only one who feels this way?
    I didn’t catch the WWHL episode with Scott Baio.
    I am aware of his stance on gay marriage and don’t think its cool he feels that way but it is what it is.
    From what I hear, Andy had him play guess who’s crotch it is.
    Now, if my husband, nephew, friend or whatever were on the show and Andy played that game, I would be upset.
    I would be be upset bc its a game that I don’t even think middle school ppl play.
    Andy acted shocked afterwards when someone tweeted him an article about Scott ‘s stance on gay marriage and ppl started calling him a homophobe.
    I am on in no way a homophobe, I support the right for all to marry, but playing guess who’s crotch this is, NO!
    Would he have Obama play that game? No!
    I think all guests should be treated the same. As much as possible at least.

    • All in all this email didn’t say anything that hasn’t been said here many times over. The only thing new was the name thing to get back at Tree and I think that is bull. Hell, I could have sent a more informative email just from hanging out here the last couple of years.

      • I know. And with my conspiracy theory background I could have come up with a mighty juicy one too. Like the REAL reason some of the HWs have those raised keloids on their faces two inches apart…trauma based mind control(fembot was a strategic programming phrase) I could have Andy front n center at the Bohemian Grove sacrificing goats to the Rocekrfellers in exchange for his Lord of the Housewives title. That dad burn shot-ski is a sinister chalice of the damned. Jimmy Fallon is the Fallon Angel of the doomed. muuuwwwhahahaha

          • Well how is this for starters: The author of the email is none other than the Dark Overlord of the Housewives himself…. Mr Andrew Cohen. In conspiracy world we are conditioned to search for deliberate misinformation. Andy loves to use the Tea phrase himself. And he is not above linking himself romantically to The Coop. Straw baskets? pffft we seen his closet. Aint no just warshed jeans in “straw” baskets. What could be in the baskets? Pt’s leg? Jill Z’s head? Naw she is too visable. Cindy Clodhop perhaps? No one has seen Quinn or all her “personas” in a while so perhaps……

            Get yo manipulation on yall. Please feel free to add to this one. Is it strange that Miley (the ultimate Disney-bot wig changing persona evoking tool of the Illuminati) Cyrus’ daddy was a guest? hummmmmmmmm. Ready set go.

  6. I wonder what goes on in the mind of someone who pretends to work for Bravo and sends out bogus info. Perhaps something like this–> “I’m not really a Bravo insider, I think I’ll just play one on blogs for $hits and giggles cause I’m bored” (or maybe they just forgot to take their meds that day)
    Dear desperate for attention mystery writer: I suggest you get a hobby and/or a life. Sincerely…A sane person. :)

  7. Thx a lot @MadePiley! ;) Now Ik why I could NEVER get thru on WWHL-They think its U! I had 4got u were also a TN volunteer ;) It all makes sense…No matter which area code from TN is calling-WWHL definitely wont take a chance, just in case, it’s that “tell it like it is” Video Queen, MadePiley! I still crack up @ that woman who called in & screamed at Andy “F U, MFer”.

    • @cherry, another thing that’s familiar is the reference to IP address checking, which came up a year ago with the Mosquitos (I just checked the archives)–probably other times too, but that whole scene was freaky. Oh, and there’s also Jax who’s said to be obsessed with IP address tracking. Whoever it is that sent this to SH seems to think s/he/it is clever. Only it’s not. It’s creepy.

      • oh yes,very creepy. just “off” you know. sometimes the crazy just comes through online…there has been a few of them here off and on….I forgot about the whole mosquito thingy

  8. LOL can’t stand Kyle but I wouldn’t want to hear my kids (I’m not a parent) being compared to Teresa’s either. I wonder if Kyle said more to him after the show or if Andy was annoyed she dared to say “don’t say that” to him on camera haha.

    As for the “insider email” yeah I’m not buying it either…

  9. It is probably Jax. She was drinkin her BLK tea with Baileys and decided to do something “fun”. And isn’t she the one all paranoid about ip addresses? Lol

  10. I think this emailer wanted more info from SH or wanted to influence the forum discussions….major fail. He/ she/ we (such a secret squirrel that one) didn’t want us to know he/ she/ we/ s’ IP address cuz it aint be a computer belonin’ to Bravo! I would forward the email to Miss Andy and politely ask his employees to stop harassing SH. You can even pull an Amy and threaten to get the FBI involved. Just a thought.

  11. Excellent! I knew you were too smart to be tricked like that.

    Here’s hoping Kim continues to grow and shine this season. It looks like our injured bird may fly a bit this season. I love Kim! GO KIM! GO KIM!

      • I cannot express in words, due to my limited brain capacity of late (63, maybe early Alsheimers, mom died from it), the immense amount of enjoyment, chuckles and information I get from Ms. SH and the commenters. I’ve stopped watching the shows and just read the recaps and comments here. You’re all so clever and funny. Just wish I could contribute too in a meaningful way. I have commented before but feel I’m not in y’all’s league. Thanks everyone, especially MP; I laugh so hard at your comments and videos. Happy New Year…Mua♥

            • Well, When I first came here I really could not stand Slade Slimey. And it was shortly after the episode where Gretchen’s father stepped in a pile of horse crap and said something like. “I just stepped in a pile of slade” Also when I am on here I am “technically” supposed to be workin, helping my husband with his business. But their is only so many pile of paperwork I can generate in a day so … If he comes in and says “what have you been doing?” I can legit say “Made Pile-ys honey, see?” But I am a multitasker supreme. In fact, my mind will NOT allow me to focus on one thing for too long and that is why I hear lyrics in my head or movie dialoged when I am following conversations on here …. so I pop on over to youtube and share what was in my brain when I just read what I read. Nine time outa ten all this is being done while my son has his amp up on full tilt boogie practicing his guitar.

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