TAMRA BARNEY: Tamballs “HoneyBooBoo of The OC”… Phaedra Parks “Pregnant”!

From the very creative “HousewifeHoe“!!  Here comes Tamballs Barney… the HoneyBooBoo of the OC!!TAMBALLS HONEYBOOBOO HH SH

Phaedra Parks is pregnant with child #2… according to People!

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45 comments on “TAMRA BARNEY: Tamballs “HoneyBooBoo of The OC”… Phaedra Parks “Pregnant”!

  1. Just read it. Congrats to them :) Nice timing to go public just before their “divorce” episode. All good :)

    • No kidding, I bet anything that Apollo didn’t want another child but when Phaedra started getting the I WANT OUT feeling from Apollo she decided for number two. When is this woman going to figure out that having a child won’t keep a man if he doesn’t want to stay.

      • Oh yeah, definitely. And in true reality TV style, they get pregnant right as the divorce stuff starts coming out – so that by the time the reunion comes along and she has a belly – she can just tell the public that it was editing and wasnt as bad as it seemed, and part of her story line etc etc

        He probably wanted to leave her. And although I do believe Kenya was flirting directly with him, I dont think he was meaning to engage with her in a way where he wanted her or anything, but I think it did kind of show him what he was missing since he has been with Phaedra. The fun Apollo who took risks, loved extreme sports etc. I could definitely see him wanting to be with someone like Kenya (when she acts that way, I mean the girl is insane and has 30 personalities and Im sure is on some behavioral medication that needs to be regulated), but you get the point. I mean they went on the go karts and Phaedra drove at normal speed, and Im sure that was after they had to convince her to do it.

  2. Nice work HH!! Congrats to Pheadra and Appollo. Dwrong needs to get geared up for summa more of them fancy parties and sip-n-sees and whatnot.

  3. I nearly choked when I saw this picture of tamballs…..THIS MADE MY DAY LMAO.

    I bow to your greatness housewifehoe!!!!

    Dear SH…is it possible that we may have a collage of HH work for one of the post. I would love a walk down memory lane lol.

      • Thk u SH….will review now. I have had a pretty horriable day today and this has cheered me up so much : )

        I am pretty sure tamballs is havng a FIT (we all know u read SH tammy) lol.

    • Oh do I love this. I couldn’t believe Tamra came out and said her and Brandi are allot alike when she was commenting on Adrienne was in fact lying. Tamra is trash IMO, Brandi just is a ball buster. She’s not mean just to be mean like Tam Balls is.

  4. Said in People Apollo is a fitness trainer.What happened to repo man?Says Fakedra is a lawyer not funeral director.Will have to cut back on wasted $$ spent on Aden with 2 to feed and party for.Fakedra sure had a big ass on the beach in Anguilla in that ugly yellow bathing suit.Short and fat she was with a big ass.Apollo will keep going to strip clubs now for sure.

    • Apollo will be what ever Phaedra will pay him to be,,,net week he will be a banker or candlestick maker.

      • LOL! I heard this on the radio last night. Lil chubby really wants to keep that illiterate man and I wish her good luck with that.

    • cherry: Are you serious?? Have never seen any self-deprecating “humor” from Tamballs and Tamballs is NOT a fan of SH! Tamballs has tweeted, along with some of her minions, nasty stuff re SH… all deleted, of course, when asked to prove their allegations! However, Tamballs must be getting used to be called the HoneyBooBoo of the OC, as she just mentioned that her daughter wanted her to have a “HoneyBooBoo” wedding. Yeah… OK, Tamballs! Would be a Christmas miracle if Tamballs finally has gotten a sense of humor. TFC!! SH

  5. Housewife love this rendition of the adult Tamballs Honey Boo Boo. South Park did a show about her and it was great. There was a scene where they went to the Pig Farm to get a pig for Honey’s heart replacement. I recall a scene that reminded me of Brooks “Crooks” and found it. The link is below the animation towards the bottom of the article. Does this dialogue sound familiar? Brooks vs Tamball Boo Boo? Enjoy
    Thanks to South Park Creators & Hollywood Reporter


  6. Could atlanta get any more boring. I can’t even watch this season and hoped bravo would fix this trainwreck. Now another baby and more baby bullshit tv! Ugh. So boring. I’m officially checking out of Atlanta. That’s it!

    • I could tell the Atlanta party was over when we have had to watch the wedding and vow renewals of Cynthia and Peter. I think Bravo has saturated the market for housewives. I dont even like any of the women on Atlanta and the stories are boring.

  7. Fakedra will have to add having a baby to her to do list of preparing a lawsuit/ doing a funeral cough cough/decorating the Christmas tree/ making biscuits.Fakedra’s biscuit is out of commission for a while.Back to strip clubs for Apollo.

    Tamballs had to have her big ole biscuit redone to keep her looking good for 5 hours of sex with the kid Eddie.

  8. Congrats Phaedra and Appollo! I am sure their second child will be just as precious as Aiden! As for Tamballs- bleck. Not a fan. She is definitely a Miss Andy puppet. If she’s gonna put herself out there and behave like such an a$$ she needs to learn to laugh at herself. Funny stuff, HH :-)

    • Good call Richmond. Tamballs definitely can’t laugh at herself. She is a leader in the Can Dish It Out But Can’t Take It awards. She actually believes her shit don’t stink.

  9. Remember when Tamballs grabbed Crook’s hand and placed it on her breast when on a double date … such a lady ~

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