Bravo… On Part II of the RHOM reunion… Marysol’s marriage and Alexia’s son are discussed…


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49 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: RHOM Reunion Part II… Preview

  1. Watching the reunion my first thought was “wow, this ladies wants to come back for season 3″

    2nd. WTF, how can Lea Black say she hasn’t done anything to her face? Yeah and I can walk on water :/

  2. Lea thinks she can make all these snide remarks and bully the other actresses but finally the others have found their voices on the reunion show. Still hate Alexia and Adriana; the other two bullies.

    • I loved that when Ana was calmly responding to her, that Lea’ (who writes her name with an apostrophe, ’cause she’s classy like that, and knows all the best creeps in Miami) felt the need to spring to her feet like a damn jack-in-the-box EVERY TIME. That woman could not keep her ass planted on the sofa to save her life. Every comment, every speech, she had to get up and march around like she was braying in a court room. Lea’ truly seems to think that the person who whinnies the loudest wins the argument. Cracked me up.

      • I noticed this too, and it did nothing but speak to her immaturity. I was proud of Ana for just letting her crazy hang in the air, because it was so apparent.

        Im also glad that Marisole called Lea out with “planting the seed” because she does this ALL THE TIME. And her constant defense is “But…I never said that!” Correct. You never said that, you made a snarky comment that implied a myriad of things, and once the public begins to assume something from that seed, you are still seen as a part of that. Welcome to being on national television.

    • Ah, come on….she had her neck lifted to show those babies off. Her face, no, never has it been touched. It’s all due to the cold cream she sold out of the trunk of her Pinto and formed into her multi-million cosmetics company.

  3. It really broke my heart when marysol said “the reason my marriage ended was because i sucked as a wife.” that came off really sincere but depressing, like she feels guilty that she was the reason the marriage didnt work and as if she wasn’t good enough when she is.

    • The reason was that her judgement in men, to be honest with you. This guy truly didn’t love Marysol, I’ve always wondered how they met. And Lea was correct after the filming he was gone.

          • Personally i like Alexia too but that aside it really starts to get old having everyone’s character based on acts their children do. Personally i was raised in the same household as my brothers with the same parents and somehow i managed to never be in trouble with the law, do drugs, went to college and have a successful company ran by me and my husband…. While one of my brothers is always in in and out of jail, into meto and half the time is homeless. So where does that land my mother…is she a bad person or parent because of one of her children’s actions? You can teach your kids right and wrong but at the end of the day its their choice on what road to travel.

            • Sorry. He was barely 18 and the crime is heinous. If he were my child I would feel responsible. Either morally corrupt or mentally ill? She is responsible to get him help. Sorry about your brother.

            • For the record, I agree with you. He is still young and something that morally disheartening and offensive has to stem from somewhere. But I do see what crazytfan is saying, because I agree with her as well. There is a point where blaming your actions on your parents is no longer an excuse. You are a human being. You are an adult, make decisions. But if this child was raised correctly with MORALS, they wouldnt turn 18 and all of a sudden be able to shut their conscience up long enough to physically assault a homeless person and pretend its okay. There is something wrong or off about that. Even if it the case was mental illness, why did she not recognize this before? Waring signs? Was she not paying enough attention? Ive always liked her, but something has obviously gone wrong.

            • I totally agree with you! My mom passed away a couple of months before I turned 2 so my dad was left to raise four girls on his own (my older sisters are 9+ years older than me) and he did an awesome job! The sister that is right above me has chosen to live the “street life”. Everything from doing drugs (which she won’t admit), rumors of her selling her body, doesn’t work, etc. and I would never blame/fault my father for that. She chose to go down that path, he didn’t lead her to it. The life that she lives is obviously the one that she wants even though he didn’t raise us that way.

            • I agree with you. There comes a point where a young adult’s actions are nothing to do with the parents. He is old enough to know the difference between right & wrong. If he were 5 yrs old, then yes, we need to look to the parents. 18 – no way. Btw, I’m glad you made the point.

      • Buck Henry, I think they met because Philippe was a caterer and did some events that her company promoted or something like that.

      • I like Alexia too. If Miami comes back I’d like to see Ana, Alexia and Marysol. They need to get rid of Joanna and her loser sister. KarenT is an annoying hanger-oner she adds nothing. I assume they would bring Lea back but she needs to lose her friend James/Elaine. He’s awful. I don’t think mama mumbles should be on the show either. It’s just too much on her health. Adriana, done dolla.

  4. I would say last nights reunion was pretty good; it wasn’t borning. It was funny to finally see Lea get called out and a taste of her own medicine. JoHo, like I have said before is very pretty; but pretty silly as well, no sophistication and or composer to her at all. Kar-Ain’t sill over her; she can go if they bring back Miami next season! Andy did mention that this group was one of the best looking groups or something to that effect; I would agree with him on that! Part II looks good, can’t wait!

  5. Once again I’m confused. Karent says that she wasn’t with Rodolfo at the time of Peter’s hospitalization. Wasn’t that shortly before they started filming the show. During the season I thought she said they were together quite some time but it now seems he just showed up for the show.

    • I think Lea’ was caught off guard by Marysol’s sincerety and just came back with the first nasty thing that came to mind. I think Lea was quite surprised that she was called out so much at this reunion.

      My opinion of her really changed this season. Using her own words, in time people tell you who they really are. I can’t get past her friendship with that nasty piece of work Thomas. Gross, gross gross.

      Again, to use Lea’s own words, her “jokes” are the skunk in the jury box.

  6. Ana-
    Immigrant card- just fails. Who uses that?
    Self made- your parents bought you a place at college, law school…
    Successful marriage- divorce, great success story.
    Lea seems to know a lot about Ana and her lack of “legal work” and why Ana is more interested in the culinary work. SH seems to hint at it.
    Yes, as the RH mantra goes, the cast hate each other, It is one thing to dislike and row with Lea but to go on an attack against 10 year old kid is pretty low, disgusting and speaks volumes about Ana’s character.
    I don’t like any of the housewives cast, in fact don’t have a favorite or choose sides. I like seeing Women fighting on these Rh shows but some things are out of order like attacking a 10 year old.

    • Ana said that her girls were not socially awkward (or something to that effect) because Lea said that about Ana’a girls in one of her blogs. Lea was the one that brought up Ana’s girls.

      • Which one? I dont read the blogs but give the qoute if you can…
        It is clear Ana is boring and pretty much a non housewife and vying for s3 return so attacks Lea.
        I hope Miami gets s3 and replace Ana with a new housewife. s3 is certainly worth watching after this reunion

        • Here it is:
          Ana explained: “She said more than once that my girls were inappropriate potty mouths that will have trouble in social circles if they didn’t change their language – and also that the apples didn’t fall far from the tree. So when I said they weren’t socially awkward – that is what I was referring to and not her son who I have never exchanged 2 words with.”

          All of this occurred off camera and is not directly related to the comments Lea has put in her Bravo blogs about Ana’s daughters.  Part of Ana’s frustration is that Lea made a point to talk about some of the things she did “off camera” such as confronting Marysol about her issues, but then acted as if her off camera comments (that didn’t air) about Ana’s daughters didn’t happen.

          • Lea comments on Ana daughter’s inappropriate language. How is that even offensive? Of course it is socially awkward if you have potty mouth. Ana’s daughters are adults so surely they can take this “great” offence. Ana is so petty. Yes, people will assume that the mother is at fault no matter how ridiculous that assumption is.
            If I had children, and someone commented on them being potty- I would go beserk at my kids for swearing and not go crazy at the person making the so called “offensive” comment. Lea is right, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Ana’s behaviour in the reunion speaks volumes.
            Ana is backtracking. If you are going to pick on Karent and Lea’s child, don’t start backtracking!
            I am not even a Lea or a Karent fan but Ana just seem to annoy me the most.

  7. I don’t watch this show but have seen pics of Marysol’s mom, Marysol is going to look like her mom really quickly!!! OMG stop now while you still have a chance to look human!

  8. I really don’t understand Alexia’s problem with Karent, unless something happened that we don’t know about. The “article” ended up being a non-story and Karent was wrongly accused of insulting the others. At least on camera, the only negatives about Karent are that she can seem fake and her relationship with Rodolofo is a farce but other than that I don’t see why Alexia is so horrible to her. Alexia is the one with the messiest personal life now so she has no room to attack anyone else.

    • Did you see the entire episode where Marysol referred to her as the “carrier pigeon”? She couldnt be more correct. Karent is not only irrelevant but before she became a target in the middle/end of the season – she spent the beginning shit stirring at every turn, gossiping and trying to insert herself in the middle of EVERYTHING, not to mention trying to soak up any and all attention and camera time she could. Once she got it, she was disappointed because it was in the act of exposing her and frankly the audience was disappointed as well because shes so incredibly boring.

  9. I enjoyed the Portugese-speaking Brazilian’s moment of revenge on Joanna when she had her little “Spanglish” moment and called the Pierogi Principesse Ho-Anna because of her inability to pronounce the letter “J” and all her little allies clucked like discombolutated hens.

    • Ironically, the only “ho”ish behavior I’ve seen on the show is from Adriana. Right out of the box she was flirting unabashedly with Joanna’s fiance. Last season she flirted all the time with men who were not her fiance.

      • Joanna is the same way. Give her one more season (because this was her first/intro season) and Bravo will start showing more of that. Joe Francis? Yes he’s a douche, but totally speaking truth. She attempted to sleep her way to the top back in the day (and maybe to some degree it worked) and now she wants to stop all of the screwing for jewelry and actually get married to a guy who can just buy her stuff all the time, so shes trying to be an angel.

        • Well, I am addressing what we have seen, not what we possibly will see, or what allegedly happened in the past. Adriana is the “ho of the show” – flirting with engaged men and she is engaged as well, not to mention a mother of a small boy. I wonder how her fiance and son feel seeing her act like this.

          As others have said there is a reall gutteral hatred coming from Adriana. I think she has serious anger issues.

          • Thats fair. I think she has anger issues as well. But at this point its fire fighting with fire. Anyone who thinks that Jo doesnt have an anger/drinking issue probably isnt watching the show.

    • The joke was one step up from a fart joke on a clevernesa scale. Besides Joanna’s name in Poland is pronounced a bit differently from English version as well. And? Ill give her a credit for trying. :)

  10. I’m wondering how Roman will respond to JoHo’s comment that he has a low sex drive. Maybe it’s low cuz of JoHo or maybe he’s in denial? He’s so good looking!

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