REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Joanna Krupa, Lisa Hochstein, Marysol Patton, Lea Black, Ana Quincoces, Karent Sierra… RHOM Reunion Show Recap

RHOM reunio

After watching the mess of a Miami reunion, it has increased the disdain I have for these women and ALL the Housewives franchises.   NOTE:  Word of the day for the Miami Housewives is “gratuitously”… if you recall, the NJ Housewives word was “malicious”!  There will be a pop quiz immediately after reading this post!

Let’s review!

Joanna Krupa Foot Fetish Movie                                                             SkankyJo when she first got to LA did “tickle” foot fetish movies…

Joanna Krupa is a shrieking, uneducated skank shrew with sh*t for brains.  It is very apparent that Joanna only got where she got by “connecting” with… in her mind… “important” people.  One of them being … allegedly… Joe Francis, who… allegedly… introduced her to “important” people in LA… and Joanna’s “modeling” career took off!  Joanna is nothing to look at … her appeal is a mystery.  Joanna has shown it all for Playboy and was an internet swimsuit favorite, who got a gig on “Dancing With The Stars”… how this all happens for a girl who immigrated from the Polish ghetto to Chicago on her OWN **cough, cough** ‘beauty’, is a mystery.   NOTE:  Lucky for Joanna that she picked up that “DWTS” stint BEFORE signing on to the RHOM… ’cause DWTS don’t care for “reality stars.”  Kate Gosselin was the exception… and she ruined it for the “reality star” genre!

Lisa Hochstein barely said much.  However, Lisa proved that she may have even less brain power… if that’s at all possible… than Joanna.  MissAndy read a question from a viewer who described Lisa as a “fembot.”  Lisa kinda took that as a compliment… and very obviously had NO idea what a “fembot” is!

If you don’t know what a “fembot” is…

Allusion to the movie “Austin Powers,” where very stereotypically beautiful women were actually robots designed to entrap the main character with their physical appeal and then kill him. Used to describe women, particularly in media, who fit beauty standards to an unrealistic degree and are presented as objects of sexual desire, yet bear the accompanying “bubbleheaded blonde” stereotype of low intelligence.


NOTE TO LISA:  Yes, you ARE a fembot!

RHOM on tonight pg

KarenT Sierra was as dull as her silver-sequined dress was shiny.  KarenT continued her uber-boringness on the reunion show… and continued her blind ignorant support of her BFF, skanky Joanna.  Hmmm…. WHY would KarenT, the dentist to the stars, the Miami Housewife who is the most “highly educated” outta the Miami group (“Doctor” BEFORE her name, even though it’s DDS… still trumps “JD” AFTER Ana’s name!) cling to Joanna? That’s an easy one!  KarenT will glom on to anyone who will assist her in obtaining more “celebrities” who need some teeth cleaning.  More photos of celebs posin’ with KarenT who will adorn her office walls.  KarenT also is very smart in supporting Joanna, as SkankyJo has no qualms about fighting dirty; no qualms about “going there”; no qualms about HOW she “gets there”; just no qualms!   KarenT does NOT want to upset any perceived qualms which SkankyJo may have about her!


Adriana de Moura was Adriana de Moura.  Adriana, IMO, is an opportunist… an extremely lucky opportunist!  As we all know, Adriana was sleeping on an art gallery floor with her son, when found and befriended by Lea Black.

lea miami adriana

Lea supported Adriana by purchasing her artwork… and, as had been rumored (I have to say that until I can find the video where either Lea or Adriana makes that statement… and honestly, really don’t have the interest in finding it, but it’s around somewhere!), assisting Adriana’s sons’ education at the same private school where Lea’s son attends.  Adriana gave as good as she got during the reunion… especially when SkankyJo tried to use her dirt mouth as a Sawsall when attacking Adriana.


Ana Quinquinquineeeooo…. whatever the hell her name is… had one objective on last night’s RHOM reunion.  That objective was to cut Lea Black down to the peon which Ana has in her mind that Lea Black is!  According to Ana, Lea Black got to where she is on her back… that is, AFTER she was selling cold cream outta the trunk of her car back in Texas in the 80’s.   Ana described how SHE got a seat at the reunion show:  her immigrant parents put Ana through school; then law school; then Ana was married for 23 years and raised two beautiful, intelligent daughters.  Now… HOW this makes Lea any worse or Ana any better or more worthy to have a reserved seat at the reunion show was never explained.  Ana wanted nothing more than to speak ill about Lea.  We all know that it’s a kill-or-be-killed Housewives world… and the producers tell the Housewives that they MUST “bring the drama.”  However, these Housewives simply go for the jugular with no reasoning behind their vitriol.  WHY does Ana have issues with Lea in the first place? Never explained.  WHY does Ana take offense at Lea being called the “Mayor of Miami”?  Never explained.

ALEXIA ANA RHOM SEASON ONE SH WM Alexia EchoWhatever and Ana QuiWhatever… RHOM Season One… when it was NOT the RHOM!   The RHOM was a continuous dinner party… Ana was displaying her culinary talents.  THIS season, however, her story line ditched the cooking aspect…

What is interesting is the fact that Ana was featured on Season One of the RHOM… there was no vitriol then!  What happened between last season and this season…. except for the fact that Ana was boosted up to “Housewife” on the show, after Larsa Pippen and Crispy Rice were eliminated?  Was Ana pissed that her occupation was changed from last season of “culinary” genius to this season’s being a lawyer?  Does Ana think that Lea, being the Mayor of Miami, had anything to do with the change in her story line?  Put yourself in Ana’s shoes… you WANT to get away from being an attorney and be known for your cooking.  You even have plans for MORE cookbooks… and being slated as a full-time Housewife on the RHOM will certainly boost those cookbook sales.  But, wait!  You have been relegated BACK to being a miserable attorney, waiting for your ‘husband/law partner’ to divorce you.  Makes for a much better story line, but puts the nail in the coffin of making the rounds of the NYMediaMafia to push your cookbooks!   NOTE:  IMO, anyone who sat through the FIRST RHOM reunion show cramped in MissAndy’s Clubhouse deserves some credit!  YO!  Ana!  Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the one-shoulder-satin-dress-clad Lea!


Poor, poor, poor Marysol Patton!  Marysol was convinced that the Patton Group was the reason for the “Black’s Gala” success.   Really, Marysol?  Really?  Marysol also mentioned her marriage to Philippe Pautesta was over.   Marysol is another B-O-R-I-N-G Housewife.  HOW Marysol got another golden ticket from Bravo for season TWO of the RHOM is simply amazing.  There are only two connections which would explain Marysol’s inclusion on this season of the RHOM.  The first would be her continued story line of her “fairy tale” wedding to Philippe… which we all knew was phony.  During season one of the RHOM, Lea (jokingly… but, not really) said that Philippe was marrying Marysol for his green card.  As mentioned during the reunion, as soon as filming was over for season one, Philippe took off.  Philippe did, however, leave his state-of-the-art wine cooler in Marysol’s dining room!


The second reason for Marysol continuing on as a Miami Housewife is MissAndy’s bewildering obsession with Marysol’s mother, Elsa Patton.  MissAndy even gave MamaMumbles her very own web series, HavanaElsa… which details MamaMumbles creating her very own coffee and selling the liquid from a truck.   Uh… yeah, like THAT’S believable!   WHY MissAndy is entranced by MamaMumbles is beyond comprehension.   There is simply no explanation… this is as close to an explanation as any!

RHOM elsa xanax

Yes… MissAndy probably took the favored prescription drug of the Housewives and went back into the closet!

RHOM Wizard of Bravo pg

Lea Black felt compelled to stand up to respond to any of the Housewives barbs during the reunion show.  Can’t blame Lea for making herself taller when responding to allegations!  That’s something Lea must have learned from her husband, Roy Black!  Yes, Roy Black, the person who defended William Kennedy Smith against rape charges… and got him off.  If you didn’t know by now, the Smith trial is where Roy and Lea first laid eyes on each other.  Roy Black also recently defended drunk-driving-polo-player-owner, John Goodman… who, while driving intoxicated, slammed another car driven by a 22-year-old into a Florida canal.  The young man died… John Goodman left the scene of the accident.  Roy Black did not get John Goodman off; however, John Goodman has yet to see the inside of a jail.  In John Goodman’s case, he got what he paid for, an EXCELLENT attorney in Roy Black… and Roy Black continues his defense of Goodman.

We’re taking a bit of a detour here re Lea Black’s performance on last night’s Miami reunion to make a statement re the Black’s Annual Gala.  It is VERY ironic that the Black’s throw this huge shindig where the proceeds go toward keeping the young people of Miami out of the very legal system where Roy Black is one of the most sought-after and highly paid criminal defense attorneys.   Ironic in the fact that the people whom the Blacks are “helping” are the very same people who could NEVER afford to hire Roy Black as their legal counsel.  Ironic, indeed!   IMO, the Black’s Annual Gala should be re-named the Black’s Annual Guilt Gala…


In order of each Miami Housewives’ BLEEEEEECH! factor on last night’s RHOM Reunion…

In FIRST place is Joanna “SkankyJo” Krupa!  “SkankyJo” will do anything, go anywhere and say anything for attention…

joanna krupa boobs

SkankyJo is so far ahead of all the remaining Miami Housewives… that the others will never catch up to SkankyJo’s BLEEEEEECH! factor, but will put them in descending order, just for the hell of it!

Ana QWhatever… for her inexplicable allegations against other Housewives.

Adriana de Moura… she was apparently told to bring the drama and she did.  Adriana, however, did tone it down a bit from last year’s RHOM reunion show.

KarenT Sierra… for just being boring.

Marysol Patton… for actually thinking that people didn’t know that she and Philippe were no longer together!   And for putting out phony “frolicking in the ocean” photos with a look-alike Philippe to throw people off!

Real+Housewife+Miami+Marysol+Patton+Rocked+EQ33YnwCvMRl                                                                          They’ll never know you’re not Philippe!

Lisa Hochstein… for being a fembot and not knowing it!

Lea Black… we’ll see if Lea’s BLEEECH factor changes after seeing Part II of the Miami reunion.

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129 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Joanna Krupa, Lisa Hochstein, Marysol Patton, Lea Black, Ana Quincoces, Karent Sierra… RHOM Reunion Show Recap

  1. From what I heard, Lea threw some nasty jabs about Ana’s daughters. She called them socially awkward etc then tried to blame it on RJ.

    • Lea threw alot of hints last night on Ana. Do you remember the little dig about her doing escrow for a bank? And then information about why it was taking so long to divorce her husband and then secrets that Lea know about her. I would love to know about Ana and what the dirt is, sounds like Lea knows why Ana isn’t Lawyering as much as she used too.

      • Buck Henry – I don’t want to start rumors, but have you heard or read that, prior to her marriage to Robert that Ana was associated with some Miami drug runners/dealers ? I could be off track with her, but you seem to know a lot of scoop.

        • wild: Ain’t nobody “scoopin” here ‘cept for SH! Thinkin’ you got Ana mixed up with crime Mom Alexia. If you want to see some “scoopin”… simply do a search on SH. There are tons of items on SH which are picked up (…and apart) by other sites. TFC!! SH

    • Yes, that’s right. I found a link explaining what went on between Ana & Lea: Seems, as you said, Lea was attacking Ana’s family off-camera. Thats why Ana goes after Lea. She was even prepared with documents about Lea’s gala. I don´t know if it is ok to post the link here. Ana’s ex husband explained his side of the story.

  2. OK guys, it’s really quiet and super boring at work today. I’m putting it out there for ideas on my next photoshop parody of any of the HW franchises. C’mon be creative and inspire me :-)

    • Hi Housewife I have 1 small idea. On the Reunion show some negative comments about Joana and Audriana immediately started laughing like a hyena with her nose perked up in the air. She wildly clapping her hands together like a trained circus seal. I laughed my butt off it was just too funny. Rewound to watch it again. Only thing missing was the red ball on her nose. She’s so self-important and egotistical.

      • Hi TC, I didn’t watch the show last night but I can try and do Audriana as a seal. :-) It might be kind-of hard to find the right image of her though. I’m trying to make a good parody of MeGo’s book cover too.

        • Hi HH, not to worry it’s just one of the scenes that stuck with me. I looked around for an image for inspiration. Very hard to find one clapping. Did find this thought you might find something here. Perhaps a seal head attached to screen shot you could draw of her in her silver sequined dress.

          The other thought was Lea kept jumping up to get attention and attempt to show her superiority to her sitting opponent. Ana told her to sit “down afraid she might break her hip” (referring to her age). If you do a Reunion Special perhaps Lea springing up from one of those Senior’ s motorized chairs that jump up then her reaching for her walker. You are so talented we will enjoy anything you create. Thanks.

            • @housewife Thanks glad you like the concept. There are some great suggestions out here. Looking forward to your creation.

              @wildrose Thanks glad you like the Lea visual. I still grin thinking of Audriana’s OTT performance. She has no shame. Lol. I really like your idea of Andy dressed as Elaine L. She need to be in a Bright green Christmas dress too. Lol. Think Housewife Hoe is going to send us into the New Year “laughing all the way.” LOL

            • Hi hh. I’m lol about the “old lady parody” by TC too. It got me thinking about a scene from a movie (can’t think of the movie UGH) Anyway it was a comedy that showed a fake clip in it of another movie. It was of Jack Black begging Chloris Leachman not to give up on their love. He is at the bottom of a long stair case and Chloris is in one of those motorized chairs that automatically go up and down a staircase. He’s begging her to “push the down lever” and Chloris has her nose high up in the air… ascending up the stairs on her motorized chair :). Love your idea of doing a cover for MeGo_HoHo’s book cover!

            • Hi kt your comment intrigued me and I Googled Jack & Cloris movie. None found, but did fibd a segment on The Office after the Superbowl three years ago. Apparently Jack was Jessica Alba’s boyfiend then met her grandmother Cloris. This You Tube is Made P’s specialty and I don’t know how to post the video scenes like she does. But, I did copy the link and will post below. I remember seeing that show now. Thanks for the comments and refresher on the electric stairs chair. Would like to see the entire show now. Lol


            • T C, Thanks for finding this! I knew it was a clip inside of a “clip” so to speak, but I just couldn’t remember what it was in. I guessed it was probably in a movie. I knew Jack & Chloris hadn’t made a movie together, which was puzzling me as to where I saw this Lol scene. YES..It was in The Office :). I should of known that…I don’t think there is a single episode of The Office I haven’t watched! Thanks again T C, I would love to watch this episode again also! I love that kind of off-humor. Lol

            • Lol, that’s a great idea! I haven’t commented on the SCR threads with Amy posting bc I didn’t want to give her any attention. I didn’t watch the show either but I read all about her mom and her shenanigans.

      • TC, I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears that same scene of Audriana. My girlfriends and I were laughing hysterically that she had the balls to do it…and do it so well! LOL. A parody of her photo shopped as a seal is a perfect idea.

    • Hooray- an opportunity to tap into your immense talent! How about transposing faces of the Real Housewives of OC harpies onto a group shot of the Honey Boo Boo family? No instructions needed for Tamballs, perhaps Gretchen as Mama June, Slade as Sugar Bear, and the rest as various siblings.

      Or…the RHOBH cast (sans She Who Shall Not Be Named) as Downton Abbey characters, using very unflattering face shots of the former; assorted Housewives as contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race; Kenya Moore as Miss America or in a Proactiv advert; or DonCaro, Jax, MeGo, and Fishy from RHONJ as Telletubbies (Jax’s must be renamed “Tipsy” and have a wine glass or bottle of Baileys awkwardly cantilevered on its head).

      I’m sure you’ll come up with something better- these were just stream-of-consciousness from my sleep-deprived brain. I look forward to seeing your next materpiece!

    • I can see Ms. Andy dressed as Elaine Lancaster.
      Or ..Create a WWHL “Game” scenario called “Guess Who’s Ass I’m kissing Now? – with MeHo, Jax, DonCaro, MamaElsa…etc. all in a row & bending over.

  3. I don’t know why I watched it i because i don’t watch the show, but I did. Being from Miami, I know that these people are complete nobodies with the exception of Lea Black who is married to a prominent attorney. Why she would lower herself to be on one of these shows is a complete mystery. As far as scumbag lawyers go, the Black gala is noted, but does not rank up there with true society functions like the Viscaya Ball, the White party, any Art Basel Party, the list goes on and on. The others are not considered socialites by any stretch of the imagination. Which is why I won’t watch it. I had respect for Lea Black until she looked right at Andy and said, I have no botox, and no fillers. Are you kidding me? Her doctor is Frederick Brandt. Who himself looks like a ghoul. She has had tons of plastic surgery. Not saying she doesn’t look good, but the lies? OMG. And the others with their really bad nose jobs. If that reunion is any indication of the show, I am glad I skipped it.

    • I heard from a reliable source that Lea has had major surgery but would NOT tell anyone who her Dr is. I had heard he was from California. I think she has had excellent work and if I was her Dr I would be pissed for not giving referrals.

      • Gasp and swoon! And here I was believing her and thinking she was spackle-free and that it was her own cold cream that gave her that skin as smooth as a baby’s ass!

        But I’m bettin’ that wispy ass hair is all her own.

    • I don’t watch either but I did watch the reunion. These might be the most pschotic of the housewife franchises. couldnt believe my ears.

      ms sh, love all your holiday wallpapers….they make me happy!

    • My stepmom’s had her eyes done and and a browlift. She could seriously be Leah’s sister they look so much alike!

    • She has had surgery… She should have had a hair transplant, she is going bald… That’s why she wore a turbin so often… From the footage they showed..When she said how much those earrings were worth… I thought, she’s nothing but a broad… I didn’t watch this show, but did the reunion.. What’s mess. Nobodies that want to be…

        • Hers,
          It just popped into my head, I thought it fit…. But shows my age, don’t you think…I hope you’re having a great holiday…and lots of love, and smiles!

  4. You nailed it! Ana and JoHO I want to smack and the rest? I do like Lea a little bit, simply because she says what she means, snarky, but funny!

  5. I don’t understand your vicious attacks on Joanna. She has an exquisite beauty. Adriana on the other hand is ugly uncouth and is a street fighter. She LIES about her socalled education.

  6. Lea got served back what shes been doing since she the very first show. for Ana’s husbands point of view.I love Ana she took on the pervert with a house full of taxidermy.Where was the PETA warrior then?

      • I like Ana too. I think Ana was very disappointed at lEa’s behavior and comments at the diner from hell. To me it seems like lea only likes rich people and befriend idiots like karent because its so obvious karent kisses her ass because she wants to be famous/ with the it crowd.

        • Just my observation, but Ana stayed calm during all the volleys (and stayed seated). Lea’ (with the apostrophe) bounced up from her seat EVERY time, raised her chicken voice to shrill levels, and became agitated, SOoooo in my view, Lea’ lost the scrimmages.

          • She popped out of that chair a few times… Hell once Miss Andy told her to sit down… she kind of sunk down in the chair, like a spoiled brat… It annoyed the hell out of me… But then she annoys me anyways…

          • Totally agree. Ana put Lea’ in her place. I’m thinking Lea’ kept standing up cuz her dress was just too tight for her to be able to raise her voice. She had to lay down when MissA told her to sit.

            Ana and Adrianne are the best. Cant wait for Alexia’s appearance. I seem to be a minority here, but I love Miami. No boring pregnancies, wedding vows, kiddie parties bullshit here.

            Karent and Lisa are so vanilla and boring. Karent’s nose looks so weird and doesn’t fit her face. She does resemble a turtle as a previous poster mentioned. Marysol looks like she’s been messing with her nose too and it’s really bringing attention to her duck lips. Just my 2cents.

        • I liked how Anna handled herself at the crazy dinner.KarenT and Lea kept saying how gracious Thomas was being.He made Allison Dubouis look sane! Know that! I dont get the love for Mama E either.

          • So funny, Jeanbean. I love the Allison Dubois reference.
            I like Mama Elsa, but a litle bit goes a long way. She adds a fun side to the show.

  7. I watched the reunion last night and of the funniest lines though was when Adriana called JoAnna “HoAnna” I thought that was hilarious. Karent is just a shit stirring boring ass bitch and Lisa…poor deluded Lisa. I actually like her but god she is truly dumber than a box of rocks bless her lil heart lol the rest of them eh … I can take em or leave em and funny thing last night my son was in the living room when I was watching it and they flashed onto a scene with Mama Elsa and he says to me what in the hell is THAT!?!? lol I told him how her plastic surgery was botched etc he was just amazed he said how in the hell can people show themselves after something like that. I am glad this season is over and if they dont renew it, that is fine with me…I wish they would bring back the DC wives wayyy better than Miami.

    • LOL!! My husband said the exact same thing when he wandered into the living room and Mama Else appeared. I just said….Ahhh….nothing funny. Haha

    • I thought it was VERY RUDE of Andy to read that question from the viewer about Elsa’s procedures, and also VERY RUDE of the other ladies to speculate.

    • The Greek guy in front of her, and lil Joey grabbing her ass from behind… Of course she has to be wearing a thank you Jesus tee, with the cross… High heels, on display!

  8. I think women here are so jealous of Joanna, she hasn’t done anything wrong to the other women to deserve this type of hate.

    • Honestly jealous of what?The other women are just as attractive.Jealous because she walks around half naked all the time,jealous that her boyfriend flirts with other women,jealous that she slep with that skank Joe (girls gone wild)there are a million women in Miami that look like her big deal

      • Joanna is the most beautiful of all the housewives. I don’t think she has had too much education beyond a high school diploma but she appears to be good-hearted until she gets attacked. Adriana lies about her education. My husband grew up in rio. None of his friends who grew up with him have that slangy accent

        • Curious how do you know what her education was? I’m wondering what you know that others don’t since you have posted it twice.

    • you: Yes, everyone here is jealous of SkankyJo! Everyone! Would suggest you not use the word “hate,” as this is not a “hate” site. SH is where opinions are expressed…. if you don’t care for the opinion expressed re SkankyJo, certainly there are other sites which adore her! Go… and find one of those! SH

      • I find that most women rarely become jealous of women that are removed from them completely. Someone they don’t know or never see. That’s why few women personally attack celebrities unless they know them, they only make fun of ugly photos slimy paparazzi take. No one is jealous of Joanna, she is just way too skanky, however I do think she’s pretty(bad lip filler) and has a great body. However, it should be noted that Adriana has no problem calling hojanna a prostitute on national TV, and considering how aggressive (hardly demure or lady like enough to take the hi road) hojanna is I find it odd she has not sued for alleged defamation, which leads one to think that there is definitely some truth to that call girl theory.

      • “classy”: Yours is one of the funniest comments ever read on SH… am literally LOL-ing! SkankyJo sure is concerned with what we all have to say about her on SH, ain’t she? SkankyJo should stick to her very own BULLYING style on twitter! AND… what the hell would anyone want with “sex machine” Romain… OR with “call the paps, I’m walkin’ out my door” SkankyJo for that matter!? You DID forget to add that we all here at SH are ugly, overweight, illiterate, uneducated, single… and we all live with 87 cats! Your user name says it all! OH… and GET LOST… yer outta here! SH

  9. I must have watched a different reunion because I thought Adriana was her vulgar self, certainly worse than Joanna. I couldn’t figure out why Ana was on the warpath against Lea. Lea is a pompous fool and reminds me of know it all Don Caro.

    • I think Ana had a bean up her nose because of what Lea wrote about her girls in her blog. I also think she was ticked because Lea’s statements could hurt Marisol’s business that she has worked hard to build for 10 years. It’s much different from having a successful husband to count on if your business fails.

      • What did Lea write about Ana’s girls? Lea should not be commenting about anyone’s kids after her son’s comments that law enforcement officers lie – that was horrible for a young boy to say or think.

        • It was something snarky about a conversation they had with their father. Something about the girls being socially awkward or unacceptable. I can only remember the jest of it not the words.

    • I don’t understand the Joanna hate, either. I liked Adiranna last year, but don’t this year because of her meanness to Joanna. Adrianna was the one that flirted with Joanna’s finace. I could understand if it was the other way around.

  10. jo anna and her lil sis seem ok. just give them another decade. right now they seem saintly compaired to the other sister team (kim & vyle)

  11. I don’t get all the hate for the Miami show…IMO it’s become 1 of the better franchises. Last night’s reunion was hilarious. I think Miami is better than New Jersey, as it’s stale and I hate seeing family members fighting like that, OC which is now Alexis vs. everyone else, and NYC without Bethenny and Jill is boring as heck since only Ramona is willing to “go there” (Aviva backtracks too much).

    Ana came off as desperate which cracked me up. If she had gone after Lea during the season, she would have been more interesting. I thought the exchanges between Lea and Ana were good as both had nice digs.

    Adriana is just crazy and when she started talking over Joanna and Karent I thought Andy should have made her shut up for a minute. She is a pretty woman but she comes off as very ugly on the inside with her jealousy and venomous attacks. If she’s so much better than Joanna, why does she act like she isn’t? Joanna gets paid to bare her breasts while Adriana has done it on the show in an attempt to create “tv moments” for herself.

    I can’t stand Marysol. If she wants to avoid confrontation because she’s worried about her business reputation, she should have never signed up for this show. She’s lucky Ana took over for her in combatting Lea.

    Karent is fake and that Rodolfo thing was ridiculous but I do think she’s nice, and I want to hear what the other ladies say in part II when Andy will surely bring up that the writer of that infamous article fessed up and that Karent never said those insults.

    Lisa is just not very intelligent but it’s funny that she seems to be the most mature one there despite being the youngest. She’s the only cast member who is not involved in a conflict, although it looks like Joanna might have a problem with her if there is a season 3.

  12. Cannot stand the vicious attacks on Joanna. I believe she has a drinking problem but she is a beautiful woman. She would not be paid a whole lot of money if she was not a good model. Adriana is the vicious one. She was a s#$t stirrer at the first RHOM reunion fiasco on WWHL. She never let anyone get a workd in edge wise and it was no different last night. She is a classless. She should just marry Philippe and sail away. She found someone who can stand her.

    • I so agree. I think Adrianna is jealous of Joanna’s looks. Funny, Adrianna was much prettier last season. Either she had work done that changed her appearance or the evil inside is making her outwardly less attractive.

  13. Ok, here goes…..I agree with the recap- the reunion feuds were about as real as pro wrestling. Ana brought the ‘heat against Lea to try + save her spot for another season. Not going to happen. Ms.Andy knows this part of the franchise is over; no buzz about Miami anywhere. That being said, believe that Adriana launched her attacks on Joanna because Roman shut her down cold when she tried to flirt w/ him at the club.
    *in my opinion Joanna looked amazing last night- she served up some Charlie’s Angels glam. She loses a lot of her chic-appeal when she speaks. Adriana cranked it up to please Mandy but she lost major points with her vulgarity. Overall Adriana came off bitter and jealous and that’s because she’d probably love to score more of a Roman for herself but is stuck with the Roberto Benigni of France.
    Have a happy, healthy and safe New Year Ms. SH + awesome SH fans!

  14. Why does everyone assume Adrianna has jealousy issues with Hoanna?I don’t get that.I watched the show just like everyone else.Hoanna started a lot of trouble too with that big mouth.Hoanna is the one who chased down Adrianna at that party,that is when Adrianna turned around and slapped her.The things Adrianna said at the reunion were all true.Yeah i believe Joanna is the one who calls the paparrazi .What were the things that Adrianna said last night that weren’t true.So to most it’s o,k for Joanna to say whatever though.Adrianna is not my favorite Ana is but bashing Adrianna for saying the truth is absurd.And yes joanna, hoanna, whatever, yes she is attractive so what please!like i said before there is a million like her,And sorry she is not a SUPERMODEL,she posed for Maxim .Wowee big deal . And no i’m not jealous ,seriously

    • I believe Adriana is jealous because she slinked up to Joanna’s fiancé and asked him why he chooses to be with a blond instead of a brunette + his answer that, “blondes wake up pretty” was like a kick in the teeth to her. She made some snarky camera-crack about it same episode. Joanna is a VERY pretty woman and probably used to being the prettiest girl in the room. That is why I think she feels she can say anything without reproach. She is also a swim/lingerie model. Adriana may be just as pretty and have a fantastic figure but she won’t be swiping any print jobs from the ‘Joannas’ out there anymore.

      • Adriana has a certain look in her eye when she starts going off on Joanna, that’s when you see the hate and jealousy, but it doesn’t meant Joanna did nothing wrong.

    • It is never ok to turn around and slap someone! She also reached for a broom to further her attack. That told me that she was raised in the favelas

      • Really? Some one pulls your hair from behind? You do what? sing kumbaya? I would of smacked her to! She had been attacking people all night, HoAnn is a drunk, more over a mean drunk!
        Adriana may be jealous, but she’s also the smart one, who knows drama is what brings the ratings, she implied that the first reunion.

        • LOL Joanna pulled Adriana’s hair? I don’t believe that b/c if she did Adriana would’ve been screaming from the mountain tops about the “assault.”

          There seems to be a big anti-Joanna crew around here which…whatever, but they’re both at fault. Adriana going toe to toe over everything Joanna says is the only thing making her relevant because her yacht storyline was lackluster. If she was really smart, all she would have to do is give Joanna the rope to hang herself but the sneer she gets on her face before she lets out a barrage of attacks (on Karent and Joanna) tells me that she’s digging from the gut. So much ugly….

          • There is so much ugly and she did pull her hair,Ho Ana is a mean drunk, her actions before the “incident” and after, her mother, her sister, even her boy friend. I am not really sure what anyone else thinks about her, I don’t really care. I just know I don’t like her. Beauty is skin deep, and as far I am concerned she has acne.

  15. Mama Elsa amuses Andy. He may like her, but I think he patronizes her because she is vain, looks like a worn out drag queen, knows it but doesn’t give a damn. She’s a kook with so much presence that in a room of even beautiful people she’s the only person there.
    Joanna needs everything to be about her. Everywhere she takes her emotions drama ensues. She’s needy, not for friendship, but attention. A lot of women are beautiful.
    This show is all over the place. No one has anything in common. I don’t watch regularly but the episodes I’ve seen mostly revolve around Joanna and her relationship with Ro-whatever, who she’s mad at and her next move. Yawn.

  16. After a reasonably dull first season I have loved the second one. It’s been drama non stop, loved all the fights at Lisa’s party, it was legendary. Joanna may be low class, which comes out when she is drunk but she is certainly very beautiful and I don’t agree with you on that one at all. She may be a ho along with her sister but she’s used her body wisely. Karent is just an idiot if she chooses to ignore everyone’s warning about her scum bag boyfriend then really its her own fault when her eggs dry up and shes left all alone, at least she will have nice teeth. Ana has been the biggest snooze fest all season and was clearly trying to stir up some trouble to try and get her in to the next one. I like Audriana!!! Shes fun and feisty but she get that man down the aisle before she looses them. Lea I’m on the fence about I think she has good inside her but shes also a total bitch at times and probably caused alot trouble regarding James, she uses his to fight her battles. Lisa sweet but dim, feel for her troubles but she should think about all the other women going through the same thing that don’t have her money and couldn’t even afford one round of IVF, be greatful for what you have not what you don’t. Marisol is an odd one, how did she get where she is, if she has no gumption?

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