LISA HOCHSTEIN: Watch Out All You Miami Citizens…Lisa IS A Fembot!!!


The extremely talented “HousewifeHoe” has put out a call for ideas!   If YOUR imagination has given you some ideas of what you’d like to see “HousewifeHoe” do with her wonderful photoshop abilities, now is the time to let her know!

OK guys, it’s really quiet and super boring at work today. I’m putting it out there for ideas on my next photoshop parody of any of the HW franchises. C’mon be creative and inspire me!

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27 comments on “LISA HOCHSTEIN: Watch Out All You Miami Citizens…Lisa IS A Fembot!!!

  1. After the Alice in Wonderland one (which was awesome, p.s.) I thought it would be funny to do something with the Wizard of Oz, with Mandy as the man behind the curtain.

    • Which franchise? I always saw MeGo as the wicked witch b/c of her long face and black hair. Maybe I could do a smattering of different HW’s for the scarecrow, tinman, lion, dorothy, the flying monkeys?

  2. Hmmm Now who could be Glinda, The Good Witch? Lisa V, Carolyn M or Vicki G? Tough call certainly not Kathy W. lol

  3. Housewife Ho, I alway thought Sonja Morgan look exactly like Barbra Striesand cira funny girl but I’m afraid if you photoshoped her face on to Sonja or vice versa no one would even be able to tell! lol
    Another idea I had would be (maybe cliche) but the miami crew as “Scar face”. I’ll post more if I think of them :)

    • Holy cow, you’re right! She does look like Cher there! Ok Housewife ho, put Cher on Lisa H’s body and Barbara Strisand on Sonja and see who catches it!

  4. How about a line up of boob kabob or boobs on a stick. Or, every time I bought champagne over the holidays I thought of whatshername saying champs….bluk. Maybe a New Years themed something? You could make one of those tiered sculptures with all the woman who are boozebags drinking from the trough with whatshername sticking up her nose and calling Betty Ford.

  5. Saw pictures of Lisa Hochstein before all the plastic surgery and she was a lovely girl. Now she reminds me of one of those plastic blow-up dolls you see. Plus, I think her head is filled with helium.

    Karent’s plastic surgery gave her the nose of a turtle…..and her smile really enhances the resemblance.

    Lea’ is a Harpy, but half chicken.

  6. Do a RHOA with Gone with the Wind fabulous Kenya. And Phaedra eating fruit dip by the spoonfuls saying “As God is my witness….” Obviously Walter can be “I dont give a damn” Rhett. And just for chits n giggle make the outgoing whitey Kim be Mammy.

      • Yes she does. Perhaps fruit dip is what helped her conceive? Someone needs to send Lisa from RHOM a case of it. And some vag balls apparently. Could you imagine if this chick had some of Kandi’s balls lodged up in there during her workout? She could’ve put an eye out kid.

  7. i found these hilarious pics of mario batali and others w/ sausages around their necks. WACKO JACKO PLS!

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