LET IT FLY FRIDAY!!… The Mystery Email… Is MissAndy REALLY That Despicably Deranged?… Emailer Claims Andy Cohen Gets Back At Teresa Giudice… By Calling the RHOM Adriana de Moura “AUDriana”…

It’s time to reveal a super-secret email sent to SH about two months ago.

SH has kept every word of this email under the veil of secrecy… until now!  If this person is truly what they describe themselves to be, they have not kept up their end of the bargain!

Therefore, consider most of this email to be total bullsh*t!!  However, it is a very  interesting theory!!

andy pg

“…You do have a reputable reputation with BravoTv, translation; For your readers; it’s great! For BravoTv[Andy] Not so Great! At times it’s an “OOPS” on our part or as Miss Andy calls you, “that bitch, who is telling her this?”
Andy Loves SH!
Quick Fact: Andy Cohen hates that you call him, “Miss Andy”? [Insert a Brandi Glanville evil laugh here]
-What is the tie with [ANDY] Teresa and R.H.O.M.?
Andy never really wanted to cast Adriana, let’s face it; she’s not the Miami “Socialite” she sets herself out to be and doesn’t have an enticing story line. Adriana is your typical married her “Sugar Daddy” type of (reality tv) gal. Matter in fact; your previous posts on her past had Miss Andy livid. At that time; we were getting so much heat for the Atlanta Gals.
R.H.O.M. as you know was never to be a part of the Housewives Franchise. Remember the horrific; “Miami Social”?   NOTE:   SH was the only site which called out the very bad handling of the six-week run of Miami by MissAndy when it was a fill-in for a rotten “CindyWhatever’ season of the RHONY!
Unless you live under a rock, everyone knows Miss Andy can’t stand Teresa. Look at Bravo TV website, still has “Teresa’s 15 minutes of fame” and not so nice head-lines about Teresa from the dish section; Again; Andy approves EVERYTHING!
andy teresa arrow
Andy hates Teresa so much; he took it up a notch a couple years ago and continues with his game he plays. Andy got Adriana and Lea from R.H.O.M. in on one these games he plays. Sadly it has involved poor little Audriana. You will have to go back and look through Teresa’s bravo blogs; I have to have you do some work :)!
images 26
 Hint: It’s beginning of Season 2, it’s not that long of a blog, this is when Teresa wrote her own blogs!
RHONJ Teresa Audriana
Teresa talks about how she came up with the names of her children; how all her girls don’t have a middle name, all their names (including Teresa and her Mother ) end with an “A”, [Teresa] originally was going to name her [Audriana] “Adriana” instead; Teresa explains in the post she made up the name “Audriana” It gives you a clue to why Andy started to play this game. Teresa never knew that sentence would be a saving grace with viewers and bloggers; but none of you caught on!
Adriana pg
Clearly Adriana knows her name isn’t “Audriana” but she goes along with Andy calling her that; why do think you that is? Other than Adriana (desperately) wanting to be on T.V; it helped Adriana stay around for Season 2 believe it or not. Re Watch the WWHL episode with Adriana on; watch how he calls her “Audriana” more than he would call a person by their name, you’ll notice some other things as well. For Andy; as silly as it sounds and is, when Andy asked Adriana asked if he could call Adriana “Audriana” of course Adriana agreed, Andy’s eyes lit up; he has the mentality of a 6th grader.
audriana lea arrow
Notice in Season 1 (and Season 2) Lea Black awkwardly calls Adriana, “Audriana”. Lea has known Adriana before filming “Miami Dinner party”, ( now R.H.O.M. ) Lea knows; “Audriana” is not “Adriana’s” name. Since Teresa thinks she made up the name “Audriana” by Andy calling Adriana “Audriana” it’s one of Andy’s childish ways of getting back at Teresa. It’s really sad that her daughter is used in Andy’s game.
Andy Bored pg
Let’s hope I (we) can tell you about the real “Andy Cohen” one day! It’s really sad that Andy goes to these extremes to spite Teresa! The “Andy Cohen” you see on W.W.H.L., is not the real “Andy Cohen”
Depending on how you report this will depend on if we will be able to serve you some more sweet tea!
Note to SH: The sender of this email knows “SH” is a grammar cop, the sender of this email is not grammatically challenged; he, (or is he a she?) just can’t let you in on what a genius she (or he) really is, therefore; I (or is it we?) hope you appreciated the deliberate poor grammar and the deliberate abuse of punctuation marks!”
NOTE to SH Readers:  The above is PART of the email… not ALL was revealed!    But… will be!!
Real Housewives of Miami… ain’t nobody pronouncing A-driana’s name AUD-riana… ‘cept for MissAndy!