LET IT FLY FRIDAY!!… The Mystery Email… Is MissAndy REALLY That Despicably Deranged?… Emailer Claims Andy Cohen Gets Back At Teresa Giudice… By Calling the RHOM Adriana de Moura “AUDriana”…

It’s time to reveal a super-secret email sent to SH about two months ago.

SH has kept every word of this email under the veil of secrecy… until now!  If this person is truly what they describe themselves to be, they have not kept up their end of the bargain!

Therefore, consider most of this email to be total bullsh*t!!  However, it is a very  interesting theory!!

andy pg

“…You do have a reputable reputation with BravoTv, translation; For your readers; it’s great! For BravoTv[Andy] Not so Great! At times it’s an “OOPS” on our part or as Miss Andy calls you, “that bitch, who is telling her this?”
Andy Loves SH!
Quick Fact: Andy Cohen hates that you call him, “Miss Andy”? [Insert a Brandi Glanville evil laugh here]
-What is the tie with [ANDY] Teresa and R.H.O.M.?
Andy never really wanted to cast Adriana, let’s face it; she’s not the Miami “Socialite” she sets herself out to be and doesn’t have an enticing story line. Adriana is your typical married her “Sugar Daddy” type of (reality tv) gal. Matter in fact; your previous posts on her past had Miss Andy livid. At that time; we were getting so much heat for the Atlanta Gals.
R.H.O.M. as you know was never to be a part of the Housewives Franchise. Remember the horrific; “Miami Social”?   NOTE:   SH was the only site which called out the very bad handling of the six-week run of Miami by MissAndy when it was a fill-in for a rotten “CindyWhatever’ season of the RHONY!
Unless you live under a rock, everyone knows Miss Andy can’t stand Teresa. Look at Bravo TV website, still has “Teresa’s 15 minutes of fame” and not so nice head-lines about Teresa from the dish section; Again; Andy approves EVERYTHING!
andy teresa arrow
Andy hates Teresa so much; he took it up a notch a couple years ago and continues with his game he plays. Andy got Adriana and Lea from R.H.O.M. in on one these games he plays. Sadly it has involved poor little Audriana. You will have to go back and look through Teresa’s bravo blogs; I have to have you do some work :)!
images 26
 Hint: It’s beginning of Season 2, it’s not that long of a blog, this is when Teresa wrote her own blogs!
RHONJ Teresa Audriana
Teresa talks about how she came up with the names of her children; how all her girls don’t have a middle name, all their names (including Teresa and her Mother ) end with an “A”, [Teresa] originally was going to name her [Audriana] “Adriana” instead; Teresa explains in the post she made up the name “Audriana” It gives you a clue to why Andy started to play this game. Teresa never knew that sentence would be a saving grace with viewers and bloggers; but none of you caught on!
Adriana pg
Clearly Adriana knows her name isn’t “Audriana” but she goes along with Andy calling her that; why do think you that is? Other than Adriana (desperately) wanting to be on T.V; it helped Adriana stay around for Season 2 believe it or not. Re Watch the WWHL episode with Adriana on; watch how he calls her “Audriana” more than he would call a person by their name, you’ll notice some other things as well. For Andy; as silly as it sounds and is, when Andy asked Adriana asked if he could call Adriana “Audriana” of course Adriana agreed, Andy’s eyes lit up; he has the mentality of a 6th grader.
audriana lea arrow
Notice in Season 1 (and Season 2) Lea Black awkwardly calls Adriana, “Audriana”. Lea has known Adriana before filming “Miami Dinner party”, ( now R.H.O.M. ) Lea knows; “Audriana” is not “Adriana’s” name. Since Teresa thinks she made up the name “Audriana” by Andy calling Adriana “Audriana” it’s one of Andy’s childish ways of getting back at Teresa. It’s really sad that her daughter is used in Andy’s game.
Andy Bored pg
Let’s hope I (we) can tell you about the real “Andy Cohen” one day! It’s really sad that Andy goes to these extremes to spite Teresa! The “Andy Cohen” you see on W.W.H.L., is not the real “Andy Cohen”
Depending on how you report this will depend on if we will be able to serve you some more sweet tea!
Note to SH: The sender of this email knows “SH” is a grammar cop, the sender of this email is not grammatically challenged; he, (or is he a she?) just can’t let you in on what a genius she (or he) really is, therefore; I (or is it we?) hope you appreciated the deliberate poor grammar and the deliberate abuse of punctuation marks!”
NOTE to SH Readers:  The above is PART of the email… not ALL was revealed!    But… will be!!
Real Housewives of Miami… ain’t nobody pronouncing A-driana’s name AUD-riana… ‘cept for MissAndy!
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182 comments on “LET IT FLY FRIDAY!!… The Mystery Email… Is MissAndy REALLY That Despicably Deranged?… Emailer Claims Andy Cohen Gets Back At Teresa Giudice… By Calling the RHOM Adriana de Moura “AUDriana”…

  1. Ms SH, I was only slightly suspicious until the end. Whenever someone claims they’re a genius, I immediately think “mentally ill”! I DID, however, rewatch part of the reunion, and Miss Andy DOES call her Awwwdriawna while everyone else calls her Ayyydrianna. That makes me curious.

  2. Andy always comes out after these articles and says in fact that he loves Teresa. I don’t think anyone will ever really know whats going on at the Housewives franchise, and I for one think we all may have been led down the same road. I have a feeling we have been played to believe all this hype just for ratings and that Teresa herself may have played along.

  3. I would believe it was all set up as well if it weren’t for seeing that crazed look in Caroline’s eyes & the mean spirited look in Tamara Barney’s eyes (on the OC version). You would have to be the best actor around to fake that. I’m sure some things , vacations or the “sit down & talk” things are set ups but I think for the most part they put the cameras on these people (who have at least their share of flaws) & human nature takes over. In terms of Miss Andy , you mean Miss isn’t really part of his name? ;P

  4. Interesting. I think I caught a glimpse of the “real Andy” during RHDC reunion when Lynda insisted that she would not continue if Tarmack came to the couch unless all the husbands could. For s split second his demon reveled himself and then sure enough after the commercial break there was Tarmac sittin on the couch with all the ladies and the rest of the men were not allowed on til next segment. I wish I could find that clip because its chilling.

    • I remember that! I also remember him getting upset at Kray Kelly when she said she was forced to go Scary Island. He was pissed.

      He also shut down HoAnna when she started speaking about Adriana’s jealousy about press coverage. How she only got press because she hit Joanna. He shut that down.

      • @Lablover yes indeed he was pissed ..I remember that clearly.. he tried to deny that the producers forced Krazy to go but if I remember correcting Krazy Shut him down..Didn’t she say (after his denial of course) ..Thank You Andy but yes they did.

  5. This theory sounds so ridiculous to me. I DO belive that Andy is not that fond of Teresa, but this Adriana/audriana thing sounds plain silly. IT is easy to spot who Andy does not favor by just the bad edits certain women get, his facial expressions when referencing them, and his body language.

    Andy does is not fond of Vicky, but loves her daughter Brianna (like most ppl)

    Andy does not favor Teresa or Joe, but loves the Manzo clan. The manzo’s always get the cute commercials and all of Andy’s “celeb friends” love the Manzos. Andy made sure he invited Chrissy tegan to WWHL (that was no accident). I think ultimately Andy wanted to replace Teresa with her MElissa, but because the fans of the show revolted against MEhore and Tre’s poplularity continues to rise….he can’ justify letting her go to his bosses.

    Andy could not STAND JIll Zarin and Alex and Simon. From body langauge to sarcastic remarks that was pretty obvious.

    Andy did really care much for Sheree outside of repeating her failed clothing she by sheree.

    Andy does not really like Joanna Krupa either….just look how giddy he was when Adriana was letting Joanna have it.

    Like I said, it is pretty obvious who Andy likes and doesn’t like. He made an azz out of Jill Zarin and made sure to ask ALL the wwhl guest what they thought of the interview to further humilate her. Glad Danielle didn’t take the bait and decline a sit down. Andy lives to humilate these women and many of them are so eager to be humilated. Hopefully his years at Bravo are numbered and someone more balance and LESS bias comes along.

    • He also does not like OC’s Alexis. I got the impression from the Miami reunion that he doesn’t like Lea… he seemed to get on her case more than any of the others. Didn’t see that with Joanna. At one point Andy told Adriana to “just stop” so Joanna could speak.

    • I think its hilarious that Andy doesnt like Teresa and likes the Manzos. I think he likes Melissa too. What can I say, he has good taste. I cant believe that in Teresa’s small brain she made up the name Audriana.

  6. Just saw a clip on Extra, about Caroline, who they described as the peacemaker on RHONJ. Really.

    Questions she was asked?

    How do you manage children and work. I’m not kidding. Children. Maybe they know she still nurses.

    What do you do when your children say something embarrasing? She answered to never demean them!!! Like calling them an asshole, Caroline?

    • I’m out of the country right now so I missed that. It makes me spit nails that she is described as a peacemaker. I guess that it must be very obvious that MISS ANDY hates Teresa. To me it explains why the Manzos felt they had carte blanche to dog her at every opportunity. I bet they were shocked when it backfired on them. All season Caroline thought she was kissing ass like a champ only to find out she was becoming the most hated housewife on RHONJ.

      • Just like he called Kelly B from RHoNY the “voice of reason.” WTF? I can’t believe he said it with a straight face. I know he thinks, like most, that she’s kray kray. I think Russell Simmons got to him and they tried to give Kelly a good edit her last season. It still didn’t work IMO, I guess they did the best they could with what she gave them, and Andy played the game like a good kiss-asser does.

      • They showed it here in SoCal this morning as new. Go figure! Says something about Extra’s programing and clips. Caught it while channel surfing.

        Sorry about that. I only want to bring the newest to SH’s place.

        Thank you for a year of truly fresh news, Ms. SH. I have an inkling of the time and effort it takes you to do what you do. I know we are all very appreciative of your hard work. :)

    • Another case of NBC/BRAVO working together to push the favs…Can’t stand any member of the Panzo Clan ‘cept sleepy Al.

  7. Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy Miss Andy

    …maybe he prefers Ms Andy….he is, after all, a progressive kinda gal…

    I know I just reverted to a ten year old but I couldn’t help myself…

  8. He acts like a kid in school w no friends! He must of have had rough time cuz it shows now as he plays his games! My friend was just @ a party w him & he was obn! She hasn’t filled me in on rest of story yet but may have to ring her 4 the details! ( I got pics to prove) Hope MISS ANDY is looking for another job rather than using these women! Granted some love being used by him & too fame hungry to realize MISS ANDY is their puppeteer !! I’m talking to u, M Gorga, Manzos , Lauritas, Krupa, Adriana (audriana) & few more but don’t care as they know who they are!

  9. Since lil Albie has come out on his Twitter as being a registered republican, I wonder how long its gonna take before Ms Andy turns on him… and the momma who who groomed him? She holds Tree accountable for things that her husband says so given his VERY public political stance shouldn’t he hold momma Manzo accountable for the politicizing tweets of her younguns? I say yes, Come on Andie fair is fair and I know you would never pass up an opportunity to dig in on a conservative.

        • He’s also happy that he has a real office now, and is not in his grandmother’s craft room.

          He’s looking for office furniture.

          Hey, have Uncle Chris charge it for you.

        • Yup I saw it too! I’m pretty sure that in response Greg’s loose hole tweeted “don’t tweet things that are gonna make me like u” ha! I was shocked that albie was honest about that being that its not the norm for the famous, even reality d-listers. He gets my respect for that.

          • I know. It was courageous. But then again he was also following the bread crums that the media intended after Sandy Hook advocating the destruction of the 2nd amendment. His “I’m a registered republican” was a follow up tweet so that people didn’t think he was a get-rid-of-all-da-guns liberal. I wonder if its still there of if momma made him take it down?

            • Gotcha. I bet his mama was maaaaaaaaaddd when she saw that! I remember when watching the RHODC reunion, Andy was rude enough (in my opinion) to ask each woman the political party with whom they identify and the two that egmitted to being republicans, then stated “But we voted for Obama!!” They did not want Andy laying into them for that! He did later though, he said they came off as bullies and fussed at them for pretending to sleep. Freakin’ terrible.

            • @ Made That’s what I love/hate about the left, you can be any form of degenerate BUT if you’re a Republican you are the lowest form on earth. There BS that THEY are the party of tolerance kills me, the hard core left e.g. Hollyweird and the majority of the media are the biggest hypocrites. They all wok in buildings with armed guards, their children go to schools that have armed guards, their bodyguards are armed BUT if Joe and Jane Shmoe want a gun to protect themselves NO WAY. It’s the elitist/bully/narcissist brigade telling us to do what they say, not what they do because thy’re special, we’re expendable. Makes me retch!!!

              Just finished a great book – The Joy of Hate- by Greg Gutfeld – brilliant. It speaks to all this hypocrisy and is hysterical to boot. Grab it if you can!

            • @ Candace That is in addition to the Secret Service detail the girls are (rightly) afforded! The guards are just part of the school!

            • Sidwell is where the nations elite’s children go. They do not have to follow the laws they force on others.

              Funny how that works.

              Like how Michael Moore is antigun but has armed bodyguards.

            • I will be sure to take a look at that book. It is sickening how predictable the left was after the shooting. Gross. Right down to the presidential fake tears(yeah I said it) I think I mentioned it the day of the shooting that no matter how its packaged I will never support legislation that takes away our 2nd amendment, waters it down or in any way shape or form curtails our rights. The right don’t get a pass from me either with the Patriot Act. If anything the passage of that monstrosity shows that nightmare threats to our nation’s citizenry can and are being legislated right out in plain sight. “For our own good” always. Scary stuff.

            • He really should have got some of them presidential eye drops before he tried to pull that bullcrap press conference. He aint even trying anymore. Second term syndrome. What was it he said? He would have more leeway after the election? well….

            • @ Made Yes, he uttered those words to Medvedev to tell that spectacularly looney Putin about struggling to find common ground amid strong objections in Russia to the American plans for a missile defense system based in Europe! Putin doesn’t want Europe to have a defense from them and President Kardashian is telling him “chill, I got this”?????????
              I’m curious: how many other countries has the president promised that he’d have a lot more flexibility the morning he doesn’t have to answer to the American people?

            • @ Made Do you know if he pressed charges on the union thug that cold cocked him? I know they were trying to find out the guys identity… I first saw Crowder on Red Eye, loved him!

            • @ Made LMAO!!! That was awesome – I laughed and then I cried… What a great man on the street, too bad that it’s real people…that VOTE!!!!

            • @ Candace I LOVE Red Eye, you must get a DVR, it is the main reason I got mine! I can’t always count on my extreme insomnia to be able to watch it! Lol! He is on The Five @ 5 pm as well, great show too!
              Greg is the man though… His “Bible of Unspeakable Truths” was awesome as well.

            • @ Made What this administration has done has faaaaar exceeded what the Patriot Act did – all under the cloak of the Media. President Kardashian is what I call this joke. We have been facing this fiscal cliff for 18 months, NO budget from Reid’s democratically controlled Senate for almost FOUR years and the media made the election about free birth control and how “cool” the president is?!!!! What the what?!!!! All hail to the narcissist in chief!
              As for the tears- UGH!!! I have never had tears fall from the outside corner of my eye – there I said it too! I read an article that it was the most emotion in modern times shown from a president- Uh, Bush was balling all over the place after 911.

            • Yeah its one big circle jerk listening to the media discuss the president. I actually get a visual of them sitting around … well its disturbing.

            • @ Made Hahahahahahaha!!! I mean, we have DRONES in America now?!!!!! It’s right out of “1984”…

            • Scary. Our second amendment has never been about us being able to protect ourselves from each other. Its always been about protecting us from our government. So… whats the REAL reason the government craves an unarmed populous?

            • @ Made One of the things every dictator and authoritarian government does sooner or later is try to take away the guns form the hands of the citizens. I might add that were concealed carry is legal the violent crime and crime in general are much lower than where the gun laws are the strictest!
              One thing to add. If evil wants to do evil it will find a way. This school massacre was in 1927 – no guns involved – 45 deceased – 38 of which were elementary children with 58 injured.


            • I am all for peoples rights to protect themselves….HOWEVEr there are some crazy MFO’s that clearly do NOT need to be carrying weapons. TIme and time again people are getting killed by trigger happy, untrained lunitics who think they are vigilantes.

              Comparing armed guards who are trained professionals to “some” idiots with bad impulse control is unfair. I just heard on the news a young man was shot dead because a passby was pissed he was playing his music too loud…..I really believe their should be some changes, unfortunately I am not smart enough or well versed enough in policy to know what those changes should be. I am just a regular american with opinions : )

              The majority of my friends are gun owners. They purchased their guns legally and use them for safety purposes. I trust all of them and know they are responsible gun owners. HOwever, it is the rest of the trigger happy lunitics that I am afraid of. Unfortunatley while many legal gun owners are responsible……there are a number of them that are not and that is when tragedy happens. I personally know I cannot own a gun as I am scared of everything and might accidently shoot myself. I know some folks personally that should NEVER own a gun, but they do. I have witnessed the aftermath of quite a number of tragedies within my own community…..and the majority of them involved innocent victims caught in the crossfire. I don’t think the governtment should ban it’s citizens from protecting themselves…..but there has to be a balance. I get both sides of the coin on this one………..I just dn’t know how to fix it.

            • Is that the guy on “the five”… On fox? If so he is hilarious… Smart too… I might just download it to my kindle, if its him…

            • @ shelagh5 That’s him! I think he is adorable too! He and Dana crack me up, his disdain for all things Jasper is too funny! The women on that show are not only ridiculously beautiful but some of the smartest commentators with amazing accomplishments outside of media. I feel real girl power after I watch it, lol!

            • I love that show too… Dana and jasper he loves to tease her… They are all so funny, and smart… And I can’t help but love the way they rip on bob…. But he is such a good sport… I truly believe they all care about each other … I think it’s the best show on tv right now… Kind of makes you smile, laugh, and care all at once.. :)

            • @ Shelagh5 I couldn’t agree more! You have to catch Red Eye if you can, it’s on @ 3am but it is too funny…Greg is definitely busting on Jasper, he loves all things cute and fuzzy. Red Eye is always sprinkled with the most hysterical video clips as well as some of the most irreverent and intelligent humor on TV with all sides reflected – kinda like this place that SH has created for us – SH is like the Red Eye of HW’s blogs with all these witty and intelligent posters and Made’s videos!

            • @Adios and others — And let’s say a big THANK YOU to certain media for reporting this story when other media refuses to do so, i.e. that these politicians wanting to deny our children the protection of armed guards have children protected by armed guards at their private schools. Wake up, America!

          • @ RichmondVA I always had a soft spot for Chris, I think he would be a decent kid if he wasn’t still on the teet. He seems compassionate and caring but easily lead. My heart broke for him when his mother almost destroyed his long time friendship because of her hatred for Kim G. That was soooooo uncomfortable to watch. I could never do that to my child. So heartless.

            He should have stayed at the Brownstone with AL…

            • I agree, Adios. When poor chris was upset ab the impact it might have on the friendship, big Al said “F*** johnnie.” Real nice. #febus

            • @ Richmond He did? That just stinks… I think Big Al may have Stockholm syndrome, actually, they may ALL have Stockholm syndrome…hmmmmmm…..

            • Yes m’am. When Caro, Big Al, the kids and Chris Laurita gathered in a room following the incident where (IMO) Kim G was strong- armed out of the Whorga’s home. Chris was bummed about what conspired between Caro and Kim G and Al said “you know what, f&^% Johnnie” That whole scene, with the kids getting involved in grown folks business really opened my eyes to the mob mentality of the Manzos.

    • He won’t mess with the Manzos… I don’t know why, I think he is afraid of them… He kisses their ass many times over… But again, looked what happened to Tiny, perhaps he is playing it safe…

      • tee hee. Now Amy Hanley needs to take notes from the Manzos. The real deal will deny it till their dying breath and muster up some tears of shock and act insulted if you dare to insinuate it.

        • I love this sight… It seems to me, after all is said and done, we think alike… Watch the same shows… And care about this country and crave for yesterday… The good ole days… Know right from wrong, and pray for togetherness…. Miss Andy, are you listening…

          • @ shekagh5 It’s like our own (thanks to SH) island of sanity in an upside down world. I love it here! As for Miss Aundy, I think I can answer for him;he is too busy trying to create a “new normal”…

            • Adios, I will have to catch the red eye… I have never watched it….it’s on fox right… Anything good is on fox… Fair and balanced…. And unafraid.. :)

            • @ shelagh5 Yes, at 3 am. I have never seen a segment on there that they do not present both sides, they get a bad rap because they’re fair???? Again, upside down world…

          • Ya know I think that this particular site attracted us since it gets down to the nitty gritty behind the curtain kind of stuff. So born skeptics are bound to get into that aspect of it.

      • Yeah I think I remember once on WWHL the subject was tiptoed around and Don said something like “I dont want to get in trouble” but she praised Gov Christie. No one that wants to keep any sorta footing in hollyweird or the outskirts thereof(Bravo) would ever dare to utter a pro republican stance. periodically examples are made out of the few that stray from the pre-approved politickin… see Chachi Baio.

    • Well Teresa was held “ACCOUNTABLE” for Juicy cause she lies for him. Oh remember when Teresa said Joe wasnt driving drunk, then he pleads guilty. How about when she said Joe didn’t forge the partners name when selling the duel owned property and then they said on tv, oh yeah he did sign the name but everyone does it. She is only held accoutable on things he does that she condones. She condoned him calling her all the names by excepting all the jewelry that he bought her. When you accept the illegal or bad behavior, then you own it. Teresa’s spouse is her choice. I dont believe that is the same with kids. Who cares what political party Albie belongs too. Some of Andys good friends are Republicans. What is a politial party to most anyway. I know very few people who vote a strictly party vote. I dont think Andy gives two hoots.

  10. If this is true, it would mean that Andy believes that Tre hangs onto every word he says and does. I doubt that Tre watches any of the other franchises, or knows who the others are. Tre and Joe Giudice are laughing all the way to the bank in spite of what Miss Andy wants.

    • One thing I did notice back when rhonj was on, & there was so much fighting and nasty attacks on Teresa’s blogs going on; that something was “amiss” aside from the usual hate. I mention this because SO…much of it had to do with comments like “well, I speak 5 languages” and ” # don’t deal with stupid.” There was always plenty of nasty arguments on this blog, but this was like a “war within a war.” It also got worse as the season was ending to rhonj, but it was the preamble to rhom. I also remember Kathy Wakile’s pic & tweet right after rhonj ended and again pre rhom. The pic was of Kathy & Rich with Lea & Roy Black..caption was something like “Having dinner with our long time dear friends, the Blacks. My point being that I think Lea hates Teresa, and Adriana and Lea are buddies, SO maybe this does have something to do with trying to make a dig at Teresa. I definitely had the feeling that the rhom was trying to be tied in with the choosing sides thing..going on with rhonj….and we ALL know Miss Mandy loves that! BTW, I think Tre will be making more then $600K this season :)!

      • @ ktgirl Excellent observations! I think ALL HW’s were demanded to “take a side” by Miss Andy. Brandi chimed in and Vyle; that I noticed…

  11. I believe that all of the disdain is real. Miss Andy isn’t a good faker and it has a terrible effect on the reunion shows. He let’s so many good topics slide by because he likes to focus on his target(s). At rhonj reunion, he made not a remark about how caro and jac spoke to gia at field day- when that was one of the biggest controversies. He let’s them skate by on questions about their screwed up finances but he grills alexis belino and even asks for the exact dollar amount of how much money she and jim lost. Hmmm, wonder why he doesn’t like alexix ;-) I don’t watch rhom so I can’t speak directly on that topic, but I do believe that he behaves like a petty little girl.

    • @ RichmondVA

      “Sadly, a Narcissist was either neglected as a child or over-indulged. He or she is stuck. They never developed the more complex feelings that make us uniquely human, like love and empathy. They do not relate to the world or others in the same way we do. A Narcissist is emotionally stunted and disconnected from his true self.

      “The easiest way to think of a Narcissist is as a five or six year old child who has yet to understand that they are not the center of everyone’s universe.”

      Pretty much describes nearly EVERYONE on Blavo…

    • I believe he’s jealous of some of the females…like he’d love to be them but is pissed that he’s not…or maybe I’m just being mean.

      • Or “skin them and wear them as last year’s Versace.” Loved that line. What is interesting is as much as Miss Andy hates Teresa, she’s one of the highest paid housewives. He obviously knows her worth and probably pays her to stay on just so he can watch the others annihilate her and hers.

  12. Sent a couple months ago? Sounds like someone associated with RHOM trying to gin up an audience. Good for SH for letting it simmer a while and not leaping at the bait.

        • SH , this whole name game crap this person sent you , he/she also posted several places elsewhere recently ( within the last month or so). I can’t remember where I read this about this “theory”, it but it might have been on one of the sites on your blogroll. They seemed desperate to get it out there though. I’d look it up but it was a bad day at work and I’m too lazy !

          • Kas, I think you’re right. I think it may have been famewhorgas, but not sure, I usually just scan their stuff.

          • kas: Well, that would be quite interesting, as that is only part of the email. If it’s out there somewhere else, the “insider” probably got tired of waiting for it to be up on SH… it’s been two months since it was received! AND.. there were many references distinctly re SH, which were not revealed in the post. TFC!! SH

            • Ms SH, I think it was posted somewhere. I didn’t give it much thought because wherever it was posted seemed a bit inflammatory. I know you check things out before you post them. Whoever sent thid is either legit or wacky! I don’t envy you.

            • Yes, When you posted I remembered reading this somewhere else. Maybe famewhorgas or faux reality. Not sure. But I respect you waiting on it too. Some others jump the gun with their posts and sometimes without a full story. Its confusing. I love coming here though. Always reliable!

  13. A while ago I saw a clip, not sure where, of Miss Andy on A Coops show when Miss Andy’s book came out. His parents were in the audience and he was making his mother read bitchy letters he had sent to her from sleep-away camp – a chill went up my spine- I thought, Huh, that’s why he never called JoGo out for making his sister read the book inscription. Anywho, he was making all kinds of demands and speaking to his mother ( in the letters) like she was servant, it was quite disgusting. After that I knew he was truly a pig with no redeeming qualities.

  14. The post sent to SH has no logic to it. I don’t get it. Getting even is firing someone; getting even is setting someone up like Brandi and Melissa were; getting even is threatening to file or filing a lawsuit; getting even is so many things and actions that are overt and cause damage and pain overtly. But something silly over a name isn’t getting even. Taking an e-mail about a name from years back out of thousands of e-mails and then connecting it to a conversation about a Miama housewife’s name to make a case about a covert attack is paranoia. Duh! The e-mail to SH sounds obsessively involved in creating something out of nothing which takes a great deal of misplaced and wasted time. BTW, not everyone looks up names on a baby site (I didn’t), so it’s not unusual to believe one has made up a name if they add an extra letter to a name they do know such as u to Adrianna. There are thousands of names and thousands of variations so you can’t know them all. I looked it up out of curiosity and while Adrianna has a Northern Italian origin, Audrianna has the following origin:

    The meaning of the name Audrianna is Noble Strength, Gracious
    The origin of the name Audrianna is English
    Notes: Combination of the names AUDREY and ANNA.
    People who like the name Audrianna also like:
    Audrey, Adrianna, Arianna, Arabella, Isabella, Ava, Abrielle
    Alexander, Liam, Aiden, Ethan, Andrew, Grayson, Benjamin

  15. @ Ana Cephaly ( did I ever tell you how much I adore your name?!) I couldn’t reply to your vid (thread was getting too skinny) but had to tell you it was great!

  16. Im curious has he always not liked Teresa or did this dislike come later.
    I have to say I though tit was funny a thread about Teresa turned into a debate about Guns…hey but at least Melissa wasnt

    and if anyone is interested My Clover got a clean bill of health at the Vet, however he is now giving me the cold shoulder for taking him there He isnt a happy camper right now

  17. After watching Miss Andy’s favorite games over the year’s, that kind of petty assery doesn’t surprise me at all. He’s always struck me as a rather mean tween girl at a slumber party. I’m always amazed that people actually agree to play his douchey games.

  18. This whole thing is silly. I doubt Theresa gives 1 iota how he pronounces that woman’s name. She probally likes this story cause it’s putting her name out there.
    Sorry I don’t get where this hatred is coming from that’s directed at Andy.
    MissAndy sounds disrespectful and mean to me. I realize these shows are pop culture IQ point robbers, but Andy either by luck or talent or both is involved with the top progrAms. So what I am trying to say is yes it does seem homophobic the way his sexuality is singled out to ridicule while if this were some other person I don’t think we would be seeing this. I don’t get it. Am I missing something?
    But hey I too find him irritating, way too pleased with himself, his ego is mega huge and I thought his book sucked.
    Have a nice day! :-)

    • @ Linus It has nothing to do with his sexuality. I could care less if he slept with pink elephants with purple polka-dots; it’s his attitude. Also, I could care less about any pity party he may have for himself, he makes a living destroying people and families and, his favorite pass-time outside of that is mocking and ridiculing everyone else. If you can dish it out, you better be ready to take it.
      After I saw how he treated his mother it was the proverbial last straw for me, he has not even a modicom of humanity in his dark soul. In fact, if I was gay I would be mortified to have someone like him representing our demographic. He is a small, small man.

  19. I think he loves the attention and doesn’t mind miss andy at all. Also, Teresa is one of his biggest money makers and he is not a dumb guy – so me thinks he loves T.

  20. @ SH I truly hope you are referring to the author of the email claiming the information they have sent you is exclusive and that you are not trashing Fame’s integrity/site.

    I think you are a stand-up person that would not be denigrating a fellow blogger who has always been very forthright and honest and has never presented themselves as the only source of material unless they were lead to believe they are – such as this particular “inside source” has tried to lead you and Fame to believe you are the only one’s that this info has been sent to – and that your statement was targeted toward the “inside source”.

    With all due respect,

    PS I have always suspected that you and Fame are one and the same…I could be wrong – it would not be the first time in my life so… it is highly possible that this is another incident that I am incorrect. Just a feeling… ;)
    PPS I have shared this thought w/Fame as well and she has vehemently denied that you are one and the same.

  21. He did it in an even worse way last night….

    The VERY FIRST words out of his mouth on the part two RHOM Reunion … (Intro song plays, then this immediately follows:)

    Andy: “Erik from Missouri wants to know, JoAnna, why did you chase Ay-AHDrianna out of the party-”

    So, he started to say it the correct way (AY-drianna), stops himself, and starts again saying AH-drianna instead. It was so obvious it seemed almost intentional! Like he intentionally almost called her her real name/real pronunciation, and then stopped and said the incorrect version to make it stand out even more.

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