SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Melissa Gorga “AssTweet”… Marisa Zanuck “Gettin’ Flack For Flying”

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Melissa Gorga is on a roll!  MeGo will be at a New Jersey Sam’sClub pushin’ her vodka…

melissa tweet sams club

MeGo also gave all her phony followers on twitter…

Melissa twitter audit

… a reminder to watch her Bravo “ass” video…

melissa tweet ass video

NOTE: Funny?  Well, take into account that MeGo and JoGo’s target audience’s age is that of middle school boys and it might strike them as “funny”… otherwise, we question MeGo’s sense of humor…

AND… no one is interested in MeGo’s book…

melissa book pollmelissa book poll



Poor Marisa Zanuck!  The love has gone for Marisa… since she told Kyle Richards that she prefers flying first class…

marisa zanuck comments

NOTE:  Seriously???  Has anyone traveled?  Has anyone traveled on international flights?  If these people who are chastising Ms. Zanuck for her traveling preference HAD traveled anywhere, they would not be “put off” by Marisa’s truthful statement!  Ya don’t wanna fly coach… if you’re traveling commercial!

We called total BS on Marisa’s statement back on December 18… for a totally different reason!

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71 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Melissa Gorga “AssTweet”… Marisa Zanuck “Gettin’ Flack For Flying”

  1. I know , boring & airheaded means just that. But what kind of needy -nerdy -goof would you have to be to create fake followers? That’s just one of the dumbest….

  2. “I wear short shorts to tease….I know you want me, but stay over there.” Spoken like a true alumnus of Lookers. She is a disgusting skank and that shot of midget Joe grabbing her bony ass with his fingers in her crack, I could have gone my whole life without seeing.

  3. I have flown first class and coach. No comparison. I agree with the Housewife. I did not take it as a put-down at all. She;s just stating the obvious. Coach= no drinks until at cruising altitude. First class=drinks as soon as you are seated. This is just one of the differences between the two.
    Happy Holidays!

    • I used to travel for business all of the time and I would get really crabby if I didn’t get bumped to 1st class. There is no comparison. If it is an international flight, you have to at a minimum do business class. Hubby has had to fly all over the world and always did it in business class until the economy tanked. His last flight to China was in coach and he was miserable and said he would never do it again.

      • It’s a no brainer that anyone would rather fly first class, but what might be offensive was Marisa’s “respectable people” comment. I noticed that Marisa’s hair looked a LOT LOT better than usual during her lunch, and also that they’ve been filming at the Glen Centre almost every week lately.

        • Not “might be” offensive, it WAS offensive. I agree that flying first class is 1000x better than coach. Sometimes you can upgrade for very little and other times is way too expensive to make it worth it to me. The fact that there’s so few seats in first class compared to coach obviously makes it a much quieter, calmer experience. Coach can be so crowded at times which does make it feel like a zoo and more prone to a mishap, however, I would never lump EVERYBODY who flies in coach as less respectable because of one bad experience with someone who was rude. It was a pompous comment.

          • The comment was definitely rude and obnoxious, but conceptually I agree with her with the snarky comments.

    • Same here. I hate to say it but I loved first class! Not saying I wouldn’t travel just because it wasn’t first class but hey if you got the money “TREAT YO’ SELF” Yet dont sound snobby when you say it…which she might have…

  4. Happy Holidays Ms SH :). Hope it was fabulous !! My news years resolution is NOT watching RH of Anywhere!! Reached my BS point & it’s now just a bunch of frauds pushing their stuff! Over it! Not over Ms SH ( never happen) but enough w Bravo & their fraudsters.. World knows Gorgas r fronting & faking it.. So I cannot look @ Melissa Gorga ever again!! Now it’s about her a**? Come on? Isn’t she home cooking 7 nights a week? How does she do flea markets in other states& still manages to cook every night & put her kids to bed? Until she stops lying, I won’t even respond to anything Mego!!
    In re to first class, heck ya it’s better & hate to say it but it is these people’s reality!! They r accustomed to certain lifestyle & can’t seem to grasp a change.. Like Shana still living in 90210 while she is giving fake Hermes bags as payments ?? I work w REAL rich people & believe me, most never act that way!! People w $$$, don’t talk about it!! Secure enough!!

  5. Melissa is disgusting wearing those shorts where her butt cheeks are hanging out. Seriously who does that and then brags about it? Pretty soon Antonia is going to be old enough to understand and will be embarrassed. And I really could care less what turns stumpy on.

  6. Now I can’t stand MeGo, and hate to defend her but I will not let the lies continue. “Sorry to break the news to you Chucky, but you NEVER had a body like MeGo. You are delusional, we can all see with our own eyes the hideous pic of you and Al, just as ugly, only less old and fat.”

    • Thank you HH…….I notice they do such a quick shot of that young-o, manzo, picture-o…. so ones eyes don’t actually focus on how “less old and fat” …….and lets add “unfortunate looking”….. just to prevent any choking when Carowhine compares herself to MeGo…..

      • Yes “unfortunate looking” is a tactful way of putting it. Now I know it looks like the early 80′s so clothes and hair styles are not the greatest, I’ll give her that, however, I can look at old picture of someone and see how good looking they were back-in-the-day. Chucky clearly did not have a hot bod.
        Now, if we are going to analyze MeGo’s body, I think she is thin and has fake bubbies, which men seem to find attractive but I personally think her butt’s a little flat and her waste reminds me of a young boys, very straight up and down, no womanly curves. Tre has a better, more curvy IMO.

    • I never seen caroline look good.. She always looks frumpy, and dirty. Like she doesn’t shower everyday.. In her dreams she looked like Melissa.. Meho has had three kids, and as much as I dislike her, she has a nice body..caroline is jealous of anyone that looks nice.. I can not think of one thing on that woman that is nice, inside or out.

    • So true. A Mel-Go-Marco does NOT have a “nice” ass period! I think the only reason Carowhine even referenced herself to once being thin “like Mel” was purely to try to get under Teresa’s skin. It was So…obvious! Maybe… once upon a time the Don & Mel Marco did have similar bodies lol:). Too funny! Not exactly lol a compliment to either of them!!! In a “Phaedra voice” Everybody Knows….Teresa has the cutest booty….

          • I agree none of them are anything special
            Teresa and melissa are built the same and look like they have melons straped to their chest, they also dress the same, to short of dresses that are labia peeping and titties handing out. On occasion Both can look good but IMO they mostly look like they should be walking a stroll on hooker street.

            • In a way I agree but to family functions and other things I have seen T dresses properly for the occassion but not Mego. At a famiily function you don’t have to wear the shorts up your ass. I am sure she was talked about by everyone of them. She has to grow up. She is no ROCK STAR or any star and neither are the rest of them. They are a housewife wannabes. Plain and simple doing BRAVO’s bidding.

      • It bothers me the way MeGo says that she was blessed with a sexy ass so she wears short shorts. Does she think that she is honoring the gift that God (supposedly) bestowed upon her by having her butt cheeks hang out of her shorts and bending over in front of men? Does she think that doling out sexy butts is even something with which God concerns Himself?

        When she gives thanks to God, does she thank Him for her sexy butt? I wonder how that prayer goes.

        • Ya, in Mego’s world, hotness and attention are Holy gifts. She probably backwards crossed herself every time she got a 100$ tip at Lookers, taking it as a sign from God that she was on the right track…

        • If you’re going to show off your “nice ass” you should at least make sure you have one. What’s she going to show off next? Her lopslided, baseball hard, ugly ass paid by who knows implants?

  7. Read this and weep Melissa….I got a bottle of Teresa’s wine and her cookbook for Christmas and both were GREAT! You should be donating money down in Freehold for Sandy victims instead of pushing booze, I’m sure help is more needed that Volka….

    • Picturing Melissa at Sam’s Club, standing at a little table with a hairnet on her head offering little paper cups of vodka to shoppers, like they do at Costco.

  8. Hers you just cracked me up with your comment. LOL She’ll be on display, on display. LOL What don’t the ladies peddle? It’s wine, vodka, books, cookbooks and the ultimate is to think they are singers.. .. Mego and her Popeye husband are disgusting.

  9. Oh dear, I had not watch that scene about fllying first class. Bless her little spoil heart. So people on coach are rude? Well, I guess those bitches on the show give rude a whole new meaning except they fly first class.

  10. When Marisa says these snobby comments, does she have a clue who is listening? It’s mostly people who have to fly coach. So does she think about how that makes us rude people feel? Not a great start, Ms. Marisa. Not feeling the love.

    • here here lisa..We have becomed so against people that have money and spend is the price of the first class that helps keep a lot of these airlines afloat I think. I would sure aspire to fly first class and I don’t look down on people who say coach sucks. It does suck, terribly. She knows we are all not losers back there. Unfortunate wording.

  11. I find it funny how Melissa said that in her eight year marriage they fought for 5 years…do the math, that is around the same time they got on the show.

    • I stopped paying attention after the host said “the star” lol…she may…be one of the housewives…but she is not “the star”…the manzos won’t allow that ;) lol

    • I guess this interview was the inspiration for her stupid book concept. “If he likes my hair pulled back in a ponytail then I pull my hair back.” Oh STFU MeGo

      • It’s that very train of thought that wrangled MeGo the big $100 tips while she was “bartending and serving” at Lookers. Sounds like MeGo’s marriage book will be tips she took directly from her Lookers days.

    • Oh how funny!! Did this “disher” wannabee just actually ask MeHo “Are you actually able to still cook while maintaining a “singing career?” Are you kidding me?? I’m laughing so hard I can barely write! Is that what “a MelGoMarco” is calling what she’s doing LOL…a singing career????

  12. People can be rude that fly coach… its because they are flying COACH! Trust me, I hate flying coach and probably come off as a biotch when Im not bumped up to first class~

  13. I guess if you’re the type that needs to be the center of attention to feel normal (or whatever it does for her) Costco/Walmart …it’s all the same :P

  14. I’ve said it once I’ll say it again as a wife and mother Melissa acts like a first class whore. Her children see the way she dresses to me that’s not proper. Joe is also a pig doing what he does to her. What is wrong with him? He’s grown up.

    As for Coach vs 1st class….we use to fly coach but wanted to try first class once and we have never gone back to Coach (except for the purses and assesories. )

    • Barb, I totally agree. I can’t imagine my husband grabby my ass and treating me like a sex object in front of family, my kids and friends. It’s disgusting.

  15. o.k I’m preparing to be lambasted. I just touched down in Europe a few days ago. My husband and I decided we would make a last minute flight on Christmas eve and suprise my inlaws. My Father in law had some surgery two days after Christmas and we wanted to be there. Needless to say the longer you wait to book a ticket the more expensive they are. I think the buisness class tickets were about $9000.00 a ticket, so we traveled coach again this time. Whenever possible we try for 1st.class, a lot of time we get upgraded becacue we have a very good status . My husband flys for work ALL the time we do Delta skymiles Flying coach was miserable. I have three ruptured discs in my neck that I am waiting for an ok for surgery so I pay pysically. The food and service is great but it’s the laying down bed that makes all the difference to me. This time there were several collage kids all around me in coach that belonged to the same fraternity screaming and high fiving. It sucked, I’m with Marissa 1st glass rocks.

    • That’s wonderful y’all were able to make it over to see your in laws. I bet they’re happy. I hope your father in law gets better soon and your flight home is frat boy free ;-) Happy Holidays

  16. There are many jerks who fly first class too. Ask any flight attendant you know what goes on there with the “Don’t you know who I am”? b.s. Also, as mentioned by other posters here, many times the folks in business class or even first class fly in that section because they are frequent fliers, has nothing to do with their personal income or “class”. And I am willing to bet many of the folks who fly first class have some sort of business write-off as the reason to fly because really the price of first class versus coach is simply obscene.

  17. Ms.SH, I feel compelled to say that I really appreciate how you take the time to update your website as often as you do. Even during the “busy” times you keep your fans interested in checking in for new information and sharing good thoughts and especially sharing the laughter. Due to physical limitations I admit to being mostly a lurker, although sometimes I jump in. Mostly, I look forward to reading your web site updates and new posts from all of your intelligent regulars here. Ya’ll make my day much brighter. Thank you.
    May we all have healthy, happy and healing New Year!

  18. I am not a rich person but i have flown coach and first class and i gotta admit i agree with marisa, i dont think she was trying to lump all coach passengers into one but we are all guilty of the same conversation flaws when just talking to our girlfriends about ab incident somewhere and how we are never going back because those people their were….. but in reality it was one or two people. As for mewhore video who care if your azz looks good you can still wear clothes to flaunt it without actually showing it. Its sexier to leave some for the imagination imo.

  19. Lisa Vanderpump has a better arse, and she manages to show it without looking desperate for us to notice it. Heck, Lisa has a better everything…lol

  20. Yes, I’ve flown coach and I’ve flown 1st class…. 1st class is sooooo much better. Seems as if the coach seats are becoming closer together, less and less leg room. Not bad for a fairly short flight, but long flights are almost crippling. Too bad the 1st class seats are so expensive that most of us have to plan on paying that extra and budgeting for that luxury ahead of time.

    Watching Melissa and Joe or Theresa and her Joe, I imagine how totally embarassed I’d be if I was one of their parents. They are all inappropriate, and I don’t get how they think anyone would be interested in their sex lives…. yuck!

  21. Speaking of flying coach vs. first class, I wonder if anyone ever gave buck tooth Rich Wakile a ride on their private jet for his Florida holiday, per his twitter request. Did the broke ass A-list celebrity (in his own mind) have to fly commercial? Was it coach or first class? Prolly more like Greyhound bus.

  22. mEGO, I am not, nor have ever been interested in your poop-cutter. Your stump of a husband doesn’t respect you. And mEGO, you don’t have to keep smelling your armpit in your twitter photo, we can tell YOU STINK.

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