SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Melissa Gorga “AssTweet”… Marisa Zanuck “Gettin’ Flack For Flying”

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Melissa Gorga is on a roll!  MeGo will be at a New Jersey Sam’sClub pushin’ her vodka…

melissa tweet sams club

MeGo also gave all her phony followers on twitter…

Melissa twitter audit

… a reminder to watch her Bravo “ass” video…

melissa tweet ass video

NOTE: Funny?  Well, take into account that MeGo and JoGo’s target audience’s age is that of middle school boys and it might strike them as “funny”… otherwise, we question MeGo’s sense of humor…

AND… no one is interested in MeGo’s book…

melissa book pollmelissa book poll



Poor Marisa Zanuck!  The love has gone for Marisa… since she told Kyle Richards that she prefers flying first class…

marisa zanuck comments

NOTE:  Seriously???  Has anyone traveled?  Has anyone traveled on international flights?  If these people who are chastising Ms. Zanuck for her traveling preference HAD traveled anywhere, they would not be “put off” by Marisa’s truthful statement!  Ya don’t wanna fly coach… if you’re traveling commercial!

We called total BS on Marisa’s statement back on December 18… for a totally different reason!

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  1. Speaking of flying coach vs. first class, I wonder if anyone ever gave buck tooth Rich Wakile a ride on their private jet for his Florida holiday, per his twitter request. Did the broke ass A-list celebrity (in his own mind) have to fly commercial? Was it coach or first class? Prolly more like Greyhound bus.


  2. mEGO, I am not, nor have ever been interested in your poop-cutter. Your stump of a husband doesn’t respect you. And mEGO, you don’t have to keep smelling your armpit in your twitter photo, we can tell YOU STINK.


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