NENE LAKES: Nay-Nay Blasts All The Housewives Franchises… ‘Cept Hers…

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Well, ain’t this somethin’!  Nay-Nay Leakes has a chat with the Insider and says that when you watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta, you don’t get all that “plastic surgery” look… just some “brown girls” havin’ fun.

And, of course, the RHOA is NOT scripted!   RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT….

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173 comments on “NENE LAKES: Nay-Nay Blasts All The Housewives Franchises… ‘Cept Hers…

    • No doubt NeNe’s hair has no where to be seen during any of the seasons. Some women suffer from alopecia. I feel bad for her. She’s not my favorite though.

  1. Nay Nay with her fake nose and teeth.She is all real.Her fake blonde hair piece to boot.Cynthia never wears the same hair piece.One thing about a black woman/sister she will always have a hair piece on of some sort.I guess fake eyelashes and nails dont count towards keeping it real.Kim was the queen of fakeness.I guess enhancements like weaves and hair colors dont count as fake.

    Scripted to the sky like all the other HW shows.Some of the fights look stupid.Storylines all fake too or exaggerated for drama.Beat that dead horse to death til the season ends then bring it up at reunion.

    • What do you mean “One thing about a black woman/sister she will always have a hair piece on of some sort”? Are you for real? Do you actually know any black women?

      • I have many black friends and they do NOT all wear hair pieces. That’s why blanket statements usually aren’t a good idea.

        • I have many black friends, also, and while most might not wear them on a daily basis, almost all of them have a wig or hairpiece for special events….like going to church, dressing up to go anywhere.

          NayNay may be slightly po’d that she couldn’t get on the show in Ca, I don’t know if it was just a rumor of if she really wanted to change the HW show when she got on the New Normal. In the beginning, I really liked NeNe, but she has really changed a lot since she decided she had “arrived”…..some of the HW’s let the show go to their heads too much, and I just don’t know why these women don’t realize that the show will not last forever and start buying things that will last…homes, etc….not darn handbags, and shoes…..speaking of reality shows, have any of you watched the show Duck Dynasty??? I’ve really started enjoying that show, plus it’s got some good family values and how to treat people in it. Their a family of hillbillies who have made a fortune off of making duck callers for duck hunting….my fil used to blow on one of those things many, many years ago!

    • she was just talking about the botoxed tight faces like jackowhine being plasticky don’t read too much into the comment. and she was making a joke they are not scripted just a disaster. i thought her interview was cute and funny and i love this side of nene.

      • Thank you, PLM! Nene can call herself and the rest of the cast brown girls if she wants, and she’s right that the ATL HW don’t have the botoxed/filler look like the other HW in other cities do.

        • Well, that’s probably because black/brown people age much better than white women, they’ve been very blessed with that. I’m sure though, if they had not been blessed with signs of not aging as fast as the white people, they’d all be botoxed up, too.

    • Don’t forget that Nene also had breast augmentation and liposuction. Hypocrites need to think before they speak. LOL.

    • One thing about you is that you will always have some ignorant, uninformed thing to say about “black women/sisters”. Egads!!! What is wrong with you? Did Mommy not love you enough?

    • Once again Susie you attack black women over a couple of women you see on tv. You have done this multiple times and idk why you haven’t been blocked yet. Surely this is against the rules.

  2. Sorry to post a link Miss SH, I LOL’d so hard and thought you would like it. I only laughed bc NeNe is the 1st to call out Kim for her wig.
    Lol. I tried to email u the picture but my phone is acting up.
    Meanie NeNe, u should get better wig glue.

      • It jumped out at me. If there was a franchise that had been the reverse image of Atlanta, and the final black woman left, and the star of the show then said, “Nothing but us white girls having fun!”, you can see how off it sounds.

        • Well let us know when it jumps out at you that there are no mixed groups in any of the other housewives franchises either. And that all of the other housewives in those groups identify themselves according to what they have in common i.e. NJ = Italian, OC = bleached blondes, etc. Then insert whatever word you wanted NeNe to say instead of “brown” to avoid being offended. Really…this just sounds childish and petty. Bravo “selects” the cast, not the participants. So it’s not NeNe’s fault they are all brown anymore than it could be Lisa’s fault the RHOBH has no Asians.

          • The Washington RH was mixed. But all the ladies (except Salahi, of course) were too smart and accomplished to make good frothy trash tv. Pity.

            • This year Nay Nay is brown, the past years she was black, who knows? and Nay Nay had botox (remember her & Cynthia sister in the doctors office a few seasons ago) among the breast lift, tummy tuck, nose job, lipo., new teeth…but ShE is ReAl ;)

            • If Nene doesn’t watch it, she’s gonna be right back in there to have lipo sucked from her head to her toe…..she is certainly becoming a very large woman. I’m not knocking her, but the truth is the truth, and Nene has grown in more ways than one!

            • Nay Nay has grown a lot, a large woman. I am not knocking her either but as you said the truth is the truth, and she has a lot of nerve to be cutting up Kandi last year about her thighs! Nay Nay aka La-neith-t-ah is growing on some peoples nerves as well as growing in more ways than one. :)

    • OC- Blonde Christian Bombshells (Christian and Bombshells used loosely with Heather the exception)
      NY- Meant to be all Jewish Housewives apart from Ramona
      Atl- Black Americans
      NJ-Italian Americans
      BH- Not sure what it is meant to be tbh but I like to think they taken a European American approach with Lisa and Yolanda. Kim,Kyle,Brandi,Aidrienne,Camille,Taylor, Faye, Marisa are exceptions.
      Miami-Latino Americans (somehow somewhere in America or Bravo, Polish Joanna is that one Exception)
      My question is where is the Muslim Housewives cast? Clearly the RHfranchise is asking for it.

      • As far as NY being Jewish… Jill certainly is. Bethenny was in part Jewish but certainly not practicing. Luann, Kelly, Alex aren’t Jewish. Not sure about the new girls. I think Heather isn’t actually Jewish although her husband is. If they are portraying to be a Jewish franchise, they’re not doing a very good job.

        • Speaking of non practicing. Aint it odd that Jewish people and Catholic people both refer to it thata way. But If a baptist is non practicing they are just called back sliders. odd huh? Ever runned into a non practicing baptist? I have, usually down at the liquor store. babahahahahahaha. I love all God’s children, we are a funny bunch.

          • Or it’s called not walking with the Lord. :)

            Or is that more an evangelical thing? But, yeah, we’re all a funny bunch Made.

          • This non-practicing Catholic prefers to be called “recovering”….(he, heh) My father called us “Mackeral Snappers” because that was back in the days when one had to eat fish on Fridays and he was not a Catholic–but then that was what they used to call a “mixed marriage” long ago and far away in another century.

            • I rfemember when (during the 60’s) the Lutheran and the Catholic who were married and lived across the street from us were described as having a “mixed marriage”. There are no 2 closer strands in Christianity than Lutherans and Catholics, but there you are. Pretty funny.

            • Catholics were not allowed to receive Communion if they married outside the faith, if I recall correctly. So sorry to hear that your grandmother faced such disapproval and cruelty from her family.

              It was a much bigger deal, back in the day.

            • I think Episcopalian is closer. When I married my husband we had to get permission from the Bishop. I was Lutheran and was told over and over that if it weren’t for Luther their would only be one church the Catholic church. I didn’t have to convert but I did sign a document saying the kids would be raised Catholic. Everyone but the Lutheran took communion weekly.

          • And that reminds me of the other RHNY girl Heather that insisted on trying to make Jewish by injection a thing. Um ok then my sissy is Catholic by injection.

      • I think BH is defined by botox and plastic (although OC runs a close second). It’s the Madame Tussaud’s of HW’s. No other franchise holds a wax candle to Alien Maloof and Fishlips when it comes to scary looking humanoids.

  3. Nay Nay went from being called “Moose” to “Horse” with those fake teeth.Just a bunch of brown girls sporting a weave and wigs.

  4. Nay Nay is a racist.She went after the only white one on the show that she was jealous of.Sherree was for sport.Kim was the target.Now the browns have to turn on each other or just all get along.We all know Bravo wont allow that to happen.A brown show just like the star cough cough Me Me wants it to be.

    • No, I don’t think Neigh Neigh is a racist bc she went after that white pig Kim. Not in this case. They are both disgusting creatures and since they are frenemies they go after one another.

      PS. They are both morons.

      • Nene acted jealous of Kim from waaay back. When you physically attack somebody over nothing, you have issues. Also, once Kim did Tardy for the Party she got more attention, and Nene hated it.

    • you are a racist and your comments are highly offensive and i wish they were deleted. racism should not be tolerated under any circumstances. you should read the rules of this site where #2 and #6 both refer to it. she didn’t go after kim because she is white. what a joke. nene helped get her on the show – their feud is well documented on the show regarding tardy for the party and kim’s assistant.

      Rules of Conduct

      Keep it Clean.
      Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language.
      Don’t Threaten. Threats to another commenter will not be tolerated.
      Be Truthful.
      Be Nice. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person.
      Share with SH! We’d love to hear eyewitness accounts…
      CHILDREN are out of bounds on SH… please keep children out of your comment…

      • And you are racist as far as I am concerned. You just disguise your racism under “oh ain’t I nicie nicie to point at others and call them racists?”.

        And you aren’t just a racist, you are a dangerous racist! You are the kind that will make racism will always stay alive in this country. Now, shooo hooo fooo, go and have me kicked out!

        • I think racism is such a sensitive subject and every statement said on the subject might offend someone, though not intentionally. Let’s just assume no one here is meaning to be racist by their observations.

  5. How can anybody call nene racist when all the other housewives shows don’t have any black cast members or black friends, and why did bravo put a white woman(kim) on a all black cast when there’s no blacks on any other.

    • Please get over it! None have Asians either, but you don’t see them crying over it. I guess they are too busy being productive in society than give a damn about it!

        • Lea maid is cuban and she can’t speak english and the other people I have no idea who they are I must have blinked and missed them

          • Lea’s maid is cuban but also black. Or as a afro american comic said, ” they just dropped you off first.” Seriously, the funniest thing I ever heard. I have a lot of cuban friends, some are black, so I am not being offensive on this. They thought it was funny, too, when I repeated it to them.

  6. i guess if anyone thinks that racism is dead in america they just have to look at the comments on this page. really sad.

    • Agreed, and I liked this blog but some of these comments people make bothers me a little but thats how they feel.

      • Nene does have some loyal fans, and the same thing happens on their blogs if you say anything slightly negative toward Nene. I’ve always liked Kandi and Phaedra, but I’ve stopped posting at all on the blogs because of the Nene supporters being so negative if it’s not a post about ‘praise the Nene’. I don’t get mad at them for supporting Nene, so I don’t get why they can’t be happy that the others have people who like them, too. If Nene wasn’t so busy bragging on herself so much, I’d be more supportive of her. I had a MIL who was a good cook, but I swear, she would sit at the table and brag on her cooking so much, it was impossible to give her a compliment because she was too darn busy patting herself on the back to listen.

    • No, racism will never die in this country as long as people like you stays around pointing everything innocent or not is racist. That it’s OK for “brown” be uttered but not “white”. Let’s be honest here, to you white is still better than brown. Or else it wouldn’t be such a sensitive issue!

    • What about the heat Kim took for not going on the Africa trip and the whole backbiting thing, it being said she didn’t want to go and be around black babies? The Atlanta show has approached racial topics and it was a one way thing.

    • @Nic — So you’re saying that Ms. SH and all of the commenters on this post are pathetic, ignorant, and stupid? Please read the rules of the site if you’re going to post comments here. Name calling is not allowed.

  7. Kneeknee has the I.Q. of a frozen peach…Doesn’t she know the number one requirement to be on those shows is to have plastic surgery and botox? Look at mama Elsa and her look a like daughter Marysol…yuck.

  8. Clearly you can’t talk about race and reality TV. A serious topic such as race relations can not be compared to the fakery of reality television that is merely meant for entertainment purposes only. Now history and race relations then we can talk. How can you compare the REAL segregation issues in any country to the RHOA?

    How Nene comments turned to segregation is cray, cray.

  9. Well all the Housewives franchises were segregated from the start except for ATL. Nene convience the producers to add Kim Z. The producers were against it a 1st and wanted to keep ATL segregated as well. Kim Z also confirmed this. One of the many reasons I like Yolanda Foster was because she brought on her friend (not assistant) professional singer and millionaire Nita Whitaker. It was nice to see some diversity on the riches franchise of them all.

  10. I see that Nene has brought on bad Karma for making fun of Kim’s wigs. At least Kim gets to wear her bad wigs for fashion. Nene as to wear her bad wigs to cover baldness. Ain’t life grand!!!LOL.

  11. NeNe did get a nose job, didn’t she? I just thought it was interesting that the picture they decided to use as an example of what Atlanta is NOT was Kim R. post-rhinoplasty.

    By some standards, many of the Miami housewives would be considered “brown.”

    • Those women aren’t brown and neither is anybody on RHOA. Brown people are from India, Mexico, Philipines, Middle East, etc.

      • @lifetime movie: you are wrong. Atl women are brown. Mexicans yes, Middle East yes. The Filipinos that are brown are those who are children of Filipina women and Afr Am air force .

        • They would be black. Is that the new PC thing? To call black people brown? In a few years will we get in trouble for calling black people black? LOL I think we need to get rid of all these labels.

  12. NeNe will get away with those comments because she seems to think that she gets a pass….and everyone gives her a pass.

    I guess getting a nose job is not plastic surger for nene. SHe doesn’t even look like her (1st season) self. When I see old episodes prior to her nose job….I have to chuckle. I do agree that (besides Nene and KIm) ATL is the most natural looking of the franchises though. All have natural looking boobs and can move their faces lol. I think its hysterical for NENe (the only one with obvious work done) to be saying how fake the other franchises look.

    I do think the people at bravo don’t know a thing about diversity. I live in miami….and to not see a single “island” housewife on that franchise was disappointing. There is so much flavor in miami….and it was a great opportunty to add some much neded diversity within the franchise.

    Race matters will always be part of the conversation. It’s unfortnate but reality. I just find it sad when the same people who cry racism are guilty of doing the same exact thing they accusse others of doing. I am Caribbean and I deal with it on a personal level. I had to step back and recogniz the difference between “racism” and “ignorance”. When I was able to do that, it really helped me to understand my own faults and hold from quickly judging others. \\

    • The thing is that some try to make “racism” selective. Or point out what is called “racist” and what isn’t. And of course that won’t let racism to die. But then again, it won’t die and that should be OK, bc it has been a part of human nature ever since the evolution.

  13. NeNe can say whatever she wants about blacks/whites/call them ghetto/hood bitches cause its from the gut but any other color other than black or brown is racist when they comment.Like blacks saying the N word is ok but every one has to walk on eggshells.Screw that.Practice what you preach.Treat all of us colors of the rainbow like you want to be treated.Slavery/race card all over used.

    • You make a point. My kids want to know why their African-American friends call each other the N word, while I’ve told them it’s a word we don’t use.

      • I can call my mom a b**ch, but anyone esle does, and its a problem (besides my sister of course). For me, it is a respect issue, and I want my children to be respectful to all peoples.

        • I am sorry, I am losing you here, are u saying you call your mom a “bitch” in front of the whole world, and that’s respectful?

          • Uh No, I am saying that if venting to friends, I said my Mom, sister, insert any close friend or family member, was being a bitch, than that was one thing, because the love is established, however, someone else without close ties to these same people, calling them names, well that would make my blood boil. If, however, you want to claim that loved ones do not fight and get mad at each other, then so be it, but in my family and friends, we do. I called my mother that to her face once as a teenager and she slapped me but my sister and I have definitely had some talks about her on the phone. I do not consider it disrespectful to talk to friends and family about personal problems and I chose the word b***h just as an example. Here is another one. Woman sometimes joke around with their friends about being sluts or their “slutty days” (think Brandy here) and it is all in fun BUT if someone we barely new popped up saying “oh yea you are such a slut puppy” than it would definitely cause an uncomfortable silence, at the least.

          • Okay, but to say you have never thought or called someone you love anything other than amazing, is just silly. I have had many friends come to me and say their mother was pissing them off and acting selfish/ bitchy/ etc. They vent to me, I try to make them feel better, they get over it and everything goes back to normal. During this exchange though I would never call their mother (or whoever) the same names because we do not have the family ties. And for the record, my mother has called me some pretty ugly and well deserved names in my life (teenage years) but I bet if she heard the neighbor calling me those same names, she would go ape shit.

            • Worst thing my Momma ever said to me was she hoped I’d have children just like me one day. Rest assured, her wish came true, I had six of ‘em. But, no, for the record I never once called any of ‘em, or my momma, a bitch.

            • My mother just got into an argument with her neighbor. It got a little heated and the neighbor called her a bitch and slammed the door. When I asked my mom how mad she was that she called her that, she said ” I wasn’t mad. I WAS being a bitch and she had every right to call me that.” I absolutely love that my mother understands emotion and anger and can (when calm) sit back and realize she is not perfect. I guess we have a strange and honest family, but for some, maybe the B word is just too strong a word, meanie pants maybe??? The point of all my comments was to maybe help explain to a teenager, why he should not use a word he hears used by others. Obviously I failed :(

    • So how the hell is Slavery card over used? This was apart of most countries’ history based on treating other humans beings like animals. It’s like saying people must forget about the events of slavery but not forget about 9/11. I call Bullshit. I know slavery had been going on WAY before the Europeans began. Slavery was seen as a normal practice similar to marrying 14 year old girls within a certain time period. Slaves were used as entertainment, trading and purchases of other goods. This is a very sensitive topic among different races. Africans/Blacks were not the only ones that were enslaved but there are more historical accounts on this matter than any other race (my opinion) and we as a people are to forget about these events but remember the Holocaust, the American Revolution, The French Revolution, The Tudors war, The Black Plague, Boston Tea Party. We must remember European and American history to a tee but as soon as any other ethnic history comes up, we must move on.

      • Slavery was not what the conversation was about.

        It was about Nene saying things that wouldn’t have been acceptable the other way around.

      • It’s also not true about one view of history being emphasized over another. I can prove it by the junior and high school textbooks I have in my house right now.

      • Your argument is fascinating, however, perhaps one reason that slavery is passed on/or not given much respect, as you expect, is bc racism/slavery is called out even in a simple innocent case of “hair pieces”. “Racism” is always screamed out in anything petty or innocent. Yes, Holocaust is always made aware of, but if you notice, it isn’t always called out for petty stuff but rather important matter.

  14. I don’t use the N word as I think it just brings up the most horrific emotions and feelings in me. HOwever, I know people within my culture do use the “slang” version of the word and feel that by using it, they take ownership of the word and take it’s power away. I get their intent behind this, but I personally don’t feel right using it in my everday language, because that’s not the type of lingo we used in my home growing up.

    I don’t think it is the word itself, but the context in which it is used. Some african americans use it as a term of endearment others use it as part of their language. I remember going to a friends house who was jewish…..and her whole family were a bunch of joksters (they had me rolling the whole night) They were cracking up jokes about sterotypical things said about their culture. I laughed…cause it was funny but i would never dream of saying one of those jokes as it would feel disrespectful. So in a way it kinda connected to how the “n” word is used within the black community………”I could call my mother a b…but u can’t”. Context plays alot into it. When I hear a black person using the phrase….I don’t like it….but I don’t have the same reaction if I were to hear a white person say it. ………It makes my skin crawl (even when it is used in slang). I have this reaction based on my personal experiences. I have been called that word in the most vicious of ways by a neighbor when I was only 9 years old.

    I am sorry if I offend anyone, but I am just being honest. I could only speak my truth based on my experiences.

    • I am sorry you had an asswhole for a neighbor when you was young. That’s horrible. I could not begin to imagine how that made you feel. We aint all like that. You prolly knowd that now but I can see how having early experiences in life could give you the wrong impression about all the rest of us alabasters.

    • I am sorry I cannot be more sympathetic, but do u realize how racist you sound? To me it doesn’t matter, but If I had said “to hear a BLACK person say it.” hell would have broken loose.

      And why are u letting something that happened when you were so young to affect you now? “N” is just a word, a word created by “white” men, telling you to be offended when you hear it, for political reason. And since it is very sensitive, of course, it will always be
      u used to get a raise out of you. If it isn’t used in front of you, it’s said behind you.

      • Mel says:

        I don’t know how I sound racist just because I said “to hear a black person say it” but I guess that i ur opinion. I am black myself and I was reflecting on MY emotions with the N word. IF a white, asian irish, etc said this hell would not have broken loose for me, because I don’t see any intent to be malicious in regards to those comments. As i said before I see a big difference btwn racisim and ignorance….so I don’t take comments made based on trying to undestand something as racist. I think the word is over used in a lot of situations and I always look at “Intent” and “context” on EVERY situation before I jump to conclusions. Thankfully as an adult I find many people truly “ignorant” as oppose to racist (at least in my experience). My co worker once asked me if in my country they had “cars”. I looked at him and laughed…..cause he was pretty serious lol. I did not take it as racist or malicous and actually had the opportunity to bring pictures the next day. He was pretty surprised and embarrassed but now he knows….we have cars, houses, beaches, and even stores : ) It is a running joke with us, as we have been working together for over 7 years now.

        As for the comment “why would u let something that happened to you when you where young affect you now….” I think that was a pretty “ignorant” comment. Your life experiences mold you into the person you are today. I would never take it upon myself to tell someone who was “raped, molested, abused…etc” to just “get over it” as I am not in the persons shoes and did not experience what they experienced. I think it is fustrating when poeple instead of trying to understand or at least respect someones beliefs, feelings, emotions…they try to tell you how you should be behaving or feeling. I have given you a small glimpse of my life experience (just one incident) as a measure to undertand where I come from and why I feel the way that I do. I didn’t make my comment to tell EVERY single person what to do, think, or believe. I made my comment to explain MY believe, experience, and feelings.

        PS> madepiley….you are a beautiful person, love how you try to bring out the funny when things get deep lol. I don’t have any bad impressions of u or anyone else because I am old enough to have a well rounded view of the world. There are ugly people of all races in this world and thankfully I have been able to surrond myself with kind people from all walks of life. THe benifits of living in a melting pot (MIami).

  15. Sometimes when thangs gets too sirus I fill the need to seas whut Loretty Jankins gots to say on the subgect. Here’s how she seize it. Lord hep me I knowd I shoodnt be laffin but she cracks me up. So set back in yir cheers and have a giggle…or five. At the end of the day yall its alls we got. humorification.

  16. As much as I love Neigh Neigh, she has to somewhat know that she’s being a hypocrite with the plastic surgery shade throwing. A nose job, bubbie lift, and lipo are all plastic surgery procedures, not your typical surgery. As for the “brown girls” thing, it doesn’t really bother me and I notice that she’s the only cast member that says it. To each their own I guess.

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