NENE LAKES: Nay-Nay Blasts All The Housewives Franchises… ‘Cept Hers…

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Well, ain’t this somethin’!  Nay-Nay Leakes has a chat with the Insider and says that when you watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta, you don’t get all that “plastic surgery” look… just some “brown girls” havin’ fun.

And, of course, the RHOA is NOT scripted!   RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT….

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  1. I think that whatever you are, white, black, Asian, green, or blue… We have all experienced some form of racism. Every person came to this country, for a better life… I know the blacks were slaves, and brought here unfairly… It breaks my heart what they went through… But everyone has a story.. Being from Irish immigrants … My grandparents, they had it hard too. Irish were treated horribly… Signs in the windows “Irish need not apply “…they escaped from there own country, because they were starving… Sad, the English treated them like dogs, maybe worse… But my point is, we have moved forward, and learned from past mistakes… You must learn to just be you… You will not be judged in a group, you will stand alone… And hopefully you contributed to this world.. And made a difference..that’s all. I am proud to be Irish…


  2. I always felt like RHOA was a race experiment with Kim-white woman acting like she thinks a black woman does. It was embarrassing to watch. The show if fun to watch without her. People hang out if they share interests. Today most segregation is voluntary, and that’s o.k. Some people think racism stops racism or rights wrongs.


  3. I think Nene has a point, I don’t take it as racist. She is sayin that they aren’t all plastic barbies, like they are keepin it real? Idk but I think she is funny as heck, and I don’t think nowadays it matters so much if anyone says “brown” or white or yellow anymore, at least not to me… I think we all get too offended over silly things.


  4. I agree with you about the “c word”. It’s just a word, folks. No more or less vulgar than calling a guy a d*ck. A friend of mine will have a complete fit/emotional breakdown if anyone uses that word. Why give one word such power? I don’t get it.


  5. nene had a breast lift and nose job. for a breast life doesnt that mean she had her breasts reduced,not implants. honestly on all the series; atl, bh, oc,miami, nny, nj they ALL have had surgery. on atl it isnt apparent bc brown skin ages better.


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