KYLE RICHARDS “More Bravo Comments”… Kim Richards “Kyle Stole My House”…

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Just for the hell of it, decided to check on the comments over at  HagfaceKyle Richards BravoBlog.

When first reported five days ago, there were over 1100 comments.  After that report, someone at Bravo decided to edit the comments down to under 800… today there are over 1200 comments!  Someone over at Bravo is on vacation… or is takin’ some nips of MissAndy’s Maker’s Mark, or is it frescquila?… ’cause there are more comments than ever!

The following is just a quick sampling of the new, over 1200 comments…

NOTE:  Especially love the comment suggesting that Kyle and Morris give Kim back her stolen house!   Let’s see how long it takes for the brainiacs at Bravo to erase the comments left for LLLKyle-ee!!  

Kim Richards explains the house stealin’…  ShutUP, Morris!!



also, I used to like Mauricio.. i thought he was a nice looking man working hard for the family… and honestly thought he could do much much better…

but after this episode, nah… he’s just a coward.. it was Paul and Adrienne who were yelling causing the scene no matter what the reason was, could have taken it at other times- but Mauricio had to stick to Adrienne’s side and made Brandi Apologies!?!!??? WTF?  (yes, F.. they word you can’ stand brandi using but you seem to use it often urself)

what a coward.. just kissing up to the money i guess. how manly of him like he wants to  appears to be.

4 HOURS AGOReplyLikewhatever1Ohbullroar


oh, and after reading Yolanda’s posting… i’ve gotta say just one more thing. you should have been mad at Kim for telling Adrienne NOT cuz it was “your-husband’s” event.. but cuz she told Adrienne and Paul from 2 feet away from Brandi which obviously was going to lead to a big fight.  Think about THAT for a second. stop being selfish and manipulate other people. please.

4 HOURS AGOReplyLikeOhbullroar

DISGUSTING. end of story.

6 HOURS AGOReplyLikeOhbullroar


oh, Kyle…….stop stirring the pot.  This got out of control because YOUR gossiping and whipping Faye up before the dinner.  This was your fault.  I don’t think that you are a bad person or necessarily a bad friend, but you made a mistake here.  Just stop stirring the pot.

7 HOURS AGOReplyLike


Trying to figure out why you did that childish cowering and babytalk 5 feet 2 and three quarters inches when asked a simple question that actually just has one factual answer. There’s nothing unique, cute or special about how tall any of us are. Just say it. Without shoes, I am just shy of 5’3″. See how easy that is? We don’t generally have any control over how our genetics get us to the height we reach.

8 HOURS AGOReplyLikeEva18Ohbullroar


In true Kyle form, it’s all about you. I, I, I, I, I, I , me, me, me, me, me, me… I never want to come across a woman so vain and utterly useless.

11 HOURS AGOReplyLikeOhbullroar


I don’t know if this show is very healthy for your marriage. What if your husband sees in you, what the viewers do? I hate to see families break up. Sometimes I think that reality TV isn’t such a great idea.

11 HOURS AGOReplyLikeEva18Ohbullroar


hey kyle, seeing as maurice made so much money last year and is going to make so much more next year, why don’t the two of you give kim her house back …

12 HOURS AGOReplyLikezookeeper93Eva18Ohbullroar


Kyle….come on.  How can FAYE know so much about what happened between Brandi and Addriene if YOU didn’t fill her in on it…and WHY would you then invite her to the dinner.   She’s your friend, it was YOUR party, and you should have stopped it immediately.  Faye was FAR out of line.  She has no business telling Brandi what she should and should not do.

13 HOURS AGOReplyLikezookeeper93Eva18


So you didn’t want to un-invite Brandi because according to you and your husband, that is not a classy thing to do.  What kind of class does it take then to allow a guest in your home to be berated by another guest?  How can you even defend this dinner party behavior and call it “awkward”?  You need to take a better look at yourself.

14 HOURS AGOReplyLikezookeeper93Eva18whatever1


Kyle I’m disappointed in you this season… it seems as though you are loyal to no one. Not even your own sister. That dinner party was horrible, you acted worse than Camille from the first season. You did not defend your guest/friend Brandi one bit. If you don’t like Brandi be real and just say it. All you do is talk behind everyones back in your interviews and it is really cowardly and annoying to watch. Bring back the old Kyle please.

17 HOURS AGOReplyLikeLuv2Laughjcdivazookeeper9312 MORE


 k2roseboom But all the old Kyle did was “talk behind everyone’s back in interviews and it was really cowardly and annoying to watch.” No need to bring her back, she never left.

1 HOUR AGOReplyLikeOhbullroar


I really like Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda. I don’t like cursing one bit and I agree that there are much better and more effective ways for adults to communicate, by being more articulate, thoughtful and respectful. Having said that Kyle, though not one of us is perfect, I feel your chastisement of Brandi for blurting out the f word at the Ojai dinner, is rather hypocritical since you actually blurted the same offensive word to Camille at the dinner in NY in season 1.

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Kyle faye is your mouth piece. So everytime you have a problem your gonna have a dinner party?

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Faye acted like mommie dearest.  It’s your house, Kyle.  Take control and tell Faye to chastise the kids away from the table. By the way, if you don’t want these ladies fighting at the wrong place and wrong time, then don’t ask and they won’t tell.