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Just for the hell of it, decided to check on the comments over at  HagfaceKyle Richards BravoBlog.

When first reported five days ago, there were over 1100 comments.  After that report, someone at Bravo decided to edit the comments down to under 800… today there are over 1200 comments!  Someone over at Bravo is on vacation… or is takin’ some nips of MissAndy’s Maker’s Mark, or is it frescquila?… ’cause there are more comments than ever!

The following is just a quick sampling of the new, over 1200 comments…

NOTE:  Especially love the comment suggesting that Kyle and Morris give Kim back her stolen house!   Let’s see how long it takes for the brainiacs at Bravo to erase the comments left for LLLKyle-ee!!  

Kim Richards explains the house stealin’…  ShutUP, Morris!!



also, I used to like Mauricio.. i thought he was a nice looking man working hard for the family… and honestly thought he could do much much better…

but after this episode, nah… he’s just a coward.. it was Paul and Adrienne who were yelling causing the scene no matter what the reason was, could have taken it at other times- but Mauricio had to stick to Adrienne’s side and made Brandi Apologies!?!!??? WTF?  (yes, F.. they word you can’ stand brandi using but you seem to use it often urself)

what a coward.. just kissing up to the money i guess. how manly of him like he wants to  appears to be.

4 HOURS AGOReplyLikewhatever1Ohbullroar


oh, and after reading Yolanda’s posting… i’ve gotta say just one more thing. you should have been mad at Kim for telling Adrienne NOT cuz it was “your-husband’s” event.. but cuz she told Adrienne and Paul from 2 feet away from Brandi which obviously was going to lead to a big fight.  Think about THAT for a second. stop being selfish and manipulate other people. please.

4 HOURS AGOReplyLikeOhbullroar

DISGUSTING. end of story.

6 HOURS AGOReplyLikeOhbullroar


oh, Kyle…….stop stirring the pot.  This got out of control because YOUR gossiping and whipping Faye up before the dinner.  This was your fault.  I don’t think that you are a bad person or necessarily a bad friend, but you made a mistake here.  Just stop stirring the pot.

7 HOURS AGOReplyLike


Trying to figure out why you did that childish cowering and babytalk 5 feet 2 and three quarters inches when asked a simple question that actually just has one factual answer. There’s nothing unique, cute or special about how tall any of us are. Just say it. Without shoes, I am just shy of 5’3″. See how easy that is? We don’t generally have any control over how our genetics get us to the height we reach.

8 HOURS AGOReplyLikeEva18Ohbullroar


In true Kyle form, it’s all about you. I, I, I, I, I, I , me, me, me, me, me, me… I never want to come across a woman so vain and utterly useless.

11 HOURS AGOReplyLikeOhbullroar


I don’t know if this show is very healthy for your marriage. What if your husband sees in you, what the viewers do? I hate to see families break up. Sometimes I think that reality TV isn’t such a great idea.

11 HOURS AGOReplyLikeEva18Ohbullroar


hey kyle, seeing as maurice made so much money last year and is going to make so much more next year, why don’t the two of you give kim her house back …

12 HOURS AGOReplyLikezookeeper93Eva18Ohbullroar


Kyle….come on.  How can FAYE know so much about what happened between Brandi and Addriene if YOU didn’t fill her in on it…and WHY would you then invite her to the dinner.   She’s your friend, it was YOUR party, and you should have stopped it immediately.  Faye was FAR out of line.  She has no business telling Brandi what she should and should not do.

13 HOURS AGOReplyLikezookeeper93Eva18


So you didn’t want to un-invite Brandi because according to you and your husband, that is not a classy thing to do.  What kind of class does it take then to allow a guest in your home to be berated by another guest?  How can you even defend this dinner party behavior and call it “awkward”?  You need to take a better look at yourself.

14 HOURS AGOReplyLikezookeeper93Eva18whatever1


Kyle I’m disappointed in you this season… it seems as though you are loyal to no one. Not even your own sister. That dinner party was horrible, you acted worse than Camille from the first season. You did not defend your guest/friend Brandi one bit. If you don’t like Brandi be real and just say it. All you do is talk behind everyones back in your interviews and it is really cowardly and annoying to watch. Bring back the old Kyle please.

17 HOURS AGOReplyLikeLuv2Laughjcdivazookeeper9312 MORE


 k2roseboom But all the old Kyle did was “talk behind everyone’s back in interviews and it was really cowardly and annoying to watch.” No need to bring her back, she never left.

1 HOUR AGOReplyLikeOhbullroar


I really like Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda. I don’t like cursing one bit and I agree that there are much better and more effective ways for adults to communicate, by being more articulate, thoughtful and respectful. Having said that Kyle, though not one of us is perfect, I feel your chastisement of Brandi for blurting out the f word at the Ojai dinner, is rather hypocritical since you actually blurted the same offensive word to Camille at the dinner in NY in season 1.

17 HOURS AGOReplyLikeAudreyEHjcdivazookeeper9315 MORE


Kyle faye is your mouth piece. So everytime you have a problem your gonna have a dinner party?

17 HOURS AGOReplyLikeLuv2Laughjcdivazookeeper9310 MORE


Faye acted like mommie dearest.  It’s your house, Kyle.  Take control and tell Faye to chastise the kids away from the table. By the way, if you don’t want these ladies fighting at the wrong place and wrong time, then don’t ask and they won’t tell.

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156 comments on “KYLE RICHARDS “More Bravo Comments”… Kim Richards “Kyle Stole My House”…

  1. Bet Kim is loving the backlash. Took 2.5 seasons but viewers are finally seeing the true revolting Vyle that SH readers have been wise to the whole time. Again I ask, who does Vyle think she’s fooling?!?

  2. Kyle,
    How come you said no when Kim wanted to “buy back in?” Did you need it to be 100% yours for some reason?


    • That’s true. Why not let her buy back in for the measly $20K? Especially if you eggmit it wasn’t about the money that it was more the emotional attachment. Vyle is a snake. Where did their mother originally get the money to purchase the home in the first place? I bet it came from Kim’s childhood paychecks.

      • And/or from fleecing her step-children out of their inheritance. Think I remember stuff about that in the book.

      • i was thinking that too, HH… After all, didnt Kim basically support her family with the $ she earned acting? Not to mention the damage from being a child star…as if we havent seen enough examples of THAT…ie Lindsay Lohan, MacCauley Kulkin, Jodi Sweetin…etc

        • On another note…..I think LeAnn Rimes broke aways from her family at a young age, rumor was her father was taking her money???? Too bad her parents were not able to put that money aside for Kim and let Kyle make her own money????? It appears Kyle took advantage a long time ago and knew how to push Kim’s buttons.

      • Yes the did come from her checks, everything that they had came from her checks. The reason why they didn’t allow her to buy back in was because with the help of Mauricio your new husband he used it for loans to boot start his real estate career.

        • I doubt everything they had come from her checks. Their father worked in the clothing industry, and invented the “skort.” Also,child stars didn’t start getting royalties until 1977, so they didn’t make as much back then as they do today. Kim doesn’t have any money because Kim doesn’t work. It’s as simple as that.

          • I know Kim doesn’t work, in fact where a some of her money comes from is her baby daddies that she get child support but alot from Kyle. They didn’t get royalties but she did work and make good money at the time. The family used that to live on and such. You see California passed in 1939 the Coogan Law (after Jackie Coogan, just google) where a portion of the child stars money would to into a special savings account a blocked trust that the parents couldn’t touch. You see they could con the kid into getting that money once she’s older emotionally and that is why she is mad. Her mother and Kyle used promises and such for Kim to use her money and once gone the promises where gone.

            Kim is and was mad because all of her money she was shamed or guilted into using for her family put her in the position that she is now, broke and having to be on the dole from her sister and Mauricio.

            • I doubt Kim made that much. Name one child star from before 1980 who has any money. The Brady Bunch kids? Nope. The Different Strokes kids? Nope. Eight is Enough kids? Nope. Danny Bonaduce? Nope.

              Kim made some money, but not enough for her to retire on the rest of her life. Kim should have gotten a decent divorce settlement from the Davis husband. That’s where she screwed up.

            • I think you’re right. And whatever substances she’s (been) on, probably cost a pretty penny. What she should have done, at some point, is invest in a condo, small house, heck even a trailer (like Joanie from Happy Days) and at least have a roof over her head, that she could call her own.
              I think part of the reason that Kyle might’ve wanted her off the title, is that Kim is a flaky airhead and more than likely doesn’t pay bills on time.

  3. Bravo can edit the blogs and delete them all they want but viewers are still voicing their opinions on twitter (I like to peek from time to time ;) Faye pulled a Caroline and asked for every to be kind…..?????…..How come these chicks can break bad and act a da*&^ fool but when we voice are opinion we are chastised. Fayke and Vyle are getting the Caro/Jac/Meho/Kat/ treatment this time around…The viewers are not the stupid ones, silly girls!

    • Oopsie! “Asked for everyONE to be kind” is what I meant. See- that’s what happens when I act ugly ;)

    • We know darn well Faye wouldn’t be asking people to “be kind” if Brandi was the one receiving the backlash.

    • I sneak peak too… Actually a few of my comments have made it… But only the ones that say something sorta nice… Once I wrote, “Kyle, I love you… You are so beautiful, kind, funny, with hair to die for.. I love you and Faye together, you make the show! Hey Bravo is this nice enough?” They posted it… Hag face must have licked her lips many times reading that!

  4. Can’t believe Bravo (or the ladies even) think they can change the viewers opinions by trying to delete the comments. Who do they think made the comments? Soooo silly.

    • They can delete the comments, but they are still coming in… Bravo knows this, and for some sick reason, I think they love it too…Andy hates these women, it’s obvious.. They are just so stupid thinking they are on tv… No one is laughing with them, but laughing at them… And Bravo, all the way to the bank..

      • I think so too. I think Andy is actually JEALOUS of ALL women and that’s why he insists on exploiting them. And in many instances, the ones he choses to be on the show, realize that, but want or need the money and “fame.”

        • Debra
          Everything you said is so true… How sad that someone would want fame, while hurting others… It’s a sick game miss Andy plays, and they are suckers…

    • Doesn’t make sense anyway because the same ones pulling ‘em are the ones that allowed ‘em to be posted in the first place. They moderate heavily there and it’s usually very obvious that the number of negative comments vs. positive comments are in tune with their edit of the season. There are times, such as in this instance, that they must be using temps or something. I’d love it if they just left it alone and let all the comments through. They can use a filter to scramble all the f… words, et al. Yeah right… when he!! freezes over.

  5. i am so sick and tired of hearing vyle talk about her hubband’s ‘event’ being ruined. give me an effen break!!!!! if it wasn’t for the trumped up DRAMA at the event it wouldn’t have even made the show and hubband wouldn’t have gotten all that free publicity for his new business. that’s why vyle may be acting all above the fray and indignant but she’s happy that kim told adrienne and why she didn’t call adrienne and fill her in — she needed and wanted the drama at the event in order to get it filmed. let’s call a spade a spade vyle.

    • same goes for the dinner party so she could show off her new ugly dining room and rancid’s wonderful decorating abilities – she needed rancid to make a big scene to get free publicity for the decorating business (epic fail its ugly) – the second lisa left the scene ended – without that cooked up drama no showing off the dining room and showing off her beautiful house to the world – oh look at me how wonderful my life and happy home is…

      • I think the “event,” like most other “events” featured on these HW shows, was trumped up for the show, anyway.

        • I still wonder why they didn’t film Kylee’s clothing store opening? Wouldn’t that have been more HW like? Sumpin is up with it not being promoted on the show.

        • I also think that Bravo pays for these events… The cameras are rolling, they have to cause drama, it’s probably in their damn contract… These women don’t pay for anything… Right down to the restaurants they eat at… It’s a set up… They get free advertisement, it’s all a game…

          • ITA. Alex McCord said one one of her Rumorfix blogs that often they film lunch dates at wierd hours or even after the restaurant closes because they need to get permission to film customers. I noticed that they film lunches at a table on the sidewalk. Who knows if its a real place to eat.

            • I was thinking the same thing… Everything that is shown no matter what they are doing… Someone is lining their pockets…and the housewives, always getting freebies.. Be nice to get something for nothing wouldn’t it? Well not at the cost of my personal life… These people are so fickle..

            • LOL! Alex also said everyone is annoyed by Ramona because she will show up at a made-for-filming-dinner/event and stay for 15 minutes. Ramona sits down, stirs the pot, says her sound bites, and leaves. IMO Ramona knows how to film!

      • some are better at it than others – vyle’s are trumped up staged drama and obviously so — and for some reason she keeps vying for the ones that involve tearing people down. lisa’s this week was getting her gate installed, her husband’s recovery, and a convo with brandi — yolanda’s was exercise and trying to keep her and her husband healthy — kim’s was yoga with her daughters. while much much more tame and maybe boring to some — they are picking up fans and vyle is pissing them off

    • IMO Bravo ordered kim to tell adrianne and paul at that event for the drama. What kind of b.s. is vyle trying to throw at the viewers.

      • I think Kim was stupid enough to just do it on her own. Sorry but the alcohol has killed alot of brain cells. I am not sure what happened to Kyle, maybe dropped on her head at birth.

        • I think it was a little bit more than just alcohol, that killed all of those brain cells. She sure has kept her figure for being such a lush…

  6. I love the moniker “HagFace”. It suits Vyle to a “T”. Her cuteness of S-1 has evaporated quickly into snark and cruel intentions. The viewers wised up, once the whole picture of her double dealing came to light. I wish Vyle, and Traylor-Park would be removed from the show. They are birds of a feather. FFFFFayke is a non-entity, looking for relevance. Hey, Vyle, take your Best friend FFFFFayke into your home for a while. That way, you can have her screen your calls, email and guests at your door, like any other bodyguard.

      • RE: her cuteness — In the very first ep, as she bounced down the street, before she actually did or said anything… of course, that was JMHO. I can now see that I was wrong in my original assessment. “Hindsight is 20-20″. As I also said, her “charms” quickly evaporated.

        • I was kind of just joking. I can see how Vyle was much more likable in S-1, though I’ve disliked her from the first 5 min of the show.

  7. Kim only “Borrowed” against the house.She should have been able to pay it back and restore her 1/2 of the house.$20,000 is a far cry from 1/2 of the house’s value.Their sister Kathy should step in and read Hagface Kyle her rights as to how she is screwing over Kim.If I were Kim I would severe ties with Kyle and go my separate way.Kyle is out to destroy Kim and now does in on T.V.

  8. i still don’t get that her dinning room was “decorated” i didn’t see any decortion. white walls and some un-ironed curtains.

  9. Open toed shoes/flip flops are not Hag face’s friend.A good pedicure can not take away from crooked toes.Probably from wearing overly expensive or cheap high heels.

  10. Hagface Byle would be sooo unknown if not for Kim. What do you think the chances of Kathy meeting Hilton would be without Kim’s PAST fame. As for their mother’s house, Byle ripped Kim off, Plain and simple! Mama was a stage mom, Kim made the money that bought the house in the first place. All of Byle and Meeesio’s wealth has come from riding off of Byle’s sisters. Meeesio got his start from Hilton, used his fame and then ran with it! If not for Hilton Meesio would be at Remax! Byle has done NOTHING except a few guest spots 40 yrs ago! It is more than evident to the viewing public what low life scum these two are!

    • I’ll bet Kathy and Rick Hilton were NOT pleased at ALL by Kyle’s comment “I bought out my sister Kathy and Kim’s share of the house.” I would bet a “pretty penny” that Kathy Gave Up her “share” of that house legally, leaving it to Kim & Kyle. Trusting Maurice! I don’t believe that Kathy “sold” her share of their Mom’s house and received money from Morris & Vyle. I believe it was a kind gesture on Kathy’s part…to let her sisters have the house. I have a gut feeling Kathy & her husband were upset by Kyle’s reckless comment/assessment of how Kyle & Maurice’s ownership of that house came to be. I also think Kyle threw Kathy’s name in with Kim’s, so it wouldn’t come off like Kim got screwed. It’s simple really. Kim borrowed $20.000 and to ease Vyle’s mind Kim reminded her “there is always my share of the house” if I don’t pay back the loan. When Kim went to pay back the loan, Kyle acted like “what loan?” That money was what Morris & I decided was your share of YOUR ( I mean Mom’s) house! No doubt, the house is about sentimental value to Kim and NOT the money! Not to mention…$20,000 is a joke!

      • Agree, you can take a home equity loan out on your house and even if you don’t pay it off before the sale of the home, that does not mean you no longer own the home, that just means that you proceeds are reduced by the amount of outstanding loan, that goes for any investmet, 401k, ect….

  11. …..and people wonder why Kim is closer to her sister Kathy? With a sister like Vyle aka manhands who the hell needs enemies?

    • Kathy Hilton has stayed far far away from Kyle’s little show. Who can forget Kyle’s meltdown when Kathy was a no-show at Farrah’s College Graduation party. I don’t think that was acting on Vyle’s part.

  12. The term “buy back in” is totally false to begin with. If the house had not been registered to Vyle and Maurice as owners, she would not have to buy back in she would have already been IN. The house was stolen because they made a SALE instead of a loan. It is stated that Kathy did give her up share of the house so vyle did not buy Kathy out (another lie).

    • LOL, Vyle really is a dumba$$ to think people would swallow her lies. WHY lie, especially when there are people around to refute your story?

    • Sounds like they did take it from Kim. Also sounds like they actually owe Kim money, no way did $20k buy her out.

    • How do you know that Kyle and Maurico did not buy out Kathy? And you have no evidence that anybody stole a house from Kim. Mauricio gets up and works everyday supporting his family and even Kyle’s daughter from a previous marriage, and Kim was an alcoholic and maybe a druggie, who from what I have seen hasn’t worked in a
      very long time, yet Mauricio is the bad guy and Kim is the victim. Give me a break! Kim is broke because she doesn’t work! She can barely show up to RHOBH filming on a regular basis.

      • Farrah is the daughter you are speaking about.
        Her Biological father is a wealthy man who married Kyle when she was 18years old. He has supported Farrah financially. He paid for her schooling, including University.
        So, it is incorrect to say that Mauricio financially supported “Kyles daughter from a previous marriage”

      • I agree about Kim. She is forty-something years old and this show is the first gig she’s had in years. I think she made a little money, spent most of it and married well, only it didn’t work out. I don’t think she’s getting alimony for life either, no matter how rich that Davis guy was, plus the kids are pretty much grown, so there’s no more child support to live on. THAT is why I think she was so quick to move in with Ken2.

  13. I’d like to throw this into the pot and see what you think. I don’t think vyle is a Richard’s at all. Both Kathy and Kim are blonde and blue eyed with very fair complexions and more of a delicate build. Vyle is brunette, brown eyes, olive complexion and a yeoman’s build. Big hands, big feet, and stocky. She may be a sister but I cannot believe that she is a full-sister to Kim, Another thing is their personalities Kathy and Kim do not seem to be as abusive and abrasive as Kyle. Just doesn’t seem to fit.

    • DingDingDing. Wow, that would ‘splain a lot. I’d love to watch the series from the beginning with this tasty tidbit in mind.

    • Checked out pics of kathy hilton and she has the same squat body as vyle. They look alike except for the hair. Kathy is looking matronly and did not get the vyles thick hair.

    • I think Kyle just lost out in the genetic lottery. And she is makin sure everyone else suffers because of it! Lol

        • It must be the lighting of her scenes. I seem to recall that Kim’s eyes are as dark as coal. One thing, though: Kim and Kyle don’t look remotely alike. Aside from the hair texture and color; it may have to do with the “procedures” they’ve each had done to their faces.

  14. Kyle stole her sisters house plain and simple, she took a loan against it and they refused to let her pay it back, thats is right who in their right mind would sell that house for 20kShe needs to get a lawyer and take it back because they took advantage of her probly not in her right state of mind and had documents orded in their favor i mean think of all the paper work allthey say is sign here and here etc. Get a lawyer kim!!

  15. Kim was upset when Kyle said tht Maurice helps her and Kim said you didn’t have to steal my house. Tht house is worth millions. He stole it and I’m curious on why he doesn’t work for the hiltons anymore. He probaly would have made more money and funny how he is working so hard to sell hses where with the hiltons he could have made millions and work less. Something is right here. As for a hostess makes you wonder if she really did write tht book of hers on hostessing. As for her store she has other business partners and thy probally didn’t want it on the show.

    • Excellent point. Why is Mauricio not part of Hilton inc? Surely his talents could add to the Hilton name? Ahem??

      • I read somewhere that several celebrities-not A-listers or anything-were at the opening and RHOBH probably wouldn’t be great for their image.

    • The house isn’t worth millions. I believe some did some research back when and said it was worth 600,000 and I doubt it is worth that today. I believe it had 300,000 in equity and Kims share would have 1/3 of that. If the house needed repairs and upkeep not to mention taxes that would come out of that as well, If Kim did not have money to contribute. It may not be the way Kim see’s it, who knows?

      • The only reason her mom had the money to buy that house, was because of kim’s money earned as a child. That is what Kim is objecting to, and why Kathy bowed out I am sure. Also, regardless of whether or not Kyle did all the repairs with kind gesture, she should not have kicked Kim out of the legal right to the house…especially because it was bought and paid for by her earnings…per the Hilton book

        • I’m not saying it was right/or wrong because I don’t know all the details. The fact that Kathy bowed out makes me think it would cost more than her interest to hang on to. What I’m saying is Kim’s memory as to what went down may not be that accurate. Her resentment should be directed at her mother for not leaving her the house in the first place. For some reason both sisters have put their mother up for sainthood.

          • Kathy bowed out because she had a ton of money and knew that Kim’s money had purchased. She wanted Kim mainly ..and Kyle did not bow out, so Kyle also to have the house. When you have hundreds of millions, you want to do for your siblings. Kyle obviously didn’t feel the same way…She easily had the money to do the right thing and keep Kim on the title. You can easily make the valid legal case you stated above…but who in the heck screws their sister out of their family house, that her money purchased, when you are not even hurting for money. It is the reason there is so much elder abuse, etc. in this world. People have forgotten that you should not screw over your own family members.

            • People can change when a family member dies. I know my sister’s took everything that wasn’t nailed down. Thank goodness my mother sent me everything she wanted me to have before she did. Yes, this is the world we live in.

            • Gosh, that’s awful, Original. When my grandmother died, my uncle who was the executor of the will, hired a company that does estate sales to take all of her stuff to be auctioned. My mother had to outbid strangers at an auction to get stuff that had belonged to her mother.

            • I agree nancy. Kathy made a kind and loving gesture by giving up her share of the house. She didn’t have to, but she certainly seemed to of made the choice coming from a place of love, and what she believed to be right. While it might be rare or unusual for some siblings to do this…some still DO and it touches my heart! What I don’t get at all about Kyle is even if she felt that she was entitled to keep her share of the house…so be it; however, if Kathy gave up her share of the house to Kim, meaning 2/3 of the ownership of their Mom’s house was Kim’s, then Kim Really did get screwed. There was NO 1/3 once Kathy bowed out. The ownership of that house was either 1/2 & 1/2 or 2/3 & 1/3. Even if the value of the house was say 300.000…how does 20,000 equate to Kim’s share of the house? Bottom line is…Kim never wanted to sell!

          • And notice that they never mention their father, who, by all accounts I’ve read, was a great guy and a good dad.

            • Or tried to he tried to be.Big Cathy didn’t let her girls have much contact with him. If what people have said about her is true ( believe it is because it echoed by so many,) she was a mean piece of work.

        • Vyle and Maurice probably took advantage of Dim-Kim while she was in an alcoholic blur. They gave her 20K and figured she wouldn’t notice how paltry that sum was until her situation improved.

  16. I can’t stand this situation with Mauricio, and Vyle..but it makes sense he went out on his own. He can make his own decisions, and he had built up enough clientele after being at Hilton forever. when he opened his own business, he gets to keep all the money and make all the decisions. I am not a Mauricio supporter, but that is the reason he probably opened his own place. As far as “lifetimemovie’s” cheery support for Kyle and Mauricio…No matter how Kim has been, drunk or a druggie, it gives them no right whatsoever to take advantage of her. They should have put her part of the house as a conservatorship. It is wrong on so many levels for them to consider the $20,000 as her share of the house. If they were angry at her drinking etc, then the whole family had enough money to have her assets handled by an impartial attorney. I am sure Kathy was not happy at all that after she gave up her portion, WHICH THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN DOCUMENTED, that Kyle took it away from Kim.

    • I wouldn’t say it was cheery support. I just don’t think they’ve done anything wrong. I don’t buy for one minute that anybody stole anything from Kim, especially a house. Proof?

        • Could you fill me in? When does Kyke admit that she stole a house? Kyle doesn’t need to steal anything.

          • Did you watch the rerun from SH and you still think you can defend a liar and a thief?? She admits to lending Kim only 20k for the house. This was supposed to be a loan but Maurice and Vyle pulled some hanky-panky and put it in as a sale instead of a loan. This is thief pure and simple. This is about as dirty and low down as you can get, these two have finally been shown for the scum bags they are. Kyle thought she would disparage Kim in the limo scene by calling her an alcoholic however, this has really back-fired on her because Kim fought back and let the world know that she and Maurice did such an underhanded deed.

          • Here it is. Round abouts the 1:20 mark. Keep in mind they are speaking about 20k for her “share” of the house that was supposed to be owned 3 ways. 20k cant buy a third of an outhouse in BH. so… yeah she stoled it. And John T waltzes in at the beginning and arrogantly says “honey, I’m home” pfffft.

            • Wait, if it is as much Kim’s home, then why is 20k enuf to buy her out? And in Kim’s ttc she is prob tipsy, which to me just makes me think more likely she is tellin the truth. If you are tipsy and still angry, you got somethin to be angry about.

            • Yeah I agree. Kyle messed her over. And she needs to make her whole again. Or else she is gonna end up looking like one petty biznatch to the viewers. Nevermind, I dont even that will help. Odd that Mr Moneybag John T needed to steal that house. Yeah drunkards spit the truth when they pissed. Every time.

            • You see how Kyle talks about Kim. She doesn’t give a flip to make up for it. It sucks bc Kim took care of their sick mama that Kyle claims she adored and misses so much. Kim should’ve got that house straight up.

            • OK, I watched it. Kyle probably did swindle Kim out of the house. Kyle should have paid Kim the full value of her half. But then is it true that Mauricio supported Kim financially? In that case, maybe Kim used up her half of the money. Poor Maurico. He has to support everybody!!

            • Lifetimemovie, very gracious of you to admit that Kyle and Maurice swindled Kim out of the house. In reference to them helping Kim, nowhere has it ever been said that it was financial support. Kyle said my husband has helped you–this could mean like changing light bulbs and filters, helping fix little things around the house. I believe Kathy and Rick would be likely to help her if financial support was necessary. But, since the series began we have never seen Kyle or Maurice help Kim in any way. They have certainly belittled her every chance they get but as for any help it certainly has not been shown.

            • No, in the limo when Kyle told off Kim, she said my husband helps you every month, like a second f-ing wife. That sounds like financial suport to me, not changing lightbulbs. lol

              And why do you think Kathy and Rick are such kind, generous people who give their money to Kim. There is no evidence of that. How did Kathy’s kids turn out? Uneducated, arrest records, sex videos, drugs…

            • You are right, in the limo she merely says “my husband helped you”, does not say financial or otherwise for all we know with the way Vyle lies he has never helped at all. The reason I believe that Kathy and Rick most likely help is because when Kim moved out of Ken’s house she moved into a hotel—most likely Beverly Hills Hotel which is owned by Kathy and Rick And why bring Kathy’s kids into this–has nothing to do with them it is about Vyle and Maurice stealing Kim’s house.

            • It has never really been stated that Kim does not financial help. She does receive alimony from her marriage to Davis and I am sure that he helps his daughter. Her other husband is good friends with Kim and probably helps with his children. She may not have as much money as the others do, but at no time has it every been stated that she was in financial problems.

            • Quoting from the House of Hilton book:
              John Jackson, who became the new man in Kim’s life after she and Gregg Davis separated, maintains the two split up ‘because Barbara and Marvin said, ‘Enough’s enough!’” They gave their son an ultimatum: either leave Kim or face being cut off from the family fortune. He chose the former. …
              An acrimonious child custody battle ensued. Kim is said to have gotten a settlement and child support from the Davises, ranging between $20,000 a month that continues until the year 2009 and $23,000 a month for life, or until she remarries, and shared custody of the daughter and son she had with Davis.

            • If Kim really had a settlement of $23,000 a month for life, she would own a home, and she probably wouldn’t be on RHOBH because it’s obvious that she doesn’t really like being on the show. I think Kim is broke.

            • Maurico works everyday supporting Kim and all these people; Kim sits on her arse and drinks, yet Maurico owes Kim. I don’t think so!

            • For her house they stole. He owes it back to her. or make her whole again with the cash. either way. He owes her because he done her dirty. And profited from it.

            • there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that Maurice has ever given Kim any financial support there is the proof that they stole her house. I do not know them personally but on the show there has never been any type of assistance whatsoever from Maurice for Kim. I cannot believe with the type of greed for money that we have seen from Maurice and Vyle that they would be generous enough to help out. Both of them are quick to grab what they can get from friends, but no evidence of help of any form for Kim.

  17. Ok, I will know I’m on the right track if this comment DOES NOT GET SHOWN, but I truly think this is the reaction Bravo and Kyle want from the viewers, Just hear me out, first off Kyle went way down with viewers after season 2 and she did not become “The Bethenny ” of New york like she was trying for, so we all know that since she could not regain the viewers love and that her second love behind fame is money, she and her “stay away from drama,but always makes sure he’s on camera” husband probably made a deal with Bravo to be the two-faced silent villains of RHOBH. This being said, I now WILL NOT watch Bravo cause if they were really doing this stuff with Faye and Kyle all we SMART viewers know that they would not let as many of these negative comments to Kyle and Faye, but yet keep fayes profile on the BH Bravo site.
    I think Kyle, Bravo/Andy and Faye are laughing their asses off at us thinking they are making money and what do they care they dont know us and they surely dont associate with us, cause just like Bravo/Andy they ALWAYS SEEM TO FORGET IT IS WE THE VIEWERS THAT MAKE THESE SHOWS POPULAR AND WE SHOULD BE HEARD EVERY NOW AND THEN!!!!

    Because I really do not trust Bravo letting all viewers words be heard I have copied this comment with proof I did post to Kyles Bravo Blog first just in case the peeps at Bravo who monitor the comments dont let this one through, cause I am very interested on how you all feel about what I wrote!


  18. I saw Kyle Richards standing on the corner of Rodeo Drive wearing red shoes, she looked to be in a trance of sorts and from afar I could hear here mubbling… There is no place like home… there is no place like home…. Well, this bitcH is no Dorothy, and just as I suspected the ugly face of a wicked witch appeared. She pulled a check for $20,000 out of her Birkin Bag and began drooling, just as a homeless Kim staggered up the street wheeling around her shopping cart. Kyle immediately wanted to help, because that is the kind of girl she is. She reached into the Birkin and pulled out a shiny quarter for her sister, because everyone knows that a homeless person does not accept The Black Card. Kim sobbed and accepted the hand out, then asked her sister for place to stay. The Vyle Kyle began laughing hysterically and walked away. She could be heard mumbling, THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE YOUR HOME….THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE YOUR HOME….

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