KYLE RICHARDS: The Hypocrisy Of HagfaceKyle!!… Kyle So Bothered By Brandi Glanville’s Language Usage… Take A Look At Kyle’s!!

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SH reader “PaT” was watching the RHOBH the other day…  and decided to make a video about Kyle Richards’ hypocrisy!

“She was making such a big deal that Brandi told Adrienne to STFU that I decided to make this video to show what a hypocrite she really is. She uses the F word all the time when she’s annoyed too.”


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121 comments on “KYLE RICHARDS: The Hypocrisy Of HagfaceKyle!!… Kyle So Bothered By Brandi Glanville’s Language Usage… Take A Look At Kyle’s!!

  1. She’s a Hypocrite, She’s a Hypocrite….Vyle you have the filthest mouth of anyone. I think you’ve thrown your last stone… Thanks for the video it brought out the best in her. Maybe now she will STFU with her girlfriend Rancid.

      • I once thought she was pretty, then she opened her mouth and I saw the mean twinkle in her eye while she casted her stones at glass houses. Then her goofy splits.. how old is she & she thinks that is cute? Now I just see an ugly shell of a so called human being.

  2. Great video. I don’t know who Kyle thinks she is fooling. I don’t use twitter but someone should tweet Brandi, Lisa, Camille, Taylor and Vyle a copy. Haha

      • Really! Her mouth is even filthier than Kim Z’s. Makes you wonder how she talks to Mauricio and her kids when she gets pizzed off at them. Her sweet little innocent act for the viewers is not fooling any of us.

        • Kinda hard to fool anyone with proof like this. WTH? What an idiot! How do you forget that you’ve been filmed for the past however many years? And not only filmed, but televised for all to witness! And it’s not just Kyle… 80% of them ignorantly think that viewers have VERY short term memory. You’d think they’d know by now that’s not the case. Additionally, Bravo makes it impossible to forget anyway because they repeat past seasons every now and then… and repeat current episodes so often that they’re ingrained in viewer’s brains forever… although I must admit that I don’t watch the repeats like I used to. In the earlier years I’d re-watch the episodes again and again. That’s a rarity for me now-a-days.

    • That’s the thing, she may be fooling herself , but she’s going to wind up in the same position as Carowhine is now. The people around them won’t be honest with them, but the public will. She’ll have the same shocked feeling that Carowhine got when she sees that people can see through her. Petty & jealous are two of the worst traits in people. What’s there to like about someone who carries that with them?

  3. She is truly such an ugly person! Thanks for putting that together. I still honestly believe she stole Kim’s house, and Kim has every right to be angry with her.
    1. Who talks like that, using the F word? Kyle
    2. Who tells secrets no one else should hear about? Kyle
    3. Who starts fights with others for no good reason? Kyle

  4. Hard to be in a dress shop business and husband a big time realtor when you talk so nasty on camera.That would have to impact both your businesses.I woiuld not want to do busineds with either Vyle or Machio if that were the case.Cant blame it on the show or editing.Trashy people that think they are classy.Wrong!!!!

  5. Hypocrite, that’s normal in her life. Poor Kim (which I don’t care for anymore) has to put up with the ugly duckling.Kyle has to prove herself, she is different. The only child with dark hair form the mailman. She keep’s having to prove herself. She is white trash that has money.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  6. I also believe that Vyle and Maurice stole the house. I read somewhere that the house was left to all 3 girls and Kathy gave up her share leaving it to Vyle and Kim. Kim needed to borrow some money against the house (think it was like 20K). It was easy for Maurice to make it a bill of sale instead of a loan agreement. Kim would have signed trusting her sister and bil. Maurice is really slimy he and Vyle will do anything for money. Remember in S1 when Vyle and Maurice went to the Mexican restaurant and Vyle told him about her argument with Camille how upset he got that she had angered a client and was really po’d at Vyle. There is no honor among thieves.

    • Thanks for addressing that, I always believed that Kyle cheated her but didn’t know how. So they “bought” it, gave Kim 20k, then sold it for prob much more, not giving Kim the rest of her share…

    • I don’t believe that anyone stole anything from Kim. It was a well known fact that Kim pissed away most of her money on everything. Mauricio,Kyle, Kathy and Rick have all had to support Kim and her kids because she couldn’t live on her tremendous amount of child support. As the kids got older and she made less, she still spent the money. Kim has had no income for years other than child support. Heck, I bet she went through a couple thousand dollars in booze.every month

      • A well known fact? I didn’t know about it. I could guess that most of the ladies piss their money away but I would never purport that as a fact. Kim was the one that was the child actor and worked far more than Kyle ever did. I do believe that they all lived off of the money Kim made while they were growing up. Also, I would imagine Kim still gets money in royalties. It may or may not amount to much but I won’t pretend to know. She was married to at least one very wealthy man with whom she had children. I would imagine she probably got more than just child support. I don’t know but I wouldn’t venture to just guess or assume that anyone had to support her and her kids. And if they do or did, maybe they feel as if they owe it to her since she supported them when she was working.

        The situation with the house is questionable too. I won’t just take Kyle’s word for it as her word is worth nothing. Kim has her story, Kyle has hers… the truth probably lays somewhere in the middle.

        • Kim seems to be the least materialistic person on the show, I don’t see her ever out shopping, she’s never exceptionally dressed, wears her clothes more than once, no new cars….Kim is the most frugal lady on the show, imo. But that’s just my observations from watching the show….I’m fairly certain the entire family are mental cases!

        • There wasn’t many royalties and Kim herself has said she spent money on foolish things like cars etc. I can’t stand Kyle but lets be realistic, Kim was an alcoholic and didn’t have a ton of common sense.

          • But in terms of marrying up properly Kim was the only one that managed to do it… repeatedly but still. Kyle be scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the hubben lottery compared to her other sisters. Kathy prolly just got lucky by pickin the low hangin fruit ifn ya catch ma drift. I gather Rick Hilton aint the most beloved Hilton manchild in the bunch

          • I heard one story, from Kyle actually, about Kim buying an expensive car when she turned 18 and finally got the money she had been earning and working for for years during her childhood. She didn’t deserve that? I don’t know what the etc. is. I agree with holeycowballs and was going to mention that myself… Kim doesn’t seem very materialistic, not nearly as much as the others.

            • True but think of the wages back there at that time. Kim has had a drinking problem for years. I am sure she has went through tons just in alcohol. When you are not working, it costs alot of money to live in BH

      • All I know is I saw Kyle cursing and lunging at Kim in the limo after Kim said that about the house. That is enough smoke for me to say there’s fire. After that, Mauricio n Kyle probably did feel obligated to help Kim out a lot, and it is true that payin for an unemployed alchy in BH probably wasn’t cheap. Maybe giving Kim what she was owed and bein nice and supportive and getting her into rehab sooner coulda cost less…lol.

        • Actually if it’s true Mauricio and Kyle supported Kim, wouldn’t THAT be enabling? If they didn’t, she would have been forced to go out and do something… or fall a lot sooner than she did which would have forced her into sinking or swimming.

        • You can’t get an adult to go to rehab unless they want to. Many times during the show both have said they had said kim refused.

    • I do remember that… He was upset about losing a client…. And the money… I seen right through him at that moment and Kyle was trying to get Camille back… I do believe that something went down with that house of the Richard sisters… Kim has some major issues with Kyle and that house…Kyle would screw a snake if someone held it down for her… Lizard lips…with a funky set of teeth…

      • I think you are right. Kim’s part of her mommas house was what 20k? or was it 200k? Either way, it says something about Maurice’s success if he felt the need to grab that by BH standards piddly amount from his single mom SIL.

        • If what I read is correct Their mother stole the BH house from both Richard girls because it was left to them in their fathers estate. She sold it to by the palm springs house.

          • Oh well that sucks. That must have really stung that the elder sister Kathy got any of it seeing as how she made it a point of “loaning” Mr Richards some money expecting to be paid back while the man was on his death bed. I cant remember the amount but I seem to remember it being chump change to a Hilton.

          • Well Kyle does own a house that used to be partially Kim’s. Not sure about Kathy’s share. How Kyle got her hands on Kim’s share is the question.

            • I wish you all could read the House of Hilton book. I know SH has quoted from the book here on prior posts, but there’s so much more in there about awful Big Kathy and the bizarre way these girls were raised. They were born and bred to be exactly what we are seeing play out. Greedy climbers, who will step over anyone and everyone to get what they want.

              • I read that book Hers… They are exactly like their mother raised them.. Big kathy makes mommy dearest seem like a saint… She was a sick woman… From a young age, she bullied and pushed her way to the top, or so she thought.. But I will not excuse these women… I think that vyle is most like her mother… Kim is no angel, and Kathy,well they are all damaged, and think they do nothing wrong…pathetic… And I do believe vyle controls Maurice, these women have to control…Maurice is a wimpy guy… Vyle will always have to control him…that’s the Richard way..

              • I was looking at the book again today and in one part someone said that Kim was the one like Big Kathy back in the day.

              • I think that the reason Kim was a lot like her, is because she made the money… Big kathy favored her when she became a star..I do believe Kyle resents her for that, perhaps that is the hidden hate that Kyle holds against Kim… Kathy was In With the Hilton’s so she really could care less. I hate that Kyle thinks her mother walked on water, when she was nothing short of a those girls to way to much, was very physical, and just plain old mean…Kim married money too… And went through it like water… When it was no longer there, she was addicted to the drink, and I think pills too… Kyle is the meanest of them all… She takes pleasure in others pain, that is sick to me…I should say more pleasure, all three of them are warped, sick, like their mom.

        • I can’t remember where I saw this information but I think it was reliable. Kim needed to borrow 20K and asked to borrow it against the house. Maurice loaned her the money but this is where the funny business begins–after she got the 20K no part of the house was hers it was all Maurice and Vyle. The house is worth quite a bit more than 20k so there was some type of skull drudgery and Maurice being in the realty business would certainly know how to fix it so it wasn’t a loan but a sale.

          • Sounds like they took major advantage of Kim. The house has always been worth into the hundreds of thousands, so she really got fleeced, if the story is true. I wonder how Kim’s kids feel about Vyle and if they can stand to be around her and their cousins. They must know a lot of this…

          • Skulduggery…just FYI. But I like your version better! And agree, Kyle is a horrible human, “Jimmy cracked corn, Kim…”. She doesn’t care one bit about Kim, and it’s easy to understand how hanging around with Kyle could threaten Kim’s tenuous sobriety…I wish Kim all the luck in the world.

  7. Nice job “PaT”! Vyle can run, but she can’t hide. The truth will out. And, what’s with the constant jabbing of her finger in people’s faces?! Classless and clueless.

  8. This bet be addressed come reunion time. You hear me Andy? And I mean ham too none of that mamby pamby “well I can see we are not gonna resolve this” horsechit either. Play this video and MAKE her respond. Camera full on her face the entire time. And this deserves reunion ham not half assed WWHL ham either.

    • Girl you have me over here laughing at “ham”!!!! When I first heard the kids saying it I had to google it and now I can’t get enough of it and it drives them crazy!!!! LMAO!!

      • I know what you mean. I cant make a ham sammie anymore without thinking about it. And laws the honey baked ham on mommas table today had my lyrical tourettes actin up. I managed to suppress it though.. just barely. :)

      • Me too. Ham is on a rap song that Gabe insists on playing each morning on way to school. He aint happy till he rolls in the parkin lot just a thumpin. And seeing as he aint a morning person…at ALL I let him have his way on that one and I learn sumpin new in the process. Ham. I still aint figured out a way to wiggle it into IRL conversation.

  9. I can’t stand that woman… I have never disliked anyone like I do her… She makes Jill look good… And coming from me that’s saying something.. I don’t know, does she have a gold tooth in her mouth? If not, she has the nastiest teeth I have ever seen.. Come to think of it, her husbands teeth aren’t that nice either…. No wonder she covers her mouth when she laughs… She has a filthy mouth, someone should teach her manners..

  10. She’s right up there with Shana. I can’t stand to look at Shana and now I can’t look at Vyle, the devious bitch. Guess there won’t be much for me to watch on BH any more! I do like Brandi and Lisa and I will watch Lisa’s new show if the above two don’t show their faces.

    • Shana is THE worst. I don’t like Kyle either, and there’s housewives in all the franchises I don’t like but no one comes close to Shana. She’s in a league of her own IMO.

      • You’re right dch60…
        Shana is the worst… How dare she still be on this show, I don’t understand… I guess Kyle is this years go to girl for me… I can’t stand her, or Faye… Miss Andy better let our voices be heard this reunion, I am sick of him skirting the issues…. He needs to be taken down a notch too.. :)

  11. My word! All the shifts in loyalty are sickening. And most sickening (for me MOST sickening) moment is the shitstorm that Kyle unleashed on Kim in the limo. I myself have witnessed many a nasty time as a so called sober person (who drinks like a damn fish, but has the “cover” of happy family around for now) throws vicious verbal barbs at the “drunk” and gets by with it. F you, Kyle and Morris. Hope the damn house falls on you, Kyle.

        • She’ll blame it on Lisa, like she does everything else. If not for Lisa, Kyle and her gang would have already stopped filming with Brandi….the gang seems out to get them both. Kyle must be jealous that Lisa got a show, and she was probably hoping to get a show herself with her and her bratty family…like Kim Z.

          • I agree holeycowballs
            Vyle thought she was loved by everyone… We would be there for her… Don’t bully cousin it… We have seen you for what you are… You and your band of thugs lost… Brandi has been through to much… You picked the wrong person to bully… We don’t like you! Go away

  12. i take exception to what was said above about mauricio. he has been about the #1 realtor in all of califorina, and has his own real estate firm now that he no longer works or hyland & hilton. hilton being kathy hilton’s husband. he didn’t have to screw his sis-in-law over a house. i also do not think he would be the type to do such a thing. you can hate the girls, but leave mauricio out of it.

    • You can not leave that out when he didnt defend a woman being attacked by a man.. He always was one of the girls listening to the gossip… When he allowed Paul to go on and on attacking Brandi, that was the icing on the cake for me… It was his party, but yet he and he alone let it turn into a brawl…he should have addressed it and moved on… That party was a set up, he wanted the drama, and what he wanted the most? Paul’s house to sell… If Paul would have asked for a bj, he would have done it… Money is the route of all evil.. He might be the number 1 realtor, but he is in debt up his ass… He is spending as much as he is bringing in… It will catch up with them…

    • He screwed his SIL over a house years ago before he was on the show. Kyle isn’t smart enough to figure out how to do it without him, so yeah, Mauricio has got his shady fingerprints all over that deal. That is why they were so upset it came public because it might have future clients thinking twice about his integrity.

    • Just because he’s the so-called “number one” realtor in CA, doesn’t mean he’s not capable of dirty dealing. Actually, it may suggest the opposite (may being the operative word).

      You’re suggesting that the husbands should be untouchable. I disagree completely. The only ones who shouldn’t be fair game are the minors. All of the others… husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters, aunts, etc. etc. make their own decision about being on the show. Why should they get a pass? I’m also quite sure Mauricio draws a salary out of Bravo. Leave him out of it my a$$.

    • Marcie showed his colors at the opening party, and he is just as bad as she is. I was done with him the minute I heard him blame the fit Paul and Ad caused on Brandi, who was sitting there sober, not bothering anyone, proved to me that he was in on the agenda. Nice, ‘classy’ people don’t have to tell people they are ‘too classy’….their actions speak for them, and neither are ‘classy’. If he was a decent man, he would have kept his mouth shut, or would have told his wife she needed to act like an adult.

  13. mauricio is as shady as kyle – took that 1 million from ken and lisa without doing one thing to sell the house and he lets his ugly trash wife throw lisa right under the bus. he also gets rather nasty with ken and lisa this season on some previews. he is no better than kyle – that is why THEY are such good friends with the trash they keep – taylor, faye, etc.. THEIR best buddies. Can a real estate broker even get to his level without a little a shade anyway? not in that industry – they measure success on little fibs and exagerations every time their mouth opens – and to close a deal – they lie to get the bargain they need. he sucks imo

    • I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t get why everyone thinks Maurice is so hot. I’m about Vyle’s age, and I’ve seen pix of Maurice in earlier years. No way I would ever have been attracted to him.

        • For a New York minute I thought he was ok… Then he opened his mouth,and I thought gross…and his arm candy knocks him down even more…. The only cute about them, they have a lovely little girl.. She’s adorable..

  14. Being jealous of your sister’s fame gives you the right to point fingers at her for doing the same thing you’re doing. Can’t believe you guys did know that!! :P That’s the way it works when you’re shallow & insecure. You judge people based on your own rules & totally different “rules” apply.

  15. It always pains me to see that scene where she goes after her own sister and if I recall back to season 1 it started with Traylor! I hope Kim can remain strong and keep Kyle at bay when it comes to Kims life; I still think; based on what I have seen between the two of them; Kim’s problems are a result of Kyle. I see jealousy in Kyle; Kyle is very insecure person.

    • I had a sister who was a major drug addict. For years and years, everyone bailed her out: crash a car? no problem. Parents will buy you one (six times). Screw your sister over every chance you get? No problem. Ignore your grandchildren though you findout your daughters are neglecting them because they turned to drugs like you? Not your problem, only everyone elses. My point is that sometimes it gets to a point that you just blow. Kim does not get a pass in my book. And when you say things like Kyle shouldn’t have said that, siding with Kim, that could be enabling Kim. And Lord knows, I am not a Kyle fan. This is just my opinion.

      • So it was okay for Kyle to trash Kim horribly but Brandi saying what she said about Kim deserves Kyle’s wrath because all of a sudden she decides she wants to protect her sister? She can’t have it both ways. Taylor started in with Kim that night. Taylor was out of line. Kyle, without even knowing what happened automatically took Taylor’s side. That was wrong period. To say that if Kyle DIDN’T make a scene would have been enabling Kim is a stretch. I have a brother who is an alcoholic too (been sober since ’92 now) so I’m not naive when it comes to being in Kyle’s position.

        • That’s not what I said at all. Just trying to give a different perspective from my point of view. I said that viewers who support Kim’s view that Kyle’s loosing it in the car was unacceptable may not know the whole emotion behind Kyle’s behavior in that particular scene. I do not condone Kyle’s behavior at all. I’m just saying sometimes relative’s long term bad behavior can sometimes make you lose it inappropriately. As I said, this is my opinion only and I certainly respect other’s opinions. That’s why I frequent this site.

          • I don’t see the situation as Kyle losing it inappropriately. She knew this was the Finale for the series and knew she could get a whole lotta camera time by following Kim into the limo. And, she let her wrath fly in front of Paul and Adrienne and Martin. What a crappy thing to do….lunging at Kim and screeching. Then when Kim is all alone in the limo, the fucken Bravo cameras linger on her in her misery.

            • Take it back, take it back… Kim should have said give it back, vile owes her sister a house… I do believe she stole that house from her… If they are so rich why does she screw her sister over it… Your sister should mean ore to her then that damn house…

      • Again, based on what I see on the program is what I base my blogs; thoughts. Yes, Kim maybe an addict but family is family; that is the issue with family members on these shows; because most of them end up throwing each other under the bus and maybe making more family issues. I have blogged serveral times that I think Kyle has been really mean and controlling with Kim, I have blogged mean things about Kim; but aside from all that again, family is family. I come from a time and family where you back your family up and certain things should be behind closed doors (BCD), Never go against the family!

        • I was raised the same way, Pompano. I believe, based upon what I read in the House of Hilton book, that Vyle’s resentment of Kim must go way back and that the 3 girls were raised to claw over anyone and everyone to get what they can.

          • Vyle is jealous of Kim, she got all the attention when she was a kid, and made the money so that family could lead a better life…. She has never gotten over that… She doesn’t like Kim being sober, she can’t control her if she isn’t drinking… I still think Kim has other issues to… Drinking is only one of her crutches…

    • True, very insecure. How do you get to be in your 20′s much less above , have kids etc. & not know how to feel happy in your own skin? If she’d stop pretending & trying to call Kim names she might get beyond her own problems.

      • I can see being insecure before you have kids, especially in Los Angeles or similar areas, but once you have kids most people “get it” and their priorities change for the better. She’s just a climber, born and bred.

    • I think she’s always been jealous of Kim, too, and was happy to have Kim keep drinking so she could put her up to doing her dirty work so she could look like the ‘nice’ one. I hope Kim becomes friends with Yolanda, Lisa, and Brandi and dumps the other girls.

  16. The game Kyle plays is what she was raised on in the very small world of BH. Now, she is on a national stage trying to get by with the same petty BS. Uhhhh…. This is the real world Kyle. I ain’t buying your crap.

    I’d love to see Kyle try to survive out here. I don’t mean that crap of a reality show Paris did, either. Just trying to be a regular human being would rip Kyle to shreds.

  17. “Hagface”? That’s funny and true. Her middle name should be “F*cking Hypocrite”. In S-1, when Vyle let the F bomb fly, I wondered why nobody called her out for it. As these seasons have developed, she continues her F drops and still, crickets. Conversely, when Brandi effed anyone off, she has been chased with torches.

  18. There are legal avenues Kyle & Mauricio could have taken to protect Kim from spending her portion of said money, properties – either way – Kyle/Mauricio did not have the right to do any kind of contract with KIm’s money or property as long as Kim was not sober – they are certainly smart enough to have a lawyer draw up appropriate contracts to protect Kim from herself and others – they are greedy, shady, sleezeballs if you ask me.

  19. Kyle made a big deal at the dinner table when Brandi says STFU, but she said the “S” word at the dinner table when Brandi left. HYPOCRITE!

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