REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Next Week’s Preview… Kenya Moore “Marriage Mess”… Apollo Nida “No Clocks!”

RHOA Cynthia Kandi pg

Bravo…  Apollo wants to get back to bein’ the “juvial” guy he once was… with no time “restraints”…

Walter looks confused when confronted by Kenya Moore about puttin’ that ring on her finger!  NOTE:  This is just soooo funny… knowing that Walter signed up for this phony baloney set up!


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55 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Next Week’s Preview… Kenya Moore “Marriage Mess”… Apollo Nida “No Clocks!”

  1. Juvenile + Jovial = Juuvviol [Mr. Appollo, describing his immature self]
    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    • I’ve always thought that Apollo was being kept. She was his lawyer during his car theft and title scam, and I bet anything she helped with getting him out early (he turned snitch) when he was supposed to do 18years or to be more precise 85% of 18 years. But he got out real early.

      Also I think that Kenya was trying to fool both Bravo and Walter at the same time. He knew that he was supposed to act like her boyfriend during the show, but Kenya wanted to trick him into marrying her and he wasn’t down with that. He essentially said that your saying now your ready for marriage because your 41 years old. She made that stupid comment about I don’t date I marry then what the F did you do before Walter? This crazy woman is desperate for some man with money who is foolish enough to get involved with her. Porsha is right, Kenya is crazy and she’s crazy because she thought that she would be Miss USA or whatever forever and a day and so now she’s old and with the makeup caked on to hide her bad skin trying to find her last wallet to sustain her.

      • I was going to comment the same thing about walter. I think he agreed to appear on RHOA as just the guy Kenya was dating. I think he was completely unaware that she was portraying this relationship as a serious one leading to marriage. It seems like when she first starts in with her nonsense about marriage and kids, he played along in a tepid way at first. Or maybe he thought she was just doing it for the cameras. Either way, he got that she was not playing and was telling people these things she had going on in her head and had to get real. bc at the dinner in aguilla when he stood up and set everyone straight, then followes her out and “got loud”-he really just appeared flabberghasted and possibly a little annoyed.

        • Agreed. And I love how she still tried to come off as a total victim by talking to Nene in the new episode referring to how she “shuts off” in abusive situations with men. Girl, he was not acting abusive. He was caught off guard, irritated and obviously confused. Not to mention trying to reign you in. Nothing about that seemed abusive to me. Except maybe her manipulation.

      • I don’t think that Apollo is being kept but I do think that reality tv may have taken the fun out of their marriage. Often times when media has the tendency to treat husbands with successful wives as the Mrs. and that, I sure is a lot to take. All of a solid, Apollo is challenged and critiqued on everything he says and does because he is married to Phaedra. Prior to the show, outside of the locals, who cared. I hope they work it out because I think they work well, Every relationship has problems, that’s life, but if they can work through it, then God Bless. No matter what happens, Cynthia should remain mute. Peter just made it to acceptable.

      • I read the book that lady wrote about Phaedra. According to her, Appolonia is missing a testicle due to a motorcycle accident, and Phaedra was LAUGHING about it. She wasn’t supposed to share that info, and A flipped when she did. According to the book, this is some sort of “arrangement”-more than a marriage.

      • Remember when Apollo got pulled over, and it was called “mistaken identity.” Well,the story goes that the person they were looking for was Appolonia’s “play brother.” The guy worked with Appolonia and Phaedra in their stealing car/creating fake titles/move cars across state lines business.I can’t find his last name right now, but his first name is Everett. He’s back in prison I believe, so obviously he didn’t snitch, and him and Appolonia couldn’t both marry Phaedra, so there he sits, while Phaedra and Appolonia live high on the hog.

    • What he is saying, is he wants to go back to being someone with no responsibilities. What an ass. Cynthia and Peter will killing me on this video. I wondered why Peter was saying he had to get effedup and then I moved my screen and really saw the dancers. Oh Lordy.

      • I meant they were killing me. I swear I make more typos on here because I know SH hates them. Its like when you are trying to please your favorite teacher. You just keep screwing up. LOL

        • I think what Apollo is feeling is common for most married men who immediate start out a marriage with a baby. They miss that alone time, and when mama has a job and a child, unfortunately the man seems to feel left out. This happened at my house, and I told my husband it will get better as the kids get older. When you have a job and children, those are your priorities for a littke while. Movies on the couch together, spontaneous sex, those things will come back eventually. But yes apollo, right now you have more pressing things to worry about!

  2. More trumped up scripted storylines.These people think they are really actors/actresses for real.
    This is just another soap opera.Nothing real or interesting.Played out and time for the Bravo Da Boot!!!

    • And a bad soap opera at that! We’re supposed to believe that Walter and Kenya are so hot and heavy that she’s expecting a proposal, but I think every time he has kissed her it has been on the cheek. This storyline has not even been close to believable. I really hope Kenya is a one-season wonder.

  3. Of course he doesn’t want or have to live with time constraints, he is a kept man. I would have told him to go on ahead with that bullshit if I were Phaedra. Normal, responsible people that want to eat and have a roof over their heads need to have time constraints and it can’t be all fun and games.

    Lord I threw up in my mouth seeing those strippers.

  4. Apollo admited he goes to strips clubs!! Did I hear correct.I would kick his kept ass to the curb.
    He is would or will be cheating on Fakedra if he is living that lifestyle.No good for any married man to go to a strip club.No good will come from that.Kenyuk was sure wanting to get in his pants.She miught have a chance now knowing Apollo is on the move.

  5. Why oh why did we have to see those strippers – Phaedra is reaping what she sowed marrying jailbait Apollo; hope she had a prenup. Actually feel sorry for Kenya as she is very lonely and desperate.

    • Everybody knows that if Kenya would just work on herself and stop acting so desperate she would get a man.

    • My feelings toward Kenya are quickly reminding me of how I felt for Kelly on scary island. And at the New York reunion, Bethenny said it best “You should be embarrassed, you have something to be embarrassed about.”

      I feel bad for her, but she also brought this upon herself. I pity her is more like it. And she is probably watching these episodes with a mixup of face palms, screaming and embarrassment, and I can totally understand that.

  6. walter’s not the guy for kenya. she needs to stop wasting her time on him there’s lots of guys in atlanta sha could be dateing.

    • Walter’s a playboy, BUT that’s neither here nor there, because what Kenya is doing is NOT what Wally signed up for. I listened to the interview he did. He said she wanted to be on the show, and she asked Wally if he wanted to play her bf,and that it would be “just like acting.” Krazy Kenya then told the producers they were planning on marrying, because Bravo has some sick obsession with weddings.

  7. Apollo,
    Sector o the time scale? Bahahahaha. You and Doc Brown both. Perhaps yall can jump in the ole Delorean and travel back to a time when them strippers was in their prime? Get your quantum physics on.

    p.s. Merry Christmas.

  8. Merry Christmas SH (or whatever you celebrate): Thank you for all the laughs and fun this year. It’s not been a great year for me and coming to this site has provided me with a lot of needed relief from reality. (Is that considered a pun?) Thanks for the info and thanks for the much needed laughs. I know you brighten a lot of people’s lives, not just mind. And I’ll be damned if I am not more conscious of typos. You are like a 9th grade English teacher who has never left looking over my shoulder. LOL. Love it.

  9. Merry Christmas SH (or whatever you celebrate): Thank you for all the laughs and fun this year. It’s not been a great year for me and coming to this site has provided me with a lot of needed relief from reality. (Is that considered a pun?) Thanks for the info and thanks for the much needed laughs. I know you brighten a lot of people’s lives, not just mind. And I’ll be damned if I am not more conscious of typos. You are like a 9th grade English teacher who has never stopped looking over my shoulder. LOL. Love it.

  10. Uh uh, Apollo please, dont speak. Fakedra’s boytoy should just stick to what he’s good at. Which is sitting quietly, looking fine n sexy, not busting up the english language that way.

  11. Apollo does trip over his tongue when he speaks.He seems to be a master @ everything he does.Master Barber yet takes son to barber for his 1st cough cough haircut.Master repo man/Master fitness/nutrionist and whatever he is doing in the cough cough funeral business.
    He and Todd are both kept men by Fakedra and Kandi.

  12. Seems like most of the marriages on these reality shows are messed up. Guess she figures she might as well join the club.

  13. The more you watch the ATL reruns of Kenyuk the more you notice her skin flaws.Her skin is so greasy/oily/sweaty and she looks like she would smell.Her straw weave extentions are gross too.
    Her face has the big bump on right side of cheek like Miss gay ass Lawrencehas on his right side above his lip might be a scar but makeup does not cover it.Watching Kenyuk put on lotion is gross too.Her skin has lots of blemishes and her left arm has a bleached out spot too.I remember seeing a bandaid on it earlier.She has bad skin even on her body and her face.

    • one of my sisters and a cousin has skin like that. It really can’t be helped and you can’t stop living, loving, or being fabulous just because you have scarred and sensitive skin. I don’t really think she can help that much, I don’t care how much money you throw at it.

      But she should definitely consider re-routing some funds to a good Psychiatrist.

    • Her hair is actually natural. No weave, no extensions. I’m wondering if a time out from makeup would help. None of them seem to ever be caught without makeup.

      • Kenya is probably in that peri-menopause zone and her hormones are going batty. She should totally avoid the makeup so her pores can breath and she might want to see a dermatologist for some meds.

        • Exactly! This is what I was thinking. And I agree with the “she looks like she would smell.” And not in a body odor way, but like she sweats a lot so she POURS perfume on in the morning and that mixed with her hormones etc. Im sure its a mess. That may just be me being judgmental, but I got that vibe from watching her. For the record, it didnt make me dislike her, I just felt bad because she obviously walks around a lot with the “fake it til you make it” confidence, that seems to crumble anytime Porscha walks in.

    • @Susie, Kenya may have vitiligo,and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. And Bizzy, I think you’re right that she’s peri-menopausal, which is causing the acne.

      • A couple years back after I had my son my thyroid levels were out of control and I was experiencing tons of break outs. The dermatologist gave me an antibiotic to treat excessive yeast production in my body, which he attributed to being the internal factor that produced the acne, as well as a topical creme. It worked like a charm. She might need something along those lines. I don’t think she has vitiligo, that patch under the band-aid looked like she might have burned herself with a flat/curling iron.

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