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Just in time for Christmas!  Yolanda Foster has created a video to show YOU how to decorate your house.  Yolanda tries to go a bit ghetto by mentioning the basket she stores her Christmas cards in… the basket is from Target.    PUH-LEEEZE!!  You can tell us where you REALLY get your stuff, YoFo!  Frontgate, Bergdorf’s, Neimans… it don’t matter!  At least YoFo didn’t say she shops at Wal-Mart!


aviva sh

PT Housewife is one to never let a tragedy pass her by!  Especially to keep herself relevant and stay in the public’s eye.

PT Housewife has jumped on the Hurricane Sandy charity train… ’cause she’s so charitable and all that!

(Thanks to SH readers “GF” and “CJ”!!)

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85 comments on “YOLANDA FOSTER “Decorating With YoFo”… PT HOUSEWIFE GETS IN ON THE CHARITY ACTION “Bid On A Coffee Date”…

  1. I enjoyed watching and listening to Yolanda. She may be very rich but to me she didn’t flaunt it at all. If she got her things at Pottery Barn and Target so be it. If not that’s her puragative. Just like Camille went to Costco that’s also her puragative. The simple things she used made that centerpiece just some homey. It was so big I was wondering where the plates were going to go. I guess I will just have to have an invite to see. As she does, I keep things in zip-lok bags to the next year. I usually go out the day after Christmas and pick up things half price. I use to love going to Fortunoff’s but that’s not here anymore and also the Fountains of Wayne. Merry Christmas Yolanda and to your family.

    • I totally agree. Yolanda could easily hire a slew of florists/decorators to do the whole thing and not be bothered. SHE really is down-to-earth (take note Heather Dubrow.) Even the music in the background was pleasant. I do the same thing mixing real/faux greens and flowers. And I also shop the “after sales.” Many times I’ve gotten stuff 75% off in January, including craft items from Jo-Ann’s that I donate to foster kids the following year.

    • I noticed at the dinner party that her table was very wide. I’m guessing they got a wide table because she enjoys “dressing” it for dinner parties. Smart, if you have the room for it!

    • Rich people do not have to “flaunt” anything these days for people to get offended. People act as if no one is allowed to enjoy themselves if they cannot afford something. It is ridiculous. No one should have to hide the blessings they have received as the result of their hard work. There is nothing wrong with hiring design professionals to decorate your home for the holidays. Just as there is nothing wrong with shopping at Target or Pottery Barn if that is what your balance sheet dictates. Yolanda may have done some DIY projects for the benefit of the cameras but most of the other decorations were from Frontgate. I think she did all of this for the benefit of viewers similar to yourself who would assume shopping at high end establishments is flaunting your wealth. When in fact it is just about trying to find quality goods that won’t fall apart. I’ve never shopped at Target or Walmart, but I have found some really cute things online at Pottery Barn. However a lot of what I saw this year seemed very cheaply made – including Frontgate items.

      • Consider that Pottery Barn deals largely in imports. Be advised that many items, in particular textiles….rugs, fabrics, baskets, throws, bedding and many more….. that are imported are coming to the United States contaminated with parasites. Not just Pottery Barn….but beware of all items imported esp from India, China, Pakistan etc. At one time other countries were using pesticides that have been banned since the ’70’s in the states, yet they continued to be used by manufacturers in other countries. Now that they are being cracked down on for pesticide use, items are now coming with the parasites that had been targeted. Information should be easily pulled up online, but according to government consumer agencies, their attitude is “buyer beware”.

  2. Absolutely lovely Xmas centerpiece, Yolanda has talent. she knows how to run a home. As for PT she needs to review this video and see how obnoxiously fake and rehearsed she comes across and then just stop it! How’s Reid PT?

  3. I didn’t watch PT’s video because I just ate dinner and didn’t want to lose it, however, I would be very careful about bidding on a coffee date within PT’s purview it just might be with her perverted, sick father. They have to try to get a date for him somehow.

  4. doesn’t yolanda have a home decor line that she may be trying to sell in where else target?
    the guy interviewing pt said “opryside” guess that’s upper east side? has she gotten any bids?

  5. Yolanda is a cool addition to the show. The rest don’t have the class that she does .they could learn a lesson or 2 from her . And so what if she bought a basket from Target.

    • I agree. I don’t know why a woman as classy and sophisticated as Yolanda is doing on a show with all these other trashy whores. She and Camille are to good for this.

  6. I actually don’t doubt that she gets stuff at Target. There was a big long article in the Wall Street Journal maybe 5-10 years ago about how many affluent people shop at Target and mix it in with their stuff from Neimans, etc.

      • Hers: same here…we go to Target, David Jones and other high end retail stores, then mix them all in and nothing “jars” or stands out as tacky. It’s all about taste. And lets face it, Yolanda has it in spades! Plus my Mum is the ultimate “hoarder” in a healthy way and we have decorations from our childhood that she has kept safe from 50 years of marriage! Actually I think it was you and I that had a discussion at the beginning of the Season about how we already liked Yolanda? And she hasn’t let us down. It’s such a shame she’s so ill though :(
        Happy Holidays to all here on SH, especially to you Ms. SH. I hope you take some time off and have a restful, happy holiday time. xox
        p.s. I got a puppy for Christmas from my family!!!! I’m over the moon, as my G.P. said I was too ill to care for a puppy, but she’s nibbling my toes now and I’ve never felt happier. I had to got to the local store for some last minute items and Mum & Dad were “fighting” over who would come out to my Flat to babysit “Buffy” as she was fast asleep….so cute!! When I returned 10 minutes later she was in the “main house” curled up between them both!! I think we’re going to make it work, and I’m over the moon. Okay, this isn’t really a Housewives post per say, but I just want to share my happiness here in a safe, happy environment :)

          • Brigid, that they do, and as tiny as she is, she has filled out home/s with so much joy and love! Yay for Love & Christmas Miracles!!!

        • Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!! That puppy will be your saving grace. I got my first puppy ever when I went into renal failure and he was the light during my darkest time. You will bond with him and love each other more than life. Congratulations and Merry Christmas to you, Poodle!

          • Thank you for sharing your story cherrylipgloss :) I believe you. I feel she’s going to help me get some of my independance back and therefore my life back. I’ve since found out my pain management psychologist is the one who convinced my GP that I was ready! Mind you, how can such a tiny puppy have so much pee and poop in her!?? I hope you’re back to full health in your life and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas xox

        • Hi Poodle — We did talk about YoFo earlier, and I agree — it’s a shame she’s been too ill to be seen more on the show. She’s a breath of fresh air. I’m so excited to hear about your new puppy. There’s NOTHING like the love of a pet, is there? I think of pets as God’s way of reaching down and giving us a huge hug, and I’m so glad you’re feeling that this Christmas. May God bless you in 2013, and same to all of the other wonderful readers and commenters here at SH.

          • Hey Hers :) Yolanda is a breath of fresh air and classy. I do hope she comes back next season healthier and stronger. She really highlights how “common” Kyle is!!! I’m over the moon with my puppy “Buffy” :) She loves her snuggles and she snuggles right into me at night….I’m in heaven! Right now she is nibbling my toes, she loves to do that! My sister is calling her our “Christmas Miracle”! And I believe she is. God has indeed smiled down on me, though I think my fur baby in Heaven may have given God a push!! :) And yup, I feel the hug and the love for sure. I truly hope you had a magical and blessed Christmas and that 2013 is full of nothing but joy and love for you and yours. God Bless darling and I’ll catch you later. p.s. Are you on Twitter? xox

        • Poodle, go to YouTube and watch a video called “Sweet Mama Dog Interacting with a Beautiful Child with Down Syndrome”.

        • Congratulations on the new addition to your family. My pets are the most treasured part of my life. Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

            • I love my little papillon too. His name is Pierre, and after losing bailey, my other dog, well, it’s just a wonderful feeling, they kiss, cuddle, do tricks… All they want from you is to be loved… Congrats to your new dog, may he give you years of pleasure…

          • Debra: Thanks! She’s a cutie…I love her and she seems to be happy here too :) Her little tail hasn’t stopped waggling! AND she’s being spoilt “rotten”!

    • My favorite outfit is a ten dollar black polyester wrap dress from WalMart with an Hermes scarf bought at an estate sale, and some low priced wedges from Belk. Nobody believes me when I tell them! Mixing things up–it’s called style, and Yolanda seems to have an authentic style. And I love her workout clothes she wears around the house! Altho I would look like an encased sausage in them. This is what we watch RH for–the lifestyles! Not degeneracy, suicide, lawsuits, divorce, lying, and fighting. Or at least some of us do.

      • I agree. I find her home and decorating style (where I see actual talent) absolutely lovely. and I think her tip on decorating with fresh lemons outstanding, I intend to do it next year.

    • Target is a part of Macy’s.. I love shopping at target… It’s not where you buy it, it’s how it looks after, that makes it so special… Someone can wear a dress worth thousands, and looks awful.. Then a dress worth twenty bucks, and she looks amazing..

  7. Ms SH, that actually IS a Target basket for her Christmas cards. And no wonder she bought her roses at Ralph’s; they’re the longest lasting I’ve ever gotten. Good for YoFo. She’s so much more down-to-earth than the other HW. Even the way she dresses around the house and on this video. Breath of fresh air.

  8. I like YoFo. She is more wealthy than I will ever be, but at least she does not always put on airs. Maybe she’ll be nice and redecorate Kyle’s bordello of a dining room.

      • Kyle’s dining room is a disaster. There’s no other word for it. And seriously, what’s so great about her home? I bet a lot of us here have less tacky homes than she does, and a lot nicer friends too!!

    • I so agree Sandra. I enjoyed watching the video, I didn’t get the feeling that she was talking down to me or being condescending like some of the other HW’s. I thought the centerpiece was cool and very creative to use the various items, which really looked unique and beautiful when complete. She has such a beautiful home unlike the other HW’s w/ their gaudy gold and filigree in every crevice of the home (I’m talkin’ to you NJ and Miami gals, take notes from YoFo).

      • I wonder who YoFo’s interior designer was. It’s done very tastefully, isn’t it? I could see her home in Architectural Digest, whereas most of the others I could see in Gaudy Digest or Tacky Digest or how about Bad Taste Digest.

      • YoFo has such a beautiful home! I don’t know why some of the reality stars think they are Marie Antoinette or Louis XIII.

        • I love her home Sandra.. It’s just beautiful…. But simply done… It looks comfy… And the windows, pool, with that view… Amazing..

  9. Yofo is a very sophisticated, very wealthy woman. Her dinner parties have chefs and servers. I am quite certain she has worked with many decorators in her life and picked up all those wonderful decorating ideas. She comes across as a very cool,calm person. Not to be fooled, she cannot possibly care for her entire garden, do all the laundry, arrange the baskets of veggies and fruits in her monster glass-doored fridge and take care of David Foster’s ego all by herself.

  10. ugh, I turned that awful video of PT OFF! as soon as she put her hand on her chest! shut the hell up lady! she is fake fake fake! Lord help us if she’s on for a second season on RHNY. ugh.

  11. i just love yolanda!! i’ve always heard that you should use unscented candles as centerpieces because the aroma changes the taste of your food? plus with the roses and the lemons that’s a lot of scents coming off the centerpiece? i’m surprised she puts everything down on that nice wood i wonder if she has to replace her table often for scratches? i get those stick on felt pads that are sold at walmart and target in the tools section next to all those mover pads. the felt helps keep my wood dining, side tables, etc from getting scratched. i have these stone figures that i collect from isabel bloom and i even have the felt pads stuck on the bottoms of those. i’m surprised she didn’t start with a long cloth table runner to protect her table. but yolanda is so practical and so graceful and i love her accent so she could give decorating tips all day and i’d still watch!! i didn’t even bother with the PT video i can’t stand her!! her look of disdain at the reunion when sonja was crying over her dog’s death was the last straw she’ll never redeem herself in my eyes!!

    • Merry Christmas Girlfriend, housewife hoe, made, ChemGeek, done, adios, debra, irishlisa, pj, debra (anyone else I may have left out) and the beloved Ms SH who keeps us all coming back day after day.
      A little something for all of you from the cutest duet ever….. Lennon and Maisy who went viral with their “call your girlfriend” cover sing heres “Christmas coming Home”.

      only 13 and 9…these girls are the cutest darn things!

  12. I LOVE YoFo. She is classy and I absolutely love her accent. She sounds like my major professor in graduate school.

    I don’t even want to look at PT’s video. LOL

  13. I love YoFo. She’s the only housewife I think I could spend more than five minutes around. Am I the only one that thinks PT looks like she’s had some work done? Something about how her eyes look. I couldn’t make it through the whole video, but I did watch enough to make me think her face looks different.

  14. I loved YoFos video. She is so damn classy. I love her accent. Her decorations were spot on. I couldn’t watch pt housewife either. I don’t want her to bring me down on Christmas. And , that being said, merry Christmas to you miss sh and all of you. Have a healthy new year. God bless.

  15. The reason I am drawn to Yolanda is one word – effortless. She makes everything look so damn easy when we know it is anything but easy. It takes talent and skill to pull off IMO.

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