SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: BFrankel Dumps Jason Hoppy … Alexia Echevarria Hobo-Beatin’ Son “No Jail Time”… Gangham Housewives

Who didn’t see EITHER of these items comin’?

Photo of Bonnie Frankel Parisella Birk  Bethenny Frankel mother                                             BFrankel’s estranged mother… who BFrankel will morph into in a few scant years, much to BFrankel’s displeasure.

BFrankel FINALLY puts out a statement, which everyone knew for months, about the state of her marriage to Jason Hoppy:

“This was an extremely difficult decision that as a woman and a mother, I have to accept as the best choice for our family,” Frankel said. “We have love and respect for one another and will continue to amicably co-parent our daughter who is and will always remain our first priority. This is an immensely painful and heartbreaking time for us.”

NOTE:  Uh… OK, BFrankel.   As mentioned on SH December 19, Jason Hoppy could not put up with BFrankel’s eating disorder:

It is a major source of tension in her marriage to Jason Hoppy. Jason seems like a nice normal guy (although we don’t know him personally), and can’t put up with it anymore. And he certainly doesn’t want an obsession over weight to damage their young daughter’s self-esteem.

BFrankel Jillz pg

Bethenny rarely wears her wedding ring anymore. On her website, there are tons of mentions and photos of daughter Bry… but no mentions or photos of Jason. She Tweets multiple times a day, and in her last 100 tweets, she mentions her daughter Bryn a dozen times. She only mentions Jason once, in response to a follower’s inquiry (Q: “Where’s Jason?” “A: Away on a golf trip”). Yes, we hear that Jason is away on a lot of golf trips lately.


peter rosello RHOM

Did anyone REALLY think that Real Housewives of Miami’s Crime Mom… Alexia Echevarria’s son, Peter Rosello, would spend one second in the pokey?

Alexia RHOM son feeding homeless arrow

Lil Peter has entered a pre-crime program for first-time offenders and if he successfully completes the program, his record will be expunged!

According to GossipExtra, here’s what Lil Petey has to do:

  • Write a letter of apology to the man he hit in the groin as he slept peacefully Oct. 3 on a South Beach street
  • Perform 100 hours of community service in a homeless shelter
  • Contribute $1,000 to the victims assistance fund
  • Complete a class on social values
  • Pay the yet-to-be-determined investigative costs.

Lil Peter had to get the OK from the man he attacked to enter the program.   NOTE:  Wonder how much the homeless man accepted to help out the moronic waste that attacked him for no reason… and then posted his accomplishment on his FB page? Wonder how they found this program for lil Petey?  Maybe a call to Roy Black?  


Keep in mind… these are British chicks!

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238 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: BFrankel Dumps Jason Hoppy … Alexia Echevarria Hobo-Beatin’ Son “No Jail Time”… Gangham Housewives

  1. And for every time we disagree, let’s all look at it as healthy banter. We respect each other and so we learn and move on and still each day we return to this sight to share, learn, and most of all laugh!!!!! Cheers to ms SH

  2. Jason stinks. He’s mean, petty and a mama’s baby boy who loved living in her shadow. Good ridance to him and his stanky mother.

    • But I read elsewhere that the real reason for the breakup is that Jason is feed up with her eating disorder and that she vomits at least 3 times a day. Jason does not want his daughter to develop an eating disorder because of her mother. I hear that Jason is still very much love with Bethany but she refuses to get help so he wants out of the marriage for sake of his daughter.

    • I have no love for Bethenny, but I agree somewhat with your comment. Commenters are going on and on about the ease of spending one whole weekend every single month with Jason’s parents, whether it is in NYC or in PA. I believe they live in Hazleton, PA (not far from my ex’s parents), which is around 80-100 miles away from NYC. I would love to see these commenters travel all that time every month to spend 2-3 WHOLE days with the in-laws and come back and tell me how they like it. For everyone I know, that is an unrealistic and stressful schedule. Is it a coincidence that my ex is also from PA and is a slave to his mama (in an almost sick way)? When Bethenny threw a birthday event for Jason (involving golfing and his close friends, I think), he laid in bed and whined like a child that she should have invited his parents. What??!!! Can he do ANYTHING without his parents?

      • I see your point but it seemed like BF was rigid too, bottom line it seemed like during the year the GPs came to NYC,summertime it would have been nice if Jason took brynn to hazelton. Some balance would be nice. BF just seemed to frazzled and couldn’t be bothered.

        • …….as for holidays BF didn’t have family so brynn should have been spending them w her grandparents who already buried one son. That shouldn’t be up for discussion. I think custody with these folks is going to be difficult.

      • I think it is out of respect to the grandparents to make that trip. If 2 times per month is not doable due to other plans, then try for 1 x per month. The point is that Jason’s parents wanted to be a part of their grandchild’s life and Bitchenny protested to that request. Being close to one’s parents, doesn’t make someone a baby, btw. They offer comfort and tradition and family ties. When raising a young child, it’s great to have “grandparents” who love that child unconditionally and continually. Just my 2 cents on the subject.

        • @ Lynda I would like to add – would Bitchenny have preferred that Jason – now their only child – abandon his parents and have him NOT be sensitive to the fact that THEY LOST THEIR 19 YEAR OLD SON IN A TRAGIC ACCIDENT?!!!!! I think that trumps having a mom that drank too much ( pot meet kettle- btw) and puked up her food (pot meet kettle – google bulimia cheeks, the glands in the jaw swell, not to mention her hair is falling out in clumps) but spoiled her to the nth degree? Bitchenny knew that J visited them often and I am sure pre-engagement – that was an admirable trait. My Tivo recorded the Christmas show from S1 of BEA and Jason is thanking her profusely for letting him and Bryn celebrate her first Christmas in PA – with loving family and friends – versus staying in Malibu with strangers and employees. I wanted to vomit watching him slobber his thanks, you just know she tortured the poor sap.

          • Adioslunatic, Yes, she sure did torture him with her endless commands. I’m amazed that Jason didn’t realize how abusive B was to him. If their genders were reversed: Example:. If B was the husband who forbade his wife (J) from visiting loving parents and not having connections to friends anymore, along with being screamed at several times a day for not conforming to B’s demands; the viewers would never side with B. It’s a form of mental cruelty. Jason probably didn’t realize the extent of Bitchenny’s “issues”. She may have hidden them well until she snare him into the commitment. Remember, she had difficulty get the bald Jason (#1) to commit in S-1 of RHONY?

            • @ Lynda It’s a twisted form of “feminism”. Women = Good, Men= evil. Period. If a man doesn’t fully acquiesce to the woman he is holding her back, he’s jealous of her success,k he’s a backwoods neanderthal etc. It’s really a very lazy, myopic way of thinking. It’s black and white with no room for shades of gray.

            • I am not saying that ALL women are manipulative monsters when they want their way. Far from it. What I observed, was this specific woman who demanded everything to be HER way, all of the time. She behaves like a megalomaniac. If she was a man, it would have been seen as abusive, rather than being a feminist. Feminists seek equality: not to treat their partners as underlings who are unworthy of affection and respect.

            • @ Lynda – NO offense, It’s all good! We’re buddies here and you certainly weren’t nasty in your retort.

  3. Jason’s troubles have just begun. He’s stuck with Bethenny until their child is an adult. Can you imagine the hell he’ll go through with child custody and parenting issues?

  4. Bethanny obvious doesn’t see the big picture. She is creating the same childhood for her daughter that she herself has been scarred from. There might have been a time when her own Mom was sweet and cuddly around her and she doesn’t remember it. People forget and get caught up in careers, business, men etc…. Maybe they should regress her and find out what past lifetimes make her so rigid? ;) Hey , Its the only thing I could think of to fix her short of mymagic wand!

  5. Why is skelator raising her dress and showing her ass here? OMG wtf at a press conference too? Is there ever a time when that is appropriate?

  6. My in laws see my kid whenever they want AS MUCH as they want. I love it. Built in loving babysitters. They adore my child what in gods name is wrong with that??? We actually in the floor above them lol so they see her almost every day. But then again, they love and spoil me like I’m their own kid so maybe I’m just lucky. Personally I love my laws and they know they can take the baby whenever they want lol. More time with hubs AALONE ;) no, they’re not perfect but no one is and for the love and respect of your hubby you should swallow some things. Beth is a biatch. Jason’s parents are lovely.

  7. as much as i love bethenny, she was more into bethenny’s childhood pain than she was into the fact that her in-laws had lost an adult son (a pain that is far worse than hers), and jason was now their only child and they wanted to be a part of his life. she just didn’t seem to get that. they were never demanding or anything. i do wish that the parents had been a little less nice and had a good talk with bethenny about what they had been through and she was not the only victim here. it seems that no one really got in her face about the way she was acting and put her in her place. i think that is what she needed most.

    • ITA, BF is not the sort of woman that will change or improve herself, and most likely will not get the meds she desperately needs to take the edge off.
      she’s of the school that says if you treat me really badly because you too are damaged, then maybe I can find away to behave. you must have some cash to commit this abuse of will have me in ck like a doormat, (remember her cooking daily meals for the banker jason colodne who wouldnt live w or marry her) you’ll need to manipulate, make me jealous, lie, stay distant emotionally and keep me begging, making sure I never feel quite good enough……….now that’s love!

  8. I enjoyed BF as a NYHW, but was never interested in her spin off and don’t consider myself a big fan – just gotta say I don’t see JH as a victim in this marriage/divorce at all. He’s a grown man for Pete’s sake and entered into the relationship with eyes more wide open than most, right? (Who wouldn’t watch past Seasons of the gal you’re dating? Helllloooo Kroy? lol) I always got the “business arrangement/sperm donor vibe from BOTH.

    • Yes, agree 100%–Jason is not a victim. He, in his own way, was a fame-whore hungering for attention. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have become involved with Bethenny; she was on a TV show and he knew that, so on some level he enjoyed the attention that went with it, otherwise he would have run the other way. And what exactly DID he do as a “career” before he met her? I’ve read that he was a “personal trainer,” “in real estate” (which can mean anything from renting out tiny crappy studio apartments in NYC to being a major developer). So which is it? I think maybe Jason made out like a bandit from his marriage to Bethenny.

      • I thing Jason is a victim in as much that he was flim-flammed by a fast talking snake oil salesman (Bitchenny). When they met, and dated, she acted very solicitous to him. She pretended to care about him and his idea to get closer. She wanted a child very much (although I’m not sure why). She just needed some unsuspecting guy to do the deed. Before Jason came along, she was going to use her gay hairdresser, Francky. She might have been better off. He wouldn’t have expected anything more than money from her. That was their deal. Basically, she opted for the wedding (done to her strict specifications) and he had to acquiesce to her every whim, demand and command. That behavior was abusive. That seems like Jason was a victim to me.

        • Both of them projected what they wanted the other to see. They saw and believed what they wanted to be true in the other person… Sometime one person can ruin a marriage but very often it takes two. IMO it’s like being sold a product that you expect to do or be one thing and upon using it you find it doesn’t do what the sales person promised!

    • I agree. She was great as a housewife but I found that her spin offs were boring. I wanted for them to be good, but I could not find anything interesting about them. It was either boring or uncomfortable watch. She was great in the context of the housewives and had benefited from the obnoxious co-“stars” ….she needs to be foiled…there’s not enough spice in her to be able to carry a show otherwise…

  9. I always wondered about Jason–after all he approached Bethenny when they met and I often felt did he do it cause he knew who she was? The guy just seemed too good to be true and you know what they say about that. He was always so nice patient and easy going… then after they got married suddenly Jason turns into a whole other person. Things he accepted about Bethenny he no longer liked, he began to criticize her and belittle her. Suddenly he always wants to go Pa to mom and dads house. He suddenly doesn’t feel right about her making more money than him and its uncomfortable for him. Too weird.I was shocked and after I picked my jaw up off the floor then the answer had to be that he was playing her and she got pregnant and he was in deeper than he wanted to be or else he is a Jekyle and Hyde.

    • I think it is natural for people to change throughout the time they are together. Their relationship was on a fast track and they got married before they entered the stage that requires both partners to work on making their union better. It is the stage when people begin to notice faults in those who seemed flawless at an earlier time in the relationship.. Most likely he didn’t know all those things would be a problem until the baby came and the real life began… neither one of them thinks the effort it would take to make their family work is worth it —hence, the sad.

  10. Jasoon is a grown man. He knew exactly what he was getting into. So did bethenny. I’m so sorry their marriage didn’t work out. There’s a song by cyndi lauper. Money changes everything. So true. Maybe there’s hope for them in the future, for Bryn’s sake.

  11. None of this is surprising–Jason Hoppy should have seen what we all saw and knew, and that was that he should have never gotten this woman pregnant, let alone marry her. Bethenney Frankel used him for a spin off and a story line, and really had no other use for him or his parents, than that. He was naive, if he didn’t know this, and his parents seem like lovely people, who along with his daughter, will be hurt by this train wreck. He will not be in his daughter’s life, nor will they, the way that they wish they could be. I have not nor will I support any of her products, endeavors, or a talk show. Amazing how they give book deals and talk shows to the crappiest individuals who have nothing to offer in the way of advice. Certainly none worth taking, unless it is about how to screw people over, use them until you get what you want, and then drop them. Enough said.

    • Thank you for expressing my sentiments exactly. I thought Bethenny was interesting when she tried to be “Martha’s little helper”, but lost at the Apprentice. During that contest, she manipulated her team mates until she stepped over them to win. It backfired because Martha found her too abrasive and not company material. It was a business decision. Yet, Bitchenny held a grudge forever. When B was selected to be on RHONY, I wondered why since she wasn’t married or engaged. She was very crafty in that show and did anything for the exposure. As her fan base grew, Bravo supported her own singular endeavors. Unfortunately, her fame swelled her head so much that she can’t fit through the door. She really needed a person in her life who was going to ground her. But, she felt her dramas were more important. Frankly, she’s become too much of a whiner to be watchable. If others derive pleasure from that pain in the ass, then that’s their prerogative. I’d rather go to the dentist than listen to her hornlike voice…

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