SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: BFrankel Dumps Jason Hoppy … Alexia Echevarria Hobo-Beatin’ Son “No Jail Time”… Gangham Housewives

Who didn’t see EITHER of these items comin’?

Photo of Bonnie Frankel Parisella Birk  Bethenny Frankel mother                                             BFrankel’s estranged mother… who BFrankel will morph into in a few scant years, much to BFrankel’s displeasure.

BFrankel FINALLY puts out a statement, which everyone knew for months, about the state of her marriage to Jason Hoppy:

“This was an extremely difficult decision that as a woman and a mother, I have to accept as the best choice for our family,” Frankel said. “We have love and respect for one another and will continue to amicably co-parent our daughter who is and will always remain our first priority. This is an immensely painful and heartbreaking time for us.”

NOTE:  Uh… OK, BFrankel.   As mentioned on SH December 19, Jason Hoppy could not put up with BFrankel’s eating disorder:

It is a major source of tension in her marriage to Jason Hoppy. Jason seems like a nice normal guy (although we don’t know him personally), and can’t put up with it anymore. And he certainly doesn’t want an obsession over weight to damage their young daughter’s self-esteem.

BFrankel Jillz pg

Bethenny rarely wears her wedding ring anymore. On her website, there are tons of mentions and photos of daughter Bry… but no mentions or photos of Jason. She Tweets multiple times a day, and in her last 100 tweets, she mentions her daughter Bryn a dozen times. She only mentions Jason once, in response to a follower’s inquiry (Q: “Where’s Jason?” “A: Away on a golf trip”). Yes, we hear that Jason is away on a lot of golf trips lately.


peter rosello RHOM

Did anyone REALLY think that Real Housewives of Miami’s Crime Mom… Alexia Echevarria’s son, Peter Rosello, would spend one second in the pokey?

Alexia RHOM son feeding homeless arrow

Lil Peter has entered a pre-crime program for first-time offenders and if he successfully completes the program, his record will be expunged!

According to GossipExtra, here’s what Lil Petey has to do:

  • Write a letter of apology to the man he hit in the groin as he slept peacefully Oct. 3 on a South Beach street
  • Perform 100 hours of community service in a homeless shelter
  • Contribute $1,000 to the victims assistance fund
  • Complete a class on social values
  • Pay the yet-to-be-determined investigative costs.

Lil Peter had to get the OK from the man he attacked to enter the program.   NOTE:  Wonder how much the homeless man accepted to help out the moronic waste that attacked him for no reason… and then posted his accomplishment on his FB page? Wonder how they found this program for lil Petey?  Maybe a call to Roy Black?  


Keep in mind… these are British chicks!

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238 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: BFrankel Dumps Jason Hoppy … Alexia Echevarria Hobo-Beatin’ Son “No Jail Time”… Gangham Housewives

  1. I feel sorry for Bethenny’s daughter and Jason’s parents. Bethenny is a self centered, screeching control freak who will wind up alone just like her pathetic Mother. Merry Chriistmas LOL

    • I completely agree with you. Bitchenny followed HER heart: get a guy to impregnate her and then toss him to the curb when she was done with him. Now, Andy can make the show, “Bethenny Gets Divorced” as part of the trilogy (like The Hobbit). I think many people saw this action coming as soon as poor, naive Jason said, “I do” to that shrill shrew. Although RaMOANa Singer called B out on RHONY, while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. She must be clairvoyant…

  2. I don’t think anyone is surprised that BF split from Jason. Besides all the obvious problems with BF I could see BF thinking she could do better now with her new found success. This is an assumption but I don’t think Jason ever had all his marbles up there, why would a sane human being enter the lions den with a train wreck, no matter how kind he may be. Also fact was and is Jason is a nobody from a small town with no money in some ways BF was an up grade for him. Oh well……..

      • I saw a very mean side 2 Jason not saying that B was the best but people remember this during a Happy Holiday Season They are people 2 & 3 sides 2 every story HERS IS & THE TRUTH, So keep a joyous thought for everyone who we may like Love & they ones that we are just not sure about yet! I wish you all a merry little Christmas & a Happy New Year! XOXO

      • No hers, I meant the other way. Jason had no problem enjoying his reality tv stardom and all the other perks for a while

        • I see your point, but what I meant was that he seems to be a much nicer person than she is, so he was marrying beneath himself with her.

            • Sorry Girlfriend, but SO what if Jason was from a “small town” as you put it. He was a guy who fell in love..with Bethany.
              Personally, I think he had WAY more marbles then Beth a Me-ME ever did!! I don’t think he had a clue of what he was getting into. Do I think the “insanity” of Pseudo Reaaaaaaality took him by surprise…absolutely, but that’s Not so shocking.
              Nothing personal, but you can be a bit of a “cynic” Girlfriend. I think it’s fair to say I know “Hers” well enough to know how she feels in general about people. We may not always agree on certain people, but I respect her opinion. May be I’m wrong, but you come off dogging Jason….just like you did about someone that was IMO inappropriate to even bring up in another thread.
              I rarely bring up “feelings” I feel strongly about, in regards to a spiritual or intimate nature, and I think my SH friends can attest to that. Sorry, but I feel way to uncomfortable sitting back and reading this w/o speaking up. JMO!

              • I like Jason.. He made Bethany fun… SHe loved him until she got what she wanted… Before they were married, I truly enjoyed watching them… He helped her laugh, and feel sexy… This is sad… She doesn’t know how to enjoy him, her daughter, and feel the happiness of a family… To many people do not give family a chance, That in the end is what life is about.. You make you’re own life… We are sometimes disappointed, but mostly it’s fun… I feel sad for all of them… Just what she didn’t want to be, she has turned into, her Mother. It’s just sad. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

              • I agree. I am sure Bethany is not an easy person to live with. It has to be HER way. Merry Christmas all, my family is here and we are having so much fun. Enjoy all

              • Thanks they got here before the SNOW and we are loving it. Merry Christmas to you toooooo. Have a great day with your family

              • Sorry ktgirl, but saying someone is from a small town was not an insult just an observation, I’m not a cynic and trying to dodge Jason. Just pointing out he may not be all that much of a victim here that’s all. And quite frankly watching these kind of shows should for your own mental health make you a bit cynical towards them. These are not normal healthy stable ppl we are looking at here. Actually I felt more uncomfortable reading your comment ktgirl

              • Girlfriend, This wasn’t and isn’t personal. I wasn’t implying Jason was a victim. When you said he was just “a nobody, with no money, from a small town” my point was, back when Jason & BF met he was a regular working class guy, working in the city, who fell in love with her. She did treat his parents poorly and that bothered me. I felt like she projected her own family dysfunction, about her own mother, onto Jason’s Mom & his family
                I get the “observation” thing…isn’t that what all do?! There are certain HW’s I do NOT care for and I’ve said so. IMO, BF really tried to play it like “she” was A victim…back when they were on the “Bethany ever after” show.
                I happen to agree with many of your posts and yes, I agree, watching these “types” of shows can make a person a bit cynical. If I offended you, I do apologize. Truth: I think a part of the reason your comment struck me the way it did, was in part do to a comment on another thread. It was about someone who had passed on. I hope we’re o.k. and that you understand where I was coming from.

              • No offense taken KTgirl, I agree with you 100%. What did I say about a deceased person? Nicole Simpson? I prefaced it with something kinda sorta nice then I ended with RIP……is that what you’re referring to? I know we’re not suppose to talk about the dead but we were talking about Faye’s horrendous book so…….. Sorry to upset you. I like all the peeps here, please all of you never take what I say personally I’m just yip yapping like the rest of you.

              • Hi Girlfriend. I just saw this and wanted to say Thanks. I appreciate that you did get where I was coming from. I also never meant to upset you. To be honest, it did have something to do with that. I find it really upsetting that Faye wrote that book (never read it, never will). I can’t imagine how anyone that calls, or considered, themselves a friend could write such a book. I lived in L.A. then…all I can still picture is the Goldman family torn apart and the children of Nicole…it breaks my heart. Yes, you did preface and end with RIP, and I did take notice of that and thought it was kind. On the flip side, I guess I kind of felt like I should of, at least, said something. I can’t explain it really. Did you ever just feel like you sat back and said nothing when your heart was saying…”say something?” That’s how I felt. I didn’t even realize I had been harboring some feelings over this. The truth is…I was disappointed in myself…not you! :)

              • Just chiming in to say I very much appreciate how cordial you and ktgirl are when you agree – very much NOT like a lot of other comments sections, where anonymity seems to be the green light for sarcasm and cruelty. Well done – gives me hope!.

                I personally have a lot of sympathy for Bethenny, Jason and (of course) Bryn. As a child of an alcoholic and thus the recipient of verbal abuse from ~12 years old on, I’ve never really managed to develop a healthy ego; it’s hard to do on one’s own (or with professional help) if it’s not instilled properly as one grows up. So I sympathize with Bethenny’s struggle to be in the moment and accept her wonderful life…just my thoughts…

              • ROMO I missed you!!!! Been commenting on you being MIA. Glad you’re here!!
                Happy holidays to you and yours as well!!!!

              • Romo!!!! This was better than an early Christmas present to see your post. Hope your holiday is going well. I have been missing you.

        • Thanks, KTGirl! I didn’t watch much RHONY or her getting married show, but the snippets I did watch made me wonder how any man could stand to be around her for long. Just the way she talked kind of drove me nuts. She seemed very demanding, and Jason seemed to be a decent, laid back guy, who just wanted a wife and family.

          • So glad you picked up on this Hers! I thought maybe it got lost in the shuffle. I don’t watch much of rhony either, but I saw enough of how Jason and his parents were treated to realize where the dysfunction lies. IMO, BF never even gave his Mom a chance.
            I’ve stayed away from a few threads, even if I actually agreed upon the topic, but some comments made that affected those who’ve passed on…were where I drew the line. As far as as Jason, I wish him peace and happiness, and nothing but the utmost happiness for little Bryn!!!i I can’t help but think of “Chemgeek” right now, who jokingly admits to falling short in the math dept. While I am no genius at math, I have no trouble with concluding that 2 plus 2 = 4 :). Ha, ha!

              • Hers ITA, although I was quite a Bethenney fan, I feel sad for her n Bryn,but happy for Jason. By the end of BGM, I felt she was a bit too toxic for he n his parents. She didnt see what a good thing she had in him. Was he perfect ? No. However he did alot of biting his tongue n conceding points to her, it had to blow eventully. Sadly sometimes when a person in the limelight constantly falls back on their childhood n mommy issues n overinflated nueroses, they begin buy their own bullsh*t. Thereby imploding what could be with effort, a perfectly good life. Dang, Ramona called it on that bridge.

            • LOL!!! I keep a calculator with me at all times. It is hilarious. I have the Jax derrrrr look about math. Geometry, proofs and abstract/weirdo math were my strong point in math but that doesn’t help me in the real world :D

              • Hi Chem, I love reading your posts and chatting, which was why I chose the “math” comment LOL! I too keep a calculator handy at all times :)

          • I agree Hers… Jason aimed to please her, and she doesn’t know how to act when someone loves her… I don’t think he did anything wrong, she just couldn’t play a game… It’s just sad for Bryn.. I hope he gets her more often then Bethany… His family is a unit, she is well, a women alone… Always in a pity party for me, sad..

    • I feel so sorry for Jason and more so for his parents, I can just see Bethany moving to the West Coast. Have always liked Bethany but when anyone calls it quits after less than 3 years there is a problem. That is not giving your marrage a chance. That is a case of thinking of only me, me, me and not the rest of your family. You need to work harder.

      • @ Holly Bitchenny checked out of that marriage the second she signed with her deal with Beam, meeting the cutey business partner sealed the deal…

      • I don’t think they really even knew each other. Most of their relationship was on TV. She is way to self absorbed. She had a miscarriage earlier this year; would she have split if she had a new baby?

  3. Bethenny is damaged goods. Her mental capacity is flawed, she can never be happy and will always be scratching and clawing for more or different. Jason was way too good for her and his parents were kind and loving and she kicked them to the curb. I had liked BF but she really showed that nothing anyone did was ever good enough for her. Once she got Jason to quit his job to help her with Skinnygirl that was what she wanted– she then had complete control. I am sorry for Jason and Bryn and his parents.

      • Bethenny begged Jason to quit his job and help her get Skinny girl off the ground, he did not want to quit but gave in and began managing because production was poor. He was instrumental in getting the line to be successful.

        • Tibi, I can get the Bethenny bashing because shes totally flawed, but I adore her. I fell in love with her realness in her shows and her ability to allow someone like me (similar to her in my life before I began changing for the better – and significantly younger), to relate to on television. But she did NOT beg Jason to come work for her. It was quite the opposite. He expressed interest in the idea, she immediately disliked it because she felt it would strain them. He has even admitted that he is not so ambitious in his career, meaning that he was fine working a job and making enough money to live, thats fine. But Bethenny wasnt satisfied with that for herself, she wanted to go above and beyond, build an empire and have something to leave behind. He was behind this idea at first, until he began feeling emasculated by her making all the money. He desired to join in on her empire so it would hopefully become THEIR empire and look more like a joined effort and not “your wife is super successful and you just kinda…go to work and do enough to get by.”
          Also, she didnt kick his parents to the curb, that aspect of their relationship I can totally relate to (but thankfully my husband and I are similar in that way, so no one feels put out in our family) but I couldnt imagine falling in love with someone who would consider it PERFECT for their MOTHER to live down the street and come over constantly and all the time. There needs to be boundaries, they need the opportunity to make their own family, own traditions etc. And that alone is difficult especially when they got married so late in life and had a child so immediately. It was a challenge, the odds were against them, Im sad they couldnt make it work, but its just how it is.

          I have a feeling that even if Bethenny didnt blow up as she did, he would be much more content but she would be restless and eventually fights would come out of the fact that Im sure she would have died trying.

          • I think you make a good point about getting married later in life. You may be more set in your ways and less malleable to the needs of your spouse/marriage.

    • Tibi, I completely agree with you. Bitchenny wouldn’t know happiness if it bit her in her over exposed rear end. However, I felt a problem with that match, when B mocked and belittled Jason’s friends and his last name. She refused to take it (even in hyphenated form) because she didn’t want to have to say it. Was that love? I don’t think so. Her selfishness had no bounds. Anything she did do for anyone was highlighted with moans and groans as to the imposition it was on her. Her future face is that of her disspirited mother, Bonnie (as shown above). Bethenny has to be concerned how similar she looks and behaves like her hated mommy dearest.

  4. Very sad to see any family break up but not surprised. Scary that BF put her baby on a vegetarian diet and says volumes about her unhealthy relationship with food. I am at least comforted that their darling Bryn will have two loving , normal and happily average grandparents and her father to guide and ground her. BF seems obsessed with the NY celebrity lifestyle instead of being grateful for her small family. Money and fame are not going to replace the wonderful life she could have experienced with Jason and Bryn.

    • Loved this post ” Aint Pittypat.” Thank God they’re normal Grandparents that can and will hopefully be involved. BF can have her obsessed and desired NYC life style all she wants…but she has NO clue “IMO” of what that means to real New Yorkers. There is NOT a single housewife, with the the possible exception of one of the new HW’s, that even has a clue of what that means. Many prayers go out for Bryn….

    • I just have to clarify about Bethenny’s raising her daughter as a vegetarian. We’re a family of vegetarians & we know people whose kids were as vegetarians since infancy–we’re all healthy. The diet itself isn’t unhealthy (studies show that American’s eat way too much protein anyways), but if she’s teaching her child to chew the lettuce & spit it out, then there is a huge problem.
      Just had to say something because I’ve had so many people tell me that not eating meat is “unnatural & unhealthy.”

      • Rachel I did not mean to offend and I hope I did not. I have a problem with Bethenny deciding that her daughter, as an infant needed to be a vegetarian, since Bethenny was not a vegetarian and clearly consumed meat. Also considering Bethenny has serious food issues I was concerned that she was not making a healthy choice for her daughter but reinforcing an unhealthy obsession with food at an early age. I respect anyone’s choice to be healthy and make good choices as long as it comes from a place of education and a desire to be genuinely healthy. Yes Americans eat way to much protein

        • @ Ain’t Actually, we don’t eat enough protein. We have incisor teeth for cutting flesh. Our bodies were made to have a protein based diet that is why we have incisor teeth and not teeth like a cow. It is extremely unhealthy to eliminate an entire food group, that is how eating issues start. Also, it is incredibly difficult to get the proper amount of complete protein from a plant based diet, beans and rice come close to being a complete protein but there is only one true complete protein and that is from animals.

          • Beans and rice combined almost make a complete protein. I felt the cold hand of my professor smacking me in the back of my head for not making that clear!

            • Fish is the great mediator. I understand avoiding red meat and ckn, especially if it’s not grass fed, but wild fish is a lean healthy fabulous protein. BF wants her child to be healthy I’m sure of that, maybe she should give some thought to introducing fish. She’s vegetarian not vegan so not as strict.

              • @ Girlfiend Yes, fish is great but you must watch mercury levels especially with a child. No more than 2x a week for fish. Red meat has gotten a bad rap, our ancestors were not chasing chickens around but they were eating red -lean -meat. Game is much leaner than the store bought because they have engineered it to be fattier. All you have to do is trim your meat well.

          • I’ve read that a true vegan diet is very aging to one’s looks (I think it was in one of Dr.Perricone’s books), otherwise I would probably not eat any meat either.

    • Do you know how many children live with vegetarian diets? I was that way as a baby, but more voluntarily (oddly) according to my mother, family members and childhood doctor. It doesnt mean the child is unhealthy or that shes doing anything abusive. Although I do agree she needs to get ahold of her relationship with food before her child gets older. I have had food issues throughout my life, but I work with teen girls to make sure that they treat food correctly and have a healthy relationship with it. She doesnt need to project her crapola on that poor girl.

  5. The only one who is going to get hurt is Bryn. I only hope that Jason takes the bull by the horns and sues her big time for mucho doneros. I also hope he sues for custody of Bryn. I hope that Bryn is allowed to see her grandparents. No crap like my friend Kim Z’s parents. Bethanny you will be famous maybe for a few more years then you will be your own Mom who you hate. Good luck Jason and Bryn. :-)

    • Who gives a crap about Jill Z. when it comes down to this ‘family.”.Why would anyone even bring her name into this matter??? Reality Shemality..this is a child’s future were talking about!

      • Cuz Jill z is obsessed with bethenny, wow you’re taking things way to seriously ktgirl. Trust me even bethenny isn’t as bummed as you About this divorce. I’m a child of divorce so I feel for Bryn,, but Bryn does have the most impt thing lots of,LOVE, she’ll be fine.

        • I know Jill Z. is obsessed with BF and I can imagine BF is not bummed over this. Everybody saw it coming. I was just thinking about Bryn and you’re right it made me sad… I was just venting!

    • I thought of that as well! I knew she was getting her jollies by watching them fight on the last season of BFs show, but now Im sure shes relishing in it and may even try to rebound her crazy manipulative relationship/friendship with BF.

  6. BF will look like a crackhead with the hollowed out checks from dieting.She will look like Kim Z’s mom Karen as she ages.Karen looks like a drug addict by how skinny she is and wrinkled.

      • She had a hot body.. And knows how to dress… When she first got with Jason, she looked the best… Love looked good on her… Now she looks old,and she’s trying to hard…

    • Your description says it all – The Queen B is an under nourished hag at this point. She needs a big, fat, calorie laden double cheeseburger with extra fries; instead of only slurping her synthetic booze. Her “healthy” living and diet trends were originally based on a lower calorie alcoholic beverage and cardboard-like cookies. I never found B’s advice on her healthy life style to be realistic or helpful. She was (& IS) full of it (& herself).

  7. Why do ppl insist on refuting rumors that are true, just zip it up so you don’t embarrass yourself down the road. BF was constantly refuting the obvious separation rumors……….tsk tsk.

  8. Well I can’t say I didn’t see it comin….but I do think it is crappy. After watching her shows, especially the last season, it was really apparent how wacko she is. She seems like the type that just can not relax and let things go, ever.

  9. This is waaaay off topic but I am wondering if any of yall have seen this? Unbelievable!!!

    I found that a Dr. James A Knight also apparently found substances “irresistible” too in 2011 according to the Iowa Board of dentistry. Not sure if its the same guy though. But if it is… tsk tsk.

      • I made a comment on the article and I said she should hire herself a good female lawyer and sue him in the bulge for harrassment. He’s a POS. The jury of 7 men are all thinking with their brains and you know where their brains are planted.

      • I know. It seems to me that she was trying to redirect inappropriate text by changing subject or ignoring the inappropriate things and not make a big deal out of it. But then wifey finds out and decides she has got to go. Its not a normal response. Especially if this is the same dude as the one that had substance abuse issues. How long does one get to go through life blaming others for their weaknesses? crazy. I still cant figure out if its the smae guy though becuse according to the sanction he shouldnt be practicing at the time that this all went down. Or maybe this has been dragging out from for years and the substance abuse issues came to light AFTER the wife found the texts? I don’t know why the media hasnt pieced this together. Because to me this is a BIG part of this story.

  10. Jason’s parents wanted to stay with them in NYC every month for a whole weekend to visit the baby, if I remember correctly. That is excessive and intrusive. I agreed with Bethenny (PARENTS: please stop giving your kids creatively spelled names) on that issue completely, and Jason sided with his parents on that one. Having said that, she was outrageously cruel and inhospitable to his parents from day one, and they were so accommodating and forgiving of her.

    • From my personal experience and that of some of my pals having that first grandchild brings on a lot of grandparents love and attention it’s intense. Compromises have to be made. Jason’s parents were lovely not annoying. I’m sure they all signed confidentiality agreements. Wonder what their thoughts are.

      • I don’t think it’s too much to ask to see your only grandchild 2 days out of 30. They were a wonderful loving family and they brought their son up well. Come on give them some slack. Bethanny was totally unfair in that matter. It was as though she was jealous of them. She has never grown up and is another nasty old hag like Caroline and she will wind up like her unless she gets some serious help. That shrink she was seeing didn’t help her at all.

        • ITA Barb. Growing up, my parents drove us to my grandparents house (45 min away) every Sunday after church to spend all day and evening with them. I loved it. I think Jason’s parents felt like aliens to Bethany—she couldn’t relax around them.

          • I would have loved that for myself too, if I have a child his grandparents can See their gchild anytime they like and can have himf for days or weeks at a time. It’s a pleasure to know there are ppl who,love and dote on your child……if that is the case. YOu were lucky .pjbottoms makes more a happier child and stronger self esteem

      • I didn’t see much of the show, but unless the grandparents were overbearing and annoying, that doesn’t sound like too much of a request for me. As you say, Missing, the first grandchild is a HUGE deal in most families. Doesn’t sound very gracious of Bethenny to me.

        • Hers, I watched it. Beth was pretty bad, she got wierd about them wanting to see Bryn on holidays. She got wierd about wanting to set boundaries and make sure his parents knew not to expect to always be included. They went to his hometown and a local bar and she acted superior to everyone. The poor grandparents were tense around her and always overly gracious and accomodating. You could see the pain on Jason’s mom’s face at times. After that I realized Bethenny is wack.

            • It was painful to watch! That’s why I stopped watching. Around Jason’s parents, Bethany’s “Issues” were not charming to watch.

              • Me to pj. It was just to painful to watch. What I didn’t get was why BF didn’t just let Jason & Brynn spend a w/e with his parents back home. They didn’t have to spend the w/e in the city, BF didn’t want Brynn away from the city for one w/e a month. I grew up 40 minutes from NYC. It’s beautiful. I don’t know where Jason’s home town is compared to mine, but it can’t be that far. New York is a small state. Anyone whose Dad, or themselves, that commuted to NYC, knows this! His parents didn’t insist on being intrusive by spending a w/e in the city, they were trying to resolve BF’s family “issues” by offering to come into the city. What??…BF couldn’t muster up enough “family-value” to spend one w/e a month outside of the city? I Love NYC, but I grew up outside of NYC. I spent countless days IN the city. BF really missed out on experiencing life outside of the city. Gee, it wasn’t like she couldn’t be home in 30 minutes….I just don’t get it?

          • It really bothers me when big city folk put down small town folk. They’re no different than you are, snobs — they just live in a smaller town.

            • I know Hers. I remember a dark dive/sports bar, the kind that is bare and dark with pool tables and probably 1$ drinks, and a poor unfortunate lookin waitress, and Bethenny making a snotty ttc comment about it. I remember feeling bad because I thought, I bet that waitress and Jason’s old buddies/neighbors were all watching excitedly, all waiting to see themselves on tv, and here they are gettin mocked.

              • I remember that episode. Bitchenny acted as though Jason’s friends should kiss the ground she walked on. She also mocked the way Jason’s best friend spoke. It was an ugly display by B. She lost me as a fan at that point. I now, have to agree with Kelly Bensimone when she told Bethenny, “You’re not funny. You’re not charming”… I can’t believe I actually agree with that nut job. But, she saw something back then that was spiteful and mean spirited.

              • @ Lynda & Hers The bar is named The Capri, it’s an after-hours/alcky (sp) bar. J and his friends would go there when they were underage. They would serve a corpse if it made it’s way to the bar. I know 3 of the people that were there very well with them, one of my best friends from high school is the brunette, Denise and her husband is the tall handsome one, Bob and the gentleman who made the toast is another dear friend of mine, his name is Rick. Denise is one of THE sweetest people on earth and her husband and Rick are professionals, all are college educated with advanced degrees. They have been friends their entire lives and you would have to look far and long to find better people. Bitchenny has NO IDEA the friends she could have had to support her and Jason. These are great people she disparaged and ridiculed and she could only wish her friends would be as devoted and true to her, they are NOT fair weather friends.

              • Adios, how unfortunate for Bethenny that she is unable to recognize quality people when she sees them, because she’s too busy looking for a bulging wallet or a ridiculously expensive purse or car. Your friends sound great, and it’s clearly Bethenny’s loss. She’s a pathetic person, from what I’ve seen of her. A real shrew.

              • @ Hers They are the best and their friendship is their no matter what. If Bitcheny and J would lose everything these are the type of people that would pull together and help them, not forget their number because they can’t afford the fancy bars and restaurants anymore. She has no idea the loving, good people she could have had in her life…sad, really.

          • Bethenny was definitely weird with Jason’s parents, and they seemed tense w her, felt badly for the grandparents, but I think they should have stood up to her a little more maybe….don’t know , bethenny needs to be bullied to behave I think.
            Also not everyone thinks small town is bad, just in regards to Jason did i comment…….because of it he might have been impressed with the glitz and glamour and threw out his wholesome small town values for a moment to get on the BF train and it didn’t work, cuz basically shes nuts

            • @ Girlfriend Jason was living in Manhattan for almost 20 yrs, he was banging a sports illustrated 24 yr old swimsuit model when B met him at the bar. It was just another game she HAD to win.

              • So Jason threw out the good old wholesome values before bF? Lol! Adios I DONT believe for a minute Jason was with an SI model, no way…….where’d you get this info from? Jason’s attractive but very fuddy duddy and no $$$$$$) like all his other friends I can’t see the SI model thing and feel his move to bethenny was calculated, but I believe he loved her, and bethenny just doesn’t know how to love anyone……poor woman. But more poor Jason, who leaves an SI model( I don’t believe) for Frankenstein??? So it’s done and confirmed Jason is certifiable if this is true.

              • Lol! Adios I still don’t believe it. Maybe some run of the mill catalog model but Sports Illustrated Noway……..maybe they were embellishing for effect. This is funny I’m cracking up

              • Okay, For arguments sake – let’s say she was JUST a swimsuit model or even just HOT as a swimsuit model, but they did say she was an SI swimsuit model (it was the final episode BTW when Bitchenny was talking to the audience telling the story to them) You don’t think Bitchenny would let her win, do you? I just hope J still has her number…

              • @ Girlfriend J has money, not Bitchenny money, but he has money. He was never married, was in management for a pharmaceutical company and had real-estate holdings. He lived simply and he visited home every 2 weeks because he is old fashioned and has values. Bitchenny sold him a story (the same one she sold us) that all she wanted was a happy family – she was the deceptive one. He was probably feeling his clock ticking a little too and caught him at just the right moment. Am I the only one who saw how self consumed she got after the Beam deal? She was an entirely different person. Narcs are like that, we are all pawns in their game. They can make you fall in love with them but when they know they have you hook line and sinker they get bored and off to the next challenge. I mean, she was positively MANIC about Jason 1.0 and viola! Jason 2.0 she can’t live w/o all w/in a matter of a year!?

              • @ Girlfriend Absofreakinlutely! The adoration that came with it was the biggy, not the money. I think Bitchenny could have the money of a thousand shieks(sp) and she wouldn’t be happy, she must be adored!

            • I got the impression that Jason was a solid person who happened to have close ties to his parents. He & they had to walk on egg shells around the neurotic train wreck he married. Bitchenny remained “stuck” in her childhood problems. And everyone around her had to pay the price for her sorrows. I’m sorry. But, once you reach adulthood, you stop blaming your parents for every thing wrong in your life and grow up. She didn’t. And her shrink “yessed” her. His therapy was useless. Jason should sue that fake for malpractice. Dr. Armador enabled Bitchenny to cling to her neuroses, thus she continued to lack a mature coping mechanism.

        • @ Hers Bob and Carol would have stood on their heads to make that miserable hag happy. I know. I live in Hazleton. It’s a small town. Bethenny thinks she is the epitome of class because of where she lives, Carol has more class in her fingernail than Bitchenny has in her whole emaciated body.

          As my most eloquent daughter would say- That biotch be needin’ a sandwich…

          Money is on the cutey “business partner” showing up reeeeeeal soon…

          5-4-3-2-1 Bethenny Getting Divorced…

          Did she really get a talk show deal? Why wouldn’t they continue production and build off whatever momentum she had, she is cold as ice now.

          Bethenny has been THE biggest let down of all the housewives. I am soooooooooo pissed I fell for her BS.

          Prayers to Bryn and J and Carol and Bob. I hope I see them at Midnight Mass.

          Bethenny- I will pray for you as well nut, I’m still pissed. I’m human.

          Merry Christmas everyone!!!!! Much Love, Adios

    • I don’t know that I’m following you “Stacy” correctly on this? Are you being sarcastic? That “To me” would make sense…so I’m assuming you are?! If BF had any kind of normal upbringing she would understand, get, and even “want” the “only” grandparents of Bryn to actually BE around, at least, one w/e a month! What would names have to do with spending ONE w/e a month with your only grandchild have to do with Jason agreeing to also wanting his parents to spend one w/e a month with their grand daughter??

      • I don’t think 2 days out of 30 days is too much for any grandparent to ask of their children. They were a loving family this was their only grandchild and Bethanny was being a spoiled bitch.

        • Right Barb. My gramma came to our home every Sun and sat all day, and we had her over every holiday, and she only lived 20 min away. To say they shouldn’t be able to get to see Bryn and their son and visit the big city one weekend a month was crap. If I was Bethenny, I woulda bought them an apartment in NY to come to whenever. Half the time Brynn was with nannies, why not let loving relatives have her instead?

            • You are so right. She does. BIG time. The chaos around her apartment just on a regular work day would drive me batty. I feel like life was happening to Bethanny way too fast at that time of her life and you are right she prolly felt like she had no control over it. This is a dangerous thing for someone that has an ED because they revert to controlling the one thing that they KNOW they can. Food. Or at least they THINK they can.
              My mother in law has been nothing but gracious to me. I adore her. Truly. I have been married to her son going on 22 years now and STILL when I know she is coming over I go into orbit trying to get the house spotless. Not that she would ever judge, she never has.Not once. But this is a standard that I put on myself because I want her to be proud of me and feel good about the wife I am to her son, mother to her grandchildren. Different story when my momma comes over. If dishes are in the sink, she will do them. :) I love my momma too want her to be proud of me as well but for some reason I don’t sweat the house when I know she is coming.
              If Bethanny was restricting her food intake, its something that someone who is staying with her over a 48 hour period of time would pick up on… voice concern over… stress…Notice how crazy Bethanny got when the in-laws were in the kitchen? Also with the restricting, if Bethanny only eats one meal a day(supposing) and then her in-laws who are normal non-psychos and will prolly eat 3 meals a day and want to include Bethanny in that normalcy then Bethanny is gonna freak the eff out inside… the pressure to exhibit normal eating behaviors and the fear that this one weekend a month will lead to a 5 pound weight gain(not unrealistic in an older ED person since the metabolism has gone bye bye) each month…Especially if your brand is SkinnyGirl. And especially when that 5 pound per month will be gained in the jaw making it hard to hide from the paps.
              Now knowing what a bat-chit control freak Bethanny tends to be coupled with the ED issues I can see why she would freak over these new people that she wants desperately to impress to get too close to her… maybe see the warts… perhaps detect the ED behaviors…. maybe tell Jason to back out… Its sad for everyone. mostly Bryn.
              Sorry this is so long.

              • Yeah I might have went too deep on that one this being a fun blog about RHs and all. But … whats done is done. Maybe my words will help someone to see that ED is not something you can just play around with and think it wont effect everyone in your life. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

              • Thank you for taking the time to write it. You put everything in perspective. We tend to want to put people in the categories – to generalize them and their actions in black and white. Your BF is not one-dimensional character. Your BF is a tragic character, much like in a Greek drama.. I think it is the most accurate view on the situation and the one I didn’t think of prior to reading your post.

              • I’d like to add that you have taught me a great deal about ED. I remember you posted the video for the documentary about the women in the rehabilitation center who were fighting and living with this disorder. It was that video and your other posts that helped me understand what it is really about and the reality (day-to-day) life of the people with the condition and their relatives. BF is a classic case of how ED ruins lives…. :(

              • Wow MP, that sounds spot on describing BF anxiety. IMO, she was getting a little long in the tooth and wanted a baby. She met Jason, got married, had a kid, now ditched Jason b/c she got what she wanted. She is a very selfish and unhappy woman.

              • I think she was in love with the Idea of having a family. Do you really think that Jason would have rushed into marriage if she hadn’t been pregnant? I respect the fact that they got married over the baby mamma thing. Then again I come from a different time and Ideals.

        • As a grown woman, who missed out on my father’s side of the family after my parent’s divorce almost 50yrs ago, I know for a fact that she is doing her daughter a lot more harm than she will ever realize, if she doesn’t keep a good relationship with her ex-inlaws.

      • No sarcasm. I meant what I wrote. The spending one weekend a month with the baby is not the issue. The issue is her in-laws moving into their tiny apartment for a whole weekend every single month.

        • @ Stacy They never wanted that, I have no idea where you got that info. They live closer to NYC than the Hamptons. They live in the valley with a huge yard yard and would have loved to host them once a month. I live about a mile from them and it is beautiful here, we’re in the Pocono mountain region. Bryn would have had a wonderful place to run and be private and enjoy nature and an ideal place for Bitchenny to relax and just be able to be “her”.
          I think Bitchenny was jealous of J, C and B, everyone loved them and their can only be ONE star in a narcissist’s world – THEM.

          • One more thing – if Bitchenny didn’t want her in-laws seeing her hack-up her food or not witness her not eating she could have built a weekend house here. Custom built homes run about 100 bucks a square foot here… These are the things you consider when you WANT to make things work. Bitchenny did not want this to work.

        • Although the 1 w.e. a month would seem like a very modest and normal request to a great number of people, we must keep in mind that everyone is different and what is normal varies from person to person, family to family, and region to region. Some people are drained by such activities, while others benefit greatly. I think the point here is that although BF may be drained by such arrangement, and find it extremely difficult to tolerate, everything is not about BF–this is about her daughter Bryn-and she needs to recognize this if she truly thinks of her daughter’s happiness and not just about her own. While BF may find grandparents time to be excessive, Bryn will probably see it differently. She will most definitely have issues with BF when she grows up .. :(

      • A “normal” loving mother thinks that the more people who love their children–aunts, uncles, grandparents–the better and a set of loving grandparents is the best gift of all. So….when I saw the very selfish actions of Frankel, who whines about the lack of loving people in her own life, prepared to do that to her daughter, that was it for me. She’s a selfish, self-centered PoS. One weekend in a month, please, and you want to take that bonding away from your little girl. You marry a man, his family is now your family and she treated them horribly. She’s a selfish brat and starting with those episodes, I began to dislike her.

    • The only problem I have with the grandparents wanting a weekend long visit every month was the apartment seemed so tiny. Even in-laws that get along small spaces are taxing… add Bethanny’s psychosis to the mix and .. well there really is not much room for anything else. However I think they were trying to accommodate Bethany who made it clear to them that she was not gonna be coming out to see them for a whole weekend at a time once a month. Maybe Bethanny could have paid to have them put up somewhere else while they were in visiting? OR every other month send Bryn and Jason to visit them alone while she works?? She certainly could have squeezed in a couple of Saturdays here and there to visit them as well. I think the whole scheduling it as a set in stone thing might have overwhelmed her? I thought Bethanny was mean to them anyways so them trying to get more time with her was very sweet on their part. Most in-laws treated that way would be like pffft whatever, just bring me my grand baby and I could care less if you stick around to visits or not. They were very very patient and kind to her.

      • That was my point about the small apartment. I can’t even imagine having in-laws, no matter how much I liked them, moving into my small NYC apartment for a whole weekend EVERY month. People can jump on me all they want for my comments about this, but I don’t think most people are being realistic about how easy/wonderful it would be, and on top of it, wasn’t Bethenny at that time working out of their apt. as well? Honestly I don’t know anyone with a baby whose out-of-town parents would insist on being houseguests once a month.

        • I gotta agree with ya on that Stacey. It was overbearing. Maybe it was just for the show? Because , as you said, most people with a small child and a time apartment would not be able to deal with that. My momma is over here a lot but we busy ourselves elsewhere int the house and its just her that visits(no spouse)and my husband doesn’t feel the need to entertain. So he is comfortable going on about his business when she comes over and she does sometimes stay for days at a time. Its different when you are the woman of the house and you want to cater to your guest. So for someone to say expect me and my husband over for once a month for two days it could lead to anxiety… especially for someone like Bethanny who is high strung to begin with.

            • @ Girlfriend They did, she set that precedent from the get go, pre-marriage. She had a post-nup not a pre-nup BTW…

              • @ Girlfriend IDK, to be honest. She never treated her apartment as though it was both of their’s home. She could have easily rented a small office with a small room for Bryn’s crib etc to be able to work and be with the baby and let their home remain their home. She turned it into Bitchenny’s playhouse and remember – NO boys allowed.

              • @ Girlfriend He probably had to have surgery to remove his balls from his pelvic cavity! Those puppies retreated and could not have dropped w/o surgical intervention after that apartment! Lmao!

      • Something BF needs to realize is that life was never supposed to be easy or accommodating. Her life is a walk in a park compared to that of so many other in this world. She sees herself slighted by life because it didn’t deal her the cards that match BF idea of “normal” .. She thinks having control, being comfortable, and happy is normal. Well, it is not-at least not all the time. Being uncomfortable in a small apartment is a ridiculous excuse. She can lower her comfort reqs to accommodate Bryn’s needs-spending time w/ grand parents.

    • 2 days out of the lovely… She knew when they were coming… It should have been happy… There is nothing better then sharing your child, and watching her grow with grandparents… She had a built in babysitter too.. Her and Jason could have enjoyed time alone, ad not have to worry… Jason’s parents only grandchild, their other son died… Bethany couldn’t deal with his parents, his friends, I feel sorry for Bryn, she will never be good enough for Bethany… And wait until the little girl has friends, she will get angry other that too.. Bethany always has to be center stage… I hope she changes, for the sake of her child..

      • That’s my thoughts too. The parents could have taken Bryn on Sat. & Sun afternoon and spent the day with her. That would allow B and J to spend some couple time together. That sounds like a great situation to me.

  11. Ms Sh you raise a very interesting point when you asked who found this program for lil Petey. Is this the type of thing that The Black Gala raises money for? Programs for her rich friends and her hubby’s rich clients’ kids to partake in to keep them out of jail? She has mentioned that the focus- to keep children out of the system. So….. Roy Black runs a referral service for Lea’s charities? Using the court system to “legitimize” her charity? sure looks like it.

    • I would not be surprised. Look at what sort of people they consider to be “good” and you will get their moral compass. Very interesting point!

      • So true. One thing (so far) that I was surprised about was the Petey thing was not brought up on the reunion. I suppose that more than anything is a good indication that there will prolly NOT be a season three.

        • What?How will Andy tear himself away from Mama Elsa’s tit? (eww lol) .. What did you think about this season? What did you like/hate about it? :)

          I hope they bring it up in the part 2 of the reunion. I get sick just from thinking that the people give money thinking it’s for the kids with disadvantaged backgrounds (who are swept into the “street” current and the only way for them to get out is for someone to throw them a line and pull them out of it) , while in reality it is for the self-important brats with too much time on their hands and with problems that they created in their own stoopid heads.. it’s the result of having an easy life and (possibly) a mother like Alexia lol..

          • I actually like RHOM. I liked both seasons actually. I think Momma Elsa mighta done herself in in Andy’s eyes by talking politics. Remember that scene? JoHo’s momma knew to keep her mouth shut about it. And then as soon as Elsa was on WWHL Andy made sure to ask her about it. And she got evasive. Maybe he will bring it up tonight about the Petey thing. If he does then MAYBE there is a chance he is still trying to get interest up for a follow up season? Keeping in mind that not all viewers keep up with the blogs or the tabloids so any interest provoked from behind the scenes tabloid stuff will HAVE to be mentioned at reunion. And Adrianna sorta did that with JoHo’s nipple pictures. Most casual viewers would not have known what she was talking about.

            • I want to know about the files Ana had on lea’s income taxes/charity! Having a charity seems to be one of the best paying career choices one can make these days. I have a feeling lea knows that too.

            • He’s an animmmal’ one? Lol!!!!Yes, mama Elsa was cutting the branch she was sitting on with that comment. Does Andy find Mama Elsa irresistible enough to overlook her unsavory(for him) political views lol? I doubt JoHo’s mom kept her mouth shut because of that though. I think she is a regular person who although herself is not obnoxious, happens to have two obnoxious daughters and is surrounded by obnoxious people on the show. Lenny’s mom’s distasteful (imitation peacock) behavior would make anyone cringe and avoid engaging in conversation. You are right about viewers being unaware of whats going on in the tabloids… I remember not knowing what was going on during the reunion with Gretchen/Tamra drama, when Gretchen’s naked pics were posted on the web… if not for Tamra throwing daggers I would have remained clueless. :)
              We will see what happens tonight. Petey needs to be revealed ! I liked both seasons too. It is a different flavor from other franchises and so far it’s amusing. For some reason I dont think that Bravo will give up on this franchise just yet…unless they have another one in the works.

  12. I have always liked Bethenny, I think she is very independent and most men have a hard time dealing with that. I will say she does have baggage from her Mom; which makes her convictions deeper to be successful and independent. I think when she met Jason she was on the climb to success; but then things took off fast and maybe Jason could not really handlle it; I think Bethenny’s attitude was this is my opportunity, I am taking it at all costs, even if it’s on an F-16 and who ever can hang on great if not, too bad. When watching Bethenny Ever After, I saw some weak spots in Jason; he wanted the Bethenny he first met, not the Bethenny who wants all the success and can live to say she tried and she did it. With reality shows we see them succeed, we see them fail, when we appreciate the successful people who are not on reality shows, we never really understand how they got there; we just admire them; reality puts a diferent spin on it. Kudo’s to Bethenny she will be just fine.

    • Despite what we saw on tv”reality”, it is difficult to know exactly what went on in their particular marriage. I agree that people do change after marriage but Bethenny always seemed very aggressively motivated to succeed. However, there may be a time when she will regret losing good people in her climb. Jason will move on and also be just fine and probably will seek a future partner more motivated to be a partner in life.

    • I agree with you 100 percent on Bethenny. About the only thing I think she needs to be alittle more compassionate about is the way she treated Jasons parent and the parent wanting to spend time with her daughter. Bethenny had a terrible childhood but Jason didn’t. I think she needs to be alittle more open about time with Jasons parents.

  13. Bethany is obsesivecompulsive about everything – including her childhood. She wasn’t abused, her dad was emotionally disconnected after a point BUT she had her loving stepdad. Many people/kids have it so much worse! She is clueless of how good she had it compared to many, many kids. She IS her mom-and she needs meds or she will be a horrible phobic, controlling, perfectioness mess to Brynn…..if not already. Poor Brynn.

    • Her biological father abandoned her, her step dad john acted like her father, but her mom was always troubled and the marriage bet john and Bernadette was unstable and rocky. That said BF still shouldn’t be this sick, she needs meds desperately I feel there is a chemical imbalance there. She was always known as the taboo girl.

  14. ain’t life grand when you can be an entitled douchebag and mommy can buy you out of any trouble you get into?

  15. Bethenny will live an isolated life, sure of her inner struggles and sure that her parents are still to blame even when she is 80 years old. Jason’s parents were wonderful from what I saw, and I think it just irritated Bethenny no end that she couldn’t find fault with them to remove them from her isolated world (where everyone, including her husband, is her employee). Truly don’t know any man who could’ve put up with Bethenny for as long as Jason did. She seemed so unfeeling unless it was about herself, and then her feelings were right on the surface. Poor Bryn. I hope I’m wrong, but I’d bet that Bethenny will do whatever she can to separate Bryn from Jason and the grandparents.

    • Jason parents were the nicest, kindest people ever and that was the problem. Bethany is one of those people that have to be a constant victim to be happy. She also felt the Jason and his normal down to earth parents were beneath her. You know now that she’s got millions and celebrity friends the regular people that are not her employees are not good enough anymore. In Bethany’s delusional she probably thinks that she can now date celebrities. Watch, pretty soon you will see Bethany at a lot of Hollyweird partying and hear planted stories of her dating D-list celebrities. I also expect a huge and dirty custody battle. Bethany is just that demented.

      • Imagine having Jason’s sweet parents as in-laws and finding fault with the fact that they wanted to be family to her? It was unbelievable how cold hearted Bitchenny was toward Jason’s parents all of the time. They treated her like a daughter, like a queen. Yet, she was unhappy with that. Can anyone imagine how B would have dealt with typical in-law relationships that result from discord? Her next husband should be an orphan, with no ties to any family…

  16. Never happy to see a marriage end, but I never believed that Beth was “in love” with Jason. She used him as a sperm donor while her bio clock was ticking. Also, Jason is a regular guy and Beth is “special needs”, they simply were not a good match. Hopefully Beth will her daughter to have a loving relationship with her Daddy, something Beth cries that she never had.

    • I completely agree with you. Even during their “courting” time on RHONY, Bitchenny seemed forced and rehearsed, “Yes, I will let you IN…” (as she gulped and smirked)… Puh-lease. Jason seemed sincerely smitten with that bag of bones. But, B seemed to minding her biological clock or new contract for her new show. Whatever. There was zero “chemistry” between them, It seemed like a business arrangement. Now, that Jason fulfilled his end of the deal, maybe it was just that. I guess Bitchenny doesn’t really mind “being alone on a Sunday Night” after all. I hope she enjoys rolling (naked) around in her money by herself, while she barfs up her lunch to remain “Naturally Thin” (cough, cough).

  17. True seeing a marriage end isn’t a happy thing, but it is better than having a child grow up with two parents screaming or turning the house into an iceberg. If you know what I mean.

  18. And for every time we disagree, let’s all look at it as healthy banter. We respect each other and so we learn and move on and still each day we return to this sight to share, learn, and most of all laugh!!!!! Cheers to ms SH

  19. Jason stinks. He’s mean, petty and a mama’s baby boy who loved living in her shadow. Good ridance to him and his stanky mother.

    • But I read elsewhere that the real reason for the breakup is that Jason is feed up with her eating disorder and that she vomits at least 3 times a day. Jason does not want his daughter to develop an eating disorder because of her mother. I hear that Jason is still very much love with Bethany but she refuses to get help so he wants out of the marriage for sake of his daughter.

    • I have no love for Bethenny, but I agree somewhat with your comment. Commenters are going on and on about the ease of spending one whole weekend every single month with Jason’s parents, whether it is in NYC or in PA. I believe they live in Hazleton, PA (not far from my ex’s parents), which is around 80-100 miles away from NYC. I would love to see these commenters travel all that time every month to spend 2-3 WHOLE days with the in-laws and come back and tell me how they like it. For everyone I know, that is an unrealistic and stressful schedule. Is it a coincidence that my ex is also from PA and is a slave to his mama (in an almost sick way)? When Bethenny threw a birthday event for Jason (involving golfing and his close friends, I think), he laid in bed and whined like a child that she should have invited his parents. What??!!! Can he do ANYTHING without his parents?

      • I see your point but it seemed like BF was rigid too, bottom line it seemed like during the year the GPs came to NYC,summertime it would have been nice if Jason took brynn to hazelton. Some balance would be nice. BF just seemed to frazzled and couldn’t be bothered.

        • …….as for holidays BF didn’t have family so brynn should have been spending them w her grandparents who already buried one son. That shouldn’t be up for discussion. I think custody with these folks is going to be difficult.

      • I think it is out of respect to the grandparents to make that trip. If 2 times per month is not doable due to other plans, then try for 1 x per month. The point is that Jason’s parents wanted to be a part of their grandchild’s life and Bitchenny protested to that request. Being close to one’s parents, doesn’t make someone a baby, btw. They offer comfort and tradition and family ties. When raising a young child, it’s great to have “grandparents” who love that child unconditionally and continually. Just my 2 cents on the subject.

        • @ Lynda I would like to add – would Bitchenny have preferred that Jason – now their only child – abandon his parents and have him NOT be sensitive to the fact that THEY LOST THEIR 19 YEAR OLD SON IN A TRAGIC ACCIDENT?!!!!! I think that trumps having a mom that drank too much ( pot meet kettle- btw) and puked up her food (pot meet kettle – google bulimia cheeks, the glands in the jaw swell, not to mention her hair is falling out in clumps) but spoiled her to the nth degree? Bitchenny knew that J visited them often and I am sure pre-engagement – that was an admirable trait. My Tivo recorded the Christmas show from S1 of BEA and Jason is thanking her profusely for letting him and Bryn celebrate her first Christmas in PA – with loving family and friends – versus staying in Malibu with strangers and employees. I wanted to vomit watching him slobber his thanks, you just know she tortured the poor sap.

          • Adioslunatic, Yes, she sure did torture him with her endless commands. I’m amazed that Jason didn’t realize how abusive B was to him. If their genders were reversed: Example:. If B was the husband who forbade his wife (J) from visiting loving parents and not having connections to friends anymore, along with being screamed at several times a day for not conforming to B’s demands; the viewers would never side with B. It’s a form of mental cruelty. Jason probably didn’t realize the extent of Bitchenny’s “issues”. She may have hidden them well until she snare him into the commitment. Remember, she had difficulty get the bald Jason (#1) to commit in S-1 of RHONY?

            • @ Lynda It’s a twisted form of “feminism”. Women = Good, Men= evil. Period. If a man doesn’t fully acquiesce to the woman he is holding her back, he’s jealous of her success,k he’s a backwoods neanderthal etc. It’s really a very lazy, myopic way of thinking. It’s black and white with no room for shades of gray.

              • I am not saying that ALL women are manipulative monsters when they want their way. Far from it. What I observed, was this specific woman who demanded everything to be HER way, all of the time. She behaves like a megalomaniac. If she was a man, it would have been seen as abusive, rather than being a feminist. Feminists seek equality: not to treat their partners as underlings who are unworthy of affection and respect.

              • @ Lynda – NO offense, It’s all good! We’re buddies here and you certainly weren’t nasty in your retort.

  20. Jason’s troubles have just begun. He’s stuck with Bethenny until their child is an adult. Can you imagine the hell he’ll go through with child custody and parenting issues?

  21. Bethanny obvious doesn’t see the big picture. She is creating the same childhood for her daughter that she herself has been scarred from. There might have been a time when her own Mom was sweet and cuddly around her and she doesn’t remember it. People forget and get caught up in careers, business, men etc…. Maybe they should regress her and find out what past lifetimes make her so rigid? ;) Hey , Its the only thing I could think of to fix her short of mymagic wand!

  22. Why is skelator raising her dress and showing her ass here? OMG wtf at a press conference too? Is there ever a time when that is appropriate?

  23. My in laws see my kid whenever they want AS MUCH as they want. I love it. Built in loving babysitters. They adore my child what in gods name is wrong with that??? We actually in the floor above them lol so they see her almost every day. But then again, they love and spoil me like I’m their own kid so maybe I’m just lucky. Personally I love my laws and they know they can take the baby whenever they want lol. More time with hubs AALONE ;) no, they’re not perfect but no one is and for the love and respect of your hubby you should swallow some things. Beth is a biatch. Jason’s parents are lovely.

  24. as much as i love bethenny, she was more into bethenny’s childhood pain than she was into the fact that her in-laws had lost an adult son (a pain that is far worse than hers), and jason was now their only child and they wanted to be a part of his life. she just didn’t seem to get that. they were never demanding or anything. i do wish that the parents had been a little less nice and had a good talk with bethenny about what they had been through and she was not the only victim here. it seems that no one really got in her face about the way she was acting and put her in her place. i think that is what she needed most.

    • ITA, BF is not the sort of woman that will change or improve herself, and most likely will not get the meds she desperately needs to take the edge off.
      she’s of the school that says if you treat me really badly because you too are damaged, then maybe I can find away to behave. you must have some cash to commit this abuse of will have me in ck like a doormat, (remember her cooking daily meals for the banker jason colodne who wouldnt live w or marry her) you’ll need to manipulate, make me jealous, lie, stay distant emotionally and keep me begging, making sure I never feel quite good enough……….now that’s love!

  25. I enjoyed BF as a NYHW, but was never interested in her spin off and don’t consider myself a big fan – just gotta say I don’t see JH as a victim in this marriage/divorce at all. He’s a grown man for Pete’s sake and entered into the relationship with eyes more wide open than most, right? (Who wouldn’t watch past Seasons of the gal you’re dating? Helllloooo Kroy? lol) I always got the “business arrangement/sperm donor vibe from BOTH.

    • Yes, agree 100%–Jason is not a victim. He, in his own way, was a fame-whore hungering for attention. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have become involved with Bethenny; she was on a TV show and he knew that, so on some level he enjoyed the attention that went with it, otherwise he would have run the other way. And what exactly DID he do as a “career” before he met her? I’ve read that he was a “personal trainer,” “in real estate” (which can mean anything from renting out tiny crappy studio apartments in NYC to being a major developer). So which is it? I think maybe Jason made out like a bandit from his marriage to Bethenny.

      • I thing Jason is a victim in as much that he was flim-flammed by a fast talking snake oil salesman (Bitchenny). When they met, and dated, she acted very solicitous to him. She pretended to care about him and his idea to get closer. She wanted a child very much (although I’m not sure why). She just needed some unsuspecting guy to do the deed. Before Jason came along, she was going to use her gay hairdresser, Francky. She might have been better off. He wouldn’t have expected anything more than money from her. That was their deal. Basically, she opted for the wedding (done to her strict specifications) and he had to acquiesce to her every whim, demand and command. That behavior was abusive. That seems like Jason was a victim to me.

        • Both of them projected what they wanted the other to see. They saw and believed what they wanted to be true in the other person… Sometime one person can ruin a marriage but very often it takes two. IMO it’s like being sold a product that you expect to do or be one thing and upon using it you find it doesn’t do what the sales person promised!

    • I agree. She was great as a housewife but I found that her spin offs were boring. I wanted for them to be good, but I could not find anything interesting about them. It was either boring or uncomfortable watch. She was great in the context of the housewives and had benefited from the obnoxious co-”stars” ….she needs to be foiled…there’s not enough spice in her to be able to carry a show otherwise…

  26. I always wondered about Jason–after all he approached Bethenny when they met and I often felt did he do it cause he knew who she was? The guy just seemed too good to be true and you know what they say about that. He was always so nice patient and easy going… then after they got married suddenly Jason turns into a whole other person. Things he accepted about Bethenny he no longer liked, he began to criticize her and belittle her. Suddenly he always wants to go Pa to mom and dads house. He suddenly doesn’t feel right about her making more money than him and its uncomfortable for him. Too weird.I was shocked and after I picked my jaw up off the floor then the answer had to be that he was playing her and she got pregnant and he was in deeper than he wanted to be or else he is a Jekyle and Hyde.

    • I think it is natural for people to change throughout the time they are together. Their relationship was on a fast track and they got married before they entered the stage that requires both partners to work on making their union better. It is the stage when people begin to notice faults in those who seemed flawless at an earlier time in the relationship.. Most likely he didn’t know all those things would be a problem until the baby came and the real life began… neither one of them thinks the effort it would take to make their family work is worth it —hence, the sad.

  27. Jasoon is a grown man. He knew exactly what he was getting into. So did bethenny. I’m so sorry their marriage didn’t work out. There’s a song by cyndi lauper. Money changes everything. So true. Maybe there’s hope for them in the future, for Bryn’s sake.

  28. None of this is surprising–Jason Hoppy should have seen what we all saw and knew, and that was that he should have never gotten this woman pregnant, let alone marry her. Bethenney Frankel used him for a spin off and a story line, and really had no other use for him or his parents, than that. He was naive, if he didn’t know this, and his parents seem like lovely people, who along with his daughter, will be hurt by this train wreck. He will not be in his daughter’s life, nor will they, the way that they wish they could be. I have not nor will I support any of her products, endeavors, or a talk show. Amazing how they give book deals and talk shows to the crappiest individuals who have nothing to offer in the way of advice. Certainly none worth taking, unless it is about how to screw people over, use them until you get what you want, and then drop them. Enough said.

    • Thank you for expressing my sentiments exactly. I thought Bethenny was interesting when she tried to be “Martha’s little helper”, but lost at the Apprentice. During that contest, she manipulated her team mates until she stepped over them to win. It backfired because Martha found her too abrasive and not company material. It was a business decision. Yet, Bitchenny held a grudge forever. When B was selected to be on RHONY, I wondered why since she wasn’t married or engaged. She was very crafty in that show and did anything for the exposure. As her fan base grew, Bravo supported her own singular endeavors. Unfortunately, her fame swelled her head so much that she can’t fit through the door. She really needed a person in her life who was going to ground her. But, she felt her dramas were more important. Frankly, she’s become too much of a whiner to be watchable. If others derive pleasure from that pain in the ass, then that’s their prerogative. I’d rather go to the dentist than listen to her hornlike voice…

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