REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA RECAP: Season Five, Episode Eight… “Fools of Engagement”… Next Week’s Preview


RHOA Cast Season Five

Season Five, Episode Eight… “Fools of Engagement”

by Sandi Duffy


We pick up with Kenya’s “Gone with the Wind” comment.  Kenya tells Walter what happened and that Porsha called her a tramp, but she’s not a tramp.  I think anyone with a publicized sex tape qualifies as a tramp.  Kenya put herself in the same category as Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson, and Kim Kardashian.  Walter looks painfully uncomfortable around Kenya.

The next day, Nene shows up at Kandi’s room to update her on what happened the night before.  Nene twirls around imitating Kenya and it’s hilarious.

Nene then, very maturely, confronts Kandi about Kandi’s thoughts regarding her Ladies of Success or whatever the hell it was called, event.  I can’t believe Nene is actually behaving like a grown-up.  I find myself liking the Nene of this season.  She’s funny and mature.  Todd overhears all this and stated that he almost cried listening to the conversation.   Then Greg shows up and starts imitating Kenya and watching him twirl around and state how fabulous he is is ten times funnier than when Nene did it.

We then get to see Porsha and Kordell rehash the night before.  Porsha puts on more jewelry to go to the beach than I put on to got to a dinner party.

Kenya is still hoping Walter will propose.  Where’s Ricardo Montalban because Kenya is living on Fantasy Island.

Todd is working while everyone else goes to the beach.  Kenya calls a meeting with the ladies and apologizes for losing her temper.  All the men get along very well and want to stay the heck out of it.

Greg claims this is what happens when you get six women together.  They all try to compete.  Greg is wrong.  That’s only what happens when you get six women together on a reality TV show.

I really thought Kenya was off to a good start when she apologizes, but then she negates it by going on the attack. Nene claims she has had to apologize a million times in her life and this is not an apology.  Nene said Porsha doesn’t really accept the apology and Kenya didn’t really apologize.  I am seriously enjoying Nene’s commentary this season.

Kenya gives Cynthia a book written by her “very good friend” Vanessa Williams.  Why?

Cynthia and Kenya go for a walk and Cynthia rehashes Kenya’s behavior at her agency.

I may have missed some stuff that happened in between because I am so freakin’ bored, I’m also researching generators because mine died 5 hours into Hurricane Sandy and I need a new one.  I only had the damn thing for less than 4 years and it’s one of those propane powered stand-by generators that cost a small fortune.  That’s my sad story.  Now back to the show.

Nene is trying to ride a horse and Cynthia and Kenya are back to arguing over what happened at the Bailey Agency.

Ok, back to generator research.  It’s about 10 times more interesting than this crap.

It’s the last night on Anguilla (still don’t know where it is), and everyone is having dinner together.

Deleted scene from dinner:


Kenya starts the marriage conversation again at dinner, in front of everyone.  I really don’t believe this Kenya woman is for real.  I think she is putting on the cray cray for the cameras.

Peter gives a toast telling everyone how great they are.  Peter then says that he didn’t believe that Kenya and Walter were a couple.  The viewers agree with you, Peter.

Peter then puts the pressure on Walter to propose to Kenya.

Kenya tries to talk to Todd about proposing to Kandi and Kandi puts an end to that conversation ASAP.

Everyone tells their proposal stories, and Nene got a very unromantic marriage proposal, but it isn’t less romantic than mine.  My late husband got really drunk, proposed, and soon after passed out.  I though, great, he finally proposed and won’t even remember in the morning.  AND, he didn’t even have a ring yet.  I’m not a jealous person, but when I hear other people’s proposal stories, I still get pissed at him and he’s been gone for five years.

As everyone shares their stories, you can see the crazy going in Kenya.  She excuses herself from the table, and foolishly Walter follows her.  You are so in for it, Walter.  Why, why did you follow Kenya?

They argue and only Walter comes back to the table.  Phaedra goes to find Kenya and is actually very kind.  She says that everyone knows the only one looking for a husband is one who hasn’t had one because it’s more work than what you think.  I love Phaedraisms.  Apollo comes over to help, too.  I like Phaedra and Apollo.  I can’t help it.

On next week’s RHOA:

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56 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA RECAP: Season Five, Episode Eight… “Fools of Engagement”… Next Week’s Preview

  1. Alex, I’ll take who runined the mood, the dinner party and can’t get along or engaged! Answer: Who is Kenya AKA KENYUK!

  2. Either Kenya aint for real and its all an act…or this chick thinks because shes pretty every man should want to marry her. Shes insulted more than she is disappointed. And the proposal talk at the table was like watching a horse race through the eyes of the last horse to finish. The losing horse is mad because she lost the competition, not because she doesnt get the prize. She doesnt want to marry Walter, she just wants to marry…so she can be even with the other girls shes currently hating on. Either that or this is one big Bravo joke.

    • Parkview, I like your horserace analogy. I tend to think she’s playing one big part. Just can’t imagine that she’s actually so stupid as to humiliate herself this way. The shows are getting way too scripted…

  3. Thank you really enjoyed the review, more interested in what you found out about generators to be honest. Was Honda on the top 3? What did you discover? We need to buy one soon, so very curious! Lol, Thanks

    • Honda’s are very good, but from my research they don’t make a standby generator. Just portable generators. Generacs are awful. Some of the higher end ones have Honda motors though, so check first. Kohler’s are the best stand-by generators, but they are very expensive. I had a Briggs and Stratton and am not happy with it.

  4. Whether she is acting or if we are seeing a part of her… Kenya is a hot mess. Yeesh what a chick will do for a paycheck. Any man getting run down to get married like that is going to be resentful as hell. Love this Nene that we are seeing. As always I love Phaedra, she makes me laugh and you can see she is a kind person.

    • Kenya is definitely pulling out the extra crazy for the cameras. She’s playing the part that Bravo assigned her to keep the cha-ching.

      I am loving NeNe. She is so funny!

  5. MeMe wearing those damn Adam Ant sunglasses that dont fit her heard.The ear pieces dont even go behind her ears.They are sitting too high on her head but I guess she thinks she looks fabulous.The wearing sunglasses inside is stupid/

    Cynthia wearing those big safey glasses for fashion is stupid too.If you really need glasses that one thing. For fashion only is stupid.The hat and coverup on beach was stupid too.

    Kordell growls like an old man.Can not stand to hear him.He is just too old for Porsha.

    Gregg walks around like an old man.He has lost his sexy or just never had it.The PF Flyers/Keds
    tennis shoes are stupid on a grown old man trying to look cool.Rainbow bright shoes not working.He and MeMe probably never really divorced just another scripted storyline.The white guy Jonathan was for show too with fake Rolex and LB hooker heels.

    Kenyuk looks so nasty and greasy.She has all that straw/extentions for hair and she just looks like she smells with all that grease and sweating.Her complexion sucks too.The proposal coming was rode to the ground.Her loud ass mouth is tiring too.She is a tramp that is only good for 1 turn like a door knob.

    Fakedra sure has a fat ass to be so small.Fat stubby legs in that swimsuit.Hard to get them stubs up in the air let alone over your shoulders.

    • Kenya hair is real she went on wendell williams show a few weeks ago and mrs. wendell williams put her/his fingers through kenya’s hair and said its real and yes Kenya has a fake ass it looks totally redic.

  6. Nothing about the show is real.Fake stories/fake friendships/Bravo paid for trips.All the HW shows are too phoney.ATL is too much about sex.Guess thats how they are in the hood.

  7. Ever notice this group’s table manners? Everyone talks with their mouths full of food and that Phaedra is always chewing – plus watching Kandi chew is like a cow chewing cud. Not to mention their dinner convos about sex, sex, sex. Classy group.

  8. Kandi does chew her food different than most.They eat to keep them fat asses for their black men.Sex and that coochie keeps those men at bay.Power of the slit or the mouth probably both.No hole will be ignored on that show.

    • Susie, I think you have gone a little too far. All the women on the housewives franchise talk about sex at some point. At least many of the Atlanta women were established before they met their husbands unlike many of the gold diggers on the other housewives shows. You have really went too far with your comments.

    • Really! You aren’t even being covert in your racism now. “Those men”???? I just can’t with your crap anymore.

  9. Fakedra and Apollo will be next to divorce.Too much talk of sex for a preacher’s kid and the stress of the show.Kenyuk will be there to grab him.Too many business ventures and not really good at any of them.

    • “no hole will be ignored” too funny susie lighten up people we’re all over 21. a decade over 40 here and FABULOUS!

  10. The constant use of “hood” to describe black women is sad in it’s ignorance. You don’t have to be “hood” to be trash. For example, I find the complete ignorance of proper grammer and punctuation to be appalling and ironic when commenting on others lack of graces. Any reasonably socially adjusted person can see that this is entertainment, and should be viewed as such. Tha pearl- clutching is quite tired. If you are disgusted, don’t watch.

  11. The “hood” is cultural my dear. Grammer . . . graces . . . manners . . . loud voices . . . argumentative attitude. Sorry . . . this is not a switch turned on for entertainment.

    • I don’t like how this term is primarly used when referring to the ONLY all black cast. No one calls the other casts “hood”, even though they ALL show the same ratchet, classless behavior. I think the Jersey cast is just as “‘hood” as the ATL cast – if not worse.

      I am black and from what could be called the ‘hood – and neither I, nor any of my family members or friends who were also raised in the same environment, act like any of the ATL “ladies”. They are absolutely playing to stereotypes, which is insulting to all african-american women. That is why I have decided not to watch the show. Instead, I choose to read the recaps and comments here.

      • Thank you for putting it so well, Treasure. Everything I wanted to say, but was to annoyed to put as eloquently as you did.

      • I’m black too and the stereotypes being constantly played in this franchise honestly bugs me, because you know idiots are going to see this show and assume all black women are this way. That’s why I liked deshawn and Cynthia because they weren’t pathetic charicatures. Those two are considered the “boring” ones though. How ironic. This season Kandi and Kenya Bensimon are definitely the most pathetic ones.

        • I’m not black but I’m from the ATL and this franchise bothers me, too. I fear others will see the show and assume that this is the way black women in the South behave and that is so very far from the truth. I really don’t want others to view us this way (women from the ATL).

          • Yes I live right above you guys (North Carolina) so I’m southern too. It sucks that people will judge a whole group based on a couple of failures. Yes they do make ATL look bad just like jersey was ruined by jersey shore. There is a show coming out on MTV on West Virginia and the governor is trying to get them to take it down to avoid stereotyping.

  12. Happy holidays! My dear friend, I have been out of control working, but will be back full time in the new year. Peace! P.S. AM I STILL ALLOWED ON HERE? Ha, Ha don’t answer that…

  13. Lol at ridiculous racist commenters who swear they hate this show….but comment over and over and over on the recap. Uh-huh. SURE you hate this show and never watch, we all TOTALLY believe you. Move along, trolls (Or swoop in all insulted because everybody knows that making bigoted comments is only sort of bad, but it’s way worse to call a racist on their behavior).

  14. i really enjoyed the show this week!!! except for the stupid argument cynthia brought up the bailey agency — i thought it was funny that kenya started rolling on the ground with enough — the only funny thing she’s done this season. i am really liking nene this year. i think in year’s past she was so jealous of anyone’s success and now that she’s found her own — she’s happy and can be happy for the others’ successes, too. i also think getting rid of sheree and kim took a lot of animosity out of nene’s sails. i think she’s hilarious this season and i love this funny nene i hope it lasts. the men were all so funny this week! i loved it when peter came back on the bus laughing with his tail between his legs. i hope more of the funny stays and less of the hating. it was enjoyable for a pre-xmas show!

  15. Kim Z off the show is better.She too is trashy with her throwing the “F” bomb in every sentence.I know Kroy’s parents are not happy she is the mother of their 2 grandsons.She has no class.She is another BF being in control and will run her husband off too in time.Her new show will suck/bomb/tank.Who wants to watch white trash act like Honey Boo Boo.

  16. Susie, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and receive some kindness and tolerance in your heart over this Holiday Season. Blanket statements that show intolerance and lack of true love for ALL mankind is not a very good look for anyone. Everyone, please have a safe and Happy Holiday Season. And Peace on Earth would be excellent too!

  17. I would rather watch this cast than the scheming, Jaqu-Stabbing, fame whore-ing, jersey crew…watching them try to destroy each other is sickening.

    I dont think Ne Ne was jealous of anyone’s success….i think she was in a bad place and therefore had only bad things to say about everyone. Divorce is hard and sad and scary….i cant even imagine it at her age….i would be terrified. Thats why she’s back with Gret…its familiar and safe and she’s past her prime even tho her career is reaching or at its peak….my two cents.

  18. Do we have to bring race and racial negativity into the show? The reason why these women act this is way is for one thing RATINGS. Giving into media stereotype of how African American/ Black women are portrayed as loud, uneducated, aggressive, baby father/mother drama, ignorance, no etiquette, ghetto, cheap and argumentative. Just to name a few. I actually hate when people of other races looking on me because of my complexion making all sorts of assumptions of me already even when they don’t know me. Do you know what it feels like to walk a store and constantly be watched one of the staff thinking you might steal something? It’s even worse if you wear a hoodie.
    I bet it’s the same for other cultures with all of these reality television shows. Probably some people who watch these shows assume that all Italians are big spenders, do not have any fashion sense, love to go tanning and so on (Jersey Shore, Jereseylisious, Real Housewives of New Jersey). So there is always going to be a stereotype of all cultures no matter how hard one person from that culture tries to make a difference, he/she is still be reminded of the colour of his/her skin or the culture that he/she grew up in and negativity that is promoted with it unfortunately.

    • Rushie19 — I’m really sorry you’ve had to experience that. It must be horrible. My African-American friends are the opposite of the stereotype you describe, yet they have had similar experiences.

      • Thanks..It’s just some stereotypes that I hate the most just because of my race. It’s like all Arabs are Terrorists and Caucasians are crazy which I know that they are not. I get annoyed with when some people make all assumptions on other races.

        • When my father was going to school we lived in a low income area. My Parents didn’t believe in segregation or understand it so they sent me to the school closest to our home. My sister and I were the only white children in that school. It did teach me a lot. My mother had one prejudice, people that don’t keep a clean house. I have mine short men (many have a chip on their shoulder.) Everyone has a prejudice of some kind or another. You can’t let it get in your way!

  19. Let’s just kick Kenya’s azz and get it over with! No?
    Ok then I’ll do it…
    I’m watching the ATL re run. It’s new to me. I can’t stand Kenya. Wth is her problem?!

    • She IS cra cra! I believe she is a brick shy of a load. She needs to stop twirling around in circles. That can’t be good.

      • lol. Brick shy of a load for real. bahahahahahha. I did like her lil peach nightgown but dang she is crazy.

  20. Lol Romo. I was surprised she didnt fall down after twirling around so much…it makes me dizzy and after drinking some wine, I know I would of fell off and hit the cement.*Ouch*

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